First trimester

Balthazaar Frederick, there's a lot of agents on gurneys in quarantine. Most are covered in bites and cuts, but 5 of them have huge, distended bellies.
[13:28] GraemeCracker 4df+3 /mindstronk/
[13:28] Glacon GraemeCracker: /mindstronk/: 2 (4df+3=0, +, -, -)
[13:30] Balthazaar Murray, it occurs to you how wonderful it would be to be a father. It would just be perfect…
[13:33] GraemeCracker Murray looks around the room, becoming surprisingly interested in the stomachs of some of the agents. He mumbles to himself, hands in his pockets.
[13:33] GraemeCracker "…Man, wish I had kids."
[13:34] Balthazaar That seems to be the talk in quarantine. A lot of them in there wanting kids
[13:34] GraemeCracker "Could…Make 'em lunch and send them to school. Shit, the birds and the bees thing would be awkward, but it'd be worth it."
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[13:39] Sax Adrian arrives in medical.
[13:39] ihp Jacob just paces in his cell in containment, wondering when or if he'll be let out.
[13:39] Balthazaar Only problem is you have no one to help you make a baby… Well, there's a few women in quarentine… But you really shouldn't
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[13:40] Daedalus Hermann arrives in Medical. He's a surgeon, after all.
[13:40] Sax Adrian's background applies here…
[13:41] Sax "What happened?" He asks as he begins to gear up.
[13:41] Daedalus Hermann siply observes.
[13:41] Daedalus simply*
[13:42] Balthazaar A nurse comes out of quarantine. "Oh, good, doctors… These field agents… Most seem okay, just cuts and puncture wounds mostly… The ones with distended bellies though… We simply don't know…"
[13:43] GraemeCracker Murray's nearby, staring intently at the agents and mumbling on about kids.
[13:43] GraemeCracker "…Shoulda stuck with Dartha. Or maybe Mourine…"
[13:44] Daedalus Hermann raises an eyebrow, then suits up as well.
[13:45] Optimal Fred's still there standing in a corner.
[13:45] Optimal Quietly observing.
[13:45] Daedalus "Do we know what they came in contact with?"
[13:46] Balthazaar "No, we're interviewing one of them right now, if you wanted to ask?"
[13:46] Sax "Have any samples been obtained yet?"
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[13:47] Balthazaar "We've only just got them into beds, sir…"
[13:48] Sax Adrian dons his mask, and tightens it, forming an airtight seal.
[13:48] Sax "Is their condition deteriorating?"
[13:49] Balthazaar "Not at all."
[13:49] Sax "Alright."
[13:49] Sax Adrian looks to Hermann.
[13:49] Sax "Going to simply sit by?"
[13:50] Daedalus Hermann dons his own mask and tightens it, "If this is magic based you're going to need my help."
[13:50] Balthazaar "They're being quarantined on the behest of Major McMurtrey. He informed us that they were exposed to an unknown 'ick'." He does finger quotes when he says 'ick'
[13:50] Sax "Can you obtain any additional mission data? I'm going in to see this first-hand."
[13:51] Balthazaar "We'll interview them."
[13:51] Sax "Can that data not be taken from the Major directly?"
[13:51] Sax "Unless he's with them…"
[13:52] Balthazaar "He's with them. That's him there." The nurse points to a man with a military haircut and severe lacerations on half his face
[13:52] GraemeCracker Murray eventually forces himself to look away from the agents, turning his attention to Frederick instead. "Hey, is being with Harold kind of like having a kid?"
[13:52] Balthazaar Another nurse currently bandaging them
[13:53] Sax "Find any pre-mission data, while the interviews are happening."
[13:53] Sax ~I'm hoping this isn't a clandestine thing… hoping this isn't above my clearance level…"
[13:53] Sax ~
[13:54] Balthazaar "Yes sir." She nods and hurries off to get to work
[13:54] Daedalus Hermann says a little incantation over himself and waves a little voodoo stick around him and Adrian. "This should protect us if it isn't natural."
[13:55] Sax "LEt's hope it at least follows conventional germ rules, then."
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[13:55] Sax Adrian closes the outside partition, and opens the inside door, into the quarantine zone, assuming Hermann is with him.
[13:56] Balthazaar The majority of them are just there with cuts and puncture wounds
[13:56] Balthazaar But there's 5 with huge bellies on one side of the room
[13:56] Daedalus Hermann follows behind him, "Mein Gott…"
[13:57] Sax Adrian slowly approaches.
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[13:57] Sax "Evenin' there, son," he comments as he approaches the closest person with abdominal distention.
[13:57] Optimal Fred talks to Murray, trying not to stare at the patients. "Well… he is… quite a peculiar child, that is obvious."
[13:57] Balthazaar There's 3 women and 2 men with that
[13:58] Optimal "He's not quite as energetic as an average child either, which I don't mind."
[13:58] Balthazaar The man Adrian has addressed looks over with a dissonant smile. "Hello…"
[13:58] GraemeCracker "Well, yeah, but I mean like…Do you feel like a father around him?"
[13:58] Sax "Can you state your name and rank?"
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[13:58] Sax Adrian's face is a mix of fascination and horror, but the gas mask obscures all detail.
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[14:01] Balthazaar "Private Max Power…"
[14:01] Sax "Excellent." Adrian notes the distention, as well as any other apparent injuries. "How are you feeling?"
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[14:02] Balthazaar "Wonderful…"
[14:03] Daedalus "Are you aware of your condition?" Hermann asks.
[14:04] Sax Murray and Fred, you can see the masked Adrian looking at you two.
[14:04] Sax Are your weapons with you?
[14:04] Optimal Nope.
[14:04] GraemeCracker Murray never leaves home without it.
[14:04] Optimal Fred doesn't weapon.
[14:04] Balthazaar Max smiles. "Of course… I'm going to be a daddy…"
[14:04] Sax Murray, you can feel ADrian's masked gaze directed towards your firearm.
[14:05] Sax He turns away.
[14:05] Sax "Do you have a wife, Private Power?"
[14:05] Daedalus Hermann has his gun, but it's in his suit.
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[14:05] Sax Adrian's gun is outside of his suit, but on his backside, out of view.
[14:05] GraemeCracker Murray frowns, head tilting. "…My gun can't be a kid."
[14:05] Optimal Fred rubs his chin. "Hm… I guess in a way… I do feel fatherly in the sense that I am dedicated to protecting him."
[14:06] Balthazaar "No… Why?"
[14:06] Sax "Some sort of sexual partner?"
[14:07] GraemeCracker "Y'know, you ever think of adopting him?"
[14:07] Balthazaar "No… Don't tell the others but… I-I'm a virgin…"
[14:08] Sax "I promise not to tell."
[14:08] Sax He writes something on a clipboard, and hands it to Hermann.
[14:08] Daedalus Hermann reads it.
[14:08] Sax [Secure restraints and sedatives]
[14:09] Sax "What happened with you and your team? Can you remember it?"
[14:09] Optimal "From a technical standpoint, I'm not really sure anyone can adopt an anomaly, or something that isn't human."
[14:09] Daedalus Hermann nods and backs away, going to find some restraints and sedatives. He asks a nurse.
[14:09] Optimal "Well actually, I guess you can adopt animals…"
[14:10] Balthazaar "We were in the hospital… Some of us got taken by the tentacles and put in the vats… We were scared at first, but we were wrong to be… This is wonderfull…" The other 4 not in agreement
[14:10] Sax "Alright." He looks at the others. "Are you all excited to be mothers and fathers?"
[14:11] Balthazaar "Oh yes!" "Mhm!" "More than anything!" "Yup."
[14:11] Balthazaar The nurse points Hermann to the restraints and sedatives cabinet
[14:11] GraemeCracker Murray nods before recoiling slightly at the responses of the agents. "…Man, how come they get to be parents?"
[14:11] Daedalus Once he obtains them, he hands a syringe to Adrian behind his back.
[14:12] Sax "Alright."
[14:12] Sax "When are you expecting to have your children birthed?"
[14:12] Balthazaar "Um… I'm not sure… Soon, I think…"
[14:12] Sax "How soon?"
[14:13] Sax "Minutes? Hours? Days?"
[14:13] Daedalus Hermann keeps his own syringe ready and pockets the restraints. He writes on the clipboard and hands it to Adrian.
[14:13] Sax Adrian reads.
[14:13] Daedalus [Should we restrain them?]
[14:14] Balthazaar They all just sort of shrug
[14:14] Sax Adrian writes back. [Not yet, but be ready for anything unexpected]
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[14:15] Sax Are they significantly wounded?
[14:16] Balthazaar These ones, not at all
[14:17] Daedalus 4df+11 Hermann examines them to see if they're suernaturally afflicted
[14:17] Glacon Daedalus: Hermann examines them to see if they're suernaturally afflicted: 12 (4df+11=0, +, -, +)
[14:17] Balthazaar They are
[14:17] Balthazaar That's why they're all pregnant
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[14:18] Sax 4df+12 DNH, Medical check for any sign of… anything that could give any medically significant clues
[14:18] Glacon Sax: DNH, Medical check for any sign of… anything that could give any medically significant clues: 10 (4df+12=-, -, 0, 0)
[14:18] Sax Glacon, you whore
[14:18] Glacon Sax: IN THIS MOMENT - Whore (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - length 5m 8s - rated 4.78/5.0 (87205) - 11 153 934 views - centurymedia on 2013.12.09 -
[14:18] Daedalus
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[14:19] Balthazaar Adrian, they're all secreting a kind of ooze with a faint blue tinge to it
[14:19] Sax Adrian takes a sample with a swabstick, and seals it in a vial.
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[14:21] GraemeCracker Murray watches intently.
[14:21] Daedalus Hermann takes notes on their condition.
[14:21] Balthazaar They're all deleriously happy
[14:21] Sax To a nurse: "Take this to Lab 17 right away."
[14:21] Balthazaar The nurse does so!
[14:23] Sax To Hermann, in written notes: [We need to move them into individual isolation. Have the nurses assist]
[14:24] Daedalus Hermann nods and relates this to the nurses.
[14:24] Sax To the pregnant: "What we are going to do is move you into more comfortable, individual settings."
[14:24] DrSpookage Randall rushes to commons.
[14:24] Balthazaar The nurses nod and start moving them to Quarantine ward 3. You're in 2 now
[14:24] Balthazaar "Okay…"
[14:25] Balthazaar Room 3 has individual sub-rooms
[14:26] DrSpookage I mean Medical.
[14:26] Daedalus Hermann stays with Adrian.
[14:26] Sax To a nurse: "Ensure that they are monitored and kept comfortable."
[14:27] Sax "Report any abnormalities to your station controller or to myself directly."
[14:27] Balthazaar Randall, there's a lot of people in beds in quarantine, including some pregnant men and women being moved into the next ward.
[14:27] Balthazaar "Will do sir…"
[14:27] Sax "Excellent."
[14:27] Daedalus "What do you think this is?" Hermann asks quietly to Adrian
[14:28] Sax "Looks to be some sort of parasitic lifeform."
[14:28] Sax "I have a sample sent to my lab, I will be proceeding there now to study it myself…"
[14:28] DrSpookage Randall removes his pendant. "Someone brief me."
[14:28] Sax Adrian's walking into a door that connects to the inside of the lab.
[14:28] Daedalus "It seems to affect them mentally as well as well as physically."
[14:29] Daedalus Randall, you'll have to put on a hazmat suit.
[14:29] Sax If he's outside of the zone, he can remain as he is/wants to be.
[14:29] DrSpookage Randall is already doing so.
[14:30] Sax "Perhaps chemicals have been introducted into the bloodstream to not only facilitate mental compulsion, but to perhaps aid the lifeform by preventing the body from attacking it."
[14:30] Sax Adrian and Hermann enter Lab 17.
[14:31] Daedalus Hermann follows adrian, "It would have to bypass the immune defence and natural biological rejection. Whatever this is it's invasive."
[14:31] Sax "Most clearly."
[14:31] Sax Adrian takes the sample, and puts some of the goo underneath a microscope.
[14:32] Sax 4df+11 DNH, Medical investigation roll (Science)
[14:32] Glacon Sax: DNH, Medical investigation roll (Science): 10 (4df+11=-, 0, +, -)
[14:33] Daedalus Hermann continues to take notes.
[14:33] Balthazaar It looks like animal cells, but with a strange blue glowing second nucleus
[14:34] Sax "Hermann, look at this…"
[14:34] Sax Adrian moves aside for him to see.
[14:35] Daedalus Hermann looks, "This is strange… a multinucleated cell."
[14:35] DrSpookage Randall enters the quarantine zone in his suit.
[14:35] Sax "Like a virus… but not like a virus."
[14:35] Sax "Since a virus normally enters the original nucleus… but this particular cell presents with two."
[14:36] Daedalus "Hallo, Herr Clymer."
[14:36] Sax "Give me a moment…" Adrian reaches over, and grabs a covered growth plate wih human cells.
[14:36] Daedalus "I don't know of any invasive organism that can inject or create seperate nuclei."
[14:36] Sax He introduces a tiny dab of the goo into the growth plate…
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[14:38] Balthazaar It reproduces rapidly, going through meiosis every 20 minutes like clockwork
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[14:38] Sax Is it infecting the human cells?
[14:39] Sax Adrian puts the plate underneath a microscope to see…
[14:39] Balthazaar It is
[14:39] Sax "… my God."
[14:40] Sax Is it destroying the cells like a virus?
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[14:41] Balthazaar No, seeming to mutate and become like them, like they're building something
[14:41] Sax "Austerlitz, Clymer, take a look at this…"
[14:43] GraemeCracker Murray sits at the entrance, thinking up kid names.
[14:43] Daedalus Hermann looks, facinated, "If it overrides the normal cell process, then it can completely bypass the immune and rejection process by commandeering the cell and producing daughter cells that mimick the original cell, with variations and mutation that go unnoticed."
[14:43] GraemeCracker For some reason, 'Junior' comes to mind.
[14:44] Sax Adrian immediately heads over back into QWard 2.
[14:44] Sax Are the non-pregnant personnel still there?
[14:46] Balthazaar Mhm
[14:46] Sax He immediately shouts, as much as his mask will allow him to:
[14:47] Sax "Has anyone come into contact with any goo from the mission site?"
[14:47] Balthazaar They're all looking longingly to the door through which the others went. Two raise their hands. Agent Heather Bailey and Agent John Erdody."
[14:48] Sax To the nurses: "Move them immediately into Ward 3."
[14:49] Daedalus Hermann goes over the intercom and instructs his guards to seal themselves in his lab until the lockdown ends.
[14:49] Balthazaar They do so!
[14:49] Balthazaar "Can we go too?" the major asks
[14:49] Sax "Did you come into contact with the goo?"
[14:49] GraemeCracker ~Maybe…Tom? No, Nancy…~
[14:50] Balthazaar "No…"
[14:50] Sax "Then no."
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[14:51] Daedalus "Still. You should get examined by the nurses."
[14:54] Sax Adrian gets on an intercom: "I need a psychological specialst in Medical, Quarantine Ward 2."
[14:54] Sax Who else is still in Ward 2?
[14:54] Balthazaar About 5 agents with minor wounds, including the major
[14:58] Sax To a nurse: "Ensure that everyone is kept separate."
[14:59] Balthazaar "No worries doctor A!"
[15:00] Balthazaar The others looks rather sore
[15:00] Balthazaar "Can we get some pain killers here?"
[15:00] Daedalus "Where does it hurt specifically?"
[15:01] Balthazaar "Where those fucking things bit and clawed me up!" He frowns
[15:01] DrSpookage "Take me to the pregnant ones. Now."
[15:02] Sax Adrian motions for a nurse to take care of the non-infected.
[15:02] Balthazaar (Who is Randall adressing?)
[15:02] Sax While he leads Clymer to Ward 3.
[15:02] Sax Assuming Randall is simply tailing behind them as they move to-and-fro.
[15:03] Daedalus Hermann follows behind them.
[15:04] Sax Adrian heads over to the room where Power is located.
[15:04] Daedalus He also tells the nurses to give the complaining man some morphine.
[15:05] Balthazaar Agent Max Power is laying in the bed, rubbing his big belly lovingly
[15:05] DrSpookage Randall's tentacles emerge. "I'm going to check inside them."
[15:06] Daedalus "I don't think you would want whatever's in them to get into you, Herr Clymer."
[15:09] Sax "Clymer, I trust you know what you are doing…"
[15:09] Sax Adrian steps back, and allows Randall to do the dirty-dirty.
[15:12] Daedalus Hermann does the same.
[15:14] Balthazaar "It won't hurt my baby will it?"
[15:15] DrSpookage "No, be silent."
[15:15] DrSpookage Randall begins his diagnostic, tentacles hovering over said belly.
[15:15] Sax "It will not."
[15:16] Sax Adrian hopes he's not making himself out to be a liar!
[15:16] Balthazaar Is a big pregnant belleh
[15:16] Daedalus Hermann takes notes.
[15:21] DrSpookage Anything coming up? He's scanning inside.
[15:22] Balthazaar Have his tentacles gone in?
[15:22] Balthazaar And he can tell there's a womb and a baby in there
[15:23] Sax Adrian watches with veiled interest!
[15:23] Daedalus "So, what is it?"
[15:26] DrSpookage "Silence."
[15:27] Balthazaar It's a little girl, Randall
[15:29] GraemeCracker ~How about…Frankie?~
[15:29] Sax Adrian watches on.
[15:30] DrSpookage They do not insert themselves to scan.
[15:30] DrSpookage a human girl?
[15:30] Balthazaar Hes
[15:30] Balthazaar Yes
[15:32] DrSpookage "I cannot get pregnant, even with this strange affliction. My body isn't human anymore. It could be toxic to a child."
[15:33] Sax "Comforting to know."
[15:33] Daedalus "What's growing inside of him, Herr Clymer?"
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[15:36] Balthazaar Randall, this baby is going to come out /now/
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[15:45] DrSpookage "Baby girl. On its way. Time to deliver."
[15:45] DrSpookage "I need assistance."
[15:46] Daedalus "Oh Schei├če." Hermann looks at the man, "How the hell is it supposed to come out?"
[15:47] DrSpookage "He has a womb. Therefore there is a birth canal. Help me. /N
[15:47] DrSpookage OW/."
[15:49] Daedalus "Alright! Gott, you're demanding." Hermann has done this before, "Is her- er, his servix fully dialated?"
[15:49] Daedalus cervix*
[15:49] DrSpookage Dunno, is it?
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[15:50] Balthazaar There doesn't look to be one
[15:53] DrSpookage "going to have to cut it out."
[15:54] Balthazaar You all see something bulge out of the tummy from inside
[15:54] Daedalus Hermann turns to the man, "You're going to be alright Fra- er, Mein Herr."
[15:54] Daedalus He takes out his syringe and attempts to sedate the man.
[15:55] Balthazaar The man looks nervous, before being zonked out by the drug
[15:56] Daedalus Hermann calls for the nurses to bring him sterile medical equipment quickly.
[15:56] Balthazaar The y do so!
[15:57] Daedalus 4df+10 He performs a Caesarean section to the best of his ability. On this man.
[15:57] Glacon Daedalus: He performs a Caesarean section to the best of his ability. On this man.: 9 (4df+10=-, +, 0, -)
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[15:58] DrSpookage Randall seems calm, but concern has crept into his voice. "I don't want to lose a patient."
[15:58] Balthazaar The baby that is retrieved is a bit unusual. In that it has charcoal colored skin and claws
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[15:59] Daedalus "Mein Gott." Hermann lifts the thing up and quickly calls for an infantile incubation chamber.
[15:59] Balthazaar One is wheeled out!
[16:00] Daedalus After cutting the ambilical cord and removing the placenta, if there is one, he places the 'baby' in the chamber.
[16:00] TeslaTornado A Containment Security team lurks in the hallway.
[16:00] TeslaTornado After the events earlier in the day, she is officially done fucking around.
[16:01] Balthazaar The baby does standard baby stuff
[16:02] Daedalus He stitches the man back up.
[16:02] Balthazaar The man snoozes
[16:03] DrSpookage Randall moves on to the next one.
[16:04] TeslaTornado Anyone observing the ConSec team might notice they are armed with heavy weapons, and dressed in flak jackets and helmets with facemasks. Holy shit, is that one guy using a flamethrower?
[16:04] Balthazaar None of the others are anywhere near labor
[16:05] Daedalus Hermann stands near the baby incubator, facinated with it.
[16:06] GraemeCracker Murray sits by the entrance, wondering idly why people with heavy armor are walking into the quarantine zone.
[16:06] Balthazaar The general atmosphere is one of "This is fucked"
[16:07] TeslaTornado Probably waiting to burn the everliving shit out of whatever fucked-up Gigerian nightmare will come out of those other four peoples' distended abdomens.
[16:07] ->| Wogglebug (ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW#ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW) has joined #origins-ic3
[16:07] =-= Mode #origins-ic3 +o Wogglebug by ChanServ
[16:07] Balthazaar The baby stares at Hermann
[16:07] Balthazaar Chittering its large, sharp teeth at him
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[16:08] Daedalus "What are you?" He asks, poking it a bit with a gloved finger.
[16:09] Balthazaar It makes a baby noise and giggles
[16:09] Daedalus "What shall we name you?"
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[16:11] Balthazaar It seems significantly older than a regular baby. More like a 3-4 year old
[16:11] Daedalus Hermann weighs the baby.
[16:12] Balthazaar About 15 kilograms
[16:13] Daedalus He marks this on a chart.
[16:15] Daedalus Damn that's a heavy baby.
[16:16] DrSpookage Randall looks to the ConSec team. "You do not harm the children or their parents. Am I understood?" There is danger in his voice, as he settles near the next parent.
[16:16] Balthazaar The others are asleep
[16:17] TeslaTornado "Orders are to burn them if they become hostile or attempting to impregnate anyone else in Medical."
[16:17] TeslaTornado The one holding the flamethrower says. Nametag says Ripley.
[16:18] TeslaTornado "You don't give the orders here. Straight from Regal and Cap'n Allan," says another. Nametag says Dallas.
[16:18] =-= Soulless is now known as Soulless|Dreamin
[16:18] Daedalus "Nothing I haven't heard before." Hermann shrugs, "Spare the children, if you will."
[16:20] DrSpookage "I don't care. I've saved lives today and don't intend to stop now." How's the next patient?
[16:20] Balthazaar Sleepy
[16:20] TeslaTornado "Then you'll burn with them," Ripley says bluntly.
[16:21] Balthazaar The baby… Looks like it's already growing
[16:22] Sax Adrian spontaneously returns to existence.
[16:22] DrSpookage Male or female parent?
[16:22] Daedalus Hermann watches the baby.
[16:23] TeslaTornado Ripley, Dallas and the rest of the ConSec team watch Hermann watching the baby.
[16:23] Sax Adrian watches from afar.
[16:23] TeslaTornado From the safety of just beyond the quarantine.
[16:24] Balthazaar Male
[16:25] Balthazaar You literally just delivered it
[16:25] Sax "… I've seen weird and horrific, but not this…"
[16:25] Balthazaar It doesn't look so much like a baby, but a toddler now
[16:25] Daedalus "Exponential growth… interesting."
[16:28] Sax "How are the others?"
[16:29] Balthazaar Rather suddenly, a bunch of long spider legs burst out of the other pregnant mans abdomen
[16:29] Balthazaar It's messy
[16:29] Sax "JEsus Christ!"
[16:29] Daedalus "Mein Gott!"
[16:29] Balthazaar The man screams
[16:29] Sax Adrian immediately heads over to that man's room.
[16:29] Sax Is there anyone in there?
[16:29] TeslaTornado The ConSec team turns. The flamethrower is up, but it's not burning yet. Dallas has a handgun in one hand, his radio receiver in the other.
[16:30] TeslaTornado He's calling in reinforcements.
[16:30] Sax Adrian pulls out his Singer.
[16:30] Daedalus Hermann wheels the baby in the incubator into a seperate room for safety.
[16:30] Sax "Get out of Ward 3, now!"
[16:30] Balthazaar Not any more there isn't, the attending nurse has run for it
[16:30] Sax He's motioning for anyone in the entirety of W3 to get out.
[16:30] Balthazaar The man is whimpering and going pale
[16:30] TeslaTornado The ConSec team stands at the boundary of Ward 3, keeping a path clear for people attempting to escape.
[16:31] Balthazaar People do not need much encouragement to get out
[16:31] Balthazaar From the other rooms, you can hear more births
[16:31] Sax Adrian's last man out - he immediately slams the entrance shut.
[16:31] TeslaTornado Dallas is shouting about the most recent birth, Ripley and the rest of the team have fanned out to cover the other wards.
[16:31] Sax W3 is officially sealed - hope no-one else is in there.
[16:31] Daedalus O-O
[16:32] Balthazaar On the viewing pannel, you can see a man with dozens of spider legs rise out of the first mans gaping stomach
[16:32] TeslaTornado «Regal, this is Dallas. We have a cascade event unfolding in the medical wards, everyone who came in from the last op is popping open. Quarantine is holding but we require immediate reinforcements.»
[16:32] Balthazaar There's also a giant, baby faces slug in another room
[16:32] Sax "Dallas, check the personnel in W2."
[16:33] TeslaTornado Hermann, one of the ConSec guards - nameplate says Lambert - grabs you and hauls you out of Ward 3 just before it closes.
[16:33] Daedalus Hermann is dragging the incubator with the baby with him.
[16:34] Balthazaar It appears that there's monsters being bornin each room… Except for one, where there's a woman cradling another charcoal colored toddler in her arms, smiling
[16:34] TeslaTornado The guard assigned to her ward, Brett, watches her room's monitor intently, hefting a Browning Automatic Rifle.
[16:35] DrSpookage Randall watches, looking to Brett. "Don't you do it. That child hasn't hurt anyone."
[16:35] Balthazaar All except the charcoal baby seem to be eating their parents
[16:35] DrSpookage Randall's eyes squeeze shut. Tears spill out.
[16:35] TeslaTornado Dallas makes a judgment call. He taps Ripley on the shoulder and gestures to the ward closest to the two of them. Ripley lowers her visor and enters with the flamethrower.
[16:36] Sax Adrian's had enough.
[16:36] TeslaTornado 4df+6 Cleansing fire
[16:36] Glacon TeslaTornado: Cleansing fire: 5 (4df+6=-, -, 0, +)
[16:36] Sax He lifts off his gas mask and throws up all over the floor.
[16:36] Sax Whatever was left of that shitty soup is now on the floor.
[16:36] Daedalus Hermann quickly wheels the baby he has away, somewhere that isn't here.
[16:36] TeslaTornado Ripley burns the entire ward that Spiderman is in.
[16:37] TeslaTornado Spider-thing, agent, furniture - everything.
[16:37] Sax Adrian reasserts himself and puts his mask back on.
[16:37] Balthazaar Do they burn the one with the charcoal babby?
[16:38] TeslaTornado Brett watches his screen nervously, keeping an eye on the charcoal baby's screen, as Ripley burns out the other wards one by one, the ConSec team sealing them off as she leaves.
[16:38] Sax "Austerlitz, take that baby to W1."
[16:38] TeslaTornado The charcoal babby is the only one that remains untouched.
[16:39] Sax Adrian remains behind to watch ConSec finish the job.
[16:39] Daedalus Hermann takes the baby there.
[16:39] TeslaTornado ConSec doesn't fuck around. They're quick, efficient, and detached, going from lab to lab like janitors cleaning up vomit.
[16:39] TeslaTornado The air is thick with the scent of accelerant and burning flesh.
[16:40] Balthazaar In one room, the "Baby" is a 12 ft tall reptile with tentacles and leaves
[16:40] TeslaTornado 4df+20 It walks into a wall of gunfire.
[16:40] Glacon TeslaTornado: It walks into a wall of gunfire.: 19 (4df+20=-, -, +, 0)
[16:41] TeslaTornado Dallas continues shouting for reinforcements.
[16:41] Sax "Clymer, let's get out of here."
[16:41] Daedalus Hermann does his best to comfort the baby. He takes it far away from the sound of gunfire, and tries singing softly.
[16:42] Sax Adrian motions for Randall to follow him, which is away from the ConSec team and in Hermann's direction.
[16:42] Balthazaar The eliminate all the babies and parents
[16:43] TeslaTornado More boots are coming in the opposite direction - presumably, Dallas' reinforcements, come to lock down that entire wing of Medical. Captain Allan jogs along at the front, flanked by two large men, also carrying flamethrowers.
[16:43] TeslaTornado In the wing proper, Brett continues watching the untouched ward containing the Charcoal Child.
[16:44] Sax ~I need a fucking drink~ Is Adrian's thoughts as they head over to where Austerlitz is~
[16:45] TeslaTornado As the two groups pass in the hall, Captain Allan shoots Hermann and Adrian a questioning look that implies if they screw up, there's going to be a lot more burning tonight.
[16:45] Balthazaar The others in the other section of quarantine are just looking injured, but definitely not pregnant
[16:45] Sax Adrian dismisses it. If there's a screwup, he'll fix it himself if needed.
[16:46] Daedalus Hermann is currently trying to get as far away from the guns and flamethrowers as he can. He wheels the baby into his lab, and seals the doors as soon as Randall and Adrian are in.
[16:46] Sax Adrian takes off his gear. "My God."
[16:46] DrSpookage Randall is crying, but is silent.
[16:47] Sax Adrian looks at the child.
[16:47] Sax Describe?
[16:47] Daedalus Hermann rips off his own gear. His guards are silent, and hold their weapons nervously, "What's goin' on?" One of them asks.
[16:48] Balthazaar Looks like a 10 year old now, charcoal coloured skin, sharp teeth and claws, narrow tail
[16:48] Sax "A complete clusterfuck after clusterfuck."
[16:48] Balthazaar Yellow eyes
[16:48] Balthazaar "Hungry…"
[16:48] TeslaTornado About a dozen guards arrive at the doorway to the wards where the impregnated agents were quarantined, led by Captain Allan. Dallas lowers the radio receiver and lets out a sigh of relief.
[16:48] TeslaTornado Brett continues observing the ward that the remaining Charcoal Baby is contained in.
[16:49] Balthazaar Brett will see a happy mother, sitting with a young boy, who's hugging her
[16:50] Balthazaar The young boy is lanky, with yellow eyes, charcoal skin claws and teeth and a narrow tail
[16:50] Sax Adrian pulls out a Hershey bar, and offers it.
[16:50] TeslaTornado Brett eyes it nervously and gestures to the team, who stack up on him. He cautiously opens the door, his BAR pointed at the floor, and enters the chamber, with almost two dozen guards flanking the exit.
[16:50] Balthazaar The little girl holds out her hands for the treat
[16:51] Sax Adrian gently places the bar in her hands.
[16:52] Balthazaar She takes it, then obliterates it.
[16:53] Balthazaar The mother looks to the guards. "Please… Don't hurt my boy…"
[16:53] TeslaTornado Brett lifts his visor slowly, holding one hand up in a non-threatening gesture. "We're not going to hurt you. You just need to come with us to Containment."
[16:53] TeslaTornado "Your compliance ensures neither you or your…" Blink. "Child will come to any harm."
[16:54] Daedalus Hermann shouts at his guards, "Get some clothes for her, you idiots." They scramble and retrieve a hospital gown made for a regular size person, which they throw at the girl.
[16:54] Balthazaar The mother nods. She picks up the little boy and tries to stand, but is restrained to the bed
[16:55] Balthazaar The girl sniffs at the clothes, not understanding
[16:55] TeslaTornado Brett gestures to the restraints. Captain Allan produces a master key from a ring of keys on her belt and unlocks the restraints.
[16:55] TeslaTornado Or, if they're not locked, she just pops them off.
[16:56] Balthazaar She gets up, and walks unsteadily towards the group, holding the childs hand
[16:56] Daedalus Hermann mimicks putting on the gown, "Like this. Put it on."
[16:56] TeslaTornado The guards form a rolling block formation and lead the pair off to Containment.
[16:57] TeslaTornado They also collect the one who gave birth to the first Charcoal Baby, and take him away as well.
[16:57] Balthazaar The very first parent sits there, horrified and with a rapidly expanding belly
[16:58] TeslaTornado Dallas notices this.
[16:58] TeslaTornado The entire formation stops.
[16:58] TeslaTornado Patient Zero is surrounded by the nozzles of three flamethrowers, waiting for one thing to go wrong.
[16:58] Balthazaar The little girl puts on the gown
[16:59] DrSpookage "No…don't…."
[16:59] Balthazaar Patient zero groans as a large toothed head starts pushing itself through his belly
[16:59] DrSpookage Randall's eyes closed again, full of tears.
[17:00] TeslaTornado Captain Allan calls a wait order. The flamethrowers take one long pace backward, waiting for charcoal skin.
[17:00] Balthazaar The skin is charcoal, but it's also covered in eyes and has three more heads
[17:00] TeslaTornado "Hold it." Captain Allan, Ice Queen.
[17:00] TeslaTornado "If it makes a move for any of you, burn it.
[17:01] TeslaTornado "*
[17:01] =-= GraemeCracker is now known as Graemework
[17:01] Balthazaar It slithers out, its hind end a snake tail with a scorpion sting on the end. It's laughing maniacally
[17:02] |<- Sax has left (Ping timeout: 184 seconds)
[17:03] TeslaTornado The entire ConSec team swivels to cut off its escape path, the flamethrowers staying between it and the exit. Captain Allan speaks over the sound of two dozen weapons being cocked and raised. "Anomalous entity! You have five seconds to confirm you have no intent to harm Foundation personnel or property."
[17:03] TeslaTornado "Comply or you will be incinerated."
[17:03] Balthazaar It hisses and lunges for a flamethrower guy
[17:04] TeslaTornado It runs into three jets of flame.
[17:04] DrSpookage Randall cries.
[17:05] Balthazaar The thing roars and burns
[17:06] |<- Graemework has left (Quit: If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me…)
[17:07] TeslaTornado ConSec doesn't let up on the fire. They continue pacing away from it, back towards the rest of the team. The temperature in the room increases several degrees.
[17:07] TeslaTornado Motes of ash and dust dance in the gentle air currents.
[17:08] |<- ihp has left (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
[17:08] Balthazaar The last agent, Heather Bailey, looks on in horror. "Oh God, don't let that happen to me…" Allen may have worked with her before. Competent agent, if a bit ruthless
[17:09] TeslaTornado Captain Allan turns, the flames caught in the smoked lens of the blast shield.
[17:09] TeslaTornado "Do you feel any more abdominal swelling, Agent Bailey?"
[17:09] Daedalus Hermann looks out of the lab with disdain. "we could've studied it…" He shakes his head.
[17:09] Balthazaar "None… Christ…"
[17:10] TeslaTornado "Then it won't happen to you."
[17:11] Balthazaar She nods. "If it does, you burn me."
[17:11] TeslaTornado Captain Allan nods. "Affirmative."
[17:11] |<- Wogglebug has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[17:12] TeslaTornado Is the Snake still flailing around?
[17:13] Balthazaar No, it's ashes now
[17:14] Daedalus Hermann turns back to the girl and calls to his guard, "Take her to containment. Gently, if possible." The two of them carefully approach her and try to lead her along.
[17:14] Balthazaar She goes with them, skipping
[17:15] Balthazaar Bailey volentarily gets into a containment cell. "Bring me real clothes, please?"
[17:15] Balthazaar The charcoal children are herded into a diferent cell
[17:16] Daedalus They put her in a humanoid containment cell. One of them leaves a chocolate bar for her and they both head back to Hermann's lab.
[17:16] TeslaTornado Dallas, in lieu of Captain Allan, accepts Bailey's request, and returns momentarily with a few sets of unworn guard's uniforms.
[17:16] DrSpookage Randall slumps on a wall, his brain can only allow him to be badass so long. He crumples to the floor, out.
[17:17] TeslaTornado Captain Shane (in the feminine way) Allan, hands on hips, surveys the ruined quarantine ward before going to a wall panel and keying up Regal's desk intercom.
[17:17] TeslaTornado «Regal, this is Captain Allan. The cascade failure in Medical has been contained. Five Foundation casualties and five anomalies, all incinerated. Requesting a cleanup team be dispatched to the area. Report is pending.»
[17:20] Nemi In Containment, the last contained Tear Drinker peers out of the viewport of his cell. His skin has long gone ashen grey, with black tears crusting his cheeks in cracking layers. He mutters aloud, "The fuck was that?"
[17:21] TeslaTornado Parker, one of the squad members from the initial response team, walks over to the Tear Drinker's cell. He keys the intercom. «Situation in Medical. Nothing you need to concern yourself about, subject.»

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