Fever Dreams

<Balthazaar> Emily snores like a motherfucker
<gumbal1> Emily, in her dreams, finds herself in a flooded landscape. She's knee deep in a hot, multicolored, viscous fluid that seems to surround the entire landscape. The hot sun beats down on her unprotected neck. The only thing she can see for miles around, besides this fluid, is a long figure staning around 500 meters away.
<gumbal1> *lone figure
<Balthazaar> Emily looks around, then heads towards the figure
<gumbal1> The going is slow on account of the thick liquid, but she eventually makes it. The figure appears to be a an imp crouching on a rock. The mouths of its three faces are twisted into screams of pain, but no sound comes out. It's flapping its insect wings very slowly.
<Balthazaar> Emily starts to shake. "Hello?"
<gumbal1> Its faces spin until one comes to a stop facing you. "Child of the Sun, what is it you need?"
<gumbal1> Its mouth fails to move as it speaks.
<Balthazaar> She whimpers. "I… I need to have a baby."
<gumbal1> The imp snaps its fingers, and glass balls filled with sleeping infants suddenly rise up from all over the swamp. "Please, pick one."
<padri> woooaaaaaah pick a good cousin for katie!
<Balthazaar> She picks the one that she knows is good
<gumbal1> As she picks it up, it disappears in her hands, and a great stronghold resembling Site 19 suddenly rises from the murk. The imp points to it. "You know what you must do, Child of the Sun."
<gumbal1> "For the curse of life, there is the curse of suffering."
<Balthazaar> She cries. "I've sufeered, I /have/!"
<gumbal1> "But for the curse of suffering, there is the blessing of courage."
<gumbal1> Suddenly, you spy a figure at the highest tower of the stronghold.
<Balthazaar> Emily tries to run to it
<gumbal1> Clad in radiant robes, it appears to be holding the child you picked.
<gumbal1> You come up to the gate of the stronghold.
<gumbal1> Its barbed portculus dares you to surpass it.
<Balthazaar> Emily tries to climb the gate.
<gumbal1> Roll mdef, Emily.
<gumbal1> For what is there ina dream but willpower?
<Balthazaar> 4df+3
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 4 (4df+3=0, +, +, -)

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<gumbal1> The barbs cut into your travel robe and skin, but you care not. You surpass the portcullus. The entrance to the great castle remains.
<Balthazaar> Emily doesn't like that robe. She pushes onwards
<Balthazaar> She needs this baby
<gumbal1> You come into the foyer. Decorated with stained glass windows depicting the planets, this room feels safe. A great door is present at the other side, radiating hatred.
<Balthazaar> Emily knows you don't get your baby by staying safe, she heads for the hateful door
<gumbal1> The sabre she has always possesed glows deep blue as she apoproaches the door. Finally, its quest is near completion.
<Balthazaar> She draws it
<Balthazaar> Ready for anything
<gumbal1> The door flies open. There, in the Dining Room of Winter, sits the Icon of Hate. Its bloated, blubbery form rises from it throne of briar as it notices you enter. Grabbing its cleaver, it slashes through the fires lighting the chamber, leaving it pitch black.
<Balthazaar> Emily holds her sabre aloft, using its light to guide her path
<gumbal1> You spot the icon charging at you. Agility+Mdef, Emily.
<Balthazaar> 4df+11
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 12 (4df+11=+, 0, 0, 0)
<gumbal1> It tries striking, but the strenght of your blade is far too powerful. You parry its strike, leaving its defense wide open.
<Balthazaar> She attacks!
<gumbal1> Its Evil Eye stares at you from its thick belly.
<gumbal1> Melee+Mdef, Emily.
<Balthazaar> 4df+3
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
<gumbal1> You impale its eye, killing it.
<gumbal1> But you have disrupted the sanctity of these hallowed halls, Emily.
<Balthazaar> She takes her sword out of the monster and tries to keep running. "I'm coming baby!"
<gumbal1> The floor beneath you crumbles and gives way to a deep darkness.
<Balthazaar> She screams as she falls
<gumbal1> You fall, fall, fall…
<gumbal1> And end up back in your room

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<gumbal1> But something is wrong
<gumbal1> You cannot move a muscle.
<gumbal1> It is dark.
<Balthazaar> She squeaks. ~No… No no no no no…~
<gumbal1> And a blue imp lies at the foot of your bed.
<gumbal1> The tooth mouth on its chest opens into a wide smile as it sees you.
<Balthazaar> She tries to speak. "Please… Give me my baby…"
<gumbal1> Suddenly it's on your stomach, strangling you, incesently giggling, a horrid fascimile of a cheerful infant.
<gumbal1> After both an eternity and an instant, it disappears.
<gumbal1> You find yourself able to move again.
<Balthazaar> Emily tries to scream but can't
<Balthazaar> She gets up, and searches for her baby
<gumbal1> It's not here. Perhaps in a few hours you'll realize you've just had a bad dream.
<gumbal1> Perhaps.
<Balthazaar> Until then, she searches frantically

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