Charlemagne's Revelation

16:06 Wix A while after Wilson departs, Leonard may suddenly feel a slight heat emanating from his pocket.
16:07 Hankolijo Leonard raises an eyebrow and shakes his pocket's contents out on the couch. Does anything other than lint and a toothpick fall out?
16:08 Wix What appears to be a trading card backed with the SCP emblem is also there.
16:08 Hankolijo Leonard picks up the card and inspects it.
16:08 Wix
16:10 Hankolijo ~That's… Peculiar… I had imagined I would have higher perception. Wait, what?~
16:11 Wix The heat in your pocket returns.
16:11 Wix But only for a moment.
16:12 Hankolijo He searches through the pocket again.
16:12 Wix A small piece of card with some writing on it is what you find.
16:13 Hankolijo He examines it.
16:14 Wix 'Come to containment if you want to know where this card came from.'
16:14 Wix It also gives a cell number
16:14 Hankolijo Leonard raises his eyebrow again, pockets both cards and steps out of commons, heading to containment.

16:10 Wix In containment, Jackal makes his daughter, Ace, promise not to make any more trading cards without permission.
16:11 Wix "Bring that man here now so I can apologize to him."
16:11 Wix "Yes papa…"
16:15 Hankolijo He arrives and heads over to the cell mentioned in the card.
16:16 Wix There is a man with will kept red hair staring through the viewport at you.
16:16 Wix "Greetings."
16:16 Hankolijo "Ugh… Hello."
16:18 Wix "I asked my daughter to bring you here so I could apologize on her behalf."
16:19 Hankolijo "About what?" He asks, taking a step closer.
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16:21 Wix "She shouldn't be creating those cards without permission any more, so I thought it best to apologize for the sudden surprise of it appearing."
16:22 Hankolijo "Wait… You mean that there are a bunch of cards like this one around?" He asks, lifting the card out of his pocket.
16:23 Wix "Lots of them. But most of them were created prior to our temporary imprisonment here."
16:24 Wix "A temporary imprisonment which; should it continue much longer, will only result in more attacks."
16:25 Hankolijo "Attacks? Like the guy throwing cards in the cafeteria? About ye high, had a pet monster named Joe?"
16:26 Wix "…he brought Joseph with him? Damnit, they're moving quicker than I expected."
16:27 Wix "Oh, I get the feeling that some explanation is in order."
16:28 Hankolijo "That'd be swell."
16:29 Wix "I'll start with the basics."
16:29 Wix He backs away from the door slightly, so you can see him in full.
16:30 Wix He 's large, well built man wearing a mix between a knight's armor and regal dress.
16:30 Wix A large red heart is emblazoned on the front.
16:30 Hankolijo Leonard waits for the man to continue, examining his attire.
16:30 Wix "My name is Jackal Hearts of the Hearts Family."
16:31 Wix "If you prefer, you may also call me Jack of Hearts, but that is my title and not my actual name."
16:32 Wix "As I mentioned before, I come from the Hearts Family, all of whom are of supernatural origins."
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16:34 Hankolijo He nods.
16:34 Wix "We are one of four families of our kind."
16:35 Wix "The other three are, as you would guess: Diamonds, Clubs and Spades."
16:36 Wix The Diamonds are our allies, whilst the Clubs and Spades oppose up, though they are allied with each other as well."
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16:40 Hankolijo Puts two and two together. Red against Black.
16:40 Hankolijo Like a game of solitaire.
16:41 Hankolijo AKA the card game for sad, lonely people.
16:41 Wix "Whilst our 'Red Group', as you might call it, seeks only to live without conflict towards any human or other mortal being, the 'Black Group' seek to be in control of everything. Or that's what we believe from what we know of their plans."
16:42 Wix "Granted, we've been at odds with them for a long, long time, so we can't be sure at this point exactly what they plan to do."
16:42 Hankolijo ~I can't help but find that kind of racist somehow. I don't even know.~
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16:42 Wix (…I honestly hadn't considered that view)
16:42 Wix (Oh god…)
16:44 Hankolijo (Except that it's native Americans being racist to African Americans.)
16:45 Wix (That's not what I was going for. It's more that the card suits have most likely chosen those colours to identify themselves from each other)
16:46 Hankolijo (Or, you know. The colors of cards.)
16:46 Wix (I like to think that the cards were created after them.)
16:47 Wix "Regardless, some time ago, my daughter, Ace" he gestures to the ginger haired teenager sitting on the bed at the back of the cell, who waves at Leonard in response, "came across your organisation."
16:48 Wix "She found you all interesting. In fact, she took particular interest in the Psi-7 task force."
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16:48 Hankolijo "Can't take much credit for that, only been here a couple of days."
16:49 Wix "Still, it was only a matter of time before she was caught. Not wanting to see her alone, I intervened."
16:50 Wix "In return for not destroying her cards, I agreed that we would remain here for a time so that we could be studied and could exchange information with your organisation, before leaving peacefully."
16:51 Hankolijo "And I'm guessing someone didn't like that."
16:52 Wix "At first it was just my niece, coming to check on us, which was simply recon."
16:53 Wix "But soon Cassino, from the Spades family, who decided he would pay a visit to see why we were here."
16:53 Wix "And that is who attacked you in the cafeteria."
16:54 Wix "Which happened to be his second time here."
16:54 Hankolijo Leonard nods again.
16:59 Wix "Cassino himself is the 2 of Spades. The creature who came with him is a distant cousin of his. The 3 of Spades, Joseph."
16:59 Hankolijo "You're telling me that those two were related?"
17:00 Wix Jackal nods.
17:00 Hankolijo ~I don't even want to know how that thing was conceived.~
17:01 Wix "Regardless, the fact that they are here frequently means that the family as a whole has decided that us being here peacefully means that we are somehow allied with your organisation, which makes it a target."
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17:02 Hankolijo "Sheesh… Hey, we unloaded a barrage into Cassino, and he just sort of shrugged it off at first. How… tough are they, exactly?"
17:03 Wix "If you shot him that much, it probably means he was seriously injured. But to put it simply, he's probably one of the less powerful family members."
17:03 Wix "By standard, i'm about three or four times more powerful than him,a dn ym counterpart in their family is marginally more powerful than I am."
17:04 Wix *and my
17:04 Wix "And the leader of their family is twice as they are."
17:04 Wix *twice as powerful as
17:05 Hankolijo ~Good lord, we're in for some shit.~ "And how does your family feel about the organization?"
17:06 Wix "We originally wished to leave you in peace. But it seems that it's no longer possible."
17:07 Wix "And I can't speak for my father, but i'm sure he would rather have you as an actual ally, as opposed to a perceived one."
17:09 Hankolijo "Well, as much as I don't have a vote in anything that goes on around here, If we'd be facing things so much stronger than that Cassino guy, I'm going to say that the Foundation wouldn't want more enemies."
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17:10 Wix "I would expect so."
17:10 Wix "We will remain here as long as we are made to, but i'd advise to your superiors that it will onyl result in more attacks, and we can't do anything about them if we're obliged to remain in here."
17:11 Hankolijo "I hope I'm not the only one you've told all of this."
17:13 Wix "I've told various parts to others as they've passed, but this is only the second time i've recounted this. The first was a security guard who thought I was trying to trick him because he didn't bother check the containment records."
17:14 Wix *recounted this fully.
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17:16 Hankolijo "Huh. Well, I guess I'll have to be the messenger, then." ~Whoopdy fucking doo.~
17:17 Wix "That's entirely up to you."
17:17 Wix "As I said, I will refrain from breaking out of this cell until it won't cause problems."
17:19 Hankolijo "Chances are it will always cause problems for somebody. But I'll do the best I can to re-tell the higher-ups and more experienced people around here about the whole situation."
17:22 Wix "I'd appreciate it, thank you."
17:24 Wix Jackal gives smile.
17:25 Wix Then he looks thoughtful for a moment.
17:25 Wix He turns to his daughter, "Sweetie, I'd like to make a special request."
17:25 Hankolijo Leonard pockets the card.
17:25 Wix "Yes papa?"
17:26 Wix He whispers something in her ear.
17:26 Wix She nods
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17:27 Hankolijo Leonard doesn't ask. He's got enough on his mind now.
17:28 Wix Ace seems to concentrate for a moment
17:28 Wix About the same time, the heat in your pocket returns.
17:29 Hankolijo Leonard takes out the items from his pocket.
17:29 Wix
17:30 Hankolijo He examines the card and smiles. "Thanks."
17:30 Wix "That card has special properties."
17:31 Hankolijo He looks up at them. "What kind?"
17:31 Wix "It can be used for communication. If you or anyone else wants to contact us on relevant matters from anywhere and not have to walk down here all the time, use this."
17:31 Wix "I feel it may be of further use one we leave as well."
17:32 Wix This is all Jackal talking by the way, Ace just nods in agreement.
17:32 Hankolijo Leonard nods. "I'll keep it safe… Hey, how would one use it, exactly?"
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17:34 Wix "Just speak close to it," it's Ace talking this time, "I created it, so i'll know when you're trying to contact us."
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17:35 Hankolijo He nods yet again.
17:37 Wix "You can test it if you want."
17:39 Hankolijo Leonard hold the card close and speaks. "Hello? Can you hear me?" ~Wait, I'm standing right here… Maybe she just hears it twice now?~
17:39 Wix ~Yes, I can hear you.~ Ace's lips don't move, but her voice emits from the card, directly into your mind.
17:40 Hankolijo "Oh. Well that's pretty cool." ~And feels weird.~
17:41 Wix "Thanks. I try."
17:42 Hankolijo He smirks.
17:43 Hankolijo "Boy, I have a lot of things to tell a lot of people now. Would either of you mind if I go get started on that?"
17:44 Wix "Go ahead."
17:44 Wix Jackal gives a smile.
17:45 Hankolijo Leonard waves. "I guess I'll see you two later." And with that, he heads off. Now, where would be a good place to start?

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