Blackjack Hearts

[16:41:58] <Wixelt> Everyone in the commons, you hear someone run past in the corridor outside of the commons.
[16:42:38] <JamJam66> "Donald Bains"
[16:42:47] <JamJam66> "What was that?"
[16:43:05] <Nanoro> Maxwell glances over his shoulder at the noise.
[16:43:37] <Wixelt> Anyone looking at the doorway may see a flash of red disappear off to one side
[16:43:45] <TesKin> Branko watches the red thing.
[16:43:52] <JamJam66> "Meh." Donald returns to reading.
[16:43:54] <TesKin> He stands and walks to the door, pokeing his head out.
[16:44:05] <JamJam66> (red thing?)
[16:44:56] <Nanoro> Maxwell follows, peeking from behind the massiveness that is Brajnko.
[16:45:00] <Nanoro> *Branko
[16:45:20] <Wixelt> Branko, Maxwell, you see the same flash of red disappear around a corner a little ways off.
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[16:46:11] <TesKin> Branko walks off after it.
[16:46:24] * JamJam66 has joined #origins-ic
[16:46:46] <JamJam66> (Sorry, shit internet. What red thing?)
[16:47:15] <Wixelt> (It's a thing i'm doing, it hasn't been fully revealed yet)
[16:47:37] <Nanoro> Maxwell glances back at commons, then decides to follow after Branko.
[16:47:38] <Nanoro> "Oi, what was that?"
[16:48:20] <JamJam66> Donald continues reading.
[16:48:48] <TesKin> Branko shrugs, drawing his Python. "Whatever it is, it's not supossed to be here."
[16:49:07] <Wixelt> After a while, you may end up following it around a corner into a dead end.
[16:49:23] <Wixelt> It appears to have vanished into thin air
[16:49:46] <Nanoro> Maxwell grabs his blackjack, keeping it semi-raised.
[16:49:59] <TesKin> ~Hmm.~
[16:50:04] <Nanoro> "… Hrm." Maxwell looks at the empty corridor.
[16:50:11] <TesKin> Branko looks around, it leave anything?
[16:50:27] <Wixelt> There's a piece of card on the floor.
[16:50:57] <Nanoro> "Oi." Maxwell picks it up.
[16:50:58] <TesKin> Branko walks over and picks it up, looking at it.
[16:51:04] <TesKin> (Er, redact)
[16:51:32] <Nanoro> He shows it to Branko.
[16:51:34] <Nanoro> (:p)
[16:51:46] <Nanoro> (ninja'd, bruh)
[16:51:58] <TesKin> Branko looks.
[16:52:16] <Wixelt> Since both characters are already familiar with the cards…
[16:52:17] <Wixelt>
[16:52:47] <JamJam66> (A 682 trading card?)
[16:52:53] <TesKin> Branko cocks his head. "Odd, is that in containment here?"
[16:53:53] <Wixelt> "Yep. At least, I think it is." You both hear voice from behind you.
[16:54:05] <Wixelt> It sounds like a girl in her early teens.
[16:54:43] <TesKin> "Wha-" Branko whips around, raising his Colt.
[16:54:54] <JamJam66> (What?)
[16:55:23] <Nanoro> ".. Oi, ain't thi-" Maxwell spins and raises his blackjack.
[16:55:50] <TesKin> "Why are you here. You have 30 secconds to anwser, or I will fire."
[16:55:58] <TesKin> He cocks the hammer on his Colt and waits.
[16:56:25] <Wixelt> The two of you are blessed with the sight of a girl in her early teens. She appears to have long ginger hair, and his wearing an orange shirt, coupled with a long red skirt.
[16:56:32] <Wixelt> *is
[16:57:04] <Wixelt> Her blue eyes widen in fright at the sight of your weapons, and she jumps back in alarm.
[16:57:35] <JamJam66> Donald finally gets up, and walks out to the corridor. "Excuse… is that a child? Why is she here?"
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[16:59:00] <JamJam66> "What's going on?"
[17:01:07] <Wixelt> The girl just stands there, her arms raised slightly.
[17:02:06] <Nanoro> Maxwell Slowly walks towards her. "It's alright lass, just answer the man and nobody gets hurt."
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[17:02:36] <Wixelt> The girl slowly lowers her hands.
[17:03:41] <Wixelt> "Not until he puts the gun down"
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[17:05:28] <Nanoro> Maxwell hastily motions to Branko.
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[17:07:11] <JamJam66> (What has happened to the girl?)
[17:08:01] <Wixelt> (Nothing yet)
[17:08:08] <Wixelt> (Waiting for TesKin to respond)
[17:08:14] <JamJam66> (Okay)
[17:13:50] <JamJam66> (TesKin?)
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[17:18:24] <TesKin> Branko lowers the hammer on his Colt and points it at the ground a few feet in front of the child.
[17:18:27] <TesKin> "Talk. Now."
[17:20:23] <Wixelt> The girl relaxes a little "Geez, you play one round of blackjack with someone…"
[17:20:27] <Wixelt> She sighs.
[17:20:33] <Wixelt> "Alright"
[17:20:44] <TesKin> "15 secconds."
[17:21:08] <Wixelt> "Ok, lets go for the short version then."
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[17:21:17] <Wixelt> "I created the trading cards"
[17:21:28] <TesKin> Branko lowers his Colt the rest of the way.
[17:21:31] <TeslaTornado> It's around this point where none other than Kevin Goddamn Winsthrop shows up.
[17:21:40] <Wixelt> (…)
[17:21:56] <TesKin> "That was you?"
[17:22:06] <Wixelt> "Yes, yes it was"
[17:22:19] <TesKin> Branko holsters the Colt. "Should have said something/"
[17:22:21] <TesKin> .*
[17:22:49] <Wixelt> "I was about to. Then you pointed a gun at me"
[17:23:41] <Nanoro> ".. Well, given the fact that she appeared right after one of them did, kinda expected that…" Maxwell holsters his blackjack.
[17:23:55] <TesKin> "Protocol."
[17:24:59] <Nanoro> He shrugs, turning to the girl. "But what the devil are ye makin' these cards for, lasse?"
[17:25:02] <TeslaTornado> Kevin's ears prickle at the sound of someone else doing his job.
[17:25:18] <TeslaTornado> "What's the situation?" He grunts, staring at the small child.
[17:25:36] <Wixelt> "Because I was bored" the girl shrugs "And you're all very interesting"
[17:25:43] <TesKin> "She's been making trading cards, Agent."
[17:25:51] <TesKin> "No harm has come from them. Yet."
[17:25:52] <Nanoro> Maxwell shows Kevin the card.
[17:26:15] <TeslaTornado> Kevin purses his lips and looks the card over.
[17:28:17] <Wixelt> The girl eyes Kevin nervously
[17:28:35] <Nanoro> (Wixelt?)
[17:28:53] <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Ice King) Kevin is a scary motherfucker
[17:28:57] <TeslaTornado> 4df+4
[17:29:02] <TeslaTornado> Glacon…
[17:29:31] <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Ice King) GDI
[17:29:31] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ice King) GDI: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 3+, 4-)
[17:29:37] <Nanoro> (Ah, nvm, though you might wanna post the pic again)
[17:30:02] <Wixelt>
[17:30:17] <Wixelt> (Damnit)
[17:30:26] <Wixelt>
[17:30:29] <Wixelt> (…)
[17:30:40] <TeslaTornado> (TK showed me)
[17:30:40] <Wixelt>
[17:30:42] <TeslaTornado> (It's all good)
[17:30:46] <Wixelt> (ah. ok)
[17:31:34] <Wixelt> (Damnit, don't have her stat sheet on this computer)
[17:31:57] <Wixelt> (Give me a minute)
[17:32:19] <Nanoro> (Just approximate?)
[17:32:30] <Wixelt> (How would I counter Ice King anyway?)
[17:32:33] <TesKin> (Mdef.)
[17:32:45] <TeslaTornado> ^
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[17:38:58] <Wixelt> 4df+4
[17:38:58] <Glacon> Wixelt: 6 (4df+4=0, 3+, 3+, 0)
[17:39:40] <TeslaTornado> Under other circumstances, he'd be a lot scarier.
[17:39:43] * Soulless_ has joined #origins-ic
[17:39:47] <TeslaTornado> As it were, he doesn't seem… Too bad…
[17:39:54] * Recursive has joined #origins-ic
[17:40:20] <Wixelt> The girl still looks a bit nervous, but that's more because of the situation, rather than Kevin himself.
[17:40:54] <TesKin> Branko looks at Kevin because he seems to know what's goin on. "Contain, Agent?"
[17:41:09] <TeslaTornado> "Obviously."
[17:41:26] <TeslaTornado> "She's capable of collecting intelligence on catalogued SCPs without directly interacting with our organization."
[17:41:33] <Nanoro> Maxwell just remains on standby, him being the closest to the girl.
[17:41:36] <Wixelt> At the mention of containment, the girl starts to back away.
[17:41:48] <TesKin> Branko nods once. "Plan of action then?"
[17:41:55] <Wixelt> "Ok, well this has all been nice but I really should be going…"
[17:41:57] <TeslaTornado> 4df+12 (Intimidate + Terrorize + Ice King) "If you run, you'll only die tired."
[17:41:58] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate + Terrorize + Ice King) "If you run, you'll only die tired.": 13 (4df+12=3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
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[17:42:27] <Wixelt> (Not gonna be able to counter that so…)
[17:42:39] <Wixelt> The girl stops dead in her tracks.
[17:42:44] <Wixelt> She whimpers.
[17:43:12] <TesKin> "We will not hurt you." Branko steps towards her.
[17:43:24] <TeslaTornado> "Provided you comply."
[17:43:28] <TeslaTornado> Kevin lurks in the background.
[17:43:36] <Wixelt> She looks really, really, /really/ scared right now.
[17:44:13] <TesKin> "Agent, call Containment, let them know I'm bringing someone."
[17:45:53] <Wixelt> "You shall do no such thing to her" you hear man's voice from behind you all.
[17:46:04] <Nanoro> "Its alright, lass." Maxwell steps towards her cautiously, giving her a friendly face.
[17:46:23] <TesKin> "For fuck's sake."
[17:46:30] <TesKin> Branko turns and raises his Colt… Again.
[17:46:39] <TeslaTornado> Kevin doesn't move.
[17:46:39] <TesKin> "It is our job to contain things like you."
[17:47:12] <Wixelt> You see a man dressed in what appears to be a cross between regal attire and knight's armor.
[17:47:48] <Wixelt> There's a clear red heart emblazened on it's front.
[17:47:50] <TesKin> "You will be contained here, or we will eliminate you."
[17:48:27] <Nanoro> Maxwell remains in place, staring at the knight and placing a hand on his clubbering device.
[17:48:36] <Wixelt> The girl seems perk up a lot
[17:48:46] <Wixelt> "Papa!"
[17:48:47] <TeslaTornado> Kevin still hasn't moved.
[17:49:39] <Wixelt> The knight looks past you all at who is apparently is daughter, frowning.
[17:50:20] <Wixelt> *his
[17:50:52] <TesKin> Branko keeps his Colt pointed at Knight Dude.
[17:51:27] <Nanoro> "… Papa..?!"
[17:52:09] <Wixelt> The man nods at Maxwell's exclamation.
[17:52:20] <Nanoro> ("Sir Dude" :p)
[17:52:46] <Wixelt> "Yes, I am her father. What of it? Was the colour scheme not enough of a clue?"
[17:53:35] <TeslaTornado> "More the fact that the entity in question referred to you as her father."
[17:53:50] <TeslaTornado> ~I need to update the goddamn anti-intrusion wards here again, don't I~
[17:53:59] <TeslaTornado> ~I leave for five fucking months~
[17:54:13] <Wixelt> The 'knight' turns to glare at you Kevin.
[17:54:39] <Wixelt> "…Did you call just call my daughter an entity?"
[17:54:56] <TesKin> Branko nods. "Yes. It is what you both are."
[17:55:04] <TesKin> "Entity's of unknown intent."
[17:55:27] <TeslaTornado> "I did."
[17:56:21] <Wixelt> "I can assure you we have no ill intent towards your organisation. Apart from you" he gestures at Kevin "I don't like you"
[17:56:44] <TeslaTornado> "Probably because I'm the only field agent here that does his goddamn job."
[17:57:06] <TeslaTornado> "We run an organization that contains the anomalous. We're not a bloody day care facility for the abnormal."
[17:57:13] <Wixelt> "And your job includes the imprisonment of innocent children?"
[17:57:27] <TeslaTornado> "Yes, should that become necessary."
[17:57:36] <TeslaTornado> "If you're going to battle me on moral grounds, you'll lose."
[17:57:42] <TeslaTornado> "I don't have morals."
[17:58:00] <TesKin> "Da. If they run around here with information on the personnel and SCP's."
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[17:59:57] <Wixelt> "I can tell" the knight says to Kevin after a moment, before turning to Branko "She meant no harm by it. She never intended to spread any information to anyone that you'd consider hostile"
[18:00:08] <Wixelt> "Right sweetie"
[18:00:10] <Wixelt> *?
[18:00:23] <TesKin> "It does not matter."
[18:00:27] <Wixelt> The girl nods
[18:00:30] <TesKin> "Accidents and mistakes can happen."
[18:00:39] <TesKin> "She will be contained, and so will you."
[18:00:57] * weizhong is now known as weitoobusy
[18:01:08] <Wixelt> "And if they had-" he stops when he hears about containment and sees his daughter cower.
[18:01:29] <Wixelt> "I see. So that's how it must be"
[18:01:30] <TesKin> "We will not harm either of you, unless you resist."
[18:01:49] <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Wards) This dude magical or…?
[18:01:50] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Wards) This dude magical or…?: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
[18:02:15] <Wixelt> Probably
[18:02:38] <Wixelt> "I have no intention of resisting. Neither I nor my daughter have harmed you at all since we arrived, if you hadn't noticed"
[18:02:52] <Wixelt> "That being said, I have no intention of being contained either"
[18:02:55] <TeslaTornado> "That doesn't matter."
[18:03:04] <Wixelt> "Come along Ace, we must be going"
[18:03:05] <TeslaTornado> "As it were, you've both materialized inside a secure covert facility."
[18:03:21] <Wixelt> "And I apologize for that"
[18:03:34] <TeslaTornado> "At least one of you is capable of obtaining information on our organization's personnel and anomalous entities log."
[18:03:35] <Wixelt> "We'll make sure to be more observant in future"
[18:03:45] <TeslaTornado> "You are a threat and you must be contained."
[18:03:51] <TesKin> Branko nods.
[18:04:23] <Wixelt> "So i'm a threat that hasn't attacked any of you?"
[18:04:38] <TesKin> "You are a threat that has information on the people who work here."
[18:04:45] <Wixelt> "And has no intention of spreading that information beyond this facility"
[18:04:48] <TesKin> "We technically do not exist."
[18:05:01] <TeslaTornado> "You have no idea what covert operations are, do you?"
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[18:05:50] <Wixelt> The knight closes his eyes, sighing.
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[18:06:22] * chatghost is now known as Nanoro
[18:06:49] <Wixelt> "I am very much aware"
[18:07:34] <TeslaTornado> "Then why is the issue at hand so difficult for you to comprehend?"
[18:09:15] <Nanoro> Maxwell just stands ready, stepping between the knight and the girl. "Stay put, lass", he whispers to her.
[18:10:02] <TeslaTornado> (That's a paddlin')
[18:10:06] <TesKin> (KEK)
[18:12:31] <Wixelt> The knight opens his eyes again "Very well. If you wish for me to punish my daughter and erase any physical knowledge she has provided of your information, I will do so."
[18:16:35] <TeslaTornado> "If you refuse to comply with containment protocol."
[18:16:48] <TeslaTornado> "That is all we ask, at the very least."
[18:17:10] <TeslaTornado> "And should we encounter any further incursions against the security and secrecy of our foundation, we will find you."
[18:17:15] <TeslaTornado> "And we will contain you."
[18:17:32] <TesKin> Branko nods again. "It will be easier to just be contained now, rather then later."
[18:17:39] <TesKin> "I do not wish to run around tracking you down."
[18:20:33] <Wixelt> "No!" the girl pushes past Maxwell to reach her father "Please don't destroy them! I spent ages working on them!"
[18:21:16] <Wixelt> "Ace…" the knight shuts his eyes again "The information you were using if private. I have to."
[18:21:23] <Wixelt> *is
[18:23:58] <TeslaTornado> Kevin watches.
[18:24:15] <Wixelt> "But… B-But…"
[18:24:26] <Wixelt> Ace seems close to tears.
[18:25:13] <TesKin> "If you are contained here, you will not have to wipe her memory.
[18:25:36] <Nanoro> Maxwell takes a step after her, a bit alarmed by the sudden rush.
[18:25:36] <Nanoro> Hand still on the blackjack handle.
[18:25:36] <Nanoro> ~.. Crap, there goes me lucky charm. Liked that card.~
[18:25:47] <Wixelt> The knight frowns at Branko "I never said anything about wiping her memory"
[18:26:27] <TeslaTornado> "Just take care of the goddamn cards before I lose my patience," Kevin grunts.
[18:26:38] <Wixelt> He looks back at Ace, frowns again, then turns to Kevin
[18:27:03] <Wixelt> "Look, you may contain us, but I have two conditions"
[18:27:39] <TeslaTornado> "Name them."
[18:28:12] <Wixelt> "The first is that you allow the cards to continue existing for the time being."
[18:28:33] <TesKin> "So long as they do not leave the grounds of the site."
[18:29:00] <Nanoro> ~.. Phew. Get to keep it after all.~
[18:29:29] <TeslaTornado> Kevin nods to Branko.
[18:29:36] <Wixelt> The knight nods "Of course. The second is that your containment of us only be temporary so we may divulge information on our origins."
[18:30:33] <Wixelt> "How long that temporary containment lasts is entirely your decision"
[18:30:38] <TesKin> Branko looks to Kevin. "Well, Agent?"
[18:30:54] <TeslaTornado> Kevin purses his lips.
[18:30:57] <Wixelt> "However, I would advise it not be too long, as others will come to look for us eventually"
[18:31:16] <TeslaTornado> "… Acceptable."
[18:31:20] <Wixelt> "Personally, i'd like to leave on good terms with your organisation"
[18:31:56] <Nanoro> (Welp, nvm.)
[18:32:18] <TeslaTornado> Kevin nods. "You'll be temporarily processed and secured in the Humanoid Containment Wing."
[18:32:24] <TesKin> Branko nods. "Spasibo."
[18:33:13] <Wixelt> The knight nods "If you must"
[18:34:01] <TesKin> "I will take you to processing then."
[18:34:27] <Wixelt> The knight nods again, then turns to his daughter "Come along Ace"
[18:34:33] <Wixelt> "Yes Papa"
[18:34:56] <TesKin> Branko leads them off to Containment.
[18:35:16] <TeslaTornado> Kevin maintains rear security.
[18:35:19] * ShotgunFiend has joined #origins-ic
[18:36:41] <Wixelt> Ace walks next to her father, holding his hand.

[17:51:11] <gumbal1> Danielle taps the glass of the 939s.
[17:51:27] <TeslaTornado> Containment Security eyes her nervously.
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[18:36:41] <TesKin> Branko leads Knight Dude and Ace to Containment. "Two for containment in Humanoid Containment."
[18:36:59] <TesKin> He says to whoever is doing the paperpushing down there.
[18:37:12] <TeslaTornado> Sergeant Dallas from 11-Victor is on desk. He gets out the forms and starts filing them.
[18:39:01] <TesKin> Branko waits.
[18:39:01] <Wixelt> Ace and the knight stand behind him patiently.
[18:39:19] * Soulless_ is now known as Soulless
[18:39:35] <TeslaTornado> Dallas holds the form out. "Sign."
[18:39:39] <TeslaTornado> To Branko.
[18:40:25] <TesKin> Branko signs.
[18:40:49] <TesKin> His hand writing looks like a child's, but it clearly says "Branko Silvinski"
[18:41:23] <TeslaTornado> "… You may want to consider handwriting lessons, but it makes sense." Dallas files the paper. "Bring them in."
[18:41:59] <TesKin> Branko nods and leads the two in.
[18:42:16] <Wixelt> They follow without complaint.
[18:42:56] <Wixelt> Dallas may notice that the two aren't restrained in any way, and are following Branko willfully to containment.
[18:43:06] <gumbal1> Danielle is still there, poking the Unseelie Spawns glass.
[18:43:14] <gumbal1> It's currently flailing in rage.
[18:43:59] <TeslaTornado> Sergeant Dallas takes forever to notice this.
[18:44:05] <Wixelt> Danielle may see Branko leading an orange-haired knight and little girl through containment.
[18:44:09] <TeslaTornado> "… Agent Levine, what the fuck are you doing."
[18:44:27] <TesKin> Branko looks to Danielle.
[18:44:28] <gumbal1> Danielle turns to Kevin. "…I actually don't know."
[18:44:55] <TesKin> "Hello Danielle."
[18:45:03] <TeslaTornado> Kevin is not there. Sergeant Dallas, from ConSec, is.
[18:45:12] <TeslaTornado> "Do I really look like that Winsthrop guy?"
[18:45:20] <TeslaTornado> (Kevin is totally following the others.)
[18:45:21] <gumbal1> "…kind of?"
[18:45:54] <TeslaTornado> "I'll take that as a complement, I guess. Just… Stop tapping the glass, you'll cause a breach." Dallas goes back to his desk, muttering "gotta put up a fuckin' sign or some shit…"
[18:46:14] <gumbal1> Danielle nods, and wanders off to greener pastures.
[18:46:38] * Wixelt is now known as WixBRB
[18:46:52] <TesKin> Branko slides the bolt and opens the door, gesturing for them to step inside.
[18:47:34] * TesKin is now known as TeslaBronado
[18:47:44] <TeslaTornado> >:D
[18:47:48] <TeslaTornado> This is going to be awful.
[18:47:51] <gumbal1> Agent Rodman slips some sugar packets into the US contianment cell to calm it down.
[18:47:57] <TeslaTornado> (oh shit)
[18:48:00] <TeslaTornado> (wrong channel)
[18:49:25] * ZombieRaptor has quit (Quit: ZombieRaptor)
[18:49:34] <Recursive> Wiley peeks through the door carefully, and throws something into the crack between the fourth wall and the foundation.
[18:49:44] <Recursive> The crack fizzes briefly before dissipating.
[18:51:24] <WixBRB> The two step into the cell.
[18:51:47] <TeslaTornado> Kevin watches warily.
[18:52:20] <TeslaBronado> Branko closes the door and slides the bolt home.
[18:52:21] <WixBRB> The knight stops, and turns towards the door.
[18:53:10] <WixBRB> "You know, I could easily escape from this cell. It's a credit to our agreement that I won't."
[18:53:43] * WetBeard is now known as BossBeard
[18:53:53] <TeslaTornado> "And it's a credit to our agreement that I don't just kill you while you're standing in said cell."
[18:54:18] * BossBeard is now known as WetBeard
[18:55:44] <WixBRB> The knight nods, taking a step back "You're very violent. You know that"
[18:55:59] <TeslaTornado> "Yes."
[18:56:25] * ZombieRaptor has joined #origins-ic3
[18:56:39] <TeslaBronado> "You have to be when you deal with the strange and fantastic."
[18:59:27] <WixBRB> "I see…"
[19:00:10] <TeslaBronado> "Da."
[19:00:17] <gumbal1> Brave Knight (the 5' 7'' archdemon protecting the Yellow dDuke) waves to his new neighbor.
[19:01:00] <TeslaBronado> Branko waves to Brave Knight.
[19:01:13] <gumbal1> Brave Knight waves to Branko.
[19:01:18] <WixBRB> The orange knight waves back warily.
[19:01:57] <TeslaBronado> "Anything else?"
[19:02:05] <TeslaBronado> Branko looks to Kevin.
[19:02:16] <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks to Branko.
[19:03:00] <TeslaBronado> 4df+6 (Intimidate + RUSSIAN BEAR) Branko looks at Kevin.
[19:03:01] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (Intimidate + RUSSIAN BEAR) Branko looks at Kevin.: 6 (4df+6=0, 3+, 0, 4-)
[19:03:47] <TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Intimidate + Ice King) Kevin looks at Branko.
[19:03:47] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate + Ice King) Kevin looks at Branko.: 5 (4df+7=4-, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[19:04:45] <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (MDEF + Ice King) Kevin attempts to shrug off the scare factor of Branko
[19:04:46] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDEF + Ice King) Kevin attempts to shrug off the scare factor of Branko: 8 (4df+8=0, 4-, 3+, 0)
[19:05:07] <TeslaBronado> 4df+4 (MDef) Don't get askurd
[19:05:08] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (MDef) Don't get askurd: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 4-)
[19:05:39] <TeslaTornado> You are slightly offput.
[19:05:53] <TeslaBronado> Branko glares harder
[19:06:00] <TeslaTornado> And tentacle of doubt drifts into your mind: Is this guy actually human?
[19:06:06] <TeslaBronado> 4df+6 (Intimidate + RUSSIAN BEAR)
[19:06:06] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (Intimidate + RUSSIAN BEAR): 8 (4df+6=0, 3+, 3+, 0)
[19:06:26] <TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Intimidate + Ice King) SUBMIT. SUBMIT. SUBMIT.
[19:06:26] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate + Ice King) SUBMIT. SUBMIT. SUBMIT.: 4 (4df+7=4-, 0, 4-, 4-)
[19:07:11] <TeslaBronado> 4df+4 (Mdef)
[19:07:11] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (Mdef): 4 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[19:07:32] <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (MDEF + Ice King)
[19:07:33] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDEF + Ice King): 6 (4df+8=4-, 0, 0, 4-)
[19:07:45] * ZombieRaptor has quit (Quit: ZombieRaptor)
[19:07:46] <TeslaTornado> Kevin's eyebrow rises slightly as he looks at Branko.
[19:07:49] * ZombieRaptor has joined #origins-ic3
[19:07:54] <TeslaTornado> Branko, you maintain eye contact.
[19:08:02] <TeslaBronado> Branko GLARES EVEN HARDER!
[19:08:10] <TeslaBronado> edf+6 (Intimidate + RUSSIAN BEAR)
[19:08:17] <TeslaBronado> 4df+6
[19:08:17] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 3+)
[19:08:19] <TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Intim + Ice King)
[19:08:20] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intim + Ice King): 9 (4df+7=3+, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[19:08:29] <TeslaBronado> 4df+4 (MDef)
[19:08:29] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (MDef): 3 (4df+4=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[19:08:31] <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (MDEF + Ice King)
[19:08:31] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDEF + Ice King): 6 (4df+8=3+, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[19:10:08] <TeslaTornado> Branko, you're getting a little uncomfortable staring at him. For some reason, the smell of cordite and burning flesh dances at the edge of your perception.
[19:10:24] <TeslaBronado> Branko notices this, but tries to shrug it off.
[19:10:27] <WixBRB> The knight watches this exchange concernedly
[19:10:49] <Recursive> Wiley stands still, also watching.
[19:10:53] <TeslaBronado> HIS GLARE INTENSIFY'S
[19:11:07] <TeslaBronado> 4df+6 (Intimidate + RUSSIAN BEAR)
[19:11:07] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (Intimidate + RUSSIAN BEAR): 6 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[19:11:14] <TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Intimidate + Ice King) ONCE AGAIN
[19:11:14] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate + Ice King) ONCE AGAIN: 7 (4df+7=4-, 0, 0, 3+)
[19:11:24] <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (MDEF + Ice King)
[19:11:24] <TeslaBronado> 4df+4 (MDef)
[19:11:25] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (MDef): 7 (4df+4=0, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[19:11:25] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDEF + Ice King): 4 (4df+8=4-, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[19:11:50] <TeslaTornado> Kevin adjusts his stance to parade rest. Branko, the doubt doesn't creep any further in.
[19:12:01] <TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (Intimidate + Ice King) THE TIEBREAKER
[19:12:02] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate + Ice King) THE TIEBREAKER: 7 (4df+7=4-, 0, 3+, 0)
[19:12:04] <TeslaBronado> 4df+6 (Intimidate + RUSSIAN BEAR) FOR THE MOTHERLAND!
[19:12:04] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (Intimidate + RUSSIAN BEAR) FOR THE MOTHERLAND!: 7 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
[19:12:16] <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (MDEF + ICE KING)
[19:12:16] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDEF + ICE KING): 8 (4df+8=0, 3+, 4-, 0)
[19:12:18] <TeslaBronado> 4df+4 (MDef)
[19:12:18] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (MDef): 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 4-, 0)
[19:12:24] <TeslaTornado> Branko, you blink.
[19:12:31] <TeslaBronado> "Fuck."
[19:12:40] <TeslaTornado> And briefly, your mind is filled with images of violent death, of fields of fire, and dismembered bodies.
[19:12:44] * Riemann has quit (Quit: Guessing problems only to deceive the mention, passing paths that climb halfway into the void as we cross from side to side, we hear the total mass retain)
[19:12:56] <TeslaTornado> And a man's silhouette dances in the flames.
[19:13:00] <TeslaBronado> It's nothing he hasn't seen before, but Branko is slightly offput.
[19:13:15] <TeslaTornado> Kevin nods, as if acknowledging victory, and extends a hand.
[19:13:20] <TeslaBronado> He extends his hand to Kevin. "I am Branko Silvinski."
[19:13:20] <TeslaTornado> "It's Silvinski, isn't it?"
[19:13:26] <TeslaBronado> "Da."
[19:13:43] <TeslaBronado> 4df+6 (STR) MANLY GRRRRIIIIPPPPP
[19:13:43] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (STR) MANLY GRRRRIIIIPPPPP: 5 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
[19:13:47] <TeslaTornado> "Kevin Winsthrop."
[19:14:06] <WixBRB> The knight frowns at the two of them, before sighing and going to talk to his daughter
[19:14:09] <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (STR + Ungentlemanly) It's all in the wrist
[19:14:10] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (STR + Ungentlemanly) It's all in the wrist: 8 (4df+8=0, 0, 0, 0)
[19:14:22] <Recursive> Wiley edges over to Brave Knight and Little Lady. "What the hell is going on?"
[19:14:22] <TeslaTornado> Branko, Kevin digs his thumb between your knuckles.
[19:14:27] <TeslaTornado> It hurts.
[19:14:35] <TeslaBronado> "You cheap bastard. I like you."
[19:14:37] <TeslaBronado> Branko grunts.
[19:15:24] <TeslaBronado> 4df+7 (Melee + CQT) SWEEP THE LEG! KICK THE ANKLE!
[19:15:25] <Glacon> TeslaBronado: (Melee + CQT) SWEEP THE LEG! KICK THE ANKLE!: 8 (4df+7=3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
[19:15:44] <TeslaTornado> 4df+9 (AGI + Ungentlemanly) Kevin sidesteps.
[19:15:45] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (AGI + Ungentlemanly) Kevin sidesteps.: 7 (4df+9=4-, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[19:16:03] <TeslaTornado> You hook his ankle with yours and he stumbles.
[19:16:26] <TeslaTornado> He barely recovers from hitting the ground. "You sonofabitch."
[19:16:44] <TeslaBronado> Branko grins. "All's fair in trench warfare."
[19:17:16] <TeslaTornado> "We haven't fought in bloody trenches since 1918, Silvinski." Kevin shows a tiny grin.
[19:17:52] <TeslaBronado> "We used them in Leningrad, Winsthrop."
[19:18:01] <TeslaTornado> "Wasn't there. I wouldn't know."
[19:18:35] <WixBRB> The knight cringes at this exchange of hits.
[19:18:45] <TeslaBronado> Branko nods. "Pleased to meet you in the flesh."
[19:18:53] <TeslaTornado> "Likewise."
[19:19:21] <TeslaBronado> Branko lets go of Kevin's hand and nods again.
[19:20:01] <TeslaTornado> Kevin steps back and nods.
[19:20:32] <TeslaBronado> Branko spins on his heel and goes off to patrol around Containment.
[19:23:29] <TeslaTornado> Kevin goes back to the common room.
[19:23:55] * Soulless has quit (Connection reset by peer)
[19:24:13] * Soulless has joined #origins-ic3
[19:24:23] <Recursive> Wiley shudders as if a thick presence had been lifted from the room.

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