Log: Hospital: Finale

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Begin with Homeimprovement, Story diverges to include the IC's and Tooltime (1-4) at 9:22PM.
Cait moves from Homeimprovement to Tooltime at 11:06 PM and returns to Homeimprovement at 11:39PM.

A Note from Balthazaar:

- I first started doing little horror events in Origins not intending to make Brookhaven, but just to do some fun little events for my friends. Over time they grew to consolidate into the thing we have been struggling against for years in this game, and I loved taking inspiration from whatever source I could, whether it was from books, movies, games, or you guys. I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me the platform to make this, and for joining me on the adventure. Truth be told I didn't know how it would end until today, but that's how it goes sometimes.


I hope you enjoyed this series, and all the little references I was able to slip in there too. Bet you can't guess what video game it was that actually inspired me to make this whole thing, haha.

- Balth.

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