Hospital - Harbinger

[00:45] Kade After getting said brekky, they walk over to Kit and May's table. "…Is it alright if I sit here?"
[00:46] Talonair "… Fine."
[00:46] dragonwielder Carson arrives at the cafeteria.
[00:47] Kade Marion nods and sits down. "How are you two doing?"
[00:47] Balthazaar The room shake
[00:47] dragonwielder He gets a bowl of cereal, he ponders going to sit by Marion, then he sees kit and decides to sit somewhere else.
[00:47] Talonair "…. That's not good." Kit stands, grabbing her rifle
[00:47] dragonwielder He looks around. "What?"
[00:48] Kade Marion blinks, looking around in confusion. "What's causing that?"
[00:48] Balthazaar A tree of barbed wire covered in shredded flesh, blood, organs and tissue bursts through the floor in the center of the room, twisting into shape.
[00:48] dragonwielder He pulls his switchblade.
[00:48] Talonair "…. Oh Christ not the Hospital. Get back." Kit backs away from it
[00:48] Phonelan Nel sees the commotion through the window
[00:48] Talonair (What windows?)
[00:48] Talonair (We're in a /bunker/)
[00:49] Talonair (Underground)
[00:49] Phonelan ( Cafeteria have windows?)
[00:49] Talonair (Not when they're underground)
[00:49] Phonelan redacts that
[00:49] dragonwielder "OK, WHAT. THE .HELL." He steps back.
[00:49] Kade Marion jumps back a little! "That's where Luna came from, right? Where Will lost an arm?"
[00:49] Talonair Kit nods. "Yep. Get ready for a fight…"
[00:49] dragonwielder "Gonna be one of those days isn't it…."
[00:50] Balthazaar The lights flicker into a sickly fluorescent yellow, and the ground around the tree peels into the air like paper in rough water, revealing filthy tiles underneath. In a circle about 20 ft around the tree is steel mesh, below which is a dark pit of raoiling water.
[00:50] Phonelan Nel goes for potato latkes
[00:50] Phonelan "That does /not/ look like latkes!"
[00:50] Talonair "Stay away from the tree!"
[00:51] Kade Marion takes deep breaths to calm down. "Okay. What do we do get rid of it from here?"
[00:51] Phonelan She draws one of her Stars.
[00:51] dragonwielder "IT'S ABOUT AS FAR FROM LATKES AS IT CAN GET."
[00:51] Balthazaar The corruption spreads across the room, the tables and chairs becoming twisted metal cages with inward pointing spikes, some of which have gasping people, some with no skin in them
[00:51] Phonelan "Then what! The HELL! Is it?!"
[00:51] Talonair "It's the Hospital, who the fuck knows, just stay together!"
[00:51] dragonwielder Carson stays out of the way.
[00:51] Phonelan Nel runs toward the others
[00:52] Talonair Kit puts herself between the tree and the others, protective instincts kicking in
[00:52] dragonwielder Carson isn't nearby.
[00:52] Kade Marion runs to the nearest intercom: "Security, anomaly in Cafeteria! It's the Hospital, so be prepared and warned!" They then run back over to the others!
[00:52] Kade "Carson! Over here!"
[00:52] Balthazaar The walls The walls become rusted, filthy iron, with one having a large, round ventilation shaft with a slowly spinning fan inside, behind the damaged cover. Hooks on chains extend from the ceiling
[00:52] Phonelan "Damn…"
[00:52] Kade *«Instead of ' around intercom stuff
[00:53] dragonwielder Carson runs over with Caution "Working on it!"
[00:53] Balthazaar The intercom is a beartrap with a huge, grotesque eyeball growing from it.
[00:53] Talonair Kit swallows, looking around for anything hostile
[00:53] Balthazaar The doors are gone
[00:54] Kade "…." Marion backs away slowly. Deep breaths. "Looks like we aren't getting help with this."
[00:54] Balthazaar The kitchen is full of butchered coworkers hanging from meathooks, and full up to about hip height with blood and gore
[00:54] Talonair "And we're trapped…."
[00:54] Balthazaar The sound of grinding machinery and pained, terrified groans, moans and gasps are in the air, with the violent sound of the roiling water in the middle
[00:55] dragonwielder Carson frowns. "We're screwed."
[00:55] Balthazaar It's deathly cold, and stinks of rot, mildew, blood and oil
[00:55] Kade 4df+6 (Perc) Okay. Okay. FIrst this to do when taking isn't possible- find either a weakness in the enemy or a defendable area. Right? They think so.
[00:55] Glacon Kade: (Perc) Okay. Okay. FIrst this to do when taking isn't possible- find either a weakness in the enemy or a defendable area. Right? They think so.: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, -, 0)
[00:55] Kade *talking
[00:55] Balthazaar There's misshapen, mutated bugs crawling from the tree
[00:56] Talonair Kit manages not to retch at the smell
[00:56] Talonair "What the bugs."
[00:56] Talonair *Watch
[00:56] dragonwielder "You think fire would hurt it?"
[00:56] Talonair "It's made of razor wire, what do you think?"
[00:56] dragonwielder "Well I saw flesh too so I was wondering."
[00:56] Phonelan Nel readies her gun
[00:57] dragonwielder Carson readies his switchblade.
[00:57] Talonair "Doubtful." Kit trains her aim on the bugs
[00:57] |<— dragonwielder has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[00:57] Kade They raise up part of their shirt to put on their nose and mouth, trying to block it out. "Th-the bugs may be a weakness, something that can be hurt, at least."
[00:58] Talonair "I don't feel like antagonising the Hospital if they aren't hostile."
[00:58] Balthazaar A light goes out, blunging one corner of the room into darkness, the thing grey mist drifting through the air
[00:58] Kade "What do we do, then? Just sit here?" The tables still around?
[00:59] Talonair "I don't know, alright?"
[00:59] Balthazaar As cages with tortured men, women and children in them, yes
[00:59] Balthazaar An enormous figure steps from the shadows
[01:00] Phonelan Nel if getting him jumpy
[01:00] Phonelan Is getting*
[01:00] Talonair "…. Well there's the hostile I'd wager."
[01:00] Phonelan "De hel is that!"
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[01:03] Kade Deep breaths. Work now. Breakdown later. They have to get used to these sorts of anomalies again. "You think we c-could flip the table cages over on their sides, use them as makeshift barriers?"
[01:03] Talonair "I doubt that thing would care."
[01:04] Phonelan "Worth a try, yeah?"
[01:04] Kade "It might give us a little defense should it attack, though!"
[01:04] Talonair "I wouldn't risk touching /anything/ the Hospital produces."
[01:05] Phonelan "We could run?"
[01:05] Balthazaar Its about 16 ft tall, masculine, and looking as though it were flayed. Its musculature is charcoal coloured and seeping blood. Its hands are huge, with long claws on the fingers, and it wears a long loincloth made from what appear to be dried and tanned human faces. It wears knee high boots with bloody steel caps over the toes, and lashed to the legs with razorwire. A set of 6 serated black…
[01:05] Balthazaar …iron ribs are on its chest, and six iron blades extend from its back, curving upward. Its head is the black skull of some predatory animal, almost like a huge lion skull. Its eyes burn with sickly green light, and a long toungue lols out of its mouth. It has a mane of black, spiky chains and shards of obsidian flowing from its head, and it holds a huge, iron spear in its hands.
[01:05] Talonair "The doors are gone and- Oh god it's Lionspear."
[01:06] Kade "Lionspear?"
[01:07] Balthazaar It laughs with a deep, echoing voice. It's so cold and full of malice. "Bowman… Groft… Beukelman…" It somehow /grins/
[01:07] Talonair "That's the name given to that thing. I almost killed Jo in a single hit." Kit keeps her rifle trained on it
[01:07] Talonair "And it talks."
[01:07] Talonair "And knows.. our… names…"
[01:08] Phonelan "Fuck this!"
[01:08] Balthazaar Stepping forward, the lights flickering out as it approaches, with the only light now being a green glow from the waters below
[01:08] Phonelan 4df+5 Nel boom boom baby
[01:08] Glacon Phonelan: Nel boom boom baby: 5 (4df+5=0, +, -, 0)
[01:08] Talonair "No don't-"
[01:09] Balthazaar 4df+14 it laughs again. "Aren't you tired, Petronella. Be still, Petronella. Aren't you tired?" It advances
[01:09] Glacon Balthazaar: it laughs again. "Aren't you tired, Petronella. Be still, Petronella. Aren't you tired?" It advances: 16 (4df+14=+, -, +, +)
[01:09] Phonelan "A nap… Would be nice…"
[01:09] Talonair Kit steps back. "I'm not afraid of you… You're not the old man, I'm not afraid of you…" She mutters to herself
[01:10] Kade Marion glances at the water. It looks important. It somehow seems like it might be important. "D-does the Hospital generally have water and strange flora like this?"
[01:10] Balthazaar "No." It's voice echos, like a reverberating tear in the order of the world. "No, not the old man. Much. Much /Worse/." It advances, driving them to the corner
[01:11] Phonelan Nel begins to sway sleepily
[01:11] Talonair "… You knew the old man?"
[01:12] Balthazaar It growls in pleasure, reaching for Petronella with its free hand
[01:13] Talonair Kit drags Nel back
[01:13] Kade Marion grabs up Nel and tries to drag her back. "Careful!"
[01:13] Phonelan She starts
[01:13] Balthazaar agility
[01:13] Talonair 4df+5
[01:13] Glacon Talonair: 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
[01:13] Phonelan 4df+5
[01:13] Glacon Phonelan: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, +)
[01:14] Kade 4df+5 (AGI+TGGT because life or death)
[01:14] Glacon Kade: (AGI+TGGT because life or death): 5 (4df+5=+, 0, -, 0)
[01:14] Balthazaar 4df+5
[01:14] Glacon Balthazaar: 2 (4df+5=-, -, 0, -)
[01:14] Balthazaar She's pulled away in time!
[01:15] Balthazaar "Come. It is done." It's cold voice echoing horribly
[01:15] Talonair "What is done?"
[01:15] Kade Marion looks up, confused. "..?"
[01:17] Phonelan Nel studies her Stars
[01:17] Balthazaar "Look. Petronella. Look at the tree. Look at what is to come."
[01:17] Balthazaar It looms, always advancing
[01:18] Talonair "You're not taking her."
[01:18] Kade Marion blinks and tries to cover Nel's eyes with their hands!
[01:18] Balthazaar "Aren't you curiousss?"
[01:19] Talonair "…. About what?"
[01:19] Balthazaar "Look at the tree…" It advances steadily
[01:20] Talonair Kit glances at it
[01:20] Kade "Nel! Don't!" Marion glances, though.
[01:21] Balthazaar Kit, you see artyom in its branches. the wire is growing through him, growing in and out of numerous wounds, his mouth, nose, eyes… Everywhere. He's groaning in pain.
[01:21] Talonair ".." She goes pale. "Not real…"
[01:21] Balthazaar Kit, agility
[01:22] Talonair 4df+5 (+2 if verses melee)
[01:22] Glacon Talonair: (+2 if verses melee): 3 (4df+5=-, -, -, +)
[01:22] Balthazaar 4df+13
[01:22] Glacon Balthazaar: 14 (4df+13=0, +, 0, 0)
[01:22] Balthazaar Kitm you are impaled by the spear
[01:22] Talonair "Guh-"
[01:22] Talonair She coughs
[01:22] Balthazaar It enters your lower back and exits through your mouth. It raises you up
[01:22] Balthazaar into the air
[01:23] Talonair She stuggles feebly
[01:23] Kade Marion is hyperventilating slightly! They take their hands from Nel's eyes and tries to grab Kit!
[01:24] Balthazaar The beast brings her closer, watching cosely. IT walks its fingers up her front, from belly to chin. It rests its hand over her heart, causing a searing pain, before grabbing her by the throat, looking into her eyes.
[01:24] Talonair She gurgles in pain around the spear, eyes wide
[01:24] Phonelan Nel whimpers
[01:26] Balthazaar It's claws sink into your flesh, Kit, and it makes a fist, tristing and yanking with its arm, pulling most of Kits skin off in one motion. There's a wet rending sound as it does. It stands with Kits corpse on its spear, and her skin in the other. It flings the skin at Marion.
[01:26] Talonair Kit gurgles and goes lifeless, hanging from the spear limply
[01:27] Balthazaar It slides Kit from the spear, and turns to the other two. It's started to rain blood
[01:27] Talonair Kit goes flop
[01:27] Balthazaar Kit, you're still somehow alive, but unable to move or speak
[01:27] —>| Chromelan (~PI.58EF5671.ED17FB0F.4D32D233|nalemorhC#PI.58EF5671.ED17FB0F.4D32D233|nalemorhC) has joined #origins-ic2
[01:27] Chromelan Nel screams
[01:27] Talonair Internally she /screams/ in agony
[01:27] Kade Marion freezes, then closes their eyes and takes the skin off themselves, shaking.
[01:28] Balthazaar It looks to Nel. "Witness your future in the tree. Witness the pain you have wrought."
[01:28] Chromelan She raises her Model B
[01:28] Chromelan 4df+5 Dammit!
[01:28] Glacon Chromelan: Dammit!: 3 (4df+5=-, -, -, +)
[01:28] Balthazaar The rounds hit, but do nothing
[01:28] Balthazaar "LOOK AT IT!" It roars
[01:28] Chromelan She looks.
[01:28] Kade Marion is no fighter. They can't do much. "N-nel! Don't listen to it!"
[01:29] Chromelan Is there a way for her to destroy the tree?
[01:29] Balthazaar Cn she think of one?
[01:29] Chromelan Is the kitchen open still?
[01:29] Balthazaar No
[01:29] Chromelan Agh
[01:30] Balthazaar It's basically upon her
[01:30] Chromelan Nel slides between the thing's legs
[01:30] Balthazaar agility
[01:30] Chromelan 4df+5
[01:30] Glacon Chromelan: 4 (4df+5=0, 0, -, 0)
[01:30] Balthazaar 4df+13
[01:30] Glacon Balthazaar: 15 (4df+13=+, +, 0, 0)
[01:30] Balthazaar pdef
[01:31] Chromelan 4df+3
[01:31] Glacon Chromelan: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, +)
[01:31] Kade "M-matches! Does anyone have matches?!"
[01:32] Chromelan Nel tosses Marion a lighter
[01:32] Balthazaar The spear skewerd down through Nels shoulder, through her body and exiting through her thigh, embedding her to the ground. IT laughs coldly as razorwire creeps up from the ground, growing up and around Nel like fast vines
[01:32] Chromelan Nel screams like a banshee
[01:32] Balthazaar They burrow into her flesh, her eyes, her mouth, nose, ears, everywhere
[01:33] Chromelan Her scream rises in intensity
[01:33] Balthazaar "You will be a new thing to crawl…" The wire shreds her insides, coiling around her bones.
[01:33] Kade Marion grabs it! They rip off the sleeve of their blouse, balling it up tightly. They set the top of it on fire. How high is the barb wire around the barbwire/fleshtree?
[01:33] Talonair Kit continues internally screaming
[01:33] Balthazaar It turns its attention to Marion as the room bursts into flames.
[01:34] Balthazaar It stalks closer to her, moving faster now. "You. Are. Doomed!" It starts to roar laughter
[01:34] Chromelan Can Nel still move? Even a little?
[01:34] Glacon Kade: (AGI+TGGT) MARION RUNS WITH EVERYTHING THEY HAVE: 7 (4df+5=0, 0, +, +)
[01:36] Balthazaar 4df+13
[01:36] Glacon Balthazaar: 15 (4df+13=-, +, +, +)
[01:36] Balthazaar pdef, Marion
[01:37] Kade Can I apply TGGT to it because this seems pretty life or death? it only one point
[01:37] Balthazaar yes
[01:38] Kade 4df+4 (PDEF+TGGT) fuuuck. And they still have a flaming ball of cloth in their hands that's probably burning them by now!
[01:38] Glacon Kade: (PDEF+TGGT) fuuuck. And they still have a flaming ball of cloth in their hands that's probably burning them by now!: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
[01:41] Balthazaar The spear is flung into Marion, pinning them to the burning wall. The thing watches as they burn. "Your time has come. You have been noticed, and you are behind." It strokes her cheek, causing the flesh where it touches to wither, rot and die. That being half her face. It laughs, savoring her pain.
[01:41] Kade Marion screams in agony, tears streaming down their face.
[01:42] Talonair Kit continues her agony?
[01:42] Balthazaar it sticks a finger in the rotting eye socket, and the rot spreads over Marions face and over their body, until nothing is left
[01:43] Balthazaar Rather suddenly, is flashes bright white
[01:43] Balthazaar When your vision comes back, you're all passed out on the table, bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth. The blood on the table forms a spiral
[01:44] —>| LadyKatie (uid131707@472C79E2:B89317A6:A5A128C0:IP) has joined #origins-ic2
[01:44] Kade Marion shakes. Breathe. /breathe/
[01:44] Chromelan Nel stands up. "We must get to Medical. Now!"
[01:45] Balthazaar The pain is still there
[01:45] Balthazaar -5 mhealth, all
[01:45] Chromelan She collapses on the floor
[01:45] Balthazaar You'll be having nightmares for a while, probably
[01:46] Chromelan She army-crawls herself to the intercom.
[01:47] Kade Marion curls up on themselves, crying and shuddering heavily.
[01:47] Chromelan Using the wall as a support, she manages to stand up, though she lets out an animalistic scream
[01:47] Chromelan She slams her fist on the button.
[01:48] Chromelan "I need medical to the Cafeteria, and I need them here RIGHT FUCKING NOW!"
[01:48] Balthazaar Medical come!
[01:49] Chromelan She collapses into the terrifying blackness.
[01:50] Talonair Kit shivvers on the table, not even trying to stand
[01:51] Kade Marion can't stops shuddering on the table. They wish they could blackout, but they don't.
[01:55] Balthazaar They cart the trio into medical, putting them in the psychiatric ward

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