Gordon Plays Billiards

Roget The pool table beckons to him, with shiny boards and cueballs as white as eyes burnt out by the sun. Which are pretty white, I think
22:51 GraemeCracker "That's what I'm talkin' about." Murray sets up the poolballs with a few scooping motions.
22:52 Roget 9 ball or a full set?
22:52 GottaGoFeast Gordon shows up at the common room with the pool table
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22:52 GraemeCracker full set, he's more or less just screwing around.
22:53 GottaGoFeast "Hey there, Murray!"
22:53 GottaGoFeast "Merry Christmas!"
22:53 GottaGoFeast "Can I play with you?"
22:55 GraemeCracker He looks up. "Oh, hey Gord. Sure, grab a stick and we'll go to town."
22:55 GottaGoFeast Gordon grabs a stick.
22:56 GottaGoFeast "You know, I used to play this a lot when I was younger."
22:56 GottaGoFeast "Let's see if I still have some skill left in me."
22:57 Roget Who breaks?
22:57 GraemeCracker He chalks up ze stick. "We'll see. I haven't played in years, so forgive me if I'm a bit rusty."
22:57 GraemeCracker Gordon.
22:57 GottaGoFeast "Alright, let's do this."
22:58 Roget 1d10 mad breakin skills
22:58 Glacon Roget: mad breakin skills: 9 (1d10=9)
22:58 Roget Gordon breaks it like a boss, and the balls go everywhere, he sinks two solids
22:58 GottaGoFeast "Woo-hoo!"
22:58 GraemeCracker Murray whistles. "You've definitely still got it in ya."
22:59 GottaGoFeast "Thanks"
22:59 GraemeCracker He lights up a smoke, watching.
23:03 GraemeCracker "So how've you been enjoying things here Gord?"
23:04 GottaGoFeast "Things are a lot better than I expected, actuallly"
23:05 GottaGoFeast "Everyone here has been pretty nice to me"
23:07 GraemeCracker "That's good. Beats having crummy coworkers." He puffs thoughtfully. "…Some are a little odd though."
23:08 GraemeCracker "But they're still nice."
23:09 GottaGoFeast "You can say that again."
23:09 GottaGoFeast "Remember that Abe guy?"
23:10 GottaGoFeast "He thinks he's a wizard."
23:10 GraemeCracker He raises an arm in confirmation. "That's been bugging me, other people
23:10 GraemeCracker 've been calling him that too."
23:12 GraemeCracker "I mean, I get we're dealing with weird anomolous junk but do we /actually/ have wizards?"
23:12 GottaGoFeast "Yeah, that bothers me too."
23:13 GraemeCracker "It's hard to believe that we have Merlin himself working with us, but…Ah, I guess I have to see it to believe it."
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23:25 GraemeCracker It's Gordon's turn to shoot if he likes.
23:26 GottaGoFeast "Alright, let's see if I can do that well again."
23:27 GottaGoFeast 1d10 Gordon strike!
23:27 Glacon GottaGoFeast: Gordon strike!: 1 (1d10=1)
23:27 GottaGoFeast Gordon' s stick flies out of his hand
23:27 GottaGoFeast "Aw,shit"
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23:29 GottaGoFeast Gordon pĂ­cks it up. "I guess it's your turn now, Murray."
23:29 GottaGoFeast "Wait…"
23:30 GottaGoFeast "I didn't hit anything."
23:30 GraemeCracker Murray stares at the stick on the ground. "You can uh…Go again if you want."
23:30 GottaGoFeast "Lemme try this again.''
23:30 GottaGoFeast 1d10 Gordon strike, for real this time!
23:30 Glacon GottaGoFeast: Gordon strike, for real this time!: 7 (1d10=7)
23:31 GottaGoFeast Gordon sinks two solids
23:31 GottaGoFeast "That's what I'm talkin' about!"
23:32 GraemeCracker "I'm surprised you aren't a pool shark with these skills, Gord."
23:33 GottaGoFeast "You know what? Maybe I could be, hehe. Thanks."
23:34 GottaGoFeast "Your turn now."
23:34 GraemeCracker Still Gords turn. He got the balls in the hole like a proper man.
23:36 GottaGoFeast "Oh yeah, I keep forgetting the rules, sorry."
23:36 GottaGoFeast 1d10
23:36 Glacon GottaGoFeast: 6 (1d10=6)
23:37 GottaGoFeast He sinks one solid
23:37 GraemeCracker "It's fine. Been a while anyway."
23:37 GottaGoFeast "Woo! I'm on a roll!"
23:37 GottaGoFeast 1d10
23:37 Glacon GottaGoFeast: 10 (1d10=10)
23:38 GottaGoFeast He manages to sink three solids!
23:38 GraemeCracker "…Are you a wizard too Gord?"
23:39 GottaGoFeast "I hope not. They might want to lock me up too, haha."
23:41 GottaGoFeast "Let's see, one more time."
23:41 GottaGoFeast 1d10
23:41 Glacon GottaGoFeast: 1 (1d10=1)
23:41 GottaGoFeast Gordon's stick flies out of his hand again.
23:42 GraemeCracker Murray ducks as the pool cue whips past him.
23:42 GottaGoFeast "Aw, man, I can't believe that happened again!"
23:43 GraemeCracker Murray walks over, picking up the stick. "Here, try mine." He hands over the other cue.
23:43 GottaGoFeast "Are you ok, Murray?"
23:44 GottaGoFeast "Thanks I'll try"
23:44 GraemeCracker "I'm fine. A bit worried that you were trying to whack me for revealing your secret though."
23:50 GottaGoFeast 1d10
23:50 Glacon GottaGoFeast: 10 (1d10=10)
23:50 GottaGoFeast Gordon sinks another three solids!
23:51 GraemeCracker Game over: Gordon wins a perfect game.
23:52 GraemeCracker Murray stands there, amazed. "Man, you gotta be pullin' my leg."
23:53 GottaGoFeast "Hell yeah! I'm a pool shark, baby!"
23:55 GraemeCracker "Remind me to put money on the next game you have."
23:55 GottaGoFeast "Will do, hehehe."

23:56 GraemeCracker Murray looks at his watch, his eyes widening. "Jesus, I gotta get goin'. I'll see you around Gord! Thanks for the game."
23:56 GraemeCracker He runs off like a madman.
23:56 GottaGoFeast "Bye, Murray!"
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