15:09 Wixelt Wilson is still asleep in Medical.
15:16 Daedalus Hermann, doddering in medical, stumbles upon the sleeping Wilson.
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16:06 Wixelt Wilson lets out a slight snore/snort in his slumber.
16:10 Wixelt He slowly stirs awake and glances around
16:12 Daedalus Hermann is there, reading charts.
16:13 Wixelt Wilson remains silent, not wanting to disturb Hermann.
16:18 Daedalus He glances over at Wilson and looks over his shoulders. He closes and locks the door behind him and shutters all windows in the room.
16:19 Wixelt Wilson frowns heavily. ~Uh…~
16:21 Daedalus Hermann takes a medical roll out of his coat pocket and unravels it, revealing several medical instruments.
16:22 Wixelt "Uh…"
16:23 Wixelt A slight amount of panic fills Wilson's eyes.
16:24 Daedalus He looks up at Wilson, "Oh… you're awake." He continues to do, well, whatever it is he's doing, "There is no need to panic."
16:25 Wixelt Wilson raises an eyebrow, glancing at the medical instruments "Really now. You say that, and yet you've locked the only exit"
16:26 Daedalus "You saw that?" He shrugs, "Merely a precaution." He tries to be comforting, "Lie back now, and relax… it'll be over soon."
16:30 Wixelt "I'm not consenting to anything until you tell me what you're doing"
16:34 Daedalus "It would be a bit complicated to explain… But I suppose if it would make you feel better." He prepares a syringe, "I am attempting to alter the flow of Non-Euclidian particles to circumvent the rate natural coagulation and at which mitosis occurs without trading any physical harm to myself."
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16:37 Wixelt "I understand correctly" Wilson says "you want to try and heal me by supernatural means without somehow transferring my wounds to yourself?"
16:39 Daedalus "Ja." He taps the syringe, "Just relax."
16:40 Wixelt Wilson gives a slight nod, and does so.
16:42 Daedalus He injects the solution into Wilson's arm and sits and waits. He can feel his arm go a bit numb.
16:42 Wixelt Wilson flinches slightly at the injection, but quickly relaxes his body again.
16:44 Wixelt (Also, Wilson should have said "If I understand correctly")
16:46 Daedalus Wilson will feel the area around the injection point to feel gradually better, warmth shooting through his arm but ending at his shoulder.
16:46 Wixelt ~Hmmm…~
16:47 Wixelt Wilson moves his arm experimentally.
16:47 Wixelt Before, he could move it, but it hurt abit to do so.
16:47 Daedalus It moves without pain! And it feels kind of hot, but that's probably just the injection.
16:49 Wixelt Wilson gives a slight smile, then turns to look at Hermann "You sir, are a genius"
16:53 Daedalus He bows, "Thank you, Herr Wilson." Wow, that arm is getting warmer by the minute.
16:54 Wixelt "Is… is it supposed to be this warm?"
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16:57 Daedalus "Er…" Hermann readjusts his glasses and examines the arm. The arm is looking a bit red at this point, and damn if it doesn't feel like it's on fire.
16:59 Wixelt "Gah!" Wilson cringes heavily, gritting his teeth "I- I may not be a doctor o- of medicine, but I know that this probably isn't good!"
17:01 Daedalus His arm seems to be getting thicker and larger, his fingernails blacker and sharper, and the entire thing feels like lava.
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17:02 Wixelt "Gah!" Wilson almost starts screaming "Please for the love of God do something!"
17:02 Wixelt "Anything!"
17:03 Daedalus Hermann shakes his head and looks around for another syringe in his medical roll or possibly something to cut off the arm with.
17:03 Daedalus Meanwhile, the demonic arm seems to have a mind of it's own and begins to flail around, grabbing stuff and flinging it.
17:04 Wixelt "Fuck!" Wilson screams.
17:04 TeslaTornado There is a bone saw on one of the surgical tables.
17:04 TeslaTornado Who put that there?
17:07 Daedalus Hermann grabs the saw and goes over to the arm. Before he can do anything, however, it grabs him by the throat and flings him into the wall.
17:08 Wixelt Wilson is now silent in fear, and just whimpers slightly.
17:09 TeslaTornado SOMEWHERE IN ALGERIA…
17:09 * Diogenes joined #origins-ic3
17:09 Diogenes "Graghh!" Hermann shouts.
17:10 TeslaTornado A small alarm goes off in a certain operative's head. Kevin's Danger Sense is tingling. He looks at his desk and his mouth creases into a frown. "Somebody fucked up."
17:11 * Daedalus quit (Ping timeout: 185 seconds)
17:11 * Diogenes is now known as Daedalus
17:11 Wixelt Wilson looks at Hermann, then at the arm, unsure of what to do.
17:12 Wixelt He also fears what would happen to him if this spread to the rest of his body.
17:12 TeslaTornado He gathers his pistols and sword, moves to the well in the courtyard of the date farm and tosses… Something into it. Then he closes his eyes, steps to the wall around the well, jumps…
17:12 TeslaTornado … And appears in Medical.
17:12 Daedalus Hermann is out cold, he was knocked back by the demon arm.
17:13 Wixelt Wilson continues to whimper.
17:13 TeslaTornado Kevin notes this. He also notes the demon arm.
17:13 TeslaTornado 4df+8 (Academics + Mind Palace) What manner of fuckery be this
17:13 Glacon TeslaTornado: (Academics + Mind Palace) What manner of fuckery be this: 6 (4df+8=0, -, 0, -)
17:16 Daedalus Full transmutation of a demon arm onto a Human's body. Can be cured by liberal application of holy water or by severing the arm in the name of God.
17:17 TeslaTornado Kevin reaches into his pocket, discovering a flask marked with a cross.
17:17 TeslaTornado ~Glad I held on to this.~
17:17 TeslaTornado He looks at the person on the stretcher and oh god it's Wilson
17:17 TeslaTornado ~… Not so glad any more.~
17:20 TeslaTornado First, he goes over to Hermann and shakes him around a bit, attempting to wake him up.
17:21 Wixelt Wilson glances in Kevin's direction, and seeing who it is, manages to give the heaviest frown ever through his pain.
17:21 Daedalus Hermann wakes up with a start, "Hallo? Er…" He rubs his head, "What?"
17:22 TeslaTornado There is a furious looking British man kneeling in front of you, and he looks like he just crawled out of a desert. He points at Wilson on the stretcher. "Did you do this?"
17:24 Daedalus The demon arm is flailing wildly and tossing things everywhere. It's generally being a dick. Hermann puts his glasses back on, "That's… er… not important." he decides to say, "What's important is fixing the arm."
17:24 TeslaTornado "Holy water or amputation. Only way to fix it." Kevin looks at the arm with thinly veiled rage and infinite disdain.
17:25 TeslaTornado "I'm partial to amputation, given the subject, but he'll presumably need his arm."
17:25 TeslaTornado 4df+8 (Academics + MP) "Unless." Does the original limb come back if you cut it off?
17:25 Glacon TeslaTornado: (Academics + MP) "Unless." Does the original limb come back if you cut it off?: 9 (4df+8=0, -, +, +)
17:26 Daedalus It does!
17:27 Daedalus You have to say a prayer while you do it though, and it hurts like fuck.
17:27 Wixelt (Wilson'll live)
17:27 Daedalus (Yep)
17:27 Daedalus Hermann searches through his bag for Holy water while Kevin considers his options.
17:28 TeslaTornado Kevin draws his sword. "I don't know who you are, but I'm going to need you to find a syrette of morphine tartrate and sedate Wilson so that he won't go flailing around. I'm going to cut it off. Less risky than flinging water at it."
17:29 Wixelt Wilson having heard all of this, just frowns "This- this is going to hurt like hell isn't it?"
17:30 Daedalus "Just a little bit." he finds the drug and injects it into Wilson's leg.
17:30 Wixelt "Th- thought so…"
17:31 TeslaTornado Kevin grins. He moves toward Wilson, speaking Matthew 10:34 under his breath.
17:31 Wixelt Wilson closes his eyes, attempting to mentally prepare himself for the pain that's to be piled on top of what he's already experiencing.
17:31 TeslaTornado "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."
17:32 Daedalus Hermann stands back, watching this spectacle with awe.
17:32 Daedalus Roll Melee, Kevin
17:34 TeslaTornado 4df+7 (Melee + Ungentlemanly) "…And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. AND YOU WILL KNOW MY NAME IS THE LORD, WHEN I LAY MY VENGEANCE UPON THEE!"
17:34 Glacon TeslaTornado: (Melee + Ungentlemanly) "…And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. AND YOU WILL KNOW MY NAME IS THE LORD, WHEN I LAY MY VENGEANCE UPON THEE!": 5 (4df+7=-, -, -, +)
17:35 Daedalus 4df+2 tough arm
17:35 Glacon Daedalus: tough arm: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, -, +)
17:36 * Soulless quit (Ping timeout: 185 seconds)
17:36 Daedalus You successfully cut it to the bone! Wilson, you feel a numbed version of this that still hurts like hell.
17:37 Wixelt "Arghhh!!!" Wilson lets out an almighty scream.
17:38 Daedalus Once more should do it. Roll Melee Kevin
17:39 TeslaTornado 4df+7 (Melee + Ungentlemanly) "They have sown wind, and will reap the whirlwind."
17:39 Glacon TeslaTornado: (Melee + Ungentlemanly) "They have sown wind, and will reap the whirlwind.": 9 (4df+7=0, 0, +, +)
17:40 Daedalus 4df not really resisting much
17:40 Glacon Daedalus: not really resisting much: -2 (4df=+, -, -, -)
17:41 Daedalus Well shit, the sword cleaves through the arm cleanly and even slices through the mattress and the frame of the bed. The arm falls off and from the stub a new arm regenerates quickly.
17:41 Wixelt "Arghh!!!!"
17:43 Daedalus The demon arm continues to writhe on the floor. It crawls around, leaking black blood everywhere.
17:43 Daedalus Hermann has since fainted.
17:44 Wixelt Wilson lies there, a little bit shellshocked from the sudden wave of pain.
17:44 TeslaTornado 4df+9 (Melee + Ungentlemanly + Pistol-Sword) Kevin stabs the arm.
17:44 Glacon TeslaTornado: (Melee + Ungentlemanly + Pistol-Sword) Kevin stabs the arm.: 8 (4df+9=+, -, -, 0)
17:45 TeslaTornado *BANG* *BANG*
17:46 Daedalus It's effectively stabbed and doesn't move except for the occasional twitching.
17:46 Daedalus And shot :|
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17:47 TeslaTornado Kevin withdraws the sword from the demon arm/floor and retrieves a towel from one of the surgical kits. He dresses his blade again and sheathes it, then pours holy water onto the limb, for good measure.
17:48 Daedalus It hisses and burns. It's dead now, unmoving.
17:49 TeslaTornado Kevin screws the top back onto his handy holy water flask and goes to revive Hermann. Again.
17:49 Wixelt Wilson, slowly recovers from his shock, and glances at Kevin.
17:50 Wixelt "Thanks" the relief and gratitude in Wilson's voice is clear.
17:51 TeslaTornado Kevin is busy trying to wake Hermann up, but he grunts.
17:51 Wixelt No matter what he thought of you before Kev, you just saved his arm, and possibly his life.
17:51 TeslaTornado He's aware of this, and thinks that's unfortunate.
17:51 Daedalus Hermann wakes up with a jolt again, "Ich habe es nicht-! Oh… er…" He rubs his head, "Did you sever the arm?"
17:51 TeslaTornado "Of course I did. Do you think I'd be wasting time waking you up again if I hadn't?"
17:52 Daedalus "Good…" He stands and looks over at Wilson, "Are you alright?"
17:53 Wixelt "Very much so. But for the record," a scowl crosses his face "don't you dare try that again on anyone. Ever."
17:55 Daedalus "There are other formulas, I assure you. This was merely a small mishap." He begins to put away his equipment and tools.
17:56 TeslaTornado Kevin lurks in the back of the room, trying to figure out why something still feels off.
17:58 Wixelt "Well, i'd rather you didn't test them on me"
18:01 Daedalus "I do appreciate your cooperation, Herr Wilson" He closes his doctor's bag, "Es gibt keinen Fortschritt ohne Fehler. Guten Tag."
18:02 TeslaTornado Kevin just kind of… Disappears.
18:02 Wixelt Wilson finds this disturbing, but since it's Kevin, and he's meant to be in Algeria, he lets it go.
18:03 Daedalus Hermann heads back to his lab, paying no mind to Kevin or his disappearance. Wilson is left alone in his wrecked room, a a demon arm on the floor, and his new arm that doesn't hurt to move.
18:05 Wixelt Wilson looks at the demon arm, then at his new arm, and shudder visibly.

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