How it always starts

<Wixelt> Wilson takes a nap in the commons
<Wixelt> He is consierably tired out by jetlag

<Balthazaar> Wilson, you can see a dark corridor ahead of you. Towards the end you can see a light

<Wixelt> Wilson walks towards the light

<Balthazaar> It takes a while, a growing sense of unease fills you as you walk along. There are hundreds of tally marks lining the walls

<Wixelt> Wilson frowns at them worriedly

<Balthazaar> They seem to have been scratched into the walls. Some are bloody. A few have a fingernail embedded in them. You're approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. You can tell it's a room by now, but as you've gotten closer you've been able to hear what sounds like some badly damaged industrial machinery too

<Wixelt> Wilson frowns at this "Hmm…"

<Balthazaar> you reach the room at the end

<Wixelt> Wilson looks around

<Balthazaar> All there is in there is an overhanging light, and a paper bag on the floor

<Wixelt> Wilson looks down at the paper bag
<Wixelt> He crouches down to get a better look at it

<Balthazaar> It rustles, there's something inside. A weak female voice comes out. It sounds sort of familiar. "Hello? Is there anyone out there?"

<Wixelt> "Uh, yes?"

<Balthazaar> "Wilson… I've missed you… Are you going to make me whole again?"

<Wixelt> "…what?"
<Wixelt> Wilson frowns heavily.

<Balthazaar> "Why am I so cold Elliot?"

<Wixelt> Wilson frowns "It appears that you're in a paper bag. Other than that, I'm not sure"

<Balthazaar> "You left me in here… But I knew you'd come back… I knew… There's so little left…"

<Wixelt> "I… left you here? when was that?" wilson refrains from asking who this is to avoid hurting 'her' feelings.

<Balthazaar> "When you joined the Foundation… Our father would be proud of you Elliot… I can almost see him again."

<Wixelt> Something clicks inside Wilson "Amber…"

<Balthazaar> "Elliot… You'll make sure I don't lose more, right?"

<Wixelt> "L-lose what?"

<Balthazaar> "Don't make me say it… You know it hurts when I have to…"
<Balthazaar> The thudding, grinding industrial noise has been getting louder
<Balthazaar> Right now it's a thudding roar

<Wixelt> "I… alright"

<Balthazaar> But you can still hear your sister
<Balthazaar> "Can we go home Elliot? Is our work done yet?"

<Wixelt> "W-work?"

<Balthazaar> "… So it isn't done…" Amber sounds tired. So tired. Weak and disappointed too

<Wixelt> "I- don't understand" Wilson frowns

<Balthazaar> "I will be glad to rest Wilson… So glad…"

<Wixelt> "Th- Then why don't you?"

<Balthazaar> "I can't… Your job is far from over…"

<Wixelt> "M- my job?"

<Balthazaar> "Yes…."

<Wixelt> "What about my job?"
<Wixelt> Wilson actually sounds a little scared

<Balthazaar> "Be careful Elliot… You know it's dangerous…"

<Wixelt> "Of- of course"

<Balthazaar> Wilson, you can hear heavy footsteps, along with a heavy metallic grinding. it's getting closer, from the hall you came from

<Wixelt> Wilson glances over his shoulder

<Balthazaar> Down the hall you can see a large figure. It's shrouded in darkness, but you can see it's very tall and very powerfully built. It has a sickle in each hand
<Balthazaar> It's getting closer
<Balthazaar> "Beware this one… It is the end of all things… And the beginning…"

<Wixelt> Wilson nods. He looks slightly scared still. "This is a dream… right?"

<Balthazaar> There is no answer. The industrial sounds grow louder, the closer the thing gets, the sound of strong wind also reaches you, but the air is still and icy cold. There is clearly liquid running down the figure, running off the sickles and onto the floor

<Wixelt> Wilson rises back to standing. He is silent with fear ~Please let this be a dream~

<Balthazaar> The sounds of the machinery and the wind grow deafening. The figure is nearly at the door
<Balthazaar> It is still in shadow

<Wixelt> Wilson, still silent, slowly pulls out his pistol, despite knowing that it'll probably do nothing to this thing.

<Balthazaar> It continues to advance. Even as it enters the brightly lit room it remains in shadow, but you can tell it is humanoid, with heavy pieces of black metal attached to it. The liquid running from it is dark red and there is a lot of it
<Balthazaar> It's at least 7 ft tall

<Wixelt> Wilson points his gun at it, as if the weapon being between him and it will form some kind of inpenetrable defense.
<Wixelt> He begins to back away
<Wixelt> "St- stay away!"

<Balthazaar> You back into a hard concrete wall

<Wixelt> ~Shit!~
<Wixelt> Wilson continues to hold the gun up in fear

<Balthazaar> It's getting closer.
<Balthazaar> It's about two feet away from the bag
<Balthazaar> 8 ft from you

<Wixelt> How fast is it moving?

<Balthazaar> lumbering
<Balthazaar> Not the fastest, but it doesn't seem to be trying to move fast

<Wixelt> Got it

<Balthazaar> It's got dozens of heavy chains coming from its back like a cape
<Balthazaar> They drag along the ground behind it

<Wixelt> Wilson begins to fear that he may have come face to face with Death itself

<Balthazaar> "Elliot!?" Ambers panicked voice comes from the bag.

<Wixelt> "A- Amber!"
<Wixelt> Wilson glances at the bag

<Balthazaar> The things heavy foot comes down on the bag. There is a thud as it comes down, but also the sound of shattering glass. Bright red blood seeps from the bag and there is a drawn out sigh before you can no longer hear her. The wind and the machinery becomes so much louder

<Wixelt> "No!" Wilson pales before fixing his gaze back on the thing "Y- you bastard!"

<Balthazaar> The thing turns it's head to look at you. There are no eyes that you can see, but it's looking at you

<Wixelt> Wilson pales further. He drops his weapon.

<Balthazaar> It drops a sickle to the ground with a heavy clang. It's a massive black metal weapon. It reaches for you, huge strong hand on a huge strong arm dripping blood. You're alone

<Wixelt> Wilson lets out a faint plea for help

<Balthazaar> There is none
<Balthazaar> The hand gets closer.
<Balthazaar> It stinks of blood and rot
<Balthazaar> But then it's gone. You're in the commons

<Wixelt> (Is he awake now?)

<Balthazaar> (Mhm)

<Wixelt> Wilson glances around in slight panic
<Wixelt> He is visibly shaken
<Wixelt> He gets to his feet, and staggers out of the commons and down to his dorm room
<Wixelt> "Amber…"
<Wixelt> He says this quietly to himself

<Balthazaar> Your door slams shut violently

<Wixelt> Wilson flinches at this "…the hell?"

<Balthazaar> The sounds of heavy machinery and wind fills the air. Both are drowned out by the agonized scream of what sounds like Amber

<Wixelt> Wilson's eye's widen "No… no, no, no No!"

<Balthazaar> It came from right outside the door
<Balthazaar> And now the handle is slowly turning

<Wixelt> He backs away "No, no, no…"

<Balthazaar> Ambers scream cuts out abruptly

<Wixelt> ~Why can't I just wake up?!~

<Balthazaar> The door is still now

<Wixelt> He sinks to his knees
<Wixelt> And begins sobbing

<Balthazaar> Your throat hurts

<Wixelt> "No, no, no, no…."

<Balthazaar> The paint falls off the walls. It's a cage underneath the paint, suspended in cold darkness by a chain leading up past where you can see. There is fire far below and it is raining
<Balthazaar> And there is something rising
<Balthazaar> It's worse than the other thing from before
<Balthazaar> Far worse.

<Wixelt> Wilson pays no attention to this, having resigned himself to someone who was unable to save his sister

<Balthazaar> But it's over now. Now it's the commons

<Wixelt> Wilson looks up, and immediately glances around
<Wixelt> He gets up and exits the commons immediately

<Balthazaar> It looks normal
<Balthazaar> It feels normal
<Balthazaar> It smells normal

<Wixelt> Faint signs that he was crying are still visible
<Wixelt> He gets out his pistol
<Wixelt> He makes sure to stay out in the corridors
<Wixelt> It feels normal, but it could be a trick. A trick to torment him.
<Wixelt> He gets to his dorm and pushes open the door, but doesn't go in.

<Balthazaar> The room is as he left it

<Wixelt> Wilson closes the door and moves on, keeping his weapon raised
<Wixelt> After a few minutes, he begins to calm down

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