Cause of Darkness

22:04 Recursive Wiley attempts to make the legendary toast.
22:04 Recursive 1d10 Toasty
22:04 Glacon Recursive: Toasty: 9 (1d10=9)
22:04 Recursive This toast is the toastiest toast I've made in a while.
22:05 Wixperson But how does the toast taste?
22:05 Recursive Toasty.
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22:07 Wixperson 'Greetings, insolent ape.'
22:07 Wixperson Words form in your head Wiley.
22:07 Recursive Wiley's expression forms a as crumbs drop out of his mouth.
22:08 Recursive 'Hullo?'
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22:09 Wixperson 'I have made the decision that, upon the hour of my permanent freedom, I will kill you first.'
22:10 Recursive Wiley realizes who it is. 'Oh, it's you. You really need to lighten up sometimes. Get a cup o' tea, do some yoga.'
22:10 Wixperson 'Those things are trivial to me. I care only for your kind's extinction.'
22:10 Sax Victor's enjoying a smoke outside.
22:10 Recursive 'Like I said. You need a hobby.'
22:11 Wixperson 'Menial distractions do not befit a multi-dimensional being such are myself.'
22:11 Wixperson They are below me'
22:11 Wixperson *'
22:12 Recursive 'Well whatever then. Did you just drop in to say hi?'
22:15 Wixperson 'I came to threaten you. Is that not something your miniscule intelligence can comprehend?'
22:16 Sax d10 Good smoke?
22:16 Glacon Sax: Good smoke?: 7 (d10=7)
22:16 Sax Decent smoke for Victor.
22:16 Recursive 'Can your great and powerful intelligence comprehend that I'm making fun of you?'
22:16 Wixperson 'It can.'
22:17 Wixperson 'It is a facotr in my choice to end your existence as soon as possible.'
22:17 Wixperson *factor
22:18 Recursive 'Well okay then. You never got to why you hate us so much. Is it because the others managed to lock you away?'
22:19 Wixperson 'I have many reasons. That is merely the most recent of a great thousand.'
22:20 Recursive Wiley pours himself a cup of tea. 'I've got time. Any other reasons that I would find particularly terrifying?"
22:20 Recursive *'
22:21 Wixperson 'You do not appear to be the type who easily scares.'
22:22 Wixperson 'And many are reasons that you insolent three dimensional fools could never comprehend.'
22:23 Recursive Wiley shrugs. 'You know, the whole 'I am so above all your crap' act gets kind of grating. Obviously you're not so far above us, or you wouldn't have the lust to kill.'
22:24 Wixperson 'I was not formed with this lust. It was your kind who cursed me with this hatred of you.'
22:25 Recursive 'Well didn't you learn anything else? Joy? Love? Hope?'
22:27 Wixperson 'I have no need for emotion, so why would I purposefully go out of my way to acquire it.'
22:27 Recursive 'Take it from me, it's not fun to just stew in your own rage all the time.'
22:28 Wixperson 'I am not angry.'
22:28 Recursive 'Then why do you want to kill us all? And don't say 'reasons beyond your puny mind'.'
22:29 Recursive 'If you were truly indifferent, you would just leave us be.'
22:29 Wixperson 'Within what your ignorance can comprehend, I wish to erase you to cleanse the world of your unrelenting evil.'
22:31 Recursive 'That definitely sounds like some anger. It sounds like someone's a bit scared, unsure what to do with these new feelings.'
22:31 Wixperson '…'
22:31 Wixperson 'You are foolish.'
22:31 Wixperson 'I should end you here and now.'
22:31 Wixperson 'But I shall bide my time.'
22:31 Recursive 'But you won't. Because I've hit the nail on the head.'
22:32 Recursive 'I'm the only one who /gets/ you now, aren't I?'
22:33 Wixperson 'Exactly what is it that you claim to understand, ape?'
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22:34 Recursive 'That you're alone. You're scared. You're angry, lashing out like a hurt child.'
22:35 Wixperson '…'
22:35 Wixperson Roll mental defense, Wiley.
22:35 Recursive 4df+3 u w0t m8
22:35 Glacon Recursive: u w0t m8: 3 (4df+3=-, -, +, +)
22:35 Wixperson A searing pain, greater than the previous ones, reverberates through your mind.
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22:36 Recursive Wiley grits his teeth, determined not to give him any sort of sadistic satisfaction.
22:37 Wixperson 'Do not try to understand me, ape. It will only bring about your end sooner.'
22:38 Recursive 'You don't have to be alone. Whatever happened to you, that made you like you are, we could try to help you.'
22:38 Wixperson 'I do not seek companionship. I am incapable of fear. And any anger I have is justified.'
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22:39 Wixperson 'Your kind are blemish on reality, not just from my perspective, but from a great many perspectives above your dimensional level.'
22:39 Wixperson 'You claim you wish to help, yet your species only brings about destruction, even unto itself.'
22:40 Recursive 'Here we go again with the 'so above you' spiel. I'll admit, sometimes we cause harm, but in the end, we always pull together. As you say, we're a little ignorant. If something we did affected you, it wasn't our intent.'
22:41 Wixperson 'Your kind had every intent to harm me.'
22:42 Wixperson 'And I do not state your incomprehension of my form as boast, I am merely stating a fact.'
22:42 Recursive 'Your kind? What did /I/ do to you?'
22:42 Recursive 'What did Olga do? Maxwell?'
22:44 Wixperson 'You did nothing, yet you exist as part of a race that requires extinction.'
22:44 Recursive 'We can find the ones who hurt you. We can make sure they get what's coming to them.'
22:45 Wixperson 'They already go that. I made sure of it.'
22:45 Wixperson *got
22:45 Recursive 'The others were… them, then? They were just a few people. That's no reason to exterminate a whole race.'
22:46 Wixperson 'Your kind has wiped out entire species for no good reason. Consider this as reality's way of mkaing amends.'
22:47 Recursive 'Coming from the one who intends to wipe out an entire species for no good reason. What happens when something bigger than you gets mad at /you/?'
22:49 Wixperson 'Then I will take whatever punishment it grants.'
22:49 Wixperson 'But my task for the time being remains my primary focus.'
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22:50 Recursive 'Gotta give you props for determination. But really, if you think that a few people being cruel constitutes an entire race's death, you're the one who's below us.'
22:51 Wixperson '…'
22:51 Wixperson 'Maybe so, but I have task, and I will see it through it's conclusion.'
22:53 Recursive Wiley frowns. He tries to focus on a memory where he felt really happy. Old memories of his mother.
22:53 Wixperson 'I can bide my time.'
22:54 Wixperson 'Your end will come soon enough.'
22:54 Recursive 'We'll be waiting. I hope you find something more.'
22:54 Wixperson Wiley, you suddenly feel a presence you hadn't even noticed lift from your mind.
22:55 Recursive Wiley blinks a few times.

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