Containment Demo

[15:28:16] <Roget> Overhead, a crackly PA system activates. «Attention, uh, personnel. Please meet me in the Containment Wing for that demonstration of the anomalous that I promised you.»
[15:28:46] <rheumatism> "A lot of fresh meat," She muses.
[15:29:29] <ProcyonLotor> "That's our boss, I think. It wasn't exactly made clear."
[15:29:55] <gumbal1> "Well then, this should be interesting." Harlan lightly chuckles to himself as he gets out of his chair.
[15:30:12] <ihp> Jacob grumbles, walking out of his room. This demonstration had better be worth it, and it had better be real. He walks towards the containment wing in a solitary manner.
[15:30:43] <rheumatism> Sarah stands. "Is it okay to leave my luggage here?"
[15:30:51] <ProcyonLotor> Tyler heads towards the containment wing as well, shocked to actually be hoping to run into Wexely.
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[15:31:44] <ihp> Wexley does see Tyler when he arrives at the wing, and nods curtly at him. "Professor… Tyler, was it?"
[15:32:25] <ProcyonLotor> "Yes, Tyler. When this demonstration is over, I think I happened across something that may interest a man of your inclinations."
[15:32:42] <rheumatism> Sarah follows Jacob, keeping a comfortable distance.
[15:33:31] <ihp> "Oh? If you mean the computer laboratory, I have already found it. But please tell me what it is later." He looks over his shoulder, raising a brow at Sarah. "Ah! Finally, someone of the opposite gender. I was almost worried this place wouldn't have secretarial staff!"
[15:34:01] <Roget> The Administrator is leaning by a door in the containment wing, smoking a black cigarette, and wearing an astonishingly wrinkled suit. He gives the people a nod as they arrive to the wing.
[15:35:47] <Roget> "Is, uh, this everybody?"
[15:36:13] <ProcyonLotor> "Everybody in our little group that was able to drag themselves down here, I think."
[15:36:54] <Roget> "Alright… behind this, uh, this door, we have a Safe-class anomaly. Does everyone remember what I said about the three object classes?"
[15:37:05] <ProcyonLotor> Tyler nods.
[15:37:10] <gumbal1> "Safe's the harmless one, right?"
[15:37:13] <GottaGoFeast> Gordon raises his hand.
[15:37:34] <ihp> "Safe, Euclid, and Keter. The last two are still oblique to me, however."
[15:37:41] <Roget> "Safe's are, uh, in a word, things we can put in a box with minimal containment measures. We don't need, uh, need to check up on them."
[15:38:22] <GottaGoFeast> "What about Euclid and Keter?"
[15:38:45] <rheumatism> Sarah fixes Jacob with her best withering glare. "And you would be?"
[15:39:26] <Roget> He opens the door. Inside, there is a small green sphere, looking almost spongy. It's floating inside of a clear plastic container, and excreting a viscous green slime. There's a guy in a hazardous environment suit scraping some slime off the top of the container, and putting it into a jar. There are several jars full of green slime around the container.
[15:39:38] <Roget> "This is, uh, SCP-447. It's a ball of green slime."
[15:40:04] <GottaGoFeast> "What does this ball do, sir?"
[15:40:24] <Roget> "It does, uh, quite a few things. The slime, that is. The ball just makes the slime."
[15:40:36] <ProcyonLotor> "This seems quite a large amount of showmanship for a children's novelty item."
[15:40:39] <ihp> "…I would be Jacob Wexley, a computer scient-" He blinks at the ball of slime, tilting his head owlishly. "…What on earth? How is there that much slime coming out of it?"
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[15:41:35] <ProcyonLotor> Tyler chuckles, and says "Magic, Wexely."
[15:42:09] <Roget> "It makes what we believe to be an infinite amount. The, uh, the slime itself is a perfect natural lubricant… immersing animals in it causes their meat to be much more nutritious. It also sustains chemical reactions, and can cure blindness and deafness temporarily."
[15:42:19] <Roget> "But it can /never/ be applied to dead bodies. Ever."
[15:42:28] <gumbal1> "Wait, why?"
[15:42:41] <GottaGoFeast> ""what happens if you do that?''
[15:43:06] <ihp> Jacob rolls his eyes at Tyler. "Well, the Professor does have a point. This seems like a toy more than anything." He blinks as the Administrator says "infinite amount". "…that's utterly impossible. It must be coming from somewhere. I'm not physicist, but even I know that you can't produce an infinite amount of anything without it coming from somewhere."
[15:43:30] <Roget> "I can't tell you that. It's above your clearance level. Suffice it to say it is very, very bad."
[15:44:14] <ProcyonLotor> "One more for the question pile, I suppose."
[15:44:45] <GottaGoFeast> "Can you tell us where you found this?"
[15:45:10] <GottaGoFeast> "It doesn't look like a child's toy to me".
[15:45:25] <Roget> "A place that used to be a city, in California. When it came in contact with a dead body."
[15:45:31] <Roget> "There's not a city there anymore."
[15:46:02] <ProcyonLotor> "Oh."
[15:46:02] <gumbal1> "Why is it safe, then?"
[15:46:31] <rheumatism> Sarah barely gives the slime a second glance. "Well, /scientist/, my name is Sarah Chambers. I am /not/ your secretary, and the next time you suggest it I'll be happy to demonstrate exactly why."
[15:46:32] <Roget> "It used to be Keter… the only Keter we held onto. But… we got good at containing it, so it was, uh, downgraded to Safe."
[15:46:52] <ihp> Jacob whistles lowly. "I will grant that it is producing a large amount without shrinking which is… anomalous" He almost has to force that last word out, "But I would like to see proof of the other properties. Minus the dead body one, of course."
[15:49:02] <Roget> "Uh… I think we can demonstrate…" The Administrator motions to the guy getting the slime. He goes into an alcove, and emerges with a rusty machine. He pours some slime on it… immediately, the rust slides off like it was never there, and the machine can be seen to be made of sparkling brass. It begins to function rapidly. There's a minty smell in the air.
[15:49:07] <rheumatism> Sarah finally catches up to the current conversation. "There are other things like this?"
[15:49:47] <ihp> Jacob stares, his jaw slightly agape. "…all right. But I still say that magic show yesterday was sparkles." Ever the skeptic.
[15:50:09] <GottaGoFeast> "Would that slime work on a car or other machines?"
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[15:50:48] <Roget> "it does, but, uh, automobiles might get dead bodies in testing, so we don't, uh, don't allow that."
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[15:52:55] <gumbal1> "You okay?"
[15:53:06] <gumbal1> "You spaced out for a sec."
[15:53:12] <Roget> "Hmm?"
[15:53:42] <gumbal1> "Nevermind."
[15:54:23] <ProcyonLotor> "You were saying…?"
[15:54:49] <Roget> "We don't allow it on, uh, on dead bodies. Bad things happen."
[15:55:23] <ihp> "…how many of these anomalies do we have have here?"
[15:56:18] <Roget> "Right now?" The Administrator checks his watch. "Twelve."
[15:56:24] <rheumatism> "Bad things which you can't describe."
[15:56:44] <ProcyonLotor> "Are they all city destroying?"
[15:57:23] <Roget> "No, they're not all the end-all of the universe. Some of them are quite benign."
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[15:57:27] <Roget> he checks his watch again.
[15:57:37] <Roget> "I think, uh, maybe, I might have time to show another to you all."
[15:57:45] <ihp> "Perhaps they have a ship from Mars that landed during Orson Welles' broadcast."
[15:57:55] <ProcyonLotor> "That would be appreciated."
[15:59:58] <GottaGoFeast> "What are you going to show us?"
[16:00:36] <Roget> "Follow me, follow me… " The Administrator walks out of the room. Once everyone is out, he locks the door, with several different locks. Then, he proceeds down the hall to a door marked "528"
[16:01:00] <gumbal1> "What's in there?"
[16:01:07] <ihp> Jacob follows the administrator. "If you only have 12, why do the numbers go up into the 500s?"
[16:01:14] <Roget> "This object is one connected to, uh, a group. Called The Factory."
[16:01:20] <rheumatism> "Your numbering system is off."
[16:01:26] <Roget> "Numbers are not sequential, they're designated by Overwatch command."
[16:01:28] <ProcyonLotor> Tyler follows along. "There are other groups involved here?"
[16:01:49] <rheumatism> "And who are they?"
[16:02:17] <Roget> "Some of them create the anomalous. Others do what we do. This is, uh, is from the former category. We don't know if it's an organization, or an anomaly creating other anomalies. They mass-produce anomalous products."
[16:03:01] <GottaGoFeast> "I think I heard about this Factory before."
[16:03:03] <ihp> "Would another of these groups be that Coalition that was mentioned yesterday?"
[16:03:20] <Roget> He opens the door, and inside there are seven lockers. Each is numbered one through seven. The Administrator walks to one of them, and takes out a small , red, plastic container labeled "The factory".
[16:03:44] <Roget> "The Global Occult Coalition only destroys. We believe destroying the anomalous only leads to more problems."
[16:04:26] <ProcyonLotor> "And the Factory?"
[16:05:15] <Roget> "We know almost nothing about them." he takes some red putty out of the egg. "Now this… when I apply it to a picture of somebody, it becomes a voodoo doll. Usually results in death or severe disfigurement."
[16:05:32] <rheumatism> "I'm beginning to think we're out of our depth."
[16:05:41] <gumbal1> "Are all these 'anomalies' magic items?"
[16:05:48] <ihp> "…Voodoo. Isn't that something from the movies?"
[16:06:05] <ProcyonLotor> "I am not exactly feeling comfortable."
[16:06:15] <GottaGoFeast> "No, I think it comes from Haiti."
[16:06:25] <Roget> "Some are. We have anomalous humans, too, but his effect is too potent to allow people to see him."
[16:06:57] <GottaGoFeast> "What does this anomalous guy do?"
[16:07:05] <ProcyonLotor> "We are imprisoning people? I've been told this was an independent concern."
[16:07:56] <Roget> "He exudes a fungus which causes people to love him, so much that they neglect their own bodies until they die. He doesn't need to eat or, uh, breathe. He's not really human, no matter how he looks."
[16:08:53] <GottaGoFeast> "How do you know he isn't human?"
[16:09:26] <GottaGoFeast> "mMaybe he just has a new disease we haven't heard about."
[16:09:41] <Roget> "… Because he doesn't have human metabolism or biology if he doesn't need to eat."
[16:10:18] <gumbal1> "Are we sure it's a fungus? The effect sounds more suited to a chemical."
[16:10:47] <rheumatism> Sarah needs another cigarette. "And you're keeping more than one person, you said?"
[16:11:38] <ihp> "…so we have a ball that infinitely generates slime, putty that lets you control people, and a man that makes you love him using spores." Jacob frowns; he feels out of water, here.
[16:11:46] <Roget> "No, he's the only humanoid we have here. We have some with human-level intelligence, but, uh, that's different."
[16:12:14] <ProcyonLotor> "What in the world is that supposed to mean?"
[16:12:39] <GottaGoFeast> "Yeah, I don't get it either."
[16:12:40] <rheumatism> "But you spoke like you were expecting more. Saying humans."
[16:12:51] <ihp> "Remember those Artificial Intelligences I was talking about yesterday, Professor? I think he might mean that."
[16:13:11] <Roget> "We've reason to believe there are more, uh, like him out there. Non-humans looking like humans. We may contain them one day."
[16:13:33] <Roget> "The, uh, man has it right, anomalous artificial intelligence."
[16:15:59] <rheumatism> Sarah considers all of this. "Containing something means finding it first. I assume, or at least hope, that you don't rely on sheer luck for that."
[16:17:15] <Roget> "No, no, we have the, uh, Navigator for that."
[16:17:39] <ProcyonLotor> "The Navigator? Will we get to meet him?"
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[16:18:08] <Roget> "Not a, uh, not a person. An object. I think… I have a bit of time to show you. Not much."
[16:18:52] <rheumatism> "I'd be interested."
[16:19:33] <Roget> He checks his watch. "Actually… another time. Soon. I need to take care of some things." he returns 528 to its locker, hustles everyone out, locks it up… and is down the hall and gone in a moment.

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