In Which The Ghost Sign Loses Its Pants

<DiePotato> Artyom dwells in caf
<padri> Arty, mdef.
<DiePotato> 4df+3 ahahahahah
<Glacon> DiePotato: ahahahahah: 6 (4df+3=0, +, +, +)
<DiePotato> (…)
<Complete_Zero> Lehman strolls into the cafe.
<padri> mdef!
<Complete_Zero> 4df+5
<Glacon> Complete_Zero: 2 (4df+5=-, 0, -, -)
<Complete_Zero> Wow
<padri> Lehman can hear it!
<padri> ~………ooOOOo.~
<Complete_Zero> "…" He stops in his tracks
<DiePotato> Arty looks up from his food.
<padri> ~OooOOo.~
<DiePotato> "Hello Doctor."
<padri> It's rather half-hearted, Lehman.
<Complete_Zero> "…" He is listening to something.
<DiePotato> "…Doctor?"
<padri> ~Ooo.~
<Complete_Zero> He chuckles, "Is this a joke?"
<DiePotato> "…" Artyom frowns
<Complete_Zero> He looks around for a source
<DiePotato> "Doctor are you feeling alright?"
<padri> ~*sigh*~
<padri> Perc, Lehman.
<Complete_Zero> 4df+4
<Glacon> Complete_Zero: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
<DiePotato> Artyom's hand slips off the table and by his pistol
<padri> You don't see anything, but it feels like it's coming from Arty's direction.
<Complete_Zero> He looks in that direction. "Show yourself."
<padri> ~*deeper sigh*~
<DiePotato> "…" Artyom draws his Tokarev slowly. "Doctor?"
<Complete_Zero> "… Are you drawing a weapon, Mr. Elkin?"
<DiePotato> "Yes I am. You are acting very strange."
<Complete_Zero> "Are you serious?"
<padri> ~How can a ghost be spooky without his pants?~
<Complete_Zero> "Can you not hear that?"
<DiePotato> "Doctor take a seat." He sets the pistol on the table but keeps his hand on it
<Complete_Zero> He does so.
<DrSavage> Randall enters commons, looking /extremely/ happy.
<padri> Commons are 1, dear.
<Complete_Zero> Wrong room.
<DrSavage> *Cafteria
<padri> If, however, you mean caf, then roll mdef.
<DrSavage> 4df+8 tagging endurance
<Glacon> DrSavage: tagging endurance: 11 (4df+8=+, +, 0, +)
<padri> Randall will hear nothing as well.
<DiePotato> "What are you hearing?"
<padri> ~WheeeeEEEeeere oh where have my deeaaaAAAAAaar pants gooooOOOOoooone?~
<Complete_Zero> "A rather poor impression of a ghost."
<padri> ~I'm not pooOOOOOoooor! I'm a ghoooOOOOooooOOOOST~
<DiePotato> "…"
<DiePotato> "Alright."
<DiePotato> "Where is it coming from?"
<padri> roll Perc again if you want to search.
<Complete_Zero> 4df+4
<Glacon> Complete_Zero: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
<Complete_Zero> wow
<padri> Yeah. Nuthin. It's nearby.
<Complete_Zero> "Somewhere close…"
<Complete_Zero> "If this is a joke, it was poorly done."
<DiePotato> "Alright." ~I really hope he's not mentally compromised~
<padri> ~Can't you find my paaaaaants, doctooooOOOOOOooor?~
<Complete_Zero> "You don't believe me, do you?" (He /is/ eccentric, says on his sheet.)
<Complete_Zero> "Why would I find your pants?"
<DiePotato> "…"
<DiePotato> *click* Goes the safety
<Complete_Zero> "You /can't/ be serious."
<padri> ~What kind of ghoooooOOOOOooost goes around pantleeeesss?~
<Complete_Zero> "Mr. Elkin, has it not occurred to you that this may be an anomaly?"
<DiePotato> "No I think it's an anomaly. I'm just hoping you are not mentally compromised."
<padri> ~OooOOo.~
<Complete_Zero> "Shut up, already." He sighs, "I do not think it is affecting me, other than it being very irritating."
<DrSavage> Randal looks so happy.
<padri> ~*sigh* Oo.~
<DiePotato> "Uh huh. Randall, Lehman here is hearing things."
<Complete_Zero> "Can I ask you to stop, please? Whatever you are trying to accomplish is obviously not working."
<padri> ~I can't stooOOOooop! I'm a ghooooOOOOost! With no paaaants… *sigh*~
<DiePotato> Artyom sighs and gets up. "Let's find this entity doctor."
<padri> Perc, arty.
<Complete_Zero> "Agreed, so that I may shut it up."
<DiePotato> 4df+4 Oh boy critfail
<Glacon> DiePotato: Oh boy critfail: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
<padri> There's the triangle part of a yield sign taped to the bottom of your table, Arty.
<DiePotato> Artyom makes a face of :| and looks under the table
<Complete_Zero> "What is it?"
<DiePotato> "Look under the table."
<Complete_Zero> He looks.
<Complete_Zero> "Interesting."
<DiePotato> He pulls out his combat knife and hacks the tape away
<padri> ~OOOooooo!~ It has no stand.
<Complete_Zero> "May I see the sign?"
<DiePotato> Arty dumps it on the table
<DiePotato> Lets it clang
<padri> ~OOOOOooooooOOw~
<padri> Arty still can't hear it.
<Complete_Zero> He takes the sign and holds it up. "Why on Earth do you need pants?"
<padri> ~Wooooooe is me for my pants are goooOOOOOooooone!~
<DiePotato> "Take it to Containment. I don't feel like punching a guard today."
<padri> ~Not without my paaaaAAAAaaants!~
<Complete_Zero> "In a moment." He talks to the sign, "Why do you want me to find them?"
<padri> It sounds distressed.
<padri> ~I neeeeEEEEEeed them. Would you want to goooOO around paaaaaantless?~
<Complete_Zero> "Your form does not require the need of leg attire…"
<padri> ~I am incompleeeeeeeeete…~
<DiePotato> Artyom gets back to eating
<Complete_Zero> "By pants, do you mean a stand?"
<padri> ~WOOOOOOOOe is meeeeeeeE!~ That's rather enthusiastic and over the top. As if you hit the nail, as it were, on the head.
<Complete_Zero> "…" He looks at Arty, "It requires a stand."
<DrSavage> "Hearing things? Like what?" Smile smile.
<DiePotato> Artyom just keeps eating
<Complete_Zero> "How about I just hang you to a wall?"
<DiePotato> "He is hearing a ghost Randall."
<padri> ~But my paaaAAAAaaaants!~
<Complete_Zero> "An anomaly."
<DrSavage> "What ghost?"
<DiePotato> "Apparently that sign."
<Complete_Zero> "Hmmm." He thinks.
<DrSavage> "Probably just a cognitohazard."
<Complete_Zero> "Possibly."
<padri> ~My paaaAAAAaaants are goooOOOOooone~ Musically.
<Complete_Zero> "It is /very/ annoying."
<padri> ~…………Fine.~
<Complete_Zero> "What happens if…" He hits the sign with his hand.
<padri> ~*OoOOOoooof*~
<DiePotato> "Take it to Containment already."
<Complete_Zero> "…Pain?"
<Complete_Zero> "Give me a moment."
<padri> There are sounds of frustration and yes, pain.
<Complete_Zero> "Interesting. I have an idea."
<Complete_Zero> He heads out of the cafeteria with the sign.
<padri> You hear a tear.
<padri> ~wooooe~
<Complete_Zero> I /hear/… a tear? :P
<padri> Yes. Ghost sign is very sad.

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