Bobble's Day Out

[20:31:12] <ihp> Jacob sits in front of the melted UNIVAC, just staring at it with a soft sigh.
[20:31:26] <gauzebal1> Harlan sits in the commons, reading something
[20:32:02] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is still at the firing range
[20:33:02] <MereObserver> James finally finishes his paper. I bet he read the entire thing this time.
[20:35:50] <MereObserver> He fold the paper back on the table and walks off to the firing range.
[20:36:31] <gauzebal1> Harlan suddenly has a bad feeling that he can't place. Probably nothing too bad.
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[20:37:15] <gauzebal1> Harlan adjusts himself in his seat. The feeling stops.
[20:37:24] <ihp> Jacob steeples his fingers, thinking to himself. ~A clown did this to a several-thousand dollar machine?~
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[20:39:30] <Father_Matthew> Jason steps into the room, completely suited up in the security uniform. His wooden baton was out as he stopped and stared at what looked like an explosion in the common room. He slowly began to step closer,and then stopped again. "Is…is that a hole?"
[20:40:00] <gauzebal1> "Yes. Please don't ask" there is heavy emphasis on the please.
[20:40:18] <Roget> «Attention, all, uh, available personnel, please come to the front of the site. We've, uh, located, er, found, the source of yesterday's anomalous activity.»
[20:40:37] <gauzebal1> Harlan reports to the front of the site.
[20:40:41] <Soulless> Elanor shows up to the front of the site.
[20:40:56] <ihp> Jacob blinks, standing up and making his way to the front of the site. If this thing nearly killed him, he wants to stop it.
[20:41:05] <Roget> The Administrator is there, smoking a cigarette
[20:41:20] <Soulless> She is humming nonchalantly to herself, waving to the Administrator.
[20:41:23] <Father_Matthew> He blinked as he heard that weird word that meant scary magic stuff, and took a breath, his hand was shaking a bit, but he put on a grim face and quickly ran to the front
[20:41:28] <MereObserver> James immediately turns on his heels and runs to his room, grabbing his gear and reporting to the front right afterwards.
[20:41:33] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi frowns and shoulders his rifle, starting to walk to the front.
[20:41:58] <Soulless> She glances at the people she doesn't recognize and goes back to her humming.
[20:42:09] <Roget> "So, uh, is this our lot for tonight?"
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[20:42:56] <ihp> "It appears so, sir."
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[20:43:19] <Soulless> "It appears so."
[20:43:23] <Father_Matthew> Jason threw up an awkward salute and stood at attention, answering smartly "Yes! S-sir…" His voice wavered off as no one seemed to be answering in the same way. "Er, um…"
[20:43:33] <Soulless> She chuckles a little bit at Jason.
[20:43:39] <Roget> "Right, uh, so… anybody here familiar with Newark?"
[20:43:59] <Soulless> "Newark?"
[20:44:01] <gauzebal1> "That in Jersey?"
[20:44:04] <Father_Matthew> Jason smiled, "Lived in New York all my life!"
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[20:44:31] <Soulless> (IDK if you guys know, Elanor looks like a young lady with blonde hair and blue eyes)
[20:44:33] <Roget> "Jersey, yes."
[20:44:50] <ZombieRaptor> "Never been"
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[20:45:08] <Roget> "We've, uh, traced the broadcast to an, er, an abandoned television studio in that area." he pauses to take a drag on his cigarette. "So that's where you'll be heading."
[20:45:11] <Father_Matthew> Jason blinked and looked a bit confused, staying quiet now. He never knew there was a new york in Jersey.
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[20:46:09] <ihp> "…an abandoned television station inhabited by a clown that tried to maim half of the task force. Wonderful."
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[20:46:43] <Soulless> "Alright. How shall we be arriving?"
[20:46:55] <ihp> "…we won't have to jump again, will we?"
[20:46:58] <ZombieRaptor> ~Someone's going to die, I know it~
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[20:47:48] <Roget> "No, you're going to, uh, be taking a truck. It'll be a bit of a drive, so, uh, we've added some apples in the truckbed." He stands aside, allowing everyong to see a beat up baby-blue chevy truck.
[20:48:20] <gauzebal1> ~Least none of my co-workers'll scream on the way there~
[20:48:37] <Soulless> "I'll… I'll take the map."
[20:48:42] <ihp> Jacob nods, heading towards the truck. "I'll drive."
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[20:50:13] <Soulless> Elanor grab the mapy thing and heads to the truck, looking to Jacob. "I hope you know how to drive well."
[20:50:21] <Father_Matthew> Jason starts heading towards the truck as well, "If you need I can drive part of the way…used to be a getaway driver" He beemed a bit and jumped into the back of the truck, leaning against the cabin of the truck and sitting cross-legged
[20:50:48] <gauzebal1> Harlan gets in the truck. "Hopefully that clown's nicer in person."
[20:51:18] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks to the truck, climbing into the back. He cradles his rifle between his legs, leaning forward in his seat.
[20:51:27] <MereObserver> James gets in the truck too, totally having paid attention to everything.
[20:51:50] <ihp> Jacob chuckles. "Maybe your gauze will save the day once again, Mr. Cohen."
[20:52:18] <Roget> Once everyone's piled in the truck, Jacob can take it away!
[20:52:31] <Soulless> She opens up the map as she sits inside, humming to herself.
[20:52:42] <Roget> Then they can drive right into #homeimprovement

-Room transition-

Jan 02 20:53:34 <Roget> The truck is going down a beat up, dirt path, surrounded by trees on all sides. It'll be a bit before they get there
Jan 02 20:53:59 * You are now known as RogetGMs
Jan 02 20:54:17 <ihp> Jacob sighs, drumming his fingers on the wheel as he drives. He digs into his coat pocket with one hand and pulls out a cigarette, placing it in his mouth. "Elanor, there's a lighter in my pocket. Would you mind lighting this?"
Jan 02 20:54:25 * Malone (ten.dshqrabme.pchd.BB09AA2A-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.BB09AA2A-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
Jan 02 20:54:25 <gauzebal1> Harlan looks up from his medical supplies. "I have a bad feeling about this one."
Jan 02 20:54:50 * Soulless (||l.sihT) has joined
Jan 02 20:54:51 * Loiterer (ten.mnigriv.elbac.19720D36-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.mnigriv.elbac.19720D36-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
Jan 02 20:55:05 <RogetGMs> [20:54:17] <ihp> Jacob sighs, drumming his fingers on the wheel as he drives. He digs into his coat pocket with one hand and pulls out a cigarette, placing it in his mouth. "Elanor, there's a lighter in my pocket. Would you mind lighting this?"
Jan 02 20:55:17 <ZombieRaptor> "Harlan, I do too, seeing what happened last night, I don't plan on seeing everyone returning alive."
Jan 02 20:55:29 * RogetGMs has changed the topic to: An Elephant Never Forgets | Cars go vroom vroom
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Jan 02 20:55:47 <gauzebal1> "I'll make sure you do."
Jan 02 20:55:48 <Soulless> Elanor rolls her eyes a little and reaches into Jacob's pocket, lighting his cig for him.
Jan 02 20:55:56 <MereObserver> "I nearly got my face blown off, this thing is serious business."
Jan 02 20:56:10 <ihp> Jacob nods in thanks. "So… any of you ever been to Newark?"
Jan 02 20:56:12 <Soulless> She's pretty quiet today.
Jan 02 20:56:31 <Soulless> Only speaking to say directions and that's about it.
Jan 02 20:56:41 * RogetGMs has changed the topic to: I don't think so, Tim… | Cars go vroom vroom
Jan 02 20:57:09 <ZombieRaptor> Can we hear Jacob in the back?
Jan 02 20:57:25 <Father_Matthew> Jason yawns and checks his guns, making sure they're clean, clear and put together correctly as he waits for the drive to be over. Once done, he lights a cigarette and tries to keep his mind off of ghosts and demons and magic death spells
Jan 02 20:57:35 <RogetGMs> yes
Jan 02 20:58:22 <ZombieRaptor> "Never been to it, no."
Jan 02 20:59:31 <gauzebal1> Harlan turns to Jacob. "No. I didn't really travel much outside of Manhattan after the war or before this job."
Jan 02 21:00:00 <MereObserver> "It's in Jersey right?" James tosses an apple back and forth between his hands.
Jan 02 21:00:35 <ihp> "…that's fair. Do… do any of you think that firearms will help this at all?"
Jan 02 21:01:39 <Father_Matthew> "Firearms are all we got…they better work!" Looks seriously over to Jacob
Jan 02 21:01:46 <gauzebal1> "…no."
Jan 02 21:02:11 <Soulless> "We have more than firearms."
Jan 02 21:02:17 <ZombieRaptor> "Probably not, it's gonna be a safety of mind item though"
Jan 02 21:02:23 <ihp> Jacob sighs, swallowing and saying a prayer in this head. ~I swear, I will go to church for the next month if I survive this.~
Jan 02 21:02:46 <Soulless> Elanor fiddles with her necklace, which looks like a piece of wood with a burned rune on it.
Jan 02 21:02:51 <gauzebal1> "I hope they do."
Jan 02 21:03:17 <Father_Matthew> Jason gulped, "Well…they're all I got" He looks down at the M3 Grease gun and gulped, hugging it close to him like a child would hold a teddy-bear
Jan 02 21:03:21 <RogetGMs> They emerge from the forest, which leads to an actual, real road. There's a few other cars on it, but traffic is pretty light. People must still be resting off their new years parties.
Jan 02 21:03:23 * Jabonicus (moc.tsebyks.lsd.cimanyd.B583F6FC-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.tsebyks.lsd.cimanyd.B583F6FC-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
Jan 02 21:03:34 <Soulless> She looks to Jason and gives him a reassuring smile.
Jan 02 21:03:51 <ihp> "I'm… frightened. This thing tried to kill me yesterday. I don't know what it will do to me today."
Jan 02 21:04:13 <Soulless> "It'll be alright. The greatest weapon against us is our own fear."
Jan 02 21:04:20 <Father_Matthew> Jason tried to return the smile, but his shaking hand holding his cigarette gave him away
Jan 02 21:04:31 <Soulless> "So it'll definitely be alright."
Jan 02 21:04:31 <MereObserver> "Fear and exploding Televisions."
Jan 02 21:04:39 <Jabonicus> "A clown." Sam repeated. "A god damn clown."
Jan 02 21:04:42 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi keeps his mind busy by checking his weapons
Jan 02 21:04:51 <gauzebal1> Harlan looks down at his medical supplies.
Jan 02 21:05:42 <ihp> Jacob snuffs out his cigarette in the ash tray and sighs. "How much longer until Newark, Elanor?"
Jan 02 21:05:47 <gauzebal1> "We've only seen what he can do from afar."
Jan 02 21:06:47 <RogetGMs> They merge onto another road. It seems to be getting more like a town, and not like a forest-surrounded highway. You can tell because there's houses and businesses around you now. What a concept!
Jan 02 21:06:52 <Jabonicus> "Isn't this thing just a kids show on a tape?" Sam asked.
Jan 02 21:06:58 <Father_Matthew> "I…I always liked clowns…" Jason muttered to himself, checking to make sure all his stuff was with him. He shoved a few apples in his bag and then grabbed another and bit into it, staring around the town.
Jan 02 21:07:42 <ihp> "…if this thing is on a television, then… how can we contain it? Destroy the tapes for the program? Knock down the broadcast tower? Level the entire station?"
Jan 02 21:08:09 <MereObserver> "Destroy whatever is still working I guess."
Jan 02 21:08:14 <gauzebal1> "We tie up the star of the show."
Jan 02 21:08:47 <Soulless> "We don't have to tie it up. If it's sapient we may be able to ask it to come with us willingly."
Jan 02 21:08:56 <ZombieRaptor> "Can't we just eliminate it?"
Jan 02 21:08:57 <Soulless> "Make up a fabrication."
Jan 02 21:08:59 * Malone has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 02 21:09:04 <Jabonicus> "How do we know it's an actual… Person?" Sam asked after a moment.
Jan 02 21:09:16 <MereObserver> "We can't just eliminate anomalies. That's not why we're here."
Jan 02 21:09:26 <gauzebal1> "I don't think anything that tries to fry someone by blowing up expensive machinery would be willing to negotiate
Jan 02 21:09:30 <gauzebal1> *"
Jan 02 21:09:55 <Father_Matthew> "Maybe he's just…crying out for help?"
Jan 02 21:10:21 <Jabonicus> "This thing teaches children about murder and cannibalism, what kind of 'cry for help' is that?" Sam replied.
Jan 02 21:10:25 <RogetGMs> The area they're passing through now looks sort of like this
Jan 02 21:10:29 <gauzebal1> "That thing is perfectly capable of helping itself."
Jan 02 21:10:30 <ZombieRaptor> "He tried to kill us"
Jan 02 21:10:47 <ZombieRaptor> "Almost killed James and might have killed Tyler if I didn't pull him out of the room"
Jan 02 21:10:57 <Father_Matthew> "I don't know." He said defensively, frowning
Jan 02 21:11:23 <gauzebal1> Harlan hears Sam's comment. "Wait, where'd the cannibalism thing come in?"
Jan 02 21:11:23 <Soulless> [
Jan 02 21:11:29 <ihp> "I… I think we're almost here. Be on your guard."
Jan 02 21:11:41 <Soulless> "Look, if we go into it picking a fight, we'll get a fight."
Jan 02 21:11:48 <Soulless> "And I don't think we want one."
Jan 02 21:11:54 <Jabonicus> "What exactly are we looking for again?" Sam asked. "Don't want to point my gun at the wrong thing."
Jan 02 21:11:55 <ZombieRaptor> "Luvi checks his weapons once more, adjusting the sight slightly"
Jan 02 21:12:11 <gauzebal1> "A clown."
Jan 02 21:12:18 <RogetGMs> They see a rusted, chainlink fence, surrounding a massive parking lot. At the center of it all is a tall, pointed building, with rusted antennaue jutting up into the sky like the hands of the damned begging lucifer for mercy.
Jan 02 21:12:27 <RogetGMs> All of the windows are broken
Jan 02 21:13:00 <Soulless> Elanor checks the map.
Jan 02 21:13:05 <RogetGMs> This is the plac
Jan 02 21:13:05 <RogetGMs> e
Jan 02 21:13:10 <Soulless> "…Well, this is it."
Jan 02 21:13:14 <Jabonicus> "Never liked clowns." Sam muttered. "Weren't many in Scotland, thank god for that."
Jan 02 21:13:19 <MereObserver> James checks the ammo in his rifle then bites down on an apple. "All ashore thats goin' ashore ladies and gentlemen." He hops out of the back.
Jan 02 21:13:19 <ihp> Jacob parks in front of the fence, unless there's an opening to the parking lot.
Jan 02 21:13:32 <RogetGMs> There's no entrance, the gaste is locked by padlock
Jan 02 21:13:38 <RogetGMs> *gate
Jan 02 21:13:40 <gauzebal1> Harlan gets out of the truck.
Jan 02 21:13:55 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi climbs out of the truck and looks around.
Jan 02 21:14:03 <Soulless> Elanor gets out once the truck's parked. "I didn't think this rusted old thing could make it this far."
Jan 02 21:14:06 <RogetGMs> It's a dreary, cold day outside.
Jan 02 21:14:14 <Jabonicus> Sam got out, walking over to the lock. Sam inspects the padlock for rust or damage.
Jan 02 21:14:17 <Soulless> She shivers a bit and hugs herself.
Jan 02 21:14:31 * vezaz has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 02 21:14:45 <gauzebal1> "Should we wait to be let in or kick it down?"
Jan 02 21:14:51 <Soulless> "Goodness, it's cold…"
Jan 02 21:14:52 <ihp> Jacob walks up to the gate, frowning at the padlock. He takes out a doorknob from his pocket and tries to smash it; don't want to waste any bullets, just in case this thing can actually be wounded.
Jan 02 21:14:57 <Father_Matthew> "Are we expecting someone?"
Jan 02 21:15:03 <Soulless> "I should've brought a coat."
Jan 02 21:15:17 <Jabonicus> Sam looked up at the building. "Not sure, but they could be expecting us."
Jan 02 21:15:33 <RogetGMs> Jacob, the padlock is smashed!
Jan 02 21:15:48 <ZombieRaptor> "Elanor, would you like to use my own coat? I'm used to colder weather anyways."
Jan 02 21:15:51 <Father_Matthew> "Well, they're not going to be happy if they are."
Jan 02 21:15:59 <Soulless> She looks at Jacob and his doorknob. "Good job, Mr. Wexley."
Jan 02 21:16:18 <gauzebal1> "Sam brings up a good point. Anything targeting a Government Agency without the intent to kill them all in one sweep probably expects a visit from them."
Jan 02 21:16:18 <ihp> Jacob blinks. "Well. That was… disconcertingly easy." He opens the gate, shivering softly and pocketing the doorknob. "Okay… who shall… take point, as it were?"
Jan 02 21:16:29 <Soulless> "Take point? Take what point?"
Jan 02 21:16:41 <MereObserver> James starts walking. "Got it."
Jan 02 21:16:41 <ihp> "I believe it means… who will go in front?"
Jan 02 21:16:48 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi falls into behind James
Jan 02 21:16:48 <Soulless> "Oh, I see."
Jan 02 21:17:02 <gauzebal1> Harlan follows behind Luvi
Jan 02 21:17:02 <Jabonicus> Sam shifted his footing. He walked behind Luvi
Jan 02 21:17:17 <Father_Matthew> Jason follows behind Sam, holding his shotgun tightly
Jan 02 21:17:56 <Soulless> Elanor walks behind, checking out her surroundings in case anything ticks up her sixth sense.
Jan 02 21:18:03 <MereObserver> How fair is it from the gate to the entrance of the building?
Jan 02 21:18:04 <MereObserver> *far
Jan 02 21:18:07 <RogetGMs> They walk across the long parking lot. It's dark out here, and you can see brief glimmers of light in the building's windows
Jan 02 21:18:07 <Jabonicus> Sam held his shotgun tucked against his left elbow, aiming it just ahead of his feat in case of misfire.
Jan 02 21:18:29 <ihp> Jacob looks up at the towering building, drawing his pistol. "…do you think something is in there?"
Jan 02 21:18:32 * Vivax (em.setah.rehtaew|niaR#em.setah.rehtaew|niaR) has joined
Jan 02 21:18:32 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Vivax
Jan 02 21:18:58 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi whispers back to James "very likely, why would we be here if it was empty?"
Jan 02 21:19:04 <ZombieRaptor> Jacob*
Jan 02 21:19:06 <RogetGMs> The front door has "KTV 134.5!" printed on it in big, block font. It looks very faded and crusty.
Jan 02 21:19:09 <gauzebal1> "Definitely."
Jan 02 21:19:17 <MereObserver> "Exactly. Also I had a thought. If this thing can control televisions and jukeboxes….can it fire our weapons?"
Jan 02 21:19:35 <Jabonicus> "Good point. Everyone keep your guns low." Sam added.
Jan 02 21:19:37 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi looks at his rifle "I hope not"
Jan 02 21:19:41 <ihp> Jacob makes a note of that frequency, lowering his gun.
Jan 02 21:19:52 <gauzebal1> Harlan lowers his knife.
Jan 02 21:20:03 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi lowers his rifle as well.
Jan 02 21:20:04 <Soulless> Roget: can Elanor try to use her prophecy to guage where they might find what they're looking for? (like in what part of the building)
Jan 02 21:20:11 <RogetGMs> Yes
Jan 02 21:20:45 <Soulless> 4df+3 Elanor stops and leans against the building a little, closing her eyes and concentrating hard, though with how sudden it is it may look like she might faint instead lel.
Jan 02 21:20:45 <Glacon> Soulless: Elanor stops and leans against the building a little, closing her eyes and concentrating hard, though with how sudden it is it may look like she might faint instead lel.: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
Jan 02 21:21:17 <RogetGMs> Elanor… this thing is fucking /strong/. The whole building seems to be pulsating with supernatural energy.
Jan 02 21:22:00 <Soulless> Elanor takes a deep breath and steps back from the building, her lips drawn to a thin line.
Jan 02 21:22:19 <ihp> "…what's wrong, Miss Elanor?"
Jan 02 21:22:29 <Jabonicus> "I don't like it. It's too quiet for a station…" Sam said. He looked at Elanor, noting her face. "What's wrong?"
Jan 02 21:22:49 <Soulless> "Ah? N-nothing." She smiles. "I just felt a little lightheaded." So much lying happening. "I'm fine. Let's just… be careful."
Jan 02 21:22:50 <Father_Matthew> Jason could feel his heart thudding in his chest as he looked out around the parking lot. God, he had been in firefights, but this felt profoundly different. Waiting for what? A clown? It was laughable, but a clown that a specialized assault team was sent out for, was nothing to take lightly. Whether it made sense to him or not. He kept reminding himself that he was on the assault team
Jan 02 21:22:50 <Father_Matthew> too. He was here because…because what? He was in the wrong place at the right time? He was infected with some of that magic stuff that was going around? He didn't know. He loaded a couple shells into his shotgun and waited, watching the door like someone hypnotized
Jan 02 21:23:14 <Soulless> "…Let's be very careful."
Jan 02 21:23:17 <RogetGMs> The door awaits. Who opens it up?
Jan 02 21:23:18 <Soulless> She smiles again.
Jan 02 21:23:29 <MereObserver> James stands against one side of the door way in a breaching position. "Everyone ready?"
Jan 02 21:23:40 <gauzebal1> Harlan nods.
Jan 02 21:23:48 <ihp> Jacob nods. "Let's just get and get this thing."
Jan 02 21:23:58 <Jabonicus> Sam backed up, crouching to the side, his gun pointed at the door. "Got ya' back."
Jan 02 21:24:02 <RogetGMs> Whoever opens the door first, mdef
Jan 02 21:24:03 <Father_Matthew> "R-ready, sir." Ready for what?
Jan 02 21:24:09 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi raises his rifle to point into the hall when the door opens
Jan 02 21:24:29 <Father_Matthew> Jason pointed his shotgun at the soon to be opened door
Jan 02 21:24:30 <MereObserver> 4df+5 James grabs the doorknob and turns it.
Jan 02 21:24:31 <Glacon> MereObserver: James grabs the doorknob and turns it.: 5 (4df+5=0, -, 0, +)
Jan 02 21:24:44 <RogetGMs> 4df+5 IT'S SUPER SPOOKY WOOKY
Jan 02 21:24:44 <Glacon> RogetGMs: IT'S SUPER SPOOKY WOOKY: 5 (4df+5=-, -, +, +)
Jan 02 21:25:04 <RogetGMs> James, you feel incredibly anxious all of a sudden… anxious and apprehensive.
Jan 02 21:25:19 <MereObserver> James shivers. "….fucking shit."
Jan 02 21:25:28 <Jabonicus> "See anything?" Sam asked, not getting much from his view.
Jan 02 21:25:36 <gauzebal1> "Hm?"
Jan 02 21:25:38 <Soulless> Elanor puts a hand on James's shoulder in a comforting way.
Jan 02 21:25:46 <Soulless> Much comfort. Very soothe.
Jan 02 21:26:39 <RogetGMs> The inside of the studio's main entrance is a big, empty room. On either wall, there's a row of moth-bitten chairs. and a desk at the front which may have once held a receptionist. The only major noticable 'new' object is a poster with a closeup of Bobble's face, with the caption "HEY KIDS"
Jan 02 21:26:41 <MereObserver> James bites his lower lip. "…wow….uh…" He nods. "Let's…let go." He almost forces himself to enter the building, gun drawn.
Jan 02 21:26:54 <RogetGMs> There's two doors, one on the left and one on the right
Jan 02 21:27:01 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi follows after James
Jan 02 21:27:06 <gauzebal1> Harlan enters.
Jan 02 21:27:15 <gauzebal1> He glares at the poster.
Jan 02 21:27:17 <Jabonicus> Sam walked up, gun pointed down just in case. Sam entered after Harlan.
Jan 02 21:27:18 <RogetGMs> If it was cold outside, it's frigid in here
Jan 02 21:27:22 <RogetGMs> everyone can see their breath
Jan 02 21:27:32 <Soulless> Elanor shivers again, hugging herself.
Jan 02 21:27:44 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shudders and whispers "This is not good"
Jan 02 21:27:44 <gauzebal1> "Ugh, like being in a meat storage all over again."
Jan 02 21:27:51 <ihp> Jacob looks at the clown. "That's… that's what tried to kill me?"
Jan 02 21:27:54 <Soulless> She tries to blow her breath on her hands and warm up.
Jan 02 21:28:07 <RogetGMs> 1d6
Jan 02 21:28:07 <Glacon> RogetGMs: 2 (1d6=2)
Jan 02 21:28:10 <MereObserver> "…that's the bastard." James nods to the poster.
Jan 02 21:28:11 <Father_Matthew> Jason enters in and shudders, why was it colder in here than out here, he whispers, "Is…is this a fridge?" He crouched down, moving stealthily out of nervous habit.
Jan 02 21:28:14 <gauzebal1> "Was this the clown that attacked everyone?"
Jan 02 21:28:15 <RogetGMs> Sam, mental defense
Jan 02 21:28:28 <Soulless> "Let's keep going… Left or right?"
Jan 02 21:28:34 <Jabonicus> 4df+2
Jan 02 21:28:35 <Glacon> Jabonicus: 1 (4df+2=0, -, 0, 0)
Jan 02 21:28:44 <gauzebal1> "Right."
Jan 02 21:28:48 <RogetGMs> 4df+5 HEY KIDS
Jan 02 21:28:48 <Glacon> RogetGMs: HEY KIDS: 6 (4df+5=+, -, 0, +)
Jan 02 21:28:53 <RogetGMs> oooh
Jan 02 21:28:54 <ZombieRaptor> "Left"
Jan 02 21:29:06 <RogetGMs> Pause for description
Jan 02 21:30:07 <RogetGMs> Sam, you suddenly have a vivid vision. You're alone. Terribly alone. All around you, darkness prevails and the laughter rips through your ears and into your brain and the pain stays ratching up and the clown is always always always to be forgiven tobe watching there is NOTHIGN to be saved you are DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED.
Jan 02 21:31:06 <RogetGMs> -2 mental health
Jan 02 21:31:12 <RogetGMs> [/unpause]
Jan 02 21:31:47 <MereObserver> James shrugs. "Flip a coin I guess…"
Jan 02 21:31:50 <ZombieRaptor> "I go for us going left"
Jan 02 21:32:03 <Jabonicus> Sam fell to his knees, hands covering his ears. His only fear was all around him. He stood up, a grim look on his face.
Jan 02 21:32:33 <MereObserver> James spins around at Sam. "…you okay?"
Jan 02 21:32:34 <gauzebal1> Harlan notices Sam
Jan 02 21:32:44 <gauzebal1> "Something wrong?"
Jan 02 21:32:45 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is looking away, not noticing the man dropping.
Jan 02 21:32:53 <ihp> Jacob stares at Sam. Just… stares. "Oh Jesus what. What the hell."
Jan 02 21:32:59 <Soulless> Elanor puts a concerned hand on Sam's arm.
Jan 02 21:33:27 <Jabonicus> "…Where is it. I am going to kill it. I am going to kill it." Sam said.
Jan 02 21:33:34 <MereObserver> James shakes his head. "The longer we stand here, the longer he has to fuck with us like that. We need to move."
Jan 02 21:33:34 <Father_Matthew> Sam's sudden movement caused Jason to jump, pressing against the wall. He made the sign of the cross, "The nuns were right…the devil will get me."
Jan 02 21:34:03 <gauzebal1> ~Fucking hell, this isn't good.~
Jan 02 21:34:16 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi turns "James is right, we sho-what is happening to Sam?"
Jan 02 21:34:38 <ihp> Jacob rubs his face. "Let's… let's move on. Try and find… wherever they broadcast the signal."
Jan 02 21:34:51 <MereObserver> James goes to the left door. "Let's move out."
Jan 02 21:34:54 <RogetGMs> The building creaks and groans.
Jan 02 21:35:17 <Jabonicus> Sam quickly followed them, shaking slightly. The last thing he wanted to do right now was get left behind.
Jan 02 21:35:25 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi turns away from Sam and follows James, reaching out to open the door.
Jan 02 21:35:36 <Soulless> Elanor follows, continuing to hug herself and shivering from the cold.
Jan 02 21:35:45 <gauzebal1> Harlan follows, knife out.
Jan 02 21:35:48 <Soulless> A simple suit of the 1950's is gonna do much against this freezing temperature.
Jan 02 21:35:48 <RogetGMs> Which door do they open?
Jan 02 21:35:49 <ihp> Jacob looks at the group as they move on. "…I don't suppose any of you know where the broadcast room is?"
Jan 02 21:35:53 <Father_Matthew> Jason stayed crouched down, moving silently and carefully, the barrel of that shotgun darting left and right as he walked down the hall, following everyone
Jan 02 21:36:25 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi opens the left door, holding it open for the others to go through.
Jan 02 21:36:35 <RogetGMs> Everyone, mdef
Jan 02 21:36:45 <ihp> 4df+3 Gotta gotta be crazy moooooooves.
Jan 02 21:36:46 <Glacon> ihp: Gotta gotta be crazy moooooooves.: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, -)
Jan 02 21:36:53 <gauzebal1> 4df+5 pay them no mind
Jan 02 21:36:54 <Glacon> gauzebal1: pay them no mind: 5 (4df+5=+, 0, 0, -)
Jan 02 21:36:55 <MereObserver> 4df+5 F^cking booble
Jan 02 21:36:56 <Glacon> MereObserver: F^cking booble: 7 (4df+5=+, +, +, -)
Jan 02 21:37:03 <Father_Matthew> 4d4+3 Oh god, the devil will pull me down into hell
Jan 02 21:37:04 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: Oh god, the devil will pull me down into hell: 11 (4d4+3=2, 1, 1, 4)
Jan 02 21:37:04 <Jabonicus> 4df+2
Jan 02 21:37:05 <Glacon> Jabonicus: 4 (4df+2=+, 0, 0, +)
Jan 02 21:37:05 <Soulless> 4df+4 Elanor head stronk?
Jan 02 21:37:06 <Glacon> Soulless: Elanor head stronk?: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
Jan 02 21:37:08 <Soulless> Nope
Jan 02 21:37:20 <RogetGMs> 4df+6 I'm going to strangle your children
Jan 02 21:37:21 <Glacon> RogetGMs: I'm going to strangle your children: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, 0)
Jan 02 21:37:27 <Father_Matthew> 4df+3
Jan 02 21:37:27 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: 3 (4df+3=+, -, -, +)
Jan 02 21:37:41 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+2 oh no
Jan 02 21:37:42 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: oh no: 2 (4df+2=-, +, -, +)
Jan 02 21:38:40 <RogetGMs> Everyone… the door behind you flies open. You all have the smell of blood invade your nostrils, the acrid, metallic scent overpowering everything else. The dull thud of paws on the floor, only feet behind you, the sound of saliva, or some other godawful fluid dripping on the floor, the growling breath of a predator.
Jan 02 21:38:45 <RogetGMs> run. run. RUN RUN RUN RUN
Jan 02 21:39:24 <Jabonicus> "Oh FUCK!" Sam yelled as he started to run. The fear was to fast to let him shoot.
Jan 02 21:39:26 <gauzebal1> Harlan flies back into the atrium.
Jan 02 21:39:38 <ZombieRaptor> Is it from the right door?
Jan 02 21:39:57 <gauzebal1> redact
Jan 02 21:39:59 <RogetGMs> It's from the right door coming towards you, forcing you into the left door you just opened
Jan 02 21:40:00 * Scantron is now known as choose_one
Jan 02 21:40:12 <gauzebal1> Harlan flies into the left door.
Jan 02 21:40:13 * choose_one is now known as Scantron
Jan 02 21:40:25 <ihp> Jacob flees into the room, hiding behind anything as cover and looking over it, at whatever the hell is there.
Jan 02 21:40:44 <MereObserver> James turns around to look behind him. "Oh fuuuuuuck that. James aims at the right door, waiting for everyone else to enter before going through.
Jan 02 21:40:44 <Jabonicus> Sam rushed into the left door, jumping behind something.
Jan 02 21:40:46 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi screams and runs into the left hallway after everyone else, nearly dropping his rifle, screaming nonsense in German.
Jan 02 21:40:53 <Soulless> Elanor flees into the left door.
Jan 02 21:41:01 <RogetGMs> Jacob, you feel hunted. It's gonna find you. It's coming. It's big. It's big big big big big big big RUN RUN RUN RUN
Jan 02 21:41:15 <gauzebal1> Harlan is in a bad state right now, and is further disturbed by the cries in German.
Jan 02 21:41:15 <Father_Matthew> Jason gasped and ran yelling away from that door, speaking some prayers that he had heard at the orphanage when he was little, "Exurgat Deus et dissipentur inimici!" He blindly threw open doors and put as many walls and floors between himself and whatever was coming through that door. "Et fugiant qui oderunt eum a faci ejus!"
Jan 02 21:41:33 <Soulless> She's shaking badly now, covering her face and running blindly into the room, screaming and hitting a wall before curling up in a corner, shaking and whimpering.
Jan 02 21:41:52 <MereObserver> James is now bolting. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck."
Jan 02 21:41:59 <ihp> Jacob hides behind the desk again, whimpering and holding onto his lucky doorknob. ~Fucking fuck clowns and now a fucking giant animal?!"
Jan 02 21:41:59 <ihp> ~
Jan 02 21:42:07 <gauzebal1> Harlan's breathing heavily.
Jan 02 21:42:14 <RogetGMs> The door opened up into a long hallway. The only things to hide behind are some empty boxes, and a drinking fountain
Jan 02 21:42:20 <RogetGMs> It's just a straight shot into darkness
Jan 02 21:42:31 <Soulless> Oh, well in that case
Jan 02 21:42:39 <Soulless> Redact, Elanor runs blindly into the darkness of the hallway.
Jan 02 21:42:47 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is up against a the drinking fountain, nearly in tears and rifle pointed into the darkness
Jan 02 21:42:55 <RogetGMs> nothing behind you but snapping of death and the thud of paws drawing ever closer, closer, until you feel the breath on our neck and the brush of thick, wet, matted fur
Jan 02 21:42:58 <RogetGMs> Luvi, perceptin
Jan 02 21:43:02 <ihp> Jacob looks over the desk, and pants, staring into the dark. "T-there's nothing there… son of a whore." Jacob looks around; who else is in the room with him?
Jan 02 21:43:09 <ihp> redact
Jan 02 21:43:37 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4 oh noes
Jan 02 21:43:37 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: oh noes: 6 (4df+4=+, -, +, +)
Jan 02 21:43:51 <Jabonicus> Sam sat near Elanor, gun pointed at the door
Jan 02 21:44:01 <gauzebal1> Harlan has his knife out.
Jan 02 21:44:06 <RogetGMs> Anyone not running away, also roll mdef
Jan 02 21:44:15 <Jabonicus> 4df+2
Jan 02 21:44:15 <Glacon> Jabonicus: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, 0)
Jan 02 21:44:26 <Soulless> Elanor doing so much running all the way down that hallway.
Jan 02 21:44:26 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shakingly chambers a round in his rifle.
Jan 02 21:44:42 <Soulless> Does she reach an end?
Jan 02 21:44:42 <ihp> 4df+3 no no no no no
Jan 02 21:44:43 <Glacon> ihp: no no no no no: 3 (4df+3=-, +, +, -)
Jan 02 21:44:45 <gauzebal1> 4df+5 Fuck you Bobble
Jan 02 21:44:45 <Glacon> gauzebal1: Fuck you Bobble: 5 (4df+5=+, -, +, -)
Jan 02 21:45:04 <RogetGMs> 4df+5 NO FUCK YOU
Jan 02 21:45:04 <Glacon> RogetGMs: NO FUCK YOU: 5 (4df+5=-, +, -, +)
Jan 02 21:46:02 <Father_Matthew> Jason stops if there is no way out of the room with the boxes, diving behind some of the boxes and pointing the barrel of his shotgun towards the entrance
Jan 02 21:46:08 <RogetGMs> Harlan, you blink for a second… this hallway is empty. There's nothing here. Sam, Jacob, you both see a demon with a thousand, roaring, silent faces, charging down the hall, a black mass of infinite size and overwhelming design
Jan 02 21:46:25 <RogetGMs> Everyone running down the hall, you get to a set of double doors leading to a staircase. You feel whatever is behind you in hot pursuit
Jan 02 21:46:38 <gauzebal1> Harlan walks down the hallway
Jan 02 21:46:40 <ZombieRaptor> (What about Luvi?)
Jan 02 21:46:57 <ihp> (You didn't roll mdef)
Jan 02 21:47:01 <Soulless> Elanor tries to open the double doors.
Jan 02 21:47:05 <ZombieRaptor> (He told me to roll perc not Mdef)
Jan 02 21:47:21 <RogetGMs> Luvi has the same moment of clarity harlan did
Jan 02 21:47:23 <Jabonicus> Sam ran, he abandoned any hope of staying together as he ran. He pushed his way into any door he found, just hoping to get away.
Jan 02 21:47:36 <Father_Matthew> Jason slams into the double doors, opening them and bolts up the staircase, taking two steps at a time
Jan 02 21:47:40 <MereObserver> James tries to open the door with Elanor.
Jan 02 21:47:53 <RogetGMs> The double doors are opened, so Sam, Elanor, James and Jason tumble through it.
Jan 02 21:47:59 <ihp> Jacob keeps his gun aimed at the demon, but is too pants-wettingly scared to fire.
Jan 02 21:48:08 <gauzebal1> redact, he runs through the hallway
Jan 02 21:48:14 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi sees the staircase and runs to it.
Jan 02 21:48:48 <gauzebal1> ~I'm gonna garrote that fucking clown with gauze~
Jan 02 21:48:48 <Jabonicus> Sam fell on his back, aiming his gun at the demon. He pulled the trigger.
Jan 02 21:48:52 <RogetGMs> was Jacob running with Elanor and the others
Jan 02 21:48:54 <Jabonicus> 4df+4
Jan 02 21:48:54 <Glacon> Jabonicus: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
Jan 02 21:49:03 <ihp> He's in the room, still. Too scared.
Jan 02 21:49:13 <ihp> The left room.
Jan 02 21:49:26 * Malone (ten.dshqrabme.pchd.BB09AA2A-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.BB09AA2A-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
Jan 02 21:49:26 <RogetGMs> the left thing was a long hallway
Jan 02 21:49:30 <Soulless> Elanor is tumbling like hell and climbing those stairs.
Jan 02 21:49:37 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi reaches the others "Where's Jacob?!"
Jan 02 21:49:44 <gauzebal1> Harlan is following Elanor
Jan 02 21:49:51 <MereObserver> James bolts up the staircase, right on Harlan's heels.
Jan 02 21:49:58 <RogetGMs> Elanor, you suddenly realize that there's nothing here. It's just a cold, empty, place.
Jan 02 21:50:01 <RogetGMs> You feel a calmness
Jan 02 21:50:05 <Jabonicus> Sam turned and ran, up the stairs.
Jan 02 21:50:14 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi follows, a bit slowler
Jan 02 21:50:28 <ihp> Jacob continues staring at the demon, and fires a blind shot off at it; several, actualy.
Jan 02 21:50:34 <RogetGMs> Jacob, perception
Jan 02 21:50:35 <Father_Matthew> Jason follows James, adrenalin driving him to be faster, and still muttering the latin prayer under his breath
Jan 02 21:50:41 <ihp> 4df+3 I don't wanna diiiie
Jan 02 21:50:41 <Glacon> ihp: I don't wanna diiiie: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
Jan 02 21:50:53 <RogetGMs> 4df+3
Jan 02 21:50:53 <Glacon> RogetGMs: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
Jan 02 21:50:57 <RogetGMs> well then
Jan 02 21:51:15 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi turns at the guns reports "Should we go back for Jacob?"
Jan 02 21:51:16 <RogetGMs> Jacob, before you fire, you realize there's nothing there… but you're all alone here.
Jan 02 21:51:53 <ihp> Jacob stares as he looks around, and whimpers as he realizes he's alone. He hits himself in the head lightly with his doorknob, slaps his face, and calls out for the group. "Elanor! James! Luvi! Where are you?!"
Jan 02 21:52:02 <RogetGMs> So, it's everyone running up the stairs, and Jacob is alone, right?
Jan 02 21:52:20 <ihp> …there was someone else in the left hallway, wasn't there?
Jan 02 21:52:20 <gauzebal1> Can we hear Jacob?
Jan 02 21:52:21 <Soulless> Elanor calm down.
Jan 02 21:52:29 <ZombieRaptor> I'm near tv bottom if the stairs
Jan 02 21:52:29 <ZombieRaptor> The*
Jan 02 21:52:39 <MereObserver> James is still running. Up stairs. Pretty terrified.
Jan 02 21:52:40 <ihp> Sam was in here with him, I think.
Jan 02 21:52:51 <RogetGMs> Sam bolted up the stairs
Jan 02 21:53:00 <Soulless> She breathes out and collapses to the floor once she reaches the stairs.
Jan 02 21:53:26 <ihp> Jacob starts down the opposite hallway, continuing to call out for his group. "Help! It-it was a hallucination! I… I didn't hit anyone, did I?"
Jan 02 21:53:37 <gauzebal1> Harlan rushes to Elanor. "Were you hurt?"
Jan 02 21:53:37 <Soulless> "…Hello? Anyone here?" She says out to anyone on or around the stairs.
Jan 02 21:53:44 <ZombieRaptor> Can we hear him RogetGMs?
Jan 02 21:53:49 <Soulless> "N-no. I'm… I'm fine, just… shaken."
Jan 02 21:54:03 <RogetGMs> You can hear something calling. Elanor can hear him fine, they're in the same hallway
Jan 02 21:55:11 * Disconnected (Connection reset by peer)
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Jan 02 21:56:10 <Soulless> "Come on, let's go back."
Jan 02 21:56:19 <Soulless> She calls down the hallway. "Coming! We're here!"
Jan 02 21:56:20 <Father_Matthew> Jason is right behind James,
Jan 02 21:56:35 <gauzebal1> Harlan folows Elanor.
Jan 02 21:56:46 * Scantron is now known as ScanwatchesAHS
Jan 02 21:56:47 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi starts back into the hallway, rifle raised.
Jan 02 21:56:49 <Bananaman> Everyone, who didn't break the illusion, the thing is… gone. Whatever was chasing you seems to have vanished.
Jan 02 21:57:09 * RogetGMs has quit (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
Jan 02 21:57:14 <ihp> Do Jacob and Elanor meet up?
Jan 02 21:57:17 * You are now known as RogetGMs
Jan 02 21:57:21 <MereObserver> James spins around on the staircase, breathing heavily. "….what….the fuck…was that…."
Jan 02 21:57:29 <RogetGMs> Yes they do!
Jan 02 21:58:02 <Father_Matthew> Jason leans against the wall, panting, making the sign of the cross again. "The devil…that's what. We're all gonna go to hell…oh god"
Jan 02 21:58:14 <ihp> Jacob immediately hugs Elanor, shaking softly. "I… oh god… I thought I was going to die."
Jan 02 21:58:17 <Jabonicus> Sam ran up besides James. "Dead, for all I care."
Jan 02 21:58:56 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi runs up to the pair "We should keep moving."
Jan 02 21:59:03 <MereObserver> James shakes his head, coughing. "This thing isn't the devil. It's just messing with us. He's laughing somewhere. Fuck, I haven't ran that hard in forever."
Jan 02 21:59:14 <ihp> "…right. Where did everyone else go? The stairs?"
Jan 02 21:59:28 <Soulless> Elanor hugs Jacob.
Jan 02 21:59:36 <gauzebal1> "Yeah, the stairs."
Jan 02 21:59:38 <Soulless> "It's ok. We're going to be ok. We just need to calm down."
Jan 02 21:59:48 <RogetGMs> Everyone on the top of the stairs, you can see it terminates in a set of double doors labeled "AUTHORISED STUDIO PERSONNEL ONLY BEYOND THE THRESHOLD"
Jan 02 21:59:48 <Soulless> "…The stairs is likely the only place we can go."
Jan 02 22:00:07 <Jabonicus> Sam thought for a moment. "Has… Has anyone even been touched by that demon thing?"
Jan 02 22:00:08 * Malone has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 02 22:00:10 <ZombieRaptor> ~We are going to fucking die~
Jan 02 22:00:18 <ihp> Jacob nods, hugging Elanor still. He pulls away, rubbing his face. "Up the stairs, then."
Jan 02 22:00:22 <MereObserver> James yells down the staircase. "Hey, you guys get eaten down there?"
Jan 02 22:00:32 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shouts "Yea!"
Jan 02 22:00:39 <Father_Matthew> "So what do we do? Do we move on?" He looked to James, then around the area, seeing if there was another hall or for a door
Jan 02 22:00:39 <gauzebal1> "Then lets go. I'd hate to keep him waiting. He;d probably get bored and…" Harlan trails off.
Jan 02 22:00:50 <ihp> He draws his gun, and looks at Luvi. "No point in taking point. Nothing here is real."
Jan 02 22:00:57 <Soulless> Elanor pats Jacob's shoulder, also looking shaken. She starts heading back to the stairs.
Jan 02 22:00:57 <gauzebal1> Harlan goes to the stairs
Jan 02 22:01:18 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi nods "come on" and heads up the stairs
Jan 02 22:01:28 <ihp> Jacob heads up the stairs as well, holding his lucky doorknob in one hand.
Jan 02 22:01:44 <RogetGMs> Everyone on the stairs, not climbing up, perception
Jan 02 22:01:45 <Jabonicus> Sam looked at the doors. Sam wonders if he could kick it open.
Jan 02 22:01:46 <MereObserver> James nods after hearing Luvi. "We wait on the others to catch up, then see what's behind those doors.
Jan 02 22:01:55 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4
Jan 02 22:01:56 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 2 (4df+4=-, -, 0, 0)
Jan 02 22:01:57 <MereObserver> +"
Jan 02 22:01:57 <Jabonicus> 4df+2
Jan 02 22:01:57 <Glacon> Jabonicus: 2 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, +)
Jan 02 22:02:02 <ZombieRaptor> (Noooo)
Jan 02 22:02:08 <Father_Matthew> 4df+4
Jan 02 22:02:08 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
Jan 02 22:02:10 <gauzebal1> (would harlan be at the stairs at this point?)
Jan 02 22:02:13 <MereObserver> 4df+3 James sees stuff, right?
Jan 02 22:02:14 <Glacon> MereObserver: James sees stuff, right?: 6 (4df+3=+, +, 0, +)
Jan 02 22:02:19 <ihp> (Harlan's climbing)
Jan 02 22:02:32 <RogetGMs> Harlan would be climbing up with Luvi, Elanor, and Jacob, persumably
Jan 02 22:02:39 <RogetGMs> 4df+4
Jan 02 22:02:40 <Glacon> RogetGMs: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
Jan 02 22:02:44 <RogetGMs> Ooof
Jan 02 22:02:47 <Soulless> 4df+4 mdef
Jan 02 22:02:47 <Glacon> Soulless: mdef: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
Jan 02 22:02:58 <Soulless> err, that's a 5, so 4 mdef
Jan 02 22:03:20 <ZombieRaptor> Perception
Jan 02 22:03:22 <gauzebal1> (You're climbing, though, right?)
Jan 02 22:03:41 <ZombieRaptor> (Oh I'm stupid)
Jan 02 22:04:14 <RogetGMs> Everyone at the top of the stairs, you see the steps below you, suddeny drop… then, a red hot blaze of fire rips through the floor, with a thunderous roar, ripping through everything in sight and coming RIGHT AT YOU THREE FUCK
Jan 02 22:04:48 <Jabonicus> Sam turned, kicking the door repeatedly, hoping to god it would brake open
Jan 02 22:04:50 <Jabonicus> break
Jan 02 22:05:34 <RogetGMs> Except for James. James doesn't see anything but his friends climbing the stairs and his buds flipping the buttered fuck crumpets
Jan 02 22:05:42 <Soulless> oh Elanor sees nothing
Jan 02 22:05:51 <ihp> Does Jacob hear the people kicking the door down? Or anyone in the group?
Jan 02 22:05:52 <Soulless> Elanor hears the commotion and climbs a bit faster.
Jan 02 22:06:01 <ZombieRaptor> "Fuck, Sam is hallucinating"
Jan 02 22:06:04 <MereObserver> James smiles. "Come on slowpokes." He turns to Sam. "Woah bud, we gotta wait on the others."
Jan 02 22:06:15 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi runs up the stairs.
Jan 02 22:06:22 <RogetGMs> Jacob sees everyone but James flipping their shit out
Jan 02 22:06:28 <RogetGMs> Everyone is now in one group, more or less
Jan 02 22:06:28 <Father_Matthew> "Fire! Crap the building's on fire! Open the F*cking Door!" He was yelling at Sam to hurry up
Jan 02 22:06:38 <ZombieRaptor> (Oh fuck)
Jan 02 22:06:48 <Jabonicus> "IT'S FUCKING STUCK" Sam yelled as he continued kicking the door.
Jan 02 22:07:07 <RogetGMs> everyone as in "everyone that is Sam and Jason
Jan 02 22:07:16 <ihp> Jacob stares. "I… think there's something wrong with the." He grabs Sam and tries smacking him across the face.
Jan 02 22:07:20 <Soulless> "Calm down!"
Jan 02 22:07:23 <RogetGMs> The door is locked tight
Jan 02 22:07:34 <ZombieRaptor> "It's not real Sam!"
Jan 02 22:07:38 <Father_Matthew> "Move move!" He shoved sam aside and starts firing shotgun shells into the door near the doorknob
Jan 02 22:07:40 <MereObserver> "Sam, Jason, calm the fuck down!"
Jan 02 22:07:44 <RogetGMs> Sam, mdef to hear your friends
Jan 02 22:07:50 <RogetGMs> Jason, ranged to kill the motherfuckin' door
Jan 02 22:07:58 <Jabonicus> 4df+2
Jan 02 22:07:59 <Glacon> Jabonicus: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, +)
Jan 02 22:08:03 <RogetGMs> 4df+3
Jan 02 22:08:03 <Glacon> RogetGMs: 2 (4df+3=-, -, 0, +)
Jan 02 22:08:06 <gauzebal1> 4df+3 persuasion SNAP OUT OF IT
Jan 02 22:08:06 <Glacon> gauzebal1: persuasion SNAP OUT OF IT: 4 (4df+3=-, +, 0, +)
Jan 02 22:08:12 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi fires his rifle into the door as well.
Jan 02 22:08:14 <Father_Matthew> 4df+5 FUCKING FIRE AUGHSGHGHG
Jan 02 22:08:14 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: FUCKING FIRE AUGHSGHGHG: 6 (4df+5=+, -, 0, +)
Jan 02 22:08:18 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+9
Jan 02 22:08:18 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 10 (4df+9=+, +, -, 0)
Jan 02 22:08:36 <MereObserver> James stands the fuck back as all hell breaks lose on this poor door.
Jan 02 22:08:41 <Jabonicus> Sam began using himself as a battering ram, slamming into the door repeatedly. "OPEN. UP. FUCKER."
Jan 02 22:09:04 <RogetGMs> Jason, the door is blown open…. but then the fire dissipates. It's gone. And your friends are there! …unless it's another hallucination… or you all died….
Jan 02 22:09:21 <MereObserver> "CALM THE FUCK DOWN."
Jan 02 22:09:42 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi retracts his bolt and chambers another round
Jan 02 22:09:58 <ihp> Jacob puts his hands in his ears at all the shouting and gun firing. "Shit, be quiet… let's just see what's in the room…" Jacob looks into the room.
Jan 02 22:10:02 <Soulless> Elanor does the hugging thing again.
Jan 02 22:10:24 <Father_Matthew> Jason stood there, shaking, looking for the fire that was there just a second ago. He looks at James, uncomprehending at first, and slowly lowered his shotgun, gulping a bit. "S-sorry…"
Jan 02 22:10:26 <Soulless> She tries to calm the hallucinating dudes with hugs.
Jan 02 22:10:45 <MereObserver> James shakes his head. "….we need to move."
Jan 02 22:10:58 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks into the room ahead of the others, rifle at the ready.
Jan 02 22:11:23 <gauzebal1> Harlan follows behind Luvi.
Jan 02 22:11:25 <RogetGMs> Inside of this room, there's a single door, with a glass labeled "ON THE AIR" affixed above it. There'
Jan 02 22:11:43 <RogetGMs> s some grimy glass looking into that room, in addition to another door leading to the rest of the facility
Jan 02 22:11:57 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi runs up to it "Guys, we may have found the objective"
Jan 02 22:12:01 <ihp> Jacob goes up to the window, trying to see in through the glass. Lemme guess: Mdef?
Jan 02 22:12:09 <MereObserver> James enters the room. "Where Luvi?"
Jan 02 22:12:31 <RogetGMs> Perc, actually
Jan 02 22:12:50 <Father_Matthew> "Nothing's real…Nothing's real…" He mutters to himself repeatedly, putting his gun back in its sling on his back and entered the room with Jacob, looking around for the devil clown that was supposed to be here
Jan 02 22:13:01 <Soulless> Elanor peers into the room.
Jan 02 22:13:05 <ihp> 4df+3 Do I See What I See?
Jan 02 22:13:06 <Glacon> ihp: Do I See What I See?: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, -)
Jan 02 22:13:11 <ihp> Balls.
Jan 02 22:13:18 <gauzebal1> Jacob also looks into the window
Jan 02 22:13:26 <Father_Matthew> 4df+4 perception
Jan 02 22:13:26 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: perception: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
Jan 02 22:13:27 <gauzebal1> *Harlan
Jan 02 22:13:27 <gauzebal1> 4df+3 i'm gonna garrote that fucking clown with gauze
Jan 02 22:13:27 <Glacon> gauzebal1: i'm gonna garrote that fucking clown with gauze: 7 (4df+3=+, +, +, +)
Jan 02 22:13:40 <gauzebal1> I said
Jan 02 22:13:40 <gauzebal1> 4df+3 i'm gonna garrote that fucking clown with gauze
Jan 02 22:13:40 <Glacon> gauzebal1: i'm gonna garrote that fucking clown with gauze: 1 (4df+3=-, -, +, -)
Jan 02 22:13:45 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stands with the others, looking to see if they see something
Jan 02 22:13:51 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4
Jan 02 22:13:51 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
Jan 02 22:14:02 <RogetGMs> Harlan, you peer through the grimy glass, and see… a big bank of empty television monitors.
Jan 02 22:14:13 <gauzebal1> Sorry, bad internat
Jan 02 22:14:22 <RogetGMs> Just then, the light dings on, and the door makes an unlocking *click*, slowly creaking open but a half inch
Jan 02 22:14:36 <Soulless> "What's inside?"
Jan 02 22:14:42 <ihp> Jacob aims his gun at the door as it clicks open.
Jan 02 22:14:52 <ihp> He's trembling a fair bit.
Jan 02 22:15:01 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi jumps "fuck this isn't good"
Jan 02 22:15:23 <MereObserver> James puts his hand on Jacob's shoulder. "I'll go first if you want."
Jan 02 22:15:34 <Father_Matthew> "It's not real, man….I'll go, James"
Jan 02 22:16:10 <MereObserver> James looks at Jason. "…okay."
Jan 02 22:16:29 * Jabonicus has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 02 22:16:36 <Soulless> "Be careful."
Jan 02 22:16:40 <ihp> Jacob blinks at both of them, taking a position by the door. "Okay… Jason, take…. point or whatever it doesn't matter. None of this is real."
Jan 02 22:16:54 <ihp> ~We're being hunted by a psychotic Disney character~
Jan 02 22:17:01 <Father_Matthew> He gulped and carefully moved to the door, opening it the rest of the way just wide enough to peer through near the bottom of the door, being sneaky as possible
Jan 02 22:17:09 <Father_Matthew> 4df+4 sneak sneak sneak
Jan 02 22:17:10 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: sneak sneak sneak: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
Jan 02 22:17:21 <RogetGMs> 4df+5 FOUND YOU
Jan 02 22:17:21 <Glacon> RogetGMs: FOUND YOU: 5 (4df+5=-, +, -, +)
Jan 02 22:18:16 <RogetGMs> Jason, you slip into the room. You can see it's a big bang of television monitors, surrounding you on every wall. The atmosphere in the room is oppressive, like someone is reaching in your chest and squeezing your heart.
Jan 02 22:19:01 <MereObserver> James follows behind Jason.
Jan 02 22:19:15 <RogetGMs> does James do the sneaky sneaky?
Jan 02 22:19:40 <Father_Matthew> Jason felt like he was going to throw up, he inched forward, moving forward towards the television monitors. He felt like he was going to burst into tears, his hand reaching out, going to press a button on one of the monitors
Jan 02 22:19:48 <Soulless> Elanor sneaky sneaky behind James.
Jan 02 22:19:51 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi follows in sneakily as well behind James (can I add a special stealth' skill to it?)
Jan 02 22:20:02 <Soulless> 4df+3
Jan 02 22:20:03 <Glacon> Soulless: 4 (4df+3=+, -, 0, +)
Jan 02 22:20:04 * gauzebal2 (ten.tsacmoc.xt.1dsh.5BD98D22-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.xt.1dsh.5BD98D22-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
Jan 02 22:20:10 <RogetGMs> roll sneak to sneak in behind Jason
Jan 02 22:20:19 <MereObserver> 4df+2 Yeah sure, why not
Jan 02 22:20:19 <Glacon> MereObserver: Yeah sure, why not: 1 (4df+2=0, -, -, +)
Jan 02 22:20:22 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+7
Jan 02 22:20:23 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 8 (4df+7=0, -, +, +)
Jan 02 22:20:24 <ihp> Jacob slips into the room after him, looking at the bank of televisions. ~I wonder if I can find some way to shut off the signal~
Jan 02 22:20:35 <ihp> 4df I have the stealth skills of an elephant in clogs.
Jan 02 22:20:36 <Glacon> ihp: I have the stealth skills of an elephant in clogs.: -3 (4df=-, -, -, 0)
Jan 02 22:20:54 <ZombieRaptor> (Oh nonono)
Jan 02 22:20:55 <gauzebal1> Harlan sneaks in behind the others
Jan 02 22:21:06 <gauzebal1> 4df+3 WITH CATLIKE THREAD
Jan 02 22:21:07 <Glacon> gauzebal1: WITH CATLIKE THREAD: 0 (4df+3=0, -, -, -)
Jan 02 22:22:12 * gauzebal2 has left
Jan 02 22:22:22 * Jabonicus (moc.tsebyks.lsd.cimanyd.B583F6FC-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.tsebyks.lsd.cimanyd.B583F6FC-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
Jan 02 22:22:26 <RogetGMs> Everyone was doing a super spiffy sneaky job, but then James fell into the table, and Jacob, accidentally knocked over a television, and it basically turned into this whole thing. Every television turns on. It's Bobble. He's smiling.
Jan 02 22:22:54 <ZombieRaptor> "Goddamnit Jacob"
Jan 02 22:22:57 <MereObserver> "Stupid….noisey table."
Jan 02 22:23:04 <RogetGMs> Bobble just smiles
Jan 02 22:23:09 <ihp> Jacob yelps, and starts looking around the room for any way to turn off the TV sets, or failing that, a way to cut the power. What rolls?
Jan 02 22:23:13 <gauzebal1> "…"
Jan 02 22:23:18 <RogetGMs> the cold surrounds everyone like a vice grip
Jan 02 22:23:23 <Father_Matthew> He gulped, and pulled out an apple and stared at Bobble. "You're not real, this is real." He seemed serious too, trying his best to not throw up or cry in front of this ghost or his team members
Jan 02 22:23:26 <ZombieRaptor> "AND FUCK YOU BUBBLES!"
Jan 02 22:23:29 <gauzebal1> Haqrlan faces a television. "What do you want?"
Jan 02 22:23:34 <RogetGMs> Jacob, engineering
Jan 02 22:23:38 <RogetGMs> Bobble only smiles
Jan 02 22:23:42 <MereObserver> James coughs. "Uhm. Sir. I would like to formally ask you to….fuck….surrender yourself to custody….where ever you are…"
Jan 02 22:23:42 <Jabonicus> Can Sam roll too?
Jan 02 22:23:51 <RogetGMs> sure
Jan 02 22:23:59 <ihp> 4df+9 tagging my electrician skill for this
Jan 02 22:23:59 <Glacon> ihp: tagging my electrician skill for this: 11 (4df+9=+, +, +, -)
Jan 02 22:24:00 <ihp> 4df+5 just in case you don't want that
Jan 02 22:24:01 <Glacon> ihp: just in case you don't want that: 8 (4df+5=+, +, +, 0)
Jan 02 22:24:11 <Jabonicus> 4df+8 COLLEGE
Jan 02 22:24:11 <Glacon> Jabonicus: COLLEGE: 9 (4df+8=+, +, -, 0)
Jan 02 22:24:28 <gauzebal1> "I repeat. What do you want?"
Jan 02 22:24:39 <RogetGMs> Bobble's image suddenly changes, to one of him with a mouth open, too wide for his face, and letting out a scratching, terrible laugh, a laugh that echoes and echoes and echoes throughout the room.
Jan 02 22:24:48 <RogetGMs> The door slams shut behind you
Jan 02 22:24:49 <Soulless> Elanor shivers a bit and covers her ears.
Jan 02 22:24:59 <gauzebal1> Harlan reflexively jumps backwards
Jan 02 22:25:07 <ihp> Jacob winces, covering his ears and yelping as the door slams shut. ~I'm in deep shit.~
Jan 02 22:25:11 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi runs back to the door, hitting it with the butt of he rifle.
Jan 02 22:25:23 <ZombieRaptor> His*
Jan 02 22:25:26 <RogetGMs> Everyone rolling engineering, every TV set plugs into a single outlet with a switcher box, located on the far wall behind some tv's.
Jan 02 22:25:29 <gauzebal1> ~Fuck this clown~
Jan 02 22:25:46 <RogetGMs> Luvi, intimidation.
Jan 02 22:25:49 <ihp> Can the box be shot?
Jan 02 22:25:58 <gauzebal1> "Anyone mind if I smash one of these tvs?"
Jan 02 22:26:06 <Father_Matthew> Jason is just standing there, trembling as he stared Bobble in the face, squeezing the apple.
Jan 02 22:26:07 <gauzebal1> "Besides the clown"
Jan 02 22:26:12 <ZombieRaptor> "Go for it"
Jan 02 22:26:17 <Jabonicus> Sam pushed a table to the side, revealing an outlet
Jan 02 22:26:22 <RogetGMs> You can roll ranged to find out.
Jan 02 22:26:38 <Jabonicus> He reaches down and grabs it, yanking on the cord.
Jan 02 22:26:44 <gauzebal1> Any objects in the room good for smashing a tv?
Jan 02 22:26:50 <ihp> 4df+3 Clever shooting pun!
Jan 02 22:26:50 <Glacon> ihp: Clever shooting pun!: 2 (4df+3=-, -, 0, +)
Jan 02 22:26:58 <RogetGMs> Sam, there isn't an outlet there, there's only one where the GM says it is
Jan 02 22:26:59 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks back and smashes one with his rifle.
Jan 02 22:27:08 <RogetGMs> Jacob, you meet your mark
Jan 02 22:27:08 <RogetGMs> then
Jan 02 22:27:09 <RogetGMs> …
Jan 02 22:27:14 <RogetGMs> pause for description
Jan 02 22:28:15 <RogetGMs> Every television suddenly goes black. For a moment. Then, one by one, they explode outwards, showering everyone in broken glass. The very walls seem to fall back, and the floor drops away into darkness. The sensation of falling, all of you, it corrodes your senses and your mind until all you know is down, down down down.
Jan 02 22:28:40 <gauzebal1> Harlan probably screams at this point
Jan 02 22:28:51 <MereObserver> ~fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck~
Jan 02 22:28:55 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi screams bloody murder, instinctively in German of course.
Jan 02 22:29:02 <ihp> Jacob screams, trying to tell himself this isn't real. They'll be fine in a moment, it's just the clown screwing with them… and he also hopes he doesn't piss himself
Jan 02 22:29:23 <Soulless> Elanor shouts, and clutches to her bag like it'll help, then reaches out to try and grab anyone closest to her.
Jan 02 22:29:26 <Father_Matthew> Jason closes his eyes, crying and sobbing now, muttering "It's not real…it's not real…it's not real." He keeps squeezing the apple and shaking, waiting for the sudden slam into the ground
Jan 02 22:29:34 <Jabonicus> Sam doesn't scream, paralyzed with fear. He couldn't scream
Jan 02 22:30:18 <MereObserver> James shakes his head, eyes closed. ~notfallingnotfallingnotfallingdownnotdownnotdownfallingdownfallingdownnotdownfallingdown~
Jan 02 22:30:44 <RogetGMs> Perception, all
Jan 02 22:30:59 <ihp> 4df+3 I knew it!
Jan 02 22:31:00 <Glacon> ihp: I knew it!: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
Jan 02 22:31:03 <Father_Matthew> 4df+4
Jan 02 22:31:03 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
Jan 02 22:31:09 <Jabonicus> 4df+2 I'm going to fail.
Jan 02 22:31:09 <Soulless> 4df+5 so much perception
Jan 02 22:31:09 <Glacon> Soulless: so much perception: 5 (4df+5=0, +, 0, -)
Jan 02 22:31:09 <Glacon> Jabonicus: I'm going to fail.: 2 (4df+2=-, +, 0, 0)
Jan 02 22:31:11 <gauzebal1> 4df+3 I will murder that clown
Jan 02 22:31:11 <Glacon> gauzebal1: I will murder that clown: 2 (4df+3=0, -, +, -)
Jan 02 22:31:12 <MereObserver> 4df+3 ~notfallingnotfallingnotfalling~ James
Jan 02 22:31:12 <Glacon> MereObserver: ~notfallingnotfallingnotfalling~ James: 5 (4df+3=+, +, 0, 0)
Jan 02 22:31:13 <Jabonicus> Yep.
Jan 02 22:31:20 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+4
Jan 02 22:31:21 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
Jan 02 22:31:38 <RogetGMs> 4df+4
Jan 02 22:31:38 <Glacon> RogetGMs: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
Jan 02 22:32:41 <RogetGMs> Luvi, James, and Elanor, you open your eyes, and see that you're in some dark storage room, on something rubbery, wet and cold. You can hear your comrades writing silently on the ground around you.
Jan 02 22:33:12 <MereObserver> "Not falling." James nods to himself.
Jan 02 22:33:17 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stops screaming but is shaking.
Jan 02 22:33:20 <ihp> Jacob writes and seizes. Someone help him, please.
Jan 02 22:33:26 <Soulless> Elanor shudders and kneels down to Jacob and shakes him,
Jan 02 22:33:36 <Soulless> "C'mon, this is just… an illusion, wake up."
Jan 02 22:33:44 <ihp> Jacob is shaken. Does it help at all? Should I roll mdef?
Jan 02 22:33:49 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi leans against a wall.
Jan 02 22:33:55 <Jabonicus> Sam sat there shocked on the floor, shaking violently
Jan 02 22:34:08 <MereObserver> James looks for a door.
Jan 02 22:34:20 <RogetGMs> James, perception
Jan 02 22:34:26 <RogetGMs> Jacob, you snaps out of it
Jan 02 22:34:34 <MereObserver> 4df+3 Doorplz
Jan 02 22:34:34 <Glacon> MereObserver: Doorplz: 5 (4df+3=+, +, +, -)
Jan 02 22:34:38 <gauzebal1> Harlan is writhing on the floor as well
Jan 02 22:34:41 <ihp> Jacob blinks, and looks at Elanor, hugging her once again. "Oh my god… w-where are we?"
Jan 02 22:34:58 <Father_Matthew> "Oh god, it's not real. Your were right. The apple saved me." He wipes his eyes with his sleeve, before someone noticed his tears. He strikes a match, looking around in the light
Jan 02 22:35:12 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi pulls out his flashlight and turns it on.
Jan 02 22:35:17 <gauzebal1> Harlan's still screaming
Jan 02 22:36:09 <RogetGMs> Luvi, this room is filthy. There's a thick, black, foul substance covering the walls and floors, and slathered all over the ceiling. You also see… a few bones, poking out of some lumps of the stuff?
Jan 02 22:36:34 <Soulless> Elanor hugs Jacob back.
Jan 02 22:36:42 <ZombieRaptor> "Guys, we need to get out of here , right fucking now."
Jan 02 22:36:49 <Soulless> Then screams as she looks at the ceiling.
Jan 02 22:36:55 <Father_Matthew> Jason pulls out a cigarette and lights it up once Luvi pulled out a flashlight, a small sigh of relief once he inhaled a lungfull of smoke. "Oh god…this place sucks. Does anyone know where we are?"
Jan 02 22:37:01 <ihp> Jacob remains hugging her for a while, before looking around the room. "Where's the door?! Where's the cock-fucking door?!"
Jan 02 22:37:04 <RogetGMs> Everyone, it is at this moment that a terrible, rotting stench invades your sense. It's every worst part of the first dead pet, grandma's funeral, and the dump swollen and bursting out in a decomposing scent.
Jan 02 22:37:22 <MereObserver> "Harlan. You're not falling. Wake up." James says this in coldly.
Jan 02 22:37:24 <Soulless> She cries and stifles her sobs, going to try and wake up anyone else still on the floor.
Jan 02 22:37:36 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi holds up his rifle and fires into the wall.
Jan 02 22:37:38 <ihp> Jacob gags, glad he didn't eat anything on the way here… he probably vomits anyway.
Jan 02 22:37:41 <gauzebal1> (can the comatose people smell it?)
Jan 02 22:37:42 <Soulless> Since James is waking up harlan she goes to wake up sam.
Jan 02 22:37:44 <RogetGMs> Luvi, range
Jan 02 22:37:50 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+9
Jan 02 22:37:51 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 10 (4df+9=+, -, +, 0)
Jan 02 22:37:54 <RogetGMs> The comatose peope smell it as soon as they waks up
Jan 02 22:38:06 <RogetGMs> Luvi, it makes a sickening crunch as the round impacts the wall.
Jan 02 22:38:22 <ZombieRaptor> (Does any of it break away?)
Jan 02 22:38:25 <Soulless> She shakes Sam's shoulder.
Jan 02 22:38:28 <ihp> Jacob kisses his lucky doorknob again. "…door, where's there a door?!"
Jan 02 22:38:29 <gauzebal1> Harlan blinks.
Jan 02 22:38:42 <RogetGMs> Some of it slides off and plops onto the floor
Jan 02 22:38:49 <Father_Matthew> It was almost there, and the smell just slammed into him and took him the rest of the way. He vomitted, throwing up the apple that he had eaten on the way. The vomit took out his cigarette and made his throat sticky and uncomfortable. "Oh god…get me out of here." Jason begins looking for the door
Jan 02 22:38:50 <RogetGMs> Sam and Harlan wake up
Jan 02 22:38:58 <MereObserver> (James found no door, right?)
Jan 02 22:38:58 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi fires again, desperate for a way out.
Jan 02 22:39:01 <gauzebal1> Jame's words may or may not have woken him up. (Did they?)
Jan 02 22:39:09 <ihp> 4df+3 I want a doooor
Jan 02 22:39:10 <Glacon> ihp: I want a doooor: 0 (4df+3=0, -, -, -)
Jan 02 22:39:14 <Jabonicus> Sam saw black. Then everything was blur. He bolted up, the first thing he noticed was the smell
Jan 02 22:39:17 <gauzebal1> Where…are we?
Jan 02 22:39:29 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+9 pewpew
Jan 02 22:39:29 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: pewpew: 11 (4df+9=0, +, +, 0)
Jan 02 22:39:33 <Soulless> Elanor's just softly sobbing, overhelmed.
Jan 02 22:39:37 <Soulless> *overwhelmed
Jan 02 22:40:11 <gauzebal1> Harlan looks up.
Jan 02 22:40:12 <RogetGMs> There's a louder *CRUNCH* as the rouns impacts the wall again.
Jan 02 22:40:29 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi remembers this smell of rotting flesh on the battlefield, and just wants out, firing again and again
Jan 02 22:40:32 <ihp> Jacob looks at Elanor, presumably not finding a door any time soon. He holds out the doorknob towards her in his hand. "Here. For luck. But… if I survive, I would like it back."
Jan 02 22:40:35 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+9
Jan 02 22:40:36 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 13 (4df+9=+, +, +, +)
Jan 02 22:40:41 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+9
Jan 02 22:40:42 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 11 (4df+9=+, 0, +, 0)
Jan 02 22:40:47 <gauzebal1> "What the hell is this?!" Harlan gags
Jan 02 22:40:52 <MereObserver> "….alright kids. Bobble is a sicko, a liar, and likes to hurt your mommies and daddies." James has his hands in his pants pockets, just waiting.
Jan 02 22:40:53 <Soulless> She sobs harder at the crunching noise and holds the doorknob, nodding to him.
Jan 02 22:41:07 <Soulless> *nodding to Jacob
Jan 02 22:41:16 <Jabonicus> Sam rubbed his head. His head was throbbing. "Who's cooking Haggus?"
Jan 02 22:41:33 <ihp> Jacob's hand lingers on the doorknob for a bit before pulling away, resuming his search for the door as he trembles softly.
Jan 02 22:42:08 <Father_Matthew> "Do one of you smart people know what this black stuff is?" He takes out his police baton and smacks the black stuff curiously
Jan 02 22:42:15 * Loiterer has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 02 22:42:29 <gauzebal1> 4df+3 examine black stuff
Jan 02 22:42:29 <Glacon> gauzebal1: examine black stuff: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
Jan 02 22:43:02 <MereObserver> "Oh, and Bobble takes all the toys in the world and burns them. For kicks and giggles."
Jan 02 22:43:05 <Soulless> Can Elanor roll medical or academics to identify?
Jan 02 22:43:17 <ZombieRaptor> "Fuck, if only Harley was here to die with us"
Jan 02 22:43:51 <RogetGMs> There's a door on the far wall, James.
Jan 02 22:43:56 <RogetGMs> A small one
Jan 02 22:44:20 <MereObserver> James keeps up these insults as he walks to the door. "There's a door over here by the way guys."
Jan 02 22:44:28 <Jabonicus> Sam stood up completely, his mind completely clear now.
Jan 02 22:44:29 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shouts frustratedly, reloading his rifle
Jan 02 22:44:49 <Soulless> Can Elanor roll medical or academics to identify the black goo
Jan 02 22:44:56 <RogetGMs> Elanor sure can!
Jan 02 22:45:04 <gauzebal1> Can Harlan?
Jan 02 22:45:07 <Father_Matthew> Jason quickly follows James, putting the bruised apple back in his bag.
Jan 02 22:45:17 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi turns "Let me the fuck out of here, running to the door."
Jan 02 22:45:19 <ihp> Jacob lights his lighter, starting for the door. How small are we talking?
Jan 02 22:45:23 <ZombieRaptor> Here"*
Jan 02 22:45:39 <Soulless> 4df+5 dat academics
Jan 02 22:45:39 <Glacon> Soulless: dat academics: 5 (4df+5=+, 0, -, 0)
Jan 02 22:45:48 <gauzebal1> 4df+4 dat medical
Jan 02 22:45:48 <Glacon> gauzebal1: dat medical: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Jan 02 22:46:33 <RogetGMs> It's putrified animal remains
Jan 02 22:46:40 <Soulless> "It's… It's…"
Jan 02 22:46:50 <Soulless> She begins to cry harder. "It's animals!"
Jan 02 22:46:52 <Soulless> "It's all animals!"
Jan 02 22:47:12 <gauzebal1> "i…i…"
Jan 02 22:47:18 <RogetGMs> The door is only big enough for someone to crawl through. Does anyone open it?
Jan 02 22:47:26 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi opens it
Jan 02 22:47:27 <gauzebal1> Harlan pukes
Jan 02 22:47:35 <Soulless> Elanor is not getting up to try and go through the door. She's just bawling and having a go on the sob-fest.
Jan 02 22:47:39 <RogetGMs> There's a television monitor.
Jan 02 22:47:41 <RogetGMs> It flicks on.
Jan 02 22:47:44 <RogetGMs> "Hey kids!"
Jan 02 22:47:51 <ihp> Jacob looks over at Elanor. "There's a- oh shit. Oh fucking /shit!/"
Jan 02 22:47:53 <gauzebal1> "Fuck you!"
Jan 02 22:47:54 <Father_Matthew> "Oh god…hurry up, Luvi!"
Jan 02 22:47:57 <ZombieRaptor> "Someone grab Elanor."
Jan 02 22:47:59 <RogetGMs> "Looks like you're stuck in a bit of the doldrums, aren'tcha!"
Jan 02 22:48:01 <MereObserver> James crouches beside Luvi. "Fuck."
Jan 02 22:48:11 <ZombieRaptor> "NO NO NO!"
Jan 02 22:48:24 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi smashes the monitor with a fist.
Jan 02 22:48:55 <ZombieRaptor> His hand now bloody and sliced
Jan 02 22:49:04 <MereObserver> "Easy!"
Jan 02 22:49:09 <RogetGMs> Luvi, the monitor doesn't break. Roll physical defense to not break your hand
Jan 02 22:49:10 <ihp> …You may want to roll Strength or Melee for that before doing anything, ZombieRaptor.
Jan 02 22:49:19 <ihp> or that.
Jan 02 22:49:50 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+2
Jan 02 22:49:50 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, +)
Jan 02 22:49:55 <Father_Matthew> Jason quickly moves to Eleanor and grabs her arm, "Come on, we gotta go."
Jan 02 22:50:03 <RogetGMs> 4df+5 BREAKIN BAD
Jan 02 22:50:04 <Glacon> RogetGMs: BREAKIN BAD: 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
Jan 02 22:50:25 <RogetGMs> Luvi, you crunch your hand. It isn't broken but goddamn it hurts. -1 body
Jan 02 22:50:47 <RogetGMs> "Do you all want a little help?"
Jan 02 22:50:48 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shouts and curses "Shit!"
Jan 02 22:50:56 <Jabonicus> Sam plans on shooting the monitor. Roll to break it?
Jan 02 22:51:05 <MereObserver> "Dammit Luvi, if you let him get to you we all lose." James looks at Bobble. "What do you want!?"
Jan 02 22:51:11 <Soulless> Elanor clings to Jason.
Jan 02 22:51:21 <Soulless> She's a bit of a wreck.
Jan 02 22:51:25 <gauzebal1> Harlan storms over to the monitor.
Jan 02 22:51:30 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stands up and stumbles backwards.
Jan 02 22:51:34 <RogetGMs> "Well. I'm here to offer you a bit of help. We've got… door number one!"
Jan 02 22:51:45 <RogetGMs> some of the black goo slides off the wall, revealing a blue door
Jan 02 22:51:49 <RogetGMs> "And door number two!"
Jan 02 22:51:55 <Father_Matthew> "Come on, Eleanor, none of it's real." He reaches into his pack and pulls out an apple and presses it into her hand, "It's not real, just stay with me"
Jan 02 22:51:56 <RogetGMs> the same happens, except this door is red
Jan 02 22:52:07 <ihp> Jacob looks over at the doors. "Okay… um. Shit."
Jan 02 22:52:11 <ZombieRaptor> "Red door"
Jan 02 22:52:14 <MereObserver> "Can't I just leave with the money I have?"
Jan 02 22:52:20 <RogetGMs> "Let me explain what's behind the doors, sir."
Jan 02 22:52:32 <MereObserver> "…fine."
Jan 02 22:52:34 * NachtRuine (PI.B14F13B2.230FA25C.0406A7E7|tibbiM#PI.B14F13B2.230FA25C.0406A7E7|tibbiM) has joined
Jan 02 22:52:38 <RogetGMs> "No, that's double jeopardy, where the prizes get /really/ interesting."
Jan 02 22:53:35 <RogetGMs> "Door number one, leads you outside. Door number two leads you to me… and that's what you came here for, isn't it kids?"
Jan 02 22:53:37 <Soulless> She nods and holds the apple and the doorknob tightly.
Jan 02 22:53:54 <ihp> "…I don't suppose one of us can just pick a door and the rest go through the other."
Jan 02 22:53:54 <gauzebal1> Harlan gets out his knife.
Jan 02 22:54:06 <gauzebal1> "Red door. We're finishing this."
Jan 02 22:54:07 <Jabonicus> "And which one is which?" Sam asked.
Jan 02 22:54:16 <ZombieRaptor> "We can't leave now"
Jan 02 22:54:20 <MereObserver> "Blue is one, red is two."
Jan 02 22:54:41 <RogetGMs> Bobble's image grins on the television set.
Jan 02 22:54:47 <ZombieRaptor> "Wait, how do we know which is one or two?!"
Jan 02 22:55:16 <Jabonicus> "Red is two, blue is one." Sam replied.
Jan 02 22:55:19 <RogetGMs> "Because I told you, idiot child."
Jan 02 22:55:20 <ihp> "…he said door #1 when the blue one came out. And I don't know about the rest of you, but… I'm going with door #2."
Jan 02 22:55:22 <gauzebal1> "The Blue door probably leads us twenty stories higher than where we entered, if that fucking clown's earlier actions are any indication."
Jan 02 22:55:31 <MereObserver> "Do we each get our own decision, or is it all for one?"
Jan 02 22:55:42 <RogetGMs> "Blue door leads outside. Cross my heart and hope to fry."
Jan 02 22:55:49 <Soulless> Elanor sniffles. "We need to… to… finish."
Jan 02 22:56:20 <gauzebal1> "Outside, yeah. Where outside, that's another story."
Jan 02 22:56:27 <Father_Matthew> "Eleanor, I'm going through the red door." Jason starts striding across to the red door, getting tired of this clown. It's not real, if it was, he'd have died by now.
Jan 02 22:56:41 <Jabonicus> "We choose the red door." Sam said.
Jan 02 22:56:42 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi says to Jacob "open the door"
Jan 02 22:56:44 <gauzebal1> "I'm going with red, too."
Jan 02 22:56:58 <ihp> Jacob nods, going in front of door number 1. "I'll… go first. I'm relatively low-value; not much use for a computer scientist. But… if any of you survive… I need you to tell Professor Tyler to take care of Dehomag. He'll know what it means."
Jan 02 22:56:58 <RogetGMs> The red door flies open. It's dark in there. "Good luck…"
Jan 02 22:57:06 <Soulless> Elanor follows Jason, mostly because she's clinging to his arm.
Jan 02 22:57:07 <ihp> Door #2
Jan 02 22:57:09 <ihp> *
Jan 02 22:57:18 <RogetGMs> the door with the TV snaps shut, and the blue door receds into the wall
Jan 02 22:57:25 <Jabonicus> Sam followed, gun pointed forward.
Jan 02 22:57:36 <ihp> Jacob sighs, and heads down the doorway, gun raised.
Jan 02 22:57:36 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi follows after Jacob
Jan 02 22:57:38 <gauzebal1> Harlan follows, ready to gauze that fucking clown.
Jan 02 22:57:43 <MereObserver> James follows into the red door.
Jan 02 22:57:49 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi cursing, holds his rifle up.
Jan 02 22:58:14 <RogetGMs> The door leads to a plain gray corridor. A bit of a ways off, there's another door. Nothing else is in the hall.
Jan 02 22:58:20 <Father_Matthew> Jason pulls out the second apple and pulls out his wooden police baton. He starts looking around in the dark room for Bobbles
Jan 02 22:58:47 <ihp> Jacob goes down the hall methodically, in case the floor falls out from under them or the walls try crushing them like they're in a movie franchise that won't be around for 30 years.
Jan 02 22:59:10 <gauzebal1> Halan follows him
Jan 02 22:59:12 <RogetGMs> Jacob, nothing happens. You're going down the hall, nothing jumps you, and your mind is crystal clear
Jan 02 22:59:17 <Soulless> Elanor lets go of Jason and just starts going down the hall slowly.
Jan 02 22:59:35 <ihp> Jacob blinks. "This…. is a trap. Probably. Everyone, bolster yourselves."
Jan 02 22:59:41 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stops for a second "Harlan, got anything for my hand?"
Jan 02 22:59:56 <MereObserver> James walks down the hall to the door.
Jan 02 23:00:25 <gauzebal1> (is it bleeding)
Jan 02 23:00:28 <RogetGMs> yes
Jan 02 23:00:32 <Jabonicus> "Stakes and torches…" Sam said to himself, smiling slightly. "Metal bars and bayonets."
Jan 02 23:00:34 <Father_Matthew> Jason squeezes his apple and hurries forward to catch up with Jacob, walking next to him as they get closer and closer to the door
Jan 02 23:00:42 <gauzebal1> 4df+4 disinfect and bandage
Jan 02 23:00:42 <Glacon> gauzebal1: disinfect and bandage: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Jan 02 23:00:52 <Jabonicus> Sam followed.
Jan 02 23:01:02 <RogetGMs> The fist is bandaged
Jan 02 23:01:04 <gauzebal1> "Sorry for forgetting."
Jan 02 23:01:26 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi nods "Thanks"
Jan 02 23:01:37 <ihp> Jacob puts his hand on the doorknob or handle or whatever. "Are… are you all ready?"
Jan 02 23:01:52 <MereObserver> James nods. "Ready as I'll ever be."
Jan 02 23:02:04 <gauzebal1> Harlan nods.
Jan 02 23:02:07 <ZombieRaptor> "Let's go"
Jan 02 23:02:07 <Soulless> Elanor gets out her leetle gun.
Jan 02 23:02:11 <Jabonicus> "Open it." Sam added. "I'm not getting any younger."
Jan 02 23:02:17 <ihp> Jacob sighs. "Let's do this, then. Give my regards to Broadway!" He opens the door, 9mm aimed at whatever's there.
Jan 02 23:02:30 <Father_Matthew> "It's not real, so let's pop this dream"
Jan 02 23:02:43 <RogetGMs> The door at the end is wooden, with a star labeled "BOBBLE"
Jan 02 23:03:18 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi enters swiftly behind Jacob, rifle raised immediately over Jacobs shoulder
Jan 02 23:03:28 <ihp> "…okay. So much for that dramatic entrance." He moves down the hall surreptitiously, until he's at the other door.
Jan 02 23:03:36 <MereObserver> James swings through the door at a crouch beside Jacob, rifle drawn.
Jan 02 23:03:57 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi keeps his rifle raised.
Jan 02 23:03:58 <MereObserver> "…right."
Jan 02 23:04:03 <Father_Matthew> Jason enters in behind James and looks around the room
Jan 02 23:04:15 <RogetGMs> The room is a fully stocked dressing room. There's a big mirror, makeup, costumes on a clothes rack, and some stucco wallpaper stuff. There's a full carpet.
Jan 02 23:04:21 <gauzebal1> Harlan enters behind Jason
Jan 02 23:04:34 <ihp> "…where is he?"
Jan 02 23:04:42 <MereObserver> "….he's here somewhere."
Jan 02 23:04:44 <gauzebal1> "Alright, first things first: Smash the mirror so the clown can't pull stupid tricks."
Jan 02 23:04:52 <ZombieRaptor> "Where are you Bubbles?!"
Jan 02 23:05:01 <RogetGMs> "Bobble, actually."
Jan 02 23:05:43 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi swings his rifle around, trying to find the source of the voice.
Jan 02 23:05:52 <gauzebal1> Harlan looks around the room for the offending clown
Jan 02 23:05:58 <Father_Matthew> "Well, Bobble, if you're real show yourself. Stop messing with us."
Jan 02 23:06:01 <RogetGMs> It's in the mirror. None of them are reflected… but Bobble is.
Jan 02 23:06:08 <RogetGMs> "But what fun would that be?"
Jan 02 23:06:18 <MereObserver> James walks up to the mirror, gun drawn. "Bobble."
Jan 02 23:06:28 <RogetGMs> "James. Pleasure to see you again!":
Jan 02 23:06:42 <ihp> "…son of a bitch." He aims his gun at the mirror. "So… I'm told you wanted to kill me."
Jan 02 23:06:44 <gauzebal1> Harlan looks at the mirror
Jan 02 23:06:52 <Soulless> Elanor sniffles quietly.
Jan 02 23:06:55 <MereObserver> "Bobble. We need you to come with us."
Jan 02 23:07:02 <gauzebal1> He draws his knife.
Jan 02 23:07:04 <ZombieRaptor> "Bobble, surrender yourself, don't make this hard for yourself"
Jan 02 23:07:12 * Jabonicus has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 02 23:07:42 <RogetGMs> "Come on, do you think I'm going with you? That's silly!"
Jan 02 23:08:03 <RogetGMs> "Why should I go with you, to a place where nobody cares about your well being, when I can not care about it right here at home?"
Jan 02 23:08:15 <gauzebal1> "If you don't, we'll force you."
Jan 02 23:08:31 <RogetGMs> Bobble busts out laughing
Jan 02 23:08:36 <MereObserver> James sticks his hand up. "Bobble, this isn't a game. You're coming with us. Don't make this hard on anyone."
Jan 02 23:08:36 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi whispers to Jacob "Are we authorized to eliminate it?"
Jan 02 23:08:55 <ihp> "Fuck if I know, Luvi! The admin never tells us anything!"
Jan 02 23:08:59 <RogetGMs> "You… and what? The dead carcass I spread all over you?"
Jan 02 23:09:03 <Father_Matthew> "Bobble, why do you stay here?"
Jan 02 23:09:08 <RogetGMs> "That's right, he doesn't. Do you know why?'
Jan 02 23:09:10 <ZombieRaptor> "If I have to I /will/ kill it"
Jan 02 23:09:10 <gauzebal1> "No. Let's drag the fucker kicking and screaming if we must."
Jan 02 23:09:13 <RogetGMs> "Because nobody cares if you live or die."
Jan 02 23:09:23 <Soulless> "You're lying!"
Jan 02 23:09:23 <RogetGMs> "You're all just pawns in their big game. Disposable."
Jan 02 23:09:43 <RogetGMs> "You know it's true!"
Jan 02 23:09:46 <Soulless> "There are plenty of people who care. You clearly know nothing about the big picture if you believe that!"
Jan 02 23:09:56 <MereObserver> "I like to think of myself as more of a knight. Now let's go. Where are you really?"
Jan 02 23:10:01 <RogetGMs> "Why else would they dump you in my lair, with no backup, no radio, and no expectations of what's going on?"
Jan 02 23:10:03 <Father_Matthew> "Bobble, are you implying that you're ever not expendable? You must be stupid"
Jan 02 23:10:14 <Soulless> "I know what /I/ have seen and what I have seen is that, if you look at the big picture, this matters! We matter!""
Jan 02 23:10:37 <gauzebal1> "If we're unimportant, then why are you so preoccupied with us?"
Jan 02 23:10:43 <RogetGMs> "No. You're cosmic dust, yelling some nonsense at a being /composed/ of nonsense."
Jan 02 23:10:48 <RogetGMs> "Because that is what I /do/."
Jan 02 23:10:56 <gauzebal1> "You attacked Jacob before we even knew you existed!"
Jan 02 23:10:57 <RogetGMs> "I play with my food before I eat it."
Jan 02 23:11:15 <MereObserver> "He's here to fuck with us. Focus people, don't let him distract you."
Jan 02 23:11:15 <Soulless> "It's more than cosmic dust. It's energy and soul."
Jan 02 23:11:24 <ihp> "…what would happen if we were just to ignore him?"
Jan 02 23:11:34 <MereObserver> "He'd get upset."
Jan 02 23:11:37 <RogetGMs> "I'd snap your neck like a chicken bone, JACOB."
Jan 02 23:11:41 <ZombieRaptor> "Who cares?!"
Jan 02 23:11:58 <ZombieRaptor> "Someone, break the mirror"
Jan 02 23:12:01 <Father_Matthew> Jason walks up to the mirror and taps on it, "If you don't come with us, another team will come here and burn the building down."
Jan 02 23:12:10 <RogetGMs> "So?"
Jan 02 23:12:17 <Father_Matthew> "Where will you go then?"
Jan 02 23:12:26 * ScanwatchesAHS is now known as Scantron
Jan 02 23:12:29 <MereObserver> "And who'll entertain the kids?" James smirks.
Jan 02 23:12:39 <RogetGMs> "Do you think I'v never been burned before, boy? I've existed for hundreds of years before you were even a jizz stain in your mother's taint!"
Jan 02 23:13:10 <ZombieRaptor> "Can I smash it?"
Jan 02 23:13:17 <gauzebal1> "Go ahead."
Jan 02 23:13:18 <MereObserver> "…maybe we could take the mirror with us…"
Jan 02 23:13:18 <ihp> Jacob flinches at that, shaking at the clown's booming voice. "You're a cartoon clown. You're trying to scare us with parlor tricks and illusions. You have no power over us." ~I Hope.~
Jan 02 23:13:35 <Soulless> "You may have existed for hundreds of years but I've seen a lot more that you ever have."
Jan 02 23:13:37 <ZombieRaptor> "Luvi raises his rifle and brings the butt down on the mirror"
Jan 02 23:13:48 <MereObserver> "If he wants to stay in it, let's let him and just take the-"
Jan 02 23:14:04 <RogetGMs> "That doesn't even make sense."
Jan 02 23:14:34 <ZombieRaptor> (Do I need to roll melee?)
Jan 02 23:14:45 <RogetGMs> Sure
Jan 02 23:14:51 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+2
Jan 02 23:14:52 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 3 (4df+2=+, -, 0, +)
Jan 02 23:15:03 <RogetGMs> "Are you really trying so hard to antagonize me? Have you learned /nothing/ from the past hours in here?"
Jan 02 23:15:24 <Father_Matthew> "Yeah, nothing you've done to us has been real."
Jan 02 23:15:25 <RogetGMs> 4df+4
Jan 02 23:15:26 <Glacon> RogetGMs: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, -, 0)
Jan 02 23:15:36 <ZombieRaptor> (Yus)
Jan 02 23:15:41 <RogetGMs> The mirror shatters.
Jan 02 23:15:52 <ZombieRaptor> "Fucker"
Jan 02 23:15:56 <gauzebal1> "Good riddance.:
Jan 02 23:15:57 <ihp> "What do you want us to do, your majesty? Bow down to- oh. Well. That's that…"
Jan 02 23:15:57 <RogetGMs> "I'm disappointed… I'd hoped that you'd be a more fun bunch to mess with."
Jan 02 23:16:08 <MereObserver> "God dammit, stop breaking things!"
Jan 02 23:16:13 <RogetGMs> "But all you did was try to do a tough guy bluster, or drop the power of heart on me."
Jan 02 23:16:19 <RogetGMs> "So, you say nothing here is real?"
Jan 02 23:16:32 <MereObserver> James looks around the room. "…oh shit…"
Jan 02 23:16:36 <RogetGMs> "Here's something FUCKING REAL."
Jan 02 23:16:39 <gauzebal1> "Only thing I've had to bandage up was someone's hand"
Jan 02 23:16:42 <RogetGMs> Bobbles's face is in every piece of glass
Jan 02 23:16:52 <RogetGMs> Roll physical defense as the glass sprays all over everybody in the room
Jan 02 23:16:55 <Soulless> Elanor is more mad than angry.
Jan 02 23:16:57 <ihp> 4df+3 Oh god damn it.
Jan 02 23:16:57 <Glacon> ihp: Oh god damn it.: 3 (4df+3=-, +, 0, 0)
Jan 02 23:17:00 <Soulless> 4df+3
Jan 02 23:17:00 <Glacon> Soulless: 2 (4df+3=+, -, 0, -)
Jan 02 23:17:08 <ZombieRaptor> 4df+2
Jan 02 23:17:08 <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 3 (4df+2=+, +, 0, -)
Jan 02 23:17:12 <MereObserver> 4df+5 James is glass resistant, right?
Jan 02 23:17:12 <Glacon> MereObserver: James is glass resistant, right?: 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
Jan 02 23:17:16 <gauzebal1> 4df+3 I won't die to a Stephen King reject!
Jan 02 23:17:16 <Glacon> gauzebal1: I won't die to a Stephen King reject!: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
Jan 02 23:17:51 <RogetGMs> 4df+5 LET'S SEE YOU FUCK WITH ME NOW
Jan 02 23:17:51 <Glacon> RogetGMs: LET'S SEE YOU FUCK WITH ME NOW: 7 (4df+5=0, 0, +, +)
Jan 02 23:17:56 <RogetGMs> Oh boy
Jan 02 23:18:02 <RogetGMs> Pause for description
Jan 02 23:18:06 <Father_Matthew> (I can't post)
Jan 02 23:18:10 <Father_Matthew> 4df+4
Jan 02 23:18:10 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, +, +)
Jan 02 23:18:15 <Father_Matthew> (there, nvm)
Jan 02 23:19:24 <RogetGMs> Jason and Harlan, -1 body, -2 to Jacob and James, -3 to Elanor and Luvi
Jan 02 23:19:32 <RogetGMs> All of you feel the glass burrowing into your bodies
Jan 02 23:19:43 <ihp> Jacob yelps as glass burrows in. "Oh shit oh shit oh shit get it out!"
Jan 02 23:20:00 <gauzebal1> "Hrgh!"
Jan 02 23:20:14 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi falls to his knees yelling.
Jan 02 23:20:27 <MereObserver> "GAH!" James falls to one knee, cringing.
Jan 02 23:20:48 <ZombieRaptor> "Harlan!"
Jan 02 23:20:51 <Father_Matthew> "Urrgh, that ass." He winces and starts trying to pull the glass out of him
Jan 02 23:20:57 <RogetGMs> Jacob, you feel your arm go numb
Jan 02 23:21:10 <ihp> Jacob grunts. "You… won't kill us… we're too "ffffffun"."He rubs his arm. "Oh god…"
Jan 02 23:21:12 <gauzebal1> 4df+4 JASON GETS A BANDAGE AND DIENFECT
Jan 02 23:21:12 <Glacon> gauzebal1: JASON GETS A BANDAGE AND DIENFECT: 2 (4df+4=-, -, -, +)
Jan 02 23:21:20 <gauzebal1> 4df+4 AND JACOB GETS A BANDAGE AND DIENFECT
Jan 02 23:21:21 <Glacon> gauzebal1: AND JACOB GETS A BANDAGE AND DIENFECT: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
Jan 02 23:21:23 <RogetGMs> Roll agility to see how hard you punch Jason
Jan 02 23:21:26 <gauzebal1> 4df+4 AND JAMES GETS A BANDAGE AND DIENFECT
Jan 02 23:21:27 <Glacon> gauzebal1: AND JAMES GETS A BANDAGE AND DIENFECT: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Jan 02 23:21:33 <gauzebal1> 4df+4 AND ELANOR GETS A BANDAGE AND DIENFECT
Jan 02 23:21:33 <Glacon> gauzebal1: AND ELANOR GETS A BANDAGE AND DIENFECT: 4 (4df+4=+, -, 0, 0)
Jan 02 23:21:40 <ihp> 4df+2 Counter-roll for wounds
Jan 02 23:21:41 <Glacon> ihp: Counter-roll for wounds: 2 (4df+2=+, -, -, +)
Jan 02 23:21:42 <gauzebal1> 4df+4 EVERYONE GETS A BANDAGE AND DIENFECT
Jan 02 23:21:42 <Glacon> gauzebal1: EVERYONE GETS A BANDAGE AND DIENFECT: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
Jan 02 23:21:58 * RogetGMs has kicked gauzebal1 from #homeimprovement (stahp)
Jan 02 23:22:01 * gauzebal1 (ten.tsacmoc.xt.1dsh.5BD98D22-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.xt.1dsh.5BD98D22-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined
Jan 02 23:22:34 <Soulless> Elanor screams a bit as the glass strikes and man all this bleeding wow much blood very crimson
Jan 02 23:22:40 <RogetGMs> Jason, roll physical defense as Jacob punches you
Jan 02 23:22:49 <ZombieRaptor> (Damnit Soul)
Jan 02 23:22:57 <Father_Matthew> 4df+4
Jan 02 23:22:58 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, +, -)
Jan 02 23:23:04 <ihp> 4df+3 agility for the lose
Jan 02 23:23:05 <Glacon> ihp: agility for the lose: 4 (4df+3=+, -, +, 0)
Jan 02 23:23:06 <gauzebal1> "My bandaging skill are a bit rusty while I'm bleeding."
Jan 02 23:23:26 <MereObserver> James pulls the imbedded glass out of anywhere he can reach.
Jan 02 23:23:38 <RogetGMs> Jason, you get punched, but it doesn't huer you, just knocks you back.
Jan 02 23:23:45 <RogetGMs> James, you feel your legs go numb
Jan 02 23:23:55 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shakingly stands up, blood flowing freely.
Jan 02 23:23:58 <Father_Matthew> "Ah! What the hell, man!" Jason stumbles back a bit.
Jan 02 23:24:00 <ihp> "I… can't control my fucking arm!"
Jan 02 23:24:15 <RogetGMs> "HA… HA… HA… HA"
Jan 02 23:24:26 <MereObserver> "Mah legs! Not mah legs!"
Jan 02 23:25:04 <RogetGMs> James, roll agility to try and kick Elanor in the chest
Jan 02 23:25:17 <ihp> "…do you want us to give up, Bobble, is that it?"
Jan 02 23:25:31 <MereObserver> 4df+3 Oh. Okay. Sure. I guess.
Jan 02 23:25:31 <Glacon> MereObserver: Oh. Okay. Sure. I guess.: 1 (4df+3=0, 0, -, -)
Jan 02 23:26:04 <Soulless> What do I roll to avoid getting kicked?
Jan 02 23:26:33 <ihp> Pdef, I assume.
Jan 02 23:26:51 <RogetGMs> Jacob, James, your throats go numb too
Jan 02 23:26:51 <Soulless> 4df+3
Jan 02 23:26:52 <Glacon> Soulless: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
Jan 02 23:27:06 <RogetGMs> Elanor, you get knocked back too.
Jan 02 23:27:11 <ihp> Jacob can no longer talk. He sobs silently to himself.
Jan 02 23:27:27 <MereObserver> "Gahas….."
Jan 02 23:27:29 <Soulless> She makes a "oof" noise as she is knocked back. She falls off balance.
Jan 02 23:27:31 <gauzebal1> "What the fuck are you doing, clown?! Fight us like men!"
Jan 02 23:27:37 <Father_Matthew> "Stop it, guys! This is what he wants!" He starts pounding his fist into the wall, "Bobble, you asshole! You said that you'd be here in this door! You liar!"
Jan 02 23:28:59 <MereObserver> ~Bobble isn't funny. There, I said it….kind of.~
Jan 02 23:29:19 <RogetGMs> Jacob, James, you can talk, but you sound… like him
Jan 02 23:29:45 <MereObserver> "Bobble isn't funny!"
Jan 02 23:29:48 <ihp> "I… oh god. I sound like him. Help me, please… help me…"
Jan 02 23:30:04 <MereObserver> James clamps a hand over his mouth.
Jan 02 23:30:04 <ZombieRaptor> "Fight us like men you bastard!"
Jan 02 23:30:23 <RogetGMs> Harlan, your throat goes numb, and a voice speaks that isn't your own. It's a growling, throaty noise that feels like sandpaper is being rubbed in your trachea
Jan 02 23:30:55 <Father_Matthew> Jason takes a breath and leans against a wall, "Okay, Bobble. You want to play a game? I'll play, just leave my squad alone!"
Jan 02 23:31:26 <Soulless> Elanor sniffles and gets up shakily, looking into her bag for anything dealing with possession.
Jan 02 23:31:52 <RogetGMs> "Why would I fight like men? Men are WEAK. This is how WE play." this comes from Harlan's mouth
Jan 02 23:31:58 <gauzebal1> Harlan coughs, if he can.
Jan 02 23:32:36 <gauzebal1> Harlan tries to say the following: "Then why did G-d pick US over YOU?!"
Jan 02 23:33:06 <Father_Matthew> "Do you hear me, Bobbles? Just name your game! I'll play it as long as you leave my squad alone! I'm done being a man, all it's ever got me is shot at!"
Jan 02 23:33:40 <RogetGMs> From Harlan's mouth. "Shut your idiot trap."
Jan 02 23:33:53 <Father_Matthew> "COME HERE AND MAKE ME!"
Jan 02 23:33:58 <MereObserver> James picks a shard of glass to see if Bobble is still in it.
Jan 02 23:34:30 <RogetGMs> Jason, you feel your fist go numb
Jan 02 23:34:35 <ZombieRaptor> "If you're going to kill us, kill us already!"
Jan 02 23:34:42 <RogetGMs> Roll melee to punch yourself in the face
Jan 02 23:34:54 <Soulless> "Does anyone have a lighter? A lighter, please!"
Jan 02 23:35:01 <Father_Matthew> 4df+2
Jan 02 23:35:01 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: 2 (4df+2=+, +, -, -)
Jan 02 23:35:16 <Father_Matthew> 4df+4 physical defense
Jan 02 23:35:16 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: physical defense: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
Jan 02 23:35:17 <ZombieRaptor> "I have a flashlight!"
Jan 02 23:35:22 <MereObserver> James grabs a lighter out of his pocket. "I got one."
Jan 02 23:35:43 <Soulless> Elanor goes to take the lighter, pulling out an odd smelling leaf.
Jan 02 23:36:35 <gauzebal1> Harlan raises his fist, every finger closed but his middle one.
Jan 02 23:37:04 <Soulless> She burns the leaf, filling the room with a thick smell, those who are familiar may recognize it was sage, a purifying herb.
Jan 02 23:37:11 <MereObserver> James just kind of stands there. "…I don't know what to do here…"
Jan 02 23:37:18 <RogetGMs> Harlan, the ginger goes numb… for a second
Jan 02 23:37:52 <RogetGMs> Then, slowly, painfully, the shards of glass begin sliding out of skin, dropping onto the floor. There's the soft pitter patter of blood dripping form their wounds.
Jan 02 23:38:17 <ihp> Jacob winces as the glass comes out, panting at the pain. "Son of a fuck monkey…"
Jan 02 23:38:21 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi winces and gasps.
Jan 02 23:38:31 <gauzebal1> Harlan winces.
Jan 02 23:38:32 <Soulless> "Please breathe in the smoke, it should, it should purify your bodies, our bodies."
Jan 02 23:38:44 <MereObserver> James cringes again, breathing in deep.
Jan 02 23:38:46 <gauzebal1> Harlan breathes the shit out of that smoke.
Jan 02 23:38:46 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi breaths deeply
Jan 02 23:39:20 <Father_Matthew> "gah!" He shuddered, glass leaving his body. "Fuck this…he's here somewhere." Jason takes out his shotgun and starts putting buckshots into the walls, looking for other rooms or hidey holes or anything through the holes they make
Jan 02 23:39:21 <ihp> "Is… is that why the glass came out?" He stares at Elanor, holding his wounded area. "Ow…"
Jan 02 23:39:50 <MereObserver> "No. No he isn't. He isn't here. He is here. We need to go."
Jan 02 23:39:55 <Soulless> "I… I… maybe."
Jan 02 23:40:32 <ihp> Jacob looks around the dressing room again. "There… has to be some way we can contain him."
Jan 02 23:40:45 <MereObserver> James just goes for the door. "No."
Jan 02 23:41:08 <Father_Matthew> "We can't go back empty-handed!"
Jan 02 23:41:45 <RogetGMs> Anyone looking at the door, perception
Jan 02 23:41:46 <MereObserver> "How the fuck are we going to contain something that isn't a /thing/?"
Jan 02 23:41:57 <MereObserver> 4df+3 Doorlook
Jan 02 23:41:57 <Glacon> MereObserver: Doorlook: 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
Jan 02 23:42:04 <Father_Matthew> 4df+4
Jan 02 23:42:04 <Glacon> Father_Matthew: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
Jan 02 23:42:18 <Soulless> "There… there are ways to contain spirits."
Jan 02 23:42:25 <ihp> Jacob isn't looking at the door.
Jan 02 23:42:33 <ihp> He's looking at Elanor. "H-how?"
Jan 02 23:43:05 <Soulless> She looks to her little burning sage leaf.
Jan 02 23:43:23 <RogetGMs> Jason sees the door open a crack. It looks like… outside?
Jan 02 23:43:36 <ihp> "
Jan 02 23:43:39 <Father_Matthew> Jason runs to the door and throws it open
Jan 02 23:43:41 <ihp> "We have to keep burning sage?"
Jan 02 23:44:12 <RogetGMs> It's the parking lot they came in. There's a few SWAT looking trucks, with some dudes in body armor in formation around them.
Jan 02 23:44:20 <gauzebal1> "Do I at least get to wrap it in gauze?"
Jan 02 23:44:31 <Father_Matthew> "Um…guys? You should see this"
Jan 02 23:44:32 <ihp> Jacob looks at the door as it's thrown open. "o-oh my god… is… is it real?"
Jan 02 23:44:39 <gauzebal1> Harlan looks out.
Jan 02 23:44:44 <ZombieRaptor> "It can't be"
Jan 02 23:44:56 <Soulless> Elanor drops the last bit of the sage, wincing at her wounds.
Jan 02 23:45:01 <MereObserver> "I…I don't even."
Jan 02 23:45:01 <ZombieRaptor> "It has to be a trick!"
Jan 02 23:45:03 <Soulless> "W-what's outside?"
Jan 02 23:45:05 <Father_Matthew> "I don't understand, this was a hallway"
Jan 02 23:45:16 <ihp> "… the cavalry, Elanor. I hope."
Jan 02 23:45:24 <gauzebal1> "…"
Jan 02 23:45:34 <RogetGMs> one of the guys in the body armor looks over, and waves to them. "Hey! They're alive!"
Jan 02 23:45:39 <Father_Matthew> "Can you tell? Are they from the foundation?"
Jan 02 23:45:39 <gauzebal1> "No, I refuse to believe this."
Jan 02 23:45:57 <ZombieRaptor> "They can't be. It's not real."
Jan 02 23:46:05 <Father_Matthew> "You're not real!" Slams the door, "They're not real…they can't be…I'm not going out there, you can't make me!"
Jan 02 23:46:21 <Soulless> "C-calvalry?"
Jan 02 23:46:27 <Soulless> She stumbles towards the door.
Jan 02 23:46:29 <RogetGMs> One of them begins jogging over there. "Hey, get out of there!"
Jan 02 23:46:42 <ihp> Jacob runs to the door and tries to stop it before it's slammed.
Jan 02 23:46:57 <ZombieRaptor> "Elanor, no! don't go out there!"
Jan 02 23:47:00 <Father_Matthew> Jason moves far away from the door, "Can't trust it, can't trust it"
Jan 02 23:47:25 <Father_Matthew> Jason fires another buckshot into the wall and begins attempting to dismantle the stucco
Jan 02 23:47:38 <gauzebal1> "Stay back! You're either not real or innocent."
Jan 02 23:47:39 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi raises his rifle, scope crosshairs on one of the soldiers, ready to fire.
Jan 02 23:47:51 <MereObserver> "…my god. We're all losing it."
Jan 02 23:48:20 <Soulless> Elanor stops once Luvi says and looks baffled and confused. Possibly from the blood loss.
Jan 02 23:48:29 <Soulless> Well, pretty likely from the blood loss.
Jan 02 23:48:34 <ihp> Jacob tries to open the door once again. ~Please be there please be there for the love of god please be there!~
Jan 02 23:49:26 <RogetGMs> The guy is standing on the other side of the door. "Seriously, get out of here!" he grabs the closest person and begins taking them out of the room
Jan 02 23:49:41 <ihp> Jacob looks like he's about to cry as he's escorted out. "Are… are you real? Are you all real?"
Jan 02 23:49:51 <Vivax> "Of /course/ we're real."
Jan 02 23:49:55 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi aims his rifle at the mans head
Jan 02 23:49:57 <MereObserver> James sticks his hands in his pockets, walking out of the door, turning around to see what he's walking out of.
Jan 02 23:50:02 <Vivax> There's that familiar southern drawl.
Jan 02 23:50:06 <Father_Matthew> Jason is still trying to dismantle the walls in the room, trying to climb into them
Jan 02 23:50:08 <gauzebal1> Harlan draws his knife.
Jan 02 23:50:26 <Vivax> "Stand down."
Jan 02 23:50:33 <gauzebal1> "What happened in the coomon room two days ago?"
Jan 02 23:50:35 <ihp> Jacob stares at Wambles, and practically runs up to the man, embracing him and sobbing.
Jan 02 23:50:36 <gauzebal1> *common
Jan 02 23:50:44 <ZombieRaptor> "H-how can I be sure you're real?!"
Jan 02 23:50:49 <Soulless> She begins to stumble to the familiar voice.
Jan 02 23:51:05 <Soulless> "Mister… mister…Wambles? Mister… mister…"
Jan 02 23:51:16 <RogetGMs> A couple of the guys have their weapons pointed in towards the room. "Get out of there! Move!"
Jan 02 23:51:35 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi slowly begins moving toward the door, not lowering his rifle.
Jan 02 23:51:37 <gauzebal1> "I asked: What. Happened. In the common room. Two. Days. Ago?"
Jan 02 23:51:41 <Vivax> "Because we've been listening the whole time."
Jan 02 23:51:49 <Vivax> "A sexual harassment issue."
Jan 02 23:51:59 <Soulless> Aw c'mon Elanor's got blood all over her suit.
Jan 02 23:52:11 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi stops.
Jan 02 23:52:11 <Soulless> She walks outside slowly, whimpering at how it hurts.
Jan 02 23:52:12 <gauzebal1> Harlan glares.
Jan 02 23:52:15 <Vivax> "Elanore."
Jan 02 23:52:23 <Vivax> Wambles offers a hand.
Jan 02 23:52:24 <gauzebal1> "And by that you mean…?"
Jan 02 23:52:31 <ihp> Jacob stares at Wambles, pulling away from him awkwardly. "You… were listening?"
Jan 02 23:52:39 <Vivax> "By that I mean I served some jackass his papers."
Jan 02 23:52:46 <ZombieRaptor> He glances over to Harlan "Harlan, what do we do?"
Jan 02 23:53:21 <Soulless> She takes the hand, sniffling and crying. "We were… a room with animal parts… and the clown… the glass hurt… I, the sage… We couldn't get it…"
Jan 02 23:53:27 <gauzebal1> Harlan smiles.
Jan 02 23:53:34 <Vivax> "Shh… it's okay. just step outside."
Jan 02 23:53:38 <Father_Matthew> Jason sees the rest of his squad running to the others, Jason begins hyperventilating, not sure what to believe…they had been tricked so many times by things that looked so real. Jason backs up and slips behind the clothing, trying to hide
Jan 02 23:53:47 <Vivax> "The folks here are Omega-7."
Jan 02 23:53:56 <Vivax> "They come in when shit hits the fan."
Jan 02 23:54:04 <gauzebal1> "Alright, then." Harlan steps out.
Jan 02 23:54:08 <Vivax> "And shit has /definately hit the fan/ no let's go"
Jan 02 23:54:10 <Vivax> *now
Jan 02 23:54:16 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi lowers his weapon, hesitantly walking towards the door.
Jan 02 23:54:37 <Father_Matthew> Jason finally slips out of the clothes as the last person leaves, "I can't leave my squad."
Jan 02 23:54:53 <Soulless> She nods.
Jan 02 23:54:55 <ihp> Jacob is already out the damn door, shaking and wiping tears from his face.
Jan 02 23:54:59 <Father_Matthew> As he leaves out the door he's glaring at the folks there, "You'll never take them, Bobbles. Not while I'm here."
Jan 02 23:55:16 <Vivax> "You're loyalty is admerable but this just ain't the time."
Jan 02 23:55:25 <RogetGMs> The two Omega 7 guys shut the door, and bolt it shut. "We're secure over here, General! We've recovered the Psi-7 agents!"
Jan 02 23:55:29 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks out of the door and collapses to his knees a few second laterfeeling very weak.
Jan 02 23:55:47 <gauzebal1> Harlan turns to one of the SWAT people. "Kick it in dick for me, okay."
Jan 02 23:56:13 <MereObserver> James follows the rest of the crew very quietly, then sits next to Luvi.
Jan 02 23:56:16 <Father_Matthew> Jason ignores wambles, and mvoes away from them, hugging himself and stands nearby in the parking lot, watching the lot of them carefully
Jan 02 23:57:08 <Vivax> ~Jesus fuck. We need Dave~
Jan 02 23:57:42 <RogetGMs> The agents take anyone who's collapsing, and a little of everyone else, and hustles them away from the building.
Jan 02 23:57:53 <Vivax> Wambles moves away and stays with Psi-7.
Jan 02 23:58:05 <Soulless> Elanor is hustled. She just weeps.
Jan 02 23:58:43 <Father_Matthew> When Jason sees agents coming towards him, he quickly moves away from them and the building, distrustfully keeping his distance, unable to believe he was outside of the building
Jan 02 23:58:56 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is quiet, in partial shock he's out of there.
Jan 02 23:58:59 <RogetGMs> By the trucks, General Bowe is standing by a radio device, wearing some headphones. "So, you're alive. That's good."
Jan 02 23:59:19 <gauzebal1> Harlan is a bit angry that he wasn't able to capture Bobble, but otherwise glad to be out.
Jan 02 23:59:24 <ihp> Jacob comes up close to Elanor, trying to console her.
Jan 02 23:59:43 <Vivax> "Bowe."
Jan 02 23:59:47 <gauzebal1> "Would now be a good time to patch everyone up?"
Jan 02 23:59:55 <MereObserver> James stares at the ground blankly as he follows the others.
Jan 03 00:00:07 <Soulless> She leans onto Jacob just a little bit, wincing and crying and god damn it hurt and was spoopy.
Jan 03 00:00:16 <Vivax> "They're alive let's handle them with care fer now. I'm sure a man like you understands… the thousand yard stare"
Jan 03 00:00:33 <ZombieRaptor> "F-fuck, I'm hurt bad" Luvi says, covered in blood from the glass.
Jan 03 00:00:59 <ihp> Jacob's clothing is bloodstained. "…what happened in there? Why did they…. why did the clown stop?"
Jan 03 00:01:25 <Father_Matthew> Jason has only taken one body damage, so he just has some scratches and minor bleeding, he doesn't allow himself to be treated at this time.
Jan 03 00:01:40 <RogetGMs> "For now. But you do realize they'll have to be talked to. They were trying to play tough guy with a damned hurricane."
Jan 03 00:02:13 <Vivax> "Yeah. But now ain't the time."
Jan 03 00:02:22 <Vivax> "Let them breathe furst goddamnit."
Jan 03 00:02:50 <ihp> ~What were we meant to do? Shoot ourselves in the temple?~
Jan 03 00:03:17 <Soulless> "I didn't… I'm sorry… We were… the administrator said…"
Jan 03 00:03:25 <ihp> Jacob gives a look to Bowe that expresses his thoughts perfectly.
Jan 03 00:03:49 <MereObserver> James sits against a truck tire, mumbling to himself. "…they kept breaking things…kept trying to intimidate him…I just shoot people…I couldn't shoot this one…"
Jan 03 00:03:50 <RogetGMs> "You did fine, love." Bowe lights up a cigar, ignoring Jacob. "You did the only sensible thing in that mess."
Jan 03 00:04:21 <Vivax> "We had you bugged the whole time. I was listenin while draftin up the paperwork to impound this place"
Jan 03 00:04:29 <Vivax> "And I'm really glad I did."
Jan 03 00:05:02 <gauzebal1> Harlan looks at Wambles.
Jan 03 00:05:56 * CrawDave (~ten.xoc.on.on.15C0EC03-CRInys|evaDwarC#ten.xoc.on.on.15C0EC03-CRInys|evaDwarC) has joined
Jan 03 00:06:44 <RogetGMs> Bowe puffs his cigar. "Thank god we got the cavalry here when we did."
Jan 03 00:07:12 <Soulless> "Why didn't… why…"
Jan 03 00:07:13 <Vivax> ~No need to rub it in~
Jan 03 00:07:26 <Soulless> "You tell us?"
Jan 03 00:07:47 <ihp> Jacob hangs his head and sighs. ~So, we were bugged, and they saw what gigantic asses we made of ourselves.~
Jan 03 00:08:18 <gauzebal1> "Was this the plan from the start?"
Jan 03 00:08:46 <MereObserver> James looks up. "Were we bait?"
Jan 03 00:09:01 <ZombieRaptor> ~Fuck, we still have to capture him, they aren't gonna let him go~
Jan 03 00:09:02 <Vivax> "Why didn't we tell you you were bugged? Because it's standard opperating procedure.
Jan 03 00:09:08 <Soulless> She looks down.
Jan 03 00:09:18 <RogetGMs> Bowe puffs. "No, you were the ones who'd seen it before. But you did give us some great intel."
Jan 03 00:09:25 <Vivax> "You can't know you're bein monitored or it changes your performance some."
Jan 03 00:09:25 <gauzebal1> "I was referring to the new guys."
Jan 03 00:09:36 <Vivax> "And bait? Nobody's bait."
Jan 03 00:10:07 <Father_Matthew> Jason lights up a cigarette, still staring at everyone curiously, it looked like they were arguing, but nothing violent had begun yet it seems
Jan 03 00:10:13 <ihp> ~Like what? That I am only capable of fucking everything up? If I hadn't shot that outlet box…~
Jan 03 00:10:45 <Soulless> "W-what were we s-supposed to do… We… couldn't do anything…"
Jan 03 00:11:05 <MereObserver> "We can't capture something that isn't a thing, sir."
Jan 03 00:11:38 <Vivax> "Uhhh… you didn't know what you were gettin into."
Jan 03 00:11:45 <Vivax> "We can fix that in the future."
Jan 03 00:11:49 <Vivax> "But we can't fix dead."
Jan 03 00:12:20 <Soulless> "I should've… I should've… oh god…"
Jan 03 00:12:27 <Soulless> "Oh god this is my fault…"
Jan 03 00:12:33 <Soulless> She goes back to sobbing.
Jan 03 00:12:42 <ZombieRaptor> "Elanor…"
Jan 03 00:12:58 <ZombieRaptor> "We would have died if you didn't light that sage"
Jan 03 00:13:19 <Soulless> "I knew what we were getting into!"
Jan 03 00:13:24 <ihp> Jacob's stomach sinks lower as he walks off to a convoy for home.
Jan 03 00:13:28 <Soulless> "I knew!!"
Jan 03 00:14:06 <RogetGMs> "Your ride home is over there." General Bowe points to a van, ignoring the cryingness going on.
Jan 03 00:14:29 * You are now known as Roget
Jan 03 00:14:39 <gauzebal1> Harlan makes his way to the van.
Jan 03 00:14:48 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi shakingly stands up, grabs his rifle, and limps over to the van
Jan 03 00:15:01 <MereObserver> James just stands up and walks to the van, leaving with much less enthusiasm than that with which he arrived with.
Jan 03 00:15:42 <Roget> There's some medical personnel there, ready to treat wounds on the ride home
Jan 03 00:15:45 <Father_Matthew> Jason lights another cigarette, and enters the van with his squad, not wanting to leave them behind, but the whole ride home he's looking around suspiciously
Jan 03 00:16:12 <Soulless> Elanor heads inside, crying muchly.
Jan 03 00:16:31 <Vivax> Wambles salutes Bowe awkwardly on his gimpy leg.
Jan 03 00:16:37 <Vivax> And gets into the van with the people.
Jan 03 00:17:40 <Roget> Bowe salutes back, then returns his attention to the operation at hand.
Jan 03 00:17:47 <ihp> Jacob looks down sullenly all the way home.
Jan 03 00:18:10 <ZombieRaptor> Luvi winces, in pain.
Jan 03 00:18:29 <Roget> they return to #origins-ic with their wounds wrapped up
Jan 03 00:18:39 * gauzebal1 has left

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