Heart of Knives

19:59 Wixelt Jackal paces around in his cell.
20:01 WetBeard Solomon looks into containment, wondering of the stories of things contained in there.
20:01 Wixelt "Hello there good sir"
20:03 gumbal1 Rage Knight, a ten foot tall humanoid in red samurai armor, seems to be on Yellow Duke cell window duty. It's currently sitting, staring through the window.
20:03 WetBeard Solomon turned to looked, he blinks once or twice, it's quite clear Solomon has a short sword as he wasn't trying to hide it. "Hello, Uh…" Solomon looked around for an assigned number.
20:04 Wixelt The cell doesn't have a number, but you can see what appears to be a redheaded man dressed in an orange suit of armor/regal-wear, peering out at you.
20:05 Wixelt He has a red heart emblazened on his chest.
20:06 WetBeard Solomon frowns at the lack of a number and looks back at the man inside "Not a Skip I suppose," Solomon examined the symbol and armor he was wearing.
20:09 Wixelt As mentioned before, it is orange, and the armor aspects of it look to be from a knight's armor.
20:10 WetBeard Is it recognizable from history, a previous kingdom?
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20:11 Wixelt Not from history, but the heart on the man's chest means he resembles the image shown on some kinds of playing card.
20:11 WetBeard "I've never seen the emblem before, from where do you come may I ask?"
20:15 Wixelt "I wouldn't exactly be being truthful if I was to attatch myself to any form of human monarchy"
20:16 Wixelt "But if you want some kind of family tie, I would say that I come from the House of Hearts"
20:17 WetBeard Solomon nods "You don't come from this realm I suppose.. Heh, sometimes I wish I didn't" He takes the time thinking of any tales stories or folk-lore mentioning the 'House of Hearts'
20:18 Wixelt "I do in fact call this plane of being home. But I can confirm that I wasn't born here."
20:19 WetBeard Solomon blinked, having troubles wrapping his head around it "So are you stuck in this realm?"
20:20 Wixelt "No, I am not. I reside here voluntarily, as does the rest of my family."
20:21 Poke Enriquez returns to his room, thoroughly bored
20:22 WetBeard Solomon titled his head "Why is that? And your family is here as well?"
20:23 Wixelt "Only myself and my daughter."
20:24 WetBeard "I assume she is in a different cell, so why here? Safety?"
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20:26 Wixelt "Firstly, she is right here with me. She would not be able to stay put if she were left on her own" he gestures to the ginger girl in her early teens sleeping on the cell's bed, dressed in a long red skirt and orange shirt.
20:26 WetBeard Solomon smiled "My mistakes, I did not see her"
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20:27 Wixelt "Secondly, I had us imprisoned here voluntarily as part of agreement"
20:27 WetBeard Solomon crossed his arms "Agreement?"
20:29 - Nanoro is away (Away)
20:30 Wixelt "As a means of understanding between our family and your organisation. After we depart, we shall steer clear of your facilities unless otherwise necessary."
20:31 WetBeard "That leaves one question, what brought you here in the first place, if I may ask."
20:32 Wixelt "My daughter was creating trading cards of your personnel and information. I originally came here to rescue her when she was caught."
20:33 Wixelt "I also originally intended to destory said cards."
20:34 - Nanoro is back
20:36 WetBeard Solomon frowns and looked at the girl ~Why though?~ Solomon shook his head "Containing a child for making cards… I wish I didn't understand the way this Foundation thinks…. Name's Solomon, Solomon Vice, in case you wondered"
20:37 Wixelt "Jackal Hearts. My daughter's Ace."
20:37 Wixelt "I'm pretty sure they wanted to stop a potential information leak."
20:38 WetBeard "Yes I'm sure of that as well… But I'm also even more sure, that your daughter meant no harm"
20:39 Wixelt "The world would be a much better place if everyone thought that way."
20:40 Wixelt Roll perception.
20:40 WetBeard 4df+8 Eyes sharp as a sword
20:40 Glacon WetBeard: Eyes sharp as a sword: 8 (4df+8=0, 0, +, -)
20:41 Wixelt You notice a flash of red at the end of the corridor.
20:42 WetBeard Solomon instantly turns to look at the end of corridor, hand on his sheath. ~Overstayed my welcome?~
20:42 Wixelt Jackal seems to sense something around about the same time.
20:43 WetBeard Solomon takes a step /towards/ where he saw the red flash "…"
20:44 Wixelt It seemed to dissapear around the corner.
20:44 WetBeard Solomon goes to the corner to investigate.
20:51 Wixelt Roll PDef
20:52 WetBeard 4df+5 Solomon (unfortunately) doesn't wear armor.
20:52 Glacon WetBeard: Solomon (unfortunately) doesn't wear armor.: 2 (4df+5=-, -, 0, -)
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20:53 Wixelt 4df+5
20:53 Glacon Wixelt: 4 (4df+5=0, -, -, +)
20:53 Wixelt Solomon, a gloved fist comes around the corner and strikes you in the chest.
20:54 WetBeard He stumbles back a bit, ripping his sword out of his sheath in retaliation, he holds his other chest with his other hand pointing his sword at the corner.
20:55 WetBeard "One dare strikes me..?"
20:55 Wixelt The body the fist is attatched to follows it into view.
20:56 WetBeard Solomon stares, sword pointed toward the bodies' chest.
20:59 Wixelt Solomon, you see a young woman, either in her late teens or early 20s, dressed in tanned orange explorer's gear.
20:59 Wixelt She has a katana sheathed on her belt.
21:00 Wixelt She ginger, just like Jackal's daughter.
21:00 Wixelt *She's
21:00 WetBeard Solomon continues to point his sword at her "And who are you?"
21:02 Wixelt "Why would I give my identity to a member of such a puny organisation."
21:03 Wixelt She begins to unsheathe her katana.
21:04 WetBeard 4df+8 (Agility) Solomon frowned, he moves forward and quickly to put the stop her from unsheathing
21:04 Glacon WetBeard: (Agility) Solomon frowned, he moves forward and quickly to put the stop her from unsheathing: 9 (4df+8=+, 0, -, +)
21:05 Wixelt 4df+5
21:05 Glacon Wixelt: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, +, -)
21:06 Wixelt You succeed in stopping her. Her eye's widen at your sudden burst of speed.
21:06 WetBeard Solomon looks serious now "Answer me now or lose your weapon /and/ your hand."
21:08 Wixelt "If you insist"
21:08 Wixelt "The name's Nicole Hearts."
21:08 Sax Someone else is listening, unbeknowest to all of you.
21:08 Wixelt She still sems somewhat confident in spite of your actions.
21:08 WetBeard "Why are you here?"
21:09 Wixelt "I was sent to track down my uncle and cousin."
21:09 Wixelt She's being surprisingly open with you.
21:10 WetBeard Solomon shook his head "To kill them? Or to free them?"
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21:12 Wixelt Nicola scowls at this "Why the hell would I kill my own family?!"
21:13 Wixelt She attempts to push you away to free her grip.
21:13 Wixelt 4df+4 Strength.
21:13 Glacon Wixelt: Strength.: 2 (4df+4=+, -, -, -)
21:13 WetBeard Solomon smirked "You'd be surprise" He lowered his sword "I have no right to stand your way" He /actually/ moves our the way
21:13 WetBeard (One of us is redacting)
21:13 WetBeard (Question is)
21:13 WetBeard (Which)
21:13 Wixelt Redact
21:14 Wixelt Mine
21:14 WetBeard
21:14 Wixelt She doesn't attempt to push you off.
21:14 Wixelt "Thank you."
21:14 Wixelt She walks all the way up to the cell.
21:14 WetBeard He nods "Just don't get caught" Solomon follows.
21:15 Wixelt "Nicola. I thought it was you." Jackal smiles.
21:16 WetBeard Solomon idly stares, just making sure she doesn't go off to kill someone
21:16 Wixelt "Of course it was me." She smirks.
21:16 Wixelt Jackal: "Who sent you?"
21:17 WetBeard Solomon does however listen, because it's his job.
21:18 Wixelt Nicola: "Albert did. He knew where you were going and sent me to pull you and Ace out."
21:20 Wixelt Jackal frowns "It wasn't an order from the top?"
21:21 WetBeard Solomon ponders as he looks down the hall to make sure no one is coming
21:21 Wixelt Nicola: "Of course it goddamn wasn't. You know he wouldn't approve such a reckless action"
21:23 Wixelt Jackal's frown becomes rather deep.
21:23 Wixelt "In that case. I would appreciate it if you leave."]
21:24 WetBeard That makes Solomon suddenly look over ~?~
21:24 Wixelt Nicola raises an eyebrow
21:24 Wixelt "Excuse me?"
21:25 Wixelt Jackal nods. "You heard me. We're heere voluntarily. Unless we're needed urgently, i'd rather remain here until it is no longer necessary to do so."
21:25 WetBeard Solomon frowns, so much for a happy family reunion
21:28 Wixelt "I understand" Nicola shakes her head, "You and your agreements…"
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21:29 WetBeard "…"
21:29 Wixelt Jackal: "I want to leave on good terms with this organisation, and I shall remain here until such a time as I can leave with that being possible."
21:31 Wixelt Nicola nods again.
21:32 Wixelt "In that case, I shall take my leave."
21:33 Wixelt "I incapacitated several guards on the way here and should probably depart before the wake up."
21:33 Wixelt *they
21:33 WetBeard Solomon straightens a little.
21:35 Wixelt Jackal nods "I shall see you soon"
21:35 Wixelt Nicola gives a cheeky grin, nods, then speeds off down the corridor.
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21:38 * WetBerad is now known as WetBeard
21:39 WetBeard Solomon looks at Jackal "Very noble."
21:40 Wixelt "Indeed"
21:40 Wixelt "I assure you she meant no harm."
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21:40 Wixelt "Sorry about your guards by the way."
21:41 WetBeard Solomon smirked "I know, if she did, I assure you I wouldn't have lowered my weapon" Solomon sighs a little
21:43 Wixelt Jackal nods, understanding.
21:44 Wixelt "Papa?" Ace's voice echoes from the back of the cell.
21:46 WetBeard Solomon looks at the back of the cell with a soft smile "I shall be off then."
21:46 Wixelt Jackal nods again, then looks around to the back of the cell to speak to his daughter.
21:48 WetBeard Solomon walks off, smiling

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