Best, Finest Surgeon, Come Cut Me Open

GM's Note: Logs prior to 20:13 were lost. They didn't involve much more than a lot of walking around and talking and Barnes being an asshole to Psi-7. -TT

[20:13] Sypher Johnathan stays outside, uncertain.
[20:14] Tesla|GMing "You've got a scattered brain, kid, I /own/ the company." The man shuts the door when all of you have gathered in the room, slotting the deadbolt back into place and leaning the gun back against the wall. The room is a mess of surveillance equipment, occupying almost every flat surface.
[20:14] Nemi "So what have we got?"
[20:15] Sypher Johnathan is still nervous.
[20:15] Daedalus "Where is this thing we're going after?"
[20:17] Tesla|GMing "What we've got is your eyes and ears. I'm Noble," he grunts around the half-smoked Marb. "And we're not sure exactly when. But we've got a good idea of where." He points out the window, across the street, to a similar hotel nearby. "Local cops got tipped off to a stalker in the area following a woman currently living in that hotel. I installed bugs
[20:17] Tesla|GMing yesterday afternoon and I've been listening to her. Seems like she feels somethin' bad is comin', and fast." He smiles. "Which is why I'm glad you're here."
[20:18] Sypher "Ahhh, how fast?"
[20:18] Daedalus "Hmm, is she in there now?"
[20:19] Nemi "Got it. What have we got on her and our stalker friend?"
[20:19] Tesla|GMing Noble shrugs. "Next few hours." He shuffles around the room, flicking various switches and turning many dials, before plugging some speakers into an audio jack wired to a receiver on one side of the room.
[20:19] Tesla|GMing You can hear soft, sleep-sounding breathing in the speaker. "She's home, alright." Noble grunts.
[20:20] Daedalus "Should we go in now? Be waiting for him when he gets there?"
[20:20] Optimal Fred hangs back, waiting for more info.
[20:21] Tesla|GMing "Haven't got much on her." Noble points to the wall of the room they're in: there are several pictures from the balcony outside, all of the same girl. "Early twenties, blonde hair, blue eyes. Pretty girl. Possibly a student." He laughs. "'f I were a bit younger I might buy her a drink."
[20:21] Sypher "Do we know that SHE is going to be the target?"
[20:21] Nemi "Right." She peers at the photos.
[20:22] Optimal "Exactly Jonathan, how are we sure of this?"
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[20:23] Tesla|GMing Noble points at another set of pictures a little further down the wall. In each of these photos, the girl is the primary focusbut there's also a strange looking, cloaked figure in each of the photos.
[20:23] Tesla|GMing "Took each a' these up until three days ago when she phoned in the stalker call. After that he got skittish."
[20:23] Sypher Johnathan studies the pictures, "Dammit."
[20:23] Daedalus "Sounds like you're being quite the stalker yourself."
[20:24] |<
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[20:24] Sypher Johnathan smirks at that.
[20:24] ZombieRaptor (Back maybe)
[20:24] Tesla|GMing "Stalkin's different when it's part'a yer job description." Noble shrugs.
[20:24] Sypher "Alright… Well, whats the plan?"
[20:25] Nemi Lis examines the cloaked figure intently, furrowing her brow as she does. "What's the stalker's behavior been? Just sticking close and surveilling her?"
[20:25] ZombieRaptor "We could have a squad ready to pounce when our target moves in on the woman."
[20:25] Daedalus "I say we go in with a cover story and wait for the stalker to appear."
[20:25] Tesla|GMing Noble nods at Lis. "Pretty much, but his patterns've changed up in the last few days. He's been gettin' closer, more sneaky. Seen 'im hangin around the hotel a couple times, which is why I haven't shut down the tap yet." He sits at the window and opens a box. There are five radio handsets in it.
[20:26] Sypher "Should we alert the woman?"
[20:26] Daedalus "Probably not."
[20:26] ZombieRaptor Kendall takes one.
[20:26] Optimal Fred's head pops up at 'cover story'.
[20:26] Nemi Lis takes one of the radios and thrusts it into her coat pocket. She nods at Noble. "What's the pattern indicate? How long until he acts?"
[20:26] Daedalus Lucien takes a radio
[20:26] Sypher Johnathan picks up one of the radios.
[20:27] Tesla|GMing "Pattern's indicatin' something is happenin' soon. Probably tonight, I'm thinking. The shifty one's got the same idea: y'all are gonna go over there and establish a cover story and I'm gonna stay up here and provide eyes. If you see him, follow but don't engage. With any luck you'll detain him in the room and we can be outta here by dawn."
[20:27] Nemi "Sounds good."
[20:27] Sypher "Alright.."
[20:28] ZombieRaptor "I'll talk to her." Kendall smiles to the others.
[20:28] Sypher Johnathan is nervous, but he breathes in deeply.
[20:28] ZombieRaptor "What should our story be?"
[20:28] Tesla|GMing Noble eyeballs Kendall. "We ain't talkin' to her. Just get over to the hotel and keep an eye out for Chirurg. If'n you see him, follow him."
[20:28] Optimal "Yes, do you have one premade?"
[20:28] ZombieRaptor "Alright."
[20:29] Nemi "Chirurg? Chirurgeon, is that what we're calling him?"
[20:29] Tesla|GMing "'at's what the locals've taken t'callin' him."
[20:29] Sypher "Chirurg, huh… Alright. It'll do."
[20:29] Daedalus "If you have a clipboard, I can be a saftey inspector or somesuch."
[20:29] Tesla|GMing He looks at Fred. "Ain't gotten that far yet. You're gonna have to find your own story." Then his gaze shifts to Lucien. "… Not bad."
[20:30] Optimal "Yes, that's a good basic story."
[20:30] Optimal "Won't require much preparation."
[20:30] Sypher "Indeed.."
[20:30] Daedalus "Here, someone take my camera. You can pretend to be filming a movie or something."
[20:31] Sypher "I can take it."
[20:31] Tesla|GMing Noble digs around, eventually coming up with a clipboard. It smells a little bit like stale beer, but it'll do the job."
[20:31] Sypher Johnathan moves towards the camera.
[20:31] Tesla|GMing He offers it to you, Lucien.
[20:31] Daedalus He hands the camera to Johnathan and accepts the clipboard
[20:31] Sypher Johnathan looks a bit at the camera, getting the feel of it.
[20:32] Nemi Lis looks contemplative. "I can easily stay out of sight from the general public, but if we need a cover as a whole.."
[20:33] Daedalus "It's a weapon, so mind the trigger, Johnathan."
[20:33] Sypher Johnathan lifts his hand from the trigger, he had been about to shoot Lis in the head. Ooops.
[20:33] Optimal "Does anyone believe we'll need identification?"
[20:34] Optimal "For health inspection that is."
[20:34] Tesla|GMing "You don't just have to all post up in the lobby, you know." Noble eyes the guncam with suspicion. "There're multiple entrances."
[20:34] ZombieRaptor "Lucien, mind if I do the cover story?" She smiles a bit wickedly. "I can bluff my way into a Russian military site."
[20:34] Sypher "If the Police stops us if we're chasing a man through the streets, maybe."
[20:34] Daedalus Lucien nods
[20:34] ZombieRaptor Kendall holds her hand out for the clipboard.
[20:34] Optimal "With all due respect Kendall, I am the cover specialist."
[20:34] Tesla|GMing "An' if you say it convincin'ly enough, they won't be inclined to ask. People worry about that sorta thing here. German Precision, 'r somethin."
[20:35] Nemi "Right. Sounds good, Kendall." She nods at the woman, then takes a breath. "Fred, you and her work it out."
[20:35] Nemi "I trust you both."
[20:35] Sypher "So… I'll just stand around and take pictures?"
[20:35] Daedalus He hands the clipboard over. "Is there a back entrance? I might be able to sneak in back there."
[20:35] Optimal "Working together will be best."
[20:36] Tesla|GMing Noble sniffs, and thinks. "Prob'ly. You could access maintenance from the lobby, too, if y'could bluff yer way in."
[20:36] Tesla|GMing "Chirurg ain't the type for front doors."
[20:36] Sypher "Lis, would you be willing to work with me? I'm not that great in tricking people…"
[20:37] Daedalus "Alright then, so Kendall and I will be going under the cover of being Building Inspectors."
[20:37] Optimal "Kendall, I'm the only one that cannot speak German, so I may have to trail behind you or someone else."
[20:37] ZombieRaptor "Think it was health inspectors?"
[20:37] Nemi "I'm not a trickster so much, agent. Leave the cover story to Kendall and Fred."
[20:38] Optimal "I almost forgot that we were in Germany."
[20:38] Daedalus "Health inspector, sorry."
[20:38] Sypher "Thats fine, Lis, I just need someone that can smile and look pretty.. I can't do either that well.."
[20:39] ZombieRaptor "Let's head out then?"
[20:39] Nemi "I can smile, but looking pretty is tough." She grins. Nods at Kendall. "Right, let's go."
[20:39] Optimal "Wait. Let us recap our positions."
[20:39] Daedalus "Frederick, you stick with Kendall, I'll keep ther back secure incase our assailent tries that way."
[20:39] Daedalus the*
[20:39] Tesla|GMing Noble pulls out a sketchpad and offers it to you all.
[20:39] Optimal "Clarity is best in any situation."
[20:39] Nemi Lis takes the pad!
[20:39] Nemi "Ta, what'll this be for?"
[20:40] Tesla|GMing "Plannin'."
[20:40] Daedalus "Our plan."
[20:40] Sypher "Where should I be?"
[20:40] ZombieRaptor "I can take a target down in a pinch if need be as well, I'm a martial arts specialist."
[20:40] Nemi "Ta again."
[20:40] Daedalus "Johnathan, you go with Miss Tande. Pretend to be filming her in the lobby."
[20:40] Tesla|GMing "I'd prefer it 'f ya didn't start a damn international incident. Agent Barnes'll give ya no small amount of hell if y'fuck up."
[20:41] Sypher Johnathan nods. "Very well, that can work."
[20:41] ZombieRaptor "I'm not."
[20:41] ZombieRaptor "If we /have/ to."
[20:41] Nemi "Right. We'll say it's for a discussion of the rebuilding of Berlin."
[20:41] Optimal "Kendall, where will we be?"
[20:41] ZombieRaptor "And I can do it without killing."
[20:42] ZombieRaptor (I don't know)
[20:42] Daedalus "Kendall and Fred, work the upper floors under the guise of being health inspectors. Guard her room."
[20:42] Tesla|GMing Noble shrugs. "Alright, alright. Just finish up. We ain't got all night."
[20:42] ZombieRaptor "Let's go then."
[20:42] Sypher Johnathan smiles at Lis, "Are you ready, Miss Tande?"
[20:42] Optimal "Thank you Mr. Parola. That's an excellent cover story."
[20:42] Nemi "Right. That leaves Jonathan and myself on-lobby. Let's do it." She nods and smiles pleasantly, as per her norm.
[20:43] Nemi She proceeds!
[20:43] Daedalus he nods, "Lets go."
[20:43] ZombieRaptor Kendall starts heading out!
[20:43] Daedalus He goes out.
[20:43] Tesla|GMing Noble smiles appreciatively. "Not bad, for a team of sledgehammers." He moves to the door and unlocks it. "Good luck, boys and girls."
[20:43] Sypher Johnathan ROLLS OUT!
[20:43] Optimal Fred follows behind Kendall.
[20:43] Nemi "Hey, since we got rid of Harkess we've lost a lot of our hammeriness," she comments ot Noble on the way out.
[20:43] Tesla|GMing Everyone except for Johnathan walks out the door and back down to the lobby. Johnathan, you roll all the way there, getting plenty of weird looks but no questions.
[20:44] Sypher (YES!)
[20:44] Tesla|GMing Right. Pause for a bit while I figure out how I do this
[20:45] Daedalus (The Hotel is across the street right?)
[20:45] Optimal (Yep.)
[20:45] Tesla|GMing (Yep)
[20:45] Optimal (Psychic!!!)
[20:45] Sypher (Johnathan is an AUTOBOT!)
[20:45] Tesla|GMing (Guise, there's an ooc for a reason)
[20:46] =-= Sypher is now known as Synacking
[20:47] Synacking (brb)
[20:48] Tesla|GMing You all arrive at the hotel across the street, John hopefully having stood up by now, as the sidewalk is nasty and covered in slush and ice. It's a similar affair to the one across the street. From your various handsets, Noble's voice speaks to you: "The girl's room is on the second floor. Room 212."
[20:49] ZombieRaptor Kendall heads up there uneventfully?
[20:49] =-= Synacking is now known as Sypher
[20:49] Tesla|GMing Second floor team, go to #tooltime
[20:49] Tesla|GMing Everyone else, stay here

Kendall makes notes of the second floor.
Anything that sounds health inspector ish

*** Optimal joined #tooltime
Kendall and Fred made it to the second floor safely?
Frederick and Kendall somehow manage to make it through the hotel lobby unmolested.
Kendall, Frederick, roll perception to make notes.
ZombieRaptor: 8 (4df+5=0, +, +, +)
4df+6 sry
Optimal: sry: 4 (4df+6=-, -, -, +)
(al good)
The hallway wraps around this level of the building with rooms on both sides, facing the interior and exterior of the building. You note that room 212, the target's room, is on the exterior, facing towards the left hand side of the building. What the interior of the room looks like, you can't tell. There are many blind corners in the area, plenty of hiding
places. A door leading to a secondary stairwell for servants and such stands at the far end of this hall.
Kendall makes notes a little ways from room 212

*** ProcyonGone is now known as ProcyonLotor
The floor is mostly quiet, save for the occasional staff person that passes by in their blue-and-gold livery and stupid pillbox hats.
One of them stops you, Kendall. "[Pardon me, ma'am. Do you have a room here?]"
Frederick stands behind Kendall.
"Entachuldigung. [We are health inspectors.]" roll bluff?
Roll bluff.
4df+10 Tagging smooth talker
ZombieRaptor: Tagging smooth talker: 10 (4df+10=0, 0, -, +)
4df+5 Suspicious Bellhop is Suspicious
Tesla|GMing: Suspicious Bellhop is Suspicious: 4 (4df+5=0, -, -, +)
Frederick maintains a serious pokerface.
The bellhop blinks a few times, then nods. "[I hope that you find everything is up to your standards, madam. Have a nice night.]"
[You too!] Kendall smiles and returns to her notes.
Frederick nods to the bellhop.
They wait!
The bellhop passes and the lights flicker intermittently. Power issues or something?
Frederick whispers so his English cannot be heard. "Kendall. You see that?"
She nods.
The lights flicker again. Man, they're doing that a lot.
"That isn't a normal power issue Kendall."
"Especially considering why we're here."
She nods. "Just wait."
Roll perception, both of you
ZombieRaptor: 3 (4df+5=-, -, -, +)
Optimal: 6 (4df+6=-, 0, +, 0)
Kendall, you don't hear anything. Fred, though, you hear the faint sounds of a commotion from behind the maintenance door.
"Kendall. Something is happening in the maintenance room."
"Don't leave, we need to stay here and keep post."
"I'm going to bet it is in there."
"Go check it out then, I'll stay."
"I wasn't proposing anyone goes in there. I'm saying if it comes out anywhere, it might be there."
"I'm not fit take it head on."
She nods.
Roll perception again.
One last time.
Optimal: 5 (4df+6=-, +, -, 0)
ZombieRaptor: 6 (4df+5=-, +, 0, +)
Both of you hear long, loping footsteps on the other side of the maintenance door.
"Be ready."
Kendall pretends to be taking notes still.
Frederick grips his dragon cane.
You hear Lis's voice over your handsets: <Contact in sight, moving upstairs>
Kendall whispers. <I hear it>

[20:49] Sypher Johnathan has stood up, much to his disapointment
[20:50] Daedalus Lucien approaches the Reception desk, "Guten tag."
[20:51] Tesla|GMing You all enter the hotel with little trouble. Lucien, the receptionist is a grim looking woman in her fifties. [Good evening. Do you have a reservation?]
[20:51] Nemi Lis will hold Johnathan outside for a few moments as the others enter, before entering herself to deflect the appearance that they're all together.
[20:51] Sypher Johnathan stands with Lis, mentally calming himself.
[20:51] Daedalus "[No miss, I was wondering if I could possibly get a room here.]"
[20:52] Tesla|GMing The house frau rattles off a list of monetary values and such. The rates, you note, are slightly higher than the hotel across the street.
[20:52] Nemi After a few moments, Lis will nod to Johnathan and lead him on inside. She'll find somewhere appropriate in the lobby, with a scenic backdrop but a good view of her surroundings, to stand.
[20:53] Tesla|GMing Lis and Jonathan, roll perception to survey
[20:53] Sypher Johnathan decides to try and follow Miss Tandes lead.
[20:53] Sypher 4df+2
[20:53] Glacon Sypher: 3 (4df+2=+, 0, -, +)
[20:55] Daedalus "Hmmm." Lucien opens a hole in his jacket and produces $100 in German currency. "[How much for a room?]"
[20:55] Daedalus "[For one night?]"
[20:55] Nemi 4df+8 keen eyes
[20:56] Glacon Nemi: keen eyes: 5 (4df+8=-, -, -, 0)
[20:56] Tesla|GMing "[Seventy marks.]"
[20:57] Tesla|GMing John and Lis: The room is fairly wide open, but mostly empty. The only blind spots are just beyond the receptionist's desk and what appears to be maintenance access set into an alcove beneath the stairs to the second floor.
[20:57] Daedalus Lucien whistles, "[Alright then, nevermind, is there a bar here?]"
[20:59] Nemi If Lis can see the intervening space between the maintenance access and the receptionist's desk, that's fine. Otherwise, she sets herself up.
[20:59] Tesla|GMing "[The bar is available to hotel guests only, sir. My apologies.]"
[21:00] Sypher Johnathan moves into position.
[21:01] Tesla|GMing Lis, from your angle you can see alright, but that blind spot will be the death of you. John, you can see a little bit better.
[21:01] Tesla|GMing Roll perception, Sypher.
[21:01] Sypher 4df+2
[21:01] Glacon Sypher: -1 (4df+2=-, -, 0, -)
[21:01] Daedalus "[Quite alright.]" He pays the 70 marks, "[I'd like a room for one night.]"
[21:02] Tesla|GMing "[Very good, sir.]" The house-frau reaches back and grabs a hotel key from behind her. Room 208.
[21:02] Nemi Lis doesn't -like- the blind spot one bit, but she can't see a much better way to get a view without looking terribly auspicious. She can do inauspicious, and stands as if demonstrating certain architectural features to Johnathan's camera.
[21:03] Tesla|GMing John: You catch a flicker of movement out of the corner of your eye. You whirl to observe it and promptly wing a maintenance man in the face. He's a burly German guy. Like, huge. "[Hey, what the fuck was that for?]"
[21:03] Nemi Lis winces. "[Sorry about that, sir. He's a bit jumpy. New at this, you see.]"
[21:03] Daedalus He takes the key and smiles. "[Thank you, miss.]" He looks over at Johnathan's predicament and sighs. He heads to the bar.
[21:03] Sypher Carp. "[Apologies sir.]"
[21:04] Sypher ~Let Lis handle this Oh God oh God.~
[21:04] Tesla|GMing Lis, the man looks at you angrily. "[Control your damn idiot boyfriend. What are you doing with that fucking camera, anyhow?]"
[21:05] Tesla|GMing Lucien, your position at the bar affords a better view of the blind spot that Lis and John are having trouble with.
[21:05] Sypher (Tesla, could Johnathan respond by exploding back at the man?
[21:05] Sypher (He haz good intimedate.
[21:05] Tesla|GMing (Roll it if you want)
[21:05] Sypher 4df+6
[21:05] Glacon Sypher: 6 (4df+6=-, -, +, +)
[21:05] Tesla|GMing 4df+5 Angry Burly German Man
[21:05] Glacon Tesla|GMing: Angry Burly German Man: 8 (4df+5=+, +, 0, +)
[21:06] Daedalus Lucien orders a martini and looks over at the German guy, ~For the love of God~
[21:06] Nemi Smoothly, Lis explains, "[We're filming a documentary on the reconstruction of Berlin after the War.]"
[21:06] Sypher Johnathan remains silent, embarresed that his verbal fire failed.
[21:07] Tesla|GMing It's a bit late for smooth, Lis. John flies off the handle into an angry yiddish rant about nothing in particular, and his response is to be grabbed and lifted bodily by the Elephant Man and hurled through the maintenance door.
[21:07] Nemi Lis groans.
[21:07] Sypher Gah!
[21:07] Tesla|GMing John, roll PDef for getting thrown through a goddamn door
[21:07] Nemi Lis is tiny. She's not terribly inclined to try to intervene.
[21:08] Sypher (for phys. Defence?)
[21:08] Daedalus Lucien walks over to the man, "[Leave him alone, would you?]"
[21:08] Tesla|GMing (Yes)
[21:08] Sypher 4df+2
[21:08] Glacon Sypher: 2 (4df+2=-, +, +, -)
[21:09] Tesla|GMing Lis, you're tiny, but you're smart: you note that Charles Atlas over there throwing the yid through the door might be your best chance for getting access to Maintenance, which is basically the whole building right there.
[21:09] Nemi And she notes this. And, using the commotion as a backdrop, slips stealthily into Maintenance right past the open door. She's incredibly good at being unnoticed, and better yet at getting around places like this.
[21:10] Sypher Johnathan just lets himself be shoved around.
[21:10] Tesla|GMing John, you take one point of damage for getting hurled into a room. The guy lifts you up by the lapels and throws you again, further down the hallway.
[21:10] Tesla|GMing Lis, with Lurch being thoroughly distracted by kicking the tar out of John, you're scot free to get into maintenance.
[21:11] Daedalus Lucien sighs and approaches the German man once more, "[Leave him alone.]"
[21:11] Tesla|GMing And something ain't right. Roll perception.
[21:11] Nemi 4df+8 eye see things, I see them with my eyes
[21:11] Glacon Nemi: eye see things, I see them with my eyes: 8 (4df+8=+, -, -, +)
[21:11] Tesla|GMing 4df+4 somethin ain't right
[21:11] Glacon Tesla|GMing: somethin ain't right: 3 (4df+4=0, -, -, +)
[21:12] Tesla|GMing Lis, you see a cloaked figure enter surreptitiously through another back door several paces away. He hasn't noticed you, but the sound of the commotion makes him bolt down the hall, towards the second floor stairs.
[21:13] Tesla|GMing Lucien, he turns on you as the Maintenance door swings shut. "[And who the fuck are you? This yid's boyfriend?]"
[21:13] Nemi And, moving quietly and gracefully, Lis pursues. This is where she's a natural; lurking in dark tunnels, tracking people unseen. She's not much for fights, but infiltration is her thing.
[21:13] Nemi And she's deceptively fast.
[21:13] Tesla|GMing Roll stealth.
[21:13] Sypher (So wait, is Johnathan in the maintence room, and the Elephant man in the lobby?)
[21:13] Tesla|GMing (All of you are in Maintenance now)
[21:14] Sypher (carp.)
[21:14] Daedalus 4df+3 "[You should be very afraid of me.]"
[21:14] Glacon Daedalus: "[You should be very afraid of me.]": 5 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, +)
[21:14] Nemi 4df+9 Stealf
[21:14] Glacon Nemi: Stealf: 10 (4df+9=+, +, -, 0)
[21:14] Daedalus (Tagging Anomoly)
[21:14] Nemi Lis am Neenja.
[21:14] Tesla|GMing 4df+3 (Tagging MDef) Big head and a little brain
[21:14] Glacon Tesla|GMing: (Tagging MDef) Big head and a little brain: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
[21:15] Sypher Johnathan is standing up.
[21:15] Tesla|GMing 4df+5 (Perc) The figure is looking around
[21:15] Glacon Tesla|GMing: (Perc) The figure is looking around: 7 (4df+5=+, -, +, +)
[21:15] Tesla|GMing LUCIEN AND JOHN: The guy's eyes go as wide as dinner plates. He stares at Lucien in terror and apologizes profusely before disappearing back into the lobby. You're alone in maintenancehey, where'd Lis go?
[21:16] Sypher Johnathan looks around
[21:16] Tesla|GMing LIS: You manage to trail him successfully as he runs up the stairs, going unnoticed.
[21:16] Daedalus Lucien helps John up.
[21:16] Daedalus Redact
[21:16] Nemi And Lis keeps after him, always keeping him in sight. She murmurs into the radio, "Contact in sight, moving upstairs." As surreptitiously as she can, of course.
[21:17] Sypher Johnathan hears his radio.
[21:17] Sypher To Lucien, "Dammit, he's already on his way. We have to hurry."
[21:17] Daedalus Lucien looks around, he hears his radio, "Lets go." He runs up the maintainance stairs
[21:17] Sypher Johnathan follows Lucien, keeping up.
[21:18] ZombieRaptor Kendall continues taking notes.
[21:18] Daedalus Lucien catches up to Lis, "Where is he?"
[21:18] Tesla|GMing Lis, you arrive on the second floor just in time to see the figure arrive on the landing. He slams bodily through the door just as you, Kendall, put pen to paper.
[21:19] Sypher Johnathan is panting up the stairs.
[21:19] ZombieRaptor Kendall looks up. [Sir? Are you alright?]
[21:19] Optimal Frederick is also here.
[21:19] Nemi Lis is curiously hard to spot, but Lucien and Johnathan should certainly easily see the figure as it slams through the door.
[21:19] Tesla|GMing Kendall and Frederick, he barrels past you like a freight train and slams straight through the door of 212, batting it out of the way like a child's toy despite the fact that it had to be deadbolted.
[21:20] Daedalus Lucien points at the being, "Stop him!"
[21:20] Sypher Johnathan yells out, "Stop! Thief!"
[21:20] ZombieRaptor "Oh shit."
[21:20] ZombieRaptor Kendall shushes them.
[21:20] Daedalus Lucien runs after the creature
[21:20] Optimal "Dammit…"
[21:20] Sypher Johnathan is grabbing his gun.
[21:20] ZombieRaptor Kendall looks in the room.
[21:21] Optimal Frederick follows the beast inside, ready to try and grab it.
[21:21] Nemi Lis is now looking for alternate egress points that the creature might be taking. Seeing as it can just go right through doors, she doesn't expect it'd be troubled overmuch by going through the window.
[21:22] Tesla|GMing Kendall, you see the figure going to work on the girl's leg with a scalpel, muttering in german. He sees you and goes for the window, tearing away a ragged strip of thigh-flesh.
[21:22] Tesla|GMing Frederick, roll agility to grab the guy.
[21:22] Optimal 4df+2 Swiftlike!
[21:22] Glacon Optimal: Swiftlike!: 3 (4df+2=+, -, 0, +)
[21:22] Sypher Johnathan was about to shoot the man, but holds off until Fred moves
[21:23] Tesla|GMing 4df+6 MOAR SWIFTLIKE
[21:23] Glacon Tesla|GMing: MOAR SWIFTLIKE: 6 (4df+6=0, +, -, 0)
[21:23] Optimal (oh shit)
[21:23] |<
ZombieRaptor has left (Quit: ZombieRaptor)
[21:23] >| ZombieRaptor (~moc.rr.ser.xtas.E0381A08-CRInys|paReibmoZ#moc.rr.ser.xtas.E0381A08-CRInys|paReibmoZ) has joined #homeimprovement
[21:23] Sypher (damn you, Glacon)
[21:23] Tesla|GMing Well, Fred, that didn't work. The figure just danced out of your way, displaying surprisingly deft footwork for a hunchback with a distended stomach, before hurling himself bodily through the window.
[21:24] Optimal "Dammit!"
[21:24] Sypher Johnathan contemplates using the gun, then decides against it.
[21:24] Tesla|GMing Everyone else in the room, your radios sputter to life. Noble is shouting: "He's on his way down the alley next to the building, get fucking after him!"
[21:24] Daedalus "To the lobby!" Lucien runs back down the maintainence stairs
[21:24] ZombieRaptor Kendall bolts out to outside.
[21:25] Tesla|GMing Everyone else: the window's about a twelve foot drop.
[21:25] Sypher Johnathan runs
[21:25] Tesla|GMing you could make that.
[21:25] Optimal Frederick runs as fast as his loafers can carry him outside.
[21:25] Sypher OUT THE WINDOW!
[21:25] Nemi Lis sprints into the room, sparing the girl only a glance, and just as smoothly vaults out the window. The difference between her and most is that such a fall is nothing ot her. She'll land in a roll and keep going.
[21:25] Sypher Johnathan jumps out the window
[21:25] Tesla|GMing Lobby peeps: You storm through the lobby and down outside, looping around into the alley.
[21:25] Nemi She is practiced at freerunning. Apparently navigating a city as a Resistance courier does that.
[21:25] Tesla|GMing Lis and John: roll agility and any connected specials.
[21:25] Daedalus (Parkour)
[21:26] Optimal Frederick runs down the alley, after the things.
[21:26] ZombieRaptor Kendall follows the target.
[21:26] Nemi 4df+8 (agi + ResOps)
[21:26] Glacon Nemi: (agi + ResOps): 5 (4df+8=0, -, -, -)
[21:26] Sypher Johnathan yolos out 4df+1
[21:26] ZombieRaptor [Sir! Please stop!] roll persuasion? (:p
[21:26] Tesla|GMing 4df+1
[21:26] Glacon Tesla|GMing: 3 (4df+1=0, 0, +, +)
[21:26] Daedalus Lucien follows behind Kendall
[21:26] Tesla|GMing LIS: You land and recover successfully.
[21:27] Tesla|GMing JOHN: You fall flat on your ass. -1 Physical health.
[21:27] Sypher (dammit.)
[21:27] Sypher Johnathan stumbles to his feet, and chases after the man
[21:27] Tesla|GMing Zombie, roll persuasion if you want
[21:27] Sypher oh great.
[21:27] Sypher I can't finish this Run….
[21:27] Sypher I need to leave…
[21:27] ZombieRaptor 4df+10 woo tagging smooth talker
[21:27] Glacon ZombieRaptor: woo tagging smooth talker: 13 (4df+10=+, 0, +, +)
[21:27] Tesla|GMing (take it to ooc)
[21:27] Nemi It was a little awkward by her standards-she'll be feeling that bruised shoulder in the morning-but she smoothly rolls out of the fall and keeps running. In what is probably a terrible idea, she'll attempt to lunge at and snag him as best as she can.
[21:28] Tesla|GMing 4df+12 (MDef + Far away from you)
[21:28] Glacon Tesla|GMing: (MDef + Far away from you): 15 (4df+12=+, +, 0, +)
[21:28] Nemi She's not really attempting to tackle-she doesn't have the mass for that-but instead..
[21:28] |<
Sypher has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[21:28] Tesla|GMing KENDALL: Either he ignored you or he can't hear you.
[21:28] ZombieRaptor Kendall sprints after him.
[21:28] Daedalus (Can we roll agility to see who catches up with him?)
[21:29] Tesla|GMing LIS: You spot him running down the alley in front of you, a surprisingly fast man.
[21:29] Optimal Frederick might be the closest to him besides Lis.
[21:29] ZombieRaptor Where is Kendall?
[21:29] Tesla|GMing EVERYONE ELSE: You see Lis take off down an adjoining alley.
[21:29] Tesla|GMing Everyone who is't Nemi, roll agility to catch up
[21:29] ZombieRaptor Kendall follows.
[21:29] Optimal 4df+2 Run fatty!
[21:29] Glacon Optimal: Run fatty!: 5 (4df+2=+, +, 0, +)
[21:29] Optimal (oh yeah)
[21:29] Nemi Lis curses her tiny legs. She calls down the radio, "Try to intercept! He's moving down alleys connected to [street]! Noble, advise, I'm going!" Move your little legs, Lis!
[21:30] Daedalus 4df+4 Lucien follows Kendall
[21:30] Glacon Daedalus: Lucien follows Kendall: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
[21:30] ZombieRaptor 4df+4
[21:30] Glacon ZombieRaptor: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
[21:30] Tesla|GMing KENDALL, LUCIEN, FRED: You catch up to Lis! Even paunchy, terminally-out-of-shape Frederick manages! How about that!
[21:30] ZombieRaptor Roll again to catch up to quarry?
[21:31] Daedalus "How're we going to stop him?" Lucien asks between breaths
[21:31] Tesla|GMing Lis: "He's going to head for the border, most likely he knows whatever's over here won't go over there without a fight. Keep chasing, stay less lethal."
[21:32] ZombieRaptor Roll agility to catch up?
[21:32] Tesla|GMing EVERYONE: You're weaving down an alley barely wide enough to host you double-file with Chirurg in a definite lead, taking you in a decidedly easterly direction.
[21:32] Tesla|GMing Roll Agility to narrow the gap.
[21:32] Daedalus Lucien keep chase, wishing he had brought his wristbow with him
[21:32] Nemi "Understood. People! Try to head him off!" She keeps sprinting! She's fast! But apparently not enough.
[21:32] Nemi 4df+8 goesfast
[21:32] Glacon Nemi: goesfast: 8 (4df+8=+, -, 0, 0)
[21:32] Optimal 4df+2 To the narrow gap!
[21:32] Glacon Optimal: To the narrow gap!: 2 (4df+2=+, -, -, +)
[21:32] Daedalus 4df+4 Mind the gap!
[21:32] Glacon Daedalus: Mind the gap!: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, +, -)
[21:32] ZombieRaptor 4df+4
[21:32] Glacon ZombieRaptor: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
[21:33] Tesla|GMing 4df+6 nyoom
[21:33] Glacon Tesla|GMing: nyoom: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
[21:33] ZombieRaptor Kendall shouts! "Stop or we will take you down by force!" Intimidation?
[21:33] Tesla|GMing (one sec)
[21:34] Tesla|GMing LIS: You narrow the gap! He's weaving from alley to alley like he knows this place intimately. Roll any skill that might help your teammates head him off
[21:34] Tesla|GMing EVERYONE ELSE EXCEPT FRED: You fall behind slightly, but note Lis is still hot on his trail!
[21:35] Tesla|GMing FRED: Your old ass starts lagging behind. Did you pull a hammy?
[21:35] Nemi 4df+4 (Resistance Operative to coordinate teammates!)
[21:35] Glacon Nemi: (Resistance Operative to coordinate teammates!): 5 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, +)
[21:35] ZombieRaptor (Roll?)
[21:35] Tesla|GMing 4df+3 Berlin's Back Alleys
[21:35] Glacon Tesla|GMing: Berlin's Back Alleys: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, -, 0)
[21:35] Optimal Fred winces. "Ah, damn! I think I pulled something." He starts slowing down.
[21:35] Tesla|GMing (Roll intimidate if you want)
[21:35] ZombieRaptor 4df+10 It's worth a shot!
[21:35] Glacon ZombieRaptor: It's worth a shot!: 11 (4df+10=-, +, 0, +)
[21:36] Daedalus "Hurry up! It's getting away!" Lucien shouts at Frederick
[21:36] Tesla|GMing LIS: You notice that a lot of these alleys connect to the streets on the far side (the one Chirurg is running towards) in a lot shorter of a fashion than you'd expected. Your slower teammates could probably take those and head him off, if they're fast.
[21:37] Tesla|GMing 4df+11 Slightly closer now
[21:37] Glacon Tesla|GMing: Slightly closer now: 11 (4df+11=-, -, +, +)
[21:37] Nemi "Move to the far street! Head him off! Go!"
[21:37] Tesla|GMing KENDALL: He looks back at you, shouts "NEIN!" in a rasping, wheezing voice, and continues his pursuit.
[21:38] ZombieRaptor Kendall heads that way!
[21:38] Daedalus Lucien follows close behind Kendall
[21:39] Optimal Frederick tails the group by far.
[21:39] Nemi Lis keeeeps going, ignoring the side stitch she's developing and the general stiffness she's feeling. Ouu.
[21:40] Tesla|GMing Lis, this is going to hurt in the morning, but the good news is you're still gaining on him.
[21:41] Tesla|GMing Kendall, Fred and Lucien, you take several clever turns through side alleys and shortcuts and end up on the other side of the block (good news!), where across the street and another few buildings, you see the Berlin Wall (bad news!).
[21:41] ZombieRaptor Kendall tries to cut him off!
[21:41] Daedalus "Christ, this guy can run!"
[21:41] ZombieRaptor Roll agility?
[21:41] Optimal "Oh shit…"
[21:41] Tesla|GMing Chirurg bursts free of the alley and runs straight towards the group by the road!
[21:42] Tesla|GMing Everyone, roll agility!
[21:42] ZombieRaptor 4df+4
[21:42] Glacon ZombieRaptor: 5 (4df+4=+, -, +, 0)
[21:42] Optimal 4df+2
[21:42] Glacon Optimal: 2 (4df+2=0, +, -, 0)
[21:42] Daedalus 4df+4
[21:42] Glacon Daedalus: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
[21:43] Nemi 4df+8
[21:43] Glacon Nemi: 6 (4df+8=0, -, -, 0)
[21:43] Tesla|GMing 4df+4 Bitch just got dogpiled
[21:43] Glacon Tesla|GMing: Bitch just got dogpiled: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
[21:43] ZombieRaptor Can I roll melee?
[21:44] Tesla|GMing No need. Everyone, you pile the hell onto this guy and he topples like wheat before the scythe.
[21:44] Tesla|GMing Pause for descrip
[21:44] ZombieRaptor (Paws pads)
[21:46] Tesla|GMing Guys, this… Thing… If it was human once, it isn't now. Beneath the thick wool of its cloak, its skin is a patchwork mess of various hues, all died a sickly yellow. His eyes are dichromatic, one hazel and one blue, and his teeth are a mismatched horror-show. His ribs are warped and his stomach bulges obscenely over his heavy work pants. His arms are
[21:46] Nemi [cutoff: His arms are ]
[21:46] Tesla|GMing far too long for his body, ending in five over-long fingers which scrabble like spiders, trying to get a grip on something he can use to get free.
[21:46] ZombieRaptor Kendall screams at him. [DO NOT STRUGGLE]
[21:47] ZombieRaptor Intimidation again?
[21:47] Tesla|GMing He hacks blood and eventually gives up. [Yes, alright, fine, you have me! I'm done. Call it in.]
[21:47] Tesla|GMing [Now get off me, you're crushing my second heart.]
[21:47] ZombieRaptor "Anyone have cuffs?"
[21:47] Tesla|GMing *KAFF*
[21:47] Daedalus "Come with us."
[21:47] Nemi Lis climbs off him, not that her tiny weight would have done much. "Noble? We got him."
[21:47] ZombieRaptor "Grab his arms and hold on tightly, two to an arm."
[21:48] Tesla|GMing Lucien, he fixes you with a strange look. [I *KAFF* *KAFF* suppose I don't have much of a choice at this point… Very well.]
[21:48] Optimal Frederick pushes off, using his cane for leverage.
[21:48] ZombieRaptor Kendall grabs an arm tightly and stands up.
[21:48] Daedalus Lucien gets off
[21:48] Optimal Frederick grabs the other.
[21:48] Tesla|GMing Lis, Noble crackles back through to you. "Really? Damn, I only half-expected that to work. Hang on, let me contact the rest of our boys. We'll get you a ride back to the airfield and then all of us can go home."
[21:49] Tesla|GMing Frederick, Kendall, his flesh is spongy and the skin sags and wrinkles beneath your hands.
[21:49] Daedalus "[What are you?]" Lucien asks the ting
[21:49] ZombieRaptor Kendall keeps a hold of him.
[21:49] Daedalus Thing*
[21:49] Nemi "You and I both." She laughs half to herself, watching the contact. As contacts go, this guy's only mildly horrific. She feels a shudder despite herself. And her knees hurt.
[21:49] Optimal Frederick holds on tight to the saggyness.
[21:49] Tesla|GMing "[The people here have taken to calling me Herr Chirurg. I suppose that name will do for our purposes.]"
[21:50] ZombieRaptor [What do you call yourself?] (you can make up a nameit's not canon. ie Jack Holladay)
[21:50] Tesla|GMing Frederick, Kendall, he doesn't make any move to resist, despite being almost 2.5 meters tall and obviously a lot quicker than you are.
[21:51] Nemi "Keep him restrained," Lis commands the others. "Arms held. Backup is en-route and then we're out of here."
[21:51] Tesla|GMing "[I actually quite like Chirurg. It suits me quite well, if I do say so myself.]"
[21:51] ZombieRaptor [Why did you kill that woman?]
[21:51] Nemi "[Surgeon, right.]"
[21:51] Daedalus "[Herr Chirurg? Are you the one stealing organs?]"
[21:52] Tesla|GMing "It means Surgeon in english, if I'm not mistaken." He flawlessly swaps to English. "I wasn't going to kill her, merely take some of her muscular structure. She has such lovely legs."
[21:52] ZombieRaptor [That kills people…]
[21:52] Tesla|GMing "And yes, I suppose you could call it stealing, although I'd say *KAFF* *KAFF*" He clears his throat. "That I'd need it more than they do."
[21:52] Nemi "Why?" She inquires, one brow up. "Replacing your own parts?"
[21:52] Tesla|GMing He looks at you, Kendall. "Not if you do it right."
[21:53] Tesla|GMing "If I hadn't been interrupted, she wouldn't have felt a thing!"
[21:53] Optimal Frederick actually understood what Chirurg said.
[21:53] Nemi She tilts her head toward herr Chirurg and his patchwork appearance.
[21:53] ZombieRaptor "There's been a rash of murders… No one has survived."
[21:53] Tesla|GMing "Quite unfortunate for them, really. I suppose I've been in a bit of a *KAFF* hurry, lately." He wipes some of the blood onto the lapel of his cloak. "Bit of a hack job here and there…"
[21:54] Daedalus Lucien raises an eyebrow and lights up a cigarette, he looks up and down the alley. "I'm quite sure this isn't the safest place to have this conversation."
[21:54] Tesla|GMing "For what it's worth, I apologise. The deaths were quite unintended." He finally looks at you, Lis. "Yes, replacing… Well, the parts that I /call/ mine."
[21:54] Nemi Lis makes a mental note! Socipathic, clinical detachment from victims, entirely selfish. "Why? Limited viable life?"
[21:55] Optimal Damn, this skin is spongy.
[21:55] Tesla|GMing "Rather limited. But the shifty-looking one makes a good point."
[21:55] Tesla|GMing He clams up just as a black delivery truck pulls to the side of the road next to you, driven by none other than Noble himself.
[21:55] Nemi Lis nods. "Cut the chatter, then. We can resume once we're picked up." She picks up her radio. "Noble, eta on arrival?"
[21:55] Nemi [Redact ]
[21:56] Nemi Lis mock-salutes Noble and inclines her head toward Herr Chirurg.
[21:56] Daedalus "Shifty? Thank you." Lucien chuckles
[21:56] Tesla|GMing Noble leans out the window and speaks casually into the radio: "Zero seconds. Everyone hop in."
[21:56] Nemi "Let's go." She moves to the back and opens it up.
[21:56] Daedalus Lucien climbs in
[21:56] Tesla|GMing Herr Chirurg climbs into the back of the truck with no protest.
[21:56] ZombieRaptor Kendall heads in.
[21:57] Optimal Frederick takes Herr Chirurg into the back with him.
[21:57] Nemi Lis climbs in, watching Herr Chirurg carefully. While the others have him restrained, she'll systematically search and disarm him as they go.
[21:58] Daedalus Lucien offers cigarettes to the people in the van. "
[21:58] Tesla|GMing The truck pulls away from the curb as soon as everyone is in and secured. Lis, you find no actual weapons. However, you discover, secreted away among the many folds of his big cloak, an ancient leather case which contains… A surgical kit.
[21:59] Tesla|GMing Various scalpels, tweezers, mirrors, etc. peek out at you, all of them shiny and menacing in the dark despite the fact that the case seems to be almost 75 years old.
[21:59] Tesla|GMing Possibly older.
[22:00] Tesla|GMing Lucien, a few accept. Some don't.
[22:00] Nemi That's -interesting-. She zips them up and keeps them at hand.
[22:00] ZombieRaptor Kendall smiles at the people in the vAn.
[22:00] Optimal "Thanks but no thanks Lucien. I don't smoke."
[22:00] Optimal Fred stills holds the spongy arm. It's somewhat nasty.
[22:01] Tesla|GMing Chirurg gives you a look as you stow them away. "Take care of them, please. They're antiques, and of great sentimental value."
[22:01] Nemi "Of course," she says, pleasantly. She's smiling again. It's only slightly unnerving.
[22:01] Tesla|GMing "And sir, you don't need to keep holding my arm. We're going eighty-five kilometres an hour down a tarmac road; there aren't many places I can go. I am still /mostly/ human, after all."
[22:02] Nemi "Are you just talking about your components, or..?" Lis asks, wryly.
[22:02] ZombieRaptor "How did you become this way?"
[22:02] Daedalus Lucien looks at the creature with a passive curiosity
[22:03] Tesla|GMing Chirurg laughs. It's a mildly unnerving sound, like rubbing two sheets of high-grit sandpaper together. "Perhaps, perhaps." He turns to look at Kendall. "Doctor-patient confidentiality, ma'am."
[22:03] Tesla|GMing You arrive at the airstrip several hours later with no incident.
[22:03] Optimal "Thank you for the cooperation Chirurg. But we can't be too safe now can we?"
[22:04] Nemi Lis is amused at how.. pleasant? Chirurg can be. However, she keeps a careful hand on the surgical kit, and is further wary about sharp objects that might be accessible to him.
[22:04] Tesla|GMing "Fair enough, sir." When the tailgate is lowered, Chirurg tilts his head at the plane. "Shall we?"
[22:04] ZombieRaptor "We could use him as a surgeon if he stops stealing legs." Kendall muses.
[22:05] Nemi "Yes, we shall."
[22:05] Nemi "Keep him restrained," she cautions the others. "Containment will handle the rest once we get there."
[22:05] Tesla|GMing "I would be happy to take up the matter with your employers, if they can provide me with an alternative to repossessing others' vital organs."
[22:06] Nemi "We'll figure something out, Herr Chirurg," Lis says, pleasantly.
[22:06] Daedalus "Would you like a Cigarette as well, Mister Chirurng?"
[22:06] Optimal Frederick still holding his arm, takes Chirurg to the plane.
[22:07] Tesla|GMing "No thank you, sir. They're bad for your health."
[22:07] Daedalus "Suit yourself." He puts one in his own mouth and lights it
[22:08] Tesla|GMing The same redneck is sitting in the pilot's seat as before. "W'howdy, y'all, welcome ba
[22:08] ZombieRaptor Kendall smiles.
[22:08] Optimal "Your sixth passenger."
[22:08] Daedalus Lucien frowns.
[22:08] Nemi "It's a surgeon," She explains.
[22:09] ZombieRaptor "It's the type of thing we go out and contain periodically."
[22:09] Tesla|GMing The pilot looks at you all blankly, then veeeeery slowly shuts the cockpit door.
[22:10] ZombieRaptor Kendall knocks on it. "I need to talk to you."
[22:10] Tesla|GMing "Why?"
[22:10] Daedalus Lucien boards the plane
[22:10] ZombieRaptor "Because it's important I talk to you."
[22:10] ZombieRaptor "Trust me."
[22:10] Tesla|GMing "I ken hear y'all just fine through th' door."
[22:11] ZombieRaptor "You'll need to come with us back to site." To give him amnesiacs
[22:11] Nemi Lis climbs into the plane, and finds somewhere comfortable between some sacks of rice and a bag of cabbages.
[22:11] Tesla|GMing "Uh… Mm'kay."
[22:12] Tesla|GMing The engines of the plane buzz to life once everyone is on board, and you all fly back through the night to the good ol' US of A.
[22:12] Tesla|GMing A very strange Jeep ride later and you all arrive safely at Site-19 and #origins-ic

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