(Great Balls of) Fire In the Sky

<Soulless> Walter skitters inside, nervous.
<ihp> Waiting for you at the front of the site is a man in a labcoat with wild brown hair, even wilder eyes, and he's holding something that looks like a combination between an oscilloscope and a geiger counter. He waits for people to actually come to him; under one arm, he's holding a file haphazardly.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin is there.
<Beaker> Ryan is looking anxious.
<ihp> He sweeps the device over each of the people exiting the site. "Good. You're all human." He stands straight. "My name is Dr. Jason Hendricks, UFOlogist and head of MTF-Xeno-1. Today, your objective is… and you have to understand, this isn't strictly on the books… you're going to Memphis to prevent an alien invasion."

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<Beaker> Ryan's eyes widen and looks at the Doctor.
<TeslaTornado> "… Oh. /You/." Kevin squints. He's heard rumors about this guy.
<Soulless> Walter looks nervous. Oh no More aliens.
<ihp> He takes out the file, and the instant he opens it, photographs fall out and are carried over to you all by the wind. "CATCH THOSE! They're Foundation property!"
<Soulless> He starts jumping to catch few, looking terribly comical.
<Soulless> ;_;
<ihp> Agility, Walter.
<weizhong> Ethan strolls out of the site
<weizhong> To where the others are. He's packed and ready for a mission.
<ihp> Ethan, a photograph plasters itself over your face as you exit it.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (AGI) Kevin snatches the photographs that float towards him.
<Panic> TeslaTornado: (AGI) Kevin snatches the photographs that float towards him.: 5 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, +)
<weizhong> "Hello, wha-nyargh" Ethan is hit in the face
<Soulless> 4df+3 ;_;
<Panic> Soulless: ;_;: 3 (4df+3=+, +, -, -)
<Beaker> Ryan reaches for a photo sliding across the floor.
<Beaker> 4df+2
<Panic> Beaker: 5 (4df+2=0, +, +, +)
<Beaker> Ryan hands the photo to the Doctor
<Soulless> For those that haven't met him, Walter is a mousey looking fellow with a mop-head of brown hair.
<ihp> You all manage to grab some! They appear to be photographs of the city of Memphis, with large, bright lights floating over it in the sky. "They have a distinct holding pattern; they appear to be either targeting a small area of the residential district, or, the more plausible possibility, the local military deopt."
<Soulless> He wears a labcoat and looks somewhat afraid of Ryan and Ethan.
<TeslaTornado> For those who haven't met Kevin, he's terrifying.
<TeslaTornado> He analyzes the photos and hands them back.
<weizhong> Ethan notices two unfamiliar faces. He knows Kevin, but is unfamiliar with the other two.
<Soulless> Walter hands the photos back and hides behind Etan.
<Soulless> err
<Soulless> Behind Kevn.
<Soulless> *Kevin
<weizhong> He extends a hand to both. "I don't think we've met. Ethan Liang, at your service."
<Soulless> "I'm W-walter Bouchard…"
<Beaker> Ryan stands up and extends his hand. "Ryan Shamus, here to do what I'm told." Ryan smiles slightly.
<ihp> "The Administrator didn't believe this was worth our time, so I've had to take matters into my own hands." He takes the photos back and says his thanks. "Please, you are our last line of defense against the worst scum of the universe! You must stop them!" He thrusts out his device to them all. "Take this. It's a Hendricks Scanner; I invented it myself. It can be used to detect alien spies…
<ihp> …among us all."
<weizhong> Ethan gives a broad smile to both, "Nice to meet you"
<Soulless> He looks nervous at this… alien-hunter. His last time with aliens was not fun.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin squints at Hendricks. "… You're deranged. And this is a waste of Foundation resources."
<Soulless> Walter carefully takes a Hendricks Scanner and puts it in his bag.
<weizhong> Ethan frowns slightly at the disheveled researcher. "I remember you, sir. You destroyed the television."
<Beaker> Ryan takes a device. "How does it work?" Ryan turns it over.
<ihp> "Please! You have to believe me! They seek their king, and once they have him, they shall rule the world!"
<weizhong> Ethan raises a skeptical eue
<weizhong> *eye
<TeslaTornado> "Oh, so he's destroyed Foundation property /and/ he's now wasting Foundation resources as well."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin slams the Hendricks scanner into the side of Hendricks' head.
<ihp> Hendricks whimpers. "I've arranged for a first-class flight- ack!" Hendricks falls to the ground and whimpers.
<Beaker> Ryan jumps at the smack
<weizhong> "Peace, Mr. Winsthrop. Perhaps we shoudl at least hear the man out."
<ihp> Oh, and kevin, roll melle.
<ihp> Melee*
<TeslaTornado> 4df+3 (Melee) Just a light tap, really
<Panic> TeslaTornado: (Melee) Just a light tap, really: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, +, -)
<weizhong> (kevin kills Hendricks, end of run right there)
<ihp> 4df+2 Hendricks is a skinny guy.
<Panic> ihp: Hendricks is a skinny guy.: 1 (4df+2=0, 0, -, 0)
<Soulless> Walter jumps at the combat.
<ihp> You gave him quite a nasty gash on his head.
<ihp> "Nobody believes me… please, they are coming… please…"
<Soulless> Can Walter try to bandage Hendricks up?
<TeslaTornado> Kevin squats, gently setting the device down next to him.
<ihp> He sounds like he's about to start- no, he /has/ started crying.
<ihp> And he can.
<Soulless> Walter pulls out his medkit and tries to bandage the poor fellow up.
<Beaker> Ryan gets gauze and hands it to Walter
<Soulless> 4df+3
<Panic> Soulless: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
<Soulless> He uses some of the gauze handed.
<ihp> Hendricks is bandaged up, and lays on the ground. "Even if you don't believe me… I have four first-class plane tickets to Memphis that are burning a hole in my pocket. Round trip."
<Beaker> Ryan's eyes widen at this.
<weizhong> (Ethan's a medic)
<weizhong> Ethan checks the bandages, and works on them himself with his professional eye
<weizhong> 4df+5+5+4
<Panic> weizhong: 15 (4df+5+5+4=0, +, +, -)
<TeslaTornado> (Wei, skill rolls cap at 12)
<TeslaTornado> Kevin continues squatting, considering his options.
<Beaker> Ryan checks 4df+4+5
<ihp> "Please… go." And he's back on his feet. He hands the scanner, which has some of his blood on it, to Ethan. "You're Psi-ko 7.You'll handle yourselves just fine." With that, he heads into the site, clutching his head. There is a jeep waiting for you.
<weizhong> (Woops, my bad)
<Soulless> Walter looks to Ethan and, shamed for having a much more epic medic around, skitters into the jeep.

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<Beaker> "Shotgun"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin scowls as he hops into the jeep.
<weizhong> Ethan nods at Hendricks, and hands him an ice-pack before sliding into the driver's seat of the jeep.
<Beaker> 4df+2 Ryan attempts a cool hop in
<Panic> Beaker: Ryan attempts a cool hop in: 2 (4df+2=+, -, 0, 0)
<Soulless> Walter settles with Ethan, the nicest-looking of the men. NOT IN THAT WAY.
<weizhong> (o bby)
<TeslaTornado> (We all know Kevin's got that ruggedly-handsome thing goin' on)
<Beaker> Ryan failed miserably, just sits in the shotgun seat
<Soulless> (Walter isn't that kinky that he wants the same treatment Hendricks got)
<Beaker> with his right foot out the door
<weizhong> Ethan starts up the car, and glances back. "Everyone ready?"
<ihp> In the jeep is a map to the air force base, a map of Memphis, some spare ammunition, a few Hendricks scanners (including one that's intended to be mounted on a vehicle), some plane tickets, a few granola bars, and some kind of police baton (?). It's silver and has a weird hook on the end.
<Beaker> Ryan picks up the Silver police club and looks at it

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<TeslaTornado> Kevin checks his weapon. He only brought one pistol this time.
<Soulless> Walter takes a granola bar.
<weizhong> Ethan hands the map to Ryan. "Can you read this for me?" He has an apologetic look on his face. "I'm not very good at reading English."
<ihp> Ryan, it's…got a sticker on it, marked "PROPERTY OF MTF-XENO-1 -Jason Hendricks".
<Beaker> "No problem boss." Ryan smiles and puts the club down and picks up the map
<weizhong> Ethan begins to drive.
<ihp> That godawful "Rock around the Clock" song is playing on the radio.
<Beaker> "Take a right out of the driveway and drive 15 kms."
<Soulless> Walter tolates the music and quietly waits.
<weizhong> 'Got it." Ethan turns.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin re-checks and re-checks and re-checks and re-checks his pistol.
<weizhong> While still driving, he glances at Ryan. "So, what do you do?"
<TeslaTornado> It's obsessive-compulsive.
<Soulless> Walter eventually puts a hand on Kevin's shoulder to try and calm him.
<Beaker> "Chemical and biological weapons." Ryan smiles "And I'm not a half bad medic"
<weizhong> "Using them?"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin grabs hold of Walter's wrist with a force somewhere between "forced compliance" and "grinding his bones into dust" and removes it from his shoulder, then goes back to performing his weapons check.
<ihp> Your car eventually arrives at the Air Force base, where, as promised, there is a jet liner waiting for you. And you're all in first class~
<ihp> Don't ask why there's a jet liner at an Air Force Base.
<Beaker> "Using, making and destroying." Ryan steps out and moves the seat for Walter
<weizhong> Ethan stops the car, and hops out.
<Soulless> Walter rubs his wrist and settles into first class, looking like he might faint.
<Soulless> Good job, Kevin. Walter's acting like a teenager hiding a boner.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin settles into coach.
<Beaker> Ryan sits next to Walter.
<weizhong> Ethan takes a seat, and does some quiet checks on his gear.
<Beaker> Ryan looks at the club thing again.
<ihp> After you're all in, the plane takes off. Vwhooosh. «This is your captain speaking, we'll be arriving in Memphis whenever God all-Mighty says we are. So, hang on."
<Soulless> Walter looks over to Ryan, all fretful.
<Soulless> "Bonjour…" He speaks with a noticeable french acent.
<weizhong> 4df+7 He examines the Hendricks Scanner (Perception + Science)
<Panic> weizhong: He examines the Hendricks Scanner (Perception + Science): 8 (4df+7=0, -, +, +)
<ihp> It's basically just a handheld Geiger counter with parts from various other pieces of electronic stuff. You spot a bit of a radio here, some parts from an oscilloscope there, and this one weird piece of metal you can't identify.
<Beaker> 4df+4 (Science+Perception) Ryan looks at the club
<Panic> Beaker: (Science+Perception) Ryan looks at the club: 3 (4df+4=+, 0, -, -)
<ihp> A stewardess comes around, offering everyone drinks.
<Soulless> Walter is all nice and stuff to the stewardess, gets himself some juice.
<weizhong> Ethan accepts some tea.
<Beaker> "Rum and Coke please." Ryan flashes a smile.
<ihp> Ryan, if you were to compare notes with Ethan, you might notice that the metal the club is made out of is the same as the weird piece of metal on the scanner.
<Soulless> He's too nervous to drink booze.
<weizhong> Ethan sniffs the tea. It's some American or English brew. He distastefully sets it aside.
<Beaker> Ryan sips his drink
<ihp> You're approaching Memphis now… one moment.
<ihp> 1d3
<Panic> ihp: 2 (1d3=2)
<ihp> Walter, visual perception as you look out the window in your aisle.
<weizhong> Ethan looks at Ryan. "May I see that club?"
<ihp> Walter?
<Soulless> 4df+5 !!!
<Panic> Soulless: !!!: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, -, +)
<ihp> Walter, out of the corner of your eye, you see something dart across the sky impossibly fast. The plane shakes slightly as it goes past, and for a brief-moment, the in-cabin lights die.
<Soulless> Walter flinches!
<Soulless> "I-I-I… M-m-maybe he w-w-was not s-s-so c-c-razy…"
<Beaker> Ryan pats his shoulder
<ihp> «Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are beginning our final descent into Memphis. The local time is approximately 4:40 PM, and it's a nice sunny day in the River City.»
<weizhong> Ethan gently says again. "Ryan?"
<Beaker> "Yup"
<Beaker> Ryan hands it back. "Sorry about that"
<weizhong> "Not at all." (What's Ryan's last name again"
<weizhong> )*
<Beaker> (Shamus)
<weizhong> (Oh, okay)
<weizhong> 4df+7 Ethan examines the club. (Sci + Perce)
<ihp> The plane descends onto the Tarmac. And Ethan… the scanner goes haywire when it's held next to the weird baton thing. It beeps and boops and practically screams before you touch down and pull up to your gate.
<Panic> weizhong: Ethan examines the club. (Sci + Perce): 8 (4df+7=+, -, +, 0)
<weizhong> "Hmmmm." Ethan makes a mental note.
<ihp> Also, Ethan, mdef.
<weizhong> 4df+4 aw shit
<Panic> weizhong: aw shit: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
<Beaker> Ryan stands up and walks toward the door.
<Soulless> "I s-s-aw a t-thing…"
<weizhong> (Do I add memory or logical reasoning to that?)
<ihp> You briefly hear the first few notes of that bloody "Rock Around the Clock" song in your head for some reason.
<ihp> Probably nothing!
<weizhong> Ethan glances at Walter. "What was that, Mr. Bouchard?"
<Soulless> "I s-saw something… the l-lights went out… it was f-f-fast. Outside, I saw it o-outside."
<ihp> Is everyone off the plane?
<Soulless> Walter gets off!
<weizhong> Ethan gently nudges Kevin to wake him up.
<Soulless> (Not like that)
<weizhong> (o bby)
<ihp> It seems like Hendricks arranged for a car to take you to wherever you need to go. No driver, however. And the car is… not in the best condition.
<Beaker> Ryan tries to get the flight attendants number
<ihp> Persuasion, Ryan.
<Beaker> 4df+2
<Panic> Beaker: 2 (4df+2=+, -, +, -)
<Beaker> Ryan walks to the car
<ihp> The stewardess just looks at you in disgust.
<Beaker> "At least she didn't smack me" Ryan smiles shyly
<Soulless> Walter pats Ryan consolingly. He knowhow that feels.
<Beaker> Ryan just smiles
<ihp> Do you drive off?
<Beaker> I'll drive
<weizhong> Ethan walks over to the car, and Kevin is totally driving
<weizhong> *Kevin is totally with him
<weizhong> (I don't know why I said driving"
<weizhong> (I don't know why I said driving)
<Beaker> Ryan gets in the back seat
<Soulless> Walter sits in the back with Ryan.
<ihp> As you drive away from the Airport, you see a billboard out the window proclaiming "TILGHAM FOR MAYOR! Protector of our minds, protector of our values, protector of the city!" Next to this, a picture of an old Southern gentleman is displayed, winking at you all.
<ihp> Which way do you head?
<Soulless> Walter looks to the billboard.
<Soulless> "W-we should go m-meet the m-mayor…"
<ihp> He's not elected mayor, yet, he's just a candidate.
<weizhong> "I think that we should go to the military depot or the residential district on the photo that we saw." Ethan suggests.
<Soulless> Oh, replace that with 'we should go meet that guy'.
<ihp> In fact… anyone who sees the billboard can give me an academics check.
<weizhong> 4df+3 Academics yo
<Panic> weizhong: Academics yo: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
<Beaker> 4df+2
<Soulless> 4df+8 (specialty: Well Read)
<Panic> Beaker: -1 (4df+2=0, -, -, -)
<Panic> Soulless: (specialty: Well Read): 8 (4df+8=+, +, -, -)
<weizhong> (lmfao)
<Beaker> (Shush)
<ihp> Only Walter gets this: You've read a couple of newspaper articles about this guy. Wilford Tilgham. This man is uber-religious, uber-conservative, and uber-xenophobic. Believer in the Rapture. He's also currently head of the Memphis censorship board, which is responsible for preventing about 70% of all films produced by Hollywood, including things like Chaplain Films and The Three Stooges,…
<ihp> …from getting into town.
<ihp> You still want to meet someone like that?
<Soulless> Walter winces.
<Soulless> "T-that man… is a t-terrible person."
<weizhong> Ethan glances at Walter as he drives. "How so?
<Soulless> If Walter was a braver man, he would've suggested going to him to beat the shit out of him.
<Soulless> "V-very religious. C-conservative. H-head of the b-board that ce-censors about 70% of H-hollywood's Movies f-from ever being p-produced…"
<Soulless> "E-even the g-good stuff…"
<Beaker> "so"
<ihp> You are heading towards the Military depot, correct?
<weizhong> (Ethan wants to)
<Soulless> (Let's assume they go)
<Soulless> (to Military debot)
<ihp> In that case, you're heading north. But, as you get to Ketchum road…
<ihp> 1d10
<Panic> ihp: 8 (1d10=8)
<ihp> BAM. One of the tires on your car goes out with a hiss. Not surprising, considering that it looked like it was patched with duct tape and dreams.
<Soulless> "…"
<ihp> Driver! roll me agility to not swerve!
<weizhong> 4df+4 Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
<Panic> weizhong: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
<ihp> You get it under control, but not without getting the attention of several Memphis residents. And you've come to a stop right in front of the drive way for some kind of drive-in.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin jostles around in the back of the vehicle.
<Beaker> Ryan hops out
<TeslaTornado> When it stops, he folds himself out if it.
<TeslaTornado> out of it*
<ihp> 1d4
<Panic> ihp: 4 (1d4=4)
<weizhong> Ethan slides out. "Everyone okay?"
<Soulless> Walter heads on out.
<ihp> The rear left tire is the one that popped.
<Soulless> He checks if there's any spares.
<ihp> There is one in the trunk… out of which pops a raccoon. With a bit of the tire in its mouth. Well.
<weizhong> (Damnit ProcyonBRB, get the fuck out of our car)
<weizhong> "Well, that's not good."
<Beaker> "Nope"
<ihp> As you try to inspect the car, you realize you've caught the attention of people at the drive-in. The name of the venue is emblazoned in bright neon tubing: "LENNY'S BURGERS N' STUFF". It's painted all red with neon that lights up at night and located next to a mini-golf course for the kids, with a windmill and everything. Looking at the menu, you see that they serve everything from the…
<ihp> …classic cheeseburger to chocolate-dipped bananas to milk shakes, Pepsi, and even chicken 'n' grits. You also see that they've lately started carrying a special sandwich that's composed of peanut butter, fried bananas and bacon on wheat bread. People actually like that kind of thing?

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<TeslaTornado> Kevin doesn't understand people except as bundles of vulnerable organs and fear.
<weizhong> (Hah I get it)
<weizhong> (Fucking elvis)
<Beaker> "Anybody hungry?"
<TeslaTornado> "No."
<weizhong> Ethan looks around. "Any garages nearby?"

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<TeslaTornado> Kevin approaches a random local, affecting a rock-solid New England accent. "'scuse me, man, where can we find a garage? We got a flat."
<Soulless> "I g-g-guess maybe we w-w-walk…"
<ihp> The man Kevin talks to is eating a cheeseburger. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and a weird smile. He's wearing a flannel shirt. "Ya, uh… I got a friend, Lenny. He runs a garage. I can have Irma call him for ya if ya want." He stands up and chews on the burger. "I don't think I've seen you around here before."
<ihp> Ethan, that scanner of yours… it's beeping slightly for some reason.
<TeslaTornado> "We aren't from 'round here. We're from out east."
<Beaker> Ryan looks at Ethan
<weizhong> Ethan glances down at the scanner and frowns. He holds it up to the man.
<ihp> "I can tell. That is an awful accent you got there, friend." He chews on his burger some more, and… Kevin, perception.
<Beaker> and mouths "Why is Kevin doing this?"
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Sweet jesus
<Panic> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Sweet jesus: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
<ihp> Ethan, the scanner goes beep-beep-beep-beep. If you got closer, you could get a more accurate reading.
<Soulless> "…"
<Soulless> Walter looks to Ethan, then to the man. He begins to look nervous again.
<weizhong> Ethan walks a little bit closer to the man.
<ihp> Kevin, you somewhat notice a couple of people wearing fedoras in the back, but they probably aren't of any concern. Ethan, the scanner beeps faster, and when you get close enough… it spews sparks and fizzles.
<Beaker> "How' s that sandwich sir?" Ryan asks in a mid western accent.
<ihp> The man jumps. "Lord all mighty what is that?"
<ihp> He says in response to Ethan's thing spewing sparks.
<weizhong> Ethan puts the scanner away, and places his hands akimbo. One hand is discreetly on top of his combat knife. "Scientific tool."
<Beaker> "Uhhhhh"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin looks over at Ethan's machine and, thinking on his feet: "Jesus, Mike, put that thing away."
<TeslaTornado> "We're USDA inspectors. Heard somethin' was up with the food around here."
<weizhong> "Sollyy, Danny. I was just checking it." Ethan adopts a thick Chinese accent.
<ihp> "…what does that test? Is the food here radioactive? Oh my good /lord!/" The man stares and drops his burger. Upon hearing the word 'radioactive', several people start talking in hushed tones about Soviet attacks and the like.
<Soulless> Walter continues sounding french as fuck.
<ihp> Sometime, several months down the line, the owner of Lenny's drive through will attempt to place a voodoo curse on you all.
<Beaker> "No no nothing like that."
<TeslaTornado> "Naw, nothin' like that, nothin' like that, calm /down/."
<ihp> You just ruined his business.
<TeslaTornado> "Geez. Say /one/ thing."
<Soulless> "N-no…"
<TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intimidate + Terrorize + Ice King) "I SAID ALL OF YOU CALM DOWN."
<Panic> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate + Terrorize + Ice King) "I SAID ALL OF YOU CALM DOWN.": 11 (4df+12=-, 0, +, -)
<ihp> "…son, that is the worst fuckin' accent I've ever heard."
<weizhong> "Carm down, sir, no worry, no worry."
<Soulless> Walter is the most horrified.
<Soulless> He hides behind Ethan!
<weizhong> Ethan glances behind him. "Don't be big baby, Jack."
<ihp> The people all stare at Kevin. A woman /faints/ and spills Milkshake all over herself. In the back, the two fedora-wearing men are unphased. They walk up to the man with the brown hair. "Sir, are these people bothering you?" "No, fellers, they just-" "Because we can take care of them if they're bothering you." Noticeably, the two fedoras have a Manhattan accent as opposed to the slight twang…
<ihp> …you find in Memphis.
<Beaker> Ryan takes his machine and turns it on behind his back and walks by the man pretending to spit tobacco.
<ihp> (Machine?)
<weizhong> (Scanner)
<weizhong> (Also, there's only one scanner, right?)
<Beaker> Hiding the device.
<Beaker> (We were all given one)
<ihp> There are multiple ones. And this one fizzles as well, spewing sparks all over.
<ihp> fzzzzt.
<Soulless> Walter continues hiding behind Ethan.
<Soulless> "P-plis n-no…"
<TeslaTornado> "Now then."
<Beaker> Ryan walks behind the car to look at the readings.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin shakes out the lapels of his sport coat, looking impatient.
<weizhong> Ethan glances at Kevin, meeting his eyes. Then he glances at his device, pointedly.
<ihp> One of the Fedoras frowns at Kevin, and pulls out a badge. It's a Pinkerton, as in the detective agency. "Sir, we don't like your tone. Mr. Tilgham has asked us to make sure this man arrives home safely today, no matter what." "Now, fellas, that really ain't-" "Shut up." "All righty."
<ihp> "…can I at least call a cab for 'em or somethin'?"
<ihp> Ryan: it's fried. You cannot read the readings, other than this guy is most likely an alien.
<TeslaTornado> ~Pinkertons. Great. It's as if the name carries ham-fisted incompetence with it where-ever it goes.~
<TeslaTornado> "We don't plan to interfere with your… Assignment, sir, we're just doin' our job."
<Beaker> Ryan frowns and lightly taps the device with his hand.
<ihp> "Then I suggest you call a cab and get out." The fedoras glare at Kevin. Glaaaaaare.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intimidate + Command + Ice King) Been glaring since you were in diapers
<Panic> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate + Command + Ice King) Been glaring since you were in diapers: 12 (4df+12=-, +, -, +)

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<ihp> "Come along, Mr. Presley." "But fellers-" the man protests- "I gotta get to RCA some time tonight!" "You can go tomorrow." The Pinkerton grabs the man's arm. "Come along, let's get you home to your mother."
<weizhong> Ethan pointedly glances at Kevin again, and then even more pointedly glances at the men, then the device.
<weizhong> (Aw shit it actually is elvis)
<Soulless> Walter looks super nervous.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin glances at Ethan, then back at the men, then at their escort, then at Ethan's device, then at Ethan again. He doffs his cap (http://profbloodgood.net/costumes/images/cwivygrherrm.JPG) and steps aside.
<ihp> The Pinketons walk past Kevin with "Mr. Presley"… what does Kevin do after that?
<weizhong> Ethan motions for Kevin to tackle the men while their backs are turned.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin gives Ethan a look like "Why the fuck would we do that"
<weizhong> Ethan pointedly glares at the device, using expressive hand gestures
<weizhong> Then he points at the men.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin pointedly glances at the crowd of bystanders, then at the Pinkertons and this Presley whatshisface.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Any storefronts across the street?
<Panic> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Any storefronts across the street?: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
<ihp> The man they're escorting off drops his wallet before he's taken into a black sedan.
<ihp> There's a bunch of houses, Kevin.
<weizhong> 4df+4+4 Ethan looks for the license plate to remember the car.
<Panic> weizhong: Ethan looks for the license plate to remember the car.: 5 (4df+4+4=-, -, 0, -)
<TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (Academics + WTOW) Kevin mind-palaces the car's plates, if they're there. If not, make, model, and any damage or identifying marks.
<Panic> TeslaTornado: (Academics + WTOW) Kevin mind-palaces the car's plates, if they're there. If not, make, model, and any damage or identifying marks.: 9 (4df+8=0, 0, 0, +)
<ihp> They have plates, yes.

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<weizhong> (If you add academics to mine, ya get 8)
<ihp> And you memorize them!

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<ihp> They drive southwards. His wallet is on the ground.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin double-ensures his memory is bulletproof by copying the plates, make and model into the notebook. He then goes to retrieve the wallet.
<Beaker> Ryan walks around the car
<weizhong> Ethan drops his accent, and quietly whispers. "The scanner was going off the charts with those guys."
<TeslaTornado> "I noticed. We're going after them, but we can't cause a scene. We're a secret organization."
<ihp> Kevin, the wallet contains two ten-dollar bills and miscellaneous change; a business card for RCA records; a couple of guitar picks; and his driver's license. His name is Elvis Presley. He lives on 1034 Audabon Drive, which, remembering the map, was to the north of here. The car just took off southwards.
<Beaker> "The Presley guy i think…. CHeck the sandwich"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin checks the address on the RCA card.
<TeslaTornado> Then cross-references it with the map of Memphis.
<ihp> It's downtown, Kevin, but you should be able to get there easily enough.
<ihp> If you can get the car fixed.
<Beaker> 4df+2 (Engineering) Ryan looks for somethin to patch the tire with
<Panic> Beaker: (Engineering) Ryan looks for somethin to patch the tire with: 1 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, -)
<weizhong> 4df+4 EThan looks around for a garage
<Panic> weizhong: EThan looks around for a garage: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
<ihp> You know, the drive-in has a phone that you can use if you ask nicely enough…
<weizhong> Ethan clears his throat. "Perhaps one of you should go in and call."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin looks about himself, as if waiting for someone else to do it.
<ihp> Tick tock goes the clock. It's now 5:30.
<weizhong> Ethan looks at Ryan.
<Beaker> Ryan sighs and walks to the phone
<Beaker> Ryan looks in the yellow pages for a auto shop
<ihp> You dial one up, and a tow truck is there within five minutes. The mechanic fixes up the tire, and looks at Kevin. "That'll be 20 bucks."
<Beaker> (Do i need to roll or can i just call?)
<TeslaTornado> Kevin produces two tens.

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<TeslaTornado> Bottomless pockets, that one.

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<ihp> The mechanic nods in thanks. "Y'all have a nice day in Memphis, y'hear?" With that, he gets off into a tow truck and drives off. The car is fixed.
<ihp> What do you do?
<TeslaTornado> First, Kevin affixes the vehicle-based scanner to the car.
<weizhong> Ethan does a mental cross-check of the military depot and the residential district that they saw in the photograph with a map of Memphis in order to see what direction they are from where they currently are
<Beaker> Ryan lights a smoke
<Soulless> (Walter is here what did he miss)
<TeslaTornado> (Elvis goddamn Presley)
<Soulless> (Hue)
<Soulless> Walter follows, obedient and still scared from Kevin's intimidation roll.
<Beaker> Ryan smokes and follows Walter
<weizhong> "So where are we going now?"
<ihp> Kevin, the scanner is affixed! It looks hella conspicuous and hilariously out of place, like a vacuum cleaner on top of the car.
<TeslaTornado> (Ecto-1)
<ihp> It beeps as it points southwards, but also beeps to the north. Hmm.
<Soulless> "…L-let's… uhm… g-go…"
<TeslaTornado> "Right… That's an issue." Kevin scratches his chin, tucking his hat into his back pocket.
<Beaker> Ryan hops in
<weizhong> Ethan slides into the driver's seat. "Let's head to the south."
<TeslaTornado> "That Presley nobody's house was to the north."
<weizhong> "But the car with Presley went south."
<TeslaTornado> "And Hendrickson's idiot's lantern lit up when we got near him. Maybe there's something useful in his house."
<ihp> (Just Hendricks)
<TeslaTornado> Hendricks'*
<ihp> Time ticks by.
<weizhong> "It also lit up near the men with him."
<ihp> It's now been over an hour since you got to Memphis.
<weizhong> "And I think finding his physical person would be more useful."
<Soulless> "S-south then…"
<Soulless> "L-let's… uhm.. b-be quick…"
<TeslaTornado> "We don't have any intel on him, though. Going after him now would be like charging into a jungle, at night, after bathing in pig's blood."
<ihp> …everyone, give me a visual perception.
<weizhong> 4df+4 WATCH
<Panic> weizhong: WATCH: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
<weizhong> (FUCK YOU PANIC)
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4
<Panic> TeslaTornado: 4 (4df+4=-, -, +, +)
<TeslaTornado> (ilu Panic)
<ihp> Soulless, Beaker.
<ihp> Perception, visual.
<Soulless> 4df+5 !!!
<Panic> Soulless: !!!: 5 (4df+5=0, +, -, 0)
<Beaker> 4df+2
<Panic> Beaker: 4 (4df+2=+, +, 0, 0)
<ihp> Nevermind. None of you notice what I was trying to show unless you look especially for it. And I'm not saying what it is.
<weizhong> (fuck you ihp)
<Beaker> Ryan looks at the sandwich
<ihp> (That's not nice…)
<weizhong> Ethan starts up the car. "The longer we wait, the farther we get away from Presley."
<Soulless> "Let's g-go."
<Beaker> should we check the sandwich. maybe the muscle is funky"
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Wards) Kevin feels for magical energy in the area, just for shits.
<Panic> TeslaTornado: (Wards) Kevin feels for magical energy in the area, just for shits.: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
<ihp> Kevin, no magical energy in the area, but… you do suddenly hear a hum from up above. And there's a sudden rush of wind before the car takes off.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin looks up!
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Visual
<Panic> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Visual: 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
<Soulless> Walter jumps!
<weizhong> Ethan keeps driving
<weizhong> Taking your eyes off the road is dangerous yo
<ihp> Kevin, you see a grey streak take off down the street. It's faster than any plane you've ever seen, and has blinking lights all over it. People look up and gasp as it goes overhead, and the vehicle scanner nearly shorts out!
<ihp> It keeps on trucking, however, despite a brief glitch.
<ihp> Take off above the street, rather.
<ihp> Not down it.
<Beaker> Ryan looks up "what the…"
<Soulless> "S-s-cary… L-let's k-keep going."
<weizhong> "See something?"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin checks the scanners in the car. All of them. Vehicle-based and personal.
<weizhong> Ethan continues to head towards the southwards target.
<TeslaTornado> "Airborne entity. Fast moving."
<ihp> They all display an 11 for a few brief seconds before going back down to baseline levels.
<TeslaTornado> Grudgingly: "Seems Hendricks was less insane than I'd thought."
<ihp> And you keep on driving… eventually, after…
<ihp> 1d30
<Panic> ihp: 15 (1d30=15)
<ihp> After 15 minutes of skillful driving on Ethan's part, you come across the car, which is parked in front of… pause for description!
<weizhong> (Oh snap)
<ihp> The car is parked in front of Victorian-style house that's located at the edge of Memphis, all wood and pointed roofs and bay windows. It's embellished with a statue of the Decalogue- better known as the Ten Commandments- out on the front lawn, and a crucifix hanging over the porch. The entire thing looks like an incredibly plain, two-story mansion. You suspect the parlor is quite nice, however.
<ihp> And the scanner is going haywire.
<Beaker> Ryan looks at the house "Creepy"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at the house as well. "… How ostentatious. Park somewhere quieter, let's case it out."
<TeslaTornado> "We need to find ingress and egress points, power supplies, any surveillance equipment or guards."
<Soulless> "…C-can any of us s-sneak in…"
<TeslaTornado> "In case something stupid happens."
<weizhong> "Perhaps this is the residence of our mayoral candidate friend."
<weizhong> Ethan notes the Decalogue statue.
<weizhong> And the Crucifix.
<TeslaTornado> "Most likely."
<weizhong> Ethan places has his knife ready, and his medical kit/supply pack even more ready.
<ihp> The door to the house begins to open.
<Beaker> Ryan checks his gun and baton
<TeslaTornado> Kevin hides his gun further beneath his buttoned sport coat and dusts off his shoes.
<Soulless> Walter has nothing to fight with! He gets ready to hide.
<TeslaTornado> He slowly, languidly, steps out of the car, his hands clasped before him in a gesture of nonagression.
<weizhong> Ethan places a reassuring hand on Walter's shoulder.
<ihp> Out steps a very elderly southern Gentlemen, accompanied by the two fedoras. As for Elvis? He's nowhere in sight, but… Perception.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4
<Panic> TeslaTornado: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
<weizhong> 4df+4 Watchin' yo
<Panic> weizhong: Watchin' yo: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
<Soulless> 4df+5 !!!!
<Panic> Soulless: !!!!: 5 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, +)
<weizhong> (HA)
<weizhong> (SUCK IT TES)
<Beaker> 4df+2
<Panic> Beaker: 2 (4df+2=-, -, +, +)
<ihp> Kevin, you sneeze quite audibly as you step out of the car, drawing the attention of the two Fedoras. As for Walter and Ethan, you both see the Pinkertons stuffing rope into their pockets.
<ihp> Also, Walter totally recognizes the man as Wilford Tilgham, the mayoral candidate.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin sniffs and rubs his nose. ~Fuck.~
<Beaker> Ryan walks around to the right side of the car
<TeslaTornado> ~Fucking Memphis. Fucking Pinkertons.~
<weizhong> Ethan mutters beneath his breath so the others can hear, but not the Pinkertons and the candidate. "They're hiding rope."
<ihp> Tilgham steps forward. "Are you children come to accept the Truth of the Rapture and the Demons that lurk among us?"
<Beaker> "Rope?"
<weizhong> Ethan nods. "Shh."
<TeslaTornado> "Kidnapping, then." In hushed tones.
<Beaker> Ryan looks at the man and removes his hat
<weizhong> "Heeerrroo, Mr. Tilgram, sir." Ethan slips into his accent. "Yes, we want to hear about the truth, sir."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin doesn't say anything. He wrings his cap between his hands and bemoans his accent.
<TeslaTornado> his allergies*
<ihp> Wilford smiles softly at Ethan. "Son, I am here to tell you that there is nothing to be afraid of. The Demons that come from the sky now pose no threat to us, for we have hostages. And God shall bless us once we have dealt with them, even your race."
<Beaker> Ryan frowns

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<weizhong> Ethan does a deep, obsequious bow. "Thank you sir, thank you velly much!"

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<weizhong> (GLACON)
<weizhong> (YOU FUCKER)
<TeslaTornado> Kev's eyebrow goes up. "A mayoral candidate? Taking hostages?" He's back in his New England accent.
<weizhong> (We should probably get rid of one of these, since we don't want double rolls)

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<ihp> "They aren't /technically/ hostages if they aren't human, son." Wilford chuckles. "Come inside. We have much to discuss."
<Soulless> WAlter gollows, looking nervous and nervous again.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin shrugs. "This's above my paygrade," he mutters to himself, keeping his hands out of his pockets.
<Soulless> *follows
<TeslaTornado> He follows.
<weizhong> Ethan keeps up his obsequious and dumb foreigner act.
<Soulless> Walter shakes his head a bit to Ethan.
<weizhong> He secretly watches everything, making sure to note entry and exit paths
<Soulless> Dude's a xenophone.
<Beaker> Ryan spits out his chewing tobacco
<weizhong> Ethan nods. He knows.
<ihp> You're lead into the parlour, which is, indeed, very nice. Decorated in a southern style, with framed pictures from Southern Painters, some of them dating as far back as the 1800s.
<Beaker> "Beautiful home sir"
<weizhong> "Ooooh, yes, sir. This velly beautiful house."
<ihp> "Thank ya, son! I spent all 86 years of my life making it nice." He thumps his chest as he sits down. The Pinkertons, who have an air about them that says 'this is so below my paygrade it hurts', hand out tea and biscuits.

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<TeslaTornado> Kevin is also observing entrances, exits, windows, drain pipes, servant's passages, side rooms, stairs, et cetera.
<Soulless> Walter sniffs his tea and biscuits.
<Beaker> Ryan accepts and thanks the men with a sh*t eating grin
<Soulless> Anthing special about them?
<TeslaTornado> He declines his tea and biscuits, citing a gluten allergy.
<ihp> The first three are there, servent's passages maybe, side rooms lead off to the kitchen, there's a set of stairs in the hall out front, and there's a rather nice fireplace that could be used as an escape, if you're desparate (and Santa Claus).
<weizhong> Ethan accepts them with an even bigger shit-eating grin, but does not actually eat.
<ihp> Wilford looks at them all. "So, you want to know the truth?"
<weizhong> Ethan nods excitedly. "Yes sir, velly much, sir."
<Beaker> "Yes sir"
8> The Pinkerton frowns at them all. Frowns. He escorts them upstairs.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (You know the drill) Kevin squints at the Pinkerton in response to the deferential frown
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (You know the drill) Kevin squints at the Pinkerton in response to the deferential frown: 12 (4df+12=+, +, -, -)
<Soulless> Walter starts heading upstaies with the Pinkerton.
<TeslaTornado> It's a squint that says, "I wore a Nazi's skin once".
<ihp> The Pinkerton eventually arrives at a door, which he unlocks, revealing a set of stairs leading upwards. "I go first," he says. "I trust you all about as far as I can throw a cow."
<Beaker> ryan smiles at the analogy
<Soulless> "That must m-mean you are v-very s-s-strong…"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin doesn't.
<Soulless> Walter tries be friendly!
<whyzhong> Ethan nods, dumb grin again. "Oh, you must be velly strong. Make mother proud, yes?"
<ihp> "…hmm." The Pinkerton leads them into the attic, where, in the corner is a humanoid shape. Pause for description!
<ihp> As the Pinkerton approaches the shape, you see that it… lights up. Its eyes are big, blue orbs which take up most of its human-like face, which also possesses pointed ears, a fin of some sort on the top, and a small mouth. Its skin is black, with bioluminescent patches on it, and it's putting on quite a beautiful, unearthly display. It's naked, with gashes on its skin, bleeding pink, and…
<ihp> …the entire thing has both pairs of arms and its two legs bound together, with a gag on its mouth. It looks at you all fearfully, if such eyes could convey an emotion like fear.
<TeslaTornado> Fear is universal. Kevin understands. A sick kind of grin crosses his face.
<Beaker> Ryan steps forward
<TeslaTornado> ~Oh, Hendricks, you magnificent, stupid bastard.~
<Soulless> Walter gives it much pity. It heads over and tries to remove the gag.
<Soulless> *He head over
<ihp> Walter, the gag is removed, and it recoils, saying something in an unfamiliar language and shutting its eyes, as if it's expecting to be hurt. It then looks at Ryan; specifically, the place where it has the club.
<Beaker> Ryan steps back and feels the baton
<TeslaTornado> Kevin remains at a midway point, about a pace away from the Pinkerton.

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<ihp> The baton feels… lively, Ryan. It's the only way you can describe it. Roll me Mental Defense.
<Beaker> 4df+2
<Glacon> Beaker: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, +)
<ihp> You want to use it to hit something over the head, and embed the hook of it in something's brain. The Pinkerton looks like a nice target. It kicks at the alien, who flashes red. "Damn thing. I don't think it's a demon, but it ain't human. And you know what it means if it ain't human?"
<Soulless> Walter steps in front of the alien and the Pinkerton.
<Soulless> "L-leave it alone. L-let me g-get a p-proper look."
<ihp> "It's an /animal/. Like a cow or a sheep or a dog. You can do all sorts of shit with those. Eat 'em, kill 'em, play with 'em…"
<Beaker> Ryan, overcome with rage, pulls the club out
<TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Kevin goes for a stealth knockout on the Pinkerton. He slips behind the Pinkerton and covers his mouth, then uses the leverage to try to break his neck.
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Kevin goes for a stealth knockout on the Pinkerton. He slips behind the Pinkerton and covers his mouth, then uses the leverage to try to break his neck.: 9 (4df+7=+, -, +, +)
<TeslaTornado> Stealth kill*
<ihp> 4df+3 ghkkk
<Glacon> ihp: ghkkk: 3 (4df+3=-, +, 0, 0)
<ihp> The Pinkerton collapses to the ground, dead.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin guides him down quietly.
<TeslaTornado> ~You're right. This was /so/ far beyond your pay grade.~
<Beaker> Ryan goes to the creature carefully
<ihp> The creature keeps recoiling and babbling in its alien language.
<ihp> It is /terrified/ of you.
<whyzhong> Ethan searches the Pinkerton's corpse.
<ihp> And it is flashing and sobbing and making inordinate amounts of noise.
<Soulless> Walter heads close to the creature and tries to make a gentle shsh noise.
<ihp> Ethan, you find a .9mm pistol, his wallet, and some painkillers.
<Soulless> He gets his medkit and tries to treat its wounds!
<Soulless> It's an alien, but it clearly can bleed and have injuries!
<Soulless> He can deal with that.
<Soulless> 4df+3 Pls don't hurt me
<Glacon> Soulless: Pls don't hurt me: 4 (4df+3=-, +, +, 0)
<TeslaTornado> Kevin moves to cover the door. All this noise, and now a dead Pinkerton in the room.
<Beaker> 4df+8 (Medical+Reassurance+ Bandaid applicator) Ryan trys to calm it down and help
<Glacon> Beaker: (Medical+Reassurance+ Bandaid applicator) Ryan trys to calm it down and help: 7 (4df+8=+, -, 0, -)
<TeslaTornado> 4df+3 (Ice King) Kevin just being in the room
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ice King) Kevin just being in the room: 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
<ihp> The thing's wounds are healed, and it looks at Walter, tilting its head. It points in the directino of Ethan's baton.
<ihp> Er.
<ihp> Ryan's.
<ihp> Not Ethan's.
<whyzhong> Ethan takes the gun and wallet.
<whyzhong> Along with the painkillers.
<Soulless> "P-put the b-baton away, p-pleas…"
<Beaker> Ryan hands it to Kevin
<ihp> Ethan, you're a medic, correct?
<whyzhong> He passes the gun to Kevin. "Want this?"
<whyzhong> Yep
<ihp> The alien beckons the Baton /over/ to him.
<ihp> Then roll Academics+Medical for the painkillers.
<whyzhong> 4df+12
<Glacon> whyzhong: 8 (4df+12=-, -, -, -)
<whyzhong> (Wow fuck you glacon)
<ihp> …wow.
<whyzhong> (seriously though fuck you glacon)
<Beaker> (I'm a medic too)
<TeslaTornado> Kevin squints at Ethan. "Why are you putting your hands on everything?"
<whyzhong> (Ethan is best medic)
<ihp> You're not even sure if these are painkillers. You think they could be M&Ms.
<whyzhong> "Hendricks' scanner went apeshit over the guys. It could be important."
<whyzhong> (fucking glacon)
<ihp> Ethan, do you inspect his corpse?
<TeslaTornado> "Over guns and painkillers and a man's wallet." Kevin pinches the bridge of his nose.
<ihp> Any further than looting it, I mean.
<whyzhong> Ethan pulls out his device to check the body.
<Soulless> "M-maybe we should, uh… g-give it to h-him. The b-baton."
<whyzhong> Ethan shrugs. "It could be important."
<Beaker> "Let's give him a weapon that we dont know what it does?"
<whyzhong> Ethan shakes his head. "Brain's a little fuzzy at the moment. Here, look at this." He hands the painkillers to Ryan.
<ihp> The device beeps softly over the body, no more than normal. It seems it was a false positive from proximity to Elvis.
<Soulless> "It w-wants it, d-doesn't it…?"
<Beaker> 4df+6
<Glacon> Beaker: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, -)
<ihp> The alien gives out a soft whimper as it tries to ask for the weapon again.
<TeslaTornado> "Sto-ugh." Kevin remains near the door.
<Soulless> He looks to the alien and tries to figure stuff out. "Can you understand me? Maybe nod?"
<ihp> Ryan, these are /powerful/ painkillers. Opium derivative; five pills is enough to numb an elephant's back pain.
<Beaker> "Looks about right?"

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<ihp> The alien just tilts its head at Walter. It doesn't understand.
<whyzhong> "How strong are they?"
<Beaker> "Then one is enough for." Ryan looks at the alien."It" Ryan hands him a pill
<Soulless> "I guess y-you don't s-s-speak English…"
<Soulless> He looks to the others. "D-don't be s-s-silly. We d-don't know if it has the s-same biology as w-we do."
<ihp> The alien throws the pill at Ryan in frustration, and then, it does something unexpected. The lights on its body light up to show it holding the baton to hurt something that looks like Tilgham and help four people who look like Psi-7. It's very crude, like pictographs.
<TeslaTornado> "Doctor Bouchard is right," Kevin says, leaning against the wall. "Alien physiology. We're just as likely to kill the specimen dosing it with that as we are to numb its pain."
<TeslaTornado> "… Ah. It didn't want it."
<whyzhong> Ethan nods. "Perhaps we should give it the baton now?"
<Soulless> "I s-said s-so…"
<Soulless> "P-please."
<whyzhong> "Though, we don't know if we can trust it."
<Beaker> Ryan looks the alien in the eyes. "Will you hurt us?" Ryan asks slowly
<TeslaTornado> Kevin nods.
<TeslaTornado> "We're going to arm the specimen, yes."
<ihp> "…hurrrrrt usss? Wiiiiil youuu?"
<TeslaTornado> "Unparalleled brilliance."
<Soulless> "It c-can't understand us. It h-h-has no l-logical reason to hurt us. W-we killed the m-man that hit it and h-helped its w-wounds."
<TeslaTornado> "It just spoke."
<Soulless> "P-please just g-give it the b-baton."
<whyzhong> Ethan drops the wallet in surprise. "Wha-"
<ihp> The alien looks frustrated by this point.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin mirrors this frusration, although most likely for different reasons.
<ihp> "Will you… ussss?" It indicates the Baton again.
<whyzhong> "Well, we have to do something."
<Beaker> "Ok, Kevin, be ready to shoot it just in case"
<whyzhong> "Tilgham is bound to get suspicious."
<Beaker> Ryan brings the baton closer
<TeslaTornado> "Of course."
<whyzhong> Ethan draws his combat knife.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin leaves his pistol holstered. For the moment, they're still in stealth.
<Beaker> Ryan carefully hands it to the alien
<Soulless> Walter watches, ever nervous.
<ihp> The Alien takes the Baton, and does two things with it; firstly, it cuts itself from its bindings, then, raising all four arms in a placating gesture, cuts one of his hands with the baton's hook, and reaches out to Walter, smearing the blood across its forehead. Walter, you can hear it speak. "…can you understand me now, Earth-person?"
<ihp> Oddly enough, it doesn't move its lips.
<ihp> And nobody else can hear this.
<Soulless> "…!"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin does draw his firearm at this point.
<Soulless> "Oui, y-yes. I h-hear you."
<Beaker> Ryan looks at Walter
<ihp> "I am Grand Vizier Booodee Hah-lee of the Loof-aang Spaanful Empire. I come seeking the Ignorant King."
<Soulless> "I don't …" He looks at people and realize they can't hear. "I-it says it's G-grand Vizier Booodee Hah-lee o-of the Loof-aang Spaanful E-empire. Seeking t-the I-ignorant King…"
<Beaker> "Walter, you OK?"
<ihp> "I thank you for freeing me, but King All-Vis is somewhere within this place. It is guarded by Tilgham; I must tell him of his fate."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin just keeps his eyes on the door.
<ihp> "Please, if I could communicate with the others-" It holds up the wounded hand. "It would be simpler."
<Soulless> "It… O-okay… I'm s-sorry…"
<Beaker> "Walter, whats going on?"
<Soulless> Walter lets the alien do its thing?
<ihp> Kevin, you hear someone coming up the stairs from the first floor to the second, just as the Alien reaches for you to smear blood on your forehead. It does the same with the others, if they will permit it.
<Beaker> Ryan does
<whyzhong> Ethan lets him.
<whyzhong> /her
<whyzhong> /it
<TeslaTornado> Kevin searches for a place he can climb up to that will allow him to drop onto the person coming up the stairs.
<ihp> There are some rafters above the stairs!
<Beaker> Ryan boosts Kevin on the rafters
<TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (AGI) Kevin hops onto the rafters, with Ryan's assistance.
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (AGI) Kevin hops onto the rafters, with Ryan's assistance.: 6 (4df+5=+, +, 0, -)
<ihp> The other Pinkerton is at the bottom. "Chas? You up there, you psycho? Tilgham says we gotta take care ofl the Presley kid before his 'Chariot' arrives."
<ihp> You hop up there! And the Pinkerton starts up. "Chas? The thing didn't do something weird to you, did it?"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin waits.
<Soulless> Walter moves back and moves the alien a bit back, giving Kevin plenty of space to do the killy.
<Soulless> He is still plenty shaken up from watching the first guy die, though.
<Beaker> Ryan ducks behind a box
<ihp> "Chas? C'mon, don't be weird…" The Alien, meanwhile, somehow… dissappears, its skin turning see-through. That's useful.
<ihp> He's at the top of the stairs, and he looks at where the alien is. "What the- where'd he-"
<TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Kevin drops. He goes straight for the eye gouge, first booting the guy in the head to knock him over, then digging his thumbs into his eye sockets.
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Kevin drops. He goes straight for the eye gouge, first booting the guy in the head to knock him over, then digging his thumbs into his eye sockets.: 7 (4df+7=+, -, 0, 0)
<Soulless> Walter hides with Ryan.
<ihp> The Pinkerton, rather noisily, falls down the stairs, and slumps at the bottom, unconcious. The alien stares at Kevin. "…Earth People are brutal."
<Beaker> Ryan smiles

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<TeslaTornado> Kevin immediately heads for the basement.
<ihp> "Come. We must find the king!"
<Beaker> Ryan follows
<ihp> On your way to the basement, you go through the parlor. Tilgham is no longer there, and the door to the basement is open… oh dear.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (AGI) Heel-toe, b0ss
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (AGI) Heel-toe, b0ss: 8 (4df+5=+, +, +, 0)
<ihp> Kevin gets to the basement first. Elvis is in the corner, cowering in fear as Tilgham holds a shotgun to his head. "Now, boy, I don't wanna hurt ya, but I may have to do something drastic if the Demon got free."

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<ihp> "Demon? Sir, I don't know what you mean! I-I'm just a musician, that's all! Just a musician-" "THE LORD DEMANDS SILENCE!"
<ihp> He turns to face Kevin as he comes in. "You. I know you have weapons. Put 'em on the floor."
<ihp> "And Kick 'em over here."

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<Beaker> Ryan stops at the top of the stairs
<Beaker> and draws his gun
<Soulless> Walter follows Kevin and tries to help look intimidating!
<Soulless> He's not very good at it.
<ihp> Tilgham pumps his shotgun. "DO IT!"
<TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intimidate + Terrorize + Ice King) Kevin gets his War Face on. "Old man. I have killed things that lesser men have died by simply laying eyes upon. You do not scare me. Drop your weapon, or I will end. You."
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate + Terrorize + Ice King) Kevin gets his War Face on. "Old man. I have killed things that lesser men have died by simply laying eyes upon. You do not scare me. Drop your weapon, or I will end. You.": 10 (4df+12=-, -, -, +)
<ihp> 4df+3 Mdef to resist~
<Glacon> ihp: Mdef to resist~: 4 (4df+3=+, +, -, 0)
<whyzhong> (Oh shit)
<whyzhong> (Kevin gets angry mode)
<whyzhong> (also brb)
<ihp> Tilgham's knees shake. He fires the shotgun in his direction. Agility, Kevin.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (AGI) Dodge roll
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (AGI) Dodge roll: 2 (4df+5=-, -, -, 0)
<ihp> 4df+0 Tilgham has never used a gun before.
<Glacon> ihp: Tilgham has never used a gun before.: 0 (4df+0=+, 0, 0, -)
<Soulless> Walter tries to knock Tilgham over!
<ihp> He misses. But probably best not to anger the man with a shotgun?
<ihp> o.o
<ihp> Walter, agility+melee.
<Beaker> Ryan bounds down and points the gun at talgham's head
<Soulless> 4df+3 Walter is stupid and frightened and someone just tried to shoot his buddy
<Glacon> Soulless: Walter is stupid and frightened and someone just tried to shoot his buddy: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, -, +)
<ihp> 4df+3
<ihp> 4df+3
<Glacon> ihp: 4 (4df+3=0, +, -, +)
<TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (Ranged + Ungentlemanly) Kevin draws down and fires a .357 into Tilgham's center mass
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ranged + Ungentlemanly) Kevin draws down and fires a .357 into Tilgham's center mass: 8 (4df+8=0, 0, -, +)
<ihp> You barelly don't get Tilgham, and… Kevin, roll base Agility.
<ihp> 4df+1
<Glacon> ihp: 3 (4df+1=+, -, +, +)
<TeslaTornado> 4df+5
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: 5 (4df+5=-, 0, +, 0)
<TeslaTornado> (Kevin doesn't have any AGI modifiers)
<ihp> You manage to hit him before he puts Walter in front of him, dealing…
<ihp> 4df+3
<Glacon> ihp: 0 (4df+3=-, -, 0, -)
<TeslaTornado> (heh.)
<ihp> Four damage. He ghhks, and stares at you. "…people are gonna… hear about this, you godless fucks…"
<whyzhong> (back)
<TeslaTornado> Kevin calls up the stairs. "MEDIC! NOW!"
<Beaker> Ryan runs up
<ihp> "The Rapture shall happen, and when it does… when it does…" He drops to the floor. Elvis looks like he's about to scream.
<whyzhong> (what'd I miss?)
<TeslaTornado> Kevin points at Tilgham. "Prep for emergency triage, now."
<ihp> "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE?" He yells, backing up into a corner.
<Soulless> Walter catches him and sets him down easy.
<TeslaTornado> He looks to Elvis. "Mister Presley. We are the men who just saved your life. And now is not the time to question us."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin gives Presley's wallet a toss.
<Beaker> 4df+9 (Med+Band aid applicator) Ryan preps for Triage
<Glacon> Beaker: (Med+Band aid applicator) Ryan preps for Triage: 10 (4df+9=0, +, 0, 0)
<ihp> And then the Alien comes down the stares. Elvis screams. And faints.
<Soulless> Walter looks to the Alien.
<whyzhong> Ethan runs in
<ihp> You prep for Triage! Tilgham is barely concious.
<whyzhong> 4df+12 Meidcal skills
<Glacon> whyzhong: Meidcal skills: 12 (4df+12=-, 0, +, 0)
<whyzhong> (fuck yeah)
<Beaker> (Wahoo)
<ihp> Booodee sighs mentally. "It is worse than I feared."
<ihp> You manage to stop the bullets from killing him, but do you really want to? He has a pretty bad heart, you can see that much when you extract the bullets; he maybe has another year to live.
<Soulless> "Wh-what's w-wrong?"
<ihp> In fact, you're surprised the shock from being shot didn't kill him out right.
<TeslaTornado> "He comes with us. Restrain him and get a bag over his head."
<TeslaTornado> "We'll interrogate him and then apply amnestics. His information could be valuable."
<TeslaTornado> ~Although vaunted by religious propaganda~
<whyzhong> Ethan frowns. "What is?"
<Beaker> Ryan gets a burlap sack
<ihp> Booodee sighs at Walter. "The Ignorant King's mother, the True Queen of the Empire, fled from us to Earth due to a war. She was pregnant at the time, with Kign All-Vis, and… well, it seems as though he was not told of his heritage." The alien sighs, and picks up Elvis in all four of his arms, lookign at you all. "I… need my suit."
<TeslaTornado> "Your suit?"
<Soulless> "O-oh.."
<ihp> "When I was captured, I… resembled a human. I had skin over me, like yours. It made me resemble you. It may still be in here somewhere."
<ihp> "It is how he keeps this form; he has never had the suit removed."
<whyzhong> Ethan frowns. "Let's look around then."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin blinks. "Spread out and search the house."
<whyzhong> (Also, have to go reeeeeeeally soon)
<TeslaTornado> "Double time."
<ihp> Everyone give me a perception as you tear up the house!
<Soulless> "C-can I s-stay with you w-while the o-others search? I've n-never met another l-lifeform before… I'm a b-biologist."

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<Soulless> "C-can I… uhm… g-get an idea on h-how your b-b-biology works?"
<ihp> The Alien smiles at Walter, mentally. "You may, kind one."
<whyzhong> 4df+4 SCAVENGER HUNT
<Glacon> whyzhong: SCAVENGER HUNT: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
<Beaker> Ryan looks in a closet
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Search every hidden place
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Search every hidden place: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
<Soulless> He heads over and tries to take a few samples with his sampling kits!
<Beaker> 4df+5
<Glacon> Beaker: 3 (4df+5=-, -, 0, 0)
<Soulless> "H-how do you intake food? E-expel waste? How d-do you ch-change your s-skin colors? H-how do you b-breathe with g-gills?"
<Beaker> "Stop flirting with him!"
<ihp> The Alien gives Walter a brief, textbook description of how his body work while he collects samples; from what Walter can gather, it's closer to the biology of an insect, with some amphibian aspects. He has gills, changes colors through a combination of chemical reactions, expels oxygen as waste through breath, and intakes food through its mouth.
<Soulless> Walter suddenly goes red as fuck. Aw man, is he flirting? With an alien? Well, not the first non-human entity he's accidentally flirted with…
<ihp> "…Flirting? What is this?"
<TeslaTornado> From upstairs: "He wants to have intercourse with you."
<Soulless> "F-flirting is a th-thing humans do as p-part of a c-complex mating r-ritual…"
<TeslaTornado> Accompanied with several lewd images describing the act of human intercourse.
<Soulless> Walter puts a hand to his face, going redder than a cherry.
<whyzhong> Ethan continues to search, though he chuckles
<ihp> "Oh. Are you… flirting with me, Kind one?"
<ihp> The searchers find nothing! Roll perception again!
<Soulless> "N-no! I'm n-not…"
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception)
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception): 2 (4df+4=-, 0, -, 0)
<TeslaTornado> (Welcome back, Glacon.)
<Glacon> whyzhong: SEARCHING INTENSIFIES: 2 (4df+4=-, -, 0, 0)
<Beaker> 4df+5 ryan looks in a cupboard
<Glacon> Beaker: ryan looks in a cupboard: 5 (4df+5=-, +, 0, 0)
<whyzhong> (FUCK YOU GLACON)
<Soulless> "I'm n-not… uhm… I d-don't want to h-have intercourse w-with you…"
<Soulless> He remains red.
<ihp> Ryan, you find it in the cupboard! It… looks like a human male, with spectacles, and curly brown hair. Looks like of like an erd.
<ihp> nerd, even.
<Beaker> "Found it!"
<ihp> "…why are you glowing? What chemical reaction causes that?" The alien asks Walter.
<Beaker> Ryan brongs the skin suit back

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<Soulless> "I-it's a r-rush of b-blood to the face." He explains the circulatory system briefly. "I-it s-shows embarrasment. S-subjects about m-mating are e-emabrassing in t-the cu-culture of this r-region…"
<ihp> The Alien grins greatfully, and slips on the suit. Now, anyone can understand him. "Testing, testing, one-two one-two.. there we go!" Walter, he's not half-bad looking.
<Soulless> Walter goes back to blushing a lot.
<ihp> He grins a big-toothed grin at you all. "I know where the True Queen lives. 1034 Audubon Drive; its north of here, near the Military Depot."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin ambles down the stairs. "The source of the other signal."
<Beaker> Ryan looks like he got smacked
<TeslaTornado> "Could've guessed that much."
<Soulless> "L-let's g-go…"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin goes to the car.
<whyzhong> Ethan hops into the car
<TeslaTornado> He brings Tilgham along as well, and stealthily inserts him into the back seat.
<TeslaTornado> Bag over head.
<Soulless> Walter may try to totally sit beside the alien in a man-suit.
<Soulless> He explains to himself that it's for science.
<Beaker> Ryan sits next to Talgham
<ihp> "…this is your ride? No, no, more too slow." Buddy pulls out a microphone-like device and sings a few notes into it. A big, grey blur comes in from the south, and comes to a halt over them all. He grins as he looks up at his UFO. "What say I meet you there?"
<Soulless> He looks up. "O-oh…!"
<whyzhong> Ethan looks up, only slightly jealous.
<Soulless> Man, he wants to go in the big zoomy flying thingy!
<TeslaTornado> "Subtle." Kevin grunts. He looks to Walter. "Care to ask him how the ship does that, as well?"
<whyzhong> And by that, he means very.
<Beaker> "Shotgun…"
<TeslaTornado> ~Reminds me of Die Glocke.~
<Soulless> "C-can I c-come?"
<Soulless> Walter pls.
<ihp> The alien winks at Walter, and snaps his fingers. "I see no reason why not!" Walter, you suddenly find yourself somewhere… else with Buddy, in #tooltime. The rest of you are free to drive off at your own pace.

<ihp> Walter, the inside of the UFO is nothing like you expected. It's all organic, except for the floor, which looks like it's made out of steel. You see other Aliens, outside of their suits, working the consoles as he takes you up to the control room. "It won't be much of a ride… but I reckon we can go around the planet once or twice."
<Soulless> "Mon dieu! C'est beau!"
<Soulless> He tries to dedicated this all to memory. Maybe take a sample of the ship, if no one stops him.
<ihp> Nobody does stop him!
<ihp> The ship, true to Buddy's word, flies around the Earth a couple of times. You see several days in a few minutes; you see Paris one second, to be replaced by Russia the next, then Korea, South America, New York… all of the hot spots. Buddy smiles at Walter. "I never picked up your name, friend."
<Soulless> He is the most amazed.
<Soulless> "I'm Walter Bouchard."
<Soulless> "T-this is a-amazing!"
<ihp> "It's common where we're from. And it's all powered by music. I could give you details, but… I think the Reluctant King is expecting us." Buddy stops the ship a few blocks away from Elvis's house. "…or, I could keep you here for a while longer."
<Soulless> "I w-won't k-keep you."
<ihp> "…all right. Tell his mother… Buddy expects an answer sometimes soon." Walter, you slowly descend to Earth. "I'll write you, Walter!"
<Soulless> "Y-yes! T-thank you!"
<ihp> Walter, you eventually end up back in #homeimprovement with everyone else, after a soft landing.

<whyzhong> For some reason, Ethan takes off at a breakneck pace
<whyzhong> He zips to 1034 Audobon Drive as fast as he can
<ihp> You arrive, and on the way there, Elvis comes to. "Huh- wh- where am I?"
<whyzhong> "We better get moving quickly. Tilgham needs some more advanced medical care."
<TeslaTornado> "In good hands, mister Presley."
<TeslaTornado> "In good hands."
<TeslaTornado> Kevin sounds about as comforting as wiping one's ass with sandpaper.
<ihp> "…hey, that's my house." Elvis gets out of his car, and runs to his house, which is a single-story, teal colored house with white window frames and black shutters. There's a pathway leading up to a garage, where a Buick is parked. A slightly overweight woman, presumably his mother, runs out and embraces her son. "Oh, Elvis, honey, are you all right?" "Oh, momma… I've had such a day…"
<whyzhong> Ethan looks at Mr. Presley with a much more reassuring air. "You're safe now, Mr. Presley. Won't be long now."
<Beaker> "Hi, how do you feel Mr.Presley
<whyzhong> "That's…that's the uh…"
<whyzhong> Ethan decides to shut up.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin :|s.
<TeslaTornado> "Yyyyup."
<TeslaTornado> "We'll have to keep them under observation."
<whyzhong> "Definitely."
<TeslaTornado> "I'll alert Theta-8 on return to Site-19."
<whyzhong> "Sounds good."
<Beaker> Ryan nods
<Soulless> Walter lands!
<Soulless> He looks like he just had the time of his life.
<Soulless> (Not in that way, though)
<ihp> The woman looks at Psi-7. "Thank you… for my son." Kevin, you see, even from here, her eyes turn the same shade of blue as the alien's as she hugs her son.
<Soulless> She heads up to the woman. "U-uhm.. e-excusez-moi…"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin nods, throwing Elvis' wallet their way. "We'll be in touch."
<TeslaTornado> "Keep an eye on him."
<ihp> The woman looks at Walter. "Yes?"
<ihp> The woman looks at Walter. "Yes?"
<Soulless> "B-buddy told m-me to t-tell you h-he expects a-an answer s-sometime s-soon.."
<TeslaTornado> ~Heaven knows we will be.~
whyzhong> Ethan glances at his watch. "Looks like our return flight to New York is soon."
<ihp> "…I see. Thank you, son." She nods at Walter, and escorts Elvis into the house. Psi-7 is left alone outside, and they feel, even though this wasn't their original goal, their mission is complete.
<Soulless> Walter looks particularly giddy.
<Soulless> "L-let's h-head b-back, I h-have s-so much to d-do…"
<TeslaTornado> Kevin piles back into the car.
<Beaker> Ryan yawns
<whyzhong> Ethan slides in. He starts up the car.
<whyzhong> He gives a wave to Elvis and his mother, and then he sets off for the airport.
<ihp> You all arrive at the airport, and, after a long, uneventful flight, end up back at Site 19, with Tilgham your prisoner.

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