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[01:09:31] <Roget> [pause fer description]
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[01:12:51] <Roget> Somewhere, in rural upstate New York, several jeeps move up a lone, almost-unpaved road. Ahead of them is a massive, black facility, almost looming over them with the sheer scope of its size. This is site-19, their new home as they study the anomalous and the new. Soon, as twilight sets upon them, they will arrive, and be whisked inside by men in black, to see their rooms and to get situated with their new surroundings. Rusty, creaky doors open for them, and
[01:12:51] <Roget> each member of the new team is allowed to step inside. The antechamber, if it could be called that, houses a bare desk, some empty frames, and the man they will soon know as "The Administrator."A surprisingly young man, apparently in his early thirties. He is smoking a cigarette as he waits.
[01:13:05] <Roget> "Uh, hello there."
[01:15:26] <lurkd> Ivan steps out wearing his heavy wool over coat as he lights a cigarette. He nods to the man as he tries to work his half spent zippo *clicking*
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[01:16:06] <Wogglebug> Abe stands to his right, staring at things. He looks tired. Jeeps are very boring.
[01:16:33] <ihp> Jacob Wexley ignores his colleague for now, looking around the antechamber, somewhat unimpressed. "Well. This is no Rochester."
[01:16:52] <ProcyonLotor> Thomas Tyler climbs out of the passenger seat of one of the jeeps, yawning.
[01:17:00] <Roget> "So, uh, are you all familier with the work we've brought you here to do?" he stands up, shaking a leg to knock the sleep out of it. "With, uh, our just cause, as I've taken to calling it?"
[01:17:14] <CryogenChaos> Robert looks around, still a bit dazed from the ride
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[01:18:12] <lurkd> He takes a drag and looks up at the building. He then studies the man in front of him. "You must be our mysterious benefactor?"
[01:18:15] <gumbal1> Harlan stays silent, looking at his surroundings.
[01:18:51] <lurkd> He speaks in a very obvious accent.
[01:19:32] <Roget> "I'm The Administrator. I own this company, or, uh, at least this facility. You still haven't answered my question."
[01:19:51] <Wogglebug> "What was the question again?"
[01:20:17] <Roget> He just looks at Abe, kinda like a 'really, dude?' face, then back to Ivan.
[01:20:29] <ProcyonLotor> Tyler looks around in annoyance. "He's asking us if he knows why we're here."
[01:20:31] <Wogglebug> Abe tries to remember.
[01:20:32] <lurkd> "I know what I am here for, sir."
[01:20:35] <CryogenChaos> Robert shrugs as he finally speaks up. "All they told me was that they were giving me a job, they didn't really give me th' specifics."
[01:20:36] <ihp> Wexley frowns, surveying his colleagues with a mix of disapproval and disgust, checking his pockets frequently, as if the most important thing in the world were in there. He looks at the Administrator, frowning. "All I know is that it was either this or I rot in jail until 2005. Other than that, I don't know."
[01:20:40] <Wogglebug> "Oh. Um. Yes."
[01:21:05] <Wogglebug> "That. Except without the prison bits."
[01:21:19] <CryogenChaos> Robert looks at Abe and Wexley in dismay. He didn't like being the only one out of the loop
[01:21:34] <ProcyonLotor> "It was made abundantly clear when I was recruited, although this does not seem to have the grandeur that was promised."
[01:22:01] <lurkd> Ivan stares at everyone wondering why people are nervous.
[01:22:50] <lurkd> "As long as the laboratories are suffecient for my work, I have no complaints."
[01:22:50] <gumbal1> "I assume my studies in medicine have something to do with it."
[01:22:51] <Roget> "Grandeur is secondary to, uh, function. And… to put it in more, I suppose, epic terms, the Foundation is here to save the world." he begins to walk around the room, taking a drag on his cigarette and making powerful strides. "Do, uh, any of you know how long man has existed on this world?"
[01:23:22] <Wogglebug> "By who's count, and which sort of man?"
[01:23:25] <Wogglebug> *whose
[01:23:33] <lurkd> "Too long."
[01:23:52] <lurkd> He takes another long drag.
[01:24:02] <CryogenChaos> "Five thousand years?" Robert ventures hopefully
[01:24:07] <ihp> Jacob looks over at Ivan, frowning at him; it's probably because of the accent. Grumbling, he looks up at the Administrator. "Save the world? Tell me this isn't some kind of a government project to fight the Reds. One of those nearly got me killed."
[01:24:25] <Wogglebug> Abe snickers about fighting reds.
[01:24:46] <Roget> "A very, very long time. We've known the anomalous, the things which just aren't right, have existed beside us as long as we've had written history. The reds aren't who we want to fight here. We're battling for the soul of man."
[01:24:56] <lurkd> Ivan walks along, a bit outside of the group with his hands in his pockets.
[01:24:57] <Roget> "We contain objects, to keep the public safe. To keep things normal."
[01:25:38] <lurkd> He nods. "Excellent."
[01:25:39] <Roget> "So men in the world do not have to live in fear, as to whether the threat to their freedoms are Red, or Green, or something in between. Or something so awful it defies comprehension, in the unending planes where mouths cannot scream."
[01:25:53] <CryogenChaos> "Like the stuff the Nazis were workin' on? I heard they were doing some pretty weird things over there."
[01:26:11] <Wogglebug> "They did."
[01:26:15] <lurkd> "Amatuers they were."
[01:26:37] <Roget> he nods. "We have some of that, son. And, uh, other things. We need to keep it out of the hands of men like that, those who would abuse it, pull on the thready of reality over and over until the whole thing is undone."
[01:27:01] <lurkd> "Shooting in the dark hoping to hit something."
[01:27:11] <gumbal1> Harlan nods.
[01:27:28] <ProcyonLotor> Tyler nods as well.
[01:27:34] <lurkd> *sniff*
[01:27:36] <Roget> "Now, what we'll be containing… we have three object classes, Safe, Euclid, and Keter. Right now, we only have the means to contain the first two."
[01:28:01] <lurkd> "Which two?"
[01:28:04] <ihp> Jacob rolls his eyes slightly, but only slightly, wondering if the so-called Administrator has to be so overly dramatic. He's the kind of man who's eternally skeptical. "What the hell is "Keter"? Is that some kind of a made-up word?"
[01:28:07] <ProcyonLotor> "The first one's self-explanatory, I assume. As for the last two?"
[01:28:18] <Wogglebug> "It's Hebrew."
[01:28:20] <Roget> "Safe and Keter. And it's hebrew for crown, son."
[01:28:26] <Roget> "Er, Euclid."
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[01:28:47] <Roget> "Sorry, y'all are, uh, jumblin' me up a bit." he does a nervous laugh. "Let me, uh, start up from the top."
[01:28:47] <CryogenChaos> "What's a Euclid?"
[01:28:50] <Roget> he clears his throat.
[01:28:58] <gumbal1> "It's a Kabbalistic term. I doubt it can be anything good."
[01:29:09] <lurkd> Ivan looks around, studying the layout.
[01:29:15] <CryogenChaos> Robert gives Harlan a blank look. "A kabba-what?"
[01:29:21] <Roget> "Safe, and Euclid, those are what we have. Safe is something you can lock in a box and forget about. Euclid's require constant supervision and responses to their changes."
[01:29:28] <Wogglebug> Abe daydreams about a giant mound of gold.
[01:29:46] <Roget> "Keters are extremely dangerous, and powerful, capable of massive destruction and death. We hand those off to the Global Occult Coalition, right now."
[01:29:50] <gumbal1> "Nevermind. We'll be here all day."
[01:29:57] <lurkd> "Understood."
[01:30:03] <ihp> He wonders what the hell "Kabbalistic" means. He knows who Euclid was, at least, but Kabbalistic sounds like utter gibberish. "…pardon me, but did you just say 'occult'? As in 'Magic'?"
[01:30:26] <Wogglebug> Abe perks up.
[01:30:31] <Roget> "Magic is something you'll need to accept, son. 'lest you want a Handy tearing you a new vocal chasm."
[01:30:54] <ProcyonLotor> "Occult doesn't mean fake." Tyler has had experience with that sort of thing.
[01:31:16] <Roget> "Does anyone have questions about object classification-types?"
[01:31:39] <Roget> The Administrator takes another, longer, drag on his cigarette, and sits on the lone desks top.
[01:31:42] <ihp> Jacob laughs to himself. "This is rich. This must be some kind of joke. Thinking computers, I can accept, but /magic?/"
[01:31:46] <lurkd> "Magic and science… hypothetically there is little difference."
[01:31:51] <CryogenChaos> Robert shifts around a bit. "How dangerous are these things we're supposed to bring in?"
[01:32:18] <Wogglebug> Can Abe roll magic to produce magic in front of Jacob's face?
[01:32:24] <Roget> "Right now, we've not had anyone killed by the thing they brought in. I don't expect that to last forever, but it gives you an idea of the danger level."
[01:32:26] <Roget> He sure can
[01:32:38] <Wogglebug> 4df+3 Magic, bitches.
[01:32:38] <Glacon> Wogglebug: Magic, bitches.: 2 (4df+3=-, -, +, 0)
[01:32:49] <Roget> what kind of magic does he wanna do?
[01:32:59] <Wogglebug> *~Magical sparkles everywhere~*
[01:33:12] <lurkd> "And documentation? Safety procedures for such objects?"
[01:33:35] <ProcyonLotor> Tyler brushes a few sparkles off his shoulder.
[01:33:49] <lurkd> Ivan looks at Abe with great interest amd pulls out a small note pad and pen.
[01:33:59] <gumbal1> Harlan falls back in surprise at Abe.
[01:34:10] <CryogenChaos> Robert gasps at the display.
[01:34:13] * lurkd is now known as lurktablet
[01:34:26] <Roget> "We have documentation for each object." The Admin seems nonplussed by Abe's sudden display. "You'll be issued them once you're settled in and ready."
[01:34:32] <Wogglebug> Abe looks like the happiest schoolgirl at the ball.
[01:34:41] <ihp> Jacob blinks at Ivan. "…cute trick with the glitter. You some kind of magician?" This man is thick as bricks.
[01:34:52] <lurktablet> "A conjurer… well I know why /you/ were recruited now."
[01:34:55] <gumbal1> "W-what? How in His name?"
[01:35:12] <Wogglebug> "psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssh."
[01:35:19] <CryogenChaos> Robert helps Harlan up from the ground.
[01:35:33] <Roget> "Abe, put your, uh, toys, away. Please."
[01:35:41] <Wogglebug> "I'm pretty much the biggest deal there is, real- okay."
[01:35:50] <Wogglebug> Abe lowers his caneswordstaffthing.
[01:35:53] <lurktablet> Ivan looks at the administrator. "Is that all, sir?"
[01:35:58] <gumbal1> "Many thanks." Harlan brushes the sparkles off his suit.
[01:37:17] <Roget> "I've got, uh, couple other things I could talk to you about, but that's really the gist of it. Mission, objects… anyone else have questions about anything at all?"
[01:38:02] <ProcyonLotor> "Who are you? Besides the Administrator, I mean."
[01:38:06] <ihp> Jacob looks at the Admin, hands feeling around in his pockets. "Sir, with all due respect… these 'anomalies'… could we see one of them? I remain unconvinced that they exist. Well, for the large part."
[01:38:08] <lurktablet> "Perhaps quarters and when can we expect for our belongings to arrive?"
[01:38:22] <CryogenChaos> "What're the limits on visiting family? I told my folks I got a job, and it'd be nice to see them from time to time, check up on things?"
[01:38:48] <lurktablet> Ivan raises an eyebrow at the group and sighs.
[01:39:54] <Roget> "In order of asking… I am nobody important. Yes, soon, but not right now. Probably in the morning. Talk to, uh… I'll have someone tell you who to talk to. Or something."
[01:40:41] <CryogenChaos> Robert nods.
[01:40:57] <lurktablet> "Very well."
[01:42:33] <lurktablet> "I will get to work then if it is all the same."
[01:43:04] <Roget> "Your quarters should have your names on the doors. There are directional markers on the uh, walls."
[01:43:15] <Roget> "Make yourselves situated. Don't touch anything you don't recognize."
[01:43:25] <Roget> Then, without another word, he turns out the door and is gone.

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