logs:But Dave did not Shoot the Deputy

21:20:37: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi arrives in the briefing room
21:20:52: <bunton> Pauline heads in.
21:20:58: <Neon> Edvin is almost right behind her.
21:21:03: <gumbal1> Harlan heads in.
21:21:22: <daedalus> Monday hobbles into the briefing room behind Harland
21:21:23: <Soulless> There is a stranger there instead of the usual Admin fellow and his right-hand-man.
21:21:39: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Who are you?"
21:22:12: <lurkd> Ivan walks in.
21:22:15: <lurkd> "…."
21:25:26: <Soulless> He looks like a middle-aged man, glasses askew as he shuffles through a paper. Harlan may recognize him as a lackadasical medic that comes and goes on occasion, looking perpetually lost but somehow he has a job, kinda. Harlan never really got a straight answer out of him and neither has anyone else.
21:26:19: <Soulless> "Sorry the boss ain't here. He's too busy to brief you and roped me in, heh!" He smiles a bit.
21:27:05: <lurkd> Ivan checks his equipment and pockets.
21:27:41: <Soulless> "Anyways, this is just a small job. A few teenagers are rumored to be practicing some occult stuff- not the snake oil let me tell you that."
21:27:48: <gauzebal1> "Uh…out of curiosity, why did you call us specifically here?"
21:28:10: <lurkd> "Yes."
21:28:27: <lurkd> "What is the location?"
21:28:29: <Soulless> "Well, it's not a big job so just the five of you will do fine. The admin said just send them away with the map and uh, supposedly they've got a book or something."
21:28:43: <lurkd> Ivan blinks.
21:28:48: <Soulless> "Either way, figure out what's causing the use of occult magic and bring it back for containment."
21:29:07: <lurkd> More blinking. "Do you have the map?"
21:29:35: <Soulless> "The teenagers should be doing their stuff his evening, pretty much now." He gives them the map. It's just in the area, at a squatter house.
21:29:40: <Neon> Edvin seems visibly disgruntled at the mention of occult magic, crossing himself quickly.
21:29:40: <daedalus> "Hmm, is there more to it than that?"
21:30:01: <Soulless> "Well, the admin was in a hurry, so I didn't get much else, no. Sorry."
21:30:20: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Is it that simple? We go in, and take a book from some kids?"
21:30:30: <Soulless> "I guess so! He did say it was a small job!"
21:30:33: <lurkd> "We'll need to procure a vehicle."
21:30:46: <Soulless> "It's only a half-hour walk or so, right?"
21:31:03: <Soulless> It's more like a 45 minute walk but it's thereabouts.
21:31:03: <Neon> "This is probably not as simple as it seems. We /are/ dealing with the Devil's work here…"
21:31:05: <lurkd> He looks at the map. Then looks up. Then walks out.
21:31:14: <daedalus> "I don't like this, it seems there should be more."
21:31:30: <lurkd> Ivan exits and waits for team as he lights a cigarette.
21:31:52: <Soulless> "Sorry, I really don't got anything else. Wait! The admin said the kids used the magic to get high a lot."
21:31:59: <Soulless> "Maybe that'll help!"
21:32:06: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi silently walks out after Ivan.
21:32:12: <Neon> "…Damn kids." He says, exiting.
21:32:14: <lurkd> He makes sure he has the Zakharov Device prototype loaded and ready just in case.
21:32:38: <Soulless> "Good luck! Really!" The last person who left, roll perception
21:32:38: <gauzebal1> "So…we're dealing with stoner pot smokers. Can't we just get the police to handle it for us then get them transferreed here?"
21:32:40: <lurkd> He fiddles with the locking mechanism and safety.
21:32:48: <gauzebal1> 4df+3
21:32:49: <Glacon> gauzebal1: 2 (4df+3=0, 4-, 3+, 4-)
21:33:14: <lurkd> "Might actually get a field test out of my prototype."
21:33:17: <daedalus> "Hmm…" Monday leaves the room.
21:33:45: <Soulless> Harlan can detect a small flicker in his smile, a note of pleading with that last 'really'. But it is probably just his imagination.
21:33:52: <Soulless> It was hardly anything.
21:34:43: <lurkd> Ivan stows his prototype weapon and looks behind him. "I would prefer to begin this mission, please."
21:35:18: <gauzebal1> Harlan leaves for the others. ~I doubt it's that simple. Hope this isn't like the clown.~
21:35:37: <Soulless> Assuming that everyone has arrived together, time to trek on out! Damn this weather, it's twilight already!
21:37:01: <lurkd> Ivan produces a flashlight out of his oversized overcoat.
21:37:05: <lurkd> *click*
21:37:12: <Soulless> The walk is rather uneventful.
21:37:36: <lurkd> Ivan arrives.
21:37:49: <Neon> Edvin follows behind.
21:37:58: <gauzebal1> Harlan follows.
21:38:06: <Soulless> They arrive at the dilapidated house pretty quickly. It's an ugly looking thing, looming and about to fall apart. Only people who hang around here are the people with nowhere else to go and some hooligan kids.
21:38:20: <daedalus> Monday arrives last "Did we really have to walk all the way here, I'm not as nible as I used to be."
21:38:54: <Neon> Edvin smiles slightly at Monday's comment, but the smile fades when he looks at the house. Once again he crosses himself.
21:38:59: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi is waiting near Ivan
21:39:21: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> (Bad connection)
21:39:48: <Soulless> At the moment, it's pretty quiet. Hard to tell if anything's inside, what with the boarded windows and all.
21:40:10: <lurkd> "Mr. Harkess? How would you approach this situation?"
21:40:10: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 perception anything out of the ordinary?
21:40:11: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: perception anything out of the ordinary?: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 3+, 4-)
21:40:16: <daedalus> Monday regards the house with a frown, "So, how are we going to do this?
21:40:25: <lurkd> 4df+5
21:40:27: <Glacon> lurkd: 3 (4df+5=0, 4-, 0, 4-)
21:40:31: <gauzebal1> Harlan goes up to the door and places his ear against it.
21:40:34: <lurkd> (perc)
21:40:39: <gauzebal1> 4df+3 can he hear anything?
21:40:40: <Glacon> gauzebal1: can he hear anything?: 5 (4df+3=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
21:40:44: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "I would have a man wait outside to catch anyone trying to escape and try to enter from multiple points Ivan"
21:40:57: <lurkd> He nods. "I concur."
21:41:06: <lurkd> "Gentlemen?"
21:41:09: <Neon> "Not a bad idea."
21:41:17: <lurkd> *puff*
21:41:36: <Soulless> Luvi can detect the faint light from a few cracks of the boarding. Ivan sees the same. Harlan can hear scraping, or something like it, coming from somewhere too low to be the ground floor.
21:41:56: <daedalus> "I agree, but what of the teenagers? If they're inside how would you approach them?"
21:42:00: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Don't be afraid to shoot if the need arises, these kids got an anomalous item, and are probably dangerous… Though try to shoot to wound."
21:42:17: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Ivan, do you have your special weapon?"
21:42:32: <gauzebal1> "I don't think a pothead's gonna get very far." He hears it.
21:42:40: <lurkd> Ivan pulls it out from his overcoat: http://media.liveauctiongroup.net/i/9633/10494890_1.jpg?v=8CDC8BE1FF884B0
21:42:57: <gauzebal1> "I heard scrapings. They might just be carving their names into the wood, but be ready if they aren't.
21:42:58: <lurkd> "But I have a more conventional firearm if need be."
21:43:01: <daedalus> "What is that contraption?"
21:43:02: <gauzebal1> *"
21:43:11: <lurkd> "The Zakharov device."
21:43:15: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Can we use that as a form of gas, to disorient them?"
21:43:29: <lurkd> "…."
21:43:39: <lurkd> "I have limited shots."
21:43:44: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "How many?"
21:44:29: <lurkd> "2."
21:44:30: <daedalus> "It is not deadly, is it?" Monday says with a bit of an edge to his voice.
21:44:52: <lurkd> "No to us."
21:44:54: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi walks around the building, is there any extra entrances? Anything they can bust open?
21:44:57: <gauzebal1> "Ivan deals with ghosts. I doubt he'd use it for anything else, given the limited shots."
21:45:05: <lurkd> Ivan nods.
21:45:34: <Soulless> There's a backdoor that's open and hanging off a hinge. He gets a good look inside with it, the candlelight coming from beneath the floor, somehow.
21:45:56: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Only that entrance is accessible?
21:46:31: <gauzebal1> "I'll follow whoever goes through the front. Someone needs to be around to heal wounds."
21:46:45: <Soulless> There's a backdoor and a front door. The front door is closed and looks vaguely functional. The backdoor is wide open and swinging off its hinges.
21:46:58: <Neon> "What would you all have me do?"
21:47:13: <daedalus> "If there are adolecents in there, we should attempt a diplomatic approach first. They are probably either aggressive or scared, either way, I think I should speak to them."
21:47:53: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Harlan, wait outside and take down anyone trying to escape, come in to assist if we need it, we can't have our medic die first, Ivan, can you storm the front with Edvin and Monday enter with me?"
21:48:10: <lurkd> "Yes."
21:48:16: <daedalus> Monday nods
21:48:22: <gauzebal1> "Alright. But if I hear screaming, I'm coming in."
21:48:26: <lurkd> He cocks his revolver and steps up to the door.
21:48:26: <Neon> Edvin looks to Ivan, then to Luvi, then nods to the two of them.
21:49:00: <Neon> Edvin kneels a few inches away from the door, rifle aimed at it.
21:49:03: <lurkd> Ivan waits for people to get into position.
21:49:33: <lurkd> He slooooooowly opens the front door.
21:49:39: <lurkd> >.>
21:49:45: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi shoulders his rifle once everyone is in position and pulls out his pistol "1…2…3!" Luvi enters screaming "GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND"
21:49:49: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> (Shock and awe!)
21:49:59: <gauzebal1> "Which side should I monitor?"
21:50:04: <lurkd> Ivan changes tactics and does the same.
21:50:06: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> He looks around
21:50:08: <lurkd> He rushes in.
21:50:12: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 perception
21:50:13: <Soulless> There is the sound of sudden silence.
21:50:14: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: perception: 7 (4df+4=0, 3+, 3+, 3+)
21:50:15: <lurkd> Flashlight up!
21:50:30: <Soulless> Luvi can her someone whispering from below, somehting like 'sssh shut up its the fucking cops'
21:50:34: <daedalus> Monday limps in "What the hell was that!"
21:50:45: <Neon> Edvin follows behind Ivan.
21:51:04: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "They're below us."
21:51:05: <Soulless> There is candlelight filtering below in a few holes in the floors, which are quickly extinguished.
21:51:06: <daedalus> "If they have something dangerous, why would you do something like rush in half cocked
21:51:27: <gauzebal1> Harlanyells from outside. "See anything?"
21:51:29: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "These are teens, you scare the fuck out of them and they will break"
21:52:03: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Can Luvi see any way down?
21:52:03: <daedalus> Monday grumbles.
21:52:25: <gauzebal1> "If you want to scare them, I suggest yelling in German."
21:52:27: <Soulless> There's a knocked out hole in the floor in a corner, of what probably used to be stairs.
21:52:36: <gauzebal1> Can they hear him now?
21:52:39: <lurkd> "Hmmm."
21:52:45: <lurkd> Ivan approaches the hole.
21:52:49: <Soulless> All is silent now.
21:52:57: <Soulless> Ivan roll perception
21:53:01: <Neon> Edvin follows behind.
21:53:11: <lurkd> 4df+5 looking
21:53:12: <Glacon> lurkd: looking: 7 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
21:53:30: <daedalus> "When we find them, I will be the one to speak to them." looks at Luvi "so we don't scare them into killing us."
21:54:06: <Soulless> Ivan can see chalk lines around the hole, recently rubbed away, and he can hear someone whispering to someone else. The sound of scraping chalk becomes more noticeable.
21:54:26: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Anyone see anything?"
21:54:27: <lurkd> "Gentlemen…"
21:54:35: <lurkd> Ivan waves them over to the hole.
21:54:42: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi runs over.
21:54:46: <gauzebal1> Harlan whistles showtunes outside.
21:54:53: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "You said you have two canisters Ivan?"
21:54:59: <daedalus> Monday hobbles over
21:55:00: <lurkd> He nods.
21:55:35: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Gas them, I don't want to take chances, we take them down while they're disoriented"
21:55:38: <Soulless> As Ivan approaches the hole more, he can see that it's a straight drop into darkness, the only light from the hole temporarily revealing a young man's hand as it swipes over the floor, drawing a line of chalk.
21:56:11: <daedalus> "No, we approach this diplomatically!" Monday shouts
21:56:27: <lurkd> Ivan looks at Monday.
21:56:35: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "They are doing shit down there, and it's not going to be friendly"
21:56:39: <Neon> He turns to Monday. "Shush." He then turns back.
21:56:54: <gauzebal1> Harlan is at this point singing Sinatra to himself outside.
21:57:07: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Monday, I have combat experience, you are a person who has probably never held a fun before, trust me"
21:57:10: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Gun*
21:57:27: <lurkd> "They are adolescents, Mr. Harkess."
21:57:53: <lurkd> Ivan starts to put his weapon away.
21:58:02: <daedalus> "We can't just gas them and expect them not to retaliate, dummkoph. They're only childeren!"
21:58:05: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Adolescents are capable of killing Ivan, I've seen it happen many times"
21:58:19: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "They /wont/ be able to retaliate!"
21:58:20: <lurkd> "Warning shot then."
21:59:01: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "… Fine, if they don't come out, we use the gas"
21:59:03: <gauzebal1> Harlan's dancing to the tunes in his head outside.
21:59:10: <Soulless> There's more whispering, then someone shouting from below. "We can fucking hear you, asshole!"
21:59:26: <lurkd> Ivan doesn't like wasting a can on the living, but he complies and readies it up.
21:59:27: <Soulless> Then shushing, and not-so-quiet "whispering" arguments of staying quiet.
21:59:42: <daedalus> "Uh… Hello!"
21:59:45: <Soulless> All the voices sound like yep, teenagers.
21:59:45: <Neon> Edvin scoffs under his breath.
22:00:00: <lurkd> "We are armed."
22:00:06: <lurkd> Ivan calls to them.
22:00:34: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Someone with high persuasion use it
22:00:35: <daedalus> "However, we are not here to hurt you." Monday shoots a look at Ivan
22:00:36: <Soulless> The rowdy male that shouted at them earlier shouts again. "So is my my di-" followed by muffling.
22:01:13: <gauzebal1> Harlan is drawing smiley faces in the ground outside.
22:01:15: <lurkd> *sigh*
22:01:27: <lurkd> "…cretins…"
22:01:34: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi walks outside and signals for Harlan to come inside.
22:01:56: <daedalus> "My name is Professor Monday, How many of you are there down there?"
22:02:04: <gauzebal1> Harlan is slightly embarrassed at having been caught drawing smiley faces in the ground, and heads in.
22:02:15: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi walks back in near the hole.
22:02:42: <gauzebal1> "That's, uh, not how I usually act. Must be the, uh, pot fumes that are probably here." ~I think~
22:03:09: <Soulless> There is the sound of whispers, and then a young girl peeks herself out, adjusting her shirt a bit compromisingly. She gives the guys a charming smile.
22:03:12: <lurkd> (reefer madness)
22:03:24: <Soulless> "Hey there!"
22:03:35: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi points readies his gun "…. hello"
22:03:36: <Soulless> "How are you all doooiiiingg?"
22:03:40: <gauzebal1> (Harla knows shit about cannabis)
22:03:57: <daedalus> "Why.. H-hello. What is your name?"
22:03:58: <lurkd> "Please exit so that we an discuss your activities."
22:04:00: <Soulless> "We don't want no trouble, like, we ain't doing anything, so can you like, leave?"
22:04:12: <lurkd> "…No."
22:04:29: <gauzebal1> 4df+3 (persuasion) "What're are you doing here?"
22:04:31: <Glacon> gauzebal1: (persuasion) "What're are you doing here?": 5 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 4-, 3+)
22:04:33: <Soulless> She glances over them.
22:04:57: <daedalus> "We need to know what your are doing down there, Fraulein. You aren't in trouble"
22:05:00: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> (Can i roll agility to grab her and pull her out)
22:05:03: <Soulless> Looks to Harlan. "Uh… like, nothing important, just like, teenager stuff. We're doing stupid stuff."
22:05:13: <Soulless> Yes you may roll.
22:05:19: <Soulless> And the girl is clearly lying.
22:05:24: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 GRAB
22:05:25: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: GRAB: 6 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
22:05:41: <Soulless> She scans over the agents. "So how many of y-aaah!" She begins to shriek as she is grabbed.
22:05:50: <Soulless> Shrieking like a banshee. "Let go of me!"
22:05:56: <lurkd> Ivan helps subdue.
22:06:00: <lurkd> "Please comply.
22:06:04: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi holds her in place.
22:06:18: <gauzebal1> 4df+3 (persuasion) Luvi's a bit…forceful. Just comply and it will be all right.
22:06:19: <Glacon> gauzebal1: (persuasion) Luvi's a bit…forceful. Just comply and it will be all right.: 1 (4df+3=4-, 0, 4-, 0)
22:06:20: <daedalus> Monday face palms "what are you doing!"
22:06:20: <Soulless> Then, suddenly, there is chaos below the agent's feet. "Shit, they got Jess! Fuck!"
22:06:35: <Soulless> There is the sound of scraping, and then page flipping.
22:06:56: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Shit! They're going to use that fucking book, gas them!"
22:07:11: <Soulless> The rowdy male shouts once more. "Do it!"
22:07:14: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi hands the girl off to Harlan "keep her here"
22:07:15: <Soulless> Everyone roll agility
22:07:20: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+3
22:07:21: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 2 (4df+3=4-, 4-, 0, 3+)
22:07:28: <gauzebal1> 4df+5 AS SWIFT AS THE COURSING RIVER
22:07:30: <Glacon> gauzebal1: AS SWIFT AS THE COURSING RIVER: 6 (4df+5=3+, 0, 0, 0)
22:07:30: <Neon> 4df+2
22:07:31: <Glacon> Neon: 4 (4df+2=0, 0, 3+, 3+)
22:07:39: <daedalus> 4df+2
22:07:40: <Glacon> Daedalus: 2 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
22:07:50: <Soulless> Pause
22:08:15: <lurkd> 4df+2 agility
22:08:16: <Glacon> lurkd: agility: 4 (4df+2=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
22:09:36: <Soulless> Just as Luvi finishes shouting 'Gas them', the floor abruptly collapses underneath the agents, the distinct scent of a rancid animal's breath filling the room. There is the sound of teenaged shouting, chaos, and the agents hear one shouting loudest in some odd language. Anyone with academics can roll to identify in the panic.
22:09:58: <gauzebal1> 4df+3 gorram heretics
22:09:59: <Glacon> gauzebal1: gorram heretics: 5 (4df+3=4-, 3+, 3+, 3+)
22:10:00: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+3
22:10:01: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 4 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 0, 4-)
22:10:03: <daedalus> 4df+5
22:10:04: <lurkd> 4df+5 academics
22:10:04: <Glacon> Daedalus: 4 (4df+5=4-, 0, 4-, 3+)
22:10:05: <Glacon> lurkd: academics: 7 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
22:10:12: <Neon> (Can Edvin roll to see if it's anything Bible-related?)
22:10:14: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi looks around
22:10:20: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4
22:10:21: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 3 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
22:10:28: <lurkd> *oomf*
22:10:30: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Perception^
22:11:30: <Soulless> Harlan can recognize it as some kind of greek, and Monday can recognize the language as greek, specifically an old form of it, shouting about taking intruders away from "this place". (I'm not done yet)
22:11:45: <gauzebal1> This all reminds Harlan too much of something. "If any of you are worshiping that fucking clown I swear to-"
22:12:20: <Neon> 4d+3 Who has the damn book? (Perception)
22:12:40: <Neon> 4df+3 Who has the damn book? (Perception_
22:12:41: <Glacon> Neon: Who has the damn book? (Perception_: 1 (4df+3=0, 4-, 4-, 0)
22:12:41: <gauzebal1> Harlan looks for the incantationist.
22:12:49: <Soulless> The agents are snapped up by a massive mouth erupting from the floor, like a giant fish, covered in eyeballs and tentacles. Luvi, Monday and Edvin fall into the mouth first, who get a nice view of that even the tongue and throat are covered in eyes.
22:13:09: <gauzebal1> ~fuck this place~
22:13:19: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Fuck, this can't be real! Must be like with bobbles!"
22:13:28: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi is mainly talking to Harlan
22:13:43: <Soulless> (Ivan also falls into the throat)
22:13:50: <daedalus> Can I stab it with my swordcane?
22:13:57: <lurkd> "Everyone, please hold your breath."
22:14:00: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi fires several shots regardless of his theory.
22:14:03: <gauzebal1> "If it is, I'm personally stabbing the speaker's book."
22:14:04: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+9
22:14:06: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 8 (4df+9=4-, 3+, 4-, 0)
22:14:22: <Glacon> lurkd: firing prototype *BABOOM*: 7 (4df+5=3+, 0, 3+, 0)
22:14:22: <lurkd> 4df+5 firing prototype *BABOOM*
22:14:30: <Soulless> Harlan is agile enough to get a good look at the teenagers as they are chewed up buy… something, their limbs twist and their bodies begin to turn inside out from their eyes, mouths, and ears.
22:14:33: <gauzebal1> Harlan looks for the incantationist
22:15:11: <Soulless> That's the last look they get, in gunfire and saliva and teeth and eyes. The mouth closes, the sound of a deep bellow covers and surrounds them.
22:15:21: <daedalus> can I roll melee?
22:15:26: <gauzebal1> ~fuck these stoners~
22:15:26: <Soulless> Yep
22:15:50: <daedalus> 4df+4
22:15:56: <gauzebal1> Harlan makes sure to drag his knife across whatever surface he's falling against.
22:16:10: <daedalus> 4df+4
22:16:11: <Glacon> Daedalus: 7 (4df+4=0, 3+, 3+, 3+)
22:16:28: <gauzebal1> Hopefully making a single long line of hate to mark where he fell.
22:16:30: <Soulless> Harlan roll melee.
22:16:37: <lurkd> Ivan sees what effect his shot has.
22:16:40: <gauzebal1> 4df+2 fuck this wall
22:16:41: <Glacon> gauzebal1: fuck this wall: 2 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 4-, 3+)
22:18:45: <Soulless> Ivan's shot burns and bubbles their surroundings, like it's acid, revealing a gaping hole into a…plain? Luvi fires clear holes through the creature. And Monday cuts open a large slit, from his side he can see the sky. Or well, it has clouds so it must be the sky. The sky is colored a dull orange-purple. It's unknown how orange and purple together is color, but somehow it is here.
22:19:06: <gauzebal1> "…"
22:19:17: <gauzebal1> "…huh?"
22:19:26: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi runs at it (if we're able to) and tries smashing through it with his body.
22:19:32: <lurkd> *sigh*
22:19:44: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: strength: 6 (4df+4=3+, 0, 0, 3+)
22:19:44: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 strength
22:19:49: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> The holes*
22:20:02: <lurkd> Ivan pops open his prototype. The empty canister makes a clanging sound as it's ejected.
22:20:16: <lurkd> "Wasteful."
22:20:27: <daedalus> Monday shouts curses in German
22:20:46: <gauzebal1> Harlan is slightly startled by this.
22:20:48: <Neon> Edvin says a quick line of prayer.
22:20:57: <Soulless> Luvi manages to burst his way out like a chestmonster from Alien, rolling onto the grass that feels oddly like fabric strips.
22:21:19: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi says in German to Monday "Shut up Monday! If we had gassed them they wouldn't have been able to do this!"
22:21:21: <Soulless> Harlan is and Edvin can crawl our of the holes made, as can anyone else.
22:21:42: <daedalus> Monday climbs out the hole Luvi made.
22:21:51: <Neon> Edvin follows Monday.
22:22:02: <lurkd> Ivan looks around for the teenagers.
22:22:04: <gauzebal1> Harlan climbs out..
22:22:05: <lurkd> 4df+5
22:22:05: <Glacon> lurkd: 7 (4df+5=0, 3+, 3+, 0)
22:22:36: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 am I lagging?
22:22:36: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 what does Luvi see
22:22:37: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: what does Luvi see: 2 (4df+4=4-, 4-, 3+, 4-)
22:22:37: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: am I lagging?: 8 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 3+, 3+)
22:22:38: <daedalus> Monday shouts in German at Luvi "And if you hadn't grabbed that girl they wouldn't have retaliated, dummkoph!"
22:23:21: <gauzebal1> Harlan looks around the landscape.
22:23:27: <Neon> 4df+8 Edvin looks for any signs that anyone had been there before the group. (Hunter)
22:24:34: <Neon> 4df+8 Edvin looks for any signs that anyone had been there before the group. (Hunter)
22:24:35: <Glacon> Neon: Edvin looks for any signs that anyone had been there before the group. (Hunter): 11 (4df+8=3+, 3+, 3+, 0)
22:25:24: <Soulless> …They don't… move right. Somehow. Edvin can see all this, plus… those villagers may be shaped like people, but they certainly don't have any human anatomy to the way they move holy shit.
22:25:24: <Soulless> No teenagers. It's a sea of grass that moves like water that is colored pinkish-purple, against the purple-orange sky. Luvi and Ivan can see they've crawled out of some vaguely fish-shaped thing, with lamprey and maggot looking tendrils clinging to it. Luvi and Ivan can see a village nearby, made of the grass. Luvi however sees there are villagers! And something is wrong with the villagers….
22:25:52: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Guys, I see people and a village"
22:26:07: <Neon> "Something is very wrong with those villagers…"
22:26:23: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Let me get closer for a better look"
22:26:34: <Neon> "Everything about them…is wrong…"
22:26:51: <daedalus> "Well, just don't suddenly grapple any of them and you should be fine." Monday shoots a look at Luvi
22:26:58: <Soulless> One of them appears to begin to move towards them.
22:27:03: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+7 Luvi moves forward stealthily, what all can he see through his rifle scope"
22:27:04: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Luvi moves forward stealthily, what all can he see through his rifle scope": 9 (4df+7=0, 3+, 0, 3+)
22:27:11: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi stops suddenly
22:27:16: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> ^stealth
22:27:18: <gauzebal1> Harlan draws his knife.
22:27:39: <gauzebal1> 4df+3 and makes an attempt to hide it from view of the "villager"
22:27:40: <Glacon> gauzebal1: and makes an attempt to hide it from view of the "villager": 3 (4df+3=0, 4-, 0, 3+)
22:27:48: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Everyone hide!" He whisper shouts
22:27:51: <lurkd> Ivan draws a weapon
22:28:05: <lurkd> And ducks
22:28:11: <daedalus> "Do not make any rash action." Monday stands where he is
22:28:16: <Neon> Edvin straps his rifle around his back again.
22:28:30: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Hide!"
22:28:40: <gauzebal1> 4df+3 ducks
22:28:42: <Glacon> gauzebal1: ducks: 1 (4df+3=4-, 3+, 4-, 4-)
22:28:56: <lurkd> "…"
22:29:21: <daedalus> Stands completely still, but grips his cane tightly.
22:29:41: <Soulless> Luvi can see what he is seeing is something wrapped in the same moving cloth-grass, which is moving even while made of clothes, like an endless ocean. The cloth-grass is like a robe, so it's hard to see much other than it's arms and face. The face has about 5 eyes, swirling around on its face, and as it moves closer it becomes apparent that it's individual fingers are actually fat tentacles…
22:29:42: <Soulless> …coming out of stubs where the arm ends.
22:30:05: <Soulless> It doesn't seem to notice those who hide and waves to Monday. It's elbow bends the wrong way as it waves.
22:30:28: <lurkd> Ivan sees the gesture and stands up. Moving towards Monday.
22:30:37: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi has his rifle pointed at it as it moves by.
22:30:43: <daedalus> Monday waves back nervously "Uh… Hello!" he calls
22:30:49: <gauzebal1> Harlan stands up
22:30:52: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> ~Moron~
22:30:56: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi stays down.
22:30:57: <lurkd> Ivan looks at Monday, then back at the being.
22:30:58: <Neon> Edvin stands by Monday.
22:32:14: <Soulless> "Hiya! You look awfully normie as ballsacks!" It speaks through its mouths, several of them on each arm, hard to see when they're closed but when they open it's like this guy's arms are riddled with holes of mouths.
22:33:02: <Soulless> "Where'd ya come from? Ol' spitup never spat up someone normie as you folk! Maybe it's under yer, err, clothes? Dey some funny rags."
22:33:18: <daedalus> "Pardon me?" Monday says with surprise "Spitup?"
22:33:30: <gauzebal1> Harlan doesn't speak.
22:33:36: <Soulless> "Yeah, spitup. It spits up, so we call it spitup."
22:33:43: <Soulless> It points to the fish.
22:33:55: <lurkd> "…"
22:33:57: <Neon> Edvin puts his hand on his forehead, rubbing it.
22:34:04: <Soulless> "Sup?"
22:34:22: <lurkd> "We're looking for children. /Normies/."
22:34:23: <gauzebal1> ~How much pot fumes did I inhale back there?~
22:34:41: <Soulless> "Anyhows, this here's dog country so we better ratskattle over to the huts before the sun dies."
22:34:45: <Neon> "What…where…" *sigh* "Are we."
22:35:00: <lurkd> "Very well."
22:35:06: <lurkd> Ivan approaches.
22:35:07: <Soulless> Its elbow twists the wrong way as it thumbs back to the villages.
22:35:21: <lurkd> "But as to my original question?
22:35:23: <gauzebal1> Harlan puts his knife away and goes into the direction of the village.
22:35:39: <daedalus> Monday thumps Luvi on the head as he follows Ivan
22:35:49: <daedalus> lightly
22:35:49: <Soulless> "Question?"
22:35:53: <Soulless> "What's a question?"
22:36:19: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi takes the blow without moving. ~Fucker!~
22:36:20: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> He's quietly follows them, still sneaky sneaky
22:36:33: <Soulless> "If you got any asks you can just ask me, by the way." It turns around and it begins to turn and head. "So what's the count on your herd?"
22:36:45: <Soulless> *and head back to the villages
22:38:14: <lurkd> "Five."
22:38:43: <lurkd> "There were children than arrived. Did you see any?" Ivan puts inflection on each syllable.
22:38:50: <lurkd> *that
22:39:02: <Soulless> "Huh? I don't see five. All five o you better get to the huts before the dogs come. No children, sorry if you lost some welps."
22:39:23: <Soulless> "You can have some of our welps if you need to repopulate your townhole."
22:39:37: <Neon> "No, we will be fine."
22:39:52: <lurkd> Ivan already wants to go home.
22:40:02: <lurkd> He trudges on… what a trooper.
22:40:07: <daedalus> "Thank you, you have been very nice to us."
22:40:24: <daedalus> "What is your name?"
22:40:34: <Soulless> As they approach the village, there are people there. They're even more fucked up, some have twisted heads, some have too many limbs, some people have legs replaced with a mass of flesh that drags behind them, some of them are covered in slime and eyeballs, and they all have joint issues and various anatomy distortions.
22:40:46: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi is following closely behind.
22:41:23: <Soulless> "Name? I'm called Joe. My pa said joe was a normie name, back before the rats started to grow. Now the whole place is a big rat's nest, he always called it that."
22:42:00: <gauzebal1> "Rats?"
22:42:05: <Soulless> "They say some old as cars place called the Foundation had lots of Joes, the old farts, y'know."
22:42:39: <Soulless> "Rats, yeah, this not-normie stuff."
22:42:50: <daedalus> "What do you know of the Foundation?" Monday raises an eyebrow
22:42:55: <Soulless> "You never heard of rats before? You ain't got no rats?"
22:43:26: <lurkd> "Yes we have rats."
22:43:31: <gauzebal1> "I was htinking our rats differed from yours."
22:43:41: <lurkd> "Small rodents… carry disease."
22:44:02: <Soulless> The voice takes on a rather baffled tone. It moves to a shifting house and opens a flap. In it is a female 'person' with too-long arms and hair so long it covers the cloak she wears. "Haltak, we got some weatherers from the dogs for a sun burst."
22:44:49: <lurkd> "How long has this settlement been established here… Mr. Joe."
22:45:12: <Soulless> Then it turns 360 on its head like an owl to them. "I dunno what kinda rats you talking about. My rat's are my eyes and mouths and hands. The not normie stuff. The Foundation, wait, you never hear of them? Where y'all coming from anyways? Hop on in the home, I can explain over breaklunch."
22:46:00: <daedalus> "Now Joe, you have been very nice, but we need to find some teenagers, Normies, like us" Monday says as if here were speaking to a child
22:46:16: <Soulless> "You lost your welps, I'm sorry."
22:46:28: <gauzebal1> "The teenagers turned into weird things when I saw them."
22:46:34: <Soulless> "Come on, before the dogs come."
22:46:44: <gauzebal1> "I doubt they still look 'normie."
22:46:53: <gauzebal1> Harlan heads into the house.
22:46:57: <lurkd> "Interesting."
22:47:00: <lurkd> Ivan enters.
22:47:14: <Soulless> "Yeah, if your welps were turning they prolly got hit by the rats, like everyone else."
22:47:20: <gauzebal1> "So, what are your dogs like?"
22:47:29: <Soulless> "Huh? You don't know dogs?"
22:47:33: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi is prone in tall grass on the edge of town, watching, waiting.
22:47:36: <lurkd> "Well, we are employed by the Foundation sent to retrieve these welps."
22:47:40: <daedalus> Monday looks back at where Luvi is, laughs, and enters the house.
22:47:51: <Neon> Edvin enters the house.
22:47:57: <gauzebal1> "I know our dogs, just not your dogs."
22:47:59: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> (Note Luvi is hidden from Monday, he can't see Luvi)
22:48:02: <Soulless> "Big, around fifteen meterfeet tall, maybe twenty legs, five heads?"
22:48:12: <Soulless> "Eat anything they find?"
22:48:39: <gauzebal1> Ours are a meter tall at best, have four legs, and a single head. Yeah, they also do that."
22:48:40: <Soulless> Those who enter the house may note that it is much bigger on the inside.
22:48:44: <gauzebal1> *"
22:49:16: <daedalus> >Impressed whistle< You have a very nice house Joe.
22:49:25: <Neon> Edvin stays quiet.
22:49:29: <Soulless> "Seriously, where's the five of you? The dogs'll eat you up faster than rats on a welp. Thanks! Built it myself, out of my first three welps!"
22:49:59: <lurkd> Ivan shrugs.
22:50:26: <lurkd> "Well, we won't be staying long if the people we are looking for are lost.
22:50:52: <Soulless> "Anyhow, how can I help you look? Where ya from?"
22:50:53: <gauzebal1> "We…don't usually fight things like that."
22:50:59: <Soulless> "Where the spitup spit you up from?"
22:51:06: <Soulless> Who is in the house now?
22:51:07: <daedalus> "Oh he's around here somewhere." looks at the door "Joe, do you know a way back to the Normie land."
22:51:10: <gauzebal1> Harlan is
22:51:18: <daedalus> Monday is
22:51:24: <lurkd> Ivan is
22:51:31: <Soulless> Joe stops. "Normie land? Like heaven?"
22:51:32: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi is not (I'm gonna die aren't i)
22:51:56: <Neon> Edvin is.
22:52:03: <Soulless> "Only way I know to get to heaven's by dying, but I hear an old fuckshit's got a way to heaven without dying off the skybridge."
22:52:24: <Soulless> From those inside, they may happily converse with Joe, who is also inside. For Luvi, roll perception
22:52:26: <gauzebal1> "I'm from Earth. Beautiful little planet whose people are generally nice, but have the occasional spout of…cruelty."
22:52:36: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 shit
22:52:38: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: shit: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 3+)
22:53:42: <Soulless> Luvi, you see a big massive, mountain-looking thing. Three of them, off in the distance. You see five heads, the size of a car each, with lamprey-like mouths. They're sucking up the grass.
22:53:43: <daedalus> "skybridge? Tell me, Joe, where can we find this 'old fuckshit'? is he normie like us?"
22:53:53: <Soulless> It's approaching you and the village.
22:54:16: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi stands up and runs in side "WHAT THE FUCK IS OUT THERE?"
22:54:31: <Soulless> Joe shrugs. "I can show you the skybridge. He's down the way from it, probably at the end of the rainbow. Oh hey! Fifth head! You probably just saw a dog."
22:54:59: <daedalus> "Luvi, how nice of you to join us" Monday laughs
22:55:06: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "That thing was the size of a fucking mountain?!"
22:55:11: <lurkd> "…."
22:55:21: <gauzebal1> "Do the dogs ever come to the village?"
22:55:35: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> He turns towards everyone "We need to move, now"
22:55:45: <Soulless> "Well I said it was plenty big. Naw, they leave the villages alone. The huts look funny to them so they don't wanna eat it."
22:56:16: <lurkd> "Very well. Take us to this sky bridge."
22:56:29: <Soulless> "Okay, sure thing, let me get the ladder."
22:56:41: <daedalus> "Calm yourself, Herr Harkess, Joe was just telling of a way to get home."
22:57:02: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Did you even see those fucking things Monday?"
22:57:08: <Soulless> He opens the window, which is a shelf. "You guys live in heaven?" He pulls out a ladder from a space too small to hold a ladder.
22:57:19: <Soulless> The ladder at least seems to be made of normal stone.
22:57:58: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "We live in a place that doesn't have creatures the size of mountains…."
22:58:10: <daedalus> "Uh… Joe… How is that going to take us home?"
22:58:36: <Soulless> "Gosh, if you guys live in heaven with no dogs, heaven sounds real nice."
22:58:44: <Soulless> "Everyone's normie, haven't heard of rats…"
22:59:22: <lurkd> "Yes well. It is a preferable place to exist."
22:59:25: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Our world certainly isn't heaven, heaven wouldn't have a war destroy a continent"
23:00:04: <gauzebal1> "But that's over now."
23:00:30: <daedalus> "Though some of us are dummkophs who like to shoot first and ask questions later." Monday looks at Luvi
23:00:59: <Soulless> He puts the ladder against a wall and climbs up, opening the 'roof' up. "Well, if all your troubles in heaven were wars, I'd sure love to live there. Here everyone's got taken by rats. Back a long time ago, the gods Foundation and Serpent's Hand and Global Occult Coalition tried to hold the rats back. Rats won."
23:01:11: <Soulless> The roof opens up to a white sky, instead of the purple-orange one.
23:01:12: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "There's a reason we're here and it's trying to sit and 'talk it out' Shei├čkopf"
23:01:35: <Soulless> "Either way, you can just climb up to the sky bridge."
23:01:44: <Soulless> "Head on up."
23:01:47: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Did he just refer to us as gods?"
23:02:08: <Soulless> "Huh? You can't be Foundation."
23:02:28: <gauzebal1> "We…work for it."
23:02:39: <Soulless> "Foundation was a big and white thing, fill with glass and white coats and it wielded the great SCP against the rats."
23:03:08: <Soulless> "You guys don't look white and glass like them. Don't lie to me, ok? Liars get their welps ratted."
23:03:21: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "We are operatives, we are the ones that go out and capture the SCP's"
23:03:29: <Neon> (brb.)
23:03:32: <Soulless> "I /said/ don't fucking lie."
23:03:52: <daedalus> "We aren't liars Joe, we wouldn't lie to someone so nice to us."
23:04:05: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi steps up to the thing "I ain't fucking lying partner! You are thinking of researchers and lab technicians"
23:04:14: <Soulless> "Foundation never captured SCPs, it captured rats with SCPs. Get it fucking right. If you're going to lie at least know the myth. Get on the fucking sky bridge and leave."
23:04:48: <lurkd> "Very well."
23:04:55: <lurkd> Ivan climbs up.
23:05:02: <daedalus> "Okay, Joe, we'll leave, we're going" climbs up
23:05:03: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi shakes his head "Your myths are wrong then." He starts climbing
23:05:05: <Soulless> Joe climbs down from the ladder and gets all up in Luvi's face with its weird eyeballs moving all over its own face. "I ain't your partner, dogshit! Get the fuck out of my house!"
23:05:17: <gauzebal1> Harlan gets on the sky bridge.
23:05:26: <Soulless> "Never knew normies were such dogshits!"
23:05:37: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi prepares to shoot the beast.
23:05:38: <lurkd> "Mr. Harkess. Don't agitate."
23:05:47: <lurkd> Ivan glares at Luvi.
23:05:50: <daedalus> "Luvi! Be nice to our nice host will you?!"
23:05:51: <lurkd> "We are leaving."
23:06:06: <Soulless> Joe shoves Luvi in the chest.
23:06:09: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> ~These things need to be contained~
23:06:12: <Soulless> Roll strength or agility.
23:06:19: <Soulless> 4df+3 push
23:06:20: <Glacon> Soulless: push: 3 (4df+3=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
23:06:33: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 Pistolwhip bitch "What the fuck Joe!"
23:06:34: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Pistolwhip bitch "What the fuck Joe!": 2 (4df+4=4-, 0, 0, 4-)
23:06:44: <lurkd> *sigh*
23:07:04: <lurkd> Ivan climbs back down.
23:07:10: <Soulless> Joe ducks the pistolwhip and shoves Luvi flat on his ass.
23:07:14: <lurkd> He adjusts his glasses.
23:07:20: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi quick aims at him.
23:07:26: <daedalus> Shouting in german "Luvi, you idiot! stop!"
23:07:29: <lurkd> And pulls out his gun, pointed at Joe. "Both of you stop."
23:07:30: <Soulless> "What the fuck my fourth ballsack!"
23:07:50: <Soulless> "You all up in here lying about our gods! That ain't right!"
23:07:53: <gauzebal1> "Luvi! Stop!"
23:08:01: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+9 "I'll eliminate your whole species!" PEWPEW
23:08:02: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: "I'll eliminate your whole species!" PEWPEW: 9 (4df+9=4-, 4-, 3+, 3+)
23:08:04: <lurkd> "Joe we are leaving now. Mr. Harkess… up the ladder immediately."
23:08:10: <lurkd> "…."
23:08:13: <Soulless> 4df+3
23:08:13: <gauzebal1> "Luvi, what the hell?!"
23:08:14: <Glacon> Soulless: 5 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 3+, 4-)
23:08:25: <gauzebal1> Harlan gets off the ladder
23:08:28: <daedalus> Monday pulls out his sword and holds the tip against Luvi's throat
23:08:30: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "These things are SCPS!"
23:08:44: <gauzebal1> 4df+9 trip Luvi (Value of Life)
23:08:45: <Glacon> gauzebal1: trip Luvi (Value of Life): 6 (4df+9=4-, 4-, 0, 4-)
23:08:49: <lurkd> "Stop that… how many times do I need to repeat?"
23:09:05: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi is on the ground moron.
23:09:22: <Soulless> Joe is shot right in the chest. His mouths begin to vomit blood and his tentacled fingers clutches at his chest, like worms in bloody puddles, writhing. He starts to gurgle in screams.
23:09:27: <gauzebal1> 4df+8 gauze Luvi (Value of Life)
23:09:27: <Glacon> gauzebal1: gauze Luvi (Value of Life): 7 (4df+8=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
23:09:39: <gauzebal1> "Joe!!
23:09:41: <daedalus> Monday was off the ladder
23:09:46: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> gauzebal1 I will shoot you, Luvi is crazy.
23:09:46: <gauzebal1> *!"
23:09:49: <Soulless> Luvi is unhurt, Joe is a lot more hurt.
23:09:52: <lurkd> Ivan pinches the bridge of his nose and gets back on the ladder.
23:10:20: <lurkd> "We are leaving /now/."
23:10:29: <daedalus> Monday pulls out his gun and points it at Luvi "Now."
23:10:29: <lurkd> "Everyone… up."
23:10:30: <Soulless> The woman rushes to Joe's side and settles by him. There is the sound of frantic crying.
23:10:46: <Soulless> "Dear, dear, oh Serpent's Hands, oh Foundation…"
23:10:46: <gauzebal1> Harlan looks to Joe. "Need help with that wound?"
23:11:11: <Soulless> Joe flails a bit, gurgling and falling over.
23:11:13: <gauzebal1> "I'm the resident medic for the group."
23:11:34: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi aims his gun at Monday "I will end you"
23:11:36: <Soulless> The woman begins to pull Joe's body away from the normies, looking up with a surprisingly human face.
23:11:43: <lurkd> Ivan is heading up the ladder. Team be damned.
23:11:43: <Soulless> A human face full of tears.
23:11:58: <gauzebal1> 4df+3 Harlan attempts to wrest the gun from Luvi.
23:12:00: <Glacon> gauzebal1: Harlan attempts to wrest the gun from Luvi.: 3 (4df+3=3+, 0, 0, 4-)
23:12:07: <Soulless> "Joe, Joe…'"
23:12:13: <lurkd> "Everyone… I'm leaving. Those to join me are welcome."
23:12:21: <lurkd> Climbing…
23:12:22: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 strength!
23:12:22: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: strength!: 4 (4df+4=0, 4-, 3+, 0)
23:13:11: <gauzebal1> Harlan looks to Joe.
23:13:40: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Help the SCP then let's go…"
23:13:45: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi begins climbing the ladder
23:13:51: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Gun still in hand
23:13:55: <lurkd> ~not waiting~
23:13:57: <Soulless> Ivan reaches the sky bridge! It really looks like a sky, shifting from its weird white color to a clear blue. Ivan climbs onto what looks like a big clear puddle.
23:14:02: <Soulless> He can see his own reflection.
23:14:03: <gauzebal1> 4df+4 this man needs attention!
23:14:04: <Glacon> gauzebal1: this man needs attention!: 5 (4df+4=3+, 0, 3+, 4-)
23:14:22: <gauzebal1> (That's a roll to help Joe)
23:14:24: <lurkd> He gets off the ladder and looks around.
23:14:28: <daedalus> Monday goes over to Joe and looks over him
23:14:54: <Soulless> Joe is helped, even though Harlan notes that Joe's anatomy is fucky and weird, but it's still human. Just rearranged.
23:15:07: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi is halfway up the ladder before looking back. He stops
23:15:12: <daedalus> "is he alright?"
23:15:21: <gauzebal1> "I..think?"
23:15:36: <Soulless> The woman clutches Joe tightly, looking to Monday and Harlan. "P-please leave… I don't k-know what you d-did to him but j-just go." It's a normal young woman's voice.
23:15:38: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "He should learn to not fuck with his Gods."
23:16:01: <gauzebal1> "I'm…sorry."
23:16:08: <Soulless> "You're no god… gods wouldn't do this to… to god working men like him…"
23:16:16: <Soulless> "Leave… P-please…"
23:16:25: <Soulless> *to good working men
23:16:27: <gauzebal1> Harlan turns around and heads to the ladder.
23:16:42: <daedalus> "For god's sake Luvi…" Monday climbs the ladder
23:16:52: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Gods hurt those who strike them, your husband or whatever the fuck is going to die if you don't let Harlan help him"
23:16:59: <lurkd> Ivan lights a cigarette and waits for the team. ["Amatuers."]
23:17:10: <Soulless> Those who climb the ladder also get to the blue-skies and mirrored lands.
23:17:30: <daedalus> "Where are we?"
23:17:54: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi's bloodlust is wearing away.
23:17:58: <Soulless> They can see their own reflection in the floor.
23:18:29: <gauzebal1> "Luvi. What. The. Fuck. Was. That. About?!"
23:18:47: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "I was attacked."
23:19:04: <daedalus> "You were shoved."
23:19:06: <Soulless> Ivan can see a big expansive path up into the sky, with multiple five legged deer-like creatures with exaggeratedly long legs jumping around so high that it's like they're flying.
23:19:24: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "He was aggressive, so I reacted in kind"
23:19:25: <Soulless> Those who climb up and to the skybridge can see the same thing.
23:19:41: <Soulless> The path up is made of the same mirror-like surface thefloor was.
23:19:45: <gauzebal1> "You almost killed someone for pushing you."
23:20:33: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi climbs the ladder entirely.
23:20:44: <daedalus> "I do not know what that was, but if you do it again I will not hesitate to shoot you."
23:20:50: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Those things were monstrosities, I wasn't going to take a chance"
23:20:52: <Soulless> Luvi and everyone else the climbs the ladder can get to the skybridge easy.
23:21:02: <Soulless> It's a pretty sight.
23:21:08: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Monday, I will end your miserable fucking life before you can touch your gun"
23:21:25: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Threaten me again and see what happens"
23:21:36: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi starts walking
23:21:36: <daedalus> Glares at Luvi
23:22:42: <daedalus> "So where do we go." Monday follows behind Luvi
23:22:49: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Forward"
23:23:46: <Soulless> Anyone else following them?
23:23:54: <gauzebal1> Harlan
23:24:09: <gauzebal1> He's keeping a close eye on Luvi for sudden bullshit.
23:24:21: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi still has his pistol in hand
23:24:39: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> He drops the current magazine and puts another one in.
23:24:50: <Soulless> The deer are making chirping noises. Other than their footsteps and their shouting, it's all that can be heard as they travel up the path.
23:24:54: <daedalus> Monday still has his pistol in hand, and grips it tightly
23:25:39: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi stops, pretending to look at everything, letting Harlan and Monday pass
23:25:52: <lurkd> Ivan passes..
23:26:23: <daedalus> Monday makes sure his bird is still okay
23:26:59: <lurkd> "This will be a long report I'm sure."
23:27:01: <gauzebal1> Harlan does not pass.
23:27:21: <daedalus> monday passes
23:27:25: <lurkd> "Excessively long."
23:27:29: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi walks beside Harlan then.
23:28:12: <lurkd> Ivan is fine being alone. He trudges along.
23:28:18: <Soulless> Monday and Ivan and Luvi and Harlan all head up. The path begins to spiral upwards and ends in a rather normal looking house, for once.
23:28:26: <Soulless> It looks like it's made out of bricks.
23:28:34: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 perc
23:28:35: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: perc: 5 (4df+4=3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
23:28:45: <lurkd> He also lights his third cigarette and approaches the entrance of the house.
23:28:46: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Hold up everyone"
23:29:00: <lurkd> Ivan pauses just short of the entrance.
23:29:05: <lurkd> "Yes?"
23:29:05: <Soulless> Apart from the flying/jumping deer and the chirping, the house looks utterly normal.
23:29:06: <gauzebal1> Harlan stops.
23:29:14: <daedalus> Monday stops
23:29:33: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Ivan get the fuck back" Luvi whisper shouts "There could be something hostile"
23:29:41: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Scout around"
23:30:09: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi tries look in through a window
23:30:21: <daedalus> Monday steps forward "This again? Luvi, not everything is going to try to kill us."
23:30:23: <lurkd> 4df+5 looking
23:30:25: <Glacon> lurkd: looking: 4 (4df+5=4-, 3+, 0, 4-)
23:30:49: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Better safe than dead"
23:30:54: <Soulless> Luvi through his window sees a well furnished mansion inside.
23:31:04: <Soulless> A house within a house.
23:31:08: <daedalus> Monday sighs
23:31:14: <gauzebal1> ":|"
23:31:29: <Soulless> Luvi then sees his own reflection from the window of the mansion.
23:31:45: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> A regular reflection?
23:31:48: <Soulless> Yep.
23:32:05: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi walks to the door , opening it, leading in with his pistol first.
23:32:10: <Soulless> Ivan, if he checks a window, ses the same. The house is rather small looking, with a doormat that says 'welcome'
23:32:15: <gauzebal1> Harlan follows, knife raised.
23:32:16: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+7 sneaky sneaky
23:32:17: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: sneaky sneaky: 7 (4df+7=0, 3+, 0, 4-)
23:32:25: <gauzebal1> 4df+3 snooky snooky
23:32:26: <Glacon> gauzebal1: snooky snooky: 0 (4df+3=4-, 0, 4-, 4-)
23:32:31: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4 also perc for inside the house
23:32:31: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: also perc for inside the house: 3 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 0, 4-)
23:32:36: <daedalus> Monday limps in, sighing
23:32:49: <Soulless> As Luvi walks in,he manages to avoid ringing the door on the house, though Harlan is less successful.
23:33:09: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Fuck Harlan" Luvi whispers
23:33:11: <lurkd> Ivan moves in.
23:33:18: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Stay the fuck outside next time"
23:33:33: <gauzebal1> ~:|~
23:33:38: <Soulless> The house is cramped inside, with no sign of the mansion. There's an old looking but otherwise normal man there, in a faded labcoat, curled up amongst deer furs. The walls are lined with various glass bottles on shelves.
23:33:56: <Soulless> The tiny room that is the house smells strongly of wet dog.
23:34:09: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi points the gun at him "Who are you?"
23:34:17: <daedalus> "Hello there, sir, can you tell us where we are?" Monday looks
23:34:27: <daedalus> at Luvi
23:34:37: <Soulless> The old man sits up, rubbing an eye. "Huh? You speak up louder, please. And put that thing down, it can hurt someone."
23:35:11: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "I can't take any chances, could have been injured by a monstrosity a few minutes ago if I didn't have it up"
23:35:33: <Soulless> "A monstronsity? I haven't heard that word in centuries."
23:35:38: <Soulless> "What'd it look like?"
23:35:45: <daedalus> Monday approaches him "Me and my-" looks at Luvi "friends, would like to know where we are."
23:35:57: <Soulless> He sits up further. "And what're you young gentlemen doing in my humble house?"
23:36:10: <gauzebal1> "We're kind of lost."
23:36:14: <Soulless> "You don't know? You're in what they call the sky bridge now."
23:36:24: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "It looked human from a distance but was malformed, misshapen, it attacked me so I shot it"
23:36:40: <Soulless> "You shot and killed a man?"
23:36:45: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "We are here to find some teenagers… To recover something of theirs"
23:36:48: <Soulless> "Murderer."
23:36:48: <daedalus> "you're the old fuc- um… man that Joe was talking about."
23:36:50: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "It wasn't a man!"
23:36:52: <lurkd> "Man is a loose term."
23:36:56: <gauzebal1> Harlan is quite visibly making a :| face.
23:37:01: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "And he's still alive"
23:37:05: <Soulless> "No, it was a man, no doubt about it."
23:37:14: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Those things can't be men…"
23:37:37: <Soulless> "Of course they can. No one can truly escape the rats, not since the Foundation's last resources had failed to contain it all."
23:37:49: <gauzebal1> "I saw what it was like while healing him. He was a man who just happened to have his features in different places."
23:37:53: <Soulless> "Centuries and centuries, and this has what become of men."
23:38:02: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "… We are from the Foundation…."
23:38:21: <Soulless> He yawns a bit. "Impossible. They died out centuries ago."
23:38:31: <Soulless> "Anyhow, have you got something for me? Some business?"
23:38:50: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "We aren't from this particular place… But we are from the foundation "
23:38:55: <gauzebal1> Harlan pulls out his ID
23:39:05: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi also shows his ID
23:39:13: <lurkd> "We are also looking for some adolescents."
23:39:16: <daedalus> "We came here to recover something, find some teenagers, and then leave. do you know how we might accomplish any of that?"
23:39:17: <lurkd> Ivan shows Id.
23:39:25: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "They have something we need, it must be contained"
23:40:01: <Soulless> "Where were the last time you saw them adolescents?"
23:40:12: <Soulless> He looks to Luvi, then barks a laugh.
23:40:26: <Soulless> Then looks at the ID's and barks another laugh.
23:40:38: <daedalus> " What?"
23:40:52: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Right before we were swallowed by this fish fucking thing, we were in a shack."
23:41:20: <Soulless> "Fish looking thing? A spitup?"
23:41:28: <lurkd> "Yes. That."
23:41:32: <lurkd> Ivan smokes.
23:41:50: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "That's what joe called it, before he called me dogshit and attacked me"
23:41:51: <daedalus> "Joe said you knew of a way out"
23:42:11: <Soulless> The old man collects an empty bottle. "Joe doesn't attack people. LOL."
23:42:37: <gauzebal1> "Joe thought we were lying about working for the Foundation."
23:42:41: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "He shoved me onto my ass, continuing to move towards me when I told him where we were from"
23:42:52: <Soulless> "Well, who would believe it?"
23:42:53: <gauzebal1> "Luvi continuosly insisted it was true, so Joe shoved him."
23:43:06: <daedalus> "Herr Harkess was being a bit of an ass, in Joe's defense."
23:43:25: <Soulless> "I don't, but I don't give a shit. Joe's pretty religious, so it'd make sense he'd be mad if you're insulting his beliefs."
23:43:38: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "We aren't from this world old man, I don't know if this place is the future or what, but we are Foundation agents"
23:43:53: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Is the +fucking future*
23:43:55: <Soulless> "Your world mus be fucked then, ain't it, if you're the ones protecting it?"
23:44:02: <Soulless> He barks another laugh.
23:44:15: <lurkd> "It's adequate."
23:44:21: <Soulless> "Either way, I can get you back to your world, whatever it is. Gimme some blood first."
23:44:23: <lurkd> "We're new."
23:44:31: <lurkd> "…."
23:44:35: <daedalus> "What?"
23:44:37: <lurkd> "Mr. Cohen."
23:44:43: <gauzebal1> "Alright
23:44:45: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "I'm not giving you my blood"
23:44:47: <lurkd> Ivan lifts up his sleeve.
23:44:58: <lurkd> "Mr. Cohen… a small incision."
23:44:59: <gauzebal1> Harlan takes his knife and cuts his own hand.
23:45:07: <Soulless> "If you're the real deal I want some blood as a memory."
23:45:21: <Soulless> He offers the bottle. It's not a small bottle. About a pint size. "Fill'er up."
23:45:28: <gauzebal1> "Here." He extends his hand.
23:45:36: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Take only one persons blood then".
23:45:37: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "You only need one"
23:45:39: <daedalus> "Jesus…"
23:45:53: <gauzebal1> "…"
23:45:57: <Soulless> "That little cut ain't gonna fill the damn bottle. Here leme do it."
23:45:58: <lurkd> Ivan puts his sleeve down.
23:46:02: <Soulless> He takes out a fuckhuge knife.
23:46:06: <lurkd> "…"
23:46:16: <lurkd> Ivan draws his gun quickly. "Stop."
23:46:21: <gauzebal1> Harlan pulls his sleeve down as well.
23:46:22: <lurkd> "We can all share."
23:46:26: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi raises his pistol "Hold it right fucking there!"
23:46:37: <lurkd> "No need for excessive exsanguation."
23:46:39: <Soulless> He looks to Ivan and rolls his eyes. "You wanna fight, so called Foundation?"
23:46:55: <daedalus> Monday pulls out his gun
23:46:57: <lurkd> "No… just don't bleed out our medic."
23:46:58: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "You don't raise a giant fucking knife and not expect a fight"
23:47:05: <gauzebal1> "A pint's nothing
23:47:09: <gauzebal1> *"
23:47:10: <lurkd> "We can all share."
23:47:29: <Soulless> "Just hurry up and fill the bottle. I never knew that it was so hard. You really Foundation? You're pretty shitty Foundation."
23:47:30: <lurkd> "But not with a blade as large as that."
23:47:47: <Soulless> He puts the blade back down on his little fur bed.
23:47:54: <lurkd> Ivan lifts his sleeve up. "Mr. Cohen… a small incision on my arm please."
23:48:11: <lurkd> "I'll volunteer some."
23:48:13: <gauzebal1> Harlan makes an incision on Ivans arm.
23:48:24: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "We don't take chances, there are few of us at this point and we can't afford to lose an operative due to you slipping with your fucking blade"
23:48:25: <lurkd> Ivan bleeds out into the bottle too.
23:48:39: <daedalus> "As will I." Rolls up his sleeve
23:48:45: <Soulless> "But you can afford to waste time from your home, right?" He grins at Luvi.
23:48:52: <lurkd> "Everything is fine."
23:49:16: <Soulless> As the blood pools into the bottle, it hisses and sizzles, then turns greenish blue.
23:49:17: <daedalus> Bleeds a bit into the bottle
23:49:18: <gauzebal1> Harlan bleeds into the bottle with one hand, and makes an incision on Monday with the other.
23:49:27: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "If a man dies he won't have any time at 'home'"
23:49:38: <lurkd> "Nobody is dying."
23:49:50: <gauzebal1> "Luvi. A pint of blood is nothing."
23:50:06: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "That huge fucking knife sure was something"
23:50:34: <Soulless> That's enough blood then. "Okay then, take this bottle." He takes a bottle from the shelf, filled with an unknown glowing fluid.
23:50:52: <daedalus> Takes it
23:50:57: <lurkd> Ivan holds his cut and steps away.
23:51:11: <Soulless> "And gimme the blood bottle. Take this bottle and head back down the sky bridge to the cave of eyecrystals. There's an old spitup there. Jam in it an eye and jump into its mouth."
23:51:36: <gauzebal1> "3 and a half pints is somehting, but one is nothing."
23:51:54: <daedalus> "Alright then, thank you."
23:52:12: <lurkd> "Very well."
23:52:18: <Soulless> "No problem, so called Foundation." He snorts and takes the bottle of blood, idly sipping at it.
23:52:24: <lurkd> "Mr. Cohen… a bandage please."
23:52:35: <gauzebal1> Harlan bandages the wounds
23:52:54: <lurkd> Once bandaged, Ivan slips his sleeve down and heads back out.
23:53:03: <Soulless> He swirls it in the bottle like a fine wine, sipping and watching the agents. Those watching the old man can see their own memories flickering over the old man's eyes.
23:53:12: <lurkd> "I doubt we will find these adolescents."
23:53:24: <daedalus> Waits for Luvi to go out first
23:53:36: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi isn't moving.
23:53:40: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> He watches the old mans eyes
23:53:43: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Mesmerized
23:53:58: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Look at his eyes…"
23:54:05: <Soulless> The old man stops sipping and his eyes go back to normal after a few seconds. He grins cheekily at Luvi.
23:54:11: <lurkd> "Mr. Harkess… we are delayed enough."
23:54:14: <Soulless> "What a young Foundation."
23:54:19: <daedalus> "Herr Harkess… Lets go…"
23:54:21: <gauzebal1> Harlan heads out.
23:54:21: <Soulless> "Don't fuck your world up."
23:54:29: <Soulless> "You fucked this one up already."
23:54:39: <lurkd> "Going… now." Ivan is getting pretty short with people.
23:54:47: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi stops at the door "What happened here?"
23:55:08: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Wait a fucking second Ivan" Luvi snaps
23:55:11: <Soulless> He corks the bottle. "The Foundation lost control. They couldn't contain. Protect. Or secure any of us."
23:55:27: <Soulless> "Now go find that spitup, Luvi." He grins.
23:55:35: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi leaves "good luck in this hellhole"
23:55:54: <daedalus> Monday looks back at the old man and follows Luvi out.
23:56:07: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "After you Monday"
23:56:25: <Soulless> The old man curls back up in the furs and appears to go to sleep.
23:56:49: <lurkd> Ivan is heading back ahead of the group.
23:56:54: <daedalus> Monday sighs, shakes his head and walks faster
23:57:11: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi walks behind Monday.
23:57:24: <Soulless> When they head out, the landscape looks the same. Ivan notices though, as he walks, he can see another set of agents, images of them heading up the spiral.
23:57:58: <Soulless> These perfect mimics of them have no reflections, and just travel upwards in the same pace as he travels down.
23:59:19: <daedalus> "Hmm"
23:59:22: <Soulless> The others notice the same. Once they reach the bottom, the path leads into a massive cave that wasn't there before.
00:00:14: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Can we touch them?
00:00:18: <Soulless> The reflective path shrivels and dies into gravel and dirt as it heads into the mouth of the cave, yawning out of the reflective floor.
00:00:19: <lurkd> "That was… nevermind."
00:00:23: <Soulless> No, your hands go right through them.
00:00:41: <lurkd> Ivan approaches the cave. "The elixir please."
00:00:56: <gauzebal1> Harlan adjusts his kippah.
00:01:05: <daedalus> Monday hands him the elixir "Plan?"
00:01:15: <Soulless> The cave is dark inside.
00:01:26: <Soulless> They can only see in a few feet.
00:02:19: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi pulls out his flashlight and points it inside
00:02:24: <lurkd> Ivan takes it.
00:02:46: <lurkd> "We wait for the aquatic entity to present itself as per instructions."
00:03:03: <lurkd> Ivan cautiously steps forward.
00:03:13: <daedalus> Monday follows behind
00:03:28: <Soulless> The flashlight doesn't clear the fog very well either.
00:03:39: <lurkd> *ahem* "If there is such an entity in here. Please present yourself."
00:04:12: <Soulless> Those who follow are drenched in a dark, black fog, that coats throats and mouths with the texture of licking sandpaper.
00:04:25: <Soulless> Roll perception, people
00:04:47: <lurkd> 4df+5 looking
00:04:47: <Glacon> lurkd: looking: 5 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 4-, 3+)
00:04:49: <daedalus> 4df+2
00:04:50: <Glacon> Daedalus: 0 (4df+2=0, 4-, 4-, 0)
00:04:52: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> (Was doing stuff, Luvi follows)
00:04:56: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> 4df+4
00:04:56: <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 5 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 3+, 0)
00:06:02: <Soulless> Ivan and Luvi notice a big pool of water, with a floating familiar tentacley fish. It's absolutely massive, taking up most of the cave.
00:06:12: <lurkd> "Alright."
00:06:20: <Soulless> It's got a massive amount of eyes and tendrils.
00:06:40: <lurkd> Ivan jams the elixir into it's eye. *squish*
00:06:43: <gauzebal1> Harlan rubs his temples, then goes to the fish-thing.
00:07:23: <Soulless> The elixir breaks into a pool of maggots that chew into the eye, which makes a soft popping noise and splashed onto Ivan's face with eye goop. The fish opens its mouth, bellowing out in pain.
00:07:48: <daedalus> "What the hell… where is this thing?"
00:07:55: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Run into the mouth!"
00:07:57: <lurkd> Ivan wipes his face and steps inside. "We're leaving."
00:08:02: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi runs in
00:08:07: <gauzebal1> Harlan runs in.
00:08:09: <lurkd> Ivan is in.
00:08:34: <daedalus> Monday fumbles his way in
00:09:22: <Soulless> The mouth snaps shut on them. It's squishy and they're covered in spittle. Then there is a huge push, and they spill out onto a floor, rolling into some kind of slurry.
00:10:50: <Soulless> It's the familiar basement that started this all, with the skeletons of teenagers all over the floor, and y'all rolling in their liquefied remains. There is a book on the floor.
00:10:57: <daedalus> "Ack…"
00:11:17: <lurkd> "I don't get endorsed enough for this."
00:11:23: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Did the girl get away since she was with us at the time?
00:11:32: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Ack.. Fuck"
00:11:33: <lurkd> Ivan wipes his hands dry and picks up the book to examine it.
00:11:50: <daedalus> Monday peers over his shoulder at the book
00:12:09: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "These fucks are all dead?"
00:12:10: <Soulless> The book is old and in greek,with teenaged scribbles in it.
00:12:49: <lurkd> Ivan pockets the book. "Alright… let's exit this dilapidated structure."
00:13:03: <lurkd> "Before more events happen.
00:13:29: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> Luvi climbs out through the hole.
00:13:44: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Did those teens mean to kill themselves?"
00:13:55: <daedalus> "Wonder what happened to that girl." Monday climbs through the hole
00:14:21: <lurkd> Ivan climbs out and starts lighting the wood trim on fire. "We're leaving."
00:14:21: <Soulless> The time home is rather uneventful.
00:14:42: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "We have to deal with her if she escaped, we are a secret organization"
00:14:47: <lurkd> Ivan burns down the house with his lighter as soon as they all leave.
00:15:02: <lurkd> "We aren't leaving this house behind."
00:15:12: <ZOMBIERAPTOR> "Good idea"
00:15:18: <Soulless> the house burns easily, as it's old and decrepit.
00:15:35: <lurkd> He pockets the lighter and turns his back to the burning house.
00:16:04: <daedalus> "She's a adolecent junkie, people probably wouldn't believe her anyway." Monday follows Ivan.
00:16:41: <Soulless> Everyone heading back can go to #origins-ic

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