Golden City Issue #1: To The Window!

gumbal1 Danielle reports to 826's cell.
Daedalus Hermann follows in behind her, clipboard in hand.
ihp A somewhat overweight man with a purdy hat (specifically a fedora) and glasses is waiting outside SCP-826's containment cell. "Hell-O and Welcome to SCP-826's containment cell, where Bad Comics are a fact of life." Standing next to him is a man wearing a business suit with glasses, and… purple eyes? "As you may or may not be aware, the Foundation recently made contact with a fictional…
ihp …society. By 'recently' I mean two months back; bureaucracy lost the paperwork for further testing."
ihp The man in the hat has a name tag that reads L. Lovhaug. The man in the suit has one that says "U. Goodeyes (SCP-826-Alpha)"
gumbal1 Danielle furrows her brow and crosses her arms.
gumbal1 "How exactly does one contact a fictional society?"
ihp "Using this." Lovhaug opens the door, revealing a pair of bookends on a shelf within an empty cell. "Meet SCP-826. Put a book in between them, and it draws you into them."
Daedalus "What is our goal here, Dr. Lovhaug?" Hermann asks, reading his name tag and taking notes on his clipboard.
ihp "Your goal is to go into the fictional society of this book." He holds up a comic book, which is entitled "MEGA COMICS special 4th of July Issue!". "It contains a society in a semi-permeable time loop. People are aware of the days passing, but always believe it's July 4th, and certain events always play out as if it were the 4th of July."
ihp U. Goodeyes clears his throat. "Also… may I speak my piece, Dr. Lovhaug?" "Of course, Mayor."
gumbal1 ~We're wasting an anomaly like this on that kind of trash?~
Daedalus "Wunderbar… A comic book world…"
gumbal1 "Question."
ihp "There are superheroes in this story, but they are not to be trusted. The main 'hero' is an old friend who… well, to be quite frank, is a reality-bending psychopath. I used to be the villain in the story. The… Bookends exist inside the story, and if anyone who's in it touches them… they find out that they're not real."
ihp Lovhaug looks at Danielle. "Yes?"
gumbal1 "Why this particular comic book?"
ihp "Because there was a snafu with the first test. We were originally going to test it with an approved manuscript by a Foundation researcher, but… well, let's just say that somebody screwed up." Lovhaug shakes his head. "Dr. Finevoice is a better singer than he is a researcher. We made contact with this civilization, extracted a member of it," he nods at Goodeyes, "and we've found that this…
ihp …is probably the best avenue for research. We've been promised technology from this universe in exchange for aid in intervening in the course of the story."
gumbal1 "Will there be much fighting?"
ihp "…perhaps. But it might be aided by the fact that you have access to superpowers."
Daedalus "Pardon?"
ihp "Long story, you'll be filled in. Anyway!" Lovhaug claps his hands, handing each of you a radio. "Let's dig into Mega Comics Special 4th of July Edition, and see what happens! We will be monitoring you. Your first objective is to make contact with the acting mayor."
gumbal1 Danielle nods. ~Holy fuck this is ridiculous~
Daedalus Hermann takes the radio and clips it to his belt, ~This is rather exciting!~
ihp Dr. Lovhaug walks into the cell and places the comic book between the bookends, before stepping out and shutting the door. When it opens… you're in the middle of a busy city street, and the buildings are all golden, looking like Fort Knox screwed Manhattan and this is the end result.
gumbal1 Danielle walks into what was once the cell without a second thought,
Daedalus Hermann steps in behind her, hesitating for only a second to makes sure he had everything.
ihp Just as you step in, the clocks throughout the city bong 4:00 PM. You see what looks to be the detritus from a 4th of July parade having passed by several hours earlier. People are going about their business, and the sun is still high in the sky.
gumbal1 Danielle attempts to get one the peoples attention, putting on a fake midwestern accent. "Excuse me."
ihp You make contact with a man in a green suit, who looks like he's part plant. His skin is wooden and there are leaves in his hair. He tilts his head at you. "Ah, a tourist. Welcome to Golden City!"
Daedalus Hermann is too busy taking pictures and taking notes.
gumbal1 Danielle makes an attempt to hide her confusion. "Yes, thank you. I was looking for directions to City Hall."
ihp "Ah, it's simple. You just go north down Parade Street until you hit Patriot Avenue, take a right at the subway station, and walk two blocks down. Or you could just take the subway's Red Line until you hit the Patriot Avenue station."
ihp "Subway is free because it's the 4th!"
ihp The plant-man smiles.
gumbal1 "Thank you." ~Why do Americans get so worked up about the 4th?~
ihp "Anytime, citizen. Enjoy your time in Golden City!" Hermann, you see… something flying overhead. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
gumbal1 Danielle goes back to Hermann. "Come with me. I have directions."
ihp It's… a guy with bright pink wings in a pink suit. Nobody seems to notice it.
Daedalus He readjusts his glasses and points at the sky, "Look."
gumbal1 Danielle looks up. "…I've seen weirder things."
Daedalus He writes down a note and turns to Danielle, "Before we continue, I do believe it would be impolite to not introduce ourselves." He readjusts his glasses again, "I am Dr. Hermann Austerlitz."
gumbal1 "Danielle Levine."
ihp "…a German? Huh. Didn't think there were many left after we licked Der Fuhrer. I'm Wally Green." Of course that's your name.
gumbal1 Danielle seems to be eyeing Hermann a bit more suspiciously than before.
Daedalus "A pleasure to meet you, Fraulein, and you Mr. Green. And Der Fuhrer was an idiot with one dimesional ideas." He says absentmindedly.
ihp "…okay then. Well, I gotta be off; need to help prepare the fruit salad for the fireworks show. Don't miss it!"
ihp He runs off.
gumbal1 "Anyways, lets go." Danielle makes her way through the directions.
Daedalus "What a strange man…" He finishes his sketch and tucks away his notebook, following Danielle.
ihp Does Danielle head down Parade, or take the subway?
gumbal1 The subway.
ihp You find the subway quite easily; there's a station about half a block down. It reminds you of the New York subway, if you've ever been. There are people milling about there in business suits and construction uniforms. For more info, gimme a perception check.
gumbal1 4df+4 wha
Glacon gumbal1: wha: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
Daedalus 4df+2
Daedalus 4df+2
Glacon Daedalus: -1 (4df+2=-, -, -, 0)
Daedalus Damn
ihp Danielle, you ovehear someone complain about flooding on the violet line, and someone else wondering when the indigo line is ever gonna be fixed. Hermann gets a ringing in his ears.
Daedalus "[Egh… goddamn train…]" He intones in German.
gumbal1 Danielle feels vaguely insulted for reasons she can't quite understand
ihp The 4:06 train going to Patriot Street station pulls in. How convenient.
gumbal1 Danielle steps aboard.
Daedalus Hermann gets in behind her.
Daedalus "What is it you do for the Foundation, Fraulein?" He asks, mildly curious.
ihp The typical "stand clear of the line" things plays. You see that the train has a seal on it, a big V in a circle. The circle reads "Built by Vention Industries."
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gumbal1 "I'm a negotiater of sorts."
Daedalus "Is that so? You are French, non?"
gumbal1 "Oui."
ihp You pull past an inactive train station, and…
ihp Perception!
ihp Visual!
gumbal1 4df+4 wha
Glacon gumbal1: wha: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
Daedalus 4df+2 old man eyes
Glacon Daedalus: old man eyes: 2 (4df+2=-, -, +, +)
ihp You both see this, but Danielle sees it slightly better: You swear to god you see a knight in full plate armor on the platform, dueling someone else with a saber. Nobody else notices, having been tired out from a long day of work on the 4th of July.
gumbal1 "Bah. New York is too inconsistent."
Daedalus "So I'm going to assume you saw that as well?"
gumbal1 Danielel whispers this too Hermann. "After we get off, I'm going to find some place secluded to see if I actually have powers. I suggest you do, too."
Daedalus He nods understandingly.
ihp The doors open as you reach the Patriot Street station. «Don't Eat The Railroad Floor, Stand Clear Of The Door. A Message Brought To You By Mayor James Moriarty.»
Daedalus "Moriarty…"
gumbal1 Danielle exits and searches for any bathroom without many people surrounding it.
Daedalus Hermann follows suit.
gumbal1 "Probably an inane reference.
gumbal1 "
ihp Danielle, there are bathrooms!
gumbal1 Danielle enters one and checks to see if anyone's inside.
ihp It's empty, but there's graffiti here, oddly out of place in this area, which is also gilded. It reads "Up Up, Right Right, And You Can Put Up A Fight". An arrow points to an X on the floor.
gumbal1 Danielle goes over, crouches down, and examines the X.
ihp Perception~
Daedalus Hermann enters the other bathroom and proceeds to wash his hands/
gumbal1 4df+4 Born or cursed?
Glacon gumbal1: Born or cursed?: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
ihp Hermann's bathroom is empty.
ihp Danielle, you notice that, two tiles ahead and two to the right, a tile is loose.
gumbal1 Danielle goes over and tries to remove the tile.
ihp You find… two bottles of something. They look like ink pots, and are filled with liquid that resembles fruit punch. They have text on the, which reads "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night/ Rage, Rage Against The Dying Light."
ihp on them*
ihp On the bottom of the bottles are a logo, the same V in a circle on the train.
gumbal1 Danielle heads outside with the bottles.
Daedalus Hermann goes back outside as well, having cleaned his hands thoroughly.
gumbal1 Danielle hands hers to Hermann. "I found this under a tile in the restroom. Not sure what it is."
ihp Hermann, do you have any points in science, academics or medical?
Daedalus "Hmm, interesting." He does!
ihp If so, what is the highest skill out of those, with modifiers?
ihp Note, this counts as superscience, not occult knowledge.
Daedalus Science is the highest base skill, but the modifier only applies to supernatural occurences and beings.
ihp In that case, roll me science!
Daedalus 4df+6 SCIENCE
Glacon Daedalus: SCIENCE: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, 0)
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ihp You inspect the substance, and… it glows, and gives off a scent that you know is powerful. Part of you remembers smelling something like this when passing by an explosion that was a result of a failed experiment at the Project Riese complex where you worked. You don't remember the project, but you think it had to do with mutation of some kind.
Daedalus "Mutation." He takes a good sniff of the bottle, "This substance would most likely effect us at a cellular level. I don't know whether or not it would give us powers, but if anything here would do it…"
gumbal1 "You go first."
Daedalus He raises an eyebrow, "Well, Es gibt keine Ergebnisse, ohne zu versuchen…" he sighs and takes a good swig of the bottle, drinking it all in one go.
gumbal1 She waits a few moments before asking "How do you feel now?"
ihp The liquid that Hermann drinks is a blue shade of indigo, like ink. It doesn't taste too bad; kind of like an iced coffee. You feel fine, then exhausted, like you've just run 500 miles, then energized like you want to run 500 more… and then your clothing bursts open as your muscle mass increases by about 400%.
ihp Thankfully, this is a comic book. His pants stay on.
gumbal1 Danielle eyes her drink with suspicion.
Daedalus "Graaahh!!" He says as he transforms, "[Wha- What is this?]" He asks in German, "[God, I feel powerful!]"
ihp People stare at Hermann in fear, thinking that he's some kind of a super-villain. Someone mumbles "Dr. Ubermensch", another one says "No, he's just a Golden Boy…"
ihp People back away in fear, giving Hermann a clear breadth.
gumbal1 ~Eh, this is a comic book. Gender politics are probably in play anyways.~ Danielle drinks hers in a fit of apathy.
Daedalus He looks around and grins, "[This is fantastic…]"
ihp Danielle, your drink is green, and tastes like a fine glass of water. Your hair turns into a collection of vines, your eyes gain a hazelnut-like shade, and your skin turns a pale green. You feel kind of weak from being underground, and want to seek sunlight.
ihp People gasp at Danielle. "Where's Captain Gold! ?" "Only he can give powers!" "He's been working with Isaac Vention… maybe he has something to do with this?"
gumbal1 "Let's go. People are staring."
Daedalus "[Agreed.]" Hermann says, trying to cover his shoulders with what little cloth remains.
Daedalus He heads out of the subway.
gumbal1 Danielle heads outside.
ihp You emerge from the subway, onto Patriot Avenue. A skyscraper towers overhead, and cars go zooming by. Some people get out of the way as Hermann comes up. Someone in a red suit steps up to him and frowns. "Now hold on. Where the gosh-dang heck is your uniform?"
ihp He stares at Danielle. "And yours! You are a disgrace to the name of Captain Gold!, the Golden Boys and Girls, and all they stand for!"
gumbal1 Danielle raises a vinebrow. "Uniform?"
Daedalus Hermann looks to Danielle, he's having a bit of trouble finding the right words in english.
ihp "Your Green and Indigo suits!" He points to his own red one, which has a golden G on its right breast. "All Biokinetics and Zerkers are required to have monitoring suits at all times to ensure they're not engaging in activity that is against the core principles of Golden City."
ihp "That goes for /all/ Golden Boys and Girls, even the Angel Corps."
gumbal1 Danielle attempts to look offended. "Excuse me? This is a serious medical condition."
ihp "…oh. You're Coppertop Corps, aren't you?" He peers at Danielle. "Fine. I'll let you off this once, but next time, I'm going to write a citation to BioSquad Leader Isley."
Daedalus "We… er… are new." Hermann attempts to explain, "And we forgot our uniforms at home. Do you have any spares?"
ihp "See Squadron Leaders Isley and Banner for your uniforms. Until then, stay out of sight, for the love of cripes!"
Daedalus "Yes sir?"
ihp The Red-Suited man frowns, and walks off. As he does, a small fireball ignites in his hair. He pats it out with his hand and sighs.
gumbal1 Danielle instinctively cringes for reasons she can't quite understand.
ihp You are now on Patriot Road. City Hall is about two blocks that way. What do you do?
gumbal1 "Fine. Let's sneak into the mayor's office from a window to remain unseen. I imagine this Captain Gold has his goons infesting city hall as well."
Daedalus "Interesting, but I cannot sneak, as you can probably tell."
gumbal1 "Then go inside on your own and pretend you're a bodybuilder."
Daedalus He seems amused by this idea, "I can most likely distract the guards while you sneak into the mayors office."
gumbal1 "Sounds good."
gumbal1 Danielle makes her way to town hall, careful not to be seen.
Daedalus Hermann doesn't care, and trods his way to city hall whistling a merry tune.
ihp Danielle, gimme a stealth check.
gumbal1 4df+8 (BVVQ) Danielle is a good sneaker.
Glacon gumbal1: (BVVQ) Danielle is a good sneaker.: 7 (4df+8=-, -, 0, +)
ihp You blend into the sparse foliage around the city, sneaking two blocks down the street and eventually coming to an ornate building that…. has no gold on it. It looks like a plain and simple city hall, and it's staffed by poliicemen. You don't see any of Captain Gold!'s mooks around. The window to an office on the second floor is open…
gumbal1 Danielel checks for any vines on the side of the building she could climb on.
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gumbal1 Danielle frowns at the lack of them, thinking that if only the grass would somehow rise up to the window to make a vine…
Daedalus Hermann, meanwhile, approaches the entrance to city hall and waits for a signal.
ihp Roll me agility+4.
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gumbal1 4df+4+4 Danielel thinks hard and hard
Glacon gumbal1: Danielel thinks hard and hard: 6 (4df+4+4=0, -, -, 0)
ihp Through sheer strength of will, you manage to make grass near the building into a set of climbable vines.
ihp Leading right up to the window.
ihp Now, roll me strength +4 to climb them!
gumbal1 "Huh."
gumbal1 Danielle gives the signal to Hermann.
Daedalus 4df+6 (Strength+Ranged) "[Time to test this strength.]" Hermann picks up a fairly large rock and hurls it through one of the hall windows
Glacon Daedalus: (Strength+Ranged) "[Time to test this strength.]" Hermann picks up a fairly large rock and hurls it through one of the hall windows: 6 (4df+6=+, -, 0, 0)
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ihp Wow.
ihp I have no words.
ihp Just.
ihp Wow.
gumbal1 4df+2+4 At this point, Danielel hurridly climbs up.
Glacon gumbal1: At this point, Danielel hurridly climbs up.: 6 (4df+2+4=0, -, 0, +)
ihp It's hurled through a window, causing chaos within. People come streaming out and screaming.
ihp Danielle climbs it! At the top, she finds an old man absolutely /glowering/ at her. "Oh you fucking idiot." He puts his head in his hands. "Captain Gold! Will be here any minute because your idiot friend threw a boulder through my window!"
ihp Danielle, perception.
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gumbal1 4df+4 wha
Glacon gumbal1: wha: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
gumbal1 (THX DICK)
ihp Danielle, you fail to notice something slip up from behind you, until it has as word around your neck. "Should I cut her throat, sire?" "Patience, Sir Onyx. Patience."
gumbal1 c"I didn't know he meant that when he said 'distraction'."
ihp a sword*
ihp not a word.
gumbal1 Daniellethinks about growing thorns outwards from her body.
ihp Roll me pdef+4
Daedalus Hermann enters the city hall looking for the mayors office.
gumbal1 4df+4+4 Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore…
Glacon gumbal1: Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore…: 8 (4df+4+4=-, +, +, -)
ihp Thorns sprout from your body, and collide against metal. Should you turn around, you'll see the knight you saw on the abandoned subway platform, clad in black armor his visor down, and a purple plume sticking from his helmet. Hermann, the mayor's office is on the second floor, and people are staring at you in awe.
Daedalus He heads there, growling at people who get in his way and silently chuckling to himself.
ihp The man behind the desk frowns at Danielle. "You're part of the Foundation that took Goodeyes away, aren't you? Nobody else would be stupid enough to use the window instead of the door, when I am a /good friend of the Golden Boys and Girls/."
ihp "Honestly. Incompetents. At least Holmes was /smart/."
gumbal1 "Merde. Plan B." Danielle tries to see if she can extend the vine from earlier into the office, make a sharp thorn at the end, and point it at the mayor's neck.
ihp Hermann, you enter the office. The mayor stares at you. "…oh fuck this. Utterly /fuck/ this. You were supposed to /meet/ me here, you idiots!"
ihp He holds up a radio he produces from under his desk, and speaks into it. His voice comes out on the radios you were given. "I am Acting Mayor James Moriarty, and you will stand down or so help me god I will erase you from the book we live in."
gumbal1 Danielle retracts her thorns. "Fine. I wasn't intending to kill you anyways."
Daedalus Hermann just follows what Danielle does and calms down. He takes a seat.
ihp Sir Onyx pulls back his sword. "…right. Now that we've been rumbled, as it were… we have to get to somewhere secure, before the constables arrive. The Indigo line is not flooded today, is it, Professor?"
ihp "It is not, Sir Onyx. You may take refuge there." "Excellent."
Daedalus "You were the one we saw fighting when we were on the train…" Hermann points out
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ihp "I was practicing with my page."
Daedalus "I'm sorry about the window, Herr Moriarty, I can feel this form making me a bit… stupid."
ihp "Berzerkers generally do have lower intelligence… but where the hell did you get your powers? Gold! wouldn't have done something so irresponsible."
gumbal1 "We, er, found them. Ina bathroom."
ihp "…hm." Moriarty frowns. "I'll look into it later. For now, you need to get to the Indigo Line, before the police get here."
ihp "They'll be here in five minutes."
gumbal1 Danielle nods, and jumps out of the window.
ihp "Sir Onyx?" "Aye, my sire!" "They are friends of the Golden City Restoration Society, despite their abilities. They are to be treated as su- oh you're kidding me."
ihp Moriarty hits his head against his desk as Danielle jumps out the window.
ihp *BANG* *BANG* *BANG*
gumbal1 Danielel hopes her plant skin will help her land.
ihp It does!
Daedalus Hermann follows suit and jumps out the window, but not before saying, "I am truly sorry about the window. Also, I am a huge fan."
gumbal1 Danielle makes a sneaky dash towards the train station.
ihp "Hmph. That Winsthrop fellow had me sign his book."
ihp Moriarty looks at Onyx, who shrugs, and cuts a hole in the air with his sword, jumping through it and vanishing afterwards.
Daedalus "If I come back I will bring a book." He says as he jumps out the window and follows Danielle
ihp You miraculously arrive at a train station… only to find out that the indigo line is closed for repairs by order of the mayor.
ihp Bravo.
gumbal1 "Merde. Things go fast here."
Daedalus Can we break in?
ihp It would involve distablizing the city's transportation infrastructure greatly, and possibly collapsing a few city blocks as you break through load-bearing walls, but you /could/.
Daedalus Just through the entrance to the subway
gumbal1 Danielle presses herself against the wall and tries to see if she can grow through the cracks.
ihp Oh. Hm.
gumbal1 That's how erosion works, right?
ihp Well, assuming you find one that goes to the indigo line, you could. Let me see…
ihp 3d8
Glacon ihp: 11 (3d8=5, 2, 4)
ihp Sorry, this station has the Orange, Red and Blue lines. :3
Daedalus Hermann grumbles and looks around for a station.
ihp Looking at a subway map on the wall, an indigo station is…
ihp 1d4
Glacon ihp: 3 (1d4=3)
ihp there blocks east of here.
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Daedalus "I have a feeling that we are going about this the wrong way, Fraulein." He says as he heads towards the indigo station.
gumbal1 Danielle follows him.
gumbal1 "You'll find that's most of what Psi-7 does."
ihp I'll leave you in peace to talk for a bit, because I need to do something RLside.
Daedalus "I think this is rather exciting. I've never been out on a mission before."
gumbal1 "Your first mission tends to be the best. My first involved blowing up a train."
Daedalus "That sounds fantastic. I was once on a train thaat blew up, you know."
gumbal1 "Was it carrying a giant lizard?"
ihp You arrive at an Indigo station. It's sealed up with all sorts of stuff.
ihp Boards, yellow tape, metaphorical and literal red tape, construction barrels, and a big black X painted on the boards.
ihp But… hmm.
ihp There's something off about the whole thing.
gumbal1 Wooden boards?
ihp Yes, wooden boards.
Daedalus "I don't believe so…" He goes over to entrance and prepares to rip the boards off.
ihp Hold on. Hermann…
gumbal1 Danielle touches them, and tries to create/accelerate the process of rotting.
ihp Danielle, the boards do…. nothing. Nothing at all. They're wooden, but they don't rot.
gumbal1 "Hm."
Daedalus "Is something wrong?"
gumbal1 "My power doesn't extend to wood, it seems."
ihp Hermann! With your limited sapient faculties, gimme an academics+perception, with the occult modifier!
ihp Remember, it caps at +12.
Daedalus 4df+12 (Academics+Perception+Specialty)
Glacon Daedalus: (Academics+Perception+Specialty): 11 (4df+12=0, -, -, +)
ihp Hermann, you easily recognize the X's. They're a very distinctive X, used to mark plague houses in medieval times. However, these specific ones have been written over runes that allow for safe passage into and out of sealed areas; a specific group of Plague Doctors used them to treat patients. You just have to touch a very specific area, and you can go to the other side.
ihp And yes, you know what that 'specific area' is.
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Daedalus "We can pass right through just touch here and…" He touches the spot and passes through to the other side.
gumbal1 Danielle shrugs and tries it.
ihp Pause for description, for once.
ihp You find yourself in some kind of underground encampment. It has people of all kinds gathered around campfires- businessmen, people from medieval times, what looks like a bunch of miners, a couple of odd, faceless humanoids. Some are working with firearms on a makeshift range down the tracks (the third rail is shut off), others are making dinner. Standing before you is Sir Onyx, who, even…
ihp …through his helmet, seems like he's frowning. "About time you got here."
gumbal1 "We tried, but the path was closed."
Daedalus "What she said."
ihp He swings his sword, and vanishes. He reappears behind Danielle and taps her on the shoulder. "If plant-girl had stayed for just five seconds longer, I could have gotten you here yesterday."
gumbal1 "…oh."
ihp "Anyway. Doesn't matter now." He opens his arms. "Welcome to the headquarters of the Golden City Restoration Society."
gumbal1 "So, are you basically Marquis?"
ihp "…this one is perceptive." Onyx leans on a wall. "Now then. The Mayor- before a /certain berzerker/ decided to throw a rock through his window- was going to tell you about a mission. We /were/ doing this for your benefit, you know."
ihp "We had technology we were willing to give you, if you just helped with something."
gumbal1 "We were afriad of being accousted by Gold's goons."
Daedalus "Sorry, it seemed like a good idea at the time."
ihp "…doesn't matter. We still require your help." Sir Onyx cuts through the air with his sword, and produces a scroll. Unrolling it reveals a floor map of a building. "See this? It's a factory on Blake Lane. The mayor thinks that Captain Gold!'s friend, Isaac Newton Vention, is using it to produce an augmentation for his Golden Boys and Girls. Some kind of drug or something. We have to smash…
ihp …it to bits, or else steal the formula so they can't make more of it."
ihp "So, if you happen to know any good spies or a man with superhuman strength…"
gumbal1 Danielle smiles.
gumbal1 "Stealing formulas was my job."
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Daedalus Hermann frowns, "I can do more than smash, Herr Onyx."
ihp "Oh? Like what? You can't be terribly smart if you're a Berzerker…"
ihp Roll academics+occult to say something smart.
Daedalus "I studied at the University of Berlin and recieved honorary degrees in three different sciences. While it's true I feel a bit stupider in this form, I am nonetheless one of the smartest men you'll ever meet."
ihp Or that works.
ihp "Hmm. Well then, Mr. Educated, figure out the best way to knock this down." She hands the map to you.
ihp Engineering to figure out how to do just that~
gumbal1 "So, will you be teleporting us there?"
Daedalus 4df+5 Engineering
Glacon Daedalus: Engineering: 5 (4df+5=+, -, 0, 0)
ihp Hermann, there are several load-bearing supports that you can identify. Also, something that looks like a laboratory, if you want to set fire to the place.
Daedalus "Three load-bearing supports." he points out, "We know those out, the building will crumble. Also, this space would be used as a labratory, a laboratory with flamable chemicals that we might be a ble to use to set the building ablaze."
Daedalus knock*
Daedalus these*
gumbal1 "That works too, I guess."
ihp Sir Onyx nods at Danielle. "And I shall accompany you, to assure that the job is done." He cuts open a hole in the air in front of them. You can see that it leads to a factory near the waterfront, on what you assume is Blake Lane.
gumbal1 Danielle jumps through.
Daedalus Hermann does as well
ihp You find yourself in front of a conveniently placed sign: "Vention Industries, Blake Lane Black Lung Factory #2". The factory is spewing clouds of noxious smoke into the air.
gumbal1 How bad does the smoke affect Danielle?
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ihp Roll pdef to find out.
ihp No bonus.
gumbal1 4df+4
Glacon gumbal1: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
ihp Danielle, a few vines on your head wither.
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Daedalus "Mein Gott, the air is horrible."
gumbal1 Danielle checks the building for any alternative points of entry.
gumbal1 "Indeed."
ihp "Welcome to Black Lung," states Sir Onyx.
ihp Danielle, perception+sneak.
gumbal1 4df+4+5 Danielle is good at sneky shit
Glacon gumbal1: Danielle is good at sneky shit: 8 (4df+4+5=+, -, 0, -)
Daedalus "Where to now, Herr Onyx?"
ihp Danielle, you see a series of handholds you can climb up into a window on the second floor, if you want to risk it. There's also a drainage pipe going into the water, that you'll see if you look behind you. Finally, there is a door that's slightly ajar.
ihp Onyx looks at Hermann. "Now, I make a distraction." He warps off with his sword. Soon, a scream pierces the night… and it's a woman's. "No! Help, police!"
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Daedalus "[Oh, so it's okay when he makes the distraction…]" he grumbles as he goes through the front door.
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Daedalus Hermann waits by the front door,
ihp Hermann, the factory floor is silent. It's not even 7:00, and everyone's gone home for the night; must be because of the holiday. There are bottles that look like ink bottles that are in stacks, with a V in a circle stamped on a bottom. Looks familiar…
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gumbal1 Danielle tries to open the window.
Daedalus "Hmm…" Hermann examines the bottles and takes a few, then looks around for the laboratory.
ihp It is open! Going inside, you see some kind of manager's office. There's a filing cabinet in the corner.
ihp Hermann, you see a door in the corner marked "Vention Industries Science Staff Only".
gumbal1 Danielle blocks the door to the office and rummages through the filing cabinet.
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Daedalus Raising an eyebrow, He goes through the door.
ihp Lock'd.
ihp Danielle, academics.
gumbal1 4df+3 Danielle is smart
Glacon gumbal1: Danielle is smart: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, -, +)
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Daedalus 4df+2 Kick down the door
Glacon Daedalus: Kick down the door: 4 (4df+2=+, +, +, -)
ihp Danielle, you find a few things, none of which look interesting to you, except for one: a formula for a chemical compound that you don't recognize, and has elements with a Z and J and X as their symbols. It's labeled "TOP SECRET By Order of Project PRISM", but that's crossed out.
gumbal1 Danielel snags it and pockets it.
gumbal1 She then rummages through everything else in search of valuables.
gumbal1 Fuck the police.
ihp Danielle finds a picture of a rather handsome looking man on the wall next to the filing cabinet. It's has the name "Isaac Newton Vention" under it.
ihp Hermann, the door is burst off of its hinges.
ihp BOOM.
ihp The laboratory is in there. Do you science?
Daedalus Hermann enters the lab and sciences.
gumbal1 Danielle, having what she needsm, jumps out the window, hoping her plant-fall power still works.
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Daedalus 4df+4 to look for chemical formulas.
Glacon Daedalus: to look for chemical formulas.: 4 (4df+4=-, -, +, +)
ihp You find a formula for thermite, but… it has differences. Namely, it looks a hella lot more flammable. It's labeled "Enhancers for Pyrokinetics".
Daedalus Can he find the formula for the liquid that gave him his powers?
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ihp If he gave another perception check, he might be able to.
Daedalus 4df+2 C'mon Glacon
Glacon Daedalus: C'mon Glacon: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, +)
gumbal1 Danielle waits outside for Hermann.
ihp Sorry… but you have a feeling that Danielle would have better luck.
Daedalus 4df+4 He doesn't want her to get involved, so he makes the thermite.
Glacon Daedalus: He doesn't want her to get involved, so he makes the thermite.: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
ihp The super-thermite is made! What do you do with it?
Daedalus Stick them on the load-bearing supports and wire them together.
Daedalus for a remote detonation
ihp He can easily do that! It takes a bit of time, but it's done!
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Daedalus He heads outside and joins Danielle, then detonates the thermite.
ihp Ka-FOOM. The thermite ignites, and the building, brickwork and all, positively /melts/ like a Martian heat ray had touched it. Soon, the factory is nothing but a bubbling mess of fire.
gumbal1 Danielel steps back and admires the view.
gumbal1 "Another pig roasted."
Daedalus "[[Ah… I missed this….]]"
ihp Police Sirens pull up. Where is Sir Onyx?
ihp Who knows~
ihp A police officer comes up. "You, Golden Boy and Girl…who did this? What happened to Mr. Vention's factory?"
gumbal1 "It was an insurance fraud scheme by the manager."
Daedalus "We got here too late."
ihp Roll bluff, Danielle.
gumbal1 "I tried stopping him."
gumbal1 4df+9 Danielle is too gud
Glacon gumbal1: Danielle is too gud: 8 (4df+9=+, -, 0, -)
gumbal1 (YCTM)
ihp The cop believes you. "Holy Smokes. Mr. Vention's not going to be happy that his manager works for The Family…"
ihp Another cop comes up, with a blonde woman wrapped in a blanket. She shakes, and nods at you. "T-thank you… you s-saved me from S-Sir Onyx…" She winks one eye, then blinks them rapidly.
gumbal1 "Sir Onyx?" danuielle acts confused.
ihp "Y-Yes… the black knight… he… he…" The woman swoons and falls onto Danielle, whispering to her, "Act along, you idiot. My story has more holes in it than the mayor's office."
gumbal1 Danielle tries to prop her up.
gumbal1 "Oh, that was him?"
ihp 'Sir' Onyx, unarmored, cries. "…it was…"
Daedalus Hermann checks his watch, "Er… we should be getting back… to report this to Captain Gold."
gumbal1 "You need help."
ihp "T-the policemen will help me get home… you've done enough."
ihp "…you mean Captain Gold! ?" asks the cop. "There's a certain inflection on the "D!"."
Daedalus "Er… yes… Gold!."
ihp "Right. Carry on." The policemen salute you, and walk off with Sir Onyx. Once they're out of site, your radio's crackle on, and Moriarty's voice comes through. "Come back to my office. The Bookends are here."
gumbal1 Danielle makes her way there.
Daedalus Is the portal still there?
ihp It is, amazingly enough.
gumbal1 Danielle jumps through the portal.
Daedalus Hermann follows suit
ihp You go through! And for the sake of time, I'm assuming you make your way to the mayor's office. Construction crews are there, and the sun is starting to set.
ihp Please tell me you use the door this time….
Daedalus (Hermann drops through the skylight)
Daedalus Hermann uses the door.
gumbal1 Danielle uses the door, blushing slightly.
gumbal1 "Sorry about the window."
Daedalus "Truly."
ihp Mayor Moriarty is sitting behind his desk. He presses a button, and out comes the bookends from his desk, with a comic book in the middle of them. He puts a tome on the table. "It's fine. And as promised, the… 'technology'. It's an item from Sir Onyx's time. The /Leabhar Doirse/. I'll let you figure out what it does."
ihp He pushes the tome towards you. "Did you recover the formula?"
gumbal1 Danielle takes the book, nods, and touches the bookends.
gumbal1 redact the touching bookends
gumbal1 "Oui."
ihp "Leave it here. I will have my best men look at it."
gumbal1 ~Ehm it probably doens't work in the real world, anyways.~ Danielle hands the man the formula.
gumbal1 *Eh,
Daedalus Hermann takes out his notebook and opens it to a blank page, "Mr. Moriarty, if you would please sign here?"
Daedalus "I would love to have an autograph."
ihp Moriarty blinks, and signs, in a fancy script, J. Moriarty.
Daedalus "Thank you." He grins and closes the notebook, pocketing it.
ihp He takes the formula and nods. "…good work, despite the initial hiccup. Give Goodeyes my regards."
ihp You're free to remove the book and extract yourselves at any time.
Daedalus Hermann nods, "We will."
gumbal1 Danielle removes the book.
Daedalus Hermann heads out the door.
gumbal1 She also heads out.
ihp As the book is retrieved, you're back in reality, and can go about your business as you please, after a short talk with Lovhaug that I won't go into because it's unimportant.
gumbal1 Danielel checks the book to see if the trip changed its contents any. She pays special attention to scenes she's in.
ihp It has changed, amazingly enough.
ihp It's about 40 pages long, now.

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