<Optimal> Frederick slowly walks out of the door leading outside. Each step is executed as if there was a 500 pound weight attached to each leg.
<Optimal> He makes his way to the forest's edge and stares up at the moon.
<ZombieRaptor> Marge bounds along beside him!
<Optimal> For a brief moment, he has a thought of banging his cane against a tree, but no. That would be stupid.
<ZombieRaptor> She jumps through the thick snow.
<Optimal> And then a tear forms in his eye.
<ZombieRaptor> *mew*
<Optimal> Frederick looks down at the cat.
<ZombieRaptor> Mew
<Optimal> Fred sighs with a bit of a quiver. "Let me ask you something cat."
<ZombieRaptor> She looks up at Fred, swishing her tail.
<Optimal> "Have you ever lost contact with someone you love? I have. And ever since she left, everything seemed to go to shit."
<ZombieRaptor> She mews.
<Optimal> "I was happy you know. I was lost without her, but I still had my life. I had that attic above the drug store. And I had those people on the streets. And they had wallets and I would take them. And the insides of those wallets would mean something."
<Optimal> Fred takes a bit as he sniffles.
<Optimal> "Every dollar I took meant another hour I could spend waiting for her."
<ZombieRaptor> *mew*
<Optimal> "At about year four I started to question when she's ever come back. But I knew… I know that as long as I keep waiting, I might be able to see her again."
<Optimal> "Time… time is an unpredictable thing. Anything could happen five seconds from now. The world could end, and we'd have no idea."
<ZombieRaptor> Marge headbutts his leg.
<ZombieRaptor> *mew*
<Optimal> "Adrienne could be behind that tree right now, and five seconds from now she could show herself."
<Optimal> "Anything could happen, as long as I keep waiting."
<ZombieRaptor> Marge pads behind the tree.. She walks out five seconds later…..
<ZombieRaptor> She mews.
<Optimal> "Yeah cat. Just like that."
<Optimal> Frederick goes over and sits on the fallen log.
<ZombieRaptor> Marge sits on his lap.
<Optimal> He sets his cane to the side.
<Optimal> Frederick strokes the cat in slow, gentle movements.
<Optimal> "How do you think this will end cat? Our lives at this place."
<ZombieRaptor> Marge gives the impression of shrugging. *mew*
<Optimal> "I don't know either."
<Optimal> "But one thing is for sure. It's going to be my ending to decide."
<Optimal> Frederick stares off into the dark expanse of the forest, as if some answer laid beyond it.

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