Long Live The King

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I don't think so, Tim… | Cars go vroom vroom |
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20:10 Roget The task force is gathered, and hustled out to the motor pool. With only general orders of a "European Operation" they are driven to the air force base, and given vague promises of "future orders" as they are boarded onto the plane, which takes off without incident. The furnishings are noticeably nicer than the normal. There are seats, and it's a pressurized
20:10 Roget cabin.
20:11 Roget The plane is above a cloudbank, over the Atlantic. The PC's can interact while they await the pilot to fill them in on the rest of their orders.
20:11 Hankolijo Leonard sits in a seat, relatively relaxed.
20:11 TheRaven Will is there, geared up as usual.
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20:11 Scandinner Larry's there!
20:12 Prior Lacey is curled up across two seats, snoozing.
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20:14 Roget The plane hums along, and the pilot's voice crackles over the intercom. "Testing, testing, hello!"
20:14 Hankolijo He checks his gear.
20:15 Prior Lacey sits up, rubbing an eye. "Did the pilot say something?" Yawn.
20:16 Hankolijo "We hear you, pilot guy." :|
20:17 Roget "So, uh, the reason for the secrecy is… Mister Elvis Presley has asked us to provide security for him, since he's had… well, he's concerned that the security he has won't be up to special threats."
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20:17 TheRaven "…what."
20:17 Hankolijo :|
20:17 Scantron "Who?"
20:17 Roget "You will be providing support at an Italian nightclub tonight, as he takes dinner."
20:17 Scantron Larry's just woken up.
20:18 Prior Lacey freezes. "… Did he say elvis?"
20:18 Hankolijo "That's… Awesome."
20:18 Hankolijo :|
20:18 Roget "The nature of this mission is unusual, but due to the payment Mr. Presley is offering, we could not turn it down."
20:18 Scantron "Who is Elvis Presley?"
20:18 Hankolijo Leonard looks to Larry. :|
20:19 Hankolijo "You don't know who Elvis is?" :|
20:19 Prior "He's, uh… The most famous singer on the planet. Also might be an alien…"
20:19 TheRaven Will facepalms.
20:19 Scantron "… right. I don't listen to much popular music."
20:20 Roget "Mister Presley has asked us to assure you that there will be autograph opportunities."
20:21 Hankolijo "Cool." :|
20:21 Prior "…" Lacey seems to have forgotten how to word.
20:21 Scantron Larry nods.
20:21 Roget Anyone looking out the windows will be able to see lights from the mainland twinkling in the distance.
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20:22 Hankolijo Leonard looks out the window and pats the inside of his jacket for a certain notepad. It's there. Excellent. :]
20:22 TheRaven "…you're telling me you're flying a combat task force halfway around the world just to run security for some singer."
20:22 Roget "He is paying us a lot of money."
20:23 Scantron "How does he even know about us?"
20:24 Prior "…"
20:24 Roget "That, I don't know. I just know he contacted the higher-ups, and they made a deal."
20:24 Scantron "Hm."
20:25 Hankolijo Leonard looks genuinely excited. That's… Rare. Very rare.
20:26 Roget The plane begins to descend.
20:27 Prior ~Holy hellfire I'm going to get to meet Elvis!~
20:27 Scantron Larry works his jaw uncomfortably. His ears have trouble popping!
20:27 Hankolijo Leonard kind of wishes he had worn his suit.
20:27 TheRaven Will is just all of the :|
20:28 Hankolijo It's nice that Will is taking Leonard's :| responsibilities for this mission, since he himself is :]
20:29 Roget The plane touches down. The door opens, with a limousine awaiting them. The Italian limo driver has an enormous moustache.
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20:30 Hankolijo Leonard heads to the door, but lets Lacey out first, because gentleman.
20:31 Prior Lacey positively /races/ out towards the limo. ~Alimoandelvisalimoandelvis!~
20:31 Hankolijo Leonard follows after.
20:31 TheRaven Will disembarks. Man, he's not gonna blend in well.
20:32 Prior https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/rYoefDAg/
20:33 Prior (… Great job IRCcloud)
20:34 Scantron Larry heads out to the limo as well, greeting the limo driver briefly in Italian.
20:34 Scantron Once they're in: "Alright, does anyone else here speak Italian?"
20:34 RogetGMs The limousine is comfortable in its interior. There's champagne in there, and a set of weapons(handguns) and ammunition.
20:34 TheRaven "Not me."
20:35 Hankolijo Leonard shakes his head. "Nope."
20:36 Prior Lacey also shakes her head, trying to make her hair look less of a mess with her pocket mirror and caaaaaareful use of a scalpel handle.
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20:37 RogetGMs Once everyone is in the limo, they begin driving off towards the nightclub.
20:37 Scantron "I suppose I'll be in charge of that…"
20:37 Hankolijo Leo nods. "Right." :]
20:40 Scantron Larry gets himself some more ammunition.
20:41 Prior Lacey makes sure her gun is loaded and safely hidden before going back to panicking about OMFGELVISBLARGLE
20:42 Hankolijo Leonard glances at her. "I'm going to guess you're a fan of Elvis?" :]
20:42 RogetGMs The limo pulls into a tunnel.
20:44 RogetGMs It's dark inside. The guy turns around, and says in Italian "We're getting close!"
20:44 Prior "Just a little. My favourite song is probably Blue Suede, but that's a given. After that it's a tie between I Forgot and Blue Moon, which is a little obscure but some of his early work is really the best and oh my GOD I'm going to meet Elvis!"
20:46 Scantron "We're getting close, apparently."
20:46 RogetGMs They come out of the tunnel, and see floodlights from a romanesque building. The driver points to it.
20:46 Hankolijo "Yup. Pretty damn cool." He says to Lacey and nods to Larry.
20:46 Prior "Leonard, Leonard how's my hair? Is it a mess? What about my teeth? Is there anything in them?" Teeth are shown to mister Striker.
20:47 Scantron To Lacey, "You're not here to flirt with Mr. Presley, you're here to provide security."
20:47 TheRaven Will is trying to figure out how exactly he's going to blend in. The leading theory is 'very poorly.'
20:47 Hankolijo "You're hair's fine, Lacey. And no, there's nothing stuck in your teeth."
20:47 Hankolijo Your*
20:49 Prior "I'm not planning on flirting it's just that he's my favourite musician and oh god my copy of his cover of Heartaches is almost broken from how many times I've played it and holycraponacrackerI'mgoingtomeethim."
20:50 RogetGMs The limo pulls up in front of the club. There's a lot of people hubbing and bubbing around it, most of them wearing nice clothes, but some wearing togas, and others wearing elaborate roman costumes. The front of the club has huge marble columns, and the interior appears to be a wide-open ballroom. A large banner with Elvis' face on it is hanging over the entr
20:50 Hankolijo Blink. "Yeah. Neat."
20:50 RogetGMs acne. The limo door opens.
20:50 Scantron Larry steps out. Looks around. "I'm underdressed."
20:51 Hankolijo Leonard also steps out. "Could've brought my suit. But no, the mission had to be a secret to us. Damn."
20:52 Prior Lacey follows him out, muuuch more slowly than she entered. ~Oh christ, I'm going to meet Elvis wearing pants. Why didn't I bring the big dress?~
20:52 TheRaven Will looks for an alley or somewhere where he can go and be inconspicuous. He's not exactly gonna fit in at a nightclub, let alone one as oddly-dressed as this.
20:53 RogetGMs There
20:53 Hankolijo Leonard thinks for a moment. He looks around for a place to store his rifle.
20:54 RogetGMs s no alleys, only a fancy, gilded path leading to the entrance of the club. There's a few security guards on the sides of the dance floor holding rifles, so they're not… terribly out of place, but a few people are pointing and whispering, especially at Will..
20:54 TheRaven "God dammit."
20:54 Scantron Does Psi-7 have any sort of escort/handler here?
20:55 RogetGMs There's a security-looking man with a tricorn and wearing a toga at the entrance of the club looking towards them meaningfully. So probably that guy.
20:56 Scantron Larry gestures in the direction of the rest of the team, then heads over towards the security-looking man.
20:57 Hankolijo Leonard follows the only person here that speaks Italian.
20:57 Prior Lacey pokes her head back into the limo and whispers to Leonard. "Look for a duffel bag under the seats!"
20:57 Prior Or just says it to his face.
20:57 TheRaven Will follows, grumbling.
20:57 Hankolijo Leonard nods, and looks for said duffel bag!
20:58 RogetGMs The man nods to them as they get close.
20:58 RogetGMs Leonard, there's a duffel bag with a flashy red shirt poking out of the top!
20:59 Prior "There we go. Hide it in that." If will has his BAR she gets one for him, too.
20:59 TheRaven He does. Fully geared-up as usual.
21:00 Hankolijo Leonard places his rifle in the bag and slings said bag over his back, heading over to the security guy.
21:00 Prior … It'd take more than a bag to hide that. She follows the others.
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21:01 RogetGMs When they open the bag, they can see it's got four flashy costumes inside.
21:01 Hankolijo Leonard blinks at the costumes.
21:01 Prior What are the options?
21:02 Prior … Actually, Lacey takes the only one that'll remotely fit her, since the others are for grown-ass men.
21:02 RogetGMs The man smiles at them as they approach. "Bonjour. I am Colonol Haig, of the Foreign Legion. I am here to make sure things go smoothly for Monsieur Presley and his entourage."
21:02 Hankolijo Leonard nods.
21:02 Scantron Larry looks inside. "He's that big of a deal, huh." Larry picks out the costume that looks like it'll best fit him.
21:03 RogetGMs Lacey, you're in possession of a dress not unlike one Marie Antoinette might've worn. Lots of sequins and possibly-fake jewels, and nice gloves.
21:03 RogetGMs Larry, you get a gladiator costume.
21:03 Hankolijo Leonard picks out the more flashy costume of the two remaining.
21:03 Hankolijo :|
21:04 Scantron Larry nods approvingly.
21:04 RogetGMs It's a court jester outfit.
21:04 Hankolijo :|
21:04 TheRaven Will presumably takes whichever is left.
21:04 RogetGMs The last outfit is a roman legionnaire costume.
21:05 TheRaven :|
21:05 TheRaven He takes it, and looks for somewhere to change.
21:06 RogetGMs Colonel Haig beckons them inside once they've got costumes in hand. "We have facilities for changing in the back. Try to blend in, with the partygoers, please. We've had some… unusual incidents since the club was re-re-opened for business."
21:06 Scantron "Care to describe them?"
21:06 Hankolijo Leonard heads inside, staring at the costume in his hand. :|
21:07 Prior Lacey follows, hoping like hell they adjusted the neckline from the standard antoinette costume.
21:09 RogetGMs "Strange behavior from club patrons… repeated, similar incidents."
21:10 RogetGMs "I can't go into detail here. Not with potential… eavesdroppers."
21:11 Scantron "Right. We'll keep an eye out."
21:11 TheRaven Will nods.
21:11 Hankolijo Leonard nods. "Where are those changing facilities, exactly?"
21:12 RogetGMs The party seems to be in full swing. There's a stage set up, presumably for Elvis, and a big table with punch and food in the center of the room. Around the table, people are dancing, laughing, eating, and generally being merry. Haig points to some chambers behind some pillars at the back of the ballroom.
21:13 Hankolijo Leonard heads for said chambers!
21:13 Prior "Where's Elvis himself right now?"
21:13 TheRaven Will follows Leonard, scanning the area.
21:13 RogetGMs "On his way, fashionably late. You'll be taking dinner with him when he arrives."
21:13 RogetGMs Will, perc
21:13 Scantron Larry heads over to those chambers to change.
21:14 Prior "As soon as he arrives, get him to us. We can't have him getting surprised on arrival." Lacey changes in the facilities, wearing her other clothes underneath. She also cuts out the costume's pockets with her knife so she can get at her normal pockets and holsters.
21:14 TheRaven 4df+3 eye
21:14 Glacon TheRaven: eye: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, -, 0)
21:15 RogetGMs Will, people look like they're having fun, but through the crowds you spot faces with… oddly fixed smiles, and expressions. Gaits that are just not quite right. People acting like they're, well, acting. You don't see anyone long enough to track them through the throngs, though.
21:15 Hankolijo Leonard changes into a God damn jester outfit. He hides his ammo, handgun, notepad and flashlight where possible, and keeps the sword scabbard accessible. What? Combat jester seems totally legit.
21:16 Scantron Larry's choice of whether to wear his normal clothes underneath depends on how much skin his costume is supposed to show. Afterwards, he moves out from those chambers and scans the crowd himself.
21:16 RogetGMs Larry, perc
21:16 Hankolijo Leonard also scans the area like to good patrol guard he is!
21:16 Scantron 4df+4 Perception, potentially tagging +5 from his Acting specialty if he's inclined to see people faking it.
21:16 Glacon Scantron: Perception, potentially tagging +5 from his Acting specialty if he's inclined to see people faking it.: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
21:17 RogetGMs Leonard, perc
21:17 TheRaven Will puts on a mix of the gear, omitting the plate skirt. Anywhere to hide things in the changing room?
21:17 Hankolijo 4df+3 Although we've pretty much established in soft Leonard is half-blind.
21:17 Glacon Hankolijo: Although we've pretty much established in soft Leonard is half-blind.: 2 (4df+3=-, +, 0, -)
21:17 RogetGMs There's a small dress cabinet.
21:18 Prior Lacey also stows some kit in there, but keeps her knife, flashlight, pen, pad, gun and medical stuffs hidden in the billows of her dress.
21:19 RogetGMs Larry, you see that there are several small groups of people throughout the crowd who just… don't seem to be acting right. Their smiles are too fixed, their gaze too glassy. They don't seem to be interacting with anyone other than each other.
21:19 TheRaven Will stows his more obvious gear in it. BAR, bandolier, sword, entrenching tool…the big Colt stays in a shoulder holster, and he's got a knife on his belt, but he should look a little less obvious.
21:19 RogetGMs Leonard, you see a woman in a red dress walk by in a very revealing low-cut dress.
21:20 Hankolijo :|
21:20 Hankolijo ~Noice.~ :|
21:20 Prior Lacey emerges and sidles up to the dynamic duo. "So, you eagle-eyed folks see anything?"
21:20 Scantron "Okay, first impressions. Great party, but there are some groups of people that are acting funny, here and there. They're faking their enjoyment, and not really talking to anyone else."
21:21 Scantron He points out a few of them. "Like over there, and there."
21:21 RogetGMs The group he points to are by a punch bowl, drinking from goblets and laughing at nothing in particular.
21:22 Hankolijo Leonard hides the fact that all he saw just now was boobs. He looks over at the group. "Uh huh."
21:22 TheRaven Will makes his way out to the rest as well.
21:22 RogetGMs Upon noticing they're being watched, the group of actors melts into the crowd proper.
21:23 RogetGMs metaphorically, of course.
21:23 Hankolijo "Damn."
21:23 Prior "How many?"
21:23 Scantron "And now they're gone." How many?
21:24 RogetGMs Probably four of five that he saw, but that's not necessarily all of them
21:24 Scantron "At least four or five. Maybe more."
21:25 Prior Lacey bites her lip. "If they spread out then we won't be able to stop all of them, even if they're entirely mundane. And now they know we know…"
21:25 TheRaven "This is gonna be a mess if we have to start shooting."
21:26 RogetGMs A waiter comes by, and offers them drinks.
21:26 Scantron "I could go try and get eyes on one or two of them. See whether they're armed, what they might be planning."
21:26 Scantron Larry takes one, thanks the waiter, and sips lightly at it.
21:26 Hankolijo Leonard takes a drink.
21:26 Hankolijo It's free booze, and this is Leonard. Sip.
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21:27 TheRaven Will takes one as well.
21:27 RogetGMs It's champagne. Very expensive, although they probably can't tell.
21:27 Prior "That's the best bet." She takes a drink, and doesn't touch it. "The options are kidnap, assassination, something anomalous or something harmless. We can only help with the first and second, unless we're very lucky and constantly extremely close."
21:28 Hankolijo "Right. So now we just have to wait for Mr. Presley to show up."
21:28 Scantron "Well, he wouldn't have called Psi-7 over a real security team if he didn't think there was something peculiar about these risks." He steps forward to the crowd, then turns back briefly. "I'll be right back." He heads into it proper.
21:29 Hankolijo Leonard nods and takes another sip.
21:29 Scantron Once there, he tries to locate a group of stepford smilers (or, if they've dissolved, someone who used to be in one) and follow them, while blending into the crowd as much as he can in his demeanor, expression, etc.
21:29 Prior Lacey freezes slightly at the mention of Elvis, but it quickly passes. She's a… reasonably attractive girl and she's dressed properly. She has her pad and pen. She is prepared.
21:30 RogetGMs Larry, bluff
21:30 Scantron 4df+6+5 tagging Actor
21:30 Glacon Scantron: tagging Actor: 9 (4df+6+5=0, 0, -, -)
21:30 Hankolijo Leonard's in a jester outfit, so he's beyond getting worried about appearances. :|
21:31 TheRaven Will hangs back, he's not much use at investigating.
21:32 RogetGMs Larry, you find yourself behind a group of unalerted smilers. They're laughing and chatting, but they're saying… gobbledygook. Random phrases in latin and english, followed up by rapturous laughter from the group, followed by a simultaneous sip of their drinks, and repeat.
21:33 Scantron 4df+4 Perception: Larry checks to see if they're carrying any weapons, unusual items, dressed a particular way, etc.
21:33 Glacon Scantron: Perception: Larry checks to see if they're carrying any weapons, unusual items, dressed a particular way, etc.: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
21:34 RogetGMs You notice some bulges underneath their costumes, but nothing outwardly visible. They're all in roman plebian costumes.
21:35 Scantron Larry 'hm's, and unless they do something unexpected, makes his way back to the group.
21:35 RogetGMs They don't do anything unexpected. In fact…. they seem to be stuck in a short loop of behavior.
21:36 Scantron Once Larry returns, he relays all of this information to the team.
21:36 Prior "…" Lacey sighs. "So they're either constructs or humans being controlled poorly. And they may or may not be armed."
21:36 TheRaven "Think there's any way to get rid of them quietly?"
21:37 Hankolijo "Not with so many people around."
21:39 Scantron "Then we either remove them all one-by-one, or we wait until they do something fishy and react."
21:40 Prior Lacey shrugs. "Your call I suppose. Either way, this party isn't going to go properly, so anything we disturb is a case of sooner rather than later."
21:41 RogetGMs There's a commotion at the front of the party.
21:41 Hankolijo Leonard turns to the commotion.
21:41 Scantron Larry looks over in that direction!
21:41 Hankolijo "Sounds like the man's here."
21:41 Prior "Too late." Lacey also looks!
21:42 RogetGMs Women scream, and hundreds of camera flashes go off. Yes, Elvis has entered the building. He's wearing cool shades and a gold suit, and surrounded by an entourage of thirteen tough looking men. Scanning the crowd, he spots Psi-7, grins, and beckons to them.
21:43 RogetGMs Lacey, he's smiling at you and beckoning you over. Elvis Presley. Smiling at you. OMG!
21:43 Prior She frowns and pulls her sleeve back before pressing a finger into her wrist. "That's high. Leonard, if I faint, make sure I don't ruin everything." Then the beckon happens. "Oooooooh god, here we go."
21:43 Hankolijo Leonard salutes to Mr. Presley.
21:43 RogetGMs Servants pull up a table in the center of the room, and other tables, as people begin to take seats for dinner.
21:43 RogetGMs The biggest table, in the center of the room, is reserved for Mister Preseley.
21:44 Scantron Larry blinks, heading over towards Presley.
21:44 Prior ~Heart rate is huge, oh god I can /feel/ myself panicking.~ She waves back. ~That's hyperventilating. I can feel it coming and oh theeeere it is…~
21:44 Hankolijo "Calm down, Lacey, you haven't even spoken to him yet." He says and heads over to the rising superstar.
21:45 TheRaven Will follows along. ~This is gonna be trouble.~
21:45 RogetGMs He takes a seat, leaving four seats open next to him for Psi-7 to sit at. When they come in earshot, he yells out. "Hey there, thank you very much for coming out. Have a seat."
21:46 Prior Lacey very carefully does not run over. She walks respectfully and carefully despite wanting to sprint at him and dive into a chair.
21:46 Hankolijo Leonard nods takes a seat, a glass in hand. Combat jester can't keep up a blankface. This is Elvis Presley! :]
21:46 Hankolijo nods and*
21:47 Scantron Larry takes a seat not next to Presley.
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21:48 RogetGMs The King nods and shakes their hands as they come over. "I wanna thank each and every one of ya for coming out tonight. Can't tell you how much it means to be protected. I've heard bad things about this place, weird things, you dig? From what I've heard, hardly anyone takes care of these things better than you."
21:48 TheRaven Will sits down
21:48 Prior Lacey sits next to Elvis. Because someone has to. Oh, and because of the whole "HOLY SHIT" thing.
21:48 Hankolijo "We are professionals, sir."
21:49 Scantron "Glad we could be of service, Mr. Presley."
21:49 Prior "If you don't mind me asking, how do you know about… us?" Each word is carefully selected from far away. She is actually using the antipsychic training on her own panic.
21:50 RogetGMs Elvis flashes her a smile. "Well, little mama, it's a trade secret. You're here now, that's what matters." He pats his hand on hers, briefly, before turning to the waiter. "I wanna get everyone here some peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and a big batch of fool's gold loaf."
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21:51 Scantron Larry glances back at the crowd. Have the stepford smilers taken notice of Elvis's arrival?
21:52 RogetGMs Everyone's mostly withdrawn from the main ballroom to dining tables on the sides of the room. Nobody's really talking. However… perception.
21:52 Prior The thought ~OHMYGODHETOUCHEDMYHANDI'LLNEVERWASHAGAIN~ is buried under layers of mental crystal. "Thank you very much."
21:52 Scantron 4df+4
21:52 Glacon Scantron: 3 (4df+4=+, 0, -, -)
21:53 RogetGMs Larry, you see a few people sequestered off to the sides of the room, but its too poorly lit over there to really get any sight of anything suspicios.
21:53 Hankolijo Leonard considers how silly and unprofessional it'd be to try and get Elvis to read over a really shitty poem of his. :|
21:54 RogetGMs Elvis smiles to the group. "How's the party been? Are you all enjoyin' the festivities, and did you see anything out of the ordinary?"
21:55 Scantron Larry describes for Elvis what he observed, briefly.
21:56 RogetGMs Elvis nods, his smile… diminished. "I see. If what you say is true, these folks could be dangerous. Do you think you can handle them, if they cause a ruckus?"
21:57 Scantron "In concert with the security forces already present, I'm sure we'll be able to manage it." He delivers a smile unto Elvis.
21:57 RogetGMs Elvis flashes him a grin. "That's good to hear, friend. Thanks for going through the trouble."
21:57 Prior "If they were normal, yes. There's a not-insignificant chance that they could be strong enough that literally then entire city's police force wouldn't be enough, though."
21:59 RogetGMs Elvis turns to Lacey. "Really? What makes you say that?"
22:00 Hankolijo Leonard sits quietly, occasionally sipping his champagne.
22:00 Prior ~Why did I say that? He'll think we're all useless and… Why do I care what he thinks? Lock that tough away, too.~ "How familiar are you with… extranormal things, Mister Presley?"
22:00 TheRaven Will just kinda sits. He's no good for socializing.
22:01 RogetGMs "I've seen my fair share of the odd, the unusual. But you all know more than I do, and I trust what you have to say." he seems to emphasize /you/.
22:02 Hankolijo After a moment Leonard pulls out his notepad, and, while people are talking, writes something. He then stores away the notepad once more.
22:03 Prior "I uh…" She takes a deep breath. "There are a lot of scary things out there, Mister Presley. Some of them are weak enough for us to fight. Some mean that an entire town has to be written off as a victim of a quake. For what it's worth, we will do everything we possibly can to keep you safe, no matter what they are."
22:03 RogetGMs A member of Elvis' entourage nudges Will, and passes a flask over. He looks bored as hell.
22:04 RogetGMs "That means a lot. I'm sure I'm in very good hands." He tips his shades down, and makes eye contact while smiling at her. God he's handsome, Lacey, even more so up close.
22:04 TheRaven He takes a swig and passes it back.
22:05 RogetGMs Larry, perc
22:05 Scantron 4df+4 Larry's relevant omg
22:05 Glacon Scantron: Larry's relevant omg: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, -, +)
22:05 RogetGMs Larry, you see a young man in a senator's outfit approaching the table.
22:06 Prior "Thank… thank you." She looks down and blushes. Her hands sneak under the table and check her pulse and holy fucking dogbiscuits that's high. She briefly wonders just how much she's already locked down…
22:06 RogetGMs He looks pissed, Larry.
22:06 RogetGMs The food arrives. Everyone is given a peanut butter and banana sandwich on a fancy plate, and a large bread loaf is placed in the center of the table.
22:07 Scantron He nudges Will and points out the Senator. "Someone looks angry."
22:07 Hankolijo Leonard nods to the waiter and nibbles his sandwich.
22:07 TheRaven Will stands up and intercepts him.
22:08 RogetGMs Will, mdef
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22:09 Prior "Oh, before I get my hands all food-y." ~STOP BEING A CHILD~ She produces a pen and paper. "Can I have an autograph? You're kind of my favourite artist."
22:09 TheRaven 4df+4 uh-oh
22:09 Glacon TheRaven: uh-oh: 5 (4df+4=+, +, 0, -)
22:09 RogetGMs Elvis grins. "Sure thing, little mama. Anything for a fan."
22:09 RogetGMs He takes it. "What's your name, sweetheart?"
22:10 RogetGMs WIll, you feel… like it's probably going to be fine. You can't find the will to get up and over to the Senator.
22:10 Prior "Lacey. My name is Lacey." She blushes. ~OH MY GOD HE CALLED ME A SWEETHEART!~ ~Aaaand that's another part of the brain getting locked away.~
22:11 RogetGMs He signs it 'To Lacey, with love, from Elvis Aaron Presley'
22:12 TheRaven He remains seated, then…
22:12 RogetGMs A moment later, the Senator comes up. "I have a bone to pick with thee, Mister Prestaire!"
22:12 Prior ~Mavis is going to be so jealous…~ She takes it carefully. "Thank you so much."
22:12 Prior Lacey lookee at senator man! Does he look threatening?
22:12 Hankolijo After a moment, Leonard digs out his notepad again and carefully tears out the page he had written on earlier. "Uh, Mr. Presley? Before I forget, could you, uh, maybe read this and tell me what you think? I've recently picked up poetry, and, uh, you'd be a-" He turns to the Senator. "…"
22:13 RogetGMs Elvis and his entourage look up. The man looks pretty normal, not particularly tough. He proceeds to go off on Elvis about the treatment of slaves in a province of 'the empire', whatever that means.
22:14 Prior Lacey blinks and listens /very/ carefully.
22:14 Scantron Larry blinks, tilting his head at the senator. He looks for any lumps in the man's clothes.
22:14 Prior One hand slips into a pocket and around her pistol, the other her trench knife.
22:15 RogetGMs He's drifting from latin to english, and not making a lot of sense. He doesn't have any bulges in his clothes. A few minutes into his speech, two members of Elvis' entourage get up and take him by his arms, dragging him away.
22:15 Hankolijo Leonard's hand glides down as well, around his knife.
22:15 RogetGMs Everyone, mdef
22:15 Scantron 4df+3 oooh nooo
22:15 Glacon Scantron: oooh nooo: 3 (4df+3=-, +, 0, 0)
22:15 Hankolijo 4df+3 Nobody to save just yet, dang.
22:15 Glacon Hankolijo: Nobody to save just yet, dang.: 5 (4df+3=+, -, +, +)
22:15 TheRaven Will again?
22:15 RogetGMs yup
22:16 TheRaven 4df+4
22:16 Glacon TheRaven: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
22:16 Prior 4df+8 subtract three if non-anomalous in origin.
22:16 Glacon Prior: subtract three if non-anomalous in origin.: 10 (4df+8=+, +, -, +)
22:17 RogetGMs Lacey, you seem to be the only one who can hear the men beating the Senator to death in the back of the room. It's pretty gruesome, but nobody seems to care… the rest of you just don't particularly notice anything out of the ordinary, and anyone pointing that out to you is probably hysterical.
22:17 Scantron "… well, that was bizarre."
22:18 RogetGMs Elvis digs into his sandwich.
22:18 Hankolijo Leonard blinks. Huh.
22:18 Scantron "If I didn't know any better, I'd call this a piece of experimental theater." He takes a bite out of his peanut butter banana sandwich as well.
22:18 Prior Lacey blinks twice. "So Mister Presley, when did you start hiring anomalous bodyguards?"
22:18 RogetGMs "Come again, darling?"
22:18 Scantron "What?"
22:18 Hankolijo Leonard blinks again. He still has the notepad page in his hand. "…"
22:19 TheRaven "Huh?"
22:21 Prior She closes her eyes fully and listens. "Misters Striker, Eppson and Cassidy. I am extensively trained in antipsychic methods, although my ability to notice inbound threats is inferior to your own due to my limited combat experience." Somewhere inside her the excitement shrivels up and dies, this is serious Lacey. "Therefore the only logical explanation for
22:21 Prior why I am the only person who can hear the painful beating in the next room is because an anomalous force is suppressing everyone else here."
22:21 Hankolijo "…"
22:22 RogetGMs "You sure you're okay, with all the excitement?" Elvis asks, through a mouthful of banana and peanut butter.
22:22 Prior "Quite positive. Where is the empire and why does it have slaves?"
22:23 Scantron "Painful beating?" Larry looks off to where the bodyguards went off to.
22:23 Scantron He looks confused!
22:23 TheRaven "…alright."
22:23 RogetGMs Larry, you only see patrons eating, and no sign of anyone who went over there.
22:23 RogetGMs "… Empire?"
22:23 RogetGMs Elvis is confused.
22:24 Prior "Larry, you're the face of the team. Is Mister Presley genuinely confused about all this?"
22:25 Scantron "Pardon? I don't think I suspect Mr. Presley of anything, if the reports of prior unusual behavior at this venue are factual."
22:25 Scantron He washes down some of the sandwich with a drink.
22:25 TheRaven "You wanna go check it out, Lacey? Since you've got the psychic stuff and all."
22:25 Prior Lacey stares at Elvis. Perc to see if he's lying?
22:26 RogetGMs Sure!
22:26 Prior 4df+4 Let's try and see if someone who lies professionally all the time is lying!
22:26 Glacon Prior: Let's try and see if someone who lies professionally all the time is lying!: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
22:26 * WrongJohnSilver quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
22:27 RogetGMs Elvis doesn't seem to be lying! He just looks confused and slightly hungry.
22:28 Prior She turns away. "Alright then. Lets go and see what's going on over there." She hops down from her seat and heads towards the source of the noise.
22:29 RogetGMs Lacey, perception!
22:29 Prior 4df+4 Let's see what we can see…
22:29 Glacon Prior: Let's see what we can see…: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
22:30 Hankolijo Leonard is uncertain if he should follow, considering he doesn't see anything there.
22:30 TheRaven Will follows along.
22:30 RogetGMs Lacey, a man with a dagger breaks out of the crowd, and rushes Elvis!
22:30 Scantron Larry decides to stay, in case anything else happens to Presley. He stares off into space a bit while he ponders what might be happening.
22:30 Hankolijo "I'll, uh. Keep an eye on Mr. Presley here." Leonard remains seated.
22:31 Prior 4df+6 Lacey's hand whips out and tries to slam the knuckleduster of her knife into the bridge of his nose. "CONTACT."
22:31 Glacon Prior: Lacey's hand whips out and tries to slam the knuckleduster of her knife into the bridge of his nose. "CONTACT.": 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
22:31 * kaktus joined #homeimprovement
22:32 RogetGMs Will, do you take any action against the would-be assasin of the King?
22:32 TheRaven 4df+5 he goes for a punch to the gut as Lacey hits him in the face
22:32 Glacon TheRaven: he goes for a punch to the gut as Lacey hits him in the face: 7 (4df+5=0, +, +, 0)
22:32 Hankolijo Leonard turns around immediately, the paper flying into his pocket, hand on his gun.
22:33 RogetGMs The guy gets knocked down on his ass as his nose is broken and he gets slammed in the gut at the same time. He collapses prostate, blood pouring from his nose and hacking and gasping for air. A few security men come out to drag him away, and the blood is just… left on the floor. After a few moments, the partygoers return to their normal chatter.
22:34 RogetGMs Elvis seems unconcerned. "Thank you very much!"
22:34 Hankolijo :|
22:34 Scantron Larry turns around at the commotion, but it's over by the time he can go for her gun.
22:34 Scantron *his
22:35 Prior Lacey follows the dragged man.
22:35 Hankolijo Leonard slinks back in his seat. "Is this a regular occurrence to you, Mr. Presley?" :22:35 RogetGMs The crowd gets too thick, and you soon lose sight of him. The crowd seems to be passively-aggressively repelling you, keeping you in the center ballroom and away from the outlier of the room.
22:36 TheRaven Will sticks with Lacey. Although it doesn't seem like she needs much protection.
22:36 RogetGMs Elvis shrugs. "Well, you know, sometimes people get a little excited, feel like they need a little less conversation and a little more action."
22:37 Hankolijo "Uh huh." Leonard keeps an eye on the crowd around them for any other folks that would decide to act up.
22:37 Scantron Larry thinks for just a bit longer, watching Lacey get repelled by the crowd.
22:38 Prior Lacey stops for a while, blinking and totally still, before making her way back to the table. "We need to remove Elvis from the building. Now."
22:38 Hankolijo "Will the crowd let us?"
22:38 RogetGMs "You sure? Baby, I haven't even gotten to my show yet. Seems a bit… premature."
22:38 Scantron "A man did just come at you with a knife, Mr. Presley."
22:39 RogetGMs "Can you reconsider, baby?" to Lacey
22:40 Prior "The man isn't the problem. Right now there are two possibilities. A) You're lying, know exactly what's going on, and are performing the anomalous effects yourself or by your command or B) Everything you've said is true, and two different anomalous factions are acting around you. Either way, this is a terrible situation."
22:41 RogetGMs "I don't appreciate accusations, honey. I'm not out to cause a ruckus." Elvis finishes his sandwich.
22:42 RogetGMs Everyone, you hear shouting as a ruckus breaks out in the crowd!
22:42 RogetGMs It looks like a fight.
22:42 Hankolijo "Ah, crap."
22:42 Scantron Larry looks like he's about to start talking when the fight breaks out! He looks over there, hand moving to his weapon.
22:43 RogetGMs It looks like a slugfest, and… Larry, perception.
22:43 Scantron 4df+4 I'm useful!
22:43 Glacon Scantron: I'm useful!: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
22:43 Hankolijo Leonard's hand hovers above his gun as he turns to the ruckus.
22:44 RogetGMs Larry, you see the bodyguards from before embroiled in the brawl. A few more of Elvis' bodyguards go over to help out, leaving four to protect Elvis, along with the four Psi-7 agents.
22:45 Scantron "Mr. Presley, any idea why your bodyguards are taking part in the festivities?" He gestures at the fight.
22:46 RogetGMs "No idea." Elvis frowns. "Maybe… this seems like it could be trouble." he turns to Lacey. "What's the plan, baby?"
22:49 Prior "Leave. Now. We get our gear and leave. Next time you have a concert we get the government to send enough S-boxes down to keep these things out. Whatever's going on here is a mess, and I still think you're the cause, actively or non."
22:50 Hankolijo Leonard stands up. How clear is the path to the changing facilities?
22:50 RogetGMs There are some screams and the sound of blood hitting the floor. Anyone looking over to the fight will see all of the King's bodyguards on the ground, as another assassin runs over, bloody dagger drawn high.
22:50 RogetGMs Leonard, it's behind the crowd that Lacey couldn't get past before.
22:50 Scantron Larry again looks like he's about to start talking, but sees another assassin running over. He sighs internally as he draws his weapon and takes aim.
22:51 Hankolijo 4df+9 Leonard pulls his gun out and fires at the assassin.
22:51 Glacon Hankolijo: Leonard pulls his gun out and fires at the assassin.: 9 (4df+9=+, -, 0, 0)
22:51 RogetGMs 4df+4 ow
22:51 Glacon RogetGMs: ow: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, +, 0)
22:51 RogetGMs Leonard, you blow off a chunk of his face, and it staggers him, but he keeps up his pace and starts a bloody war cry as he charges over
22:51 Hankolijo "…"
22:52 Scantron 4df+4 Larry's turn! pow pow
22:52 Glacon Scantron: Larry's turn! pow pow: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
22:52 TheRaven 4df+6 Will draws and fires
22:52 Glacon TheRaven: Will draws and fires: 7 (4df+6=-, 0, +, +)
22:53 RogetGMs 4df+4 ow
22:53 Glacon RogetGMs: ow: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
22:54 RogetGMs The guy is absolutely riddled with bullets, and has lost enough blood to well be dead but… he's still coming. Hobbling, but he's almost here. Elvis gets up, and starts running away.
22:54 Prior Lacey follows Elvis, shedding the costume as she sprints.
22:55 TheRaven "Leonard, go get our gear!"
22:55 Hankolijo Leonard nods and rushes over to the gear area! Can he get through the crowd at all?
22:55 TheRaven Will draws his knife and closes in, since bullets aren't doing much.
22:55 RogetGMs Strength to get through the crowd, who are now starting to riot!
22:55 RogetGMs Will, melee or strength to fight!
22:56 Hankolijo 4df+4 LEONARD STRONK
22:56 Glacon Hankolijo: LEONARD STRONK: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
22:56 Hankolijo (Or not.)
22:56 TheRaven 4df+7 melee FTW
22:56 Glacon TheRaven: melee FTW: 4 (4df+7=0, -, -, -)
22:56 RogetGMs Leonard, you manage to push through
22:57 RogetGMs 4df+7 I AM AN ASSASSIN
22:57 Glacon RogetGMs: I AM AN ASSASSIN: 6 (4df+7=0, -, +, -)
22:57 Prior How's Elvis chasing going?
22:57 RogetGMs Will, he slashes at your arm and charges past you, doing one damage. You suddenly feel disoriented and ligthheaded. Lacey, you're hot on his heels, but all of a sudden… the assassin is next to you. That's impossibly fast. How?
22:58 RogetGMs He's bleeding from absolutely everywhere.
22:58 Hankolijo Leonard grabs their gear, tossing their stuff in the duffle bag, dropping the jester costume and switching to his normal outfit as quickly as humanly possible. He rushes back out, heading to Will, his BAR in hand.
22:58 TheRaven No pdef roll?
22:59 RogetGMs TheRaven: not today, it's a script.
22:59 Scantron Larry, lost in thought for a moment longer, suddenly stands up. He looks around for where the lights would be controlled from.
22:59 Prior 4df+10 No amount of perseverance will save you from a round through the right kneecap.
22:59 Glacon Prior: No amount of perseverance will save you from a round through the right kneecap.: 11 (4df+10=+, -, +, 0)
23:00 TheRaven Will snaps back into a fighting stance, and goes after the assassin
23:00 RogetGMs Larry, you see four spotlights on the ceiling.
23:00 Hankolijo Does Leonard make it to the others with their gear, or is he at least able to follow them?
23:01 RogetGMs Lacey, you blow out his kneecap… but against how he should fall, he grossly leaps into the air, his chunk-leg danglign behind him, and twists through the air above you, ending up clinging to Elvis's throat.
23:01 RogetGMs Leonard, you make it back to the table!
23:01 Scantron He tries to figure out where he could shut them off from, and whether he could get there.
23:01 RogetGMs There are large tapestries dangling from the ceiling, and probably some ladders or stairs in the back?
23:01 Hankolijo "HEY, I GOT THE GE- Ah, shit."
23:02 RogetGMs Will catches up to Lacey as Elvis gets stabbed in the throat. "GAAH!"
23:02 Hankolijo Leonard starts rushing over to the scene with Lacey, Elvis and the assassin.
23:02 Scantron Larry runs over in that direction, just in time to not notice Elvis getting stabbed in the throat.
23:02 RogetGMs The assassin drops off his back, finally succumbing to his wounds. All around them, the riot intensifies.
23:03 TheRaven "What the /fuck!/"
23:03 Hankolijo "…God damn it." :|
23:03 Prior Lacey is still sprinting as she runs up to Elvis' bleeding almost-corpse. "OhfuckohfuckohfuckOHFUCK." Any chance medical can save him?
23:04 RogetGMs Elvis sits on the ground, clutching his throat. He's not dead, and it looks to be… not immediately fatal. Elvis is still conscious, and talking. Medical intervention is probably a good idea though.
23:05 Hankolijo "Will, mind grabbing your gear? It's getting a bit heavy over here."
23:05 RogetGMs Larry, you see a staircase, but it's got a ton of people rioting on it, whereas the tapestry has almost no rioters on it but seems to be the more reckless option.
23:05 Prior 4df+11 Ultimate technique! Final medical super suture bleeding repulsion move! Hiyaaaaaaaaaa!
23:05 Glacon Prior: Ultimate technique! Final medical super suture bleeding repulsion move! Hiyaaaaaaaaaa!: 10 (4df+11=0, -, +, -)
23:06 RogetGMs You stem the bleeding, mostly. His smart gold suit is now stained all over with his blood, and the blood of the assassin. Elvis looks up to you, Lacey, his eyes full of fear. "Darlin, how bad does it look?"
23:06 Scantron Larry pauses for a second before heading for the tapestry. He's more confident in his ability to plow through rioters than do whatever sort of balancing act is necessary for the tapestry, but he'd rather not have to shoot anyone caught up in the festivities.
23:07 RogetGMs Agility to climb!
23:08 Scantron 4df+3 pls no rip, of any sort
23:08 Glacon Scantron: pls no rip, of any sort: 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
23:08 Prior "It's bad. We need to get you to a hospital, but you'll live if we do." She sews and cauterizes and uses a small repertoire of various drugs, all with incredible precision. This /matters/. "And I swear, if you die I will walk into hell myself and drag your soul out by the nose. I WILL find out what's going on here."
23:09 RogetGMs Larry, you grap onto it clumsily, and it sways back and forth as you climb. You get about a third of the way up before you feel the nerves of how high you are and how unskilled at climbing you seem to be. Persuasion to convince yourself you're doing fine.
23:09 Hankolijo Leonard tosses Will's gear, including his BAR, in front of him. Then takes his rifle off his back.
23:09 RogetGMs Elvis smiles at you, gratefully. Lacey! A rioter runs up and tries to deck you with a chair!
23:10 Hankolijo 4df+9 Leonard tries to fire at them before they do!
23:10 Glacon Hankolijo: Leonard tries to fire at them before they do!: 10 (4df+9=0, 0, +, 0)
23:10 Prior Agility to dodge? Unless it's heading for Elvis too, in which case what to block?
23:11 RogetGMs Agility to dodge. He's coming for you, definitely.
23:11 RogetGMs 4df+4 ow my blood
23:11 Glacon RogetGMs: ow my blood: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
23:11 Scantron 4df+4 I'm doing fine.
23:11 Glacon Scantron: I'm doing fine.: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, -, +)
23:11 RogetGMs Larry, you calm yourself down and manage to get to the top.
23:12 Scantron Once there, Larry looks for anything — controls, wires, you name it — that would let him kill the lights.
23:12 Prior 4df+5 Chairs! My one weakness!
23:12 Glacon Prior: Chairs! My one weakness!: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, +, -)
23:12 TheRaven Will grabs the big gun and loads up.
23:13 RogetGMs You manage to dodge the swing as the guy's head is cleanly separated from the rest of his body… by bullets.
23:14 RogetGMs Larry, you see each light is operated by a man with a control panel, all of whom have large beards or mustaches.
23:14 Prior "I hope that was an anomaly… LEONARD. GET OVER HERE, NOW. CASEVAC!"
23:14 Hankolijo Leonard rushes over!
23:15 Scantron "Excuse me, gentlemen!" Larry pulls out his gun and cocks it or whatever he has to do to make it make a distinctive noise. "I'm going to need access to those panels /immediately/."
23:16 Prior "Pick him up, careful with the neck. We're leaving. I'll shout to the others but our number one priority is getting him to a hospital. We will be stealing a car if there isn't one available." She takes a deep breath. "WILL. LARRY. WE. ARE. LEAVING!"
23:16 Scantron Larry can't hear shit from where he is, probably.
23:16 RogetGMs They raise their hands and back off.
23:17 Hankolijo Leonard nods and swings his rifle back over his back, picking up the King carefully.
23:17 RogetGMs He groans, and cooperates.
23:17 RogetGMs Some blood from his suit oozes onto you.
23:17 Scantron "Thank you. My apologies for the disturbance."
23:17 RogetGMs They all back off, and let Larry control the panel.
23:18 TheRaven Will assists with whatever.
23:18 Hankolijo Leonard looks around for a clear path to an exit.
23:18 RogetGMs It's hideously complicated, Larry, except for a large button marked BLACKOUT.
23:18 RogetGMs Leonard, perc.
23:18 Scantron Larry hits the blackout button.
23:18 Hankolijo 4df+3 Blindness, go!
23:18 Glacon Hankolijo: Blindness, go!: 1 (4df+3=+, -, -, -)
23:18 Prior 4df+4 Lacey also looks for exit!
23:18 Glacon Prior: Lacey also looks for exit!: 5 (4df+4=+, +, 0, -)
23:19 RogetGMs Lacey, you see the main door as the only way out, just as all the lights in the house go pitch black.
23:19 RogetGMs Perception, everybody.
23:19 Scantron 4df+4
23:19 Glacon Scantron: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
23:19 Hankolijo 4df+3 Hello darkness, my old friend.
23:19 Glacon Hankolijo: Hello darkness, my old friend.: 2 (4df+3=+, -, 0, -)
23:19 Prior 4df+4 More looking!
23:19 Glacon Prior: More looking!: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
23:19 TheRaven 4df+3 crap
23:20 Glacon TheRaven: crap: 4 (4df+3=0, +, +, -)
23:21 RogetGMs Larry and Will, you can vaguely make out shapes in the darkness, and you see that the riot is still underway, but you can tell, Larry especially, that everyone seems sluggish and confused. Lacey, you hear the violence starting to die down. Leonard sees that it is now dark.
23:21 Hankolijo "Damn it." :|
23:22 TheRaven "They're slowing down…"
23:22 Prior Lacey grabs Leonard's hand. "The door is this way. Will, try and follow us. If you can't, we'll meet up whenever we do." She sets off.
23:23 Hankolijo Leonard follows, sticking close, Elvis in his arms.
23:23 TheRaven Will follows as best he can.
23:23 Scantron Larry grins, laughing a bit. "Alright!" He goes into the control panel and looks for a way to disable it so that the lights can't be turned back on.
23:23 Scantron 4df+3+4 engineering + saboteur
23:23 Glacon Scantron: engineering + saboteur: 7 (4df+3+4=-, +, -, +)
23:24 RogetGMs The doors kick open, and light floods in. A legion of french foreign legionnaires storm into the ballroom, pacifying the shit out of everyone in their path.
23:24 Prior Lacey continues walking. She gently pushes people out of the way or weaves between as best she can. If anyone looks to start a thing she will immediately point her gun at their ace and/or lay them out with her trench knife.
23:24 Prior Oooooor not.
23:24 RogetGMs Larry, you methodically and gracefully smash the shit out of the panel.
23:24 Scantron "… well then." He nods to the four probably confused facial-haired gentlemen and makes his way down the stairs.
23:25 Hankolijo "…Oh. Neat." :|
23:25 RogetGMs A few of them come over to Leonard, Lacey and Will. "Are you okay? Are you ready for extraction?"
23:25 Hankolijo "King here needs to get to the hospital."
23:25 TheRaven "I'm fine."
23:26 Prior "We are. Elvis is hurt, bad. We need to leave immediately."
23:26 RogetGMs They nod, and take Elvis and escort the rest of them out of the building.
23:26 RogetGMs They grab Larry, too, when they find him. Psi-7 is escorted seperately from Elvis, and soon find themselves back in the limo, now accompanied by Colonol Haig.
23:26 Scantron Larry, presumably, gets extracted a bit late.r
23:26 RogetGMs "Bonjour."
23:27 Hankolijo Leonard slips Presley the paper before he hands him away.. "Uh, I'd liked it if you were to read that, sir. It'd be cool to know what someone like you thinks of my work."
23:27 RogetGMs Elvis smiled weakly to him at the time, and gave a thumbs up.
23:27 TheRaven Will just shakes his head.
23:27 Prior Lacey grabs the biggest bottle of champagne in the limo and uncorks the shit out of it. "Do you have any idea what just happened, colonel?"
23:27 Scantron "If anyone cares, I can explain why I killed the lights."
23:28 Hankolijo Leonard sinks back in his seat with a deep sigh.
23:28 RogetGMs "Yes, yes, I'm afraid so. A particularly violent script, I'm afraid."
23:28 Scantron "Knew it."
23:28 Prior "Who wrote it?"
23:28 Hankolijo "…" :|
23:29 TheRaven Will looks confused. "So that was what…some kind of anomalous theater?"
23:29 Prior She pulls out her water bottle, empties it into the ice bucket, and fills it with champagne. ~Need mental relaxant. Half my brain is stowed away…~
23:29 RogetGMs "It's older than you, or me, or all of us put together. The /Nightclub del giocatore/ is a historic anomaly. That's why we brought you in here. Elvis… insisted on attending the premiere, and we needed non-political protection.
23:29 RogetGMs "
23:30 Hankolijo "Uh huh."
23:30 Scantron "And we couldn't have been given this information beforehand because…?"
23:30 RogetGMs He takes a sip of champagne. "A very good performance. Usually, the emperor dies from his wounds. In fact, he almost always does."
23:31 TheRaven "We get the job done."
23:31 Prior "It'd interrupt the play." She reapplies the cap and takes a massive chug.
23:32 RogetGMs They approach the airport. "Oh, one last thing, who among you treated the King's wounds?"
23:32 Hankolijo Leonard looks at the champagne bottles. He then proceeds to take out his flask and empty iy.
23:32 Hankolijo it*
23:32 Prior "Me." Chug.
23:32 RogetGMs He hands her a blood-stained piece of paper. "The King asked me to give this to you." The limo stops in front of the taxiing airplane.
23:33 Prior She takes it. Anything written on it?
23:33 RogetGMs A phone number.
23:35 Prior She smiles. "Now all I need is a phone." She pockets it and grabs a second bottle of champagne, hopping from the car. "Give him my best."
23:35 Scantron Larry sighs, getting out of the limo.
23:35 Hankolijo Leonard steps out and heads to the plane.
23:35 RogetGMs "I will. You have his thanks, and the gratefulness of the French Legion. All of you."
23:36 RogetGMs he tips his hat as Psi-7 climbs out of the car. They're flown back to Site-19, and can now re-enter IC.
23:36 Hankolijo Leonard nods to him as he gets out.
23:36 Scantron Larry sleeps again on the plane.
23:37 Hankolijo Leonard smiles as he sits in his seat.

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