Echoes of Darkness

15:27 Balthazaar "W-water… Hello?" Olga croacks from her medical cot
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15:31 Wixelt A nurse eventually comes by and gives Olga some water.
15:33 Balthazaar "thank… you…" She rasps
15:33 Wixelt The nurse nods, smiling, before going back to her post.
15:33 Balthazaar "H-help… Me?" She doesn't look capable of holding the water on her own
15:34 Wixelt Olga, roll perception.
15:34 Wixelt The nurse comes back to help you.
15:34 Balthazaar 4df+4
15:34 Glacon Balthazaar: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
15:34 Wixelt You feel like something is off, but you can't place.
15:34 Wixelt *place it.
15:35 Balthazaar She sips, feeling like a baby. She looks around for whatever it is that's off, concentrating
15:36 Wixelt Well if she's concentrating…
15:36 Wixelt Roll perception again.
15:36 Balthazaar 4df+4
15:36 Glacon Balthazaar: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
15:37 - Nanoro is back
15:37 Nanoro Nathan is checking Olga's file as he walks towards Medical, face buried deep within the clipboard.
15:37 Wixelt You still can't place it but you feel like you're being watched by something.
15:37 Wixelt The feeling is familia.
15:37 Wixelt *famililar.
15:38 Balthazaar "N-nurse…" Olga looks to the nurse helping her drink. "Some… thing's wa… Watching me…"
15:38 Wixelt The nurse frowns, before looking around the room.
15:38 Nanoro He arrives, raising his gaze to scan the room and the patients.
15:38 Wixelt "I don't see anything ma'am."
15:39 Wixelt There is a nurse tending to Olga there, but besides those two, this area of Medical is rather empty.
15:39 Nanoro He walks up to Olga's bed. "Nurse, you are dismissed. I'll take it from here."
15:39 Wixelt The nurse nods, before going on her way.
15:42 Balthazaar Olga looks after the nurse all worried, then back to Nathan
15:42 Balthazaar "Wha happen?"
15:43 Nanoro "Good morning, ms. Sapkowski", Nathan says as he flips the page. "How are we feeling today?" He looks directly at her, a glint in his glasses hiding his eyes from view.
15:43 Balthazaar "Hurts…"
15:44 Nanoro "It seems you, as well as several others, fought Agent Zhyr and he went into a kind of… Rampage."
15:45 Nanoro "Are you suffering from short-term amnesia?" He tilts his head.
15:46 Balthazaar "… Remember…" She nods. "He… Scared me…"
15:47 Nanoro "Now," he takes out a notepad and pen, "are you experiencing any abnormal pain?"
15:48 Nanoro He begins to make quick notes.
15:48 Wixelt Olga, roll perception.
15:49 Balthazaar 4df+4
15:49 Glacon Balthazaar: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
15:49 Balthazaar "Ab… Normal?"
15:49 Wixelt You still feel unsure, but you still fail to see whatever's watching you.
15:49 Nanoro He nods. "Aside from your injuries." He motions to her side.
15:51 Balthazaar "Head hurts… Hit it… On the wall…" She has to sort of gasp for breath
15:51 Balthazaar Because broken ribs hurt like a motherfucker
15:51 Balthazaar "Something… Watching me…"
15:51 Nanoro He nods. "That was reported." Notes shuffle.
15:51 Nanoro ".. Pardon?" He looks up from the notepad.
15:53 Balthazaar "Sothing's… Watching me…" Olga looks around, trying to find it
15:53 Wixelt Roll perception Olga.
15:54 Nanoro Nathan scans the room. ".. Miss Sapkowski, I can assure you, there is nobody but us here."
15:54 Balthazaar 4df+4 "Yes there is…" she wheezes
15:54 Glacon Balthazaar: "Yes there is…" she wheezes: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
15:54 Nanoro 4df+4 (Professionalism+Diplomacy)
15:54 Glacon Nanoro: (Professionalism+Diplomacy): 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
15:55 Nanoro His words fail to convince you.
15:55 Wixelt Olga, you may notice a flicker of shadow out of the corner of your eye.
15:55 Balthazaar She looks rapidly to where she saw the movement
15:56 Wixelt There's nothing there.
15:56 Balthazaar She looks confused
15:57 Nanoro "Are you perceiving something unusual, miss Sapkowski?" Nathan clicks his pen.
15:57 Wixelt The shadow flickers again in the exact opposite direction.
15:58 Balthazaar She quickly turns her head to follow it
15:58 Balthazaar "A-a shadow…"
15:59 Wixelt There shadow remains for a split second when you look in that direction.
15:59 Nanoro Nathan makes notes. ~"Patient is experiencing visual hallucination. Cause may be the head trauma."~
15:59 Wixelt It appeared to be of a humanoid shape.
15:59 Nanoro "Could you describe it further?
16:01 Balthazaar "A… A people shadow…"
16:02 Wixelt Olga, roll perception.
16:02 Balthazaar She's looking all over the room trying to find it
16:02 Balthazaar 4df+4
16:02 Glacon Balthazaar: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
16:02 Balthazaar (FFS glacon, don't be such a dickhole)
16:04 Wixelt (Due to the nature of increased knowledge awareness…)
16:04 Wixelt Olga, there is a man made entirely of shadows standing just behind Nathan.
16:05 Wixelt It's the same one from that dream you had during Wilson's test.
16:07 Balthazaar Olgas eye widens to the point it nearly pops out of her face
16:07 Balthazaar "Th-there!" She tries to point
16:08 Nanoro Nathan gives her a blank look, turns around and turns back. He takes further notes.
16:08 Wixelt Nathan, there was nothing there.
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16:08 Nanoro ~"Hallucination seems vivid."~
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16:10 Wixelt Olga, the figure slowly begins to move towards you, seeming to phase straight through Nathan as if he isn't there.
16:10 Nanoro "… Miss, could you describe the vision further."
16:11 Nanoro 4df+4 Calming professional tone is calming, and professional.
16:11 Glacon Nanoro: Calming professional tone is calming, and professional.: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
16:11 Balthazaar She stares at it in dread
16:12 Balthazaar "G-get away…"
16:12 Wixelt It stops right next to the bed, and begins to reach towards you.
16:12 Nanoro "Miss." He looks up at her.
16:12 Nanoro "Where is the vision?"
16:13 Balthazaar She tries to scoot away from it, staring wide eyed
16:13 Balthazaar But the pain stops her and she just freezes
16:14 Wixelt The figure's hand stops just above your forehead.
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16:18 Balthazaar She whimpers, staring at it in terror
16:19 Wixelt Roll mental defense
16:20 Balthazaar 4df+4
16:20 Glacon Balthazaar: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
16:21 Wixelt A piercing pain begins to burn in your mind, but you some how manage to hold it back quite a bit.
16:21 Balthazaar She screams in pain, and is glad she's not getting the full effect of it
16:21 Balthazaar Writhing in the bed
16:24 Wixelt (Nanoro Nathan having any reaction to this?)
16:25 Prior ((nathan is just too used to women writhing in his bed))
16:28 Wixelt Olga, the world seems to fade away around you.
16:29 Balthazaar "Ag…" her eye rolls up in her head and she slumps back
16:30 Wixelt Olga, you suddenly find yourself in an unfamiliar room.
16:30 Balthazaar She looks around woozily
16:31 Wixelt You may notice that you are able to walk around without around without any pain whatsoever.
16:31 Balthazaar She frowns, walking about and looking around
16:32 Wixelt You appear to be in some sort of transparent container in the middle of a room that looks to be quite futuristic.
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16:33 Wixelt The room looks slightly ruined, and the container in shattered.
16:33 Balthazaar She doesn't like the look of this. She clambers out of the container
16:35 Wixelt It should also be noted that neither Nathan nor the shadow man are anywhere in sight
16:35 Wixelt Nanoro: If Nathan's still around, he sees Olga scream in pain, then pass out suddenly.
16:35 * Nanoro quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
16:35 Wixelt (Ah)
16:37 Balthazaar Olga looks for a way out. "What's happened to me?"
16:38 Wixelt Olga, roll perception.
16:38 Balthazaar 4df+4
16:38 Glacon Balthazaar: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
16:39 Wixelt You fail to notice anything significant.
16:39 Wixelt At all.
16:40 Wixelt In fact, you actually un-notice some of the smaller details of the room.
16:42 Balthazaar Olga seems confused, stumbling along
16:44 Wixelt Without warning the large metal barrier of a door that is set into one of the walls of the room explodes open.
16:44 Balthazaar Olga cries out and flinches back, shielding her face with her hands
16:46 Wixelt None of the debris seems to hit you.
16:46 Wixelt In fact, you're not even knocked back by the blast, oddly enough.
16:47 Balthazaar She looks at the ruin that used to be the door
16:47 Wixelt Through the clearing dust, several men in extremely heavy duty, tank-like armor jog into the room.
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16:48 Balthazaar Olga looks at them nervously, then down to see if she has her gun
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16:49 Wixelt She does not
16:49 Wixelt "Alright men, be on your guard."
16:49 Balthazaar She tentatively raises her hands in surrender
16:50 Wixelt One of the men, somewhat more highly decorated than the others, barks orders to the others, before moving straight in your direction.
16:50 Balthazaar Olga frowns
16:51 Wixelt He keeps moving, and doesn't seem to stop when he gets close to you.
16:52 Balthazaar Olga prepares to shove him, then does so when he gets close enough
16:52 Wixelt She passes straight through him.
16:52 Balthazaar "W-what?"
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16:53 Wixelt The man doesn't even acknowledge your presence, instead moving over to one of the control consoles situated around the broken container.
16:53 Balthazaar Olga follows curiously
16:55 Wixelt He punches several buttons on it before a holographic display above it bursts into life.
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16:55 Balthazaar ~what's happening? W-where am I?~
16:56 Wixelt The man hits several more buttons, before the console starts emitting some sort of audio recording.
16:57 Wixelt Upon hearing it, the others look up to listen.
16:58 Wixelt «Sir, i'm detecting some fluctuation in the containment readings.»
16:59 Wixelt "Isn't this supposed to be a video feed?" One of the other men present asks.
16:59 Balthazaar Olga watches and listens. ~This is the weirdest fucking dream…~
17:00 Wixelt The man nods, but frowns
17:00 Wixelt "The system is damaged, but if you give me a moment…2
17:00 Wixelt *"
17:01 Wixelt The man punches several more buttons, before giving the console a light thump.
17:01 Wixelt A visual recording appears on the control panel.
17:03 Wixelt It appears to be of the same room, but it isn't damaged, and there are several men in similarly armoured gear working around the container.
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17:04 Balthazaar Olga looks at the video! Container
17:05 Wixelt (Container…)
17:07 Balthazaar Container
17:07 Wixelt (what about it?)
17:08 Balthazaar She goes to see what's in it in the video screen thing
17:09 Wixelt There appears to be nothing in it, but even through the video you can sense that something was there.
17:09 Wixelt «Aw crap!!»
17:09 Wixelt One of the guards looks up worriedly at the container.
17:09 Balthazaar Olga continues to observe
17:10 Wixelt (The guards in the video, not the real ones)
17:10 Balthazaar She observes either way
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17:11 Wixelt The guard in the video, looks up at the container, looks down at the console, punches several keys, then looks up again.
17:11 Wixelt «Oh boy…»
17:11 Balthazaar Olga turns to look at the container, and if nothing's there, looks back at the guards
17:12 Wixelt «What?» One of the others in the video looks up.
17:12 Wixelt The guy who looked up moves over to the worried man.
17:13 Wixelt The armoured men gathered around the panel quickly become rather panicked. «It's gone.» One of them says rather frantically.
17:14 Wixelt The armoured men in the video (who are the ones panicking) immediately spring into some sort of emergency action.
17:14 Wixelt One of them activates an alarm, setting off red flashing lights and alarms, whilst two others secure some kind of perimeter.
17:15 Wixelt The real men look on at the video with worry.
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17:20 Balthazaar Olga watches
17:21 Wixelt Another guard in the video slams on some kind of emergency communications channel.
17:22 Wixelt «This is Chief Warden Delta-Psi-Kappa-19. We have a prisoner breach. I repeat, we have a prisoner breach!»
17:23 Wixelt Through said communication channel, another voice responds.
17:23 Wixelt «This is Prison Control. Identify prisoner, over.»
17:24 Wixelt The warden seems frantic, «Prisoner Code: 23 46 93 71 27 36 8 54.»
17:25 Balthazaar Olga blinks. The numbers… Numbers…"
17:26 Wixelt The video's comms are silent for a moment, «â€¦Crap. Initiating emergency lockdown procedures»
17:26 Wixelt Various doors around the past room slam shut with a resounding clank, and all of the solid surfaces in the past room shimmer with some sort of defensive field.
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17:29 Wixelt In one corner of the past room, a famililar dark shadow materializes
17:29 Balthazaar Olga looks over at it helplessly
17:29 Wixelt One of the guards in the video looks up at it, and yells.
17:30 Wixelt «Aw Cra-»
17:30 Wixelt The video cuts off into static.
17:30 Wixelt "Damnit!"
17:30 Wixelt The leader of the real men here slams the console with his fist several times.
17:31 Wixelt Olga, roll perception.
17:32 Balthazaar 4df+4
17:32 Glacon Balthazaar: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
17:32 Wixelt You feel uneasy about your surroundings, but that's enough to tell you all you need to know.
17:36 Wixelt Suddenly, darkness floods the room, and everything goes black.
17:37 Wixelt You wake up back in Medical with several doctors looks at you with concern.

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