Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy...

03:45:16: <Kola> Marcus walks into the briefing room
03:45:48: <Teskin> Stephen Motherfucking O'Farrell heads into the briefing room, adjusting his sword belt.
03:46:10: <RogetGMs> Fulton is there, with a blueprint under his arm and wearing a really nice little ballcap.
03:46:20: <Aphex_> Hans shows up as well, reattaching his pager to his belt.
03:47:09: <RogetGMs> "Hi! Hello. Hello. How is everyone? I see some new faces here."
03:47:12: <Nemi> With a heavy clumping sound as her harbinger, Sofia enters the briefing room. The enormous German giantess with her close-clipped blonde hair and heavy industrial-metal prosthetic legs has a big broad grin on her face as she clomps over and edges up to get out of the doorway. She remains standing. She's in a mechanic's coverall, unzipped down to the wait and left to dangle behind her
03:47:12: <Nemi> over her toolbelt like a cape, baring both her tanker's top and several new tattoos.
03:47:13: <Nemi> "Hallo!"
03:47:44: <Teskin> "Hello all."
03:47:57: <Kola> "How goes it?"
03:48:32: <Aphex_> "…" Hans looks around for a second and signs some things.
03:48:35: <Balthazaar> Olga heads into the briefing room shortly after
03:49:00: <RogetGMs> "Well, I'm okay. I've got a mission for you. Some of you may have heard this name, and others, not as much… after a long period of inactivity, the Chaos Insurgency has been poking their head up."
03:49:11: <Balthazaar> By Olga I mean Eve
03:49:12: <Nemi> Sofia peers over at Hans and tries to readh is signing.
03:49:17: <Balthazaar> Definitely Eve
03:49:33: <Teskin> Stephen folds himself into a chair and takes notes.
03:49:36: <Balthazaar> She stares at Sofia. ~She's like a mountain… I want to climb her…~
03:49:39: <Kola> Marcus tries to stay as far away from Sofia as possible
03:49:43: <Nemi> Sofia really is gigantic. She's near on seven feet tall with the extra height boost from her mechanical feets and she's built like a tank.
03:50:06: <RogetGMs> "Were any of you around to deal with our intial, er, schism with the insurgency?"
03:50:22: <Balthazaar> "Who?"
03:50:50: <Aphex_> Hans looks back at his pager to figure out things.
03:51:02: <Nemi> "Nein, but I have good remembering. I read things!"
03:51:09: <Kola> "I have heard of them, but I haven't actually encountered their organization."
03:51:14: <RogetGMs> "The Chaos Insurgency. A splinter group from the Foundation, originally led by one General Bowe, and currently led by Iris Thompson. They possess deadly weaponized SCP objects, and have a goal of using them for global domination, as far as we can construe."
03:51:28: <Teskin> Stephen nods. "I only know what the files told me."
03:51:45: <Teskin> "So what're we looking for tonight, Director?"
03:52:03: <RogetGMs> "After the initial schism, we hit them hard, and a power struggle that led to Iris taking power caused them to go underground. Oh, and if you didn't know, Iris is a designated SCP object."
03:52:28: <Teskin> "So we're going after that?"
03:52:28: <RogetGMs> *ahem* "Anyways. Tonight we will be scouting a recently-abdandoned Insurgency facility. Looking for any clues as to what they're up to."
03:52:41: <Kola> That's what happens when you give them too much freedom
03:52:49: <RogetGMs> "Oh, no, not Iris. We haven't seen hide or tail of her ever since she took out Bowe in the fuhrerbunker."
03:53:11: <Teskin> Stephen nods again. "Alrighty. Seems easy enough."
03:53:45: <Nemi> "Abandoned, ja? I am good with machines if we expect much of that. If we expect danger I am good at aggressive large weapons."
03:53:51: <Balthazaar> "The Fuhrerbunker?"
03:55:00: <RogetGMs> "The objective is to gather any information you can, floor to roof, and then return to the starting point for extraction."
03:55:07: <Kola> "What can we expect to be up against in the facility?"
03:55:13: <RogetGMs> "And yes, the fuhrerbunker. The one from world war 2. It's compllicated."
03:55:38: <RogetGMs> "Security measures, most likely automated. We don't believe any physical personnel are present. But be on guard just in case."
03:56:03: <Kola> "Yes sir."
03:56:31: <Nemi> "/The/ fuhrerbunker. Ja. I was amazed to hear." Sofia lets out a surprisingly girlish giggle for one of her general hugeness. "Automatic securities! I like those. They are usually very interesting in engineering. I will want to take them apart!"
03:57:00: <RogetGMs> "If you can get us any insights into their engineering techniques, that would be useful."
03:57:09: <Aphex_> Hans triple checks his gear after putting away his pager. He frowns slightly.
03:57:17: <RogetGMs> "Any data is good. We can comb through it after you gather it. Everything is useful."
03:57:27: <Nemi> "Ja. Understood, herr Fulton!"
03:57:41: <Nemi> "Will I need bring Hurrikan?"
03:57:53: <RogetGMs> "If you wish, I'm not sure it will be necessary."
03:57:59: <Teskin> "Better safe 'n sorry."
03:58:08: <Balthazaar> "Well, good thing I have my bag." Eve smirks
03:59:15: <Aphex_> Hans writes in his notepad while he waits.
03:59:32: <RogetGMs> "Any more questions?"
03:59:45: <Nemi> "Jawohl." Sofia nods. "What vehicle will we use?"
04:02:11: <Balthazaar> Eve rocks on the balls of her feet
04:02:37: <RogetGMs> "There's a jeep waiting for you, I think."
04:02:44: <Teskin> Stephen waits, an all to large grin creeping over his face.
04:03:23: <Nemi> "Jawohl. I will arrive presently."
04:03:34: <Teskin> "Ayup. Let's get to gettin'."
04:03:42: <Teskin> Stephen sets out to Motor Pool!
04:04:09: <Kola> Marcus heads down too
04:04:09: <Aphex_> Hans walks to Motor as well, putting things away as he walks.
04:04:40: <RogetGMs> They all get to the jeep, board it, and it begins driving out for a long, long way. Going to timeskip to them getting there, for the sake of timeliness, so they arrive outside a building which I will pause to describe.
04:04:44: <RogetGMs> So, pause for description
04:05:23: <Nemi> Sofia turns and tromps on out. Time to fetch a few things.. She'll grab her reinforced coat, pile a toolkit into a satchel, stow her sawn-off M1 Garand in a hip holster, fetch her armoured mask and rebreather with its integrated hardened goggles (even if she just straps it to her chestplate). Oh, and her /two hundred pound rotary assault cannon./ She'll probably leave that on the jeep
04:05:23: <Nemi> unless they have a rude hello.
04:05:57: <RogetGMs> It's a tall, windowless building which looks like it could've been the start of a prison. It's the lone building on a large foundation of concrete, which you are standing at the edge of. It appears construction was started on other buildings but never finished, and all that remains is one three-story concrete tombstone. Plant life has overtaken most of the fo
04:06:49: <RogetGMs> undations, but the building in question appears to have been maintained until recently, as vines and grass and plant life is just now beginning to creep up from below. The entranceway is a metal door, covered by a grate. There are scrape marks on the concrete from it being opened many times.
04:06:54: <RogetGMs> [/unpause]
04:07:19: <Kola> "So what's the plan?"
04:07:20: <Balthazaar> Eve looks over it all. "…It's like where nature comes to die."
04:07:30: <Nemi> Sofia's got her sawn-off shotgun loaded with shot on her other hip. She's not expecting to need to use either all too much, but it's best to be prepared. Once they pull up, she'll hop out of the back of the jeep with a hearty 'whumph' sound. A quick scan of their surroundings before she tromps on over to the big ol' metal door.
04:08:04: <Aphex_> Hans looks over the front of the building and mumbles. "[…shit…]"
04:08:14: <Kola> Marcus gets out of the jeep, his rifle slung over his shoulder.
04:08:27: <Aphex_> He follows behind the giant woman, unfolding the stock on his rifle.
04:08:40: <Balthazaar> "Well… In we go." Eve goes to the door
04:08:48: <Teskin> Stephen dismounts, slinging his crossbow over his back and rebelting his sword onto his waist.
04:08:50: <Teskin> "In we go."
04:08:54: <Kola> Marcus follows
04:09:23: <RogetGMs> The grate looks to be rusty, and not locked. You can swing it open just by pulling on it. The door has two handles on it, one for each half of a metal double door. There's a small etching of the foundation logo with a slash through it on one of the doors.
04:09:54: <Kola> " A bit overt, don't you think?"
04:10:06: <Teskin> Stephen takes note of the Foundation logo. "This is probably an old Site, so no."
04:10:09: <Nemi> Poor Hurrikan. Brought only as insurance. Sad days, sad days. Sofia shrugs back at Marcus and aims to haul the door open.
04:11:33: <Aphex_> Hans glances nervously at the team around him, trying to return focus to the doors. ~I can't talk to any of these people, can I? Damn it.~
04:11:43: <Balthazaar> Eve watches them haul the door open instead of actually helping
04:11:47: <Kola> 4df+5
04:11:49: <Glacon> kola: 6 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
04:11:52: <RogetGMs> The door opens easily. Inside, there appears to be a small lobby, with an open doorway on your right, a closed one on your left, and a door straight in front of you. There are a few benches and chairs, but they've been totally destroyed.
04:12:32: <Teskin> Stephen draws his sword, the sound of iron on leather making a definite hissing sound.
04:12:41: <Balthazaar> "Pretty decrepit…"
04:12:46: <Teskin> The cold iron blade glints in the moonlight.
04:12:48: <Teskin> "Mmm."
04:13:11: <RogetGMs> The floor is concrete, as are all the walls and ceilings. It looks depressing.
04:13:18: <Nemi> Sofia, being bonkers strong, is not surprised that the door is easy. She ducks down to enter the room proper. Argh, the price of being huge. She'll peek into the open doorway first.
04:14:01: <Aphex_> Hans chambers a round in his rifle, then heads inside right behind Sofia.
04:14:42: <RogetGMs> Inside the unlit room appear to be row after row of enigmagraphs and computers. The room is damp, and there's water dripping from the ceiling and pooling at your feet. Chairs and desks are strewn around the room, as are papers in various states of destruction
04:15:15: <Kola> Marcus looks around, trying to notice something important.
04:15:19: <RogetGMs> Perception
04:15:21: <Nemi> "Hallo? We've got a water leak and.. ooh! Enigmagraphs!" Sofia clomps in to poke around at the various items about, looking to see if there's anything else of note.
04:15:26: <Kola> 4df+5
04:15:27: <Glacon> kola: 4 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
04:15:31: <Nemi> 4df+3 Such average eyes!
04:15:31: <Glacon> Nemi: Such average eyes!: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, 3+, 4-)
04:15:52: <Teskin> 4df+4 Stephen is not good in lowlight
04:15:52: <Balthazaar> Eve pokes about curiously!
04:15:52: <Glacon> TesKin: Stephen is not good in lowlight: 3 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 0)
04:16:19: <Balthazaar> 4df+4
04:16:20: <Glacon> Balthazaar: 8 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 3+, 3+)
04:16:37: <Aphex_> 4df+2 oh god being deaf in lowlight is gonna suck
04:16:38: <Glacon> Aphex_: oh god being deaf in lowlight is gonna suck: 1 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 0, 4-)
04:18:08: <RogetGMs> Eve, you can see the enigmagraphs lined up in the back row, in front of some typewriters. Inside of them, you find some papers and documents that appear to detail insurgency supply movements. You also find some files in the enigmagraphs. From the smell, you can tell that they probably used saltwater. Everyone else notices that everything is probably destroyed
04:18:11: <RogetGMs> from the water damage
04:19:35: <Nemi> Sofia makes a vaguely despairing sound. So many fascinating objects, some quite important to the Foundation, ruined! She tromps out of the room with heavy steps and heavy heart. She brightens up a bit more when she goes to the next door— the one left from the entrance.
04:20:00: <RogetGMs> The lock is broken, you can't open the door.
04:20:08: <Balthazaar> "Here we go, a few papers!" Eve smiles happily, waving her papers around.
04:20:22: <Nemi> Sofia finds such things to be /suggestions/.
04:20:55: <Nemi> The giantess will try to disassemble the door lock and hinge system entirely. Failing that, she has brute force in spades.
04:20:55: <Kola> Marcus examines the soggy papers how is there so much water here?
04:21:29: <Teskin> Stephen follows Sofia. There's a lot of stuff going on here and most of it is probably bad juju.
04:21:43: <RogetGMs> Strength to try and force the door open, engineering to try and disassemble it. Higher DC is engineering.
04:21:59: <Nemi> 4df+9 sofia stronk
04:22:00: <Glacon> Nemi: sofia stronk: 10 (4df+9=0, 0, 3+, 0)
04:22:26: <Aphex_> Hans heads over to Eve, mostly because she's the only familiar face here.
04:22:38: <RogetGMs> (is she brute forcing it?)
04:22:44: <Nemi> Yeah.
04:22:49: <Kola> He tries to find the source of the water.
04:23:01: <Balthazaar> Eve smiles at him a little, stowing her papers away
04:23:14: <RogetGMs> There's some piping in the ceiling, Marcus. It's still dripping.
04:23:36: <Kola> Well i'm an idiot
04:24:15: <RogetGMs> The door pops out, and you find a thick, reinforced to the point of being soundproofed, concrete room. The walls are riddled with bullet holes at about waist level.
04:24:38: <Aphex_> Hans smiles wryly back at Eve.
04:25:26: <Nemi> Interesting. Sofia glances about and shines her flashlight— or well, it's attached to her shoulder, so it just kinda shines whatever she's facing. Execution chamber?
04:25:36: <Aphex_> 4df+2 Hans looks around the room again for anything important.
04:25:37: <Glacon> Aphex_: Hans looks around the room again for anything important.: 3 (4df+2=0, 3+, 4-, 3+)
04:26:29: <RogetGMs> Could be that way, Sofia. There's a door in the back of the room, made of the same metal as the one you came in this room through.
04:26:33: <RogetGMs> Which room, Hans?
04:27:09: <Balthazaar> Eve peeks in behind Sofia. "Ooooh…"
04:27:24: <Nemi> First, Sofia glances about the suspected execution or interrogation chamber to make sure there's no sneaky mechanical traps, and then.. well, she's going on through to try that next door. "Hallo! Careful, maybe trap room. Possibly for interrogation."
04:27:39: <Aphex_> The first room with all the enigmagraphs
04:27:54: <RogetGMs> The room is bare of anything other than the pockmarks in the walls.
04:28:07: <Nemi> That's a relief. She'll try the next metal door!
04:28:24: <RogetGMs> Hans, science if you want to check if there's anything you can salvage from the enigmagraphs, engineering for the enigmagraphs.
04:28:34: <RogetGMs> Same check Sofia, Strength or Engineering.
04:28:47: <Teskin> Stephen just follows Sofia. Having a Tank Giantess in front of you is pretty comforting.
04:28:52: <Glacon> Nemi: tuff: 9 (4df+9=0, 4-, 3+, 0)
04:28:52: <Nemi> 4df+9 tuff
04:28:53: <Balthazaar> Eve sticks with Sofia
04:29:03: <Nemi> Sofia finally getting use of her bonkers high strength.
04:29:07: <Aphex_> 4df+3 I was a soldier, not a doctor.
04:29:08: <Glacon> Aphex_: I was a soldier, not a doctor.: 2 (4df+3=4-, 0, 4-, 3+)
04:30:11: <Kola> Marcus tries to see if he can make out anything on the soggy papers
04:30:30: <Kola> (perception I assume)
04:30:39: <RogetGMs> Is that science, Hans?
04:31:12: <Aphex_> yup
04:31:15: <RogetGMs> Sofia, you force the door out of its frame, taking chunks of concrete with it. This room appears to have a table with a lamp, and… a small pile of bones in the corner.
04:31:43: <RogetGMs> Hans, you salvage a few small parts from an enigmagraphs. also for the role, -second enigmagraphs +typewriters
04:31:45: <RogetGMs> derp
04:31:58: <Balthazaar> Eve goes to examine the bones, figuring out how long they've been there, dead and what killed them
04:32:05: <Nemi> Human bones? Any other entrances or exits to this mystery room? Because this is looking more like your traditional interrogation room.
04:33:05: <RogetGMs> perception to check for entrances and exits, academics for bones death and percieving papers.
04:34:22: <Kola> 4df+0 Marcus wasn't exactly the brightest kid in school
04:34:22: <Glacon> kola: Marcus wasn't exactly the brightest kid in school: 1 (4df+0=0, 4-, 3+, 3+)
04:35:17: <Nemi> 4df+3 sofia lookin' around.
04:35:18: <Glacon> Nemi: sofia lookin' around.: 5 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 3+, 4-)
04:35:23: <Nemi> 4df+2 but what are these skeletons
04:35:23: <Glacon> Nemi: but what are these skeletons: 2 (4df+2=3+, 4-, 0, 0)
04:35:48: <RogetGMs> Marcus, you find a few papers you can discern… something from, a few of them. Might be useful. You can take them if you wish.
04:36:46: <Kola> He folds some of them up in his pocket. Might be useful later.
04:37:05: <RogetGMs> The bodies appear to have died of gunshot wounds, unsurprisingly. You don't see any other ways in or out of the room. Curious.
04:37:23: <Kola> He turns to the people in the other room "Found anything?"
04:38:06: <Nemi> "People were executed. Gunshots. Nothing else really. Rough times." Sofia comes a clomping back out to the lobby, stepping past Eve to do so. She's not really a forensics agent, she's an engineer.
04:38:11: <Glacon> Balthazaar: Eve's spitballing: -2 (4df+0=4-, 0, 0, 4-)
04:38:11: <Balthazaar> 4df+0 Eve's spitballing
04:38:33: <Balthazaar> She follows after Sofia after shrugging and putting the bones down
04:40:02: <Teskin> Stephen follows on after Sofia and Eve, shining his flashlight about.
04:40:07: <RogetGMs> Eve, you don't discern anything useful.
04:40:25: <RogetGMs> There's only one door unchecked, everyone in the lobby.
04:40:45: <Aphex_> Hans heads to check said door.
04:41:54: <Nemi> Sofia trundles over behind Hans toward the Last Unknown Door.
04:42:31: <RogetGMs> It's a simple wooden door. No lock on it.
04:42:59: <Kola> Marcus heads back into the lobby.
04:43:09: <Aphex_> Hans opens the door slowly at first, then slams it open and storms in.
04:43:44: <Balthazaar> Eve wanders in lanquidly after him
04:44:15: <Kola> Marcus readies his rifle, just in case, and heads after Hans.
04:44:55: <RogetGMs> It's a long hallway, with two doors on your right and one on the left. There's a door at the very end of where you can see, after which the hall makes a right turn. The walls, floor, and ceiling are still all concrete.
04:46:02: <Balthazaar> "woah…" Eve goes to open the nearest door
04:46:10: <Kola> Marcus carefully approaches the door on the left, and opens it
04:46:34: <Aphex_> Hans mumbles to himself, the goes to the end door.
04:47:01: <Nemi> Rather than opening any door, Sofia trundles ahead to peer around the corner and make sure there's nothing nasty waiting for them
04:47:27: <RogetGMs> The closest door is the one on the right, Eve. When you open it, there's rows and rows of beds, military-style with footlockers at the base of each bunkded, with three rows of twenty beds. There's clothes, personal effects, sheets and mattresses scattered haphazerdly around the floor, it looks like they left in a hurry.
04:47:46: <RogetGMs> Marcus, your nostrils are assaulted by an acrid burning smell. Whatever this room was, it's been torched. Totally burned out.
04:49:30: <Aphex_> Hans opens his door as well, doing standard breach and clear.
04:49:41: <Balthazaar> "Oh wow, there's bound to be information in here." She searches, starting with the footlockers
04:50:21: <Kola> Marcus carefully enters the burned room, and tries to look around.
04:51:09: <RogetGMs> Hans, it's an empty room. Eve, perc. Marcus, agility to not die!!!!!
04:51:26: <Kola> 4df+3
04:51:27: <Glacon> kola: 5 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
04:51:55: <Nemi> Sofia peeeers around the corner.
04:52:06: <RogetGMs> You narrowly avoid a jet of fire blasting from a turret positioned in the center of the room. It belches flames that poke out the door and into the hall.
04:52:14: <RogetGMs> Sofia, its a staircase to the next floor.
04:52:16: <Kola> "HOLY SHIT"
04:52:29: <Balthazaar> 4df+4
04:52:29: <Glacon> Balthazaar: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, 3+, 3+)
04:52:51: <Nemi> Wowser gee! A staircase. Unbelievable.
04:53:23: <RogetGMs> Eve, you find personel effects from numerous insurgency personnel, wallets, that sort of thing. No official documents though. Useful nonetheless. You're distracted somewhat from your search by the sound of shouting and fire.
04:53:36: <Aphex_> Hans leaves his empty room and doubles back to Sofia's position.
04:53:47: <Nemi> Sofia comes a tromping toward the shouting and fwooshing noise! Woah what the.
04:54:59: <Balthazaar> She hurriedly crams the stuff into her bag, hurrying out. "Guys!?"
04:55:15: <Kola> Marcus slams the door shut.
04:56:03: <RogetGMs> The door is shut!
04:56:38: <RogetGMs> Just a positional check, not setting somethign up, everyones by the door now, right?
04:56:41: <Nemi> "You alright?" She does a quick headcount to account for everyone. "Anything interesting yet?"
04:56:46: <Nemi> Indeedly, Sofia is
04:56:54: <Aphex_> As is Hans.
04:57:51: <Kola> " Well if you call nearly being burt to a crisp interesting, then yes."
04:58:10: <Kola> *burnt
04:58:25: <Balthazaar> Eve is
04:58:32: <RogetGMs> cool
04:59:37: <Nemi> "Oh, ja. Not fun. A trap? Layout doesn't make sense."
05:01:04: <Balthazaar> "Are you alright?"
05:01:15: <Aphex_> Hans pulls out his notepad and begins scribbling some more. He draws the layout of the building the group as seen so far.
05:01:31: <Nemi> Sofia is astonishingly unconcerned about the fire trap. ".. Will have to see how it works later."
05:02:04: <Kola> "I'm fine, just a little startled."
05:03:53: <Kola> Marcus dusts himself off, "So now what?"
05:04:09: <Nemi> "Is a second floor. Come on!"
05:04:21: <Nemi> Sofia shall tromp back that way. She hums a pleasant tune as she do.
05:05:03: <Aphex_> Hans follows closely to the Pazermadchen.
05:05:18: <Kola> Marcus follows Sofia, trying to stay alert for traps
05:05:24: <RogetGMs> The second door is a simple wooden door, again with no lock. Perception, Marcus.
05:05:36: <Kola> 4df+5
05:05:37: <Glacon> kola: 4 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
05:06:22: <RogetGMs> You see a small amount of fluid peeking out from under the door.
05:06:30: <RogetGMs> You can inspect it if you like.
05:06:35: <Kola> "Wait up"
05:06:59: <Nemi> "Ja? Am waiting."
05:07:11: <Kola> Marcus bends down to inspect the liquid.
05:07:31: <RogetGMs> It's definitely petrol.
05:08:26: <Kola> "Well there is some gas leaking out of the door, so i'm assuming that we got some sort of fire trap on the other side."
05:09:10: <Balthazaar> "Uh oh…"
05:09:51: <Kola> He nods to Sofia, "You seem good with this stuff, got any ideas?"
05:10:57: <Nemi> "Ja. Don't play with it if you don't understand. Petrol is flammable but does not explode unless vapor. But we do not know! Best to avoid."
05:11:41: <Balthazaar> "Alright… Next one?"
05:12:08: <Nemi> "Ja." Sofia shall trundle up stairs, evading the petrol room.. for the moment.
05:12:15: <RogetGMs> Next area to check would be the next floor.
05:12:24: <Kola> Marcus follows her
05:13:34: <Balthazaar> Eve heads on up!
05:13:39: <Aphex_> Hans follows
05:14:49: <Nemi> What's all up here now?
05:15:07: <RogetGMs> You come to a hallway, with three locked doors on your right and a locked steel security bulkhead door at the end of the hall. The walls are still concrete, but there's now tile for flooring.
05:15:12: <RogetGMs> white tile.05:15:33: <Balthazaar> "Well that looks important. Save the best for last?"
05:16:05: <Nemi> "Ja. Start with doors. I will try each." If the locks are good, Sofia will attempt to, well, crack 'em. She IS very good with mechanical devices.
05:16:18: <RogetGMs> The first door has a broken lock.
05:17:50: <Nemi> BREAK YOU. "Who is breakingk all the locks. Shameful."
05:17:57: <Nemi> 4df+9 strongth, break door off, etc
05:17:58: <Glacon> Nemi: strongth, break door off, etc: 10 (4df+9=4-, 0, 3+, 3+)
05:18:42: <RogetGMs> The door pops out of its frame. Inside, there's two chairs facing some fogged-over glass. Looks like an observation chamber.
05:19:00: <Kola> "Might be a sign that there is some dangerous stuff on the other side, we should be weary."
05:19:16: <Nemi> "Maybe. Try and check glass, rub fog off?"
05:20:19: <Kola> "Alright," Marcus goes over to glass and tries to rub off the fog.
05:20:30: <Aphex_> Hans looks at the glass. ~Some kind of interrigation room? Observatory?~
05:21:27: <RogetGMs> The fog is on the other side of the glass. Upon closer inspection, it appears that something has been deliberately rubbed on the other side of the glass to obfuscate it.
05:22:09: <Balthazaar> "Weird…"
05:22:25: <Nemi> "Odd. Very odd. Have glass cutter, could make tiny opening to peer through."
05:22:58: <Balthazaar> "Go for it."
05:23:35: <Kola> "Be careful, we don't know whats on the other side."
05:23:38: <Nemi> Sofia will open up her big ol' bag o' tools and get to it. She's doing it carefully and gingerly- and she pulls on her mask and rebreather before she does it, just in case.
05:23:41: <Aphex_> Hans stands on guard for the group.
05:24:17: <Balthazaar> Eve peers over excitedly
05:24:37: <Kola> Marcus puts on his own mask, and aims his rifle at the glass, just in case.
05:25:26: <RogetGMs> Science to cut it!
05:26:32: <Nemi> .. science?
05:26:46: <Nemi> 4df+6 well anyway
05:26:47: <Glacon> Nemi: well anyway: 6 (4df+6=4-, 3+, 4-, 3+)
05:27:28: <Nemi> tagged specialty because she's usin' tools she knows
05:27:37: <RogetGMs> You slice open a small hole, to see inside. There looks to be some heavy machinery in there, but it is far too dark to make anything out for sure.
05:27:48: <Nemi> That's what flashlights are for! Even through tiny holes.
05:28:14: <Kola> "Anything?" Marcus's voice is slightly muffled by his mask
05:28:44: <RogetGMs> You can see what looks like welding equipment, and a few toppled over and broken microscopes.
05:29:13: <Nemi> "There are.. Schwere Maschinen.. welding equipment, microscopes."
05:30:27: <Balthazaar> "Boring." Eve sighs and goes to wander out
05:31:31: <Aphex_> Hans is outside, Eve. He stands guard.
05:31:36: <RogetGMs> Back in the hall, there's still two non-secure doors to inspect
05:31:47: <Nemi> "Ja. Very odd." Sofia shall replace the little glass cylinder and follow Eve back out. Two more doooors. She'll try and crack 'em too.
05:32:22: <Kola> Marcus looks suspiciously at the glass before following the others.
05:36:02: <Nemi> "Ja. Very odd." Sofia shall replace the little glass cylinder and follow Eve back out. Two more doooors. She'll try and crack 'em too. [reposted!!! ]
05:36:26: <Kola> Marcus looks suspiciously at the glass before following the others.
05:37:57: <Aphex_Phone> Hans remains vigilant outside in the stairwell.
05:37:57: <Aphex_Phone> Hans remains vigilant outside in the stairwell.
05:38:07: <Balthazaar> Nemi "Ja. Very odd." Sofia shall replace the little glass cylinder and follow Eve back out. Two more doooors. She'll try and crack 'em too. [reposted!!! ]
05:38:07: <Balthazaar> Nemi "Ja. Very odd." Sofia shall replace the little glass cylinder and follow Eve back out. Two more doooors. She'll try and crack 'em too. [reposted!!! ]
05:38:09: <Balthazaar> [15:30] kola Marcus looks suspiciously at the glass before following the others.
05:38:09: <Balthazaar> [15:30] kola Marcus looks suspiciously at the glass before following the others.
05:38:32: <Roget> The doors are both unlocked, and both identical to the one you just busted down. Same chairs, same glass.
05:38:33: <Roget> The doors are both unlocked, and both identical to the one you just busted down. Same chairs, same glass.
05:38:49: <Balthazaar> "weird…"
05:38:49: <Balthazaar> "weird…"
05:39:46: <Kola> Marcus looks around the room, trying to spot any occult iconography
05:40:16: <Nemi> ".. all observation. How strange. Only blast doors now."
05:40:22: <RogetGMs> There's literally nothing. Marcus, you actually think these rooms might've been wiped clean before you got there, you don't even see any dust or anything.
05:41:20: <Kola> "This place looks pretty clean compared to everything else, wonder why…."
05:41:36: <Balthazaar> "Well, guess it's just the big one now…"
05:42:30: <Nemi> Sofia tromps over to the blast doors and SURVEYS them. Namely how to crack 'em open or otherwise.
05:42:51: <Balthazaar> Eve tries the hand
05:42:53: <Balthazaar> le
05:43:22: <Aphex_Phone> Hans signs to anyone attentive. He does so promptly and then gets back to pulling guard duty.
05:43:32: <RogetGMs> It looks like a door from a ship. Too heavy and big and embedded unless you really gave it 120%, but unlockable through a mechanism. Eve, it's locked.
05:45:18: <Nemi> Sofia peers back at Hans.
05:45:31: <Nemi> What's he signing? She actually bothered to learn since machine shops are loud.
05:45:57: <RogetGMs> Engineering to try and get around the lock
05:47:39: <Aphex_Phone> 'The doors. Going to wedge?' He's quick about his signs.
05:48:20: <Nemi> She signs back. 'no need. if break glass then doors not enough.'
05:48:27: <Nemi> And then, Sofia turns around to futz with the mechanism.
05:48:36: <Nemi> 4df+8 Wow this mission is kind of weirdly sofia-tailored so far.
05:48:36: <Glacon> Nemi: Wow this mission is kind of weirdly sofia-tailored so far.: 10 (4df+8=4-, 3+, 3+, 3+)
05:48:58: <Aphex_Phone> Hans blinks a few times as he catches the giant woman signing back.
05:50:00: <Balthazaar> Eve stands well back!
05:50:18: <Aphex_Phone> He gets over the initial shock and returns to visual sweeps.
05:50:44: <Kola> Marcus keeps his distance too, remaining vigilant to possible threats
05:50:56: <RogetGMs> Sofia, you basically completely undo the locking mechanism, and the door eventually falls over backwards with a resounding *THUMP* as you pull parts out of it. Behind it, some lights flicker on to reveal a room filled with damaged and smashed science and engineering equipment.
05:51:23: <Nemi> "Aw! They broke all the science things!"
05:51:43: <RogetGMs> It's a large room, about the size of three tennis courts side by side, and completely white, like a clean room. There's just bunches of broken science thigns all over the place. At the other end of the room is a chamberlock, much like the one you just disassembled.
05:51:45: <Kola> "Wonder what sort of stuff they were doing in here."
05:52:19: <Aphex_Phone> Hans feels the door hit the ground and wheels around. He heads into the room.
05:53:45: <Nemi> Sofia trundles in. Any chance she can figure out what the equipment was used for now that they're in plainer view?
05:54:26: <RogetGMs> It looks like the machines might once have been arranged into rows, and most of the equipment appears to be based on fabrication and design of materials. This may have functioned something like a factory floor, before everything was destroyed.
05:56:03: <Balthazaar> "Woah…" Eve heads in and touches all the buttons
05:56:18: <Kola> Marcus tries to stop her
05:56:47: <Kola> "Wait, we don't know what that shit does."
05:57:01: <RogetGMs> Does he stop her?
05:57:18: <Nemi> ".. maybe for fabrication. What were they /making/?"
05:57:34: <Kola> ((should I roll something))
05:59:16: <RogetGMs> You can rp it out, I don't think you'd need to roll necessarily to dissuade someone from pushing buttons
06:00:09: <Aphex_Phone> Hans signs some more, hoping Sofia is attentive enough. 'Looks like organic engineering. Humans? Oddities?'
06:00:57: <Kola> "Look, maybe we should /look/ around be fore we start touching stuff."
06:01:05: <Kola> *before
06:01:20: <Nemi> Sofia peers back to the group. She raises a brow and signs back. 'Bio-engineering?' She has to spell it out by letter. "Man with name I don't know is suggesting it's bioengineering."
06:02:01: <Balthazaar> "Why? It's broken anyway."
06:02:15: <Balthazaar> "Besides, maybe it'll give us more information this way."
06:02:17: <Kola> "We don't know that."
06:02:20: <RogetGMs> Perception, all
06:02:23: <Balthazaar> 4df+4
06:02:24: <Glacon> Balthazaar: 4 (4df+4=3+, 0, 0, 4-)
06:02:26: <Aphex_Phone> 'That is correct. No need for equipment like this for fabric or steel.' Hans signs more.
06:02:28: <Kola> 4df+5
06:02:28: <Glacon> kola: 5 (4df+5=4-, 0, 0, 3+)
06:02:40: <Aphex_Phone> 4df+2 well crap
06:02:41: <Glacon> Aphex_Phone: well crap: 4 (4df+2=3+, 3+, 0, 0)
06:06:17: <Glacon> Nemi: 0 (4df+3=0, 4-, 4-, 4-)
06:06:17: <Nemi> 4df+3
06:07:26: <RogetGMs> Everyone but Sofia, you notice the bulkhead door opening.
06:07:41: <RogetGMs> The one you didn't come in through, the one which is still intact.
06:07:49: <Nemi> Sofia is peering at the machinery, bemused.
06:08:22: <Balthazaar> Beep boop button press
06:08:22: <Aphex_Phone> Hans snaps his rifle sights to the door.
06:09:24: <RogetGMs> Everyone looking… mdef.
06:09:44: <Balthazaar> 4df+5
06:09:45: <Glacon> Balthazaar: 6 (4df+5=4-, 3+, 3+, 0)
06:10:01: <Kola> Marcus aims his gun at the bulkhead((what did I miss?))
06:10:34: <RogetGMs> roll mdef
06:10:40: <Aphex_Phone> 4df+4 I am a deaf man I live in my own mind
06:10:41: <Glacon> Aphex_Phone: I am a deaf man I live in my own mind: 5 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 3+, 0)
06:10:57: <Kola> 4df+3
06:10:58: <Glacon> kola: 5 (4df+3=3+, 0, 3+, 0)
06:11:22: <Kola> ((also is this a kind of fear or intimidate?))
06:11:36: <RogetGMs> ((nope))
06:11:56: <Kola> ((ok))
06:13:41: <RogetGMs> All three of you… feel funny. You see a man in a priest outfit stumble out of the door. You immediately recognize him… Father Isaac Murphy. He's an old-time veteran of Psi-7, from the beginning, and he was kidnapped by the Insurgency. That's what this mission is all about, your orders were to get him and get out. He looks hurt, maybe you should help…
06:14:09: <Nemi> Sofia's too busy tinkering with the machines to notice any of this.
06:15:01: <Balthazaar> "Oh gosh, are you alright? Here, let me help…" Eve goes to him!
06:15:26: <RogetGMs> http://scp-foundation-origins.wdfiles.com/local--files/character:brink-dangerguts/Father.jpg he looks like this
06:15:48: <RogetGMs> "Thank you… bless you, child, for coming to my aid." He looks up to Eve gratefully.
06:16:10: <Aphex_Phone> "…[Priest? Is that you?]" Hans lowers his rifle for a moment. Low ready, but still guarded.
06:16:27: <Nemi> "Wos ist los?" Sofia looks up at the ruckus.
06:17:07: <RogetGMs> Sofia, you've never seen this guy before in your life.
06:17:26: <Nemi> ".. who the fuck is that?"
06:17:37: <Kola> "We got someone here, looks like Father Murphy."
06:18:26: <RogetGMs> Sofia, looking at him makes your head hurt. Mdef.
06:18:35: <Nemi> "Who is Father Murphy? We are here to investigate the site"
06:18:41: <Kola> He goes over to Murphy "You alright man, I can try and patch you up."
06:18:43: <Nemi> 4df+4
06:18:49: <Nemi> 4df+4 Mdef
06:18:49: <Glacon> Nemi: Mdef: 5 (4df+4=3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
06:20:15: <RogetGMs> Sofia, you feel really confused. You think back and have a bunch of happy memories with Father Murphy, but they all just feel… off. Your head is pounding. Ow.
06:20:40: <RogetGMs> "I would appreciate that very much… but we should get out of here. I have much to tell the esteemed Mister Fulton."
06:20:56: <Kola> Marcus tries to patch up the guy's wounds
06:21:03: <RogetGMs> medical
06:21:05: <Nemi> "Ergh.. I.. No, I remember him but.. no, is not right, mein /Kopf/.. I couldn't have, but.."
06:21:08: <Balthazaar> Eve tries to support his weight
06:21:21: <Kola> 4df+2
06:21:21: <Glacon> kola: 1 (4df+2=4-, 0, 4-, 3+)
06:21:46: <Balthazaar> "Come on, we're going to get you out of here and all fixed up…"
06:21:49: <RogetGMs> Murphy shushes Sofia. "It's alright, child. There's something in the air, here. It's toxic. We should leave at once, before we all become ill."
06:22:10: <RogetGMs> Marcus, you heal his light wounds.
06:22:33: <Kola> Marcus still has his gas mask on. "What kind of thing?"
06:22:35: <Nemi> ".. nein, nein, I don't know him, why do I know him? I never met him.." Sofia's brow furrows behind her mask. ".. we're not here to retrieve.. nein.." She'll fish for her radio and try to contact Command.
06:23:13: <Aphex_01> Hans stays quiet. He's wary, but not of the Father. The Father is a kind man, he would never betray the Foundation.
06:23:57: <RogetGMs> "I'm not certain…" Murphy fishes for something in his cloak, before starting to walk towards the exit.
06:24:08: <RogetGMs> Sofia, your radio can't get a signal.
06:25:06: <Nemi> Sofia is /highly/ bothered by all this. And she can't get in contact. Probably because of /all the concrete/. Duh. So she turns from the others and starts the long tromp downstairs and to the door. She wants to call Command. Something's /off/ and she's not sure /what/ or /why/.
06:26:10: <RogetGMs> They make it out to the front of the building, where the men wait by the jeep. When they see Psi-7 exit they hesitate, only to rush over to Murphy's aid.
06:26:59: <Nemi> Men. What men? They had men with them?"
06:27:18: <Nemi> Sofia's confused and her head /hurts so bad/. She tries her radio again.
06:27:30: <Aphex_01> Hans signs to Sofia. 'Why the hurry? The priest was the priority, was he not?'
06:28:14: <Nemi> She signs back. 'We weren't here to rescue the priest..'
06:28:15: <RogetGMs> Sofia, you get a connection. "This is command, what is the situation?"
06:28:43: <Kola> Marcus helps the priest into one of the jeeps
06:28:44: <Nemi> "Command, this is von Strasse, we.. have found Father Murphy. What was objective again? Head is fuzzy."
06:28:51: <RogetGMs> Hans, there's a voice in the back of your mind. Sofia's not well… she must have breathed in those fumes Father Murphy was telling you about.
06:29:07: <Nemi> ".. we have other personnel present. I do not recognize.. no, they're ours. Aren't they?"
06:29:31: <RogetGMs> "Confirmed, objective was to rescue Father Murphy and recover Insurgency documentation." The voice is metallic… it must be the interference.
06:29:51: <Nemi> "Command? You.. sound strange. Repeat?"
06:30:14: <RogetGMs> The men gesture for you to get on the jeep. Is it the same Jeep, Sofia? It must be. "Come on! One of you lot has to drive Father Murphy back to the Site! He's been poisoned!"
06:30:53: <Kola> "I got it."
06:31:07: <Kola> Marcus gets in the driver's seat
06:31:12: <RogetGMs> there's no answer, Sofia
06:31:20: <Aphex_01> Hans signs again after the second key. 'Don't be so bothered S-O-F-I-A. Priest is fine, Command will surely take over.'
06:31:23: <Nemi> "Why can't you drive? We.. Command. Repeat." She looks to the jeep back for Hurrikan.
06:31:56: <RogetGMs> "We need to take care of Murphy." It's there, right… where you left it?
06:32:17: <Nemi> ".. Who /are/ you? We didn't have escort." She'd have left it in the back, yes. She'll approach one of the apparent escorts and try to grab his shoulder.
06:32:59: <Balthazaar> Eve goes to help him into the jeep.
06:33:05: <RogetGMs> He shrugs her off, and continues to treat Murphy. "Come on, stop messing around!"
06:33:18: <Balthazaar> "Thanks for the warm welcome to the site before." She smiles
06:33:50: <Nemi> "Command, /respond/," she repeats into her radio. This is starting to freak her out. People she doesn't recognize but feels like she does, everyone else acting normal, where did these men come from?
06:34:05: <Balthazaar> "Sofia? You ok?"
06:34:09: <RogetGMs> He nods to her, weakly. Murphy and the men are on the Jeep now. Everyone is except Sofia, correct?
06:34:13: <Kola> Marcus yells to Sofia. "COME ON, WE NEED TO GO!"
06:34:15: <Nemi> Indeed!
06:34:22: <Nemi> "Nein! Nein! Something is /wrong/!"
06:34:40: <RogetGMs> There's a garbled response, but you don't get anything coherent out of the radio.
06:35:10: <Nemi> Sofia checks her radio to see if something's wrong with it. "/I don't know ein Vater Murphy/! We weren't sent for him!"
06:35:40: <RogetGMs> "What are you talking about?" yells one of the guys. "What's gotten into you?"
06:35:44: <RogetGMs> Engineering!
06:35:49: <Balthazaar> "What? Sofia, are you ok?"
06:35:52: <Aphex_01> Hans signs. 'We got what we came for. Come.' He repeats the sign for come.
06:35:56: <Nemi> 4df+8 what's wrong with you, machine
06:35:57: <Glacon> Nemi: what's wrong with you, machine: 6 (4df+8=4-, 4-, 3+, 4-)
06:36:12: <RogetGMs> The radio is completely fine.
06:36:51: <Nemi> ".. radio is fine, why am I not getting Command? Command? Please respond!"
06:37:11: <RogetGMs> "We're far from the Site! Signal's gonna be shitty! But we have to move!"
06:37:48: <Kola> Marcus is becoming increasingly more angry at her.
06:38:04: <Aphex_01> Hans starts to look worried for Sofia. ~Did she inhale something perhaps?~
06:38:35: <Nemi> "Nein! This is not /right/! I never met this priest! We did not have escort!"
06:38:41: <Balthazaar> Eve goes to Sophia. "Hey, hey, calm down…"
06:39:24: <Kola> —God dammit!
Marcus turns on the jeep and puts it in gear
06:40:02: <Kola> I am not letting someone else die because of me!
06:40:32: <Nemi> Sofia snags Hurrikan out of the back of the jeep. She snarls. "I want answers! Now!" She hefts the near two-hundred-kilogram rotary assault cannon like someone might a rifle. Oh, jeez. Iiiiiit might be time to /go/.
06:40:54: <RogetGMs> "Drive! She's going crazy!"
06:41:12: <Nemi> Seven feet tall, mechanical parts, plated in armour and with a metal mask with sinister goggles and rebreather. Yeah, her being confused and angry is /scary/, especailly when Hurrikan's involved.
06:41:49: <Kola> "Shit!" Marcus hits the gas.
06:42:59: <RogetGMs> The car stalls in place for a moment, then takes off with a kick, sliding down the road. Sofia, are you going to let them drive off without you?
06:44:03: <Balthazaar> Eve makes a scared squeak and runs after the car
06:44:09: <Nemi> Heck no. She may not be fast, but she knows she can't let them leave her behind. With a growl she bounds up and attempts to leap into the back of the jeep. Wait, how many extra men are in there again?
06:44:58: <RogetGMs> two! Agi to grab hold of the car in the brief second it was stalling!
06:45:10: <Nemi> 4df+0 lol agility
06:45:11: <Glacon> Nemi: lol agility: -1 (4df+0=4-, 0, 0, 0)
06:45:45: <RogetGMs> Eve, agi fer you too
06:46:23: <Aphex_01> Hans is scared for his life at this point and does the stupidest thing possible: he bails from the jeep as it flies off.
06:46:44: <RogetGMs> Hans y
06:47:11: <Aphex_01> Hans is irrationally scared right now
06:47:27: <Balthazaar> 4df+5
06:47:28: <Glacon> Balthazaar: 7 (4df+5=3+, 3+, 0, 0)
06:47:32: <Aphex_01> The Panzermadchen is a scary sight you know
06:47:39: <RogetGMs> Hans pdef to hit the ground awkwardly from a moving car
06:47:41: <Nemi> Thus jumping in the way of the gigantic mechanized tank-girl is the best idea.
06:48:17: <RogetGMs> Eve, you grab hold of the car and climb aboard, only to see Hans fall off and hurt himself. One of the guys says to Marcus "Hey, everyone fell off, pull over!"
06:48:17: <Aphex_01> 4df+5 good job idiot
06:48:18: <Glacon> Aphex_01: good job idiot: 8 (4df+5=0, 3+, 3+, 3+)
06:48:31: <RogetGMs> You scrape yourself up but you're not going to be feeling it tomorrow
06:49:09: <Kola> Marcus skids the car to a stop and jumps out.
06:49:12: <Balthazaar> "Hans!"
06:49:29: <Aphex_01> He immediately picks himself up and starts running back to the jeep. ~Why did I think that was a good idea…~
06:49:58: <Nemi> Sofia is big but her weight and the weight of her gear, plus her legs being cumbersome, means she's slow. But she can get /momentum/.
06:50:08: <RogetGMs> The two men have weapons drawn on Sofia. "Are you really doing this, Sofia? What's the matter with you?"
06:50:38: <Aphex_01> "Panzermadchen
06:51:04: <Aphex_01> …[what the hell?!]"
06:51:59: <Nemi> "It was /us four on the jeep!/ Who are you two?! Who is priest?!"
06:52:59: <RogetGMs> "YOUR MISSION WAS MURPHY!"
06:53:18: <Nemi> "HE WAS NEVER THE MISSION!"
06:53:23: <RogetGMs> "We're here to escort you! Why is this so hard for you to remember?!"
06:53:50: <Nemi> "YOU WERE NOT WITH US!"
06:54:36: <Nemi> Oh /god/ that sound is Hurrikan spinning up. On the other hand, given that electric-operation rotary cannons don't need to spin up at all, it's likely for effect..
06:54:57: <RogetGMs> They both drop to their knees and aim at Sofia. "DROP IT!"
06:55:23: <Kola> Marcus takes cover behind the jeep
06:56:18: <Nemi> "I NEVER KNEW A MURPHY!"
06:57:43: <Balthazaar> O . O
06:57:50: <Balthazaar> Eve is backing away slowly
06:58:34: <Balthazaar> ~Oh god what's happening?~
06:59:00: <RogetGMs> They don't respond, but fire a warning shot over her head.
06:59:57: <Nemi> She's, of course, using the opportunity to bound further up and try to leap up into the jeep's back. This is the woman who's shrugged off rounds and nanofilament wire whips from a horrifyingly brutal trap setup.
07:00:10: <Nemi> Gunshots, even from the Foundation standard M-14, don't scare her at all.
07:00:17: <Kola> Marcus is trembeling behind the car. What the men said has brought up some of his darker memories . Many people have died because he couldn't save them in time.
07:00:35: <RogetGMs> Agility to leap in!
07:00:38: <Nemi> 4df+0 lol
07:00:39: <Glacon> Nemi: lol: -1 (4df+0=4-, 0, 3+, 4-)
07:00:59: <RogetGMs> You fall flat into the back of the jeep, dropping your weapon
07:01:03: <RogetGMs> 4df+3
07:01:04: <Glacon> RogetGMs: 4 (4df+3=4-, 3+, 3+, 0)
07:01:40: <RogetGMs> Roll again with +2 proximity buff to not have one of the men grab it up away from you!
07:01:53: <Nemi> Well. At least it's tied to her by backpack. She'll fumble to retrieve it and /it's over two hundred pounds/.
07:01:58: <Nemi> 4df+2
07:02:04: <Nemi> 4df+2
07:02:05: <Glacon> Nemi: 1 (4df+2=4-, 4-, 0, 3+)
07:03:42: <RogetGMs> One of them tries to pick it up, but can't and settles for dragging it to out of her reach. They fix their guns to her, point-blank range. "Sofia. Calm down. Please. We don't want to shoot you."
07:04:27: <Kola> Marcus glances at the priest in the car. How is he doing?
07:04:31: <Nemi> "FINE!" She remains where she is, and knows at this range they can just pick and choose important spots to fire on. She holds her hands up, glaring daggers at them behind her mask.
07:04:43: <Balthazaar> Eve looks freaked out
07:04:48: <RogetGMs> He's pale, and sweating.
07:05:21: <RogetGMs> "Just… stay put, Sofia. Someone can help you when we get there. You're obviously unwell."
07:05:28: <RogetGMs> He turns to Marcus. "Drive!"
07:05:44: <Nemi> "Fick dich!"
07:05:48: <Kola> Marcus hops in the car and takes off
07:06:21: <Balthazaar> "…" Eve stares a bit. "Are you feeling ok?"
07:06:27: <Aphex_01> Hans stares at Sofia. ~So that was the Panzmadchen in action huh…incredible.~
07:07:22: <Nemi> She's not even in her full armour. Or actually /firing/ Hurrikan.
07:07:35: <RogetGMs> They drive off into the night, back to Site-19. When they get there, an armored escort takes Sofia to the brig, and the men fetch a medical escort to take Murphy to medical. Everyone else, you can return to #origins-ic
07:07:38: <Nemi> The GOC picked well when they enlisted her as a doorkicker. Why they gave her up to the Foundation is anyone's guess.
07:07:41: <RogetGMs> THE END??????

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