Crossing of Paths

2:54 PM <RosyBud> Sophia is indeed in medical, sleeping soundly on a bed.
2:54 PM <padri> Katie walks in and sits on a chair next to her. is she still strapped in?
2:54 PM <RosyBud> Nope.
2:56 PM <padri> That's good. Is there a glass o water on the table?
2:57 PM <RosyBud> Possibly which mean yes.
2:57 PM <padri> Is it full of does it need filling?
2:58 PM <RosyBud> Full.
2:58 PM <padri> Cause Katie could do that next.
2:58 PM <padri> Well. Clearly Sophia already has friends and doesn't need Katie stopping by.
2:59 PM <RosyBud> Or she was offered water and didn't take it.
3:00 PM <padri> Whichever. Katie feels thoroughly awkward waking Sophia up, so she just leans forward and staaaaaares.
3:00 PM <RosyBud> Eventually, Sophia awakens from her slumber, sitting up while rubbing her eyes.
3:01 PM <padri> "Sophia." Gee, isn't Katie a pleasant thing to wake to.
3:02 PM <RosyBud> "…."
3:02 PM <padri> "You're lucid now?"
3:03 PM <RosyBud> "Yes."
3:03 PM <padri> She nods. "How much do you remember?"
3:04 PM <RosyBud> "Everything really. If you're here to find out more, I can tell you."
3:04 PM <padri> She nods. "Anything and everything."
3:05 PM <Wixelt> Wilson walks into Medical, presumably still holding Dianne's hand.
3:05 PM <RosyBud> Sophia is there. "Well to start off.
3:06 PM <padri> So is Katie!
3:06 PM <Complete_Zero> Dianne is indeed, holding his hand sitll.
3:06 PM <Complete_Zero> still*
3:06 PM <RosyBud> She manages to ignore the urge to look at Wilson, but she registers Dianne and nods at her.
3:06 PM <Wixelt> Wilson stops when he sees Katie. He blinks a few times, then gives a small smile, nodding to her.
3:06 PM <padri> She notices him and nods, but no smile. Katie's working.
3:06 PM <Complete_Zero> "Hello!"
3:07 PM <Wixelt> Wilson is fine with this.
3:07 PM <RosyBud> "He knows our names, or at the very least my name, but he is someone omniscient? If that's the word."
3:08 PM <padri> "All knowing?"
3:08 PM <Wixelt> He frowns at Sophia, not sure what to say.
3:08 PM <RosyBud> "Now that I realize, he said something about MC&D needing more space and a deal being made to give them more."
3:08 PM <Wixelt> Who else from the mission is currently in Medical?
3:08 PM <RosyBud> "So its probably all-knowing."
3:08 PM <Complete_Zero> Dianne whispers to Wilson. "I think in this situation… it may or may not be best for them to acknowledge you first."
3:09 PM <Wixelt> "Okay…" he whispers back.
3:09 PM <padri> She just nods, letting Sophia continue.
3:10 PM <RosyBud> "I think he gets his kicks from reactions to him, as he was reading lages that were blank and I was very confused by this. He then said its interesting to watch reactions from a bystander's position."
3:10 PM <Complete_Zero> "It's tricky sometimes. People are all different, but there are general ways you can work with them."
3:11 PM <RosyBud> Is Dianne and Wilson still standing where they were?
3:12 PM <Wixelt> Wilson is
3:12 PM <Complete_Zero> Dianne is.
3:12 PM <padri> "But it has to be more than that. He always sides with us."
3:12 PM <Wixelt> Wilson nods, understanding.
3:13 PM <RosyBud> Sophia turns to Wilson. "Isn't there anything you two can do except whisper to each other and stand there? Just get a room for that." She turns back to Katie.
3:13 PM <Complete_Zero> "… Well, at least she acknowledged you…" She frowns.
3:14 PM <Wixelt> Wilson blushes slightly at this. "That's… something at least.
3:14 PM <Complete_Zero> "Is that a new agent?"
3:14 PM <padri> Katie also acknowledges while Sophia does, watching them while she talks to them.
3:14 PM <RosyBud> "Uh, yeah, he's definitely all-knowing. He knew about there being children in the warehouse without ever going in."
3:15 PM <padri> "I'm not sure that's precisely right. By that logic, you'd call me all-knowing, and there's definitely things I don't know."
3:16 PM <padri> "He seems to be… post-knowing?"
3:16 PM <RosyBud> "Well nobody was told there was children and nobody knew until they have discovered the children."
3:17 PM <RosyBud> "Maybe that?"
3:17 PM <Complete_Zero> Dianne waits for Wilson to answer.
3:17 PM <Wixelt> "Which one of them?" Wilson asks.
3:17 PM <Complete_Zero> "Well, I know Sophia."
3:18 PM <padri> "I told him a story once, and he was part of it when I told him. I don't know what to make of it."
3:18 PM <RosyBud> "…."
3:18 PM <Wixelt> "You mean Katie. No, she arrived around the same time I did. I still remember when she was little." Wilson is about to turn 30. That's completely illogical.
3:18 PM <RosyBud> "He inserted himself into the story?"
3:18 PM <padri> Katie also appears about 30.
3:19 PM <padri> She nods.
3:19 PM <RosyBud> "Well.."
3:19 PM <RosyBud> "Wait.."
3:19 PM <RosyBud> "Maybe there weren't children in the warehouse in the first place..
3:19 PM <RosyBud> *+"
3:19 PM <Complete_Zero> "Wait… what?"
3:19 PM <padri> Katie raises an eyebrow.
3:20 PM <Wixelt> "Time travel. She was 10 when I was first here, came here with her mother, then got… lost." he says this quietly in case Katie doesn't want to here.
3:21 PM <RosyBud> "Honestly, I don't remember quite much more, its all fuzzy.."
3:21 PM <Complete_Zero> "I see…"
3:21 PM <RosyBud> She puts her hand to her forehead. "I.."
3:21 PM <padri> Katie nods. "Thank you, Sophia." She reaches out and pats Sophia's hand. "If you remember, tell me?"
3:22 PM <RosyBud> "I most definitely will."
3:22 PM <RosyBud> She offers an awkward smile in return.
3:23 PM <padri> Katie stands. "Hello Mr Wilson."
3:23 PM <Wixelt> "Hello Katie." Wilson smiles.
3:23 PM <Complete_Zero> Dianne smiles as well.
3:23 PM <Wixelt> "This is Dianne, by the way, though I assume you already knew that."
3:24 PM <RosyBud> Sophia watches intently.
3:24 PM <Complete_Zero> She would normally be confused, bu since Wilson just said time travel…
3:24 PM <padri> "It helps to have the name placed with the face. Last time I saw her, she looked… different."
3:25 PM <RosyBud> "Huh?"
3:26 PM <padri> Katie offers no explanation.
3:26 PM <Wixelt> Wilson actually frowns at this, "Oh?"
3:26 PM <RosyBud> Sophia just glares at Wilson, remembering his idiot mistake.
3:26 PM <padri> "Pictures are not always easy to come by."
3:27 PM <Complete_Zero> Dianne tilts her head.
3:27 PM <Wixelt> "Ah, right?"
3:27 PM <RosyBud> "I'm just gonna go.." Sophia gets off her cot and leaves.
3:29 PM <padri> "Nice to meet you, Diane. Wilson has been like a second dad."
3:29 PM <padri> Se holds out a hand to her.
3:30 PM <Wixelt> Wilson smiles a little at this.
3:30 PM <Complete_Zero> She takes hers. Her grip is soft and gentle. "A real pleasure to meet you, Katie."
3:31 PM <padri> Katie nods.
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3:35 PM <padri> "Tae care of him, okay?"
3:35 PM <padri> She feels a little awkward meeting Wilson's girlfriend.
3:35 PM <Complete_Zero> She nods. "That will always be my intention."
3:36 PM <padri> She nods again.
3:36 PM <Wixelt> Wilson smiles, squeezing Dianne's hand.
3:36 PM AwayBeard → WetBeard
3:36 PM <Wixelt> "It's been nice seeing you again, Katie."
3:36 PM <Complete_Zero> She squeezes back.
3:37 PM <padri> "I'm glad you're happy."
3:38 PM <Complete_Zero> She smiles at Wilson.
3:38 PM <Wixelt> "Thank you."
3:39 PM <Wixelt> Wilson smiles back at Dianne.
3:39 PM <padri> "I'll just… be off then?" She really is glad, but it's weird seeing your elders with a love-life.
3:39 PM <padri> She begins to sidle away.
3:39 PM <Complete_Zero> Don't be hatin' the love, Katie >:V
3:40 PM <Complete_Zero> "Well… Uhm… what do you want to do now?"
3:40 PM <Wixelt> Wilson smiles at Katie, waving, "It's been nice catching up."
3:40 PM <padri> "Knock on my door sometime." She nods and heads off.
3:41 PM <Wixelt> Wilson nods. As soon as she leaves, his smile becomes a little sad.
3:41 PM <Complete_Zero> "Whats wrong?"
3:42 PM <Wixelt> "The time difference, it's just-" Wilson sighs, "I care about Katie so much. She's like a family member to me, but- It's sad feeling like she's both older and young than me at the same time."
3:43 PM <Complete_Zero> "Why is that sad? It shouldn't matter how old she is, just that you care."
3:43 PM <Wixelt> "Chances are she knows when i'm going to die, and might have even been to my funeral, but I can never know how that's effected her, not really. I have no way of knowing because she can't tell me, and fi she's hurting I can't comfort her…"
3:44 PM <Wixelt> Wilson frowns
3:45 PM <Complete_Zero> Dianne frowns a bit. "Sometimes you can't help everyone…"
3:45 PM ⇐ padri quit (~ten.sndscps.sloop.74F63589-CRInys|hcriB#ten.sndscps.sloop.74F63589-CRInys|hcriB) Client exited
3:45 PM <Wixelt> "I know." Wilson frowns deeper, "And it hurts so much…"

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