Goodbye Barry

This is a continuation of the events of Barry the Blob

[03:44:44] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi picks Barry up again. "So your name is Barry huh?"
[03:44:46] <Riemann> Hill looks worried, but allows the experimentation
[03:45:01] <Riemann> Barry nods to the extend a sentient blob can nod
[03:45:03] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi thinks of teal.
[03:45:17] <Optimal> Frederick goes to the cafeteria to grab a slice.
[03:45:19] <padri> Laura looks at Miles. "Yes Miles?"
[03:45:27] <Riemann> Not much happens to Barry, who reacts to emotions
[03:45:32] <ZombieRaptor> (Cause he does that… If you've ever had me say what Luvi dreams about)
[03:45:46] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi thinks of his family farm as a child, good times.
[03:45:52] <WetBeard> "I have a question, is there something causing controversy around here?"
[03:45:57] <Riemann> Barry turns a warm orange
[03:46:04] <Riemann> Luvi feels happier
[03:46:10] <padri> "Controversy?" There is an eleven year old sitting at the table with Laura.
[03:46:13] <ZombieRaptor> "Interesting Hill."
[03:46:35] <Riemann> "I think so. I'm worried, though."
[03:46:36] <WetBeard> Mathias finally notices the girl "….."
[03:46:44] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi thinks of Laura again.
[03:47:02] <Balthazaar> Albert pushes his bowl away and looks to Katie. "Well Katie, I think you might have beaten me with this ice cream challenge."
[03:47:03] <padri> Katie smiles at him.
[03:47:07] <Riemann> Barry ceases bouncing, but turns a nice pink colour
[03:47:23] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran goes past the cafeteria, pulling back after she realizes that she's pretty hungry..who's in here?
[03:47:24] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi thinks of his scar from the bayonet.
[03:47:42] <WetBeard> Mathias returns the smile with a friendly wave before whispering to Laura "Uhhh.. May I ask why?"
[03:47:43] <Nemi> Lis is always in a good mood. She peers at Katie, offering a smile of her own.
[03:47:57] <DrSavage> Randall heads back out into the halls, slightly wiser.
[03:47:58] <Riemann> Barry bounces angrily, and turns red
[03:48:08] <Riemann> Luvi notices that his scar hurts more now
[03:48:12] <padri> Katie is in the cafeteria.
[03:48:26] <ZombieRaptor> He grimaces.
[03:48:38] <Riemann> Flecks of black appear within Barry
[03:48:41] <ZombieRaptor> "Barry probably qualifies for SCP status."
[03:48:57] <padri> Laura frowns at Miles. "What do you mean?"
[03:49:06] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She heads over to Katie, she always found kids easier to talk to. "Oh, hello there!"
[03:49:08] <Nemi> [ Oh derp, redact ]
[03:49:20] <Riemann> Hill frowns. "But he's my pet!"
[03:49:37] <WetBeard> Mathias sighs "There is a stature here that breaks neaks, and we have a child here?"
[03:49:39] <padri> Katie looks at the new lady. "Hi there."
[03:49:41] <Nemi> Lis is always in a good mood. She warily watches Barry.
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[03:49:55] <Riemann> Barry watches back
[03:50:03] <ZombieRaptor> "He nearly killed me, you saw what he did." Luvi now thinks of Russia briefly. Very briefly.
[03:50:07] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "What's your name?"
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[03:50:45] <padri> Katie: "I'm Katie. You like kids, right?"
[03:50:47] <Riemann> Barry bounces straight into Luvis face, smacking him. It would appear Barry has learned
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[03:51:16] <ZombieRaptor> "Jeez… You don't like that do you Barry… Scares you what humans are capable of?"
[03:51:20] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "Well, it's not at all hard to like kids, they're far more pleasant than aduls in any case um, how old are you?"
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[03:52:08] <DrSavage> Randall steps into commons to go over his notes…and is immediately regretting that. Seeing Luvi.
[03:52:21] <Nemi> Lis laughs at Luvi and Barry. Mostly just for the slapstick.
[03:52:24] <Riemann> Barry wobbles angrily
[03:52:29] <padri> Katie: "You really think so? I could help you at work. I'm 11, but I'm really good at being helpful."
[03:52:38] <Riemann> He disapproves of Luvi thinking those thoughts
[03:52:55] <padri> Laura scowls severely at Miles. This is a bad train of conversation, Miles.
[03:53:10] <ZombieRaptor> ~So you don't like dark thoughts Barry? Can you sense this?~
[03:53:12] <WetBeard> Mathias looks at Laura "I would appreciate if you convinced Luvi to see me as a patient,"
[03:53:22] <Riemann> (Sense what?)
[03:53:30] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "I'm a doctor, young lady, but I would appreciate the hand…I'm Frances by the way."
[03:54:15] <ZombieRaptor> (His thoughts, word thoughts)
[03:54:42] <Riemann> Barry wobbles some more, but Luvi can't really tell what that means
[03:54:43] <padri> Laura: "I will do no such thing. You will have to convince him yourself." She sees that as a betrayal of Luvi's trust.
[03:55:01] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi thinks of a cold night, without a thick enough jacket.
[03:55:05] <padri> Katie: "You're a doctor?" Katie thinks this sounds very exciting. "We have a nurse here but I only met him once."
[03:55:27] <WetBeard> Mathias sighs and shakes his head "Well then I'm sorry for bothering you…"
[03:55:29] <Riemann> Barry turns the colour of ice, then tries to maneuver towards the back of Luvis neck
[03:55:39] <Riemann> Barry has a sense of humour, it would seem
[03:56:05] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "That would be a good thing, since it means you haven't been sick too often." She says, smiling warmly at Katie. "Where are your parents?"
[03:56:05] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi lets him. "Be ready to get it off me is it tries anything Hill"
[03:56:10] <ZombieRaptor> If he*
[03:56:24] <Riemann> (woops, forgot to metion Barry is now very very cold)
[03:56:30] <Riemann> :P
[03:57:02] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi doesn't let him then. Luvi thinks of Laura's husband, the moment he killed him.
[03:57:10] <ZombieRaptor> (This is interesting)
[03:57:14] <Nemi> Lis is watching Luvi and Barry carefully, still, over her mug of coffee.
[03:57:19] <padri> Katie points to LAura.
[03:57:20] <WetBeard> Mathias walks back to the Commons, a bit disappointed from the refusal.
[03:57:38] <Balthazaar> Albert digests about 2 litres of ice cream
[03:58:07] <Riemann> Barry turns black, the temperature leaving him with the colour
[03:58:30] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "Oh um, just her?" There's a definite note of sadness in her voice.
[03:58:32] <ZombieRaptor> "Hmm."
[03:58:50] <Riemann> He is no longer cold, but lacks /all/ temperature. Luvi's hand is numb.
[03:58:52] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks around with him.
[03:59:05] <ZombieRaptor> (Lack of temperature? Is that possible?)
[03:59:06] <padri> Katie: "Well, Albert said he'd be my grandfather, and Doc is my godfather, and Mr Luvi might be my new dad sometime."
[03:59:11] <ZombieRaptor> (Absolute zero?)
[03:59:16] <Riemann> Luvi begins to feel shame, a crushing guilt that overwhelms him
[03:59:21] <padri> Laura is amused by this comment.
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[03:59:25] <Riemann> Who was he to take that life?
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[03:59:33] <padri> And then to take the wife?
[03:59:34] <Balthazaar> "That's right."
[03:59:43] <ZombieRaptor> ~I was soldier Barry~
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[04:00:07] <Nemi> "What is he doing? Lis asks.
[04:00:12] <Riemann> /crushing/ shame
[04:00:18] <WetBeard> Mathias comes up to Luvi again "Luvi I have a quick question."
[04:00:20] <ZombieRaptor> "He's reacting to my thoughts…"
[04:00:29] <Riemann> Laura was happy
[04:00:33] <padri> Laura: "Katie, you ready for bed now, bug-a-boo?"
[04:00:44] <ZombieRaptor> "What." Mathias will notice Barry is not green now but a deep black.
[04:00:46] <Riemann> They had a child together
[04:00:52] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "Sounds like you have quite the family here." She says, before looking up to Laura. "Oh, um hello."
[04:01:02] <Riemann> A future
[04:01:11] <padri> Laura smiles at her.
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[04:01:28] <WetBeard> Mathias kept an eye on Barry "Do you suffer from Post Traumatic Distress?"
[04:01:45] <Riemann> He was a man
[04:01:53] <Riemann> Not a wreck like Luvi
[04:01:59] <Riemann> Not a cold killing machine
[04:02:11] <padri> Katie: "Okay, momma. But Fran says I can help her sometime. Can I?" Laura : "Anytime she says you can that it's not your bedtime."
[04:02:14] <ZombieRaptor> PTSD wasn't a thing back then
[04:02:16] <ZombieRaptor> Was called shellshock
[04:02:48] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "Yes well, if she wants to help she can find me at the clinic."
[04:03:02] <WetBeard> (Alright my mistake.)
[04:03:06] <Riemann> Luvi is almost unable function, trapped by the revenant of Laura Moodies late husband
[04:03:20] <ZombieRaptor> "I don't know not care Mathias."
[04:03:26] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi thinks of his farm again.
[04:03:34] <Nemi> Lis sets her mug down and steeples her fingles in the air. She's still smiling. "Fascinating!"
[04:03:35] <Riemann> Luvi grits his teeth through those words
[04:03:48] <Optimal> Frederick has finished his pizza. Fred would like to chat with Hill for a bit, but doesn't have a clue where he is.
[04:03:59] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi's gaze is locked on Barry.
[04:04:08] <Riemann> Images of the farm float through Luvi's mind, but it is not Luvi's family that lives there
[04:04:09] <Balthazaar> Albert waves bye to Katie
[04:04:13] <padri> Kate and Laura nod. Laura gathers Katie up and takes her to bed.
[04:04:13] <WetBeard> Mathias shook his head and walked away,
[04:04:20] <ZombieRaptor> Who lives there.
[04:04:29] <ZombieRaptor> (Nevermind)
[04:04:45] <padri> Katie waves to Albert on the wayout
[04:05:04] <Riemann> Instead, Luvi sees Laura and Katie. They are happy together
[04:05:19] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She watches them go, smiling to herself before getting up and grabbing some pie at the counter.
[04:06:01] <padri> Isn't this a good thing? Living happily at Luvi's farm? Perhaps with him!
[04:06:04] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi smiles.
[04:06:12] <Riemann> Luvi watches as a man enters the house. Katie runs up to him, hugging his leg tightly, eager to show his love
[04:06:17] <WetBeard> Mathias keeps an eye on Luvi from a distance ~You can lead a horse to water…~
[04:06:21] <Proto_Lost_Deux> (pssst its probably not luvi)
[04:06:25] <Riemann> ^^
[04:06:28] <Riemann> (Bingo)
[04:06:30] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi frowns slightly. (No really?)
[04:06:38] <Proto_Lost_Deux> After her pie run, she heads out, going to the common room.
[04:06:50] <Riemann> Laura walks up to the man, his back to Luvi's perspective
[04:06:56] <padri> It's definitely not luvi. He has dark brown hair.
[04:07:01] <Riemann> She kisses him, deeply and passionately
[04:07:04] <padri> That makes him obviously not Luvi.
[04:07:22] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Somewhere, Harley laughs but doesn't know why.
[04:07:24] <ZombieRaptor> ~Is that John?~
[04:08:05] <Optimal> Frederick goes to lab 6 to draw another evil mustache on Hill.
[04:08:09] <Riemann> Luvi quietly realises who it is.
[04:08:12] <Riemann> A dead man
[04:08:15] <TeslaTornado> Somewhere, Kevin laughs at someone else's misfortune.
[04:08:20] <Riemann> Who has no rights to be alive
[04:08:26] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi grimaces.
[04:08:34] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Frannie arrives at the common room..who's in here?
[04:08:41] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi
[04:09:05] <ZombieRaptor> He has a black blob on his arm, he does not see what's around him, locked into the thoughts
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[04:09:39] <Nemi> Lis is present. She's watching Luvi and the blob.
[04:09:50] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She looks on in surprise, rushing over to Luvi. "Wh-what are you doing?"
[04:09:51] <Riemann> Though Luvi does not notice, Barry has enveloped most of his arm, malevolent crystals jutting out
[04:10:01] <WetBeard> Mathias is present as well, but is keep close watch on Luvi.
[04:10:05] <padri> Luvi, Laura loves you.
[04:10:15] <padri> Remember standing in the hall
[04:10:23] <padri> She hugged you.
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[04:10:26] <ZombieRaptor> Can Luvi remember that at this point?
[04:10:32] <Riemann> Luvi can only surmise that this is what he took from Laura
[04:10:36] <padri> This man that you're seeing died 11 years ago.
[04:10:47] <Riemann> If someone were to make contact with Luvi, moreso
[04:10:49] <ZombieRaptor> Someone should run up and slap at Luvi.. Maybe hill? Who has been watching him.
[04:11:06] <Riemann> Hill slaps the bloody fuck out of Luvi
[04:11:08] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi has a pained expression on his face.
[04:11:28] <ZombieRaptor> Does he come to his senses?
[04:11:32] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She tries to find a safe spot to rip it off him, but moves back when Hill slaps his ass.
[04:11:47] <Riemann> Barry reacts, a ripple running through the blob, shattering the crystals
[04:11:54] <Riemann> Luvi remembers that this did not happen
[04:12:10] <Roget> Luvi comes to his senses groggily
[04:12:30] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi grimaces. "The fucking hell?"
[04:12:39] <padri> He now remembers the scene in the hall.
[04:12:58] <WetBeard> Mathias walks over to Luvi and kneels next to him "Have you ever considered Psychotherapy?"
[04:12:59] <Riemann> Hill grabs Barry, and he /peels/ off of Luvi
[04:13:04] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran pulls out a handkerchief and wonders if it would be safe to touch.
[04:13:16] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi does, he smiles briefly but then realizes he had a homicidal blob on his arm.
[04:13:25] <Riemann> Hill gives an icy stare towards Mathias, before turning to the newcomer, Fran
[04:13:47] <ZombieRaptor> "Jesus fuck Hill…. That thing deserves an SCP status.. Now."
[04:14:00] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She stares at Hill, then at the blob before watching Hill again. "U-um w-what is that?"
[04:14:27] <Optimal> Frederick goes to his room and dies for the night.
[04:14:39] <WetBeard> Mathias was still next to Luvi "I'm not joking anymore, these small problems are the things that can drive people mentally /insane/"
[04:14:40] <Nemi> "That was interesting," says Lis, cheerfully.
[04:14:52] <Riemann> Hill shoots a glare at Luvi. "Maybe if you'd stop doing that!" Hill sounds angry
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[04:15:21] <Riemann> He then turns his attention to Fran
[04:15:37] <ZombieRaptor> "The damn pizza box has an scp status… This thing can actually kill… It is an SCP Hill, you can't deny that."
[04:15:53] <DrSavage> Randall takes a seat in commons, hoping Luvi does not notice him.
[04:15:56] <Riemann> Slightly put off, he replies to Fran. "This, is Barry."
[04:16:16] <Nemi> "Can it kill? Really? Or did it just seem it?"
[04:16:18] <ZombieRaptor> "Barry… Is a skip."
[04:16:22] <Riemann> "It's harmless if you stop doing that!"
[04:16:22] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran is a small, mousy looking dame dress in shades of blue. "B-Barry? What…what is it?"
[04:16:39] <WetBeard> Mathias realized this was his chance to get rid of that blob "Luvi is right Hill, that thing belongs in containment, not your pocket"
[04:17:01] <Riemann> Hill returns to Fran, offering Barry to hold
[04:17:07] <ZombieRaptor> "Not containment necessarily… Just a status as an Scp."
[04:17:09] <Riemann> "He's… an experiment."
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[04:17:48] <WetBeard> Mathias scowled "Bah… Luvi I'm serious, you should consider Therapy."
[04:17:53] <TeslaTornado> Kevin looms in the commons door.
[04:17:57] <Riemann> Hill does not acknowledge Mathias at all
[04:17:59] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She shrinks away from the blob, looking at it suspiciously. "An experiment? Surely it shouldn't be exposed to the civilian populace given its rather unhealthy effect."
[04:18:25] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks at Kevin. "Evening Kevin.."
[04:18:47] <TeslaTornado> Kevin nods. "What's the situation?"
[04:18:49] <Riemann> Hill sighs at Luvis words, knowing that he is right
[04:19:11] <ZombieRaptor> "A blob that tries to kill me when I think of the war."
[04:19:19] <Riemann> "I know, I know.
[04:19:20] <ZombieRaptor> "Especially of fucking Russia.."
[04:19:28] <WetBeard> Mathias stands up an walks over to Hill "Look, I don't want to be your enemy."
[04:19:35] <Riemann> "It was supposed to be innocent."
[04:19:36] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "Sh-shouldn't it be in containment then? It sounds rather harmful for his mental state."
[04:19:48] <TeslaTornado> "Then don't think of Russia. And get it into containment."
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[04:20:07] <Riemann> Hill looks sad. To Fran: "He was just born today."
[04:20:30] <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (Intimidate) "And he'll /die/ today if someone doesn't get it into containment."
[04:20:45] <Riemann> 5 (0,-,-,-)
[04:21:07] <ZombieRaptor> Don't use rolls on players
[04:21:10] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "Then p-perhaps now would be a good time to get him to containment then?"
[04:21:24] <Nemi> Lis sighs, watching.
[04:21:25] <ZombieRaptor> "Hill… We need to show it to Ivan first anyways.."
[04:21:43] * WetBeard has left #origins-ic ()
[04:22:10] <lurkd> Ivan wanders the halls.
[04:22:40] <lurkd> And eventually into commons.
[04:23:09] <ZombieRaptor> "Ivan!"
[04:23:18] <TeslaTornado> Kevin doesn't acknowledge him.
[04:23:24] <ZombieRaptor> "Hill, come on…. Ivan we need to speak to you…"
[04:23:35] <Riemann> (Give me time!)
[04:23:44] <Proto_Lost_Deux> There's a small, mousy-looking woman in the commons, she looks new.
[04:23:45] <lurkd> "On what?"
[04:24:09] <lurkd> Ivan glances at the new face for only a second.
[04:24:32] <Wogglebug> Abe stands in his caveamahermitage, working on some furnishings and supports.
[04:24:36] <Riemann> Barry breaks free of everyone, bouncing towards Ivan
[04:24:41] <ZombieRaptor> "A ball of ectoplasm Hill has… It's sentient."
[04:24:55] <TeslaTornado> Kevin moves to intercept it.
[04:24:56] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran looks at Ivan, before she reaches out to keep Barry away from him. "Look out!"
[04:24:58] <ZombieRaptor> "It crystallized and grew around my arm when I thought of the war."
[04:25:16] <Riemann> Hill looks really dejected. This was supposed to be harmless
[04:25:26] <Riemann> (Tes, care to roll agility?)
[04:25:38] <Proto_Lost_Deux> (Can I roll agility too?)
[04:25:39] <TeslaTornado> 4df+5
[04:25:44] <lurkd> Ivan is glaring at Hill. "I /thought/ you were going to be responsible with it? This is most disappointing."
[04:26:08] <Riemann> 5 (0,+,-,0)
[04:26:08] <ZombieRaptor> "Ivan… Why did it do that…"
[04:26:09] <Riemann> 4df+4 Barry
[04:26:27] <Riemann> 5 (+,0,-,+)
[04:26:47] <Riemann> (Tes, you intercept Barry)
[04:27:13] <Riemann> Hill is exasperated now. He just tried to do good,
[04:27:21] <TeslaTornado> Kevin moves directly into Barry's path and attempts to take hold of the… Thing.
[04:27:38] <Riemann> "Ivan," he replies, dropping formality, "I was just…"
[04:27:43] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Not making it in time, she decides to get close to Kevin and prepare to peel it off him in case it gets on him.
[04:27:50] <Riemann> He drops off, defeated
[04:28:16] <Riemann> Kevin grabs Barry out of midair (good snag), and holds on to him tightly
[04:28:59] <TeslaTornado> "Containment. Everyone. NOW." Kevin heads for Containment.
[04:29:33] <Riemann> (lurkd looks like he's typing something)
[04:29:43] <TeslaTornado> (redcat then)
[04:30:02] <Nemi> Lis sighs softly, rises with cup-in-hand.
[04:31:13] <Riemann> (Alright, we're going with Tesla's line)
[04:32:12] <lurkd> *sigh* "It's psycho-kinetic. It reacts physically to emotions."
[04:32:35] <TeslaTornado> Kevin takes that into note and goes into Professional Mode.
[04:32:46] <lurkd> (geez, nobody can wait?)
[04:32:59] <TeslaTornado> (Sorry. :()
[04:33:04] <Roget> Jamie Regal is making a lock and tinkering with it in containment. Because what else would he be doing?
[04:33:14] <Riemann> "I've tried to explain that, Ivan! Luvi kept harassing it!"
[04:33:30] <lurkd> "To disperse it all you have to do is expose it to full spectrum light."
[04:33:31] <ZombieRaptor> "I wasn't harassing it… I was testing it."
[04:33:49] <TeslaTornado> Kevin is on his way towards Regal carrying a big old ball of slime.
[04:33:58] <Riemann> Hill pouts at Luvi
[04:33:59] <Nemi> Lis follows dutifully, if unhappily.
[04:34:01] <lurkd> "It will subliminate into vapor."
[04:34:04] <padri> It's a really cute ball of slime.
[04:34:09] <Riemann> Hill is following Kevin
[04:34:11] <padri> Barry squirms in Kevin's hands.
[04:34:16] <padri> It wants to get out.
[04:34:17] <Riemann> Anyone else that wants to, feel free
[04:34:24] <TeslaTornado> Kevin doesn't understand this concept of "cute".
[04:34:25] <Roget> Jamie looks up. "Um."
[04:34:28] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "Y-you um, realize that testing it on human subjects is reserved for after the specimen has been exposed to other factors that would help ascertain its safety in handling it?"
[04:34:29] <Roget> "What is that."
[04:34:30] <padri> It is the color of determination
[04:34:36] <Riemann> "Erm, well, not after what I did, Ivan."
[04:34:52] <TeslaTornado> "A potential SCP. Found it in commons latched to mister Harkess's arm."
[04:35:04] <Riemann> "He isn't an it!"
[04:35:05] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks into containment.
[04:35:09] <Riemann> "He's Barry!"
[04:35:11] <lurkd> Ivan slaps Hill.
[04:35:14] <ZombieRaptor> "Regal."
[04:35:22] <ZombieRaptor> "It's a ball of ectoplasm."
[04:35:32] <ZombieRaptor> "Not deserving of SCP status."
[04:35:33] <Riemann> Hill is becoming genuinely distressed; Ivan does not help that
[04:35:33] <padri> Barry tries to slip between Kevin's fingers.
[04:35:42] <lurkd> "Incompetent lummox. I should have never trusted you with it."
[04:35:48] <Riemann> Barry just wants to be free
[04:35:59] * WetBeard has joined #origins-ic
[04:36:02] <Roget> "What do you want me to do with it?"
[04:36:05] <padri> It's a real slippery ball of goo, Kevin.
[04:36:09] * WetBeard has left #origins-ic ()
[04:36:13] <TeslaTornado> Kevin adjusts his grip, trying to hold onto Barry. He damn well isn't going to let Barry go free to latch onto every shellshocked war veteran in the Foundation.
[04:36:15] <Riemann> Ivans words barely register with Hill, who is too distraught over Barry
[04:36:19] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "It's also a dangerous specimen if it's capable of visiting such psychological harm on Mr.Luvi here." She's speaking very quietly.
[04:36:27] <lurkd> Ivan walks out to catch up to the people taking it to containment.
[04:36:32] <TeslaTornado> "Lock it somewhere. Quickly. I'm losing my capacity to hold onto it, as it's quite similar to trying to nail Jell-O to a wall."
[04:36:44] <ZombieRaptor> "It's not an SCP Kevin."
[04:36:47] <padri> The ball squirms.
[04:36:56] <ZombieRaptor> "It's a fucking ball of ectoplasm."
[04:37:05] <Nemi> Lis remains near the rear of the group. She offers Ivan a helpless shrug.
[04:37:10] <Roget> "I can't do something with it if it isn't an SCP. Can't you go…. have the red destroy it?"
[04:37:12] <padri> It is indeed quite similar to trying to nail Jell-o to the wall.
[04:37:27] <padri> It attempts going /around/ your fingers and reforming on the other sid.
[04:37:32] <lurkd> Ivan arrives. "Why is it not evaporating? This should be enough light."
[04:37:41] <TeslaTornado> Kevin gives Regal a Look of Doom and turns to look at Ivan. "Labs."
[04:37:47] <padri> It's been enhanced, Ivan.
[04:37:51] <Riemann> Hill is oddly quiet after Ivans words
[04:37:55] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "It's a sentient creature with a harmful effect on those it touches I think it counts as an SCP."
[04:38:13] <padri> It's only enhancing Kevin's determination right now.
[04:38:13] <Riemann> "It doesn't always have a harmful effect…"
[04:38:25] <padri> Kevin, you really need to contain this thing.
[04:38:29] <lurkd> "Follow me… I have an idea."
[04:38:41] <Nemi> "It wasn't harmful to me at all," Lis says, frowning. Holy moly, Lis is FROWNING? The apocalypse is coming.
[04:38:49] <Riemann> Hill follows, wringing his hands
[04:38:52] <lurkd> Ivan leads to the labs.
[04:39:01] <TeslaTornado> Kevin goes after Ivan. Quickly.
[04:39:03] <Nemi> Lis follows Ivan!
[04:39:04] <Riemann> "Look, its friendly!"
[04:39:18] <Riemann> Barry seems to sense that nothing good is about to happen
[04:39:30] <TeslaTornado> "It's mind-reading Jello. It needs to /burn/."
[04:39:35] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She stops reasoning with Hill, she wonders if everyone is this unreasonable as she follows after Ivan.
[04:39:36] <Riemann> He turns a dark blue, and Kevin feels a little bit sadder
[04:39:51] <lurkd> Ivan arrives at the lab. "Place it on the table."
[04:39:55] <Riemann> (He being Barry)
[04:40:17] <TeslaTornado> Kevin is all-too-happy to flop it onto the table. "The thing was trying to get to me."
[04:40:22] <lurkd> Ivan switches on the exhaust fan.
[04:40:34] <Riemann> As Barry is placed on the table, he wiggles softly, afraid
[04:40:36] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi had followed them.
[04:40:48] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran quickly follows, wondering if she should pick up a scalpel.
[04:40:59] <Riemann> He does not try to make an escape attempt, but seems to be looking at everyone, wondering
[04:41:24] <lurkd> Ivan grabs a beaker of clear liquid. "Try not to breathe the fumes."
[04:41:25] <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks down at it without pity. He turns to Ivan. "You said it was ectoplasm, yes?"
[04:41:40] <Riemann> "Wait!" Hill cries
[04:41:42] <lurkd> "….correct?"
[04:41:45] <Riemann> "Can I…"
[04:41:50] <DrSavage> Randall sees no need to go to Containment. He never touched the blob.
[04:41:54] <TeslaTornado> "Perhaps ultraviolet light if this doesn't work?"
[04:41:55] <padri> Barry rolls towards you balefully, Hill.
[04:41:58] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Hearing that, she pulls out her kerchief and brings it up to her mouth.
[04:41:59] <lurkd> "Can you what?"
[04:42:01] <Riemann> "Can I at least say goodbye?"
[04:42:39] <lurkd> (is there uv lights in the 50s?)
[04:42:42] <Riemann> "Give me this." Hill looks determined. "And I will tell you how to…"
[04:43:04] <lurkd> "….alright."
[04:43:08] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She understands sentimentality at least. "…I would let him…it's um, its his experiment."
[04:43:17] <TeslaTornado> (I dunno)
[04:43:27] <TeslaTornado> (Redact for accuracy's sake)
[04:43:33] <Riemann> Hill looks at Barry, tears forming in his eyes
[04:43:34] <lurkd> ~no more ectoplasm for people~
[04:43:42] <ZombieRaptor> "Ivan, if y'all believe this to be an SCP protocol mandates you /not/ destroy it."
[04:43:59] <Riemann> He pats Barry, who rolls bumps into Hill gently
[04:44:19] <TeslaTornado> "You heard what Regal said, mister Harkess."
[04:44:25] <Riemann> Barry lacks colour now, beyond hope
[04:44:39] <lurkd> "Laboratory experiments gone awry is something different."
[04:44:56] <Riemann> "Light, Ivan. Sufficiently bright light, combined with that chemical."
[04:45:06] <ZombieRaptor> "It's an SCP nonetheless Ivan."
[04:45:09] <Riemann> "A flash."
[04:45:24] <TeslaTornado> "A camera bulb, perhaps?"
[04:45:41] <Nemi> Lis cups her hands around her glass, still frowning. She's not really fond of how this has turned.
[04:45:45] <lurkd> Ivan ignores Luvi. "Wheel over the industrial lamp and turn it on."
[04:46:21] <Proto_Lost_Deux> Fran keeps her distance…this was the most confusing and stressful first day she's had.
[04:46:21] <lurkd> Ivan douses the blob.
[04:46:33] <Riemann> Hill leans down, and whispers something to Barry, before Ivan douses
[04:46:46] <lurkd> And turns on the lamp if no one else does.
[04:46:49] <padri> (I'll never forget you, Barry!)
[04:46:50] <Riemann> He straightens, and turns away. He cannot bear to watch
[04:47:01] <TeslaTornado> Kevin puts on his sunglasses.
[04:47:11] <lurkd> *poof* *hissssssss*
[04:47:28] <lurkd> "There."
[04:47:30] <Riemann> In utter silence, Barry sublimates
[04:47:58] <lurkd> "Nobody else is gaining access to ectoplasm… ever."
[04:48:00] <Riemann> He does not move during the process, just waits, immobile
[04:48:14] <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks disdainfully at the blob.
[04:48:31] <Riemann> Barry the Bouncing Blob is no more
[04:48:50] <lurkd> Ivan pushes Hill out of the way. He looks furious.
[04:48:55] <Proto_Lost_Deux> "…I um…I wasn't aware that ectoplasm was a tangible or real thing."
[04:48:55] <Nemi> "Poor thing."
[04:49:17] <Nemi> Lis is back to a bemused half-smile.
[04:49:17] <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks disdainfully over at Fran. "Welcome to the Foundation. You're going to be saying that a lot."
[04:49:17] <Riemann> Hill is in the corner of the lab, his back turned to everyone. His back is heaving. He is far from Ivan (sorry lurkd)
[04:49:21] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi puts a hand on Ivan's shoulder. "Calm down Ivan…"
[04:49:27] <lurkd> "It's an intangant byproduct."
[04:49:29] * Aphex_ has quit (Connection reset by peer)
[04:50:13] <lurkd> "This is gross negligence, Mr. Harkess."
[04:50:38] <ZombieRaptor> "Nonetheless you need to calm down."
[04:50:56] <lurkd> He bats his hand off of his shoulder. No touchy.
[04:52:48] <padri> Laura knits in her room.
[04:52:57] <Proto_Lost_Deux> She sighs, heading back to the common room to read. All she wanted was to read guys ;^;
[04:52:58] <padri> Click click click.
[04:53:02] <Riemann> Hill is in the corner, sitting on the floor, silent as the grave.

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