Bring on the Dancing Horses

Pre-Run Soft RP
(05:54:29 PM) RogetGMs: «Attention site personnel. This is General Stan Bowe. There is a demonstration of new agents within Mobile Task Force Omega-7 occuring in the testing wing. Please proceed there if you wish to observe.»
(05:54:39 PM) lurkd: "…"
(05:54:51 PM) Bunton: "Oh, looks like I'm not getting any work done today."
(05:55:01 PM) ihp: Susan blinks. ~What's Omega 7?~ She heads down to the testing wing to see this for herself.
(05:55:08 PM) lurkd: Ivan grabs his gear and throws it underneath his overcoat. He hustles that way.
(05:55:20 PM) RogetGMs: Anyone heading to watch, go to #homeimprovement
Home Improvement Run
(05:55:33 PM) gumbal1: Harlan reports to it.
(05:55:38 PM) lurkd: Ivan arrives in a poof of tobacco smoke.
(05:55:47 PM) padri [||tibbiM] entered the room.
(05:55:59 PM) Wogglebug [ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW#ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW] entered the room.
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(05:57:03 PM) Wogglebug: Abe shows up. His hair is wet.
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(05:57:42 PM) lurkd: "Mr. Eisenstien."
(05:58:04 PM) Wogglebug: "Hello Doctor. How are you today?"
(05:58:19 PM) RogetGMs: There's an observation chamber set up directly within the chamber, with folding chairs. General Bowe is standing at the front. Through the glass, you can see a balcony with another observation chamber, where The Administrator looks unhappy. Inside the chamber, there are two structures and several people in Omega-7 uniforms standing at attention. The structures appear to be miniature homes, one of which is barricaded.
(05:58:23 PM) Bunton [~moc.sulplartnectb.851-68egnar.096B618D-CRInys|notnuBA#moc.sulplartnectb.851-68egnar.096B618D-CRInys|notnuBA] entered the room.
(05:58:27 PM) StupeiAceDefect [ten.xoc.rb.rb.A2E3BB31-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.xoc.rb.rb.A2E3BB31-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(05:59:19 PM) gumbal1: "So, out of curiosity, how did the new guys hold up with that clown?"
(05:59:37 PM) RogetGMs: "Hello! I am General Bowe, and I am the commander of Mobile Task Force Omega-7." he is grinning like crazy here. He can't contain his excitement.
(05:59:52 PM) Bunton left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(06:00:30 PM) Wogglebug: Abe waves.
(06:00:51 PM) lurkd: Ivan looks up at the adminstrator.
(06:01:02 PM) lurkd: And raises an eyebrow.
(06:01:12 PM) RogetGMs: "Today, I will be demonstrating the abilities of our new agents, and how they will be able to assist in detaining and containing hostiles."
(06:01:24 PM) RogetGMs: The Administrator looks defeated, Ivan. He's definitely not liking this at all.
(06:02:40 PM) gumbal1: ~please don't tell me he still has that teenage girl on the team~
(06:04:54 PM) RogetGMs: "So, to begin: Inside of this barricaded building is an agent. There is no way to enter the building without sustaining casualties. But, by utilizing our new resources…" he presses a button.
(06:05:14 PM) lurkd: "…."
(06:05:40 PM) RogetGMs: Out inside of the chamber, an agent slips a photograph under a door. "We can use these photos to take reconnaisance without exposing our agents to danger."
(06:06:00 PM) Wogglebug: "Betcha they're gonna teleport in."
(06:06:07 PM) Wogglebug: "Or blow the wall off."
(06:06:09 PM) gumbal1: Harlan blinks.
(06:06:12 PM) RogetGMs: Bowe grins. "It can also be used for offensive purposes."
(06:06:14 PM) gumbal1: ~He didn't~
(06:06:33 PM) RogetGMs: There's a loud flash and bang inside the building, and MTF agents kick down the door and form in formation outside.
(06:07:04 PM) Wogglebug: Abe yawns.
(06:07:05 PM) ProcyonLotor: Iris trots out proudly, giving all assembled a mock salute.
(06:07:22 PM) RogetGMs: "Give her a hand, ladies and gentlemen."
(06:07:29 PM) Wogglebug: "Why?"
(06:07:40 PM) Wogglebug: "What'd she do?"
(06:08:08 PM) gumbal1: Harlan does not clap.
(06:08:10 PM) RogetGMs: "Her anomalous property permits this development. She can create portals between photographs."
(06:08:26 PM) lurkd: Ivan gives a single clap.
(06:08:29 PM) lurkd: *clap*
(06:08:30 PM) Wogglebug: "Oh. Fun."
(06:08:50 PM) Wogglebug: "What about a deep space photograph? Tried one of those yet?"
(06:08:52 PM) ProcyonLotor: Iris regards Harlan and Abe bitterly. Ivan moreso. She mutters something incredibly foul under her breath.
(06:08:55 PM) lurkd: "Interesting."
(06:09:14 PM) gumbal1: It is taking a conscious effort not to gesticulate wildly.
(06:09:27 PM) RogetGMs: "Iris will be accompanying Omega-7 on our missions which require her talents."
(06:09:48 PM) lurkd: "…very well."
(06:10:04 PM) Wogglebug: "Who else is on that team?"
(06:10:09 PM) ProcyonLotor: She nods and grins, turning to the rest of Omega-7.
(06:11:20 PM) gumbal1: Harlan looks to the others. "So, did you get the clown?"
(06:11:44 PM) lurkd: He lights a cigarette, half way through his third pack.
(06:11:50 PM) RogetGMs: "We have one other new agent to show you today." Bowe gestures to the other house. He speaks into a device on his lapel «Clear the room! Bring in Agent GAM!»
(06:12:52 PM) RogetGMs: The agents file out, escorting Iris.
(06:13:06 PM) ProcyonLotor: Iris follows along, still irritated.
(06:13:38 PM) RogetGMs: Two men in hazardous environment suits come in, escorting… SCP-230. He smiles dimly and waves to the observation chambers.
(06:14:01 PM) gumbal1: Harlan blinks. His right eye twitches.
(06:14:25 PM) Wogglebug: Abe waves back, cheerfully.
(06:14:38 PM) RogetGMs: 230 ambles over to the other mini house, the one without barricades. Soon, several armed men come out, looking confused and giddy.
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(06:15:12 PM) lurkd: "This is unorthodox."
(06:15:12 PM) RogetGMs: "Now, Agent GAM is going to be used for nonlethal pacification. His skills are more than adequite for the task, and if proper precautions are taken, he poses no danger to our own men,:
(06:15:15 PM) RogetGMs: *."
(06:15:46 PM) gumbal1: Harlan tries to say something, but can't.
(06:15:58 PM) RogetGMs: "Unorthodox times call for unorthodox measures, doctor. If we ever want to get more than the scraps of the GOC, we need to have superior firepower!"
(06:16:25 PM) lurkd: Ivan looks up at the administrator after Bowe barks that sentence.
(06:16:41 PM) RogetGMs: The Administrator is cradling his head in his hands.
(06:16:49 PM) lurkd: *ahem*
(06:17:00 PM) ihp [~moc.rr.ser.oen.4467D5B7-CRInys|alliztahc#moc.rr.ser.oen.4467D5B7-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(06:17:11 PM) RogetGMs: Ivan, the admin is in a seperate room across from the chamber, just so you know
(06:17:42 PM) lurkd: (Oh, I thought he was visible through a window above.)
(06:18:03 PM) RogetGMs: he is visible through your window looking into his window
(06:18:29 PM) lurkd: "A question."
(06:18:36 PM) lurkd: Ivan steps forward.
(06:19:30 PM) RogetGMs: "Yes?"
(06:19:49 PM) lurkd: "How pertinent is the priority of personnel and civilian safety when compared to the acquisition of anomalous items and entities?"
(06:20:12 PM) Wogglebug: Is the Administrator within shuffling range of Abe?
(06:21:07 PM) RogetGMs: "Secrecy is always a primary concern, and deceased civillians make concealment of recovery much more difficult."
(06:21:48 PM) lurkd: Ivan step back into the group.
(06:22:41 PM) RogetGMs: "Any other questions?"
(06:23:01 PM) Wogglebug: "Why does the administrator look so sad?"
(06:23:16 PM) Wogglebug: Abe wears an exaggerated frown.
(06:23:27 PM) gumbal1: "Back at the radio tower, did Omega-7 succesfully contain the clo-…993?
(06:23:32 PM) gumbal1: *"
(06:23:39 PM) RogetGMs: "I am not responsible for regulating his emotions. If he can't contain himself, that's his problem."
(06:23:52 PM) lurkd: *ahem*
(06:23:55 PM) Wogglebug: "What's you name again?"
(06:23:59 PM) Wogglebug: *your
(06:24:00 PM) RogetGMs: "Yes, we were able to suppress SCP-993. We are recording the broadcast for further research."
(06:24:07 PM) RogetGMs: "General Bowe."
(06:24:17 PM) Wogglebug: "Are you a US general?"
(06:24:25 PM) lurkd: Ivan facepalms.
(06:24:32 PM) gumbal1: "…"
(06:25:27 PM) RogetGMs: "I was an Admiral in the US military before my time here."
(06:25:50 PM) Wogglebug: "Ahh. And do you work for the administrator, or does he work for you?"
(06:26:08 PM) lurkd: *AHEM*
(06:26:14 PM) RogetGMs: "We are both at the top of our prof- Yes?"
(06:26:15 PM) lurkd: Ivan elbows Abe.
(06:26:31 PM) Wogglebug: Abe stares at Ivan's elbow.
(06:26:34 PM) Wogglebug: ~Rude.~
(06:26:36 PM) lurkd: "Excuse me."
(06:26:51 PM) ihp: Susan has totally been here the whole time, seemingly taking notes on everything. What do you mean she's not been here?
(06:27:10 PM) RogetGMs: "What do you need?"
(06:27:15 PM) lurkd: "Too many cigarettes… excuse me."
(06:27:33 PM) RogetGMs: "Apology noted."
(06:27:37 PM) Wogglebug: "Right. So who's in charge of who, exactly?"
(06:27:46 PM) Wogglebug: "Just so we know."
(06:28:14 PM) lurkd: Ivan looks deflated now. He gives no fucks after this point.
(06:28:43 PM) Daedalus [~moc.rr.ser.lacos.98020969-CRInys|enahtanoj#moc.rr.ser.lacos.98020969-CRInys|enahtanoj] entered the room.
(06:28:57 PM) gumbal1: Harlan's trying very hard not to frown.
(06:30:17 PM) RogetGMs: "I am in charge of military functions related to Omega-7, and I am a member of Overwatch Command's General Staff. The Administrator has a role within Overwatch Command.
(06:30:20 PM) RogetGMs: "
(06:30:35 PM) Wogglebug: "Ahh. I see."
(06:30:47 PM) Wogglebug: "Just making sure we were on the same page."
(06:30:54 PM) Wogglebug: "As to who commands who."
(06:31:16 PM) Wogglebug: "Do carry on, sir."
(06:31:57 PM) RogetGMs: "If nobody has additional questions, you are dismissed."
(06:32:20 PM) Wogglebug: Abe sneaks away.
(06:32:48 PM) gumbal1: Harlan walks out of the room.
(06:32:57 PM) RogetGMs: anyone leaving can return to IC

Post-Run Soft RP
(06:25:28 PM) padri: Katie stands in the hallway on a chair, putting stickers on the name plate.
(06:28:43 PM) Daedalus [~moc.rr.ser.lacos.98020969-CRInys|enahtanoj#moc.rr.ser.lacos.98020969-CRInys|enahtanoj] entered the room.
(06:29:08 PM) padri: She puts up hearts and stars and birds.
(06:29:33 PM) ProcyonLotor: They are adorable. She is quite pleased with them.
(06:33:27 PM) padri: She is! She is also pleased that her mom said she could decorate. She's going to draw a picture for Doc's door, too. He was her first friend here.
(06:33:50 PM) ProcyonLotor: Katie knows that he'll appreciate it.
(06:33:52 PM) lurkd: Ivan wanders away from the meeting looking at Abe. "Mr. Eisenstien… a word?"
(06:34:03 PM) Wogglebug: Abe's missing! Oh no!
(06:34:24 PM) Wogglebug: Abe searches for the Administrator, sneakily.
(06:34:29 PM) padri: It's going to be a picture of the seven dwarfs. That way he can know which one is him.
(06:34:37 PM) Daedalus: Monday sits in the commons and watches TV.
(06:35:18 PM) lurkd: *sigh* He sees he's not going to get a chance to talk with him.
(06:35:39 PM) Wogglebug: Can Abe locate the Administrator?
(06:35:54 PM) StupeiAceDefect left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(06:37:20 PM) padri: Laura knocks on the door and Katie lets her out. "I'm going to the common room. You can come join me when you're done, if you'd like."
(06:38:22 PM) lurkd: Ivan steps into the laboratory and continues what he's working on.
(06:38:51 PM) DrRobWatson [~PI.DE4E55D2.6E1E4BE1.364CD00B|diordnA#PI.DE4E55D2.6E1E4BE1.364CD00B|diordnA] entered the room.
(06:38:56 PM) RogetGMs: The Administrator is nowhere to be found. His office is locked and the lights are off.
(06:38:56 PM) Wogglebug: ~Wherefort art thout, Administratorolio!~
(06:39:03 PM) ihp: Susan returns to her office and sighs, waiting for any clients.
(06:39:06 PM) Wogglebug: Abe searches /harder/
(06:39:15 PM) RogetGMs: Where does Abe search?
(06:39:29 PM) Wogglebug: Abe searches with his /heart/.
(06:39:49 PM) thedeadlymoose [ten.srerednaw|sire#ten.srerednaw|sire] entered the room.
(06:40:00 PM) RogetGMs: Abe does not find the administrator in his cardiac tissue
(06:40:03 PM) padri: Laura walks into the common room.
(06:40:33 PM) Wogglebug: Fine. Abe does a general canvas of the facility and surrounding areas, covering exits first.
(06:40:59 PM) RogetGMs: If Abe goes to the motor pool, he will notice they are two motorcycles short
(06:41:08 PM) Wogglebug: ~!!!~
(06:41:15 PM) Wogglebug: Abe looks for /clues/
(06:41:39 PM) padri is now known as padribrb
(06:42:03 PM) RogetGMs: Abe, the cycles seem to have been logged out by someone named "A" and the other by someone with different handwriting named "A"

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