I Have No Mouth...

<Wixelt> Wilson enters the commons.
<Wixelt> He has switched out his usual shirt for a turtleneck of the same colour, as well as a labcoat
<Sirgoldfish> "Hey, Wilson!"
<Wixelt> He is holding a vial full of pink liquid
<Sirgoldfish> "Uhh, what is that Wilson?"
<Wixelt> Wilson looks at the vial.
<Wixelt> "Uh… I'm not entirely sure"
<Wixelt> "I just threw some chemicals together and suddenly they turned pink"
<Sirgoldfish> Dan blinks. "I am not a scientist, but that sounds bad."
<Riemann> Wilson, that's called a Chemical Reaction.
<Wixelt> He knows, he just isn't sure what this one is
<Wixelt> He didn't exactly pay attention to what he was mixing

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<Riemann> That's bad sciencing.
<Wixelt> What do you think he's doing whenever 'Wilson sciences'
<Riemann> Crying in a corner.
<Riemann> Doing unthinkable things to himself.

<Wixelt> "I'm actually slightly concerned that it could explode at any moment"
<Wixelt> "Or do something else unthinkable"
<Riemann> Not without external stimulation.
<Sirgoldfish> Dan blinks. "Why would you bring It in here?"
<Wixelt> Wilson shrugs
<Riemann> The whim of some unfathomable being.
<Sirgoldfish> Dan blinks some more. "Umm, just put it in the men's bathroom cabinet."
<Riemann> How is that a good idea.
<Wixelt> "…Why?"

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<Sirgoldfish> "Better in there than in here."
<Riemann> So some poor sod dies on the loo.
<Wixelt> Wilson looks at the vial, then leaves with it
<Wixelt> He returns without it
<Sirgoldfish> "Oh… okay."
<Sirgoldfish> Dan shakes his head a little. "Have you heard the good news? The Moodies are back."
<Wixelt> Wilson shudders "I hate to think what would happen if someone mistakes that for some strange shower fluid"
<Wixelt> Wilson sits bolt upright
<Wixelt> "Bu- But…"
<Sirgoldfish> Dan laughs
<Wixelt> Wilson still thought Katie was dead
<Sirgoldfish> "They were never dead!"
<Wixelt> A slight joy crooses Wilson's face
<Wixelt> "Please excuse me for a moment"
<Wixelt> Wilson gets up and exits the commons
<Sirgoldfish> "Ivan is back as well!"
<Riemann> A guard runs into the commons, screaming. His hands are bubbling and frothing.
<Riemann> "THE SOAP!"
<Wixelt> A large amount of wooping can be heard nearby
<Wixelt> Wilson re-enters
<Riemann> His arms begin to shake, moving towards his face of their own accord. He tries his best to fight them.
<Sirgoldfish> "OH, SHT! Sir do you need help?"
<Wixelt> "Good god man, what happened to you?!"
<Riemann> "I JUST USED THE SOAP IN THE CABIN-" His hands latch onto his face, locking his jaw shut
<Wixelt> Wilson pales
<Sirgoldfish> "FUCK FUCK FUCK" In an act of brilliance Dan throws water at the man.
<Wixelt> "Uh… whuch soap?"
<Wixelt> *which
<Sirgoldfish> "That does not matter!"
<Riemann> His face, too, begins bubbling, skin popping and reforming, melting across his body
<Sirgoldfish> "Oh, shit!"
<Wixelt> "Crap"
<Sirgoldfish> Dan grabs his arms. "WE NEED TO GET THIS MAN TO MEDICAL!"
<Riemann> A muffled scream escapes where his lips may otherwise be, before he falls to the floor, twitching.
<Wixelt> Wilson nods
<Sirgoldfish> "GRAB HIS LEGS"
<Wixelt> Wilson grabs le legs
<Sirgoldfish> Dan leads them to medical.
<Sirgoldfish> "Should we cut a slit for his mouth?"
<Riemann> The bubbling flows across his body, reaching the legs.
<Riemann> You might want to let go.
<Wixelt> (Which channel is that?)
<Sirgoldfish> Dan attempts to drag his arms to medical.
<Wixelt> "Jesus" Wilson drops him in alarm
<Riemann> The arms have already been boiling.
<Riemann> You really don't make it out of the commons.
<Sirgoldfish> "Dan drops them.
<Sirgoldfish> "Do you have gloves?"
<Wixelt> "I''ll go to medical and find someone"
<Sirgoldfish> Dan ask Wilson.
<Wixelt> "Not on me, no"
<Sirgoldfish> Is the man dead?
<Riemann> He twitches a couple more times, then sags.
<Wixelt> "Christ"
<Sirgoldfish> "Umm."
<Riemann> His skin, scarred and slagged, droops off of his bones.
<Wixelt> Wilson looks pale
<Wixelt> He slowly backs out of the room
<Wixelt> And then runs
<Riemann> Hands fused to what used to be his face, now an unidentifiable mass of flesh.
<Sirgoldfish> "Oh, god."
<Sirgoldfish> Dan checks the bathroom cabinet."
<Wixelt> Sounds of a man flushing a strange liquid down the toilet can be heard in the distance
<Sirgoldfish> Was the fluid in the cabinet?
<Wixelt> Yes, but Wilson's flushing it now
<Riemann> No, it wasn't.
<Riemann> It was resting on a sink.
<Riemann> The water still running.

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<Wixelt> Still, Wilson's flushing it

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<Sirgoldfish> Dan just stares at Wilson.
<Sirgoldfish> Was the fluid any more empty then it was before?
<Riemann> It was.
<Wixelt> Wilson pours the last of the liquid away, then exits without a word
<Wixelt> He has a grim look on his face
<Wixelt> Like he could crack at any moment
<Riemann> It lies on the floor, still and silent as the grave.
<Riemann> Not that it could make a noise.
<Riemann> It has no mouth. Nor eyes nor ears nor nose. Just slagged scarred flesh, a funeral shroud for a good man.
<Sirgoldfish> Dan looks around the bathroom for any other cause of death in a desperate attempt to find some thing anything that could have been an alternate cause of death.
<Riemann> There's nothing.
<Sirgoldfish> Dan's face is white as a sheep.
<Wixelt> Wilson enters his room, he locks the door behind himself
<Wixelt> He falls to his knees and starts to sob loudly

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<Riemann> Two men in biohazard suits enter the commons, followed by an official looking man in a very sharp suit.
<Sirgoldfish> Dan enters the Commons stone faced.
<Riemann> He scans the room as the biohazard suits pick up the body, and put it in a black bag.

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