<Riemann> The door to the Chair is still unguarded.
<WetBeard> Solomon, waits for Elanor to catch up.
<gumbal1> "I'm just saying. Hill isn't technically an M.D. fromw aht I know."
<Riemann> "Not at all!"
<Riemann> "But the derivation of morphine is chemistry~"

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<Soulless> Elanor is doing the follow thing
<gumbal1> "Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure Hill is an active hindrance to the healing process."
<WetBeard> Solomon leads Jake and Elanor to 783's containment.
<gumbal1> *738
<Riemann> "Hey!"
<Riemann> "Oh, no, wait."
<ihp> Jake? Jake isn't with them.
<gumbal1> Jacob is getting patched up by Harlan
<Riemann> Hill fades into the background, researching. He's going to be quiet for a while.
<WetBeard> (Dammit! Stahp it I make mistakes!)
<ihp> "Bah. I trust Hilbert." Jacob lays on a bed and sighs. "Will I be able to play the violin when my hand heals?"
<WetBeard> "Here it is" Solomon motions to the Chair and Desk.
<Soulless> Elanor looks at it curiously. "So how does one… cause the entity to appear?"
<Riemann> Before you stand a Chair and Desk. The sheer presence of them corrects any spelling to uppercase letters.
<Riemann> Anything else would not do them justice.
<WetBeard> "Sit in the chair… Not sure if it'll work though… I think you have to have to have a deal first"
<ZombieRaptor> Jack steps inside.
<Riemann> They do nothing.
<ZombieRaptor> "You sold your memories to a chair?"
<Soulless> "Would it be alright if I sat in it?"
<ZombieRaptor> Jack now knows of three loony people onsite.
<Riemann> Sitting in the considerably less impressive chair, across the Desk, might do something.
<WetBeard> "No I sold my memories to a being the Chair summoned" Solomon shrugs "I don't see why not."
<ZombieRaptor> Jack walks over to the desk.
<Riemann> Desk*
<ZombieRaptor> To the Desk.
<Riemann> It's an impressive Desk. Beautiful polish Mahogany.
<Riemann> polished*
<Soulless> Elanor walks around it. Can she roll to try and discern what kind of magic is connected to this chair?
<Soulless> (using her anomalous prophecy shit)
<Riemann> It probably costs a significant portion of the Foundations net worth.
<Riemann> She can!
<WetBeard> Solomon heads to the door "Well I'll leave you two to do your magic, voodoo stuff, I'm going to sleep"
<Soulless> 4df+4 hhhh
<Glacon> Soulless: hhhh: 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
<Soulless> err
<Soulless> 4df+3 my bad
<Glacon> Soulless: my bad: 5 (4df+3=+, +, +, -)
<ZombieRaptor> Can Jack do this too?
<ZombieRaptor> Roll for mmmmmagic
<WetBeard> Solomon leaves, and goes to sleep.

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<Soulless> "Goodnight, Mr. Vice."
<Riemann> Jack isn't really geared towards identifying magic, so no.
<ZombieRaptor> "Goodnight."
<ihp> Jacob presumably gets his hand patched up by Harlan, who misses his joke.
<Riemann> Elanor, you feel… Tiny. There's something waiting, just out of the edge of your vision, plotting and scheming.
<Soulless> "…" She puts a hand to her chest.
<Soulless> Holds a bit to her little rune necklace thing.
<Riemann> It's not a friendly, or recognisable intelligence. Not even human.
<Riemann> And it knows you're there.
<ZombieRaptor> "I don't see anything unusual."

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<Riemann> You wouldn't, Jack. It doesn't want you to.

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<Riemann> You don't deserve to see it.
<Soulless> "…We should leave."
<ZombieRaptor> "Whys that?@
<ZombieRaptor> "
<Soulless> "It's not… Whatever Mr. Vice made a deal with, it certainly did it without any good will."
<ZombieRaptor> "Alright, let's get going."
<Riemann> Wish you could, Elanor. But that door looks awfully secure.
<Riemann> And it's closed. When did it close?
<Soulless> Elanor turns and tries to open the door.
<ZombieRaptor> "Oh bugger.".
<Riemann> It doesn't work. This is, after all, a containment cell.
<ZombieRaptor> Jack calls out into the halls. "Oi! Need some help here! guards!"
<Soulless> "Hello?! Can anyone hear us?!"
<Riemann> They can't heeaarr you~
<Nemi> No one to save you.
<ZombieRaptor> Jack slaps the door hard to attract some kind of attention. Strength?
<Nemi> No where to run.
<Riemann> "So eager to leave?" A voice slides over, slithering up your spine and nestling in your ears.
<ZombieRaptor> Jack frowns. "Bug off."
<Riemann> "Professional."
<Riemann> It sounds bemused.
<Soulless> Elanor turns to the voice.
<ZombieRaptor> Jack sighs. "So… Want to ignore this guy and talk about something unrelated?"
<Riemann> Elanor. ELANOR.
<Riemann> That's yer dad.
<Soulless> "…That's not you."
<ZombieRaptor> "Elanor, don't acknowledge it."
<Riemann> "No, but it's something we thought you'd find familiar."
<ZombieRaptor> "C'mon… Tell me about what all you do here or something."
<Soulless> "I don't suppose you'll let us go."
<Soulless> Elanor curses not having the foreknowledge to prepare her bag of magical goodies, having only been here for a day.
<Riemann> "Mr. Markos, you're locked in a containment cell. You'll run out of topics awfully quickly. Then starve. And die." He sighs, smiling. It's a pleasing thought to him
<Riemann> "Why wouldn't I let you go, dear?"
<Riemann> "Of course I will."
<ZombieRaptor> "Then we'll do it without givin you any pleasure mate."
<ZombieRaptor> Jack sits, cross legged.
<Riemann> Elanors father ignores him. He'll be dead eventually.
<Riemann> "I just ask a fair trade."
<ZombieRaptor> "Eventually Solomon will come get us."
<Soulless> "Do you think so?"
<ZombieRaptor> Who is this to?
<Riemann> It occurs to Elanor, the more reasonable one, that Solomon just recently made a deal involving his memories with this entity.
<Riemann> Solomon is compromised.
<ZombieRaptor> Jack walks over to the Chair.
<Riemann> He sees an aging man in it. He looks nice. In another circumstance, he would.
<ZombieRaptor> He stares down at the man.
<Soulless> This is to both the entity and Jack.
<Soulless> "…You realize, Mr. Vice has been compromised by the thing."
<Soulless> *remove the thing
<Soulless> *replace with 'this entity'
<Riemann> The man stares back, his avuncular eyes twinkling with the fires of a runaway nuclear reaction.
<ZombieRaptor> "I suppose… But these cells are unchecked for days at a time."
<ZombieRaptor> "A guard will come along."
<ZombieRaptor> Arent*
<Riemann> "I daresay it may be some time."
<ZombieRaptor> "They are checked on a regular schedule, and I have fluids with me to last such a time."
<Soulless> "Do have any weaponry on you, Mr. Markos?"
<ZombieRaptor> He nods.
<Soulless> "Maybe we can try to break a window or so."
<Soulless> Elanor continues looking at her "dad".
<Soulless> She adjusts her gloves nervously.
<Riemann> There's one window, which is much too small for a human to go through. This is, after all, a containment cell.
<ZombieRaptor> They can call out through it.
<ZombieRaptor> Jack walks to it with his butterfly knife.
<ZombieRaptor> "I could try.."
<Riemann> Her 'dad' smiles at her, with all the love of a caring parent. Creepy.
<ZombieRaptor> 4df+5 Strength
<Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Strength: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, -, +)
<Riemann> While that would normally work, Jack seems to continually forget that these cells were built to contain things much more dangerous and powerful than humans.
<ZombieRaptor> It has to at least make a loud bang that echoes
<Riemann> The soundproof door thuds dully.
<Riemann> "You don't have to resort to violence, you know."
<Soulless> Elanor smiles back.
<ZombieRaptor> "You're the one that sounds amused at our deaths."
<Soulless> She is trying to bluff.
<Riemann> "You're the one determined to see the end of your life in here."

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<Soulless> Though she likely knows it already knows.
<Soulless> "What are you asking for?"
<Riemann> "An equal exchange. That's all."
<ZombieRaptor> "You better give specifics down to the last detail."
<Soulless> "What would you count as an equal exchange?"
<Riemann> "We just want to know who's so curious, honey. That they'd poke around in here."
<Riemann> "And in return, I'll open the door for you."
<Riemann> Dad smiles, but it's wrong. All wrong. There's nothing to place it, but he shouldn't be here. Shouldn't be smiling, shouldn't be so damned pleasant about this.
<Soulless> She takes a breath to steady her nerves.
<Soulless> "You already know me enough to take the appearance of my father."
<Riemann> For all intents, it's him. The man who raised you, Elanor. But you know what lies right below his eyes. A machine fueled by the misery of others, perhaps designed, perhaps created, to make the world worse.
<Riemann> "That's shallow, Ellie. Simple things."
<Soulless> She looks down and looks to Jack.
<Riemann> "I'd like to get to know the /real/ you."
<ZombieRaptor> "If we give it our memories it's a major security breach."
<Soulless> "And what of Mr. Markos?"
<Riemann> "Mr. Markos is useless to us."
<Riemann> "I'm not asking to take them, of course not." He coos.
<Riemann> "Just a look."
<Soulless> "Will you let Mr. Markos go?"
<Soulless> *go as well
<Riemann> "Of course. We wouldn't want him to die in here. He seems determined enough to do that elsewhere."
<Soulless> "Let him go first and then we can talk."
<Soulless> "If he's useless to you then you should have no problems with it."

<Riemann> "His memories, experiences yes. But as a tool, to… persuade you to cooperate, his limits are boundless."
<Riemann> "I implore you, read the contract."
<Riemann> The contract sits in front of you, curling slightly around the edges. Moist to the touch, though.
<Soulless> "How about, an exchange for me to read the contract, you let him go?"
<Riemann> "We don't do business without an official contract, dear. If you feel safe signing without reading , go ahead."
<Soulless> "Then have a contract for me to read about reading the other contract."
<Riemann> "…I think we're going to have fun here."
<Soulless> "We, as in the collective you, or we, as the collective us?"
<Riemann> The contract hums lightly, and a fountain pen rolls down, brushing Elanors hand
<Riemann> "I'd like to think both of them."
<Riemann> It's a new contract, about reading the contract.
<Soulless> Elanor takes the Fountain pen and reads the new contract to see if it agrees to releasing Jack if she agrees to read the other contract.
<Riemann> It does. It's difficult to decipher, but you're confident that's what it does.
<Soulless> Does it ask for anything else beyond that?
<Riemann> Nope.
<Soulless> She looks to Jack and gives a small smile.
<Riemann> Jack has probably been sulking in a corner.
<Soulless> "Ok, Mr. Markos, I'll see you in the morning."

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<ZombieRaptor> Jack nods to her. "I'll wait for you outside the door.".
<Soulless> "Alright." She signs off.
<ZombieRaptor> Jack steps out if it opens and waits outside the door.
<ZombieRaptor> "Good luck Elanor."
<Soulless> "Thanks."
<Riemann> The pen scratches against the contract, and you can't tell if the pen is writing ink, or the paper is bleeding.
<Riemann> "Now then, if you'll just read the contract, Mr. Markos will go free."
<Soulless> "Alright."
<Soulless> Elanor goes to do the contract reading.
<Riemann> As she begins to read, Jack blinks, finding himself outside of the cell.

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<Riemann> Elanor, the contract details a trade. For a glimpse into your memories, the door to the cell will be opened. No memories lost, no messing with the brain,
<Soulless> ".="
<Soulless> "What you are asking is far more than what I am asking for."
<Riemann> "Oh? You think so?" He mocks you, Elanor.
<Soulless> "Yes, I do think so."

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<Soulless> "You likely already know the kinds of things I can see. You'd be getting a glimpse into lots of things."
<Soulless> "Worth more than opening a door."
<Riemann> "Well done, Ellie! Well done!"
<Riemann> "What do /you/ think is appropriate?"
<Soulless> Elanor shivers a bit at the praise.
<Riemann> Elanor, dads teeth are sharp. Too sharp.
<Riemann> Not made for chewing, but for tearing. Ripping.
<Soulless> She tries not to look at her dad's face for too long.

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<Soulless> "A single memory."
<Riemann> There's nothing right with it. The eyes. The mouth. The teeth. Everything is twisted, beaten into its unnatural place. A sculpture made by something that cannot quite understand huma features.
<Riemann> "How about… being hired by this good institution?"
<Soulless> "If you want to know about my hiring, I can just tell you."
<Riemann> "We both know that wouldn't be as… perssssonal."
<Riemann> It relishes every syllable of the word, dripping off the prongs of his tongue.

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<Soulless> "Yes, but it'll suit your purposes, I bet."
<Soulless> Elanor is more nervous, now. It's wrong and she's scared.
<Riemann> "Mmm, close, but not quite."
<Riemann> "What's wrong? Afraid to share with me?"
<Soulless> "I think you know full well what's wrong."
<Riemann> Invisible hooks pull its cheeks, stretching the smile further and further.
<Soulless> "I have a proposal."
<Riemann> "I'd /love/ to hear it."
<Soulless> "I'm suggesting a more long-term agreement. I think it'll benefit us both than this short-term door debacle."
<Riemann> "I'm listening, dear."
<Soulless> *both more than
<Soulless> "I have both past memories of visions and I can be a continuing source of knowledge and insight. And in return, I want to know more about you and the context of your… existence, perhaps the right word is."
<Riemann> "I think we can make a deal, Ellie."
<Soulless> "Don't call me that unless you have something for me to call you in return!" She snaps.

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<Riemann> "You can call me Dad."
<Riemann> Heavens, I'm terrible.
<Soulless> "Something of equal effect of your effect of me when you use that nickname."
<Soulless> *of equal effect to you
<Riemann> "We both know there isn't a word in the world that could do that, honey."
<Soulless> "It's not fair that you know my name and I don't know yours. Or have you no name?"
<Riemann> "I have many names. Take your pick."
<Soulless> "You have my real name."
<Soulless> "Give me yours."
<Riemann> "Lucifer. Mephisto. Diablo. Baphomet."
<Riemann> "All are equally valid options."
<Riemann> "Beezlebub, if you're feeling affectionate."
<Soulless> "…" Elanor is quiet for a moment and her lips draw to a tight line.
<Soulless> "What is the deal?"
<Riemann> "You proposed it yourself. A girl after my own heart."
<Riemann> "We keep in touch. You share information, I share information."
<Soulless> "Only for as long as I'm alive. And I get do get to die through no influence of yours."
<Riemann> "And kill the goose that layed the golden egg? Never."
<Soulless> "Also, if you are who you claim you are… I'd like what information you ask of me to be broader than just yourself."
<Riemann> Would you mind clarifying that last part? After the ellipses?

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<Soulless> She wants to ask more than just "who are you/what are you" and more whatever the devil knows
<Soulless> About life, the universe, anything
<Riemann> I like it
<Riemann> "Excellent. I taught you well, sweetie."
<Soulless> "Don't… You aren't my real dad."
<Riemann> "Aren't I? Wasn't I there for your birth? Your first steps? I remember swelling with pride. Just. About. To. Pop."
<Soulless> "I… I'm not going into this with you. I'm tired and it's my bedtime. Let me sign the contract and I'll come revisit you."
<Riemann> Each word is punctuated, slamming into your ears, bludgeoning their way straight to your brain.
<Soulless> Elanor rubs her temples.
<Riemann> "Right in front of you, dear."
<Riemann> The contract twitches a bit, remembering the time when it was the flesh of a human.
<Soulless> She rubs her eyes and tries not to think about what the contract made out of.
<Riemann> But that was ages and contracts ago. Now, it serves a different purpose.
<Soulless> She gives it a thorough reading.
<Riemann> It itself is thorough, but there seem to be no pratfalls or tricks.
<Riemann> Why would there be? A father doesn't want to trick his daughter.
<Soulless> Elanor signs it.
<Soulless> She winces at the whole writing on flesh thing.

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<Riemann> The pen scratches, and there's definitely no ink in that pen.
<Soulless> The wince turns into a grimace.
<Riemann> Regardless, the ink bleeds out, spilling a bit on Elanor. It's warm.
<Soulless> She drops the pen as soon as he's signed it, getting a napkin and shakily wiping at the 'ink'.
<Soulless> *'spilled ink'.
<Riemann> Dad reaches to the contract, organising the papers meticulously.
<Riemann> Still smiling, he opens a drawer, and delicately places them in, like a father laying his child down to rest.

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<Soulless> "Can I go now?"
<Riemann> "Only if you promise to come back to visit." All the terrible smugness you'd expect from that line is present.
<Soulless> "I… I signed the contract, didn't I?"
<Riemann> "You did, you did. You've already promised to visit me."
<Riemann> "And I look forward to it."
<Soulless> "Next time I should bring tea." She makes a nervous joke.
<Riemann> No words, only a chilling smile.
<Soulless> "Goodnight, Lucifer."
<Riemann> "Goodnight, dear."
<Soulless> She goes to try the door.
<Riemann> It's open.
<Riemann> Not even whatever entity rules the devil would be that much of a dick

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