Hidden Depths Of Sin

Nov 16 20:01:38 <TeslaTornado> Gavran reports to Briefing Room 5, wearing his suit and overcoat and his characteristic backpack of surveying equipment.
Nov 16 20:01:45 <Jabonicus> Carver, after a brisk walk, comes into Briefing Room 5, with a Big Iron on his hip.
Nov 16 20:02:14 <TesKin> Branko walks into briefing room 5, strapping on his sword.
Nov 16 20:02:32 <Jabonicus> Carver has no actual intention of shooting his gun.
Nov 16 20:03:31 * Optimal (ten.enoeciohc.cor.07E3FF43-CRInys|nhoJ#ten.enoeciohc.cor.07E3FF43-CRInys|nhoJ) has joined
Nov 16 20:03:34 <Daedalus> Hermann enters briefing room, wearing a grey vest and coat. He holds a grey fedora in one hand and his medical bag in the other.
Nov 16 20:03:41 <Sax|GMs> There are boxes in front of the chairs.
Nov 16 20:03:44 <Sax|GMs> Bulky boxes.
Nov 16 20:04:32 <TeslaTornado> Gavran groans at the thought of heavy lifting, but assumes they are part of the briefing. Is there anyone in the room that isn't from Psi-7?
Nov 16 20:04:32 <Optimal> Douglass enters the briefing room in the average Foundation guard attire, with bulletproof vest.
Nov 16 20:04:49 <Sax|GMs> There are quite a few people that are not part of Psi-7.
Nov 16 20:04:56 * Recursive (ten.htuoslleb.bwo.02211D0A-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.bwo.02211D0A-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
Nov 16 20:04:57 <Sax|GMs> Looks like general logistics guys.
Nov 16 20:05:12 <Daedalus> "Guten Abend, Herr Gavrille." Hermann says quietly, looking over the boxes.
Nov 16 20:05:33 <Jabonicus> "Hello everyone!" Carver says cheerfully, addressing everyone in the room.
Nov 16 20:06:02 <Sax|GMs> Adrian Coxwell enters in, wearing combat gear.
Nov 16 20:06:07 <Sax|GMs> He gently closes the door behind him.
Nov 16 20:06:10 <Sax|GMs> "Good evening to all present."
Nov 16 20:06:24 <Optimal> Doug waves to everybody. "Hey guys!"
Nov 16 20:06:38 <Optimal> He takes a seat.
Nov 16 20:06:44 <TeslaTornado> Gavran nods to Hermann, then looks up at Adrian. "Doctor Coxwell. You'll be briefing us, I assume?"
Nov 16 20:06:59 <TesKin> Branko nods to the team. "Hello."
Nov 16 20:07:00 <Daedalus> "Should we be wearing combat gear as well?" He asks as he sits.
Nov 16 20:07:06 <Sax|GMs> "I will be assigning your briefing, as well as general mission control, Doctor Gavrille."
Nov 16 20:07:30 <Sax|GMs> "I will take questions after the briefing, Doctor Austerlitz."
Nov 16 20:07:49 <Sax|GMs> Adrian rolls out a map of New Jersey.
Nov 16 20:07:52 <Jabonicus> Carver takes a seat, not having done so previously
Nov 16 20:09:02 <TeslaTornado> Gavran sits down behind his box, nodding.
Nov 16 20:09:09 <Sax|GMs> And cricles Washington Township on the map, east of Trenton.
Nov 16 20:09:34 <Sax|GMs> "Reconnaissance has uncovered a seemingly abandoned research campus in Washington Township."
Nov 16 20:10:12 <Sax|GMs> "The authorities have been briefed to believe that it is severely infested with rats, and that an extermination team is arriving."
Nov 16 20:10:35 <Sax|GMs> "The real situation is that this research campus was a former US Army Chemical Corps laboratory complex."
Nov 16 20:10:52 <Sax|GMs> "And no communications have been sent from it over the last 72 hours."
Nov 16 20:11:40 <Sax|GMs> "Command wants us to sweep over the area, and to recover any data that may be of importance."
Nov 16 20:11:40 <Jabonicus> "So you believe there are anomalous happenings there?"
Nov 16 20:12:05 <Sax|GMs> "The Chemical Corps has experimented with exotic agents of disease before, including anomalous diseases."
Nov 16 20:12:40 <Sax|GMs> "There will be multiple teams entering through multiple points of ingress, and each team will have at least one flamerthrower."
Nov 16 20:12:40 <TeslaTornado> "The boxes contain hazardous materials gear, presumably, yes?"
Nov 16 20:13:10 <Sax|GMs> "Correct. In the boxes will be your suits, your breathing apparatus, as well as gear necessary for safe operation."
Nov 16 20:13:46 <Optimal> Doug has started to nod off in his seat.
Nov 16 20:13:48 <Sax|GMs> "We will be leaving in 10 minutes via plane to the affected area. Recon has already set up an airstrip and forward operations base."
Nov 16 20:14:08 <Sax|GMs> "IF you cannot safely recover any data or specimens, destroy them."
Nov 16 20:14:23 <Sax|GMs> "Any questions?"
Nov 16 20:14:54 <Daedalus> "What equipment are we allowed to bring into the facility?"
Nov 16 20:15:37 <Sax|GMs> "You are allowed to carry your own equipment into the facility, so long as its active usage does not endanger the team, the structure, or the mission."
Nov 16 20:16:09 <Sax|GMs> "Most of the gear you do require is in the cases provided."
Nov 16 20:16:16 <Sax|GMs> "As well as the detailed briefing."
Nov 16 20:16:44 <TeslaTornado> "Has the campus displayed any signs of topographical inconsistency? None of the buildings have moved, the grass hasn't started to eat people…?"
Nov 16 20:17:08 <Sax|GMs> "Recon has not reported any inconsistencies."
Nov 16 20:17:35 <Sax|GMs> "First sweeps have not uncovered anything that is of immediate threat to the surrounding."
Nov 16 20:18:20 <TeslaTornado> Gavran nods. "What about local lore? Any urban legends, tall tales, anything like that?"
Nov 16 20:18:21 <Jabonicus> "How likely are we to face aggressive resistance?"
Nov 16 20:18:29 <Sax|GMs> "No associated lore, Doctor."
Nov 16 20:18:45 <Sax|GMs> "Aggressive resistance - unknown. Weapons will be provided on-site."
Nov 16 20:19:12 <Daedalus> "Data recovery is the object of this mission, correct?"
Nov 16 20:19:19 <Sax|GMs> "Data and specimen recovery."
Nov 16 20:19:27 <Sax|GMs> Pause. "Or destruction."
Nov 16 20:19:50 <TeslaTornado> "So fire and explosives would be inadvisable except in a worst-case scenario." Gavran glances in equal parts at Branko and Douglass.
Nov 16 20:19:55 * Recursive (ten.htuoslleb.bwo.02211D0A-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.bwo.02211D0A-CRInys|tibbiM) has left
Nov 16 20:20:00 <Sax|GMs> "Yes."
Nov 16 20:20:02 <TesKin> Branko nods. "Will explosives be provided?"
Nov 16 20:20:21 <Sax|GMs> "All arnaments will be provided on-site."
Nov 16 20:20:24 <Sax|GMs> Adrian checks his watch.
Nov 16 20:20:36 <Optimal> Douglass continues to sleep.
Nov 16 20:20:37 <Sax|GMs> "The aircraft will have been loaded by now."
Nov 16 20:20:43 <Sax|GMs> "Let us be on our way."
Nov 16 20:20:46 <Daedalus> Hermann takes his box and looks inside of it.
Nov 16 20:21:14 <Optimal> Doug is jolted awake by the phrase "let us be on our way now".
Nov 16 20:21:26 <Sax|GMs> In the box: a suit, gas mask with spare filters, a radio, flashlight, as well as emergency patch-up and first-aid gear.
Nov 16 20:21:30 <TeslaTornado> Gavran hefts his crate and carries it out to the airplane.
Nov 16 20:21:40 <Sax|GMs> The crates, thankfully, are not too heavy.
Nov 16 20:21:57 <Optimal> Doug follows suit of Gavran. He picks his box up and follows him.
Nov 16 20:22:02 <Jabonicus> Carver picks up his crate and heads out to the airplane.
Nov 16 20:22:09 <Daedalus> Hermann follows behind them.
Nov 16 20:22:55 <Sax|GMs> Adrian takes his equipment, and boards a separate plane.
Nov 16 20:23:12 <Sax|GMs> And assuming everyone has boarded, the airplanes all take to the sky!
Nov 16 20:23:54 <Sax|GMs> Thankfully, it's not too long of a flight before the planes touch terra firma once more!
Nov 16 20:24:28 <Sax|GMs> You are all greeted to a neat array of white tents, and other task force personnel rushing around.
Nov 16 20:24:33 <TesKin> Branko grabs his crate and folows after.
Nov 16 20:24:56 <Jabonicus> Carver carries his crate off the aircraft, staying close to Branko.
Nov 16 20:25:04 <Optimal> Douglass walks off with his crate as well.
Nov 16 20:25:08 <TeslaTornado> Gavran wanders off the aircraft, lugging his crate.
Nov 16 20:25:19 <Sax|GMs> An agent directs you to a tent to change into your mission gear.
Nov 16 20:25:34 <Daedalus> Hermann drags his crate off the plane.
Nov 16 20:25:59 <Optimal> Doug quick changes in 5 seconds, walks out of the tent in all of his gear.
Nov 16 20:26:20 <Jabonicus> Carver heads into the tent, and quickly begins changing into the suit and gas mask, attaching the radio and flashlight to the suit, as well as the emergency patch up and first aid gear to the back.
Nov 16 20:26:33 <Daedalus> He heads into the tent and changes, and it takes him at least 20 minutes to check his gear.
Nov 16 20:27:03 <TeslaTornado> Gavran changes somewhat clumsily in the slightly enclosed space, laying his clothing aside and re-packaging his survey equipment in a hermetically-sealed pack, taking almost as long as Hermann to go over everything before re-emerging.
Nov 16 20:27:21 <Jabonicus> Carver comes out, all ready.
Nov 16 20:27:38 <TesKin> Branko quickly changes, stepping out tightening his gunbelts and sword belt.
Nov 16 20:27:49 <Sax|GMs> Meanwhile, other personnel are also gearing up.
Nov 16 20:27:53 <Sax|GMs> Looks like they're going in with you.
Nov 16 20:27:57 <Sax|GMs> At least you will not be alone.
Nov 16 20:28:38 <Daedalus> Hermann makes sure his gun is loaded and his medical equipment is sterile before stepping outside.
Nov 16 20:29:02 <Sax|GMs> Branko, Carver, Douglass,
Nov 16 20:29:20 <TeslaTornado> Gavran looks around at the other personnel gathered around, all dressed in hazard gear. He looks to Hermann. "Reminds me of the aquatic cave systems under Lake Baikal," he says, muffled by the mask.
Nov 16 20:29:31 <Sax|GMs> You notice a quartermaster providing arms, including flamethrowers.
Nov 16 20:30:06 <TesKin> Branko walks over to the quartermaster. "What do you have for explosives?"
Nov 16 20:30:10 <Optimal> Doug spots the flamethrowers and very manly rushes over there. "Ooo, gimme!"
Nov 16 20:30:15 <Jabonicus> Carver heads over to the quartermaster. He looks to the others, debating giving it to someone else, but his wants gets the best of him and he asks for the flamethrower.
Nov 16 20:30:36 <Sax|GMs> The quartermaster's assistant provides the flamethrowers to Carver and to Doug.
Nov 16 20:30:56 <Optimal> He looks it over. "… hell yeah…"
Nov 16 20:31:05 <Sax|GMs> QM to Branko: "We have Mark 2 hand grenades."
Nov 16 20:31:27 <Jabonicus> "Thank you sir." Carver replies, looking over the flamethrower.
Nov 16 20:31:34 <TeslaTornado> Gavran lets out a quiet groan as he notes the boyish excitement of Team Flamethrower. "I suppose live samples were always out of the question," he whispers to himself.
Nov 16 20:31:35 <Optimal> Doug looks at Carver, "You know, they never used to let me have one of these back in the Philippines…"
Nov 16 20:31:37 <TesKin> "Anything else?"
Nov 16 20:32:03 <Jabonicus> "I hope it wasn't for a reason." Carver replies, muffled through the mask.
Nov 16 20:32:24 <Daedalus> "You'll have to tell me that story sometime." Hermann responds, checking his own gun.
Nov 16 20:32:28 <Sax|GMs> "As well as landmines."
Nov 16 20:32:48 <Sax|GMs> "however, we are only permitted to provide one landmine, and two grenades."
Nov 16 20:32:53 <TeslaTornado> "Of course." Gavran checks his own pistol a final time, inserting it into his shoulder holster.
Nov 16 20:33:22 <Sax|GMs> Someone runs up to you, Hermann!
Nov 16 20:33:26 <Sax|GMs> "Are you from Psi-7?"
Nov 16 20:34:23 <Daedalus> He nods, "Ja. I am."
Nov 16 20:34:36 <Daedalus> He's a bit surprised.
Nov 16 20:34:46 <Sax|GMs> "Assemble your team. You guys are going in shortly."
Nov 16 20:34:47 <TeslaTornado> Gavran looks on, thankful the gas mask is blocking out his Incredulous Eyebrow.
Nov 16 20:35:37 <Daedalus> Hermann also prepares his camera.
Nov 16 20:35:39 <TesKin> Branko nods. "I'll take both then."
Nov 16 20:35:51 <Sax|GMs> QM: "Be careful."
Nov 16 20:35:53 <Sax|GMs> He provides!
Nov 16 20:36:06 <Optimal> Doug observes the trigger on the flamethrower.
Nov 16 20:36:46 <TesKin> Branko chuckles, carefully sliding them into his back. He clipps a coupple 'nades onto his swordbelt.
Nov 16 20:36:52 <TesKin> pack*
Nov 16 20:36:52 <TeslaTornado> Gavran falls in next to Hermann. "Once more unto the breach, dear friends."
Nov 16 20:37:17 <Jabonicus> Carver heads over to Hermann. "I really hope I don't have to use this." He says, referring to the flamethrower.
Nov 16 20:37:25 <Sax|GMs> On the radio: «Alpha-5, Eta-1, Psi-7, proceed to the main entrance.»
Nov 16 20:37:35 <TesKin> Branko nods, walking over to Gavran and Hermann. "At least we get explosives this time 'round."
Nov 16 20:38:05 <Daedalus> "Alright. Herr Branko and Herr Ibel will take point. Her Gavrille and I will be behind you, and Herr Carver whould take up the rear."
Nov 16 20:38:11 <Daedalus> should*
Nov 16 20:38:20 <Optimal> Doug chimes in from Carver's comment. "I do!"
Nov 16 20:38:24 <Sax|GMs> Around you, the two other squads are somewhat nervous.
Nov 16 20:38:28 <TesKin> Branko nods, checking the ammo in his Colt and Nagant.
Nov 16 20:38:40 <Sax|GMs> They're carrying BARs and flamethrowers as well.
Nov 16 20:38:48 <TeslaTornado> "Likewise," Gavran says to Carver. He gestures to Branko and Douglass. He removes his radio from the clip on the side of his equipment pack, and tunes it to the frequencies of the other two MTFs.
Nov 16 20:38:54 <TesKin> He taps the pomel of his sword.
Nov 16 20:38:57 <Optimal> Doug weighs his flamethrower and takes front with that commie motherfucker.
Nov 16 20:39:02 <Daedalus> Hermann gets into position.
Nov 16 20:39:18 <Jabonicus> Carver indeed takes the back!
Nov 16 20:39:18 <TeslaTornado> «Eta-1-1, Alpha-5-1, this is Psi-7-1. How copy?»
Nov 16 20:39:38 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7-1, Alpha-5-1. Read you 5 by 5.»
Nov 16 20:39:53 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7-1, Eta-1-1. Read you 5 by 5.»
Nov 16 20:40:42 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7, Eta-1, Alhpa-1-1. Proceeding to enter. Follow behind.»
Nov 16 20:40:50 <Sax|GMs> Alpha-5 enters!
Nov 16 20:41:03 <Sax|GMs> MDef!Nov 16 20:41:20 <TesKin> 4df+4
Nov 16 20:41:21 <Glacon> TesKin: 2 (4df+4=+, -, -, -)
Nov 16 20:41:22 <Jabonicus> 4df+2 (Mdef)
Nov 16 20:41:23 <Glacon> Jabonicus: (Mdef): 4 (4df+2=+, +, 0, 0)
Nov 16 20:41:26 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 Close your eyes!
Nov 16 20:41:26 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: Close your eyes!: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
Nov 16 20:41:38 <Optimal> 4df+2 MDef
Nov 16 20:41:38 <Glacon> Optimal: MDef: -1 (4df+2=-, -, 0, -)
Nov 16 20:42:01 <Daedalus> 4df+4 (+5 if magic based)
Nov 16 20:42:01 <Glacon> Daedalus: (+5 if magic based): 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
Nov 16 20:42:25 <Sax|GMs> 4df+1 Too many layers of steel and concrete
Nov 16 20:42:26 <Glacon> Sax|GMs: Too many layers of steel and concrete: -2 (4df+1=-, -, 0, -)
Nov 16 20:42:50 <Sax|GMs> You guys feel nothing.
Nov 16 20:42:58 <Sax|GMs> And neither does the other squads.
Nov 16 20:43:15 <Sax|GMs> You all reach a central hub point.
Nov 16 20:43:27 <Sax|GMs> Some desks are overturned, and there are papers strewn all over the place.
Nov 16 20:43:40 <TeslaTornado> Gavran nods, and follows the rest of his team following the rest of the other teams. Once they reach the hub, he will gather several of the papers and analyze them.
Nov 16 20:43:57 <Sax|GMs> Perception!
Nov 16 20:44:03 <TesKin> "Someone check the papers. Bag them for later."
Nov 16 20:44:07 <TesKin> 4df+3 Fak
Nov 16 20:44:08 <Glacon> TesKin: Fak: 4 (4df+3=0, +, +, -)
Nov 16 20:44:09 <Optimal> 4df+3 Douglass Perception
Nov 16 20:44:10 <Glacon> Optimal: Douglass Perception: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
Nov 16 20:44:14 <Daedalus> Hermann does as well, and he takes pictures of the structure.
Nov 16 20:44:29 <Jabonicus> 4df+3 (Perception)
Nov 16 20:44:29 <Glacon> Jabonicus: (Perception): 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
Nov 16 20:44:41 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (PERC) ENHAAAANCE
Nov 16 20:44:41 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PERC) ENHAAAANCE: 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
Nov 16 20:44:49 <Daedalus> 4df+2 old man eyes
Nov 16 20:44:49 <Glacon> Daedalus: old man eyes: 2 (4df+2=+, 0, 0, -)
Nov 16 20:45:52 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7, Alpha-5. We are proceeding northwards into Sector 2. Eta-1 is proceeding into Sector 1. Take Sector 3.»
Nov 16 20:46:21 <Sax|GMs> 1d7
Nov 16 20:46:21 <Glacon> Sax|GMs: 2 (1d7=2)
Nov 16 20:46:31 <Sax|GMs> Branko, you notice something shiny!
Nov 16 20:46:40 <TeslaTornado> «Alpha-5, Psi-7 confirms. Maintain radio contact.»
Nov 16 20:47:02 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7, Alpha-5. Roger wilco.»
Nov 16 20:47:03 <TesKin> Branko goes to the shiny thing. "Got something over here."
Nov 16 20:47:09 <Sax|GMs> It is a set of keys!
Nov 16 20:47:15 <Sax|GMs> Looks like full set!
Nov 16 20:47:22 <Optimal> Douglass whips around to look at the shiny thing.
Nov 16 20:47:24 <TesKin> He takes them. "Looks like a full set of keys."
Nov 16 20:47:35 <Sax|GMs> And they are labelled, too!
Nov 16 20:47:46 <TesKin> Branko looks at the labels!
Nov 16 20:48:02 <Jabonicus> Carver looks over at Branko. "That sure seems useful."
Nov 16 20:48:06 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (Academics) Gavran reads the papers.
Nov 16 20:48:07 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Academics) Gavran reads the papers.: 7 (4df+5=0, +, 0, +)
Nov 16 20:48:35 <Sax|GMs> Gavran, these papers are about reproduction through mucus-bases spores.
Nov 16 20:49:23 <Sax|GMs> The lights leading into Sector 3 are off.
Nov 16 20:49:39 <TeslaTornado> "Mucus-based spore reproduction… Hm." Gavran radios the other team.
Nov 16 20:50:10 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7, Alpha-5. What do you got?»
Nov 16 20:50:17 <TeslaTornado> «Psi-7-1 to all teams, be advised - documentation in the lobby displays mucus-based spore research. Maintain suit integrity at all costs.»
Nov 16 20:50:44 <Daedalus> "Spores. Wunderbar. An airborn pathogen."
Nov 16 20:51:00 <Jabonicus> "Damn. No fresh air for us any time soon."
Nov 16 20:51:08 <TesKin> Branko clicks his light on, heading towards the entrance of Sector 3.
Nov 16 20:51:28 <Sax|GMs> The lights come on!
Nov 16 20:51:34 <TeslaTornado> "Yup," Gavran sighs, and sets up one of his survey stations in the lobby. This one measures air purity levels and collects samples of airborne particulate!
Nov 16 20:51:59 <Sax|GMs> Branko, agility!
Nov 16 20:52:18 * thedeadlymoose has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 33.1/20141106120505])
Nov 16 20:52:44 <TesKin> 4df+3 (AGI) Why did I go first?
Nov 16 20:52:44 <Glacon> TesKin: (AGI) Why did I go first?: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
Nov 16 20:52:52 <Sax|GMs> 4df+3 Falling something
Nov 16 20:52:53 <Glacon> Sax|GMs: Falling something: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
Nov 16 20:53:01 <TesKin> Success!
Nov 16 20:53:04 <Sax|GMs> Branko, you detect something falling from above you!
Nov 16 20:53:07 * LemurLord (~ten.nozirev.soif.jnndmc.2464ECA-CRInys|droLrumeL#ten.nozirev.soif.jnndmc.2464ECA-CRInys|droLrumeL) has joined
Nov 16 20:53:13 <Sax|GMs> You are able to move out of the way successfully!
Nov 16 20:53:39 <TesKin> "Yebat!" Branko looks at the thing he dodged.
Nov 16 20:53:49 <Daedalus> Would the rest of us be able to hear it hit the ground?
Nov 16 20:53:54 <Sax|GMs> Most definitely.
Nov 16 20:54:00 <Optimal> Douglass turns to face Branko, who has dodged a possibly communist thing.
Nov 16 20:54:02 <Jabonicus> Carver, unassumingly hearing something fall, looks towards Branko to see what happened.
Nov 16 20:54:02 <Sax|GMs> You will hear a soft smush and some bones breaking.
Nov 16 20:54:14 <Sax|GMs> It is a soldier's body.
Nov 16 20:54:31 <Daedalus> Hermann turns about, looking to Branko, "What was that?" he calls out.
Nov 16 20:54:53 <Optimal> Doug readies his flamethrower.
Nov 16 20:54:55 <Sax|GMs> His eyes appear to have been torn out.
Nov 16 20:55:04 <TeslaTornado> "Jesus-" Gavran bolts upright on hearing the noise, having just finished setting up his kit. He looks to Branko as well, raising his Walther. "Agent Silvinski, are you okay?"
Nov 16 20:55:18 <Sax|GMs> Self-inflicted injuries, since whatever's left of his former globes are smeared in his fingernails.
Nov 16 20:55:32 <Jabonicus> Carver, upon seeing the body, jogs over.
Nov 16 20:55:37 <TesKin> Branko nods. "Da. He on the other hand, is not."
Nov 16 20:56:01 <Sax|GMs> Perception!
Nov 16 20:56:04 <TesKin> He steps back from the body. "Something on his fingernails."
Nov 16 20:56:06 <TesKin> 4df+3
Nov 16 20:56:06 <Glacon> TesKin: 5 (4df+3=+, +, 0, 0)
Nov 16 20:56:12 <Optimal> 4df+2 ATTENTION
Nov 16 20:56:12 <Glacon> Optimal: ATTENTION: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, +, -)
Nov 16 20:56:19 <Daedalus> Hermann heads over and, upon seeing the body, crouches over it.
Nov 16 20:56:28 <Daedalus> "Mein Gott…"
Nov 16 20:56:40 <Jabonicus> 4df+3 (percep)
Nov 16 20:56:40 <Glacon> Jabonicus: (percep): 5 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, +)
Nov 16 20:56:48 <Daedalus> 4df+2
Nov 16 20:56:49 <Sax|GMs> Branko, that's his eyeballs smeared on his fingernails.
Nov 16 20:56:49 <Glacon> Daedalus: 2 (4df+2=0, +, 0, -)
Nov 16 20:56:53 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (Perception) Oh man.
Nov 16 20:56:53 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Oh man.: 8 (4df+5=+, +, +, 0)
Nov 16 20:57:07 <Sax|GMs> 4df+4 Sneakiness
Nov 16 20:57:08 <Glacon> Sax|GMs: Sneakiness: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
Nov 16 20:57:20 <Sax|GMs> All of you can detect motion coming from Sector 3.
Nov 16 20:57:29 <Sax|GMs> A man peers his head out!
Nov 16 20:57:47 <Optimal> Douglass turns and points the flamethrower in his direction.
Nov 16 20:57:49 <TeslaTornado> Gavran looks down the hall after the motion. "You there! Step out with your hands above your head! We are armed!"
Nov 16 20:58:05 <Daedalus> Hermann looks up and readies his Walther.
Nov 16 20:58:22 <TesKin> Branko swiftly draws his Colt and cocks the hammer. "Out. Now."
Nov 16 20:58:29 <Sax|GMs> "Those damned pupils!" He looks obviously deranged!
Nov 16 20:58:39 <Sax|GMs> Who is closest to the entrance of Sector 3?
Nov 16 20:58:43 <TesKin> Branko.
Nov 16 20:58:49 <Jabonicus> Carver looks up at the man, unsure of what to do. Carver is close to Branko.
Nov 16 20:58:55 <Optimal> Doug is near Branko.
Nov 16 20:58:57 <TeslaTornado> Into the radio: «Alpha-5, Eta-1, Psi-7 reporting. Human or humanoid entity detected in sector three along with one casualty.»
Nov 16 20:59:08 <TeslaTornado> «Will report. Wait one.»
Nov 16 20:59:30 <Sax|GMs> The man rushes forward, with a scalpel in hand!
Nov 16 20:59:44 <TesKin> 4df+7 (Ranged + CQT) Head shot?
Nov 16 20:59:44 <Glacon> TesKin: (Ranged + CQT) Head shot?: 7 (4df+7=-, 0, 0, +)
Nov 16 20:59:47 <Jabonicus> "He has a sharp weapon! Keep him away from your suits!"
Nov 16 21:00:10 <Daedalus> 4df+4 (ranged)
Nov 16 21:00:10 <Glacon> Daedalus: (ranged): 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
Nov 16 21:00:34 <TeslaTornado> Gavran holds his fire. "Wait, god dammi - oh, hell."
Nov 16 21:00:51 <Sax|GMs> 4df+4 Possessed of a madman's rage
Nov 16 21:00:52 <Glacon> Sax|GMs: Possessed of a madman's rage: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
Nov 16 21:00:58 <Jabonicus> Carver puts his flamethrower down, it would do more harm than good.
Nov 16 21:01:31 <Optimal> Doug still holds his up! But doesn't shoot.
Nov 16 21:01:37 <Sax|GMs> Branko, you manage to get him in the throat.
Nov 16 21:01:48 <TesKin> It kill him?
Nov 16 21:01:58 <Sax|GMs> The force of the shot causes him to literally spin around as he tumbles down.
Nov 16 21:02:11 <Sax|GMs> And he twitches for a few moments, before his body ceases to move.
Nov 16 21:02:24 <Daedalus> "Someone restrain it!" Hermann shouts, "It could still be alive."
Nov 16 21:02:31 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7, Alpha-5. All is well?»
Nov 16 21:02:35 <TeslaTornado> Gavran watches, then tosses his gun to the ground. "God dammit!"
Nov 16 21:02:37 <Optimal> Douglass blasts with the flamethrower.
Nov 16 21:02:39 <Jabonicus> Carver jogs over, trying to grab the scalpel away just in case he is still alive.
Nov 16 21:02:50 <TesKin> Branko cocks his Colt again, keeping the weapon trained on his head. He keys his raido, «Da.»
Nov 16 21:02:50 <Sax|GMs> Douglass, MDef
Nov 16 21:03:05 <Optimal> 4df+2 "Burn fucker!"
Nov 16 21:03:05 <Glacon> Optimal: "Burn fucker!": 4 (4df+2=+, 0, +, 0)
Nov 16 21:03:07 <TeslaTornado> Into the radio: «Alpha-5, Psi-7. Met with potential resistance from - wait one.» They can potentially hear the hiss of the flamethrower.
Nov 16 21:03:42 <Jabonicus> …Nevermind Carver's action, instead he just fucking jumps away from the fire. "Jesus Douglass!"
Nov 16 21:03:50 <Optimal> (He burned the body that engaged, not anyone else.)
Nov 16 21:03:59 <Sax|GMs> (Was that an MDef roll?)
Nov 16 21:04:14 <Daedalus> Hermann stands back and watches his teammates.
Nov 16 21:04:24 <Optimal> (Was an MDef Roll Sax.)
Nov 16 21:04:33 <TeslaTornado> Gavran looks at Hermann. There's a lot of chagrin and a lot of embarrassment there.
Nov 16 21:04:48 <Sax|GMs> 4df+6 A lot more irresistible now
Nov 16 21:04:49 <Glacon> Sax|GMs: A lot more irresistible now: 4 (4df+6=-, -, -, +)
Nov 16 21:05:04 <Sax|GMs> Douglass, you feel as if something is watching you from inside Sector 3.
Nov 16 21:05:13 <TeslaTornado> He lifts the radio receiver again. «… Alpha-5, Psi-7. We had one potential survivor, deranged. Came at us with a scalpel. Was engaged with excessive force, and burned to death.»
Nov 16 21:05:45 <TeslaTornado> «Triage will no longer be necessary. If you find any others, use non-lethal methods.»
Nov 16 21:05:53 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7, Alpha-5. Roger that - we have located live causalties ourselves.»
Nov 16 21:05:53 <Optimal> Douglass stops burning and straightens himself. He starts to look around the room.
Nov 16 21:05:57 <Daedalus> Hermann goes back over to the body that /isn't/ burned and looks over it once more.
Nov 16 21:06:11 <Sax|GMs> Hermann, you see an eye looking back at you.
Nov 16 21:06:14 <Sax|GMs> From the guy's chest.
Nov 16 21:06:16 <TesKin> Branko keeps his gun on it. "Carful Doctor."
Nov 16 21:06:17 <Sax|GMs> MDef!
Nov 16 21:06:28 <TesKin> 4df+3
Nov 16 21:06:28 <Glacon> TesKin: 2 (4df+3=+, -, 0, -)
Nov 16 21:06:36 <Sax|GMs> (Hermann only)
Nov 16 21:06:37 <Jabonicus> Carver just stares at the burned/burning body.
Nov 16 21:06:43 <Daedalus> 4df+4 (+5 if magic based)
Nov 16 21:06:43 <Glacon> Daedalus: (+5 if magic based): 3 (4df+4=0, -, -, +)
Nov 16 21:06:45 <TeslaTornado> Gavran also inspects the unburned body, taking a cotton swab from his pack and a scalpel and obtaining blood and tissue samples.
Nov 16 21:06:54 <Sax|GMs> Gavran, you also see the eye.
Nov 16 21:06:59 <TeslaTornado> As well as swabs from the mouth and a few sweeps over the skin.
Nov 16 21:07:00 <Sax|GMs> It's looking straight at you.
Nov 16 21:07:01 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (MDEF)
Nov 16 21:07:01 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDEF): 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
Nov 16 21:07:07 <Sax|GMs> 4df+6
Nov 16 21:07:07 <Glacon> Sax|GMs: 8 (4df+6=0, 0, +, +)
Nov 16 21:07:27 <Sax|GMs> You are both filled with the insatiable desire to DESTROY it.
Nov 16 21:08:05 <TeslaTornado> Gavran stops and puts down his samples. He looks to Douglass. "Agent Ibel, burn this corpse."
Nov 16 21:08:36 <Daedalus> Hermann takes a scapel from out of his pack and attempts to stab the eye repeatedly, albeit silently.
Nov 16 21:08:53 <Sax|GMs> The eye is stabbed!
Nov 16 21:08:55 <Sax|GMs> And it explodes!
Nov 16 21:09:14 <TesKin> "What?"
Nov 16 21:09:16 <Sax|GMs> Both you and Gavran are showered in mucus!
Nov 16 21:09:16 <TesKin> "You just sai-"
Nov 16 21:09:45 <TesKin> Branko stumbles back, raising his Colt. "Shit shit shit!"
Nov 16 21:09:56 <TeslaTornado> Gavran is showered. He immediately reels backward, scooting across the floor on all fours.
Nov 16 21:10:03 <TeslaTornado> "Oh no oh dear oh my."
Nov 16 21:10:15 <Optimal> Douglass burns the corpse!
Nov 16 21:10:16 <Sax|GMs> At least you guys are suited up!
Nov 16 21:10:17 <Daedalus> Hermann looks a bit confused and falls on his rear, "I did not… what…?" He tries to wipe the mucus off.
Nov 16 21:10:27 <Sax|GMs> The mucus wipes off easily!
Nov 16 21:10:32 <Jabonicus> Carver looks over at the screaming, immediately running over! "What happened?"
Nov 16 21:10:32 <TesKin> "Both of you, over there, against that wall. Please."
Nov 16 21:10:33 <Daedalus> He scrambles away.
Nov 16 21:10:51 <Sax|GMs> «Alpha-5, Eta-1! We've run into trouble here!»
Nov 16 21:11:12 <TeslaTornado> Gavran goes to retrieve his samples, placing them on his surveying station.
Nov 16 21:11:21 <Sax|GMs> You can all hear gunshots coming from where Sector 1 is.
Nov 16 21:11:28 * UraniumEmpire (~PI.866C9D38.82BC53A6.289BC36|1labmug#PI.866C9D38.82BC53A6.289BC36|1labmug) has joined
Nov 16 21:11:45 <TesKin> Branko keys his raido. «Any wounded?»
Nov 16 21:11:51 <TeslaTornado> In a quavering voice as he backs towards the wall: «Eta-1, Alpha-5, Psi-7. We've also encountered a problem. Eta-1, retreat to the central atrium immediately.»
Nov 16 21:11:52 * gumbal1 has quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by UraniumEmpire))
Nov 16 21:12:02 * UraniumEmpire is now known as gumbal1
Nov 16 21:12:39 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7, Eta-1, Alpha-5-1. All teams regroup at central atrium.»
Nov 16 21:12:47 <TesKin> "Hermann. Against the wall. Now."
Nov 16 21:13:00 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7, Eta-1. We've got two wounded guys!»
Nov 16 21:13:14 <Daedalus> Hermann scrambles to his feet and goes against the wall.
Nov 16 21:13:21 <TeslaTornado> «Eta-1, Psi-7. We will move to assist in triage.»
Nov 16 21:13:31 <Sax|GMs> Hermann, the mucus is drying up on your suit, into a fine dust.
Nov 16 21:13:36 <TesKin> "Either of you feel strange?"
Nov 16 21:13:38 <TeslaTornado> Gavran sits against the wall, looks to Hermann. "Eta-1 has wounded. How's our suit integrity?"
Nov 16 21:13:38 <Sax|GMs> Same with you, Gavran.
Nov 16 21:14:01 <TesKin> "Like something is growing inside you?"
Nov 16 21:14:11 <TeslaTornado> "I don't feel strange. Suit doesn't appear to be compromised, I'm not bleeding oxygen. No skin contact." Gavran cautiously sweeps some of the dust into a vial.
Nov 16 21:14:29 <Daedalus> "I feel fine." Hermann responds, a bit annoyed.
Nov 16 21:14:35 <TeslaTornado> "If you're asking whether I feel as though I'm about to give birth to a snot-beast, no, I don't, agent Silvinski."
Nov 16 21:14:44 <TeslaTornado> "We need to get Eta-1. Now."
Nov 16 21:14:47 <TesKin> Branko nods. "Da."
Nov 16 21:14:51 * Optimal has quit (Quit: People don't think Optimal be the way he is, but he do.)
Nov 16 21:15:05 <Sax|GMs> Perception!
Nov 16 21:15:13 <TesKin> «Psi-7 inbound, move wounded to a secure location.»
Nov 16 21:15:14 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (PERC) Whyyyy
Nov 16 21:15:15 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PERC) Whyyyy: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, -, +)
Nov 16 21:15:18 <TesKin> 4df+3 Why
Nov 16 21:15:19 <Glacon> TesKin: Why: -1 (4df+3=-, -, -, -)
Nov 16 21:15:44 <Sax|GMs> Branko, you trip over a chair.
Nov 16 21:15:56 <TesKin> Figures.
Nov 16 21:16:02 <Sax|GMs> -0.5 to health, -10 to pride
Nov 16 21:16:20 <Daedalus> 4df+2
Nov 16 21:16:20 <Glacon> Daedalus: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, +, 0)
Nov 16 21:16:23 <TesKin> Branko quickly gets back to his feet. He'll worry about the wounded pride later.
Nov 16 21:16:59 <Jabonicus> …Poof! Carver is like, there.
Nov 16 21:17:05 <Sax|GMs> Gavran, there's a little girl, wearing a hospital gown,.
Nov 16 21:17:21 <Sax|GMs> She's clearly running out of Sector 3, but not looking deranged.
Nov 16 21:17:36 <TeslaTornado> "Ffffucking-" Gavran looks at the little girl. "Everyone hold position, lower your weapons."
Nov 16 21:17:45 <Sax|GMs> There's at least five guys chasing her.
Nov 16 21:17:52 <TeslaTornado> "Small child coming out of Sector Three."
Nov 16 21:17:59 <Sax|GMs> All armed with various pointy or sharp implements!
Nov 16 21:18:14 <TesKin> Everyone see this or just Gavran?
Nov 16 21:18:21 <Sax|GMs> Everyone.
Nov 16 21:18:30 <TeslaTornado> "Five in pursuit. Carver," Gavran says, tapping him on the shoulder, "Let off a burst from the flamethrower. Warning shot."
Nov 16 21:18:31 <Sax|GMs> IT's really hard to miss seeing a bunc hof people running down the hall.
Nov 16 21:19:08 <TesKin> Branko raises his revolver, aiming at the head of the closest rood dude. "If they don't stop, open fire."
Nov 16 21:19:12 <Jabonicus> Carver does so, giving off a burst from the flamethrower. "
Nov 16 21:19:14 <TesKin> "Avoid hitting the child."
Nov 16 21:19:17 <Daedalus> Hermann raises his weapon, "Are we going to stop them?"
Nov 16 21:19:23 <Sax|GMs> Sudden change.
Nov 16 21:19:27 <Jabonicus> Carver is really debating running to grab the child, how young does she look?
Nov 16 21:19:33 <TeslaTornado> «Eta-1, Psi-7-1. We've run into a situation. Hold your position. Alpha-5, Psi-7-1. Extract Eta-1 immediately.»
Nov 16 21:19:41 <Sax|GMs> Gavran and Hermann, they're now running at you two!
Nov 16 21:19:55 <Sax|GMs> Also, there are some sort of blisters forming on your suits.
Nov 16 21:20:11 <TesKin> Can the rest of the squad see that?
Nov 16 21:20:12 <TeslaTornado> «If necessary, we will proceed with the mission alone.» Gavran looks at Carver. "Fucking let off a burst, man!"
Nov 16 21:20:20 <TeslaTornado> "We haven't got all bloody day!"
Nov 16 21:20:22 <Jabonicus> "I did!"
Nov 16 21:20:26 * GraemeCracker (~ac.supmacten.sermis.61AE0804-CRInys|arCemearG#ac.supmacten.sermis.61AE0804-CRInys|arCemearG) has joined
Nov 16 21:20:29 <Sax|GMs> They're not dissuaded!
Nov 16 21:20:40 <TesKin> Branko opens fire.
Nov 16 21:20:40 <Sax|GMs> Yes, the rest of the squad can see this!
Nov 16 21:20:42 <TeslaTornado> "God dammit, open fire then!"
Nov 16 21:20:45 <Daedalus> Hermann backs up a bit, "Shoot them now!"
Nov 16 21:20:50 <TesKin> 4df+7 (Ranged + CQT)
Nov 16 21:20:50 <Glacon> TesKin: (Ranged + CQT): 7 (4df+7=+, -, 0, 0)
Nov 16 21:21:01 <TeslaTornado> 4df+2 (Ranged) Gavran fires at the guys with sharp things.
Nov 16 21:21:02 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ranged) Gavran fires at the guys with sharp things.: 2 (4df+2=+, +, -, -)
Nov 16 21:21:11 <Jabonicus> How is the girl fairing?
Nov 16 21:21:19 <Sax|GMs> She collapses to the ground in exhaustion.
Nov 16 21:21:26 * GraemeCracker is now known as Guest5620
Nov 16 21:21:35 <Sax|GMs> 4df+3 They're injured, but they keep coming
Nov 16 21:21:36 <Glacon> Sax|GMs: They're injured, but they keep coming: 4 (4df+3=0, +, -, +)
Nov 16 21:21:37 <Daedalus> 4df+4 firing
Nov 16 21:21:37 <Glacon> Daedalus: firing: 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
Nov 16 21:21:49 <Sax|GMs> Hermann and Gavran, your shots run wild.
Nov 16 21:22:02 <Jabonicus> How close is she?
Nov 16 21:22:09 <Sax|GMs> Branko, you bag two of them, their heads popping over like raw watermelon.
Nov 16 21:22:16 <TesKin> 4df+7 (Ranged + CQT) MORE SHOOTY SHOOTY GUN GUN
Nov 16 21:22:16 <Glacon> TesKin: (Ranged + CQT) MORE SHOOTY SHOOTY GUN GUN: 5 (4df+7=-, -, 0, 0)
Nov 16 21:22:29 <Sax|GMs> Carver, she's about a meter from you.
Nov 16 21:23:04 <Jabonicus> Carver then puts his flamethrower down and goes to grab the girl. He intends on putting her behind all the guys with guns.
Nov 16 21:23:08 <Jabonicus> Strength roll?
Nov 16 21:23:10 <Sax|GMs> You get two more, but the last guy manages to make contact with Hermann.
Nov 16 21:23:15 <Sax|GMs> No roll needed, Jabonicus
Nov 16 21:23:25 <Sax|GMs> 4df+3 Slashy-slash-slash
Nov 16 21:23:25 <Glacon> Sax|GMs: Slashy-slash-slash: 5 (4df+3=0, +, 0, +)
Nov 16 21:23:32 <Sax|GMs> Hermann, Agi or PDef
Nov 16 21:23:43 <TeslaTornado> 4df+3 (STR) Gavran hurls himself against the guy attacking Hermann.
Nov 16 21:23:43 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (STR) Gavran hurls himself against the guy attacking Hermann.: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
Nov 16 21:23:52 <Sax|GMs> Gavran, you fall short.
Nov 16 21:24:02 <Jabonicus> Then Carver promptly grabs the girl and makes a dash behind the team.
Nov 16 21:24:10 <Daedalus> 4df+4 (pdef) "Herr Carver! What the hell are you-" He's cut off as the man attacks him.
Nov 16 21:24:10 <Glacon> Daedalus: (pdef) "Herr Carver! What the hell are you-" He's cut off as the man attacks him.: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
Nov 16 21:24:16 * Guest5620 is now known as GraemeCracker
Nov 16 21:24:41 * Procyonlotor is now known as ProcyonLotor
Nov 16 21:24:43 <Sax|GMs> You manage to avoid getting shanked just in time!
Nov 16 21:25:01 <Sax|GMs> MDef, Hermann! Take -2
Nov 16 21:25:26 <TeslaTornado> "Branko! Restrain this man!" Gavran attempts to recover from his flop.
Nov 16 21:25:39 <Daedalus> 4df+2 (+5 if magic based)
Nov 16 21:25:39 <Glacon> Daedalus: (+5 if magic based): 1 (4df+2=-, -, +, 0)
Nov 16 21:26:00 <Sax|GMs> 4df+6 There are multiple eyes growing form his body, and they're all staring at you
Nov 16 21:26:01 <Glacon> Sax|GMs: There are multiple eyes growing form his body, and they're all staring at you: 8 (4df+6=0, +, +, 0)
Nov 16 21:26:23 <Sax|GMs> Hermann, you are instantly filled with rage to destroy every eye.
Nov 16 21:26:28 <TesKin> Branko grabs the dude on Hermann.
Nov 16 21:26:32 <Jabonicus> Carver, assuming the eyes aren't good, takes the girl even further back. No need to get a civilian infected with this.
Nov 16 21:26:37 <TesKin> 4df+6 (STR) MIGHTY THROW!
Nov 16 21:26:37 <Glacon> TesKin: (STR) MIGHTY THROW!: 7 (4df+6=0, +, -, +)
Nov 16 21:26:51 <Sax|GMs> The dude is thrown!
Nov 16 21:27:17 <TesKin> Branko proceds to GO TO TOWN ON HIS FACE WITH HIS MEATY FISTS!
Nov 16 21:27:19 <Daedalus> Hermann chases after the thrown dude with his scapel, intending to stab all the eyes out.
Nov 16 21:27:29 <TeslaTornado> Gavran grabs hold of Hermann!
Nov 16 21:27:29 <TesKin> 4df+7 (Melee + CQT)
Nov 16 21:27:29 <Glacon> TesKin: (Melee + CQT): 5 (4df+7=-, -, 0, 0)
Nov 16 21:27:41 <TeslaTornado> 4df+3 (STR) NOT SO MIGHTY GRAB
Nov 16 21:27:42 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (STR) NOT SO MIGHTY GRAB: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
Nov 16 21:28:02 <Sax|GMs> Hermann, you get +4 to STR with anything regarding eyes
Nov 16 21:29:07 <Daedalus> 4df+4 "[Let go! I need to stab the eyes!]" he shouts in German.
Nov 16 21:29:08 <Glacon> Daedalus: "[Let go! I need to stab the eyes!]" he shouts in German.: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Nov 16 21:29:32 <Sax|GMs> Hermann, you manage to free yourself from Gavran, and make it to stabbing distance!
Nov 16 21:30:15 <Daedalus> Hermann stabs the many eyes! Like popping bubble wrap!
Nov 16 21:30:22 <Jabonicus> So, how is the girl Carver is holding fairing? It would /really/ suck if she was infected or something.
Nov 16 21:30:26 <Sax|GMs> They all explode!
Nov 16 21:30:33 <Sax|GMs> She's holding up fine! And looks normal, too!
Nov 16 21:30:39 <Sax|GMs> However, she cannot look any older than 6!
Nov 16 21:30:43 <TesKin> Branko was doing some punching as well.
Nov 16 21:31:22 <Sax|GMs> You are showered in even more mucus.
Nov 16 21:31:35 <TeslaTornado> Gavran is presumably splattered by yet more mucus.
Nov 16 21:31:37 <Sax|GMs> Branko, you may notice blisters growing on Gavran and Hermann.
Nov 16 21:31:40 <Jabonicus> Carver thinks to himself, 'There's a girl mixed up in all of this?' But doesn't say anything. He probably doesn't look anything short of Mr. Bubbles either. Too bad she's not a little sister.
Nov 16 21:31:44 <Daedalus> He keeps stabbing through the mucus spray.
Nov 16 21:31:52 <TeslaTornado> "God dammit all, Hermann! Stand down!"
Nov 16 21:32:08 <Sax|GMs> Hermann, the eyes are stabbed to nothing.
Nov 16 21:32:24 <TesKin> Branko stops doing his punching stuff and grabs Hermann.
Nov 16 21:32:32 <TesKin> 4df+6 (STR) Grip!
Nov 16 21:32:32 <Glacon> TesKin: (STR) Grip!: 7 (4df+6=-, +, 0, +)
Nov 16 21:32:54 * GraemeCracker is now known as Graemeats
Nov 16 21:33:16 <Sax|GMs> She looks up at you, Carver.
Nov 16 21:33:34 <Sax|GMs> "… you don't look like them… you're not going to send me back in there?"
Nov 16 21:33:37 <TeslaTornado> Gavran shakes the mucus off his suit, noting the blister growths now, and gets on the radio again. «Eta-1, Alpha-5, Psi-7-1. Status reports?»
Nov 16 21:34:08 <TesKin> "Gavran, Hermann, what do you want to do about the blisters?"
Nov 16 21:34:10 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7-1, Alpha-5. Reinforcement perimeter established around atrium. Eta-1 evacuated.»
Nov 16 21:34:18 <Jabonicus> "Look like who?" Carver replies. Not many people look like they're about to go scuba diving at Chernobyl.
Nov 16 21:34:43 <Sax|GMs> Gavran, Hermann, you cannot feel them penetrating into your suit, which is probably a bonus.
Nov 16 21:35:08 <TeslaTornado> «Alpha-5, clarify. Through the main atrium or an ancillary exit?» To Branko: "They haven't penetrated the suit. Once we're out we'll have the suits cut off and placed in quarantine."
Nov 16 21:35:26 <TesKin> Branko nods.
Nov 16 21:35:31 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7, Alpha-5. Main atrium is reinforced.»
Nov 16 21:35:49 <Sax|GMs> «A lot of hostile activity - something appears to have affected the former staff of this facility.»
Nov 16 21:36:02 <Sax|GMs> «Also, growths are appearing on the wounded of Eta-1.»
Nov 16 21:36:11 <Jabonicus> "The girls fine, not infected." Carver calls to the others, quite a distance away actually.
Nov 16 21:36:28 <TeslaTornado> «Affirmative. We noticed that. We have one unaffected in our presence. Female, approximately five to ten years of age.»
Nov 16 21:36:44 <TeslaTornado> «Quarantine the affected Eta-1 agents. We'll finish our sweep and exit.»
Nov 16 21:37:05 <Jabonicus> "How old are you?" He asks the girl.
Nov 16 21:37:11 <Sax|GMs> «Agents have been quarantined, and infective agents have been isolated.»
Nov 16 21:37:27 <Sax|GMs> «Alpha-5-3 found some documentation related to what we're facing.»
Nov 16 21:37:49 <TeslaTornado> «Affirmative, we have documentation as well.»
Nov 16 21:38:02 <Sax|GMs> "Hmm…" she thinks, and then it rings. "I am about 7 years old…"
Nov 16 21:38:36 <Jabonicus> "Hey, she's seven." Carver calls out again.
Nov 16 21:38:55 <Sax|GMs> She looks at Gavran and Hermann, and instantly hides behind Carver.
Nov 16 21:39:16 <TesKin> Branko nods. "Spasibo. Should we call for extraction for her?"
Nov 16 21:39:35 <TeslaTornado> Gavran inclines his head at Branko. "Call it in, she's reacting poorly to the suits. I don't dare take the thing off or we'll end up like the staff."
Nov 16 21:39:59 <Jabonicus> Carver is probably the only one not covered in mucus, if I'm not mistaken.
Nov 16 21:40:24 <Sax|GMs> Carver is not covered.
Nov 16 21:40:28 <Sax|GMs> Neither is Branko.
Nov 16 21:40:42 <Daedalus> Hermann takes a moment to rest his arm and catch his breath.
Nov 16 21:40:44 <TesKin> Branko nods and keys his raido. «Need extraction for one uninfected subject. 7 year old girl.»
Nov 16 21:41:23 <TeslaTornado> Gavran removes the scalpel from Hermann's hand and places it in a long sample tube, then checks his scientific station.
Nov 16 21:41:31 <TeslaTornado> 4df+11 (SCI + FMB) Any sign of airborne mold spores?
Nov 16 21:41:31 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (SCI + FMB) Any sign of airborne mold spores?: 13 (4df+11=+, +, -, +)
Nov 16 21:41:37 <Jabonicus> Carver looks at the girl again. "What's your name? I'm Carver." He tries to act friendly, he does not want to scare this girl off.
Nov 16 21:41:43 <Sax|GMs> There are no airborne spores!
Nov 16 21:41:59 * ProcyonLotor is now known as ProcyonBRB
Nov 16 21:42:04 <Sax|GMs> "Joyce…"
Nov 16 21:42:11 <Sax|GMs> She's obviously scared out of her mind.
Nov 16 21:42:16 <TeslaTornado> "Not an airborne pathogen. Don't unseal yet, though."
Nov 16 21:42:37 <TesKin> Branko nods, going over to Carver and the child. He crouches near them.
Nov 16 21:43:12 <Jabonicus> He crouches down and faces her. "What are you doing here? It's not very safe." He's using a very calm voice, a bit quiet too.
Nov 16 21:43:34 <Sax|GMs> "… they said they would feed me and give me somewhere to stay…"
Nov 16 21:44:02 <Sax|GMs> Carver, a horror dawns upon you - they may have been using human test subjects.
Nov 16 21:44:05 <TeslaTornado> Gavran cautiously inspects Sector 3 after checking his science station and storing his other samples.
Nov 16 21:44:35 <Sax|GMs> Gavran, perception
Nov 16 21:44:49 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (PERC)
Nov 16 21:44:49 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PERC): 6 (4df+5=-, +, +, 0)
Nov 16 21:44:51 <Jabonicus> Carver, upon realizing this, goes quiet. He gets a few flashbacks, but shakes his head. "We'll keep you safe. You need to trust me though, okay?"
Nov 16 21:45:42 <Jabonicus> He feels his stomach knot at the thought of human test subjects.
Nov 16 21:45:52 <TesKin> Branko nods. "Da. I am Branko by the way."
Nov 16 21:46:30 <Sax|GMs> Gavran, you may notice some of the rankings on the bodies.
Nov 16 21:46:35 <Sax|GMs> They're not soldiers - they're officers.
Nov 16 21:46:47 <Sax|GMs> Captains and majors.
Nov 16 21:47:19 <TeslaTornado> «Psi-7-1 here. The infected appear to have been officers. Inspection continues. Will report.» Gavran continues inspecting Sector 3.
Nov 16 21:48:44 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7-1, this is Command.» Adrian's voice. «Can you identify the deceased?»
Nov 16 21:49:40 <TeslaTornado> «Command, Psi-7-1. I'll do my best.» Gavran proceeds to attempt to ID the dead.
Nov 16 21:49:47 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (PERC) If necessary
Nov 16 21:49:47 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PERC) If necessary: 6 (4df+5=0, +, +, -)
Nov 16 21:50:39 <Sax|GMs> One of the majors is a Major Harknett.
Nov 16 21:50:45 <Sax|GMs> There is also some paperwork on his body.
Nov 16 21:51:51 <TeslaTornado> Gavran gathers up these documents. «Command, Psi-7-1. One of the bodies is a Major Harknett. Had a dossier on him.»
Nov 16 21:52:06 * Daedalus is now known as Daedalus|Familystuff
Nov 16 21:53:02 <Jabonicus> Carver turns to Branko. "You know why she's here, don't you?"
Nov 16 21:53:19 <Sax|GMs> «Roger that. Find any other pieces of paperwork, and egress.»
Nov 16 21:53:24 <Sax|GMs> «Incinerate the bodies.»
Nov 16 21:53:54 <TesKin> Branko nods. "Test subject, or ransom. Those are my two ideas."
Nov 16 21:53:56 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (PERC) Gavran sweeps for any other paperwork; checking the bodies, patient charts, everything safely and readily accessible
Nov 16 21:53:56 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PERC) Gavran sweeps for any other paperwork; checking the bodies, patient charts, everything safely and readily accessible: 6 (4df+5=-, +, 0, +)
Nov 16 21:54:46 <Sax|GMs> Quite a lot of paperwork, Gavran.
Nov 16 21:54:55 <Sax|GMs> And some of it looks rather important.
Nov 16 21:55:09 <Jabonicus> "Your first guess was right. Jesus Christ it's just wrong." Carver says.
Nov 16 21:55:12 <Sax|GMs> You also find a vial full of mucus.
Nov 16 21:55:13 <TeslaTornado> Gavran prepares all of it and files it away at his work station.
Nov 16 21:55:37 <TeslaTornado> He also appends the vial of mucus to the sample carrier in his mobile science station.
Nov 16 21:56:02 <TesKin> Branko nods and stands. "At least shes safe."
Nov 16 21:56:22 <TesKin> He reloads and checks his gear. "Everyone, check your weapons and suits."
Nov 16 21:56:31 <Jabonicus> Carver just shakes his head. Having various… Things injected into you is not fun.
Nov 16 21:56:58 * ProcyonBRB is now known as ProcyonLotor
Nov 16 21:56:58 * LemurLord has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Nov 16 21:57:33 <Jabonicus> Carver slightly turns, the suit probably prevents him from doing much more. "We leaving?"
Nov 16 21:58:11 <TesKin> "No word from command. We stay untill the place is clear."
Nov 16 21:58:41 <TesKin> "Or are told otherwise."
Nov 16 21:58:47 <TeslaTornado> Gavran looks up. He pulls out his receiver again. «Command, gathered up a great deal of documentation and a sample of the mucus that apparently serves as a transmission vector for the infection.»
Nov 16 21:59:12 <Sax|GMs> «Psi-7, Command. Roger that, Beta-3 and Gamma-7 are enroute to relieve you.»
Nov 16 21:59:21 <Sax|GMs> «Have any of you come into contact with the infective agent?»
Nov 16 21:59:27 <TeslaTornado> «Myself and Agent Austerlitz have several of the spore growths on our suits. Integrity not compromised.»
Nov 16 21:59:50 <TesKin> Branko looks at Carver. "Speak of the devil."
Nov 16 22:01:07 <Jabonicus> "We need to get this girl out of here, if we continue forward, she /will/ get infected."
Nov 16 22:01:09 <Sax|GMs> «Roger that. We have decon on-site.»
Nov 16 22:01:14 <Sax|GMs> «Bring the girl with you.»
Nov 16 22:01:23 <Sax|GMs> As ADrian cuts out, the two squads arrive!
Nov 16 22:01:30 <Sax|GMs> "Evening to both of you!"
Nov 16 22:01:32 <TesKin> «She will not be harmed, correct Command?»
Nov 16 22:01:39 <TesKin> Branko nods to the squads.
Nov 16 22:02:11 <TeslaTornado> "The relief team is on its way." Gavran looks to Branko, then to the relief teams. "Evening. Burn those bodies. If you see the eye-growths, resist the urge to destroy them as best you can. The mucus they secrete is the vector of transmission."
Nov 16 22:02:30 <Jabonicus> Carver turns to the girl again. "There is mucus on the ground, we can't see all of it. I'll need to carry you, alright?" He extends his hands to the girl.
Nov 16 22:02:46 <TeslaTornado> "And for the love of God, don't let your suit get breached. Keep your eyes out for any other infected and don't get cut."
Nov 16 22:03:01 <Sax|GMs> Pause in transmission. «No, she will not. However, there are other things that need to be buried.»
Nov 16 22:03:14 <Sax|GMs> THey nod to you, Gavran.
Nov 16 22:03:19 <TesKin> «I will not ask.»
Nov 16 22:03:33 <Sax|GMs> And set up another observation station.
Nov 16 22:03:48 <TesKin> "All hostiles have some type of bladed weaopon. Kill on sight."
Nov 16 22:04:01 <TesKin> He holsters his Colt and heads over to Gavran to help him pack.
Nov 16 22:04:08 <TeslaTornado> "Alright then. If you need anything else, radio Command, they'll be going through the documentation. Good luck, gentlemen - and ladies, potentially." Gavran locks down his observation station and slips it into the sealed pack, which he hefts back onto his back and carries out of the hospital.
Nov 16 22:04:23 <TesKin> Branko follows after him.
Nov 16 22:04:51 <Jabonicus> Carver picks the girl up, and carefully carries her, following Gavran and Branko.
Nov 16 22:05:07 <Sax|GMs> Outside, they direct you to the decon tents.
Nov 16 22:05:20 <Sax|GMs> Branko and Carver, you are cleared without a hitch!
Nov 16 22:05:54 <TesKin> Branko stops outside, waiting for Gavran and Hermann.
Nov 16 22:06:01 <TeslaTornado> Gavran follows what the decon teams tell him to do.
Nov 16 22:06:09 <Jabonicus> Carver waits too, assumingly with the girl still in hand.
Nov 16 22:06:33 <Sax|GMs> Gavran and Hermann.
Nov 16 22:06:42 <Sax|GMs> Both of you are even more thoroughly stripped down.
Nov 16 22:06:44 <Sax|GMs> And scrubbed.
Nov 16 22:06:51 <Sax|GMs> And blasted with soap and warm water.
Nov 16 22:07:02 <Jabonicus> Are they removed from their suits?
Nov 16 22:08:05 <Sax|GMs> Of course.
Nov 16 22:08:52 <Jabonicus> There goes Carver's 4 point persuasion bonus. The girl, assuming she's still with Carver can see his scarred face and arms.
Nov 16 22:09:20 <Sax|GMs> She's still more comfortable with him than with Gavran and Hermann, suit-form.
Nov 16 22:09:34 <Sax|GMs> Gavran and Hermann are finally ejected.
Nov 16 22:09:39 <Sax|GMs> And squeaky-clean.
Nov 16 22:10:02 <TeslaTornado> Gavran goes and looks for his clothes, which were left in the tent where they suited up. He's got a few scars on his visible skin and walks with a slight limp.
Nov 16 22:10:48 <Sax|GMs> "All of you." Adrian. "Follow me."
Nov 16 22:10:48 <TesKin> Branko's scarred chest and neck are visable. He goes with Gavran to find his clothes.
Nov 16 22:10:58 <TesKin> "Can we get dressed first?"
Nov 16 22:11:18 <TeslaTornado> Gavran dresses himself in the clothes of his people (tweed suit, overcoat, fedora, scarf) and then follows Adrian.
Nov 16 22:11:43 <Jabonicus> Carver takes the girls hand and follows.
Nov 16 22:12:11 <Sax|GMs> They enter the command tent.
Nov 16 22:12:15 <Sax|GMs> And the door is shut.
Nov 16 22:12:23 <Sax|GMs> "Sorry that you all had to get dragged into this."
Nov 16 22:12:29 <TesKin> Branko looks at Adrian. "It is our job."
Nov 16 22:12:47 <TeslaTornado> Gavran scratches the back of his hand idly. "Doctor Coxwell, do you recall the particular occasion where I died?"
Nov 16 22:12:55 <TeslaTornado> "Missions don't get much worse than that."
Nov 16 22:13:28 <Sax|GMs> "This is worse."
Nov 16 22:13:38 <Jabonicus> Carver looks Adrian dead in the eyes from where he's standing. It's probably the most serious face his normally joyful self has put on in a long time. "Did you know there were human test subjects?"
Nov 16 22:13:38 <Sax|GMs> "Because you're not the only one dying this time."
Nov 16 22:13:52 <Sax|GMs> To Carver: "I knew. I used to be in the program."
Nov 16 22:14:04 <Sax|GMs> "However, I didn't think Harknett would use his own daughter…"
Nov 16 22:14:13 <TeslaTornado> Gavran nods, and crosses his arms. "You'll want to be explaining, then, before someone with crude mo - oh."
Nov 16 22:14:19 <TeslaTornado> "Oh."
Nov 16 22:14:50 <Jabonicus> "The daughter part isn't the part you should be explaining. This girl has been subject to medical tests!"
Nov 16 22:15:16 <TesKin> Branko sighs. "I'm assuming that she is the daughter in mention."
Nov 16 22:15:34 <TesKin> He points to Carver and Joyce, if she is still with him.
Nov 16 22:15:35 <TeslaTornado> Gavran pinches the bridge of his nose, bowing out of the Ethics Committee hearing that he knows is about to take shape, and unpacks his observation station, compiling and searching his data.
Nov 16 22:15:43 <Sax|GMs> "Her father has a rare gene expression that allows him to shrug off most diseases."
Nov 16 22:15:59 <Sax|GMs> "Joyce also has the same genetic expression."
Nov 16 22:16:14 <Jabonicus> "And that makes it okay? She's too young to understand what's being done."
Nov 16 22:16:22 <Sax|GMs> "I never said it was okay."
Nov 16 22:16:35 <Sax|GMs> He takes off his jacket and puts it around the girl.
Nov 16 22:16:44 <Sax|GMs> "Nothing we've ever done was okay."
Nov 16 22:17:31 <Jabonicus> "It's one thing to test on anomalous things. But human testing is something that has been done to /me/ , if it's terrifying for a grown man, then you have no clue what it could be like for her."
Nov 16 22:17:48 <Sax|GMs> "That's why I asked for all the papers."
Nov 16 22:17:54 <Sax|GMs> "That way, no-one else can come for her."
Nov 16 22:17:58 <Sax|GMs> "Especially the GOC."
Nov 16 22:18:07 <TeslaTornado> Gavran continues science-ing away on the desk nearby, already done with this BS. He produces the files he'd obtained from the hospital and hands them off to Adrian.
Nov 16 22:18:07 <TesKin> "GOC?"
Nov 16 22:18:27 <TeslaTornado> "I can take her into protective custody, if necessary. Already have one daughter. And sort of another one, in Containment."
Nov 16 22:18:43 <Sax|GMs> "Doctor Gavrille, we can work out the finicky details later."
Nov 16 22:18:44 <TeslaTornado> "Spare her the indignity of being thrown into a jail cell at six years old."
Nov 16 22:18:51 <TesKin> Branko nods. "I have a daughter as well, if need be I can take care of her."
Nov 16 22:19:08 <Sax|GMs> To Branko: "We are not the only ones playing with the anomalous."
Nov 16 22:19:33 <TesKin> He squints. "Does this have anyting to do with me?"
Nov 16 22:19:39 <Jabonicus> "If someone needs to take care of her, let her decide. But if you take her into custody, then I demand to have consistent reports of her well being."
Nov 16 22:19:43 <Sax|GMs> "Think of the GOC as a better-sponsored, better-trained version of the Foundation."
Nov 16 22:19:44 <TesKin> "I was not aware of this."
Nov 16 22:19:54 <TesKin> "Then why not let them have her?"
Nov 16 22:20:01 <Sax|GMs> "Because they will study her."
Nov 16 22:20:06 <Sax|GMs> "And then destroy her."
Nov 16 22:20:20 <Sax|GMs> "As they do with many others who they have come across."
Nov 16 22:20:25 <TesKin> "Would we not do the same given the chance?"
Nov 16 22:20:25 <TeslaTornado> "I've heard of them. Peripherally." Gavran frowns, still poring over his data. "They were complicit in suppressing the release of the majority of my research."
Nov 16 22:20:38 <TeslaTornado> "And my guess is we would, but less invasively."
Nov 16 22:21:14 <TesKin> Branko nods. "She does not seem dangerous, but that genietic default could save lives."
Nov 16 22:21:26 <Jabonicus> "Adrian, we need to make a decision of what happens to her."
Nov 16 22:21:55 <Sax|GMs> He sighs. "Of course."
Nov 16 22:22:09 <TeslaTornado> "It's almost as though we've been trying to do that for the last fifteen minutes before bogging ourselves down in an ethical quagmire," Gavran intones.
Nov 16 22:22:12 <Sax|GMs> "For all I know, we are not going to contain her."
Nov 16 22:22:23 <Sax|GMs> "She's already been through enough."
Nov 16 22:22:43 <Jabonicus> "The obvious two choices are either she is taken into custody, or someone takes care of her for a while."
Nov 16 22:22:44 <TesKin> "Then worry about it when we get home."
Nov 16 22:22:48 <TesKin> "I need a drink."
Nov 16 22:23:05 * Daedalus|Familystuff is now known as Daedalus
Nov 16 22:23:15 <TeslaTornado> "Yes, we aren't exactly in a position to be filing custody reports for a small child in the middle of a quarantine zone."
Nov 16 22:23:29 <Sax|GMs> Adrian kneels down to Joyce.
Nov 16 22:23:39 <TeslaTornado> "Take her back to Site-19 and we'll worry about clerical bullshit later. At the very least, she'll be untouchable while fifty metres underground."
Nov 16 22:23:40 <Sax|GMs> "Do you want to go back with one of them?"
Nov 16 22:23:50 * gumbal1 has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Nov 16 22:23:51 <Sax|GMs> She nods, and holds onto your hand, Carver.
Nov 16 22:24:29 * gumbal1 (retal.xobdnas.ym.raelc.lliw.1l|bmug#retal.xobdnas.ym.raelc.lliw.1l|bmug) has joined
Nov 16 22:24:34 <Jabonicus> "I would assume it's settled then." Carver says.
Nov 16 22:25:17 <TeslaTornado> Gavran closes the lid on his research station and hefts it over his shoulder again. "Wonderful. Can we go back to Site-19? I have data to compile and samples to research."
Nov 16 22:25:32 <Sax|GMs> "There is a flight that is ready to leave."
Nov 16 22:25:49 <Sax|GMs> "Make sure to have some extra drinks on my behalf - I will probably be here for the rest of the night."
Nov 16 22:26:08 <TesKin> Branko nods. "There will be a bottle with your name on it when you get back."
Nov 16 22:26:21 <TesKin> Branko grins and turns on his heel, walking out of the room.
Nov 16 22:26:33 <Sax|GMs> "It's going to be empty, isn't it?"
Nov 16 22:26:58 <TesKin> "Depends on how fast you are."
Nov 16 22:27:10 <Sax|GMs> Adrian sighs and smiles.
Nov 16 22:27:12 <Sax|GMs> "Godspeed."
Nov 16 22:27:16 <TesKin> "Come find me and we'll find out."
Nov 16 22:27:17 <Jabonicus> Carver, being in hand with the girl, follows Branko towards the plane.
Nov 16 22:27:30 <Sax|GMs> Joyce: "Where did you get those scars, mister?"
Nov 16 22:27:44 <TeslaTornado> Gavran looks to Adrian. "Actually, would you prefer assistance?"
Nov 16 22:27:58 <TeslaTornado> "I haven't got anything pressing to attend to and my research suite can furnish the majority of the equipment I'd need on-Site."
Nov 16 22:28:15 <Sax|GMs> "I'm only here to get rid of the evidence, and to bury past sins."
Nov 16 22:28:41 <Sax|GMs> "Once I am back on-base, I could use a hand with breaking down the agent in the lab, with the notes you managed to locate."
Nov 16 22:28:45 <Jabonicus> Carver smiles. "Bad people gave them to me."
Nov 16 22:29:07 <Sax|GMs> "Are they gone?"
Nov 16 22:29:42 <TeslaTornado> "Of course. Alert me when you're back, doctor Coxwell. Good luck." Gavran claps Adrian on the shoulder and walks to the aircraft.
Nov 16 22:30:00 <Sax|GMs> Adrian smiles, and begins directing.
Nov 16 22:30:11 <Jabonicus> Carver leads the girl on the aircraft, proceeding to strap her in, and sitting next to her.
Nov 16 22:30:14 <Sax|GMs> «All units, Command. Burn the place down. Leave nothing.»
Nov 16 22:30:32 <Sax|GMs> "Where are we going?"
Nov 16 22:30:59 <Jabonicus> "Where we live. It's a very safe place, full of really nice people."
Nov 16 22:31:15 <TeslaTornado> "Something like that," Gavran says as he boards the plane and straps in.
Nov 16 22:31:27 <Sax|GMs> "… is there good food?"
Nov 16 22:31:35 <TeslaTornado> "No."
Nov 16 22:31:47 <TesKin> Branko straps in next to Gavran. "I never get the chance to burn stuff."
Nov 16 22:31:52 <Jabonicus> "Depends on who cooks."
Nov 16 22:31:57 <TesKin> To Joyce: "Only if Emily cooks it."
Nov 16 22:32:07 <Daedalus> Hermann is probably on the plane, sleeping.
Nov 16 22:32:19 <Sax|GMs> "Who's Emily?"
Nov 16 22:32:30 <Sax|GMs> And the plane starts off on its return run to Site-19…
Nov 16 22:32:35 <TesKin> "One of the sweetest people on the face of the earth."
Nov 16 22:32:52 <TeslaTornado> Gavran goes back to compiling his data.
Nov 16 22:33:10 <TesKin> Branko sleeps.

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