Hospital dreams: Katya

[21:44] SpookyBee Kat snoozes on a couch in the commons!
[21:44] Balthazaar mdef
[21:45] SpookyBee 4df+4 MDEF bruv
[21:45] Glacon SpookyBee: MDEF bruv: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
[21:45] Balthazaar 4df+8
[21:45] Glacon Balthazaar: 7 (4df+8=-, -, +, 0)
[21:46] Balthazaar What is Katya dreaming about?
[21:46] SpookyBee … Herself. Her childhood before the gangs.
[21:48] Balthazaar It's a fun dream, but all things must end
[21:48] Balthazaar You're awoken by a scream!
[21:48] SpookyBee Kat sits up, looking around! She runs into the hall, looking down both directions.
[21:49] Balthazaar The screams come from the dorms. It sounds like amelie
[21:49] Balthazaar the carpet is all wet and gross, and the walls are damp too
[21:50] SpookyBee Katya frowns, but runs down the hall, towards Amelie's dorm!
[21:53] Balthazaar Her door is slit in two, laying on the floor of the hallway. In the room, the bandaged child sits on the bed, and amelie is he;d suspended in the air by masses of barbed wire snaking in from the air vents, the bathroom, under the bd, and her wardrobe. It's shadowy in here, andthe light flickers a sickly yellow. The sound of heavy machinery grinding in the dstance can be faintly heard. The…
[21:53] Balthazaar …wire has the struggling girl by the arms and legs. As the child watches. The floor colapses beneath amelie, like a sinkhole. Fog drifts from the hole, and bloody, green, mouldy tentacles creep upwards slowly
[21:54] Balthazaar "Non, non! Do not, help me please!"
[21:54] SpookyBee Katya draws her Sophita, cocking the hammer back…
[21:54] SpookyBee 4df+7 RNG+Magnum Goddess with First Shot! She fires at the child's center of mass!
[21:55] Glacon SpookyBee: RNG+Magnum Goddess with First Shot! She fires at the child's center of mass!: 4 (4df+7=0, -, -, -)
[21:55] SpookyBee :C
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[21:56] Balthazaar The child "looks" over at Katya as a tentacle forces its way down amelies mouth and just keeps going, te girls throat moving to swallow as it goes, with muffled chocking and crying sounds. the child has a totally bandaged had, aside from the mouth aream which is ripped open and bloody, red flesh housing a mouth full of sharklike teeth. The tentacles cover the walls and floor now.
[21:57] Balthazaar the child grins and laughs.
[21:57] Balthazaar Even as its chest is shot with a splatter of red blood, black ick, and green goo
[21:57] SpookyBee Katya charges in now, and leaps into a bar-tackle! RAAAAAAAAAAAH!
[21:57] SpookyBee 4df+6 AAAAAAAH
[21:57] Glacon SpookyBee: AAAAAAAH: 7 (4df+6=0, +, +, -)
[22:00] Balthazaar Katya, a strong hand grabs you around the waist. It's massive and had and cold.
[22:01] SpookyBee "Ack!" Can she resist its grip?
[22:02] Balthazaar A deep, wet, growling voice sounds from the air around you as amelie grows black boils and black infection spreads through her vvvveigns before you as she sobs. "I… I am a monument to your sins…"
[22:02] Balthazaar Roll
[22:02] SpookyBee 4df+5 STRENGTH!!!
[22:02] Glacon SpookyBee: STRENGTH!!!: 5 (4df+5=+, +, -, -)
[22:04] Balthazaar 4df+14
[22:04] Glacon Balthazaar: 16 (4df+14=+, -, +, +)
[22:04] Balthazaar You don't budge
[22:04] SpookyBee ;-;
[22:05] SpookyBee "I WILL BURN YOU TO THE GROUND!" Katya kicks her feet furiously! SO FEROCIOUS RAWR
[22:05] Balthazaar The hand around your waist is black and flayed and burned. Looking back will show that your captor is Lionspear
[22:06] Balthazaar Sabinas mangled, (Bottom) half naked body hanging impaled on it with her cheeks carved off and eyes rolling in their sockets.
[22:07] SpookyBee Katya screams, more in rage than anything, though she knows not what to do…
[22:08] SpookyBee … Does Lionspear's head have fangs?
[22:08] Balthazaar "No… You will make it easier on the others. You are tears and nerve, but you will soon be changed, and will help…" the voice echoes from the hole in the floor.
[22:08] Balthazaar It does
[22:09] SpookyBee Katya reaches out, grabbing for Lionspeal's metal skull!
[22:11] Balthazaar A tentacle made of human intestines, vertebra and barbed wire seemingly held together with a funguslike glue rises from the hole. It has a strange sphincter at the end, from which a black wormlike head emerges as it draws closer.
[22:11] Balthazaar pdef when you touch te skull
[22:12] SpookyBee 4df+5 Undead and built like a tank bruv
[22:12] Glacon SpookyBee: Undead and built like a tank bruv: 6 (4df+5=-, 0, +, +)
[22:12] Balthazaar 4df+8
[22:12] Glacon Balthazaar: 6 (4df+8=0, -, -, 0)
[22:12] Balthazaar KAtya, it's so cold, your skin goes black when it touches, but you can bear it, just
[22:13] SpookyBee Katya tugs herself closer to it… And raises her pistol hand, stuffing the barrel into its eyesocket.
[22:14] Balthazaar Katya, its eyesocket is full of unusually bright, green fire
[22:14] Balthazaar The pistol doesn't fare so well with this, glowing white hot
[22:15] SpookyBee She yanks herself back, guarding her face from the flame!
[22:15] Balthazaar Anothert tentacle wraps around her neck and head!
[22:15] Balthazaar Holding her head still
[22:15] Balthazaar while the first advances!
[22:15] SpookyBee Katya's?
[22:15] Balthazaar mhm
[22:16] SpookyBee Katya looks around with her peripherals for anything jagged or sharp in her reach…
[22:20] Balthazaar Your mouth is forced open by the tentacle, which goes into your mouth and down yur throad, the razorwire components shredding your insides
[22:20] Balthazaar the fungus parts feeling /hairy/
[22:20] Balthazaar You feel the worm chewing its way out of your esophagus, further inside
[22:20] Balthazaar "You will make them see…"
[22:21] SpookyBee Katya chokes and gags, flailing and grabbing her throat!
[22:23] Balthazaar mdef
[22:23] SpookyBee 4df+4 MDEF
[22:23] Glacon SpookyBee: MDEF: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
[22:24] Balthazaar "this is kind… you will see… We have better ways, but less kind. I'll show you…"
[22:24] SpookyBee Kat keeps-a kicking!
[22:24] Balthazaar Katya, you are released, and you now like these tentacles and monstrocities and this voice
[22:25] Balthazaar you want to help te others join up
[22:25] Balthazaar you want to be like the Hospital, want it to improve you
[22:25] Balthazaar you find a scalpel on the floor, that should help you turn amelie into a living puppet, like the Hospital wants
[22:26] SpookyBee She drops to her knees, groaning… Is she bleeding? Kat reaches for the scalpel!
[22:26] Balthazaar Lil bit
[22:26] SpookyBee Kat coughs a bit, getting up and moving to Amelie.
[22:26] Balthazaar "You know how to do it, I will help you…"
[22:27] Balthazaar Tentacles move into position. amelies eyes look at you pleadingly, wanting to join you all
[22:27] Balthazaar She just needs to be cleansed, let go of her anger and resentment
[22:27] Balthazaar You can help her do that!
[22:28] SpookyBee Katya blinks, rubbing her eyes a moment, and getting closer with the scalpel!
[22:28] Balthazaar It's a long procedure
[22:28] SpookyBee And probably gross!
[22:30] Balthazaar The tentacles help, but it's a lot of carving and reaching inside her torso and innards, and she won't stop squirming and making those gasping, choking sounds around the tentacle, but eventually, she's a hard, marionette looking bloody doll with huge scissor blades on her fingers, gasping for her own breaths. She looks at you with agonizedeyes, which slowly go blank as the hospital takes control
[22:30] Balthazaar It took hours, but finally… "And reports say the storm blew over after the day." The TV wakes you up!
[22:31] SpookyBee Katya jerks awake, looking to the TV!
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[22:32] Balthazaar It's the news
[22:32] SpookyBee "…." She frowns, sitting up and looking down at herself.
[22:32] Balthazaar ~Soon…~ the voice crawls, exiting her mind
[22:32] Balthazaar Leaving you feeling invaded, soiled and slimy and cold

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