Duck. Pawnd.

Pre-Run Soft RP
[23:59:59] <Roget> «Attention, uh, all personnel who're, uh, available, please report to, uh, report to the motor pool.» The Administrator's unmistakable tones can be heard
[00:00:10] <StupeiAceDefect> "You're very popular."
[00:00:18] <StupeiAceDefect> "Any way, I've gotta go."
[00:00:20] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi unslings his new Thompson and starts walkin
[00:00:35] <Wixelt> Wilson exits the cafeteria.
[00:00:39] <ZombieRaptor> He also brings his half full bottle of schnapps.
[00:00:40] <padri> Laura looks rather surprised and a /leetle/ scared. She gives Katie a hug and a kiss. "Come on, let's stop by the room, and then I have to go."
[00:00:51] <Proto_Lost> Harley, who has been drinking and reading in his room, looks up to the ceiling and sighs. "God, just when it was getting good too."
[00:00:57] <padri> She gets her stuff, leaves Katie behind, and goes.
[00:01:01] <StupeiAceDefect> Jon follows Luvi and Wilson.
[00:01:10] <Daedalus> Monday checks on his bird, waves at Katie and goes to the motor pool
[00:01:13] <Sirgoldfish> Dan says "Show time" and leaves for the motor pool.
[00:01:25] <ZombieRaptor> (Jon isn't on this run, you didn't link your sheet in time StupeiAceDefect )
[00:01:27] <Roget> Anyone heading to the motor pool arrives in #homeimprovement

Home Improvement RP
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[00:01:38] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi arrives.
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[00:01:49] <Daedalus> Monday arrives behind Luvi
[00:01:59] <Sirgoldfish> Dan arrives.
[00:02:00] <Proto_Lost> Harley arrives at the motor pool shortly after, flask filled and scarf tied around his neck.
[00:02:04] <Wixelt> Wilson arrives.
[00:02:08] <Daedalus> "How does your neck feel, Herr Harkess?"
[00:02:11] <ZombieRaptor> He lights a cigarette ~I wonder if this is the one to kill me~
[00:02:18] <padri> Laura shows up, hair tied back in a scarf to keep it out of her face.
[00:02:21] <ZombieRaptor> "It feels broken Monday…"
[00:02:23] <Jabonicus> Sam walked in, rifle on his back, toolbox in his hand
[00:02:27] <padri> She looks nervous.
[00:02:34] <Wixelt> Wilson takes inventory.
[00:02:37] <Daedalus> "Just curious…"
[00:02:51] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi checks over his big submachine gun
[00:03:06] <Proto_Lost> He snickers as he overhears Luvi and Monday's conversation.
[00:03:12] <Roget> The Administrator, for those who haven't met him, is a surprisingly young looking man. He's got dark, conservatively cut hair, with a wrinkled suit and tie. He's got a perpetually neutral-to-dour expression, and the deep lines on his face suggest the beginning of growing old before his time. He's smoking a cigarette.
[00:03:14] <padri> "Will you be okay with your neck broken, Luvi?"
[00:03:26] <ZombieRaptor> "I'll manage Laura."
[00:03:31] <Wixelt> Wilson takes out his utility knife. He really needs to get a firearm.
[00:03:32] <padri> She nods.
[00:03:37] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi sorta nods "Admin."
[00:03:42] <Proto_Lost> "Just keep him away from statues and he should be fine."
[00:04:05] <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes to shake the administers hand.
[00:04:09] <Daedalus> "You are the administrator? It is a pleasure to meet you finally."
[00:04:12] <Wixelt> "Admin sir"
[00:04:31] <Proto_Lost> "…Christ, you're a young motherfucker aren't you?"
[00:04:36] <padri> Laura bobs her head. "Sir."
[00:04:56] <Roget> "Hello, uh, hello there."
[00:04:58] <Wixelt> Wilson adjusts his glasses.
[00:05:05] <Roget> The Administrator pulls some papers out of his suit.
[00:05:06] <StupeiAceDefect> Jon leaves.
[00:05:13] <Jabonicus> "This is the administrator?"
[00:05:21] <Proto_Lost> Harley tips his hat to the Admin. "Yeah, apparently."
[00:05:45] <Sirgoldfish> "Pleasure to meet you."
[00:06:00] <Daedalus> Monday whispers to Harley "I imagined him to be taller…"
[00:06:03] <padri> She holds her wrists in front of her, patiently awaiting instructions.
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[00:06:11] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi blows smoke into Harley's face.
[00:06:11] <ZombieRaptor> "The one and only…"
[00:06:36] <ZombieRaptor> "Laura, still have the pistol?"
[00:06:54] <Roget> "So, uh, hello everyone, hello again. I've noticed that, uh, many of your missions as of late have, uh, were very difficult." he nods to Luvi. "So, uh, this is my way of giving you room to breathe."
[00:06:59] <padri> She nods.
[00:07:06] <Jabonicus> "What's the catch?"
[00:07:10] <Proto_Lost> He waves it away. "I imagined he'd be older."
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[00:07:28] <ZombieRaptor> "…. This isn't going to be like retrieving that book easy will it?"
[00:07:47] <ZombieRaptor> "That ended up with me sliding into liquified teenagers"
[00:08:02] <Daedalus> Monday looks at Luvi and raises an eyebrow
[00:08:20] <padri> Laura looks disturbed.
[00:08:26] <ZombieRaptor> "You were there Monday"
[00:08:32] <ZombieRaptor> (Wasn't Monday there? Soulless run)
[00:08:38] <Roget> "You're uh, headed for south Carolina." he hands out a paper that looks like this
[00:08:41] <Daedalus> (Yuo)
[00:08:42] <Proto_Lost> He edges closer to Laura. "Welcome to the Foundation."
[00:08:49] <Daedalus> (Yup)
[00:08:52] <Sirgoldfish> Dan keeps is composure for the Admin.
[00:09:02] <Sirgoldfish> *his
[00:09:15] <Wixelt> Wilson reads the report.
[00:09:39] <padri> Laura makes a face that says she'll begrudgingly accept it.
[00:10:02] <Proto_Lost> He takes the report, and starts reading through it, his frown deepening the more he went on. "…A fucking duck pond? How do you expect us to contain a goddamn duck pond?"
[00:10:07] <Wixelt> Wilson nods.
[00:10:08] <ZombieRaptor> "You alright Laura?"
[00:10:08] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi glances at his sheet and raises and eyebrow "None of this can kill us?"
[00:10:12] <Roget> "We're uh, sending you to South Carolina to, uh, in order to check on the current containment procedures."
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[00:10:33] <padri> "I'm alright. This looks easy."
[00:10:38] <Daedalus> Monday looks over the paper "I don't expect it would be difficult, given your condition, Herr Harkess."
[00:10:41] <Proto_Lost> "Good, sounds easy."
[00:10:50] <Wixelt> "I don't see any problems with that"
[00:11:00] <Roget> "This is not expected to be a dangerous mission. You are also free to enjoy, uh, investigate the town of Crown, while you are there."
[00:11:01] <Jabonicus> "Wait, what exactly are we looking for?" Sam asked.
[00:11:20] <Roget> "Nothing. You're just checking on the containment, uh, the containment situation."
[00:11:22] <ZombieRaptor> "You picked a good first op Laura" Luvi says, finishing reading his sheet
[00:11:25] <padri> She smiles. ~This is a good first mission.~
[00:11:35] <padri> She chuckles. "I was just thinking the same thing."
[00:11:40] <ZombieRaptor> (Emerghad Carolina crown)
[00:12:00] <Daedalus> ~We thought retrieveing the book would be easy…~
[00:12:29] <ZombieRaptor> "So what are we taking to get there sir?"
[00:12:50] <Wixelt> Wilson wonders
[00:12:52] <Proto_Lost> He smiles at the idea of hobnobbing with people who aren't Luvi, and nods to himself.
[00:12:55] <Roget> "If, uh, nobody has further questions, you can take one of the jeeps and drive it to, uh, drive it to the Air Force base down the road. If any of you went to Florida… you will be able to land on this one. No jumping, I, uh, I promise."
[00:13:01] <Wixelt> (redact that last thing)
[00:13:27] <padri> "How long will we be down there, sir?"
[00:13:33] <Sirgoldfish> Dan hops in immediately.
[00:13:53] <ZombieRaptor> "I'll drive"
[00:13:54] <Wixelt> Wilson takes the front passenger seat.
[00:14:03] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi climbs into the drivers seat.
[00:14:12] <Roget> "As long as, uh, you feel it is necessary."
[00:14:26] <Daedalus> "Whom do we speak to once we're there?"
[00:14:38] <padri> Laura nods. "Thank you." She climbs in the car. "It looks like I'll be back in time to put Katie to bed."
[00:14:47] <Jabonicus> Sam sat in the jeeps back seat, a bit paranoid about what they were doing.
[00:14:56] <Proto_Lost> Harley climbs in. "She could use some late nights under her belt you know.
[00:15:29] <padri> "I will parent her, if you don't mind."
[00:15:34] <ZombieRaptor> Everyone in one jeep?
[00:15:43] <Wixelt> (yep)
[00:15:44] <Proto_Lost> "Fair enough, just saying."
[00:16:04] <Daedalus> Monday climbs into the jeep
[00:16:11] <Roget> Once they're in the jeep, the Admin waves them off. the garage door opens, and they're free to go to the air force base
[00:16:32] <Jabonicus> Sam was quiet for a moment. "You know, we are always open to helping you with her if you need it."
[00:17:11] <Sirgoldfish> Dan lights a cigarette to pass the time.
[00:17:14] <ZombieRaptor> "Harley I would advise against further harassment" Luvi puts the jeep in gear and here we go!
[00:17:14] <ZombieRaptor> *VROOM*
[00:17:14] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi as always is going at least 20 over any speed limit.
[00:17:16] <padri> She turns to Sam, surprised. "Why thank you. I … I don't think I know your name. I'm Laura Moodie."
[00:17:16] <Daedalus> "And, Frau Moodie, perhaps we'll find that new game once we're there, the scrabble one."
[00:17:41] <padri> "Yes! We can get Scrabble for Katie." Laura seems mightily pleased with this prospect.
[00:17:54] <Jabonicus> "Samuel Wallace." Sam replied. "Call me Sam, everyone does."
[00:17:56] <Proto_Lost> "Jesus Christ Luvi, you can cease stroking your dick in here, it's fucking disgusting."
[00:18:07] <Roget> They quickly enter the wooded forest, with trees on either side. If they weren't going about a bajillion miles an hour, they might be able to hear the babbling brooks and night air.
[00:18:36] <padri> "Harley!" Very scolding.
[00:18:44] <Proto_Lost> "…sorry."
[00:18:54] <Wixelt> Wilson stifles a laugh "heh"
[00:19:02] <Daedalus> "Rather cold out here, isn't it?"
[00:19:06] <padri> "I would appreciate it if you would speak like a decent human being, please and thank you." Much disappoint.
[00:19:18] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi enjoys the air flowing past the jeep instead.
[00:19:18] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is grinning like crazy in the drivers seat.
[00:19:18] <ZombieRaptor> Anyone looking can see it.
[00:19:20] <Roget> They can see the air force base in the distance. You can tell it's an air force base because it says AIR FORCE in big letters on a sign outside.
[00:19:36] <Proto_Lost> He shakes out a cigarette and cups his hands around the flame of his lighter. "Yeah yeah, I got it."
[00:20:01] <padri> Laura does not like Luvi's driving, either, but she's less willing to criticize the one in charge of the moving vehicle that she is in.
[00:20:02] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi also holds onto his fedora as he drives.
[00:20:02] <ZombieRaptor> One handed driving ftw.
[00:20:14] <Wixelt> Wilson gets De Ja Vu, as this is where he landed when he came here from England to work.
[00:20:59] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is driving very smoothly though.
[00:21:07] <Roget> They arrive at the base, and are greeted by some pilot type peeps. One of them leans in the window, presuming Luvi didn't barrel into the gates and kill everyone. "You here for the special flight?"
[00:21:25] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi slows "Yep"
[00:21:28] <Sirgoldfish> "Why, yes we are"
[00:21:43] <Wixelt> Wilson starts crunching numbers into his calculator to pass the time.
[00:21:44] <ZombieRaptor> (Is it an open top jeep?)
[00:22:03] <Jabonicus> Sam leaned back in his seat, pulling out a bagel.
[00:22:27] <Wixelt> Wilson spins round and glares at Sam "Put. It. Away."
[00:22:39] <Roget> (Yes it is)
[00:22:42] <Jabonicus> Sam laughed. "Why?"
[00:22:43] <Daedalus> Monday feeds his bird bits of left over bagel secretly
[00:22:50] <ZombieRaptor> "Where the hell did he get a bagel?"
[00:22:52] <Sirgoldfish> Dan smirks.
[00:23:04] <ZombieRaptor> "I burned all of them.."
[00:23:23] <Wixelt> "Thanks for that by the way"
[00:23:27] <Roget> "Follow us, then." they hop in a nearby jeep and slowly drive them out to plane with the engines ready to go. "Your boss is going to owe Colonel Ripper som big favors for this one. We've had to keep it fueled constantly for takeoff."
[00:23:28] <Proto_Lost> "…What the hell is with you and bagels."
[00:23:52] <Sirgoldfish> "Best not ask"
[00:24:11] <Roget> They open the plane doors for people to board it.
[00:24:12] <padri> Laura clears her throat at Harley.
[00:24:13] <Wixelt> Wilson says nothing and turn away.
[00:24:24] <Daedalus> "Thank you for your help," Monday says to the driver
[00:24:41] <Sirgoldfish> Dan claims a seat in the front row.
[00:24:44] <ZombieRaptor> (Were all in a different jeep now?)
[00:24:44] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi steps out of the jeep and walks into the plane.
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[00:24:55] <Wixelt> Wilson follows.
[00:25:08] <Proto_Lost> Harley steps out, holding out a hand to Laura to help her out.
[00:25:13] <Daedalus> Monday gets on the plane as well.
[00:25:25] <padri> "Thank you," Laura says, seeming very impressed by Harley.
[00:25:39] <Proto_Lost> "Don't mention it." He says with a nod, heading up to the plane.
[00:25:40] <padri> She takes it and hops out.
[00:25:44] <Jabonicus> Sam walked to the plane, stepping inside, finishing half of the bagel, still laughing like a cannibal midget in a fat guys rib cage.
[00:26:00] <Sirgoldfish> "Haven't been on a plane since the 1940s"
[00:26:10] <Jabonicus> "I miss working on planes."
[00:26:16] <padri> "I haven't ever been on a plane." She's a little wary of it.
[00:26:28] <Roget> The plane is very sparsely outfitted, basically being an unpressurized cabin with some metal chairs bolted to the walls. Even just being here on the ground, it feels like it's going to shake itself apart.
[00:26:29] <Proto_Lost> "Been on a plane once…it was terrible."
[00:26:53] <Sirgoldfish> "What happened?"
[00:26:54] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi sets a little case on the ground of the plane "Who wants schnapps?!"
[00:26:54] <ZombieRaptor> The case contains glasses and a bottle of schnapps.
[00:26:57] <Daedalus> 'last time I was on a plane I was being smuggled out of Germany…"
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[00:27:17] <padri> Laura sits on the sturdiest looking chair she can find.
[00:27:22] <ZombieRaptor> "Only time I've been on a plane was one owned by Walt Disney"
[00:27:30] <Jabonicus> Sam sat down in the first chair he found.
[00:27:32] <Roget> Once everyone is on board, the plane begins to go through the manuevers leading to a takeoff.
[00:27:32] <padri> "Walt Disney?"
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[00:27:43] <Proto_Lost> He goes and straps himself in. "Yeah."
[00:27:52] <padri> "You have to tell Katie about that. She would love it."
[00:28:27] <ZombieRaptor> "Yea, we went to an amusement park he was building… And we contained a golem.."
[00:28:35] <ZombieRaptor> "Walt himself was a vile person"
[00:28:41] <Daedalus> "I'll take a drink of that, if you don't mind." Monday says to Luvi
[00:28:53] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi pours a glass and hands him some.
[00:29:00] <Jabonicus> Sam took one, looking around at the plane.
[00:29:03] <padri> "Then perhaps you'd better not."
[00:29:06] <RogetGMs> The pane takes off, witha deafening shake, rattle and roar of the engines.
[00:29:08] <Daedalus> "Thank you"
[00:29:08] <Sirgoldfish> "Sounds like half the people I know"
[00:29:09] <RogetGMs> *plane
[00:29:31] <Sirgoldfish> "Rich, dumb, and evil"
[00:29:36] <ZombieRaptor> "Jesus" Luvi holds onto his schnapps.
[00:29:50] <padri> Laura shakes her head.
[00:29:51] <Proto_Lost> "Doesn't mean his work has to be."
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[00:30:15] <Jabonicus> "It's just how it's built, it won't fall apart. Probably."
[00:30:24] <ZombieRaptor> "He refused to give us information that possibly could have gotten Jacob killed, we just needed a map.."
[00:30:24] <Daedalus> "I hope this pilot doesn't fly like you drive, Herr Harkess."
[00:30:38] <ZombieRaptor> "I drive smoothly and you know It Monday"
[00:30:48] <Sirgoldfish> Dan attempts to comfort Laura. "It will be all right. If it gets real bad just hum"
[00:30:49] <ZombieRaptor> "I just like to go fast…"
[00:30:57] <RogetGMs> They're soon above the cloud line, and can see the night sky very clearly. S'pretty and junk.
[00:31:03] <Proto_Lost> "Still, you separate the man and his work. The fucker might be a complete asshole, but damn if his shit isn't great."
[00:31:04] <Wixelt> Wilson puts his calculator way.
[00:31:05] <padri> She nods. "That's a good idea."
[00:31:14] <padri> "Harley." Scolding.
[00:31:14] <ZombieRaptor> "Laura, drink some schnapps, it should help."
[00:31:29] <padri> She shakes her head. "I don't think I'll have any, thank you."
[00:31:30] <Proto_Lost> He lets out a sigh and takes a deep drag from his cigarette.
[00:31:49] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shrugs and pours himself a glass.
[00:32:12] <Daedalus> Monday looks out the window "Beautiful view…"
[00:32:18] <Jabonicus> Sam took a drink from a glass, quickly downing it.
[00:32:20] <padri> She resists the urge to ask Luvi how much, exactly, he has had.
[00:32:32] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi wouldn't mind if she did.
[00:32:37] <RogetGMs> By the way, the engines are loud enough that y'all would need to shout at the top of your lungs to hear each other.
[00:32:43] <padri> She doesn't want to be a nag.
[00:32:49] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi IS ALWAYS SHOUTING.
[00:33:12] <Wixelt> Wilson looks out of the window.
[00:33:13] <ZombieRaptor> Except when he's not.
[00:33:23] <padri> Laura looks between her knees.
[00:33:28] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks down out the window and shudders.
[00:33:35] <ZombieRaptor> He looks back into the cabin.
[00:34:00] <ZombieRaptor> "I've never really liked being in planes!"
[00:34:03] <RogetGMs> The plane's engines sputter for a second, then resume their normal ROARing.
[00:34:08] <Daedalus> "Fear of flying, Herr Harkess?"
[00:34:09] <Proto_Lost> Harley's leaned back and slipped his hat over his eyes, getting a little shut-eye.
[00:34:20] <Wixelt> "I guess we have something in common then Luvi"
[00:34:36] <ZombieRaptor> "There's a reason I was infantry Monday!"
[00:34:45] <ZombieRaptor> (The ! Signifies him shouting)
[00:34:48] <Jabonicus> Sam was in his natural habitat, next to screaming machines that might fail at any moment in time.
[00:35:44] <Sirgoldfish> Dan plays with his lucky lighter.
[00:35:52] <RogetGMs> «Attention passengers…. we will be touching down in our little airport in a few minutes. Please prepare for a… rough landing. Those of you with seatbelts may wish to buckle up»
[00:35:57] <RogetGMs> For the record there are no seatbelts
[00:36:10] <Wixelt> "That was fast"
[00:36:18] <Daedalus> "What does he mean buckle up?" Monday looks at his lap
[00:36:25] <Jabonicus> Sam looked around for a seatbelt, laughing a bit when he realized there were none.
[00:36:34] <padri> Laura looks for a seatbelt desperately.
[00:36:37] <Wixelt> "Oh st"
[00:36:54] <Wixelt> Wilson panics slightly.
[00:37:02] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi just stands up and holds onto an overhanging bar.
[00:37:07] <Sirgoldfish> Dan merely sighs and covers his head.
[00:37:39] <Wixelt> Wilson sees what Luvi is doing and takes the same course of action.
[00:38:00] * Scanciv is now known as Scantron
[00:38:04] <Daedalus> Monday just sits there, trusting the pilot.
[00:38:12] <Jabonicus> Sam stood up, gripping the bar with his left hand.
[00:38:29] <Jabonicus> His toolbox was in his right hand, just in case.
[00:38:47] <RogetGMs> If it were at all possible, the plane begins to shudder even /more/ as it screams downwards, descending from the heavens and to the earth at a rate which is unsafe at any speed. Everyone clinging for dear life, and those who aren't, roll agility to not be tossed around the cabin like super balls.
[00:39:01] <Wixelt> Wilson gets out his calc and starts estimating their survival chances.
[00:39:14] <Jabonicus> 4df+2
[00:39:14] <Glacon> Jabonicus: 1 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 4-, 0)
[00:39:19] <Proto_Lost> "AW FUCK!" Harley braces for impact, wondering if he should drink now.
[00:39:23] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi does this as he doesn't want his neck hitting the sideof the plane.
[00:39:23] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+3
[00:39:23] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 3 (4df+3=4-, 0, 0, 3+)
[00:39:24] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+3
[00:39:24] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 3 (4df+3=4-, 0, 3+, 0)
[00:39:25] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+3 work!
[00:39:26] <Daedalus> 4df+2 I trusted him :(
[00:39:26] <Glacon> Daedalus: I trusted him :(: 4 (4df+2=0, 0, 3+, 3+)
[00:39:26] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: work!: 4 (4df+3=4-, 0, 3+, 3+)
[00:39:32] <ZombieRaptor> Oh
[00:39:33] <Wixelt> 4df+2 S
[00:39:33] <Glacon> Wixelt: St: 4 (4df+2=0, 0, 3+, 3+)
[00:39:42] <padri> 4df+4
[00:39:42] <Glacon> padri: 3 (4df+4=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[00:39:54] <Proto_Lost> 4df+3 agh
[00:39:54] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: agh: 2 (4df+3=4-, 0, 3+, 4-)
[00:40:02] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4
[00:40:02] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: 2 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 4-)
[00:40:27] <Sirgoldfish> (s
[00:40:41] <ZombieRaptor> (It was lagging)
[00:41:24] <RogetGMs> Everyone gets rattled around like crazy, but nobody goes sailing through the air with the greatest of ease. You're all feeling pretty jelly-legged by the time the plane finishes touching down, though.
[00:41:49] <padri> Laura will need another hand down.
[00:41:58] <Wixelt> "Ugh. I think i'm gonna throw up"
[00:42:26] <Daedalus> Mpnday checks his bird "Is everyone okay?"
[00:42:28] <Proto_Lost> "…god, /fuck/ airplanes."
[00:42:34] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is the first one off, he helps everyone of the plane, drinking straight from his bottle.m
[00:42:43] <Jabonicus> "I've had worse." Sam said.
[00:42:53] <ZombieRaptor> "I-I hate planes.."
[00:43:07] <padri> Laura has to comment now as Luvi helps her down. "How much of that have you had now?"
[00:43:11] <RogetGMs> «You may disembark now. Hope you had a pleasant trip»
[00:43:17] <Wixelt> "You and me both Luvi"
[00:43:20] <Sirgoldfish> Dan gets off the air plane, and immediately starts smoking.
[00:43:24] <Daedalus> Monday gets off the plane "I now understamd why you were infantry"
[00:43:35] <Jabonicus> Sam stepped off.
[00:43:42] <Proto_Lost> "Eat shit!" He shouts to the intercom, heading out of the plane for a long drink of sanity whiskey.
[00:44:12] <padri> Laura suppresses the urge to slap Harley.
[00:44:26] <Wixelt> Wilson just slaps Harley.
[00:44:26] <RogetGMs> The area they've arrived in, while dark, is lit up by some lighting in the distance. You can see a fence arranged around the lights, which are presumably shining down on the pond they're heading to. Other than that, it's all dark, dense, buggy, humid woods. Not very pleasant.
[00:44:27] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks at the bottle "half?"
[00:44:39] <Proto_Lost> "Ow! Fuck!"
[00:44:46] <padri> Laura reaches out and takes the bottle. "You're done. You can thank me later."
[00:45:01] <ZombieRaptor> "B-but…. My schnapps!"
[00:45:10] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks crestfallen
[00:45:19] <padri> "And?" Laura doesn't care. Momma face.
[00:45:29] <Daedalus> "If you won't let him have it, would you mind…" Monday reaches for the bottle
[00:45:29] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi gives her a sad face.
[00:45:34] <Wixelt> Wilson is looking smug,
[00:45:41] <Wixelt> Ill, but smug
[00:45:45] <Jabonicus> Sam didn't really care how bad the ride was.
[00:45:52] <padri> Laura does not let Monday have it, either.
[00:45:55] <Proto_Lost> He shakes his head, making his way to the lights. "Come on you mooks, let's just get to where it's bright so I can fucking smoke easier."
[00:46:07] <padri> "Harley!"
[00:46:11] <Daedalus> ~Damn~
[00:46:30] <Sirgoldfish> "This place is certainly rustic"
[00:47:01] <Daedalus> "I agree with Herr Newclear…"
[00:47:03] <Wixelt> "Agreed"
[00:47:06] <padri> "Do we know which way to the pond?"
[00:47:09] <ZombieRaptor> "Laura… Those schnapps cost a lot of money."
[00:47:11] <Proto_Lost> He's too far ahead to nag at.
[00:47:25] <Jabonicus> Sam was not used to woods. Scotland didn't have very many.
[00:47:42] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi remembers an ambush.
[00:48:00] <padri> "Then I won't throw it out."
[00:48:00] <RogetGMs> Do they walk to the lit fenced-in area?
[00:48:09] <padri> Laura does.
[00:48:10] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi does.
[00:48:15] <Daedalus> Monday follows
[00:48:23] <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows.
[00:48:26] <Wixelt> Wilson hesitates for a moment, then follows.
[00:48:33] <Jabonicus> SAM DOES.
[00:48:43] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi grumbles
[00:48:55] <Proto_Lost> Harley's leading the way.
[00:49:09] <ZombieRaptor> "Laura… I can handle a bottle of schnapps, give it back…"
[00:49:23] <padri> "Say one more word and I'm pouring it out."
[00:49:45] <Sirgoldfish> "Luvi think about it like this the sooner we finish the sooner you can continue drinking your self to death"
[00:49:47] <RogetGMs> They find the fence to be surrounding a humble shack, built next to a simple pond. There are about three floodlights on the pond, but nothing obviously interesting. There's a road on the opposite end of the fence, appearing to lead into town. There's lights on in the shack.
[00:50:10] <Daedalus> "Okay, so what's the plan?"
[00:50:12] <Wixelt> "Shall we?"
[00:50:14] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi gasps "You wouldn't!"
[00:50:18] <Proto_Lost> "…how is this fucking contained." He says, eyeing the shack.
[00:50:25] <padri> "First let's go in and say hello."
[00:50:38] <Daedalus> "I agree."
[00:50:42] <padri> She turns and looks at Luvi. She most definitely would.
[00:50:44] <Wixelt> Wilson doesn't see why this is an SCP.
[00:50:56] <padri> Is there a path into the fenced area?
[00:51:07] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi huffs
[00:51:15] <Proto_Lost> He takes the lead again, looking for a way in.
[00:51:28] <ZombieRaptor> "You would owe me at least $100 for that half bottle
[00:51:42] <RogetGMs> There is a chain link gate.
[00:51:48] <Daedalus> Monday follows Harley
[00:51:52] <padri> "That's it." She begins tipping the bottle as she walks.
[00:51:57] <Wixelt> Wilson cringes "Really, that much?"
[00:51:57] <Jabonicus> Sam attempts to open the gate, is it locked?
[00:51:58] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks through the gate first!
[00:52:06] <ZombieRaptor> "No!"
[00:52:19] <padri> "Then wait!"
[00:52:23] <RogetGMs> it is not locked.
[00:52:27] <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows.
[00:52:28] <Daedalus> "Waste of good liquor."
[00:52:29] <Wixelt> Wilson enters
[00:52:36] <Jabonicus> Sam walks through the gate.
[00:52:39] <RogetGMs> The shack door opens. A bearded scraggly man walks out. "Hi there!"
[00:52:42] <Proto_Lost> "Alright kiddies, time to go in." He says, following after Wilson.
[00:52:45] <padri> She didn't pour it out. She only threatened.
[00:52:50] <padri> "Hello sir!" Laura smiles.
[00:52:52] <ZombieRaptor> "Hello…."
[00:52:53] <Wixelt> "Laura, maybe that isn't the best tactic."
[00:52:54] <Daedalus> Monday enters
[00:53:04] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi scratches at his neck brace
[00:53:06] <Daedalus> "Hello, are you in charge here?"
[00:53:07] <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes to shake the man's hand.
[00:53:19] <Proto_Lost> Harley watches the man, keeping an eye out for any sudden movements.
[00:53:22] <RogetGMs> "I shore am. Y'all here t'investigate the pond?"
[00:53:23] <Jabonicus> "Who are you?" Sam asked, turning to them. "Isn't this place for, I don't know, government people?"
[00:53:37] <Daedalus> "Yes sir."
[00:53:44] <padri> "We are. Would you mind showing us your containment methods?"
[00:53:46] <Proto_Lost> "Good question Sam."
[00:53:56] <RogetGMs> "My name is Professor Mason. I've been a geologist and microbiologist for about fifty-five… fifty-six years."
[00:54:19] <Daedalus> "A Professor? Where did you study?"
[00:54:32] <Daedalus> Monday likes meeting his own kind
[00:54:32] <Sirgoldfish> Dan raises an eyebrow about how uncertain he is about his age.
[00:54:38] <Wixelt> Wilson eyes the man. He looks conspicuous to him
[00:54:41] <RogetGMs> "I studied at none of your business university."
[00:54:42] <ZombieRaptor> "I am Luvi Harkess"
[00:54:58] <RogetGMs> "Now, if y'all are here… have ya read the little phamplet on this one?"
[00:54:59] <Proto_Lost> "Perfect, we have a security breach."
[00:55:23] <Wixelt> Wilson flinches. He doesnt like this guy.
[00:55:31] <padri> "We have."
[00:55:42] <ZombieRaptor> "Phamplet?"
[00:55:44] <ZombieRaptor> "Ah, yea"
[00:55:47] <RogetGMs> "Now… I'm going to let you in on a little secret."
[00:56:03] <Daedalus> "Oh?"
[00:56:04] <padri> Laura sees no reason to dislike this man. He is polite, he speaks cleanly, and he seems nice enough.
[00:56:18] <RogetGMs> In the time it took y'all to get here, did you ever ask yourselves 'Is this genuinely anomalous?' Couldn't the 'boredom and depression' effect be the result of watching a goddamn duck pond for days on end without anything else to do?"
[00:56:49] <ZombieRaptor> "I just do my job…"
[00:56:52] <Jabonicus> "I knew there was some sort of twist to this…"
[00:56:55] <Proto_Lost> Can Harley roll percep to suss out this guy? Spot anything suspicious about him?
[00:56:58] <Wixelt> Wilson considers this. But shrugs off the thought
[00:57:01] <padri> "We were preoccupied. I would be interested in seeing the basis for your reasoning, though."
[00:57:03] <Daedalus> "No, it never occured to me…"
[00:57:14] <RogetGMs> "The real reason they send people here… is for morale. Let sites that've had some troubling times know that not everyplace we watch is dangerous and scary. We have light moments too."
[00:57:31] <RogetGMs> Harley can roll perception, or try to get info with persuasion or information gathering. His choice.
[00:57:53] <padri> "I would like to see the pond, then."
[00:57:55] <ZombieRaptor> "It would make sense" Luvi attracts the mans attention to his broken neck.
[00:58:12] <ZombieRaptor> "I mean, this doesn't sound all bad"
[00:58:23] <Proto_Lost> 4df+8 rolling percep, don't want to let him know they're onto him if ever
[00:58:24] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: rolling percep, don't want to let him know they're onto him if ever: 7 (4df+8=3+, 4-, 0, 4-)
[00:58:30] <RogetGMs> the man gestures to the pond. "Help yourself to it. Once your done, y'all might want to head into town. Nice little place. Good bar, good people."
[00:58:50] <padri> "Could you first show us what you do to contain this place?"
[00:58:52] <RogetGMs> The guy looks to be older than biblical times, Harley, but nothing about him suggests he's a menace.
[00:58:59] <Wixelt> Wilson is more sure of the man than before, but still not fully.
[00:59:08] <RogetGMs> "I shine lights on the pond. Then I go inside and read or listen to th'radio."
[00:59:13] <Daedalus> Monday smiles "Thank you Professor Mason."
[00:59:25] <RogetGMs> "Sometimes I get people from town and make them watch the pond for a few hours."
[00:59:25] <padri> "Do you ever lock the gate?"
[00:59:29] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks to the edge of the pond, unslinging and setting down his Thompson
[00:59:34] <padri> Laura frowns.
[00:59:42] <Wixelt> Wilson follows Luvi
[00:59:44] <RogetGMs> "No, why would I? Who's gonna be buggering off to me out here, the mole men from venus?"
[00:59:48] <Daedalus> Monday goes out to the pond as well
[00:59:54] <ZombieRaptor> He runs his hand through the water, crouching down.
[00:59:56] <Proto_Lost> "I'll stay with the good doctor here, I'm going to go into town after a bit while you all go peaceful on me."
[00:59:57] <padri> "I think I'd like to take a sample, if you don't mind."
[01:00:03] <RogetGMs> The water is very wet.
[01:00:08] <RogetGMs> "Do what you need to do."
[01:00:10] <Wixelt> "So, is this thing… safe?"
[01:00:15] <ZombieRaptor> (What's the temperature there?)
[01:00:22] <RogetGMs> "It's a pond, boys. What do yuo think?"
[01:00:27] <Proto_Lost> "So doc…you been here long?" He asks Mason.
[01:00:31] <Jabonicus> "I feel like heading straight to town. The bar sounds nice."
[01:00:33] <RogetGMs> The water is a bit cold, being winter, but other than that it's normal.
[01:00:44] <Wixelt> "It's been given an SCP classifcation"
[01:00:47] <ZombieRaptor> "The water feels great!" Luvi exclaims
[01:00:49] <RogetGMs> "Couple years… I consider it m'pre-retirement retirement."
[01:00:53] <Daedalus> Monday lets his bird fly around a bit
[01:01:09] <ZombieRaptor> "I should have brought Marge.
[01:01:11] <padri> Laura walks over and puts on her gloves. She pulls out a tube and digs it in the pond. Roll for anomalous?
[01:01:13] <Sirgoldfish> (Can Dan roll persuasion plus smooth talker to find out what is with the hostility?)
[01:01:31] <Proto_Lost> "Sounds like a good deal…you ever get to leave."
[01:01:55] <Proto_Lost> *if you
[01:02:02] <RogetGMs> Sure, roll for anomalous
[01:02:18] <RogetGMs> Who is Dan rolling against?
[01:02:18] <Wixelt> Can Wilson roll for Detail Orientation (Speciality - Picks up on finer details)?
[01:02:26] <RogetGMs> he can
[01:02:46] <Jabonicus> "Which way to town?
[01:02:47] <Sirgoldfish> (Dan rolls to find out why he acting weird.)
[01:02:48] <Jabonicus> "
[01:02:57] <Daedalus> Monday takes off his socks and shoes and steps into the shallow water
[01:02:59] <Sirgoldfish> *is
[01:03:00] <Wixelt> 4df+7
[01:03:01] <Glacon> Wixelt: 10 (4df+7=0, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[01:03:03] <padri> 4df+6 Is it anomalous?
[01:03:03] <Glacon> padri: Is it anomalous?: 4 (4df+6=4-, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[01:03:19] <RogetGMs> It's not anomalous. What is Wilson rolling to find the details of?
[01:03:19] <Proto_Lost> He looks at the professor. "Mind if I smoke?"
[01:03:23] <RogetGMs> "Go ahead."
[01:03:51] <ZombieRaptor> "…. Can we swim?"
[01:03:58] <Wixelt> To see if the water and surrounding look normal
[01:03:59] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+9 "What is your deal"
[01:04:00] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: "What is your deal": 6 (4df+9=4-, 4-, 0, 4-)
[01:04:03] <padri> Laura shrugs. She puts a cap on the tube and pockets it. "You brought a suit?"
[01:04:17] <RogetGMs> They do, Wilson
[01:04:19] <ZombieRaptor> "I can take off the suit"
[01:04:28] <Jabonicus> "Sir, which way to town?"
[01:04:39] <padri> Laura's face turns red. "Excuse me." She turns and walks the other way.
[01:04:55] <RogetGMs> "My deal? I'm just a worker here. And no, you cannot swim. Town is up that road, to the north." the guy does not seem suspicious at all. Not even being sarcastic. Just a weird old man.
[01:05:01] <ZombieRaptor> "I'm not skinny dipping Laura" Luvi calls out.
[01:05:06] <Wixelt> Wilson goes over to Laura, but she's walking away.
[01:05:15] <padri> No, just away from Luvi.
[01:05:21] <Proto_Lost> He's lit up and smoking again. "Good to know, I'll get you some brandy if you're up for it, old man."
[01:05:26] <padri> He made it sound like he was gunna take off his clothes.
[01:05:32] <Daedalus> "Who needs a suit…" Monday strips down
[01:05:43] <padri> "Oh, Luvi? Here." She holds out the bottle. And closes her eyes firmly.
[01:05:45] <Jabonicus> Sam nodded, walking towards town, wanting to go to the bar.
[01:06:01] <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows Sam.
[01:06:06] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks up to her and takes it "I'm not naked silly"
[01:06:21] <Wixelt> Wilson remains at the edge of the pond, observing it.
[01:06:29] <RogetGMs> "No, i drink enough when I go into town."
[01:06:30] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi has pants that resembles sweatpants on.
[01:06:36] <Daedalus> Monday flods his clothes into a neat pile and jumps into the pond.
[01:06:40] <padri> Monday doesn't.
[01:06:50] <Jabonicus> Sam walks into town, looking around for the bar.
[01:06:55] <RogetGMs> "Are y'all going to town, or staying here- WHAT DID I JUST SAY ABOUT GOING IN THE POND, BOY?!"
[01:07:04] <padri> Laura walks away carefully to not see the naked men.
[01:07:05] <ZombieRaptor> Otherwise he is shirtless, a scar across his chest.
[01:07:08] * jatenk has left #homeimprovement ()
[01:07:11] <Proto_Lost> "What'd I fucking tell you, short bus squad right here."
[01:07:18] <Sirgoldfish> (I am in town.)
[01:07:29] <Daedalus> Monday chuckles and gets out of the water
[01:07:34] <padri> She also ignores Harley.
[01:07:39] <Wixelt> Wilson facepalms.
[01:08:04] <RogetGMs> Mason seems annoyed. "If y'all are going to persist with being foolish, do it in town, not on our property. You are professionals, aren't you?"
[01:08:07] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks over hands the old man the schnapps. "Have fun with this, $200 bottle of fine German schnapps."
[01:08:14] <ZombieRaptor> "Why can't we swim?"
[01:08:25] <padri> "I'd thought we were," Laura mumbles.
[01:08:27] <Wixelt> "Yes sir"
[01:08:44] <padri> She stops walking, cause it's hard to walk with your eyes closed.
[01:09:07] <Jabonicus> Sam walked into the bar, sitting down on one of the stools.
[01:09:09] <Daedalus> Monday puts on his clothes and calls to his bird
[01:09:11] <RogetGMs> "Because that's our rule."
[01:09:18] <RogetGMs> Anyone in town, go to #tooltime so I don't get confused
[01:09:36] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks annoyed "Take this schnapps and look the other way for a bit?"
[01:09:42] <Proto_Lost> "God, the man has one rule and you fucking special ed kids go and break that."
[01:09:58] <ZombieRaptor> "Harley you break life's rule of not being a dick"
[01:10:06] <Wixelt> "Luvi, stop trying to bribe the man"
[01:10:16] <Wixelt> "It's not becoming of you"
[01:10:25] <padri> Laura sounds immensely irritated: "Everyone had better be dressed right now or else."
[01:10:35] <Daedalus> Monday laughs "Forgive me, the water looked fine, and It has been a long time since I've gone swimming."
[01:10:39] <Daedalus> Monday is dressed
[01:10:42] <ZombieRaptor> "I haven't been able to swim for /years/ dammit"
[01:10:45] <Proto_Lost> Harley just laughs. "I'm not the one dressed in his tightie-whiteys here champ."
[01:10:49] <Wixelt> "I didn't strip to begin with!"
[01:10:51] <padri> Laura's eyes are closed. She doesn't know.
[01:10:53] <ZombieRaptor> "I'm not naked Laura!"
[01:11:01] <padri> She opens her eyes and storms out towards town.
[01:11:38] <Wixelt> Wilson sighs and goes after her.
[01:11:59] <RogetGMs> anyone heading into town can see that it isn't a long walk. The town itself is actually quite close and not very big. Just a few buildings, a gas station, and the bar. The rest are some nondescript buildings, some abandoned and some not.
[01:12:33] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi scowls at the old man, puts on the rest of his clothing and heads into town, schnapps in hand.
[01:12:36] <Proto_Lost> "Yeah, I'm out of here. You two can go skinny dip to your hearts content." He nods to the old man before following after the two."Nice meeting you old timer."
[01:12:50] <Daedalus> "I'm sorry, Professor Mason, I truly am." monday is still smiling
[01:12:55] <RogetGMs> Anyone heading into town should go to #tooltime.

Home Improvement Split Run
[01:09:36] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks annoyed "Take this schnapps and look the other way for a bit?"
[01:09:42] <Proto_Lost> "God, the man has one rule and you fucking special ed kids go and break that."
[01:09:58] <ZombieRaptor> "Harley you break life's rule of not being a dick"
[01:10:06] <Wixelt> "Luvi, stop trying to bribe the man"
[01:10:16] <Wixelt> "It's not becoming of you"
[01:10:25] <padri> Laura sounds immensely irritated: "Everyone had better be dressed right now or else."
[01:10:35] <Daedalus> Monday laughs "Forgive me, the water looked fine, and It has been a long time since I've gone swimming."
[01:10:39] <Daedalus> Monday is dressed
[01:10:42] <ZombieRaptor> "I haven't been able to swim for /years/ dammit"
[01:10:45] <Proto_Lost> Harley just laughs. "I'm not the one dressed in his tightie-whiteys here champ."
[01:10:49] <Wixelt> "I didn't strip to begin with!"
[01:10:51] <padri> Laura's eyes are closed. She doesn't know.
[01:10:53] <ZombieRaptor> "I'm not naked Laura!"
[01:11:01] <padri> She opens her eyes and storms out towards town.
[01:11:38] <Wixelt> Wilson sighs and goes after her.
[01:11:59] <RogetGMs> anyone heading into town can see that it isn't a long walk. The town itself is actually quite close and not very big. Just a few buildings, a gas station, and the bar. The rest are some nondescript buildings, some abandoned and some not.
[01:12:33] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi scowls at the old man, puts on the rest of his clothing and heads into town, schnapps in hand.
[01:12:36] <Proto_Lost> "Yeah, I'm out of here. You two can go skinny dip to your hearts content." He nods to the old man before following after the two."Nice meeting you old timer."
[01:12:50] <Daedalus> "I'm sorry, Professor Mason, I truly am." monday is still smiling
[01:12:55] <RogetGMs> Anyone heading into town should go to #tooltime.
[01:13:40] <Daedalus> Monday follows Harley into town
[01:26:37] <RogetGMs> MEANWHILE
[01:26:59] <RogetGMs> Wilson, it's very cold and dark. you are tied to a chair, with a blindfold over your eyes and a gag in your mouth.
[01:27:10] <Wixelt> "Mmmmph"
[01:27:23] <RogetGMs> "I fuckin' told you they were bloody onto us."
[01:27:44] <Wixelt> Wilson raises his head the sound of voices.
[01:27:45] <RogetGMs> "Shut up, Winston. They'll come like lambs to the slaughter. The operation is fine."
[01:27:53] <RogetGMs> "Oh look, the bloody git's awake."
[01:28:15] <Wixelt> ~No…~
[01:28:55] <RogetGMs> Your blindfold is yanked off. You're in… what looks like some kind of corporate office. The two men in front of you are wearing snappy suits, with tommy guns. "Rise and shine, wanker."
[01:29:17] <Wixelt> Wilson looks around.
[01:29:58] <RogetGMs> It's an office. Two desks, lots of papers and charts scattered around… the logo for MCD ltd. catches his eyes on a few of them.
[01:30:27] <RogetGMs> The one on the left takes the gag out. "We can make this easy right now. Who are you working for?"
[01:31:01] <Wixelt> "…"
[01:31:33] <RogetGMs> "We will not hesitate to kill you and your friends. It's just a matter of who squeals first."
[01:32:07] <Wixelt> Roll for Detail Oriented?
[01:32:26] <RogetGMs> Sure
[01:32:57] <Wixelt> 4df+7 Anything that I can use to my advantage?
[01:32:57] <Glacon> Wixelt: Anything that I can use to my advantage?: 8 (4df+7=0, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[01:33:02] <RogetGMs> "Right. If you're not going to talk, we have other… methods of persuasion."
[01:33:32] <RogetGMs> Wilson can see that among the piles of papers, there is a list labeled "INDIVIDUALS OF INTEREST". Dan is on that list.
[01:34:25] * StupeiAceDefect has joined #homeimprovement
[01:34:37] <RogetGMs> "Look, we know you know something. People don't just fly folks out to the middle of buttfuck nowhere to admire the bloody duck ponds!"
[01:35:05] <Wixelt> "…"
[01:35:23] <RogetGMs> "One more chance to talk, mate."
[01:36:03] <Wixelt> ~Hurry up guys~ "I uh, don't know what you're talking about."
[01:37:32] <RogetGMs> They both exchange a look. The one on the right, who has eyes like a fox, pulls out a small, violently shaking piece of human flesh. "If you like having skin, I suggest you say something…"
[01:38:30] <Wixelt> Can I use mdef to try and confuse them?
[01:38:45] <Wixelt> Buy myself some time
[01:38:59] <RogetGMs> You could do technobabble with science or academics.
[01:39:20] <Wixelt> 4df+6 Science Babble
[01:39:21] <Glacon> Wixelt: Science Babble: 7 (4df+6=0, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[01:41:52] <Wixelt> "Well, considering that I appear yo
[01:42:13] * padri_ has joined #homeimprovement
[01:42:41] * padri has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[01:42:42] <Wixelt> *"to be in the inferior position, and you in the superior, I guess that… um…."
[01:43:07] <RogetGMs> There's gunshots from downstairs.
[01:43:19] <RogetGMs> "That'll be Dmitri. They're probably here."
[01:43:26] <Wixelt> Wilson had a point to make but it slipped his mind.
[01:46:02] <Wixelt> What skill would help Wilson get out of the chair?
[01:46:34] <RogetGMs> Engineering to see if there are any weaknesses.
[01:46:51] <Wixelt> 4df+4 Engineering
[01:46:52] <Glacon> Wixelt: Engineering: 3 (4df+4=4-, 0, 3+, 4-)
[01:46:59] <Wixelt> Ok, not my best roll
[01:47:13] <RogetGMs> "Right, so. Onto the torture." Wilson, he lays the piece of flesh on your arm. Instantly, you feel it burning. The ropes in the back are a little loose, but damn this thing hurts a /lot/. Physical defense, please.
[01:47:36] <Wixelt> 4df+2
[01:47:36] <Glacon> Wixelt: 1 (4df+2=4-, 0, 0, 0)
[01:47:44] <Wixelt> (S**t)
[01:48:38] <RogetGMs> 4df+5 flesh boils
[01:48:39] <Glacon> RogetGMs: flesh boils: 3 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[01:48:53] <RogetGMs> -1 body as the flesh on the arm melts. it's very painful.
[01:49:00] <RogetGMs> "Are you ready to talk, mate?"
[01:49:28] <Wixelt> (Body = Phys Healtth?
[01:49:36] <RogetGMs> yes
[01:49:43] <Wixelt> "Try me"
[01:50:36] <RogetGMs> "We can do this all day, you know. Losing the flesh doesn't kill… instantly. By the end, though, you'll be begging with a lipless mouth to let you end the pain. But, only when you talk. That is when you will be allowed to go… or allowed to die."
[01:50:58] <Wixelt> "We'll see.."
[01:51:54] * padri_ is now known as padri
[01:53:24] <Wixelt> Can I try for Engineering again?
[01:53:25] * DrSavage has quit (Ping timeout: 184 seconds)
[01:53:41] <RogetGMs> Sure
[01:53:52] * savage has joined #homeimprovement
[01:53:52] <Wixelt> 4df+4
[01:53:52] <Glacon> Wixelt: 3 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 0)
[01:53:54] <RogetGMs> Also physical defense when they put the flesh back on your wounded arm
[01:54:07] <Wixelt> (Seriously?)
[01:54:23] <Wixelt> (3 again?)
[01:54:56] <RogetGMs> Wilson can definitely tell the ropes are the weakest link here. If he could unknot them… maybe.
[01:55:22] <Wixelt> To unknot the ropes, which skill?
[01:57:01] <RogetGMs> Strength, and you still need to roll pdef
[01:57:25] <Wixelt> 4df+2 pdef
[01:57:25] <Glacon> Wixelt: pdef: 2 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[01:57:41] <Wixelt> 4df+2 strength
[01:57:41] <Glacon> Wixelt: strength: 3 (4df+2=0, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[01:57:58] <RogetGMs> 4df+5 words fail, oceans crumble… wilson tumbles down…
[01:57:59] <Glacon> RogetGMs: words fail, oceans crumble… wilson tumbles down…: 4 (4df+5=0, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[01:59:12] <RogetGMs> Wilson, you feel like a rabid canine is digging his jaws into your arm. The flesh literally boils, melting off the arm into a sizzling puddle on the floor.
[01:59:21] * savage is now known as DrSavage
[01:59:56] <RogetGMs> You also loosen the knots enough to move your arms a bit.
[02:00:02] <Wixelt> Wilson lets out a small but loud yelp, which he quickly stifles.
[02:00:52] <Wixelt> (-1 again?)
[02:00:55] <RogetGMs> Laura, you see Wilson with the flesh boiling off his arm. Two men in suits are watching him passively.
[02:00:59] <RogetGMs> Yes, -1 body.
[02:01:01] <padri> Can laura roll something to see an effective way to help?
[02:01:24] <Wixelt> Does Wilson notice Laura?
[02:01:42] <padri> She's trying to be unnoticeable, but she's not really sneaky.
[02:02:08] <RogetGMs> Yes, he sees her. The men see him noticing her, and turn around, guns drawn. "Freeze, mate. Don't do anything that'll make you outlive your buddy here."
[02:02:46] <padri> She /really/ wishes she cursed now.
[02:03:00] <RogetGMs> "Why don't you come on in here?"
[02:03:06] <Wixelt> 4df+2 strength on ropes.
[02:03:07] <Glacon> Wixelt: strength on ropes.: 4 (4df+2=0, 3+, 0, 3+)
[02:03:28] <padri> "I don't think I'd like to do that, if you don't mind."
[02:03:51] <RogetGMs> "You have three seconds before I kill your friend."
[02:04:08] <RogetGMs> Wilson, you feel the knot loosening… but it's just… not… enough….
[02:04:16] * Scantron has quit (Ping timeout: 185 seconds)
[02:04:30] <padri> Laura's eyes go /very/ wide. She walks forward, /very/ slowly, hands up. She wants to buy as much time as she can.
[02:05:29] * Scantron has joined #homeimprovement
[02:05:46] <Wixelt> 4df+2 try strength again, please…
[02:05:46] <Glacon> Wixelt: try strength again, please…: 2 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[02:06:07] <RogetGMs> The fox eyed man grabs her, and yanks her into the room. "Stand in front of us."
[02:06:33] <padri> Laura stumbles as the man yanks her, falling to the floor.
[02:06:37] <padri> She yelps.
[02:06:45] <RogetGMs> "SHUT UP."
[02:06:55] <RogetGMs> Wilson, it's almost there…. allllmost….
[02:07:08] <padri> Does she think the others will hear her if she screams?
[02:07:15] <RogetGMs> But they're watching you now… what if they see it? What if they know?
[02:07:28] <Wixelt> Wilson stops moving.
[02:08:08] <RogetGMs> "Who do you work for?!" fox eyed man to Laura.
[02:08:40] <Wixelt> Wilson gives Laura a don't tell them look.
[02:08:57] <Wixelt> Are the men looking at Wilson currently.
[02:09:03] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi arrives, leaning around te door, gun pointed in "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM LAURA!"
Tooltime Split Run
[01:10:00] <Jabonicus> Sam sat in the bar, sitting on a stool.
[01:10:25] <Sirgoldfish> Dan looks around at the people of the town to see if he notices anything off.
[01:10:47] <Sirgoldfish> (Would that be perception?)
[01:10:50] <RogetGMs> The bar is a little place, with some old faded posters from the war on the wall, a dartboard, and some locals drinking their troubles away. The barkeep looks like a man who is somehow even older than Mason, with a lumpy bald head, squinty eyes, and phenomenolly thick eyebrows.
[01:11:04] <RogetGMs> Perc, yes
[01:11:26] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+5
[01:11:27] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: 3 (4df+5=4-, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[01:11:30] <Jabonicus> Sam looked around, a bit curious about it all.
[01:11:44] <padri> Laura walks into town. She looks for a game/toy store.
[01:11:46] * Wixelt has joined #tooltime
[01:12:26] <RogetGMs> There are no toy or game stores. Just some small businesses, a pawn shop, a restaurant, and the bar.
[01:12:40] * Proto_Lost has joined #tooltime
[01:13:01] <padri> She's rather disappointed. She'd been hoping to get a present for Katie.
[01:13:28] <Wixelt> Wilson catches up with Laura "You okay?"
[01:13:32] <Proto_Lost> He catches up to Wilson and Laura. "Right…you guys find the Scrabblething?"
[01:13:48] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi arrives in town, he runs to catch up with Laura. "Sorry about that.. I never fully stripped.."
[01:14:05] <Daedalus> Monday catches up with the group
[01:14:15] <Jabonicus> Sam called for the attention of the bartender. "I'll take a bottle of scotch."
[01:14:29] <padri> Laura snaps at Harley: "Look for yourself." Then at Luvi: "Did you not see that I was standing right there?" Then at Monday: "You should be ashamed of yourself!" And at Wilson: "I would be, if not for the lot of you!"
[01:15:07] <Wixelt> Wilson opens and closes his mouth, but no words come out.
[01:15:21] <Daedalus> "I'm sorry, Frau Moodie, I was simply trying to lighten the mood."
[01:15:32] <Proto_Lost> "…Christ, fine then." He heads away from them, eyeing the bar but figuring that the boardgame took priority.
[01:15:33] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi just takes a sip of his schnapps.
[01:15:44] <Wixelt> Wilson heads to the bar to clear his head.
[01:15:50] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks for a store
[01:15:54] <padri> "Lighten the mood? By undressing in front of a lady?"
[01:16:05] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4 Does he see a toy store?
[01:16:06] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Does he see a toy store?: 3 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 0, 4-)
[01:16:11] <padri> No toy store.
[01:16:14] <RogetGMs> Nope
[01:16:23] <RogetGMs> 1d7
[01:16:24] <Glacon> RogetGMs: 2 (1d7=2)
[01:16:24] <Daedalus> 'That's not what I meant… And I didn't realise you were standing there…"
[01:16:29] <Proto_Lost> Damn.
[01:16:51] <RogetGMs> Wilson, as you enter the bar, roll physical defense
[01:17:03] <padri> She purses her lips at him. "I was."
[01:17:17] <Wixelt> 4df+2 Are you trying to kill me?
[01:17:17] <ZombieRaptor> "Let's look in the pawn shop for something shall we?"
[01:17:17] <Glacon> Wixelt: Are you trying to kill me?: 3 (4df+2=4-, 0, 3+, 3+)
[01:17:30] <padri> She nods and follows Luvi to the pawn shop.
[01:17:32] <RogetGMs> 4df+5 maybe
[01:17:32] <Glacon> RogetGMs: maybe: 7 (4df+5=3+, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[01:17:32] <Proto_Lost> Dejected, he heads for the bar.
[01:17:43] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi steps inside the shop.
[01:17:53] <padri> Laura steps in just after him.
[01:17:57] <Daedalus> Monday follows Laura "Forgive me, Fraulein. It was stupid of me."
[01:18:03] <RogetGMs> Wilson, a foul smelling cloth is pulled over your mouth, and you are whisked into… the wall? Some kind of secret passage?
[01:18:07] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4 Does he se anything for Katie?
[01:18:07] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Does he se anything for Katie?: 0 (4df+4=4-, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[01:18:12] <ZombieRaptor> (I hate glacon)
[01:18:12] <RogetGMs> Anyone in the bar, roll perceprion
[01:18:17] <Jabonicus> Sam takes a drink, downing a quarter of the bottle
[01:18:18] <ZombieRaptor> (I hate him soooo much)
[01:18:21] <RogetGMs> There's a straw doll, a plain one.
[01:18:22] <Jabonicus> 4df+2
[01:18:22] <padri> "You are forgiven. But please try to be more considerate of those around you."
[01:18:22] <Glacon> Jabonicus: 2 (4df+2=3+, 0, 4-, 0)
[01:18:37] <Daedalus> "Thank you"
[01:18:39] <padri> 4df+6 Also for a gift for Katie.
[01:18:40] <Glacon> padri: Also for a gift for Katie.: 9 (4df+6=3+, 3+, 0, 3+)
[01:18:57] <ZombieRaptor> (Yay Padri! Glacon doesn't hate you)
[01:19:05] <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes into the bar.
[01:19:11] <Wixelt> (He despises me)
[01:19:21] <Proto_Lost> 4df+8 eye for detail| Say…wasn't Wilson just in here?
[01:19:22] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: eye for detail| Say…wasn't Wilson just in here?: 10 (4df+8=3+, 0, 3+, 0)
[01:20:07] <RogetGMs> Harley sees Wilson seem to vanish into the wall! Crap!!!!!!
[01:20:26] <padri> Laura probably finds something good.
[01:20:33] <Proto_Lost> "Aw hell no!" He charges forward, aiming for the wall. "Wilson!"
[01:20:54] <Sirgoldfish> "What the hell are you doing?"
[01:21:12] <RogetGMs> the bars inhabitants look disinterested
[01:21:18] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4 Does Luvi hear the shouting? It being a quiet town and glacon will surely make me fail
[01:21:18] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Does Luvi hear the shouting? It being a quiet town and glacon will surely make me fail: 4 (4df+4=0, 3+, 4-, 0)
[01:21:23] <RogetGMs> Laura finds a mickey mouse doll under the straw doll.
[01:21:27] <RogetGMs> Luvi hears shouting from the bar
[01:21:35] <Jabonicus> Does Sam hear the screaming?
[01:21:36] <padri> 4df+6 Does laura hear?
[01:21:36] <Glacon> padri: Does laura hear?: 8 (4df+6=3+, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[01:21:42] <ZombieRaptor> "Laura, something wrong in the bar."
[01:21:51] <RogetGMs> Laura hears Harley shouting
[01:21:53] <padri> "I hear it, too." She sounds super serious.
[01:21:57] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi unslings his Thompson and runs over.
[01:22:04] <padri> She turns and runs after Luvi.
[01:22:25] <Proto_Lost> Thoughts race through Harley's mind, taking in everything: the disinterested patrons, the crappy country music, everything.
[01:22:31] <Daedalus> Monday just stands there and wonders what they're talking about
[01:22:33] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi arrives to see what?
[01:22:34] <RogetGMs> They arrive! Everyone in the bar now?
[01:22:42] <padri> Yes!
[01:22:47] <Daedalus> Monday's still at the pawn shop
[01:22:49] <ZombieRaptor> Yea..
[01:22:50] <RogetGMs> Luvi sees Harley looking alert and everyone else looking bored to confused.
[01:22:57] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi has his massive gun out.
[01:23:02] <ZombieRaptor> "what's wrong!"
[01:23:10] <padri> Laura is on high alert.
[01:23:10] <RogetGMs> Monday, you realize the pawn shop is empty and boring. You need a drink.
[01:23:13] <Proto_Lost> Actually, Harley's running toward the wall.
[01:23:19] <Daedalus> Monday buys the doll Laura was looking at and goes to the bar
[01:23:35] <padri> Laura looks at the wall. Perc to notice something strange?
[01:23:47] <Daedalus> "Whats going on?"
[01:23:48] <RogetGMs> Sure
[01:23:50] <Jabonicus> Sam stood up. "What's with the screaming?"
[01:23:50] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi will shoot it if all else fails.
[01:23:54] <padri> 4df+6
[01:23:55] <Glacon> padri: 5 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
[01:24:00] <padri> What I see?
[01:24:06] <RogetGMs> Laura, you realize this wall is totally fake.
[01:24:19] <padri> Laura reaches out and pushes on it. Can she make it move?
[01:24:22] <Proto_Lost> "Wilson's been taken!" Does he get to the wall?
[01:24:31] <Proto_Lost> Or rather, can he punch through it?
[01:24:34] <Daedalus> Roll stremgth?
[01:24:40] <Jabonicus> Sam picked up his bottle, walking over.
[01:24:41] <RogetGMs> He barrels through the wall, and falls about three feet down into a stone passageway.
[01:24:41] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks up and hits it with his rifle
[01:24:49] <Proto_Lost> Oh, well then.
[01:24:50] <ZombieRaptor> Redact my last thing
[01:24:55] <Proto_Lost> "AGGHHHH!"
[01:24:57] <RogetGMs> To everyone else, Harley just vanished through the wall
[01:24:58] <padri> Laura steps in and takes a look.
[01:25:09] <Daedalus> "Jesus.. Where'd he go?"
[01:25:10] <padri> oh, didn't see the wall move?
[01:25:11] <Proto_Lost> "FUCK FUCK FUCK!"
[01:25:15] <Jabonicus> "The hell?" Sam said, walking towards the wall.
[01:25:15] <padri> Laura pushes on the wall.
[01:25:22] <RogetGMs> The wall is an illusion. Her hand goes right through.
[01:25:23] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks up and hesitantly walks into the wall.
[01:25:27] <padri> She goes after it.
[01:25:30] <Daedalus> Monday follows
[01:25:38] <Sirgoldfish> Dan enters the wall.
[01:25:44] <Jabonicus> Sam followed at the back.
[01:25:55] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi raises his gun and starts forward ahead of everyone.
[01:26:04] <padri> Laura follows behind Luvi.
[01:26:09] <Proto_Lost> Harley's dusting himself off once they're in. "Stupid fucking illusions."
[01:26:13] <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows.
[01:26:15] <ZombieRaptor> He whispers "good thing I brought this massive thing."
[01:26:19] <RogetGMs> They enter into a stone, cold, but surprisingly clean, hallway, leading under town. It's sparsely lit by torches, with some lights down the hall.
[01:26:25] <Daedalus> Monday pull out his sword and his gun
[01:26:34] <Daedalus> "What is this place?"
[01:26:38] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi quickly jogs down the hallway.
[01:27:00] <Proto_Lost> "…from what just happened to Wilson, some kind of cult thing I'd reckon…probably looking for a virgin sacrifice."
[01:27:08] <padri> Laura follows quickly, too.
[01:27:28] <Proto_Lost> Harley laments that no one caught his sick burn, and keeps up.
[01:28:09] <RogetGMs> They soon reach a blank wall. It appears to be a dead end.
[01:28:18] <Sirgoldfish> Dan pulls out his 357
[01:28:21] <Daedalus> Monday follows behind Luvi, "try to ask first and shoot later this time, Herr Harkess."
[01:28:25] <padri> Laura reaches out and touches the wals.
[01:28:28] <padri> *walls
[01:28:32] <padri> looking for another fake.
[01:28:41] <ZombieRaptor> "No, I'm shooting, they kidnapped a squad member."
[01:28:52] <ZombieRaptor> "They are officially declared hostile."
[01:28:54] <Sirgoldfish> Dan looks around to see if he notices anything.
[01:29:04] <padri> "Can we find out who they are first, Luvi?"
[01:29:05] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4
[01:29:06] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: 1 (4df+4=4-, 0, 4-, 4-)
[01:29:21] <RogetGMs> Laura's hands go through the left wall.
[01:29:21] <ZombieRaptor> "I will shoot them in the legs if you wish…"
[01:29:23] <Proto_Lost> He pulls out his own gun, aiming ahead. "Fair enough. We shoot to maim."
[01:29:29] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stops.
[01:29:31] <padri> "This way." She goes.
[01:29:32] <Daedalus> Monday nods
[01:29:36] <Jabonicus> Sam pulls out his gun, following
[01:29:37] <ZombieRaptor> He follows
[01:29:42] <padri> She hurries.
[01:29:47] <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows.
[01:29:53] <Proto_Lost> Harley moves to a spot behind Laura, keeping in position.
[01:29:55] <ZombieRaptor> "Let me lead Laura" Luvi points his gun forward.
[01:30:03] <padri> She does.
[01:30:03] <Daedalus> Monday hobbles behind Harley
[01:30:13] <Proto_Lost> He had to admit, short bus team aside, it felt good being with a team again.
[01:30:14] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi moves swiftly again.
[01:30:45] <RogetGMs> This corridor is much darker. Pitch black, actually.
[01:30:57] <Proto_Lost> "…can't see shit."
[01:30:58] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi pulls out his flashlight.
[01:31:02] <ZombieRaptor> What do they see?
[01:31:07] <padri> She reaches out to touch Luvi to use him as a guide.
[01:31:13] <Sirgoldfish> Dan pulls out his lighter to add to the light.
[01:31:24] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi slows down a bit for her.
[01:32:01] <Daedalus> Monday treads carefully
[01:32:15] <RogetGMs> They soon reach an iron door. Anyone who was paying attentino will note that they're probably under one of the businesses in town now. The door has a big M embossed on it, but no obvious way in.
[01:32:34] <Proto_Lost> "…well, who's got some dynamite?"
[01:32:43] <ZombieRaptor> "Sam, you're up, get this thing open"
[01:32:45] <Daedalus> "I've got a grenade…"
[01:32:51] <Jabonicus> "What do you mean?"
[01:32:52] <padri> "Hurry." She sounds desperate.
[01:33:09] <Jabonicus> Sam held up his toolbox. "With this?"
[01:33:16] <ZombieRaptor> Is there lock to pick?
[01:33:17] <Proto_Lost> "Wait! Don't do that…that blast is going to give us away." He says to Monday.
[01:33:18] <padri> "Just hurry!"
[01:33:27] <ZombieRaptor> "If you can Sam.."
[01:33:48] <Proto_Lost> 4df+8 tagging eye for detail| Anything Sam can pick, or any other means of opening it?
[01:33:48] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: tagging eye for detail| Anything Sam can pick, or any other means of opening it?: 8 (4df+8=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[01:33:50] <Jabonicus> Sam inspected the door, does it have a lock or hinges?
[01:34:02] <RogetGMs> It's got no obvious way of entry. Harley, you can notice the door is shimmering oddly.
[01:34:24] <padri> Laura reaches out and shakes it. Roll for anomalous?
[01:34:33] <Proto_Lost> "…Door's looking funny."
[01:34:42] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi runs his hand across it.
[01:34:58] <RogetGMs> roll fer anomalous with a +1 bonus, since it's pretty obvious that something is up with it
[01:35:02] <Daedalus> Monday hits it with his cane
[01:35:07] <padri> 4df+7 What's it do?
[01:35:07] <Glacon> padri: What's it do?: 7 (4df+7=0, 0, 0, 0)
[01:35:14] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stops his cane
[01:35:19] <ZombieRaptor> "be quiet damnit Monday"
[01:35:48] <RogetGMs> Laura, it's another trick… there's only a door as long as you believe in the door.
[01:35:59] <padri> She runs through it.
[01:36:08] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi goes through gun raised
[01:36:08] <Proto_Lost> "Laura!"
[01:36:14] <ZombieRaptor> Does he see anyone?
[01:36:22] <padri> She also runs on towards Wilson.
[01:36:37] <Jabonicus> Sam walks through, wrench raised in his hand
[01:36:37] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi whisper shout "stop!"
[01:36:39] <RogetGMs> The door vanishes in a puff of smoke. Laura, you find yourself in… a cellar. Nobody around, just some boxes with MCD stamped on them. Dan, these logos look… familier.
[01:36:42] <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows Laura.
[01:36:47] <Daedalus> Monday goes in
[01:36:56] <Proto_Lost> Harley looks at the door as it vanishes. "…goddammit."
[01:37:05] <Proto_Lost> After a little crisis of faith, he goes in.
[01:37:14] <Sirgoldfish> "MCD.. oh shit."
[01:37:14] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks around 4df+4
[01:37:21] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4
[01:37:21] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 5 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
[01:37:29] <padri> Perception to find something important?
[01:37:34] <Daedalus> can I roll acedemics?
[01:37:55] <RogetGMs> Luvi sees some stairs leading to a cellar door. You sure can.
[01:37:57] <Sirgoldfish> "We best be careful these people have more money than god"
[01:38:15] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks up the stairs.
[01:38:23] <Daedalus> Monday follows
[01:38:24] <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows.
[01:38:24] <ZombieRaptor> Can he open the door?
[01:38:29] <RogetGMs> The door is locked.
[01:38:36] <padri> Laura follows Luvi. She's hurrying.
[01:38:45] <ZombieRaptor> "Sam, pick this"
[01:39:06] <Proto_Lost> "Perfect, these chumps…I was on a few peculiar cases with these logos on them…knew they were fucking bad news." He follows after them, looking dour.
[01:39:10] <Jabonicus> Sam walked up, kneeling at the door.
[01:39:25] <Jabonicus> 4df+6 Open it like the door to a womans heart
[01:39:26] <Glacon> Jabonicus: Open it like the door to a womans heart: 5 (4df+6=0, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[01:39:43] <padri> She doesn't care about Harley's language at the moment.
[01:41:06] <RogetGMs> Sam opens the door… and they're greeted by a goon with an Ak-47. "Greetings, comrades. You are all under arrest."
[01:41:17] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi fires
[01:41:21] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+10
[01:41:22] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 13 (4df+10=3+, 0, 3+, 3+)
[01:41:36] <RogetGMs> 4df+6 well shit
[01:41:37] <Glacon> RogetGMs: well shit: 5 (4df+6=3+, 0, 4-, 4-)
[01:41:59] <Proto_Lost> "…fucking perf-…ect."
[01:42:10] * padri_ has joined #tooltime
[01:42:25] <Daedalus> "Jesus! What happened to 'shoot to maim'?!"
[01:42:35] <Sirgoldfish> "You shit head"
[01:42:41] * padri has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[01:42:46] <Proto_Lost> He was just about ready to chuck salt into his eyes, but it seems like Luvi's got that covered. "Great job you fucking shit! Now every other idiot with a gun knows we're here!"
[01:42:48] <RogetGMs> Luvi shoots the guy, who shouts out in pain and staggers back. Everyone in the hallway has a -1 to mental defense, perception, and agility for the next few rolls, due to bullets being fired right in their faces. It's a little stunning.
[01:42:51] <ZombieRaptor> Brb
[01:43:04] <ZombieRaptor> Wait a sec please
[01:44:01] <ZombieRaptor> Back
[01:44:03] <Daedalus> Monday looks over the body
[01:44:16] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi runs in!
[01:44:18] <ZombieRaptor> He looks around
[01:44:20] <padri_> Laura doesn't care. She runs after.
[01:44:30] <ZombieRaptor> "EVERYONE ON THE FUCKING GROUND!"
[01:44:42] <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows,
[01:44:46] <RogetGMs> It's an empty building. There's sheets on the furniture who are unthreatened by Luvi's words.
[01:45:01] <Daedalus> Monday hobbles in
[01:45:06] <padri_> Laura wished she cursed.
[01:45:14] <padri_> If she did, she would say some terrible things about now.
[01:45:23] <ZombieRaptor> Any exits?
[01:45:37] <Sirgoldfish> Dan looks around for anything odd.
[01:45:42] <Proto_Lost> Harley moved in, gun trained on the nearest door in case a mook comes rushing in.
[01:45:45] <padri_> She walks around the room, touching the walls.
[01:45:51] <padri_> Searching for a way onwards.
[01:45:52] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+3
[01:45:53] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: 2 (4df+3=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[01:45:54] <RogetGMs> There's a boarded up door leading to outside. And a door labeled AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. It has a little fancy MC&D plaque on it.
[01:46:04] <padri_> Then redact.
[01:46:13] <RogetGMs> Anyone with sensitive allergies might be sneezing from the dust.
[01:46:40] <padri_> She turns and looks at Sam expectantly.
[01:46:41] <Sirgoldfish> Dan attempts to walk through the door.
[01:46:43] <Proto_Lost> He holsters his gun once he spots the door. "Well, perfect."
[01:46:44] <Daedalus> Monday examines the plaque and sneezes
[01:47:10] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks up to it. Gun still raised
[01:47:17] <Daedalus> "MC&D?"
[01:47:23] <padri_> "Someone open it."
[01:47:44] <Daedalus> Monday grabs the doorknob
[01:47:46] <Proto_Lost> "Well, thanks to our shooty friend, stealth is fucked up the ass by now."
[01:47:51] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi opens, leading with his gun.
[01:48:05] <ZombieRaptor> "He would have shot us"
[01:48:08] <padri_> It's boarded up. Someone needs to take down the boards.
[01:48:25] <Proto_Lost> Harley'll do it.
[01:48:31] <padri_> Then do it!
[01:48:45] <Proto_Lost> 4df+4 strength roll to tear the boards away.
[01:48:45] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: strength roll to tear the boards away.: 2 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[01:48:59] <Sirgoldfish> "This does not seem like MC&D MO they are more about extravagance"
[01:49:10] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+6 Luvi hits them with his rifle
[01:49:10] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Luvi hits them with his rifle: 6 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[01:49:16] <ZombieRaptor> The boards
[01:49:16] <RogetGMs> only the exit door had boards, not the door with the plaque
[01:49:36] <ZombieRaptor> Oh
[01:49:36] <padri_> oh, then lets open that and go through. That happens.
[01:49:37] <ZombieRaptor> Well
[01:49:41] <RogetGMs> The door leads to a big room… too big for the building. Once you all walk in, you realize it's definitely different. The temperature is too high, and the stairs go on around a big chamber for a dizzying height, going further than the eye can see.
[01:49:42] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi opens that then.
[01:49:47] <ZombieRaptor> He leads in with his rifle.
[01:49:50] <Sirgoldfish> "This place is a shit hole"
[01:49:58] <Jabonicus> Sam looked around, rifle pointed as he looked around.
[01:50:02] <Daedalus> "This place is huge…"
[01:50:03] <padri_> Just stairs in it?
[01:50:04] <Sirgoldfish> "Dan follows"
[01:50:21] <ZombieRaptor> "Jesus" Luvi starts up the stairs
[01:50:21] <Proto_Lost> "…Goddammit why can't any of these be simple."
[01:50:24] <padri_> Laura runs up the stairs, hand on wall.
[01:50:27] <Sirgoldfish> (ignore the qutations)
[01:50:37] <Sirgoldfish> *quotations
[01:50:47] <Daedalus> Monday tries not to think about his leg as he climbs uo the stairs
[01:50:55] <RogetGMs> Laura, you feel yourself growing tired quickly. Exhausted, almost.
[01:51:09] <RogetGMs> And you don't seem to see an end… it just goes on and on and on and on and on and on
[01:51:13] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is in full combat mode. He sprints up the stairs.
[01:51:27] <ZombieRaptor> (This isn't 87 is it?)
[01:51:29] <padri_> She folds up, hands on the stairs in front of her. Roll again?
[01:51:35] <Sirgoldfish> Dan look down.
[01:51:41] <Proto_Lost> "You'd think these rich fucks would be rich enough to buy a goddamn elevator but nope, fuck you they say, as my legs spits out bloody teeth from this fucking staircase." Harley's doing his best to keep up, but fuck if his lungs don't feel like they're burning.
[01:51:43] <RogetGMs> She can roll again
[01:51:46] <padri_> 4df+6 What's with the stairs?
[01:51:47] <Glacon> padri_: What's with the stairs?: 5 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 0, 4-)
[01:51:54] * padri_ is now known as padri
[01:52:31] <Daedalus> "God… Damn… stairs…" Monday is out of breath at this point, his old age catching up with him
[01:53:34] <RogetGMs> Laura… there are no stairs. Everyone is just running in place in an empty room.
[01:53:47] <padri> Is there another way to go?
[01:54:02] <ZombieRaptor> (Tell everyone )
[01:54:10] <padri> (She can't.)
[01:54:19] <RogetGMs> The door you came in looks different now.
[01:54:29] <padri> She turns around and opens it.
[01:54:46] <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows.
[01:55:08] <Jabonicus> Sam looked around. "What the hell…
[01:55:10] <RogetGMs> Dan can't see Laura moving to the door. He sees stairs
[01:55:17] <RogetGMs> Nobody else realizes what's up
[01:55:29] <Sirgoldfish> Redact that.
[01:55:31] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stops "these things don't end!"
[01:55:49] <Jabonicus> Sam continued moving up the 'stairs'
[01:55:54] <padri> Does she see everyone else continuing to run?
[01:55:54] <Proto_Lost> "…fuck me." He says, resting with his hands on his knees.
[01:55:58] <Jabonicus> "Who the hell needs this many stairs?"
[01:56:01] <Proto_Lost> "I call bullshit."
[01:56:06] <RogetGMs> Yep. Like they're in a trance.
[01:56:11] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 Dan looks around where did Laura go?
[01:56:12] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: Dan looks around where did Laura go?: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 4-)
[01:56:14] <padri> "We need to hurry!"
[01:56:16] <ZombieRaptor> "Fuck, this is like bobbles!"
[01:56:19] <Daedalus> Monday sputters curses in german at stairs and the inventor of stairs and whoever put stairs in this building
[01:56:21] <padri> Can they hear her?
[01:56:31] <ZombieRaptor> "I swear to god it's like bobbles"
[01:56:35] <padri> She starts becoming distressed.
[01:56:36] <RogetGMs> Dan, you don't notice Laura being gone in the first place. But they hear you yell… from somewhere up ahead. She must be a fast runner.
[01:56:52] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi starts running "Laura!?"
[01:56:55] <padri> "Come on! This way!"
[01:57:01] <Proto_Lost> Can Harley roll percep to see if some crazy shiznit is up with this thing?
[01:57:02] <Sirgoldfish> "run faster"
[01:57:13] <RogetGMs> Harley would need a high mdef roll
[01:57:15] <padri> She gets more distressed. "You're going the wrong way!"
[01:57:23] <Proto_Lost> Worth a shot
[01:57:27] <RogetGMs> Laura, they all start running faster. Nobody hears the "wrong way" bit.
[01:57:31] <Proto_Lost> 4df+3
[01:57:32] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: 2 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
[01:57:37] <Proto_Lost> Welp
[01:57:43] <padri> She fidgets. She doesn't know what to do.
[01:57:45] <Daedalus> "Frau…" Monday's leg is on fire
[01:58:03] <padri> "Wait and try to figure it out!" She turns to go find Wilson.
[01:58:05] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is just now starting to breath more heavily.
[01:58:08] <Jabonicus> "God damn, it's like boot camp…" Sam said, slowing his walk up the stairs.
[01:58:19] <padri> Do they hear that?
[01:58:32] <RogetGMs> Laura, you open the door and find a row of offices. They do hear that, yes.
[01:58:52] <Proto_Lost> Harley's not going anywhere, his habits pretty much wearing his resistance down.
[01:58:57] <padri> She walks on, cautiously and as fast as she dares. She peeks into the offices as she goes.
[01:58:58] <ZombieRaptor> "What"
[01:59:00] <Daedalus> "Fig… Wha…?"
[01:59:09] <Sirgoldfish> "figure it out they are fucking stairs"
[01:59:15] <ZombieRaptor> "Guys this has to be a bobbles-esquire thing!"
[01:59:19] <ZombieRaptor> "And illusion!"
[01:59:21] <ZombieRaptor> An*
[01:59:26] <Proto_Lost> "She means…it's like…that fucking wall."
[01:59:34] <Proto_Lost> He takes a swig from his sanity flask
[01:59:38] <Jabonicus> "I see stairs and I'm walking on them, you can't touch an illusion."
[01:59:50] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shoots at the stairs.
[01:59:50] <padri> She see anything in the offices?
[01:59:55] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+5 no tag
[01:59:56] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: no tag: 5 (4df+5=0, 3+, 4-, 0)
[02:00:01] <Sirgoldfish> Dan looks behind him to see the ground he has covered.
[02:00:06] <Daedalus> "It isn't.. there if… you don't… believe…"
[02:00:10] <RogetGMs> Only one has the lights on.
[02:00:16] <Jabonicus> Sam looks behind him as well
[02:00:26] <padri> She peeks into it. Can she see what's going on?
[02:00:27] <RogetGMs> You look to be pretty high up. You can't see the floor you started on.
[02:00:35] <RogetGMs> go to #homeimprovement, Laura
[02:00:42] <ZombieRaptor> (Luvi shot at them RogetGMs
[02:00:51] <ZombieRaptor> The stairs anything happen
[02:01:19] <RogetGMs> Luvi, the shot went clear through. How thin are these stairs?
[02:01:26] <Daedalus> Monday closes his eyes and tries to believe the stairs aren't there.
[02:01:32] <ZombieRaptor> "It is an illusion!"
[02:01:37] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stamps on them
[02:01:40] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+6
[02:01:41] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, 3+, 4-)
[02:02:27] <RogetGMs> Luvi, the ground under you collapses, and you feel yourself falling…
[02:02:35] <ZombieRaptor> "Oh god!"
[02:02:46] <Sirgoldfish> Dan looks down the hole.
[02:02:57] <Sirgoldfish> "Oh, shit."
[02:03:00] <Jabonicus> Sam stops, looking down the hole. "Luvi!"
[02:03:01] <Proto_Lost> Does Harley experience the same thing?
[02:03:10] <ZombieRaptor> Does the illusion shatter?
[02:03:34] <RogetGMs> Harley, you blink. You and Luvi are lying on the floor, in this new empty room. Everyone else is staring blankly into space. except Laura, who is… missing.
[02:03:52] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks around, does he see where the offices are?
[02:04:25] <RogetGMs> Luvi can't see the offices, he's still in the room with his hypnotized friends.
[02:04:27] <Proto_Lost> "…mother /fuck/."
[02:04:43] <Daedalus> Monday attempts to keep climbing up the stairs
[02:04:45] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4 perception
[02:04:46] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: perception: 2 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 4-)
[02:04:54] <ZombieRaptor> (God I hate him!)
[02:04:55] <Proto_Lost> He gets up slowly, shaking his head angrily. "Fuck fuck fuck!"
[02:04:59] <RogetGMs> Luvi sees that Monday is drooling.
[02:05:12] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi runs his hands across the walls
[02:05:24] <RogetGMs> They're concrete
[02:05:29] <Sirgoldfish> Dan refuses to go up anymore stairs.
[02:05:29] <Proto_Lost> 4df+8 Eye for Detail| Let the real detective suss it out.
[02:05:30] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: Eye for Detail| Let the real detective suss it out.: 6 (4df+8=4-, 0, 4-, 0)
[02:06:25] <Daedalus> Can I roll Insanity Defense?
[02:06:28] <RogetGMs> Harley, maybe a good slap would sort them out.
[02:06:32] <Jabonicus> Sam still walks up the stairs.
[02:06:34] <RogetGMs> You can roll insanity defense
[02:06:44] <Daedalus> 4df+5
[02:06:45] <Glacon> Daedalus: 5 (4df+5=4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[02:06:59] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4 Luvi looks around again
[02:06:59] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Luvi looks around again: 3 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
[02:07:04] <Proto_Lost> He smiles, suddenly struck with a bright idea. He heads over to Sam, and gives him a rough slap.
[02:07:13] <Proto_Lost> "Get up!"
[02:07:18] <Proto_Lost> "Luvi, get to the door!"
[02:07:36] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi goes to the door (if it's there?)
[02:07:49] <RogetGMs> Everyone hears Laura scream. Those of you who weren't unhypnotized are now. Especially Sam. He's the most unhypnotized of all.
[02:07:51] <RogetGMs> The door is there.
[02:08:05] <Jabonicus> Sam looks around, cussing before going to the door.
[02:08:12] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi opens it and runs to where he hears the scream
[02:08:14] <Sirgoldfish> Dan looks around again.
[02:08:21] <Daedalus> Did my roll work?
[02:08:24] <ZombieRaptor> Go to HI?
[02:08:27] <Proto_Lost> "Oh jesus." He runs to the door, fists at the ready.
[02:08:32] <RogetGMs> yup
[02:08:53] <Jabonicus> Sam readies his wrench
[02:08:57] <Daedalus> Monday follows luvi
[02:08:58] <Sirgoldfish> (Can I tag megalomania? since this is people trying to control him
[02:09:33] <RogetGMs> Dan is fine now.
[02:10:04] <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows them.

Home Improvement Unified Run
[02:09:19] <RogetGMs> Everyone coming to the lit door sees Laura and Wilson with machine guns being pointed at them. Wilson is tied to a chair, with an arm covered in blood. They immediately point guns at Wilson and Laura when Luvi yells.
[02:09:23] <Daedalus> Monday pulls out his gun
[02:09:25] <RogetGMs> "I don't think so, mate."
[02:09:36] <padri> Laura looks terrified.
[02:09:41] <padri> Scared shitless.
[02:09:43] <Proto_Lost> Harley moves to the side, aiming for some cover so her can flank them.
[02:09:51] <Wixelt> Wilson closes his eyes…
[02:09:59] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi aims at the one pointed at Laura.
[02:10:04] <RogetGMs> "Take one step and her brains are going to be splattered into his empty skull."
[02:10:11] <ZombieRaptor> "Do you want to die?"
[02:10:24] <ZombieRaptor> "You kill her and I will torture you…"
[02:10:28] <Wixelt> 4df+2 strength.
[02:10:28] <Glacon> Wixelt: strength.: 2 (4df+2=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[02:10:30] <padri> Laura looks to Luvi. ~I'm so sorry.~
[02:10:34] <Daedalus> "Careful… you don't know who you're dealing with here…" Monday gesture to Luvi
[02:10:40] <Wixelt> conspicously
[02:10:50] <Wixelt> *in-
[02:10:58] <RogetGMs> "Mare, if you think I haven't been tortured befroe, you don't know me."
[02:11:03] <RogetGMs> 4df+4 noticing the moving
[02:11:04] <Glacon> RogetGMs: noticing the moving: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
[02:11:14] <Wixelt> Wilson gives up.
[02:11:20] <ZombieRaptor> "I know many ways to torture a man… I am German.."
[02:11:26] <Daedalus> "I've seen this man kill another just for shoving him…"
[02:11:27] <RogetGMs> "Knock that off!" the non-fox eyed man to Wilson.
[02:11:33] <RogetGMs> "That's nice."
[02:11:38] <RogetGMs> They don't seem intimidated.
[02:11:51] <Proto_Lost> Harley finds it prudent not to mention how he got his ass laid out by a teenager.
[02:12:04] <ZombieRaptor> "Do you really think you're going to get away? There's nowhere to fucking go!"
[02:12:05] <Jabonicus> Sam walked in, wanting to know what's happening.
[02:12:07] <Wixelt> Are wilson's hands loose enough to grab anything from his pockets.
[02:12:12] <RogetGMs> Yes
[02:12:17] <Daedalus> "You kill them, then what? This man goes to town on both of your asses…:
[02:12:31] <Proto_Lost> How far away are these guys? Can Harley possibly tackle the one aiming at Laura?
[02:12:33] <Wixelt> Will the men notice?
[02:12:39] <RogetGMs> "If you touch us, you, your employers, and their backers are deader than dead."
[02:12:41] <padri> She /really/ hopes they won't actually let her get killed first. She has to get back home to Katie.
[02:13:00] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi whispers to Harley "can you kill the one on the left?"
[02:13:09] <RogetGMs> Possibly. Harley, they're not close to the door. They're in the back.
[02:13:25] <ZombieRaptor> "With a gun.."
[02:13:50] <Proto_Lost> "…Keep them busy, otherwise I'm dead before I get to them." He whispers back. "You're the sniper…I better at hitting things."
[02:13:54] <Wixelt> What are the odds?
[02:13:56] <Jabonicus> Sam slowly walked over to Luvi. "What's going on?"
[02:14:03] <RogetGMs> "Now, all we want to know is who you lot are working for. How you discovered this operation. And how you came to find us?"
[02:14:05] <ZombieRaptor> "Hostage"
[02:14:16] <RogetGMs> Wilson, it'd be a sneak roll vs a perception roll.
[02:14:20] <ZombieRaptor> "We didn't come to find you fucking idiot"
[02:14:32] <ZombieRaptor> "If was a vacation fucknut"
[02:14:33] <ZombieRaptor> It*
[02:14:42] <Wixelt> nvm, i don't have sneak.
[02:14:42] <ZombieRaptor> "And you sure fucking ruined it"
[02:14:49] <RogetGMs> "Don't bullshit us. People don't get flown out to a place like this for no bloody reason."
[02:14:57] <padri> Sam, a gun's pointed at Laura and one at Wilson. They have a standoff.
[02:15:01] <padri> It's very dangerous.
[02:15:02] <Sirgoldfish> (I am sorry I had to I am back now what did I miss)
[02:15:08] <Sirgoldfish> *go
[02:15:09] <ZombieRaptor> "We were here to relax"
[02:15:27] <Daedalus> "We can discuss this like gentlemen…"
[02:15:36] <ZombieRaptor> "We were buying a child a toy when you decided to kidnap El-that guy"
[02:15:44] <RogetGMs> "I don't buy that shit. Who do you work for? The Coalition? A nutter church? What?"
[02:16:04] <padri> Can I roll pers to convince them it's the truth?
[02:16:05] <Proto_Lost> "Kraut, it's time we tell them…we're fucked up six ways to Sunday anyway."
[02:16:06] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi whispers "should we tell them?"
[02:16:20] <Daedalus> Monday pulls the toy he bought earlier out of his jacket "We're telling the truth, see?"
[02:16:36] <RogetGMs> Is Dan standing by the door?
[02:16:56] <Sirgoldfish> (I followed them)
[02:16:57] <Proto_Lost> "Put that back in your coat, I'm coming clean with these guys."
[02:17:01] <padri> 4df+5 mother|"She's my daughter! Please!"
[02:17:01] <Glacon> padri: mother|"She's my daughter! Please!": 6 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
[02:17:06] <padri> *assuming she can
[02:17:12] <ZombieRaptor> "We work for The Foundation."
[02:17:14] <RogetGMs> One of them sees Dan "… Is that Pinkerton?"
[02:17:16] <Wixelt> Who are the guards looking at right now?
[02:17:22] <RogetGMs> "What the fuck is a Foundation?"
[02:17:24] <RogetGMs> at the door
[02:17:25] <Daedalus> Monday puts the doll back
[02:17:38] <RogetGMs> "Dan Pinkerton… you're one of ours, aren't you?"
[02:17:45] <RogetGMs> "I have an idea, I think."
[02:17:46] <ZombieRaptor> "/The/ Foundation"
[02:18:05] <Jabonicus> Sam stayed quiet
[02:18:16] <padri> Laura shakes her head at Luvi. ~Please don't~
[02:18:26] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+8 bluff and smooth talker "Pinker Who"
[02:18:26] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: bluff and smooth talker "Pinker Who": 7 (4df+8=4-, 3+, 0, 4-)
[02:18:29] <Proto_Lost> "…Luvi you're a fucking retard you know that?"
[02:18:40] <ZombieRaptor> "You fucks told me to tell them"
[02:18:46] <RogetGMs> fox eyed man "I repeat, what the fuck is a Foundation?" other "I'll trade the girl for Daniel Pinkerton. He's one of ours gone missing."
[02:19:02] <Wixelt> "The files…"
[02:19:09] <ZombieRaptor> "Fuck fine, I lied, we are coalition."
[02:19:24] <Proto_Lost> "I had a plan you goddamn- nevermind, we'll be over this later." He looks to the fox-eyed man. "How about we get them both back, and we can all settle for a round of drinks on me."
[02:19:46] <RogetGMs> "Why are you interfering with our business, then? We have a non-aggression pact."
[02:19:54] <Daedalus> "What?"
[02:19:56] <padri> Laura is trying not to ask to be traded for Pink. But she really wants them to say yes.
[02:20:13] <ZombieRaptor> "You kidnapped out partner"
[02:20:29] <ZombieRaptor> "We had to act upon it, you forced our hand"
[02:20:37] <Proto_Lost> Think Harley, think. "…yeah, we were under the assumption we'd be allowed some safe passage round these parts."
[02:20:39] <Sirgoldfish> "Look gentle men gentle men. I am sure we can figure this out"
[02:20:41] <RogetGMs> The fox eyed man gives a frustrated groan. "You showed up unannounced in our territory!"
[02:20:49] <Wixelt> 4df+2 strength, 1 last try…
[02:20:50] <Glacon> Wixelt: strength, 1 last try…: 4 (4df+2=3+, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[02:21:09] <ZombieRaptor> "We were relaxing by the pond!"
[02:21:13] <RogetGMs> Wilson frees one arm from the ropes.
[02:21:37] <Wixelt> Wilson reaches into his pokcet for his utility knife.
[02:21:42] <Wixelt> *pocket.
[02:21:50] <Jabonicus> Sam looked around for something to help with the situation.
[02:21:52] <ZombieRaptor> (Kill on one left)
[02:22:00] <RogetGMs> "Bull-fucking-shit!" The fox eyed man is clearly getting tired of this. He points his gun at Laura's eyes. "Either give us Pinkerton, or she dies right now."
[02:22:10] <padri> Laura screams.
[02:22:32] <Wixelt> Can Wilson cut the rope with his knife.
[02:22:42] <ZombieRaptor> "Dan?"
[02:22:43] <Proto_Lost> 4df+5 can harley see wilson getting free?
[02:22:43] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: can harley see wilson getting free?: 3 (4df+5=0, 4-, 4-, 0)
[02:22:56] <padri> She covers her mouth to try to keep herself from angering Mr Has-Gun
[02:23:01] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi whispered btw
[02:23:05] <RogetGMs> he can, and harley cannot. It will take a bit, Wilson.
[02:23:18] <RogetGMs> "Ten… nine… eight… seven…"
[02:23:25] <ZombieRaptor> "Dan go!"
[02:23:31] <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes.
[02:23:41] <Wixelt> Can I throw the knife at anyone?
[02:23:45] <RogetGMs> "Five…. I knew you'd make the right choice. On your knees."
[02:23:55] <RogetGMs> Not without attracting some attention.
[02:24:00] <Wixelt> Ok…
[02:24:01] <Daedalus> "What about our friend?"
[02:24:08] <Proto_Lost> "Now, hand her over."
[02:24:09] <padri> Laura runs away and straight to Luvi. She throws her arms around him.
[02:24:25] <Sirgoldfish> (Should I shoot the fucker?)
[02:24:29] <Jabonicus> "What the hell are we going to do…"
[02:24:32] <Proto_Lost> Harley frowns, he didn't like compromising with the enemy, but at least Laura was safe.
[02:24:46] <Wixelt> Wilson attempts to cut the rope.
[02:24:47] <Proto_Lost> "…Wilson too."
[02:24:50] <RogetGMs> "I said on your knees, Pinkerton."
[02:24:59] <ZombieRaptor> Is their aim at San?
[02:25:00] <ZombieRaptor> Dan
[02:25:14] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi hugs Laura briefly before having to raise his rifle again.
[02:25:14] <RogetGMs> They're aiming at Dan, yes. Wilson is being ignored at the moment.
[02:25:25] <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes to his.
[02:25:36] <Wixelt> Wilson continues to cut.
[02:25:36] <Sirgoldfish> *knees
[02:25:41] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi aims at one, ready to rake across them.
[02:25:45] <RogetGMs> Wilson, your arm is burning in pain. but you cut through the ropes. You are free.
[02:25:45] <padri> She lets go of Luvi and backs off a little before falling to her knees.
[02:25:50] <Daedalus> Can I use the bird to distract them?
[02:25:55] <RogetGMs> Sure
[02:25:55] <Jabonicus> Sam looked up at the men. "Is it worth it?" He said, trying to distract them.
[02:26:15] <Proto_Lost> He whispers to Luvi. "…shoot them."
[02:26:38] <Daedalus> 4df+4 "Anna!"
[02:26:39] <Glacon> Daedalus: "Anna!": 7 (4df+4=3+, 0, 3+, 3+)
[02:27:17] <RogetGMs> They yell out in surprise, firing at the bird and everyone else. Roll agility to not get shot by a stray bullet
[02:27:21] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+10 Luvi opens fire suddenly and suprisingly, firing several bursts into each man's center of mass.
[02:27:21] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Luvi opens fire suddenly and suprisingly, firing several bursts into each man's center of mass.: 9 (4df+10=0, 0, 4-, 0)
[02:27:23] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 Dan grabs his 357 and shoots the man.
[02:27:23] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: Dan grabs his 357 and shoots the man.: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 4-, 0)
[02:27:30] <Wixelt> 4df+2
[02:27:30] <Glacon> Wixelt: 2 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[02:27:33] <Daedalus> 4df+2 gah
[02:27:33] <Glacon> Daedalus: gah: 3 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 3+, 0)
[02:27:36] <Proto_Lost> 4df+3 oh man
[02:27:36] <RogetGMs> 4df+5 ow bullets
[02:27:36] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: oh man: 4 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
[02:27:37] <Glacon> RogetGMs: ow bullets: 6 (4df+5=0, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[02:27:39] <padri> 4df+4 no! I just got released!
[02:27:39] <Glacon> padri: no! I just got released!: 6 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[02:27:41] <RogetGMs> Dan misses
[02:27:47] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4
[02:27:48] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, 4-, 4-)
[02:27:50] <RogetGMs> 4df+5 pop pop pop watching bitches drop
[02:27:50] <Glacon> RogetGMs: pop pop pop watching bitches drop: 2 (4df+5=0, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[02:28:00] <Jabonicus> 4df+2
[02:28:01] <Glacon> Jabonicus: -1 (4df+2=4-, 4-, 0, 4-)
[02:28:05] <ZombieRaptor> (Fuck glacon to hell!)
[02:28:06] <ZombieRaptor> (Oh)
[02:28:37] <Wixelt> (We're screwed)
[02:28:45] <RogetGMs> Sam, pdef
[02:28:59] <Sirgoldfish> 4df for agility
[02:29:00] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: for agility: 2 (4df=3+, 3+, 0, 0)
[02:29:15] <Sirgoldfish> =4
[02:29:20] <Sirgoldfish> +4
[02:29:28] <Sirgoldfish> opps.
[02:29:55] <Sirgoldfish> (should I re roll for agility or is just 6)
[02:30:06] <Jabonicus> 4df+5
[02:30:07] <Glacon> Jabonicus: 4 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 0, 4-)
[02:30:08] <padri> (just 6)
[02:30:11] <RogetGMs> The fox eyed man groans as Luvi hits him, then hits a button in his jacket. Immediately, the papers in the room begin to smoke, and burst into flames. Wilson! Dan! It's on fire!
[02:30:17] <RogetGMs> 4df+5 Samuel's pain
[02:30:18] <Glacon> RogetGMs: Samuel's pain: 5 (4df+5=0, 3+, 4-, 0)
[02:30:30] <RogetGMs> Samuel suffers a grazing wound, -1 body.
[02:30:43] <padri> Laura cries out. This isn't good!"
[02:30:54] <Proto_Lost> Harley moves toward the other man, preparing to deck him if he's still got any ideas.
[02:31:02] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi drops his machine gun and whips out his pistol, continuing to fire at the other man
[02:31:06] <padri> -"
[02:31:06] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+10
[02:31:06] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 12 (4df+10=4-, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[02:31:08] <RogetGMs> The man stands ramrod stiff
[02:31:14] <Jabonicus> "Shit!" Sam yells, taking a step back.
[02:31:17] <Wixelt> Wilson stands fromhis chair.
[02:31:28] <RogetGMs> As Luvi's bullets impact him, he explodes into red hot ash. Harley, pdef for burns
[02:31:33] <Daedalus> Did my raven survive?
[02:31:41] <ZombieRaptor> "what the fuck!"
[02:31:41] <Proto_Lost> 4df+3
[02:31:42] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: 2 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 0, 4-)
[02:31:56] <RogetGMs> The room is now almost engulfed in fire. The raven is back with Monday.
[02:32:01] <RogetGMs> 4df+5 fire!
[02:32:01] <Glacon> RogetGMs: fire!: 4 (4df+5=0, 4-, 0, 0)
[02:32:03] <Wixelt> W
[02:32:08] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi runs in and tries to put out the fires (what should I roll?)
[02:32:13] <RogetGMs> -1 body Harley. The ash stings and burns the skin.
[02:32:13] <Wixelt> (redact that)
[02:32:17] <RogetGMs> What does he put it out with?
[02:32:18] <Daedalus> "We have to go, now!"
[02:32:27] <ZombieRaptor> Redact
[02:32:29] <padri> Laura searches herself for anything useful. All she has is a small vial of pond water.
[02:32:38] <RogetGMs> The fox eyed man dissolves into ash as well.
[02:32:43] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi grabs as many unburnt documents as he can and gets out.
[02:32:52] <Daedalus> Monday follows
[02:32:52] <Wixelt> Wilson moves to the others.
[02:33:03] <padri> Laura stands and starts stumbling down the hall.
[02:33:07] <Proto_Lost> "Aggghhh fuck fuck fuck!" He says, running with the others.
[02:33:14] <RogetGMs> The entire building is engulfed in flames. The floor in front of you collapses in a smokey, burning mass.
[02:33:24] <Proto_Lost> "…Perfect!
[02:33:25] <Proto_Lost> "
[02:33:28] <Wixelt> Wilson moves quickly as he can. His arm isn't helping.
[02:33:29] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi follows shortly afterwards, hands full of papers.
[02:33:30] <RogetGMs> Your eyes water from the smoke.
[02:33:30] <padri> Laura turns and tries the other way.
[02:33:40] <RogetGMs> The fire is too intense behind you.
[02:33:42] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 Does Dan notice anything
[02:33:42] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: Does Dan notice anything: 6 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[02:33:51] <RogetGMs> Dan sees the hole leads to the first floor, where you came in.
[02:34:09] <Daedalus> "Is this an illusion?!" Monday shouts
[02:34:09] <Wixelt> 4df+6 does Wilson notice anything?
[02:34:10] <Glacon> Wixelt: does Wilson notice anything?: 6 (4df+6=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[02:34:20] <Jabonicus> Sam began running.
[02:34:25] <RogetGMs> Wilson sees the same hole leading to the first floor
[02:34:39] <Sirgoldfish> "Come lets jump down this hole it is our best chance"
[02:34:48] <Wixelt> Wilson nods.
[02:34:48] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi follows the other "Over here!"
[02:34:53] <padri> Laura shakes her head, then runs over to the hole.
[02:35:05] <Daedalus> Monday runs as well
[02:35:06] <Sirgoldfish> Dan jumps down.
[02:35:12] <Daedalus> Monday follows
[02:35:14] <Wixelt> Wilson follows.
[02:35:17] <RogetGMs> Dan lands on the dead guy from earlier.
[02:35:19] <padri> Laura is scared to jump down. She faulters.
[02:35:31] <Proto_Lost> "Laura come on!"
[02:35:33] <Jabonicus> Sam got seperated, and has no idea where he is going.
[02:35:39] <Wixelt> "Laura! Jump!"
[02:35:41] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stomps the mans the mans head in.
[02:35:48] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+6 "Fuck you!"
[02:35:48] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: "Fuck you!": 8 (4df+6=3+, 3+, 0, 0)
[02:35:50] <padri> Laura squeezes her eyes shut and jumps.
[02:35:52] <RogetGMs> Laura, the fire is burning behind you. The flames lick at your heels. Sam, you see Laura ahead of you, and hear the others shouting
[02:35:54] <Wixelt> "Where the hell is Sa,?!"
[02:35:59] <Wixelt> *Sam
[02:36:08] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi catches Laura
[02:36:09] <RogetGMs> Laura, you land hard on the hot ground. Ouch.
[02:36:12] <RogetGMs> or not
[02:36:14] <Jabonicus> "Right here!" Sam shouted, covering his mouth from the smoke as he ran.
[02:36:21] <Proto_Lost> He waits for Sam, seeing him a good distance away. He waves him over. "GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!"
[02:36:22] <RogetGMs> Sam, do you jump?
[02:36:23] <Sirgoldfish> Dan stands and runs the way he came.
[02:36:24] <padri> She wraps her arms around Luvi again, very scared.
[02:36:31] <Jabonicus> Sam jumps, what roll?
[02:36:36] <ZombieRaptor> RogetGMs does the mans head explode from my boot?"
[02:36:40] <RogetGMs> just jump
[02:36:52] <Jabonicus> Sam jumps.
[02:36:54] <RogetGMs> Luvi, the mans head totally explodes from your boot. You get gross all over your foot.
[02:36:55] <Wixelt> Wilson
[02:36:55] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi holds onto her and runs down the hallway
[02:37:00] <padri> Somewhere in the back of her mind, she hopes no one saw up her skirt.
[02:37:01] <Wixelt> (redact that)
[02:37:05] <RogetGMs> Who catches Sam?
[02:37:11] <Proto_Lost> Harley jumps after Sam, after making sure everyone was in.
[02:37:24] <Jabonicus> Sam's foot catches Sam
[02:37:26] <padri> Sam doesn't need catching. : P
[02:37:41] <Daedalus> Monday follows, praying that he doesn't die here
[02:37:49] <ZombieRaptor> "Come on Laura" Luvi starts running with her.
[02:37:56] <Wixelt> Wilson limps for it.
[02:37:59] <padri> She nods, burying her face in his shoulder.
[02:38:02] <RogetGMs> Sam lands like a cat. Everyone, the front door is still bolted shut, but it's burning and the boards are weak.
[02:38:24] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi lets go of her and unleashes hell on it with his gun
[02:38:27] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+10
[02:38:28] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 10 (4df+10=0, 0, 0, 0)
[02:38:28] <Jabonicus> Sam pulls up his wrench. "MOVE!" He shouted, swinging at the door. Roll strength?
[02:38:31] <Wixelt> 4df+6 Perception
[02:38:32] <Glacon> Wixelt: Perception: 3 (4df+6=4-, 0, 4-, 4-)
[02:38:32] <Daedalus> "Herr Harkess, some force would be appreciated at this point."
[02:38:40] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shot at it
[02:38:41] <Proto_Lost> Harley moves beside Laura, keeping her safe.
[02:38:56] <padri> Laura stumbles as she falls. She moves back into Harley, seeking safety.
[02:39:03] * StupeiAceDefect has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
[02:39:04] <ZombieRaptor> I didn't let her drop?
[02:39:08] <RogetGMs> Luvi shoots the shit out of the door. Boards splinter, but not all of them. Sam, roll melee
[02:39:10] <ZombieRaptor> I set her on her feet
[02:39:12] <padri> oh, then redact.
[02:39:16] <Jabonicus> 4df+5
[02:39:17] <Glacon> Jabonicus: 4 (4df+5=0, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[02:39:27] <padri> she still moves back into harley, seeking safety.
[02:39:49] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi lightly grabs her wrist, not seeing Harley there "Lets get to the door!"
[02:39:54] <Wixelt> "Damnit, I can't see for the smoke"
[02:39:58] <ZombieRaptor> Cause they are not really very close to it
[02:40:01] <RogetGMs> Sam smashes the door open. You all hear the ceiling groan, on the brink of collaping on you.
[02:40:04] <padri> She lets him pull her along, running after him.
[02:40:11] <Wixelt> Wilson limps for it.
[02:40:12] <Daedalus> Monday runs out the door
[02:40:19] <Proto_Lost> Harley just shakes his head and follows. "Cockstroking asshole."
[02:40:22] <Jabonicus> Sam runs out the door, his arm bleeding.
[02:40:27] <Sirgoldfish> Dan runs for the exit.
[02:41:02] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi and Laura fly out the door!
[02:41:09] <ZombieRaptor> Figuratively of course
[02:41:31] <RogetGMs> As soon as everyone busts out, the whole thing comes down like a deck of cards. Luvi and Laura barely get outta there!
[02:41:33] <Wixelt> Wilson limps out of the door, he falls to his knees.
[02:41:38] <RogetGMs> *THWOOSH*
[02:41:48] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stops "Jeez"
[02:41:53] <Wixelt> "Christ…"
[02:42:04] <ZombieRaptor> He pulls out a stack of documents he took from his suit.
[02:42:05] <Daedalus> Monday looks back at the building "Christ on a bicycle…"
[02:42:06] <RogetGMs> Surprisingly, the locals don't seem to have even come out of their houses. Nobody seems to care.
[02:42:11] <ZombieRaptor> Are they any good intel?
[02:42:13] <padri> Laura looks totally out of it.
[02:42:25] <Sirgoldfish> "Almost becoming a slave. not as fun as it sounds"
[02:42:26] <Proto_Lost> He's breathing hard, looking back at the wreckage. "…man, I don't remember the last time I charged out of a building like that."
[02:42:32] <Wixelt> "Dan, one of the files is about you…"
[02:42:39] <RogetGMs> They detail some sort of product shipping to the town… beyond that, he can't make heads or tails of it.
[02:42:40] <Daedalus> "Are you alright, Herr Wilson?"
[02:42:41] <ZombieRaptor> "The church Harley"
[02:42:49] <Wixelt> "I saw it…"
[02:43:00] <Proto_Lost> "I know, I was speaking figuratively."
[02:43:02] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi decides he'll hand it over to the administrator.
[02:43:08] <Sirgoldfish> "Wilson may I see it?"
[02:43:16] <Wixelt> "I'm fine, just a flesh wound" It's clearly worse than that.
[02:43:27] <Jabonicus> Sam turned to them. "What now?"
[02:43:28] <ZombieRaptor> "Man.. Those fucks got my suit singed.." Laura, Wilson, are you both alright?"
[02:43:47] <Daedalus> Monday checks on his bird
[02:43:52] <Wixelt> "See what?"
[02:44:04] <Proto_Lost> Your suit got singed? Harley's gray suit now looks like someone fought a war with it…though his hat remains immaculate for some reason.
[02:44:10] <Sirgoldfish> "oh, you did not get the doc"
[02:44:19] <Sirgoldfish> "Damn"
[02:44:24] <Daedalus> "Frau Moodie, may I have a moment…"
[02:44:27] <Wixelt> "I thought Luvi got it"
[02:44:29] <padri> Laura just looks at him for a minute. She's not sure.
[02:44:30] <ZombieRaptor> "I really really want to swim now…"
[02:44:38] <ZombieRaptor> "Fuck fire…"
[02:44:47] <padri> She turns to Monday. "I …"
[02:45:07] <Daedalus> Monday takes out the doll from his pocket "Here…"
[02:45:10] <ZombieRaptor> "I don't want to ever do an op again, with this damn neck brace."
[02:45:16] <Daedalus> He gives it to her
[02:45:22] <Sirgoldfish> "Luvi did you get it?"
[02:45:23] <padri> She reaches out and takes it, clutching it tightly.
[02:45:29] <ZombieRaptor> "Get what ?"
[02:45:31] <Wixelt> "Stupid goons… Took one step into the bar and they mugged me…"
[02:45:40] <Sirgoldfish> "The doc about me"
[02:45:51] <ZombieRaptor> "I grabbed a lot of them"
[02:45:55] <Daedalus> "I was going to give it to you when we got back, as sort of an apology for earlier, but…"
[02:45:56] <Proto_Lost> "Yeah, that's what you get for going into a bar without me, you fucking pansy."
[02:46:01] <ZombieRaptor> Does he have it RogetGMs ?
[02:46:12] <RogetGMs> A couple people come up from the snow… led by none other than The Administrator himself. "What's, uh, what's going on here?"
[02:46:13] <RogetGMs> he does
[02:46:15] <padri> "Thank you." She doesn't even remember about earlier at that moment.
[02:46:27] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shuffles through them
[02:46:32] <ZombieRaptor> "Yes.."
[02:46:40] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi hands it over.
[02:46:48] <ZombieRaptor> "Give it back later"
[02:46:56] <ZombieRaptor> "The admin will want to see this"
[02:47:00] <Daedalus> Monday nods "Take care of her…" Monday heads over to the admin
[02:47:02] <Jabonicus> "I knew there was a god damn twist!" Sam shouted, storming over to the Administrator.
[02:47:04] <Proto_Lost> He approaches the Admin with a little salute. "Goodevening kiddo, and if it's not obvious, we just brought down the building."
[02:47:06] <ZombieRaptor> "Sir!"
[02:47:09] <Sirgoldfish> "Thank you. I will flip through it later"
[02:47:10] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi hands the Admin papers.
[02:47:30] <Sirgoldfish> redcact that then
[02:47:42] <RogetGMs> "So… you go, uh, on a mission to a duck pond, and uncover…" he shuffles through the papers. "An anomalous smuggling operation. Color, uh, consider me impressed."
[02:47:43] <padri> Laura just sort of looks. She needs to see Katie again before everything will be all right.
[02:47:47] <ZombieRaptor> "A teammate was kidnapped so we rescued him.. MCD"
[02:48:01] <Daedalus> "The men in there, they mentioned a 'non-aggression pact', What does that mean?"
[02:48:11] <ZombieRaptor> "Sir… You said nothing would happen."
[02:48:30] <Proto_Lost> "It means that MCD and the GOC won't fuck with one another Monday."
[02:48:37] <ZombieRaptor> "I had to kill 3 people while having a broken neck"
[02:48:43] <RogetGMs> "… IBelieve me, I didn't expect this. We had, uh, no idea Marshall's men were down here."
[02:49:03] <Wixelt> "Marshall?"
[02:49:10] <Sirgoldfish> "I almost got enslaved sir"
[02:49:15] <Wixelt> Wilson staggers over to them.
[02:49:32] <ZombieRaptor> "Elliot is injured"
[02:49:37] <Proto_Lost> "…Marshall, Carter and Dark, yeah? I didn't think they'd be this far in…you need to update your files sir."
[02:49:45] <Sirgoldfish> Dan still has the dock about him.
[02:49:50] <Sirgoldfish> *Doc
[02:50:02] <padri> Laura presses the doll close to her and listens carefully to everything that's happening.
[02:50:18] <ZombieRaptor> "Are any of the documents I retrieves from the burning building any clue as to what's happening sir?"
[02:50:22] <Jabonicus> Sam sat down, angry.
[02:50:44] <Daedalus> Monday sits on a nearby bench, exausted
[02:50:47] <padri> "May we go home, sir?" She sounds almost forlorn.
[02:50:52] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is a soldier, he doesn't show much emotion in front of his commander.
[02:50:53] <RogetGMs> "We can."
[02:51:01] <RogetGMs> The Administrator leads them back to the plane
[02:51:17] <Proto_Lost> Harley's just pissed he wasn't the star player in this one.
[02:51:18] <Daedalus> Monday follows
[02:51:20] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi huffs.
[02:51:30] <Wixelt> Wilson limps after them,
[02:51:31] <ZombieRaptor> Is his bottle of schnapps not broken?
[02:51:34] <padri> Laura walks.
[02:51:50] <ZombieRaptor> He had it in a small case on him.
[02:51:55] <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes to the plane.
[02:51:59] <Proto_Lost> He follows after the gang, taking a swig from his sanity whiskey.
[02:52:59] <ZombieRaptor> RogetGMs, is his schnapps intact?
[02:53:09] <RogetGMs> The shnapps…. are intact. Hallelujah
[02:53:32] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi brings out the bottle "My schnapps are intact! Who wants a drink?"
[02:53:35] <Sirgoldfish> Dan takes one and chugs it whole.
[02:53:43] <Proto_Lost> "No fucking thanks."
[02:53:49] <Wixelt> Wilson raises his hand.
[02:53:51] * DrEridanus has joined #homeimprovement
[02:53:52] <ZombieRaptor> "Laura? admin?"
[02:54:03] <ZombieRaptor> "Admin… What is your actual name?"
[02:54:04] <padri> Laura looks at it. If someone handed her one, she would drink it.
[02:54:06] <Daedalus> "Oh god, yes"
[02:54:29] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi pours glasses and hands them to Monday and Laura
[02:54:30] * DrEridanus has quit (Quit: DrEridanus)
[02:54:34] <ZombieRaptor> It is very high quality
[02:54:37] <RogetGMs> They are at the plane. The Administrator ignores Luvi, and boards. This plane is /much/ nicer, but only seats a few. Michael and a few aides are waiting on board.
[02:54:53] <RogetGMs> "Hey! You're alive! That is literally fantastic news!"
[02:55:04] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks at Michael "Hello Fulton"
[02:55:13] <ZombieRaptor> "want some schnapps?"
[02:55:16] <Wixelt> Wilson stumbles onto the plane.
[02:55:18] <Jabonicus> Sam sat in a seat, his arm still bleeding.
[02:55:26] <RogetGMs> "Hey! It is literally a pleasure to see you. No thanks. Drinking kills the soul."
[02:55:36] <padri> She takes a drink. She climbs into the plane shaking her head, not used to drink, but drinks the rest anyway.
[02:55:42] <Wixelt> "Actually Luvi, I wouldn#t mind aglass."
[02:55:46] <Sirgoldfish> Dan flips through the docs about himself to see if notices anything about him his family and friends.
[02:55:48] <Wixelt> *Wouldn't
[02:55:50] <RogetGMs> an aide gently wraps Sam's arm, and Wilson's melted forearm.
[02:56:06] <Daedalus> "Good evening, Herr Fulton." Monday takes a drink and sits in the plane, silently thanking god
[02:56:11] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi pours a glass and hands it over
[02:56:11] <ZombieRaptor> 1/4 bottle is left
[02:56:13] <Jabonicus> "So Wilson, what happened to you?"
[02:56:19] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi repeats the name questionto the admin.
[02:56:32] <RogetGMs> Once they're all on board, the plane takes off. Very smoothly. It is a bit crowded, though.
[02:56:39] <RogetGMs> The Administrator ignores Luvi.
[02:57:00] <Sirgoldfish> (should I roll precep?)
[02:57:05] <Wixelt> "I went to the bar to find one of you, and they jumped me"
[02:57:14] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi asks Fulton "Why does he refuse to tell me his name?"
[02:57:16] * RickAstley has joined #homeimprovement
[02:57:49] <Wixelt> "When I woke up I was in that room, and they wanted to know who I was working for"
[02:58:20] <Wixelt> "They had this weird vibrating skin thing which they used to melt my skin"
[02:58:43] <Daedalus> Monday injects himself with anesthetic, and is asleep for the rest of the trip.
[02:58:45] <RogetGMs> Fulton ignores him too
[02:59:00] <Proto_Lost> Harley decides to get some shut-eye.
[02:59:02] <Jabonicus> "Ouch. I just got shot."
[02:59:04] <RogetGMs> They soon land in the air force base… and sooner than that, they return to the base in #origins-ic
[02:59:07] * RickAstley has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[02:59:13] <Wixelt> "I refused to tell them who I was working for, and held out like that until you lot arrived."

Post-Run Soft RP
[02:59:37] <Daedalus> Monday arrives groggily
[02:59:51] <Jabonicus> Sam heads to the cafeteria.
[03:00:01] * ihp has left #origins-ic ()
[03:00:08] <Daedalus> Monday heads to the common room
[03:00:28] <padri> Laura walks down the hall.
[03:00:35] <Daedalus> he sits in a chair and watches the cat
[03:00:38] <Wixelt> Wilson enters the base, he's limping, and the skin on one his arms appears half melted.
[03:00:44] <padri> Katie notices Monday and says, "Where's Momma?"
[03:00:46] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks to Laura "Are you alright?"
[03:01:02] <Wixelt> Though it's hard to tell because it's wrapped
[03:01:12] <Daedalus> "She's coming, dear, she's just down the hall."
[03:01:32] <Wixelt> Wilson limps past Monday and Katie.
[03:01:42] <padri> Laura turns to Luvi.She's in shock. They told her it would be dangerous, but she didn't /get/ it yet.
[03:01:59] <padri> Katie runs out the door with Marge, sees her mom, and runs over to her. "Momma!"
[03:02:02] * TeslaTornado has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[03:02:17] <Daedalus> "Herr Wilson, Should you get that checked out?" He points at his arm
[03:02:19] <Proto_Lost> Harley has gone into his room for a good long drinking session with reality and why it keeps fucking him over with illusions.
[03:02:27] <ZombieRaptor> "That was a rough op, I guess your lucky you didn't have to contain bobbles first like I did though "
[03:02:33] <padri> Laura turns around, falls to her knees, and wraps her arms around Katie in one fluid motion. "Katie!"
[03:02:58] <RogetGMs> Katie will notice her mother smells like gunpowder, smoke, and fear
[03:03:11] <padri> Katie also won't let anyone know she notices this.
[03:03:15] <Wixelt> "I was actually on my way the medical bay right nwo"
[03:03:24] <Sirgoldfish> Dan walks into the common.
[03:03:32] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks a sight. His suit is singed, in his right hand a big submachine gun and schnapps in the other.
[03:03:33] <Sirgoldfish> His eyes are wide.
[03:03:43] <ZombieRaptor> He says cheerfully "Hey Katie!"
[03:04:17] <padri> Katie is not at all sure what is going on. Her mother rushed off and came back hours later with … all of this. But she is brave in the face of insanity!
[03:04:17] <Daedalus> "Herr Pinkerton, what was that about MC&D? They seemed to know you very well."
[03:04:32] <padri> Katie: "Um, I have Marge."
[03:04:43] <ZombieRaptor> Marge mewls between the two.
[03:04:56] <Sirgoldfish> I am con man that tried to pull the ultimate con.
[03:05:12] <Sirgoldfish> I was caught.
[03:05:17] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi frowns "How did Marge get out? I had her in my room."
[03:05:22] <padri> Laura lets go. "What are you doing out of bed?" Katie: "Waiting on you." Laura: "Go get ready, then. I'll be there in a moment."
[03:05:33] <Sirgoldfish> They were about to enslave.
[03:05:53] <Sirgoldfish> Put qutations on all of them
[03:06:03] <padri> Katie: "I don't know, Mister Luvi." She hands Marge to Luvi. "Night!" She walks down the hall again. She doesn't look /totally/ comfortable with everything that just happened.
[03:06:07] <Sirgoldfish> *quotations
[03:06:10] <Wixelt> "Wilson admits himself to medical.
[03:06:27] <Daedalus> Monday nods
[03:06:30] <Daedalus> Meekly
[03:06:31] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi akwardly holds the cat with his schnapps and gun taking up his hands.
[03:06:48] <Sirgoldfish> "I am on a hit list now"
[03:06:56] <padri> Laura stands and takes the cat for him. "Thank you."
[03:07:14] <ZombieRaptor> "Thanks for what?"
[03:07:27] <padri> She looks down at the cat. "For helping me get home."
[03:07:59] <Daedalus> Monday nods, he's out of it and this mission has brought up a lot of bad memories
[03:08:02] <Wixelt> There appears to be no-one in medical at the moment, so Wilson decides to come back later.
[03:08:11] <ZombieRaptor> "It's no problem… I can't let Katie become and orphan… Nor let a lady be a hostage."
[03:08:50] <padri> She smiles at him. "Would you like your cat, then?"
[03:08:54] <Daedalus> Monday wonders if Laura gave the doll to Katie
[03:09:06] <ZombieRaptor> "You could just set her down" Luvi smiles
[03:09:07] * Jabonicus has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[03:09:26] <padri> Laura does, stroking it as its feet touch the ground.
[03:09:46] <ZombieRaptor> Marge arches her back and purrs
[03:10:34] <padri> "I guess I should go tuck Katie in now."
[03:11:59] <ZombieRaptor> "Night Laura"
[03:12:20] <padri> She nods. "Night." She turns and walks down the hall to put Katie to bed.

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