Anomallama LSD

[23:33:51] <Riemann> Hill is doing things that could possibly be nebulously defined as "science" in Lab 6
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[23:34:22] <Atcero> Zoe nods and takes the jazz record off. She goes and sits at the piano.
[23:34:58] <Atcero> She starts playing some Chopin (no links for now)
[23:35:01] <Poke> "Hey, I was actually starting to like jazz!"
[23:35:08] <padri> Laura is also doing science. But she's not in Hill's lab. She wouldn't mind helping him sometime. She should get on that.
[23:35:22] <Poke> "Just kidding, still hate it."
[23:35:27] <Atcero> Zoe smirks and shakes her head
[23:35:40] <padri> Katie thinks that's silly.
[23:35:50] <Riemann> (She could feel free to wander in, Hill has extended the offer already)
[23:36:14] <Roget> "…. K-katie?"
[23:36:35] <padri> She looks at Marty again. "Hi. I'm… Yeah, I'm Katie! How'd you know?"
[23:36:44] <Poke> Enriquez decides to go find some beer.
[23:36:46] <padri> Laura does! "Hello?"
[23:38:01] <Riemann> Hill looks up from the labyrinth of beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks. "Oh, hello Laura!'
[23:39:04] <Atcero> Zoe finishes the song. "Should I continue?"
[23:39:06] <Poke> Enriquez walks into Lab 6. "I heard glasses clinking, and- oh."
[23:39:24] <Roget> "…. I g-g-g…." he breathes in. "guessed."
[23:39:55] <padri> Katie: "You're a good guesser!" She laughs.
[23:40:15] <padri> Laura smiles. "You invited me to help you in the lab?"
[23:40:18] <Atcero> Zoe stops and goes back over to where she was. "How's Katie doing?" she asks
[23:40:36] <Riemann> Hill looks at the newcomer, more curious than anything else. "Can I help you, Mr…?"
[23:40:51] <Poke> Enriquez walks towards the cafeteria in disgust.
[23:41:10] <Roget> "…"
[23:41:15] <Poke> (whoops)
[23:41:48] <Atcero> (Redact that then)
[23:41:53] <Poke> er… yeah, redcat
[23:42:12] <padri> Katie: "Who are you?"
[23:42:40] <Atcero> "Well, I'll just lay down then" she mumbles seeing she is being ignored
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[23:43:11] <Poke> "Gus Enriquez. Although I prefer just Enriquez. Didn't mean to end up here, thought I heard someone drinking beer. Turns out it was science and shit." He extends a hand in greeting.
[23:43:39] <Riemann> "Oh, yes, I did, didn't I… Well, I'm working with some diethylamides right now, Laura. If you care to help…"
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[23:44:21] <padri> Laura: "If you need a hand, I would love to help."
[23:44:29] <Poke> "I'll just, uh, leave then?"
[23:44:32] <Riemann> "And as for you, Enriquez, you'll find some alcohol over there." Hill motions towards a jury-rigged distillery in the corner
[23:44:38] <Poke> "Ah!"
[23:45:01] <padri> Laura chuckles.
[23:45:10] <Riemann> "It /is/ about 96% alcohol. I'm working towards purity."
[23:45:17] <Poke> Enriquez brightens considerably, and dashes over to the aforementioned corner
[23:45:19] <Roget> "…. Mart-Marty Beller."
[23:45:34] <Riemann> "By all means, Laura, I'd love some help."
[23:45:38] <Poke> "Oh. My. God."
[23:45:49] <padri> Laura chuckles at Enriquez and walks in.
[23:46:14] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi walks back into commons, done with his walk.
[23:46:19] <padri> Katie: "Mr Beller? Nice to meet you." She holds out her hand.
[23:46:35] <Poke> "That," he says, wiping off his alcohol mustache, "is actually really frickin' good."
[23:46:47] <padri> Katie is trying to be friends with Marty in the common room.
[23:46:58] <Poke> "Need any help?"
[23:47:28] <padri> Laura: "How can I help?" She walks over, comfortable with a chem lab.
[23:47:46] <Riemann> "Unless you have a masters in chemistry, or have a history with ergolines, Enriquez, I'm afraid not."
[23:47:51] <Poke> Enriquez is obviously not so comfortable.
[23:48:07] <Roget> Marty shakes. His arm is ahsky
[23:48:45] <Poke> "Well, I have a bachelor's in testing weird shit out on lab rats."
[23:48:59] <Riemann> "Well, I'm making some ergolines right now, Laura."
[23:49:48] <Riemann> "Afraid that won't help, Enriquez. Testing on rodents doesn't begin for a while."
[23:50:20] <padri> Katie: "Are you cold?"
[23:50:39] <Poke> "Ah, so you're one of those serious scientists. I'll just watch, in that case, until I understand less than 1% of what's going on."
[23:51:08] <Riemann> "That's the first time anyone has called me serious in a very long time." Hill remarks glibly
[23:51:40] <padri> Laura chuckles.
[23:52:09] <Poke> "Heh. That's the first time anyone's taken me seriously."
[23:53:49] <Riemann> Hill pulls out an unidentified chemical in a test tube, then slowly pours it into the mess of beakers and glasses. "Laura, Enriquez, don't mention to Ivan what I took from his room."
[23:53:57] <Riemann> He is referring to the chemical
[23:54:01] <Roget> "…. n-no."
[23:54:58] <padri> Laura: "What is it?"
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[23:55:30] <Poke> Enriquez tilts his head quizzically
[23:55:37] <padri> Katie: "Why're you shaking?"
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[23:56:52] <Riemann> Well, it's an acid. Which is exactly what I need. Other than that, I have no idea."
[23:57:11] <Roget> "… s-sorry…"
[23:57:36] <padri> Laura frowns. "Oughtn't we figure out what, precisely, it is before using it?"
[23:58:05] <Poke> "Acids are fun to pour over various things," Enriquez remarks casually, twiddling his thumbs.
[23:58:23] <Riemann> Hill frowns back, as he begins to put on a ridiculously thick hazmat suit.
[23:58:49] <Riemann> No, just kidding. Redact that
[23:58:55] <padri> Laura is a skilled frowner.
[23:59:07] <padri> She also frowns at Enriquez
[23:59:33] <ihp> (Jacob psychically senses the frowning, and frowns as well)
[23:59:38] <Poke> "I didn't do anything! (yet)"
[00:00:29] <Riemann> "It's an ergotamine, which is exactly what we need. There are a few impurities, but that's what I'm testing, Laura."
[00:01:01] <Riemann> "I imagine it's something Ivan uses for his supernatural projects."
[00:01:27] <padri> Laura nods. "Sounds fascinating. Can I take a look?"
[00:01:33] <Poke> "You're doing good for humanity, doc, just remember that. Not that I have any clue what you're doing."
[00:01:48] <Riemann> "By all means." Hill hands her some goggles. Just in case
[00:01:54] <padri> Katie: "Why're you sorry?"
[00:03:17] <Roget> "…"
[00:03:29] <Riemann> "I plan on hydrolysing it, with alkalines."
[00:03:46] <padri> Laura puts on goggles! She takes a look at it! It's just a normal chemically thing, right?
[00:03:49] <Poke> "what."
[00:03:55] <padri> Katie is really cute, Marty.
[00:04:14] <Riemann> Yup, normally chemical thingy
[00:04:27] <padri> She also has a sketch pad and a pencil in her hands.
[00:04:30] <Poke> "Should I be backing away?"
[00:04:30] <Riemann> Nothing bad is going to happen, I promise
[00:04:40] <padri> Laura thinks weird thoughts. She hands it back. "Thank you."
[00:04:48] <Poke> "Ooooh-kay, definetely time to back away now."
[00:04:54] <Roget> "…. y-you dr-draw?"
[00:05:49] <padri> Katie grins. "I do!"
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[00:06:20] <Roget> "…" Marty looks at iy
[00:06:42] <padri> Katie: "Wanna see?"
[00:06:44] <TeslaTornado> Serge gets over his embarrassment and goes to the commons.
[00:06:47] <TeslaTornado> It's about time.
[00:07:04] <Riemann> "Alright, Laura. Shall we?"
[00:07:27] <padri> Laura nods. "Sounds good to me." She pulls on a pair of her gloves.
[00:07:39] <Poke> "Well this isn't worrying at all."
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[00:10:04] <Roget> "…. ok."
[00:10:06] <ihp> Jacob ambles around the site absently, humming to himself.
[00:10:35] <Riemann> Hill begins to synthesise, light glinting off of his glasses evilly
[00:10:54] <Riemann> He whistles happily as he works.
[00:11:12] <Poke> Enriquez begins to hum along
[00:11:20] <padri> Laura helps!
[00:12:28] <Riemann> As the science clears, the three are left with a batch of lysergamides
[00:12:38] <padri> Katie opens her sketchbook and shows Marty some of her pictures!
[00:13:03] <padri> They're p good for an eleven year old, but not p good in general. They're pictures of places and people around the site!
[00:13:07] <Riemann> Lysergic acid, specifically
[00:13:26] <Poke> "So… what exactly does this stuff do? Like, in layman's terms?"
[00:14:04] <TeslaTornado> Serge plops into his usual armchair, staring balefully at the TV. If he hadn't had a reason to be suspicious of it before, he sure as shit does now.
[00:14:49] <padri> Laura feels better now that she's actually accomplished something for once.
[00:15:11] <Roget> Are there any pictures of people Marty would recognize?
[00:15:37] <padri> Probably. There's at least one of Luvi, for instance.
[00:16:10] <Roget> "…. I-is th-that m-mister Luvi?"
[00:16:16] <Riemann> "As it is, nothing. I have some diethalymides over there" Hill waves to the side "Which I plan on synthesising."
[00:16:58] <Poke> Enriquez stares blankly
[00:17:03] <padri> Katie nods. "I like Mr Luvi."
[00:17:18] <padri> Laura nods.
[00:17:23] <Poke> "So you're telling me it doesn't actually do anything?"
[00:17:58] <Riemann> "Laura, would you like to explain?"
[00:18:00] <GraemeCracker> Murray takes off to patrol around outside. ~Might as well do something somewhat productive.~
[00:18:25] <Poke> "Glad to know I have so much importance here."
[00:18:29] <padri> Laura: "Simply put, we're not done yet."
[00:19:06] <Roget> "…. m-me too."
[00:19:21] <Riemann> "Now then, why are we still talking when there's science to do?"
[00:19:57] <padri> Katie: "You're friends with Mr Luvi? He hasn't been acting like my friend too much lately."
[00:20:01] <Poke> "…I give up. I'm gonna play chess against an anomalous lab rat or something. (We have those, right?) This science stuff is way over my head."
[00:20:09] <Poke> Enriquez leaves.
[00:20:09] <padri> Laura grins. She likes working with Hill.
[00:20:13] <Roget> "…. w-what di-did h-he do?"
[00:20:33] <padri> Katie, sadly: "He didn't do anything."
[00:20:52] <Riemann> Hill is enjoying having someone that understands what he's doing
[00:20:53] <Roget> "…?"
[00:21:47] <Riemann> "Laura, if you could hand me that diethylamide?"
[00:22:04] <gumbal1> Serge, the tv is talking about some boring story about a missing cat in some small fishing town in Boston
[00:22:16] <gumbal1> redact
[00:22:16] <padri> Katie: "He wouldn't even build a snowman with me."
[00:22:41] <padri> Laura, smiling, gets it for him.
[00:22:49] <gumbal1> Serge, the tv is talking about some boring story about a missing cat in some small fishing town in massachusetts
[00:23:34] <ihp> Jacob walks into the commons. "They brought back the television?"
[00:24:17] <Riemann> Hill takes the annoying-to-spell chemical, beginning to set up the lab for the next step.
[00:24:31] <TeslaTornado> Serge listens idly to the TV.
[00:24:47] <Poke> Enriquez happens to be passing by inside the commons at the time despite being at a lab a second ago and joins in on the conversation.
[00:25:03] <Sirgoldfish> "This shit is boring." Dan goes to change the TV.
[00:25:03] <ihp> Jacob sits in another chair and watches the television. "At least it's not that blasted dog show…"
[00:25:37] <gumbal1> "In other news, strange noises have been recorded by the residents of Austin, Texas."
[00:25:50] <GraemeCracker> Murray trudges through the snow, occasionally staring out into the distance to make sure no more cars full of llamas or anything of that sort show up.
[00:25:55] <Roget> "…. O-oh…"
[00:26:10] <Poke> "So… anything interesting in the slightest happening around here? Please?"
[00:26:10] <padri> Laura helps. She knows what's goin on.
[00:26:18] <padri> Katie: "Is he nicer to you?"
[00:26:20] <Riemann> Hill looks at Laura for a moment before saying: "This, this is going to be fun."
[00:26:33] <Riemann> He then proceeds to science!
[00:26:38] <ihp> Jacob blinks at the news. "They're not going to tell us more about that, are they?"
[00:26:44] <Poke>
[00:27:09] <Poke> (I'm telling you, he's doin' that)
[00:27:12] <gumbal1> They're talking with some farmer on TV who recorded hearing strange noises and feeling the ground shake slightly back on the 24th.
[00:27:29] * Optimal has joined #origins-ic
[00:27:40] <Sirgoldfish> Dan smiles.
[00:28:01] <ihp> "…oh my god."
[00:28:18] <Roget> "…. he-he's go-good t-to me."
[00:28:19] <Poke> "That's a lot of strange noises."
[00:28:26] <TeslaTornado> Serge listens slightly more intently.
[00:28:30] <ihp> Jacob grins proudly. "That was us!"
[00:28:53] <Sirgoldfish> The fuckers house would be in some abyss if it was not for us.
[00:28:53] <gumbal1> Notably, the farmer notes that several of his crops had began shaking rthymically for certain periods of time for a few years now
[00:29:01] <padri> Katie nods. "That's good!"
[00:29:12] <padri> Laura sciences happily!
[00:29:29] <ihp> "But… hold on. They don't mention anything about a casino…" Jacob frowns. "Maybe it's unrelated?"
[00:29:35] <Roget> "Do…. d-do yo-you k-know i-if your m-m-" he takes a breath. "Do y-you know if your m-mom likes him?"
[00:29:54] <Poke> Enriquez looks confused.
[00:29:54] <gumbal1> He also reports that his son had dissapeared several years ago into the shaking fields.
[00:30:22] <padri> Katie frowns. "I don't know. She used to."
[00:30:31] <Sirgoldfish> * " "
[00:31:05] <Riemann> The science clears the room slowly, leaving Laura and Hill with a good amount of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
[00:31:30] <Roget> "…. u-used to?"
[00:31:34] * Atcero has joined #origins-ic
[00:32:06] <padri> Laura: "What do we do with it now that we've got it?"
[00:32:30] <Optimal> Frederick opens his eyes. The first thing he sees is dirt. He's face down in a bunch of grass and dirt.
[00:32:36] <Poke> Enriquez notices strange smoke issuing from Lab 6, and is glad he left.
[00:32:46] * Atcero has left #origins-ic ()
[00:33:28] <Riemann> "Well, animal testing is the next phase, I'd imagine. Do we have any animals to test this on? It's got some… interesting differences." Hill says, looking into a microscope
[00:33:30] <gumbal1> "In other news, the Cambodo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has been condemned after an inspection of the basement."
[00:33:44] <Optimal> He slowly puts his hands under him and pushes off. He's in the front lawn, and the sky is still dark. ~Goddammit, that llama was awesome…~
[00:33:45] <TeslaTornado> Serge is taking very slow mental notes.
[00:34:18] <gumbal1> They say the owner was unavailable for comment.
[00:34:36] <ihp> "Oh. I guess the farm was the place in the basement?" Jacob frowns. "Three connected anomalies. Jeez."
[00:34:52] <Roget> Marty coughs.
[00:35:21] <Optimal> It must've been only a couple hours since he passed out. He feels something squirming in his ear. Ah, it's a damn worm! Get it out!
[00:35:23] <padri> Laura thinks. "The only thing I can think of are the llamas we brought in last night. But they aren't exactly good base test subjects."
[00:35:41] <padri> Katie shrugs. "They used to be friends.
[00:35:42] <padri> "
[00:36:00] <Poke> Enriquez taps Serge on the shoulder.
[00:36:12] <Roget> "… us-used t-to be?"
[00:36:17] <Riemann> "…Llamas? This is great news!"
[00:36:23] <Poke> "Hey, uh, what's this stuff I keep hearing about llamas?"
[00:36:42] <Optimal> Frederick walks in the entrance, dazed and hungry.
[00:37:38] <gumbal1> Anyone watching the TV, percep
[00:37:50] <Roget> Marty is watching a small child
[00:37:53] <GraemeCracker> Murray notices Frederick walk in as he patrols. ~Huh…Wonder what he's doin' out here.~
[00:37:59] <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 Watchin' TV
[00:37:59] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: Watchin' TV: 5 (4df+4=3+, 0, 0, 0)
[00:38:02] <Riemann> Hill bottles a vial of his new chemical, carefully putting a stopper in it. He motions to Laura to follow, asking "So, where are these llamas, and what do they usually eat?"
[00:38:50] <gumbal1> A picture of the Hotel in question has an unusually lighter spot at one part
[00:38:58] <Poke> 4df+5 Watching TV
[00:38:58] <Glacon> Poke: Watching TV: 6 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
[00:39:04] <gumbal1> It's vaguely person shaped
[00:39:05] <padri> Laura shrugs. "They're llamas. They tend to make people happy."
[00:39:18] <Optimal> Frederick is in the cafeteria, grabbing a burger.
[00:39:30] <padri> Katie: "Yes! They used to be!" She doesn't seem happy about this, Marty.
[00:39:35] <TeslaTornado> "Oh merde." Serge looks intently at that dude-shaped spot.
[00:39:51] <Roget> "D-do you wa-want them t-to be?"
[00:40:01] <padri> Katie nods.
[00:40:27] <gumbal1> It's hard to tell, but/ it looks like it's leaning against the wall
[00:40:34] <TeslaTornado> Serge slowly realizes that Enriquez tapped him on the shoulder. "Mm? I don't know about the llamas."
[00:40:44] <TeslaTornado> Serge looks harder.
[00:40:48] <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 Lookin' harder
[00:40:49] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: Lookin' harder: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 4-)
[00:40:50] <Poke> "I was wondering if you were alive?"
[00:40:54] <Riemann> Hill swings by the cafeteria, rooting around for alfalfa, which apparently llamas eat
[00:41:09] <gumbal1> The picture changes
[00:41:09] <Poke> (Did not mean as a question)
[00:41:13] <padri> Laura comes with. "Are you really going to test that on anomalous llamas?'
[00:41:22] <Poke> gumbal, what did i see?
[00:41:23] <Optimal> (Who is in the cafeteria?)
[00:41:32] <TeslaTornado> "Oh. Oui. I am alive. I apologize." Serge curses lightly under his breath. "Damn."
[00:41:33] <Riemann> "Are the anomalous?"
[00:41:33] <gumbal1> "In other news, a cat has gone missing within a small fishing town in Massachusetts
[00:41:37] <gumbal1> "
[00:41:49] <Riemann> (Hill could probably be seen from the cafe, Optimal)
[00:41:53] <gumbal1> (Same thing Serge saw)
[00:42:00] <Roget> "…. d-d-did you t-tell your mom t-that?"
[00:42:07] <TeslaTornado> (You rolled in the same range as me)
[00:42:11] <Poke> (K, i got a higher score than him, just wondering)
[00:42:20] <Poke> Ima look closer too
[00:42:28] <Poke> 4df+4
[00:42:29] <Glacon> Poke: 4 (4df+4=0, 3+, 4-, 0)
[00:42:33] <padri> Laura nods. "Didn't you hear? They make people happy!"
[00:42:42] <Optimal> Frederick sees a familiar face from across the hall. He takes his burger and goes to see Hill. "Hello there."
[00:42:49] <padri> Katie: "No …"
[00:43:00] <Poke> "Hm. You see that guy leaning against the wall, serge?"
[00:43:01] <Roget> "…. Okay…:
[00:43:44] <gumbal1> They're talking with the person who bought the cat just last week
[00:43:54] <gumbal1> Anyone watching the tv, academics
[00:43:54] <Riemann> "I wasn't around for that. Shame. Anyhow, these llamas are definitely going to make me happy." Hill is mischievous
[00:44:17] <Riemann> "Hey Fred! How've you been?" Hill asks Fred
[00:44:19] <padri> Laura: "So we're going to containment?" She sounds a touch nervous about this.
[00:44:21] <Poke> 4df+3 watching da TV
[00:44:22] <Glacon> Poke: watching da TV: 2 (4df+3=4-, 0, 3+, 4-)
[00:44:31] <TeslaTornado> 4df I don't need no education
[00:44:32] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: I don't need no education: -2 (4df=4-, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[00:44:34] <padri> Laura is also there, Fred!
[00:44:37] * Roget is now known as Rogeats
[00:44:40] <TeslaTornado> (Yeha)
[00:44:52] <TeslaTornado> "Oui, I did."
[00:44:53] <Poke> (lolling so hard right now)
[00:45:09] <Riemann> Hill is oblivious to the nervousness "Yup!"
[00:45:09] <gumbal1> The guy's wearing some weird clothes. Probably a communist or something like that.
[00:45:29] <Poke> (KU KLUX KLAN!!!!!@#!!!!@J!LJ@J)
[00:45:31] <Riemann> He pockets the alfalfa, the heads off to containment
[00:45:31] <padri> Laura nods. "Alright, then."
[00:45:46] <Optimal> "Not to bad Hill, just had a bit of a dirt nap. Hello Ms. Moodie."
[00:45:51] <TeslaTornado> Serge squints at the TV. "What…"
[00:46:16] <padri> Fred might notice Laura's nervous about goin to containment. "Hello there Fredrick."
[00:46:20] <ihp> 4df+3 I didn't notice the academics roll
[00:46:20] <Glacon> ihp: I didn't notice the academics roll: 6 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 3+, 0)
[00:46:25] <Riemann> "Come on, Fred. We're going to containment!"
[00:46:31] <Poke> oh boy
[00:46:42] <Optimal> Frederick follows the two.
[00:46:51] <gumbal1> "Breaking news. Apparently a whaling boat formerly stored at this town's museum has gone missing as well."
[00:46:58] <Optimal> 4df+6 Laura looks perturbed.
[00:46:58] <Glacon> Optimal: Laura looks perturbed.: 4 (4df+6=4-, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[00:47:09] <Poke> (wait gumbal)
[00:47:18] <Optimal> "What's wrong Laura?"
[00:47:20] <padri> Laura comes.
[00:47:39] <padri> Laura: "Uh, nothing." ~I just might be an anomalous freak.~
[00:47:49] <TeslaTornado> Serge bites his lower lip in concentration.
[00:47:56] * Sirgoldfish has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[00:48:12] <Riemann> The three arrive at containment, outside of the llama pen
[00:48:18] <Poke> "Eh, people who went whaling were assholes, anyway."
[00:48:19] <Optimal> "If you say so."
[00:48:38] <Riemann> If anyone would like to try to talk Hill out of this, please don't
[00:48:39] <Optimal> "Well isn't it my best friend!"
[00:49:08] <gumbal1> They're talking to someone dressed more like an American. He's furious about these turn of events, but is slightly shocked at how the boat managed to get stolen so easily.
[00:49:16] <Optimal> "Oh yes, that reminds me. Does anyone know what time it is?"
[00:50:31] <ihp> Jacob sighs, leaning back in his chair.
[00:50:37] <Riemann> "About 8 o'clock, Fred." Hill says as he doses the alflalfa
[00:51:02] <Poke> Enriquez looks at the TV, less than enthralled.
[00:51:41] <Optimal> "8 o'clock… By any chance was there a time anomaly while I was knocked out?"
[00:51:41] <GraemeCracker> Murray continues perimiter patrol, pleased at how quiet it is outside.
[00:51:45] <Riemann> Hill opens the door to llama containment, becoming the other in
[00:51:55] <padri> Laura shook her head. "None that I know of."
[00:51:56] <GraemeCracker> *Perimeter even
[00:51:57] <gumbal1> They're also talking about how some ancient clay figures got stolen from the musuem as well, but that story is basically overlooked by the whaling ship one."
[00:52:16] <Optimal> "Jesus… What day is it?!?!"
[00:52:21] <padri> Everyone is very happy when they walk into the llama containment!
[00:52:30] <padri> These llamas are the funniest damn things you've ever seen.
[00:52:38] <Poke> "SOMEONE STOLE ANCIENT CLAY FIGURES?!" Enriquez shouts.
[00:52:48] <padri> Laura steps in.
[00:52:50] <Riemann> "Fred," Hill says happily, "In a couple moments, it isn't going to matter what day it is."
[00:53:07] <padri> Hill, there's llamas. Isn't that a funny word? Llama
[00:53:15] <Poke> "I. Will. Murder. Them."
[00:53:53] <Optimal> "You know what Hill? I think you're right. Hehehehehe…" The Seth Rogen laughter starts up again.
[00:54:11] <gumbal1> They conclude that this was all a communist conspiracy to undermine our American values.
[00:54:24] <padri> Fred, look at those llamas. They're so fluffy!
[00:54:35] <Riemann> Hill laughs heartily, pulling out the special alfalfa
[00:54:44] <ihp> Jacob blinks. ~Is that related to… to us?~ Do they show a picture of the figures?
[00:54:47] <ihp> Or the whaling ship?
[00:54:48] <padri> Laura, giggling, pets the llamas.
[00:55:32] <Riemann> (This is about to happen. Everyone ready?)
[00:55:57] <GraemeCracker> Murray continues strolling, unaware of the complete shitstorm about to occur.
[00:56:06] <gumbal1> Enriquez, academia
[00:56:07] <Optimal> "Hehehehe. This llama is fluffy."
[00:56:12] <padri> Hill, the llamas try eating the alfalfa. Look at 'em eat. Llamas eat funny, don't they?
[00:56:15] <padri> Laura giggles.
[00:57:07] * ihp is now known as ihp_bound2stars
[00:57:12] <Poke> (What?)
[00:57:16] <Riemann> Hill feeds the alfalfa to the llamas, giggling at the feel of its tongue on his hand
[00:57:20] <Elvarien> Birch, napping in his room has strange dreams, bad feelings. But no, that would never happen would it. Not here.
[00:57:21] <Poke> (oh
[00:57:27] <Poke> (acedemics)
[00:57:54] <Poke> 4df=3 'cuz mythology
[00:58:04] <padri> Laura pets the llamas. She's grinning.
[00:58:10] <Poke> (oops)
[00:58:17] <Poke> 4df+3 'cuz mythology
[00:58:18] <Glacon> Poke: 'cuz mythology: 2 (4df+3=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[00:58:58] <padri> Look! They're anomallamas! Isn't that a funny thought?
[00:59:04] <gumbal1> You can't identify the clay figures from the picture
[00:59:18] <Optimal> "What's in the alfalfa Hill?" He says this while smiling.
[00:59:26] <Poke> damn
[00:59:32] * Riemann is now known as Riemann|Anomallamas
[00:59:46] <Riemann|Anomallamas> The effect of the llamas begins to expand, effecting Laura, Fred, and Hill first
[01:00:05] <Riemann|Anomallamas> "Just some Lysergic Acid Diethalymide"
[01:00:10] <padri> Woah. The whole world looks funky. Look at those llamas.
[01:00:16] <padri> They look so … llama.
[01:00:33] <Optimal> "Hehehe… What, did you say Acid?"
[01:00:50] <Riemann|Anomallamas> "Yesssss"
[01:00:52] <padri> Laura nods. "I helped make it!"
[01:00:52] <Optimal> "Y'know what? I don''t care. Hehehehe…"
[01:01:13] <padri> Whoever's near containment, you start to feel a little high.
[01:01:25] <Optimal> "Hehehe, look! The llama is floating!"
[01:01:31] <padri> Like maybe the world is a funnier place than you first thought.
[01:01:45] <Riemann|Anomallamas> "Guys… These llamas. I can hear their colours."
[01:01:46] <padri> Laura giggles like she's never giggled before.
[01:01:47] * ProcyonLotor has joined #origins-ic
[01:01:47] * ChanServ set modes [+h] on ProcyonLotor
[01:03:19] <Optimal> "Hey guys! I didn't know we painted containment! The color warm is my favorite!"
[01:03:52] <Riemann|Anomallamas> "Isn't orange great, Fred?"
[01:04:04] <padri> Laura wanders around the room, touching the walls. This is crazy.
[01:04:24] <Optimal> "Yes Hlly, yes it is! GIMME ONE!!!"
[01:04:25] <Elvarien> Birch jolts awake and upright, something is off.
[01:04:31] <GraemeCracker> Murray stops a moment, feeling a bit warmer than usual. Shaking off the feeling, he continues about business as usual.
[01:04:45] <gumbal1> The TV starts talking about how the Whaling ship was originally manned by the founder of the town back in the 1820s.
[01:04:55] <Riemann|Anomallamas> Hill gives Fred an orange, offering one to Laura as well
[01:05:20] <Optimal> Fred tries to shove the orange in his ear.
[01:05:24] <padri> Laura takes it. This is soooo weird.
[01:05:28] <gumbal1> Anybody looking at the tv, academia, plus 4 if your character has an occult background
[01:05:33] <padri> She stares at it.
[01:05:36] <Optimal> "I can hear the citrus!"
[01:05:40] <Riemann|Anomallamas> "When were these walls made of tesseracts?"
[01:05:56] <ProcyonLotor> They always were, Hill.
[01:06:01] <ProcyonLotor> Your eyes just weren't open.
[01:06:15] * Riemann|Anomallamas is now known as Riemann
[01:06:16] <Elvarien> "Oh god no." Birch says when the walls of his room are grass. He‘s read reports of mind altering anomalies. Something has gone horribly wrong.
[01:07:15] <GraemeCracker> The warm feeling kicks back in at full force this time, and Murray begins watching the snow covered fields beyond him…Wave. Like an ocean.
[01:07:17] * Atcero has joined #origins-ic
[01:07:31] <Optimal> "Go llama go! Free the world hungry children!" Frederick let’s one of the llamas go.
[01:07:34] <padri> Laura sits down and tries peeling the orange. It's quite the experience.
[01:07:37] <Riemann> Hill is now sitting on a llama, enjoying the trails of light eminating from it
[01:07:37] <ProcyonLotor> Like an ocean of ice cream.
[01:07:47] <ProcyonLotor> Laura stops for a moment, and considers
[01:07:52] <ProcyonLotor> What if the world was like an orange?
[01:07:55] <Atcero> Zoe woke up from the couch again
[01:08:00] <ProcyonLotor> What would happen if you unpeeled it
[01:08:02] <ProcyonLotor> Or juiced it?
[01:08:11] <ProcyonLotor> What would Earth juice taste like?
[01:08:12] <padri> The /world/
[01:08:16] <padri> As an /orange/
[01:08:26] <Elvarien> In a mild panic now he jumps out of bed the effects taking hold further and further. "Must, sound the alarm." Yet, the walls are so soft what if he could just, lean on them for a moment.
[01:08:41] <padri> "Guys, would you drink a glass of world-juice?"
[01:08:52] <Riemann> "Oh god yes"
[01:09:30] <padri> "World juice would taste /crazy./"
[01:09:35] <ProcyonLotor> The intercom wiggles and emits a shade of teal.
[01:09:43] <GraemeCracker> Murray stumbles toward the field, sinking knee deep in the icecream ocean.
[01:09:47] <Optimal> I let the other go. :P
[01:09:53] <Optimal> It's still in the building.
[01:09:58] <Poke> 4df+3 for watching the TV
[01:09:58] <Glacon> Poke: for watching the TV: 4 (4df+3=3+, 0, 0, 0)
[01:10:09] <Atcero> Zoe decides she should probably go apologize to Regal and heads to the Containment Wing
[01:10:13] <GraemeCracker> He starts to question what's happening, but then the ocean starts shimmering in a plethora of colours, types that he's not sure he's /seen/ before.
[01:10:17] <padri> Oooh, it's teal.
[01:10:23] <Riemann> Hill is now attempting to ride his llama, using alfalfa to guide it
[01:10:24] <padri> Teal sounds /beautiful./
[01:10:41] <Atcero> Zoe makes it there but notices something is off "What the…"
[01:10:43] <ProcyonLotor> «Attention Site-19 personnel, we've had, uh, a containment breach. If you have access to a gas mask and/or other breathing protection, please make your way down to the motorpool. Security staff are handling it now.»
[01:10:51] <Poke> Enriquez left to go have dinner. Like, I have to go to have dinner for real. Bye.
[01:10:55] <Elvarien> The wall, so soft at first is changing, sharp and ragged. He cant touch it. No he mustnt touch it Birch now running through the corridor screaming.
[01:10:56] * Poke has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[01:10:58] <ProcyonLotor> It speaks in the voice of a dead God.
[01:11:09] <ProcyonLotor> The corridors scream back.
[01:11:19] <Riemann> "Come on, Geoffrey!"
[01:11:25] <Atcero> (Wait, is it in the motor pool or containment wing?)
[01:11:26] * Sirgoldfish has joined #origins-ic
[01:11:32] <Optimal> "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO GOD!!!"
[01:11:39] <ProcyonLotor> (Motor pool is uncontaminated)
[01:11:52] <ProcyonLotor> (That's where they're shuffling the non-high people)
[01:11:57] <Atcero> (Well Shit Zoe is in the containment area…)
[01:12:02] <Atcero> (Zoe is gettin high tonight)
[01:12:07] <ProcyonLotor> Or is the containment area in Zoe?
[01:12:13] <ProcyonLotor> Zoe, mdef.
[01:12:16] <Riemann> "Fred, have you ever noticed that happiness looks like… I don't even know."
[01:12:23] <Sirgoldfish> Dan re-enters the common.
[01:12:26] <Atcero> (Halve it cause of condition?)
[01:12:27] <Optimal> "Oh god. The whole world is jelly."
[01:12:36] <GraemeCracker> He begins laughing as he falls to his knees, an orchestra of light and sound emanating bellowing from all around him. By god, he can taste the colours and they taste like joy.
[01:12:41] <ProcyonLotor> Happiness, as you are swiftly learning, looks quite a lot like llamas. And the note Eb
[01:12:46] <padri> "Would you eat world jelly?"
[01:12:46] <ProcyonLotor> (if you want)
[01:12:49] <Atcero> 4df+1
[01:12:50] <padri> She pokes the floor.
[01:12:50] <Sirgoldfish> (Who does he see?)
[01:12:50] <Glacon> Atcero: 2 (4df+1=4-, 0, 3+, 3+)
[01:12:53] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+1
[01:12:54] <Optimal> "I like to believe happiness looks like a llama Hilly!"
[01:12:54] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 2 (4df+1=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
[01:12:58] <Atcero> <.<
[01:13:06] <GraemeCracker> *emanating from the snow,
[01:13:08] <ProcyonLotor> Zoe pauses to think about that.
[01:13:10] <ProcyonLotor> Woah.
[01:13:22] <Atcero> "Thats deep"
[01:13:27] <ProcyonLotor> It is.
[01:13:29] <Riemann> "Fred. Yes."
[01:13:33] <ProcyonLotor> Incredibly, ridiculously deep.
[01:13:39] <padri> Laura nods.
[01:13:44] <padri> Nodding is kinda fun.
[01:13:45] <Riemann> "Where's Laura?"
[01:13:48] <padri> She keeps going.
[01:14:02] <Atcero> Zoe starts to wander, looking around
[01:14:06] <ProcyonLotor> Laura is everywhere. For the universe is a singular entity, and is not each of us everywhere at once?
[01:14:36] <ProcyonLotor> We are what we perceive, and therefore you and the world are necessarily one and the same. Laura is both in sight and out of it. It makes no difference.
[01:14:43] <Sirgoldfish> Dan hits his head seven times on a wall.
[01:14:46] <Optimal> Frederick leads the freed llama on a run around containment. "Hi Ho Silva! Awaaaaaaay!!!"
[01:14:47] <GraemeCracker> The icecream oceans rise in llama shaped waves, crashing in magenta concertos all around him. Their brays are like the voices of angels, their icy fur like that of bliss.
[01:14:58] * SciWeaver has joined #origins-ic
[01:15:01] <Atcero> "Where the fuck is Lassie? That dog needs to hear this deep shit…"
[01:15:13] <ProcyonLotor> Lassie is in a place far, far away.
[01:15:24] <Atcero> Poor dog
[01:15:24] <padri> Laura just sort of lies down in the containment cell for the llamas.
[01:15:28] <Elvarien> Tripping over his own feet Birch clambers on but the corridor, its so long, it feels so long. He needs to reach a control station, signal alarm emergency breach protocols must be enacted.
[01:15:31] <padri> There's a /lot/ to think about.
[01:15:45] <ProcyonLotor> All of a sudden, Laura is a llama. Perhaps you have always been one.
[01:15:48] <Atcero> Wait… This isn't right
[01:15:57] <Sirgoldfish> "Who the fuck stole my waffles!!!!!!!"
[01:16:01] <padri> What's it like being a llama?
[01:16:02] <Atcero> Zoe shakes her head, trying to think straight
[01:16:08] <ProcyonLotor> It is incredible.
[01:16:11] <ProcyonLotor> mdef, Zoe
[01:16:13] <Riemann> Hill's llama has led him to the cafeteria, where he is watching the ceiling, which looks suspiciously like the Canis Minor constellation
[01:16:17] <padri> She waves her hands in front of her face. Or maybe they're hooves.
[01:16:27] <ProcyonLotor> Are they not both? What use is labels?
[01:16:34] <Atcero> 2d+1
[01:16:34] <padri> Woah.
[01:16:36] <Sirgoldfish> Dan points to the TV. "I know it was you"
[01:16:40] <padri> That's sooooo crazy.
[01:16:41] <Atcero> 2df+2
[01:16:42] <Glacon> Atcero: 2 (2df+2=4-, 3+)
[01:16:49] <Optimal> Frederick and the llama run into the cafeteria seeing Hill there as well. "Quick llama! Eat the food before Hill does!"
[01:16:50] <ProcyonLotor> (There isn't a tv in there anymore)
[01:16:58] <ProcyonLotor> 2df+2
[01:16:59] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 3 (2df+2=0, 3+)
[01:17:03] <Atcero> Oh shit
[01:17:09] <ProcyonLotor> Why do you need to clear your mind?
[01:17:12] <ProcyonLotor> Things are good.
[01:17:16] <ProcyonLotor> You can see clearly, Zoe.
[01:17:19] <ProcyonLotor> It all makes sense.
[01:17:20] <Atcero> Zoe thinks. Why does she?
[01:17:30] <padri> Laura frowns. Isn't there something she might want to think about?
[01:17:38] <padri> Can she roll mdef to break out of it?
[01:17:42] <Atcero> Zoe nods. It does make sense
[01:17:43] <GraemeCracker> Murray looks up to the sky, swimming amongst the ocean-llamas. He notices the stars too are llamas, dancing gracefully through a lime green sky. Some of them are wearing hats, and he thinks that's wonderful.
[01:17:49] <ProcyonLotor> Laura can try.
[01:18:01] <Optimal> The llama chews on fruit in a bowl while Fred plays with the saltshakers.
[01:18:06] <padri> 4df+5 Is the world /really/ full of world juice?
[01:18:07] <Riemann> Hill begins stuffing his face with food, eager to beat Fred-llama
[01:18:07] <Glacon> padri: Is the world /really/ full of world juice?: 8 (4df+5=3+, 0, 3+, 3+)
[01:18:21] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+5 What is 'juice'? Who decides?
[01:18:21] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: What is 'juice'? Who decides?: 3 (4df+5=0, 4-, 0, 4-)
[01:18:29] <ProcyonLotor> Perc, Laura.
[01:18:42] <Atcero> Zoe wanders, looking at everything again
[01:19:04] <Sirgoldfish> "Laura I like really like really like muffins"
[01:19:50] <Sirgoldfish> Dan screams "Where is Wilson and his bagel boat!?"
[01:19:57] <Atcero> Everything makes sense to her, but in what sense?
[01:20:02] <padri> 4df+6 Laura looks for world juice.
[01:20:02] <Glacon> padri: Laura looks for world juice.: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, 4-, 0)
[01:20:07] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+6
[01:20:07] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 7 (4df+6=3+, 4-, 3+, 0)
[01:20:24] <ProcyonLotor> It's all around her. It's all good. Everything's fine.
[01:21:12] <Atcero> 2df+1 wait a sec…
[01:21:13] <Glacon> Atcero: wait a sec…: 1 (2df+1=0, 0)
[01:21:13] <padri> She smiles again. Maybe she should just lie here and wave her hooves in he air.
[01:21:23] <padri> She does so. It's so weird to have hooves.
[01:21:26] <ProcyonLotor> Are you playing with the saltsharkers, Hill? Or are they playing with you.
[01:21:28] <Sirgoldfish> Dan cries for a solid minute. "I want a hug!!"
[01:21:29] <ProcyonLotor> It's fun though.
[01:21:34] <ProcyonLotor> It's a lot of fun.
[01:22:10] <Optimal> Frederick sees a stranger near the door. Is that… Adrienne?
[01:22:17] <ProcyonLotor> It is!
[01:22:40] <Atcero> Zoe thinks again, trying to piece things together. This isn't right, is it?
[01:22:50] <Optimal> "Oh my god. Adrienne. You look… beautiful…"
[01:22:51] <GraemeCracker> Murray makes tie-dye angels in the snow, the ground around him feels so soft, it's like a giant pillow.
[01:23:05] <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes to Zoe and gives her a bear hug.
[01:23:07] <GraemeCracker> /But he can make snow angels in it/.
[01:23:17] <Sirgoldfish> Dan is still crying.
[01:23:19] <ProcyonLotor> Adrienne is ravishing tonight.
[01:23:30] <Riemann> The saltshakers look like llama. They whirl with an ethereal beauty, sending universes out into the llama surrounding him
[01:23:49] <Atcero> "This isn't right!" Zoe says, standing there awkwardly, still trying to think. Her mind is muddled
[01:23:54] <ProcyonLotor> Murray, you look at the work you have done, and decide that you are now a god, and these angels shall be your messengers.
[01:23:58] <ProcyonLotor> Perc, Zoe.
[01:24:03] <Optimal> "I've missed Adrienne. I've been meaning to tell you… I love you…"
[01:24:08] <Optimal> *you
[01:24:29] <Atcero> 4df+5
[01:24:29] <Glacon> Atcero: 8 (4df+5=0, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[01:24:36] <ProcyonLotor> Adrienne opens her mouth wide, and in the voice of everyone you have ever loved, tells you that she loves you as well.
[01:24:41] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+5
[01:24:42] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 3 (4df+5=0, 0, 4-, 4-)
[01:24:52] <ProcyonLotor> Something's very wrong here, Zoe.
[01:24:54] <ProcyonLotor> Mdef.
[01:25:02] <Atcero> (Oh you are killing me)
[01:25:05] <padri> She lays on her back in containment and waves her hands in the air.
[01:25:07] <Atcero> 2df+1
[01:25:08] <Glacon> Atcero: 1 (2df+1=3+, 4-)
[01:25:13] <ProcyonLotor> 2df+1
[01:25:13] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 2 (2df+1=0, 3+)
[01:25:14] <padri> Wait, she doesn't want to be in containment.
[01:25:24] <Atcero> (Shit I keep doing two accedently)
[01:25:33] <padri> Can she roll something to clear her mind enough to remember why?
[01:25:42] <Sirgoldfish> Dan starts to wonder. ~Why am I crying?~
[01:25:45] <Optimal> "Oh my god…" Frederick makes out with Adrienne.
[01:25:48] <Atcero> (Should I reroll or no?)
[01:25:48] <ProcyonLotor> You're the thing that's wrong. You just can't accept life for what it is! She should just take a deeeep breath.
[01:25:51] <Riemann> Hill rides his universe past and through Frederick, towards an unknown existence in the future-space
[01:25:52] <ProcyonLotor> (No)
[01:25:53] <TeslaTornado> Serge just sits in his chair, wondering what the fuck.
[01:25:57] <Atcero> (All right)
[01:26:02] <Riemann> It's llamas all the way down for him
[01:26:02] <GraemeCracker> Murray sits in a throne that seems to shift in and out of reality at a whim, constantly shifting in shape and appearance.
[01:26:05] <Atcero> "I'm… I'm wrong…"
[01:26:13] <ProcyonLotor> Laura can roll mdef and perc, and if she succeeds at both she will get insight.
[01:26:13] <Sirgoldfish> (Mdef or percp)
[01:26:24] <GraemeCracker> He watches in delight as his tie-dyed messengers fly out into the green night, spreading his holy word out unto the world.
[01:26:52] <Atcero> "But… But what if…" (Can I keep trying?)
[01:26:55] <ProcyonLotor> Tonight is the night Murray rose.
[01:27:04] <ProcyonLotor> (My DC goes up by one, but sure.)
[01:27:05] <padri> 4df+5 Mdef!
[01:27:05] <Glacon> padri: Mdef!: 7 (4df+5=3+, 0, 3+, 0)
[01:27:11] <padri> 4df+6 percep!
[01:27:13] <Glacon> padri: percep!: 3 (4df+6=4-, 4-, 4-, 0)
[01:27:19] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+5 Matk!
[01:27:20] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: Matk!: 4 (4df+5=0, 4-, 0, 0)
[01:27:28] <GraemeCracker> All will know the bray of the llama. All must love, all must fear.
[01:27:32] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+6
[01:27:32] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 6 (4df+6=4-, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[01:27:32] <Atcero> 4df+5 Insight of perception!
[01:27:33] <Glacon> Atcero: Insight of perception!: 6 (4df+5=0, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[01:27:38] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+6
[01:27:38] <Optimal> "C'mon Adrienne! Let me show you the world!" Frederick travels to Mars.
[01:27:39] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 4 (4df+6=4-, 4-, 0, 0)
[01:27:55] <padri> Nah, the world is cooooool.
[01:28:00] <ProcyonLotor> Laura gets a vague quibbling feeling, but it's just her.
[01:28:00] <TeslaTornado> In a universe of whirling, swirling colors, Serge is a constant of boredom.
[01:28:07] <ProcyonLotor> She's just not used to having her eyes open.
[01:28:18] <ProcyonLotor> Now Zoe can roll mdef.
[01:28:28] <Optimal> "Wait. This isn't where I wanted to go." Frederick takes a left back to Earth.
[01:28:29] <Atcero> 4df+1 This is not right
[01:28:30] <Glacon> Atcero: This is not right: 1 (4df+1=0, 4-, 3+, 0)
[01:28:37] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+2
[01:28:37] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 3 (4df+2=0, 3+, 0, 0)
[01:28:41] <ProcyonLotor> It is
[01:28:44] <Atcero> No, its right
[01:28:45] <ProcyonLotor> It has never been more right.
[01:29:00] <padri> Laura stands up, or maybe she just sorta floats. She wanders. Where does she end up?
[01:29:01] <Atcero> Zoe chills and wanders to the commons
[01:29:08] <ProcyonLotor> A meadow.
[01:29:47] <padri> It's /beautiful/
[01:30:01] <ProcyonLotor> Hill can roll perc /or/ mdef.
[01:30:25] <Riemann> (Why would he want to?)
[01:30:32] <ProcyonLotor> (He /can/)
[01:30:40] <padri> Are there flowers?
[01:30:49] <ProcyonLotor> There are flowers
[01:30:49] <Optimal> Frederick takes Adrienne to containment to show her all of the beautiful people.
[01:30:49] <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes to hug Laura.
[01:30:53] <ProcyonLotor> They smell green.
[01:31:01] <Atcero> Zoe snaps out for a second again. This… why?
[01:31:09] <ProcyonLotor> Nobody's in containment is as beautiful as Adrienne.
[01:31:11] <padri> How many flowers?
[01:31:19] <Riemann> Hill sinks lower into the Llama-verse, thoroughly enjoying the experience
[01:31:20] <ProcyonLotor> As far as the eye can see.
[01:31:21] <GraemeCracker> Murray stands atop an icecream mountain, bellowing orders to his army of brilliant orange followers to unleash joy out into the world with giant spoons made of peace.
[01:31:26] <ProcyonLotor> You know that the flowers never end.
[01:31:32] <Atcero> Zoe wanders, still half in and half out of it
[01:31:35] <padri> There are /flowers!/
[01:31:41] <padri> So many flowers!
[01:31:50] <Optimal> "You see these people Adrienne? No one here is more beautiful than you."
[01:32:06] <Optimal> "Especially the one with the big head."
[01:32:11] <Atcero> Fuck! Time to clear my mind!
[01:32:20] <Optimal> "He likes to snap things."
[01:32:23] <padri> Laura picks flowers. She smells the flowers.
[01:32:34] <ProcyonLotor> Zoe can roll mdef and perc again, but my dc is +2 now.
[01:32:48] <ProcyonLotor> They smell grass green
[01:32:51] <Atcero> (Meh, gonna try)
[01:33:09] <Atcero> 4df+5 Perception! Somethin is wrong!
[01:33:09] <Glacon> Atcero: Perception! Somethin is wrong!: 7 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[01:33:27] <Riemann> Hillama gallops through the stars, the whole of eternity stretching out before him
[01:33:29] <Sirgoldfish> Dan tries to make snow angels.
[01:33:30] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+7 Nothing is.
[01:33:30] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: Nothing is.: 5 (4df+7=4-, 4-, 0, 0)
[01:33:36] <padri> Grass. Like summer.
[01:33:39] <Atcero> Something is wrong.. Zoe thinkgs
[01:33:43] <ProcyonLotor> Mdef.
[01:33:56] <Atcero> 2df+1 Come on…
[01:33:57] <Glacon> Atcero: Come on…: 1 (2df+1=3+, 4-)
[01:33:57] <padri> Laura tries to make flower-angels.
[01:34:07] <Atcero> (Fuck again with the 2!)
[01:34:15] <ProcyonLotor> 2df+3
[01:34:16] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 3 (2df+3=0, 0)
[01:34:32] <ProcyonLotor> Zoe isn't sure what's wrong. Because nothing is wrong.
[01:34:37] <Sirgoldfish> "Angels are pretty."
[01:34:57] <ProcyonLotor> Your flower angels spring to life, filled with divine purpose.
[01:35:02] <Atcero> Nothing is wrong… Zoe makes her way to the motor pool remembering someone said something is going on there
[01:35:06] <padri> Wow.
[01:35:25] <Optimal> As Fred and Adri pass the cafeteria again, they see Fred-llama. "Let's ride it to the roof!"
[01:35:50] <GraemeCracker> Nothing is wrong in the Murrayverse. He's made certain of that. All other Gods kneel below his technicolor throne as vast amounts of joy and love pour out of large teapots made of blue.
[01:35:52] <ProcyonLotor> The llama lets you on happily. It complements your shirt, and Adrienne's dress.
[01:36:00] <Sirgoldfish> Dan starts to think ~what the fuck am I doing?~
[01:36:05] <ProcyonLotor> Zoe, perc.
[01:36:15] <Sirgoldfish> Dan tries to snap out of it.
[01:36:22] <ProcyonLotor> Mdef and Perc, Dan.
[01:36:23] <Atcero> 4df+5
[01:36:23] <Glacon> Atcero: 9 (4df+5=3+, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[01:36:30] <Atcero> (Holy shit yes!)
[01:36:33] * Rogeats is now known as Roget
[01:36:38] <ProcyonLotor> The motor pool.
[01:36:42] <ProcyonLotor> You need to get there.
[01:36:46] <Optimal> "Oh llama! You were always such a charmer! Now quickly! To the roof!"
[01:36:53] <ProcyonLotor> You don't know why, but you know you need to be there, and you remember how.
[01:37:01] <ProcyonLotor> Zoe sets off.
[01:37:04] <Atcero> Zoe nods to the voice in her head
[01:37:08] <Riemann> Kaleidoscopic, fantastic images surge in on Hillama, alternating, variegated, opening and then closing themselves in circles and spirals, exploding in coloured fountains, rearranging and hybridising themselves in constant flux.
[01:37:11] <ProcyonLotor> The llama gallops.
[01:37:17] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 Mdef
[01:37:17] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: Mdef: 5 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 0, 4-)
[01:37:18] <ProcyonLotor> Off and away, to the roof!
[01:37:22] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+4
[01:37:22] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 3 (4df+4=3+, 0, 4-, 4-)
[01:37:40] <ProcyonLotor> The llama opens its mouth, and all that comes out is rainbows.
[01:37:45] <ProcyonLotor> Now perc, dan.
[01:38:43] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 perception "What is a ception?"
[01:38:44] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: perception "What is a ception?": 4 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[01:38:55] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+4
[01:38:56] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 5 (4df+4=0, 3+, 3+, 4-)
[01:39:12] <ProcyonLotor> You're doing what you've always done. Existing. Isn't that enough?
[01:39:13] <Optimal> Fredllama flies through the walls and ends up on the roof. From here, it is observed that the surrounding area is a happy wasteland full of grinning reptiles and bears that wear top hats. Nothing has ever felt more right.
[01:39:22] <Atcero> Zoe makes it to the motor pool. What should she do now?
[01:39:26] <GraemeCracker> A jovial celebration emerges before Murray, complete with a feast fit for a God of his stature. Multi-limbed subjects pour strange liquids of every colour into the mouths of his joyous companions, ensuring that they are satisfied.
[01:39:27] <padri> Laura rolls over in the flowers. She neighs. She's a horse!
[01:39:44] <Sirgoldfish> "Existing is really cool."
[01:40:15] <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) "Everything's all wobbly…"
[01:40:16] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception) "Everything's all wobbly…": 6 (4df+4=0, 3+, 3+, 0)
[01:40:30] <Sirgoldfish> Dan attempts to absorb the knowledge of the pool table.
[01:40:33] <padri> Horses are fun.
[01:40:37] <ProcyonLotor> Zoe doesn't even notice the hands under her arms, helping pull her into the garage and slamming the door shut. She barely notices the Chlorpromazine pill being forced down her throat.
[01:40:51] <ProcyonLotor> Colors seperate from noises from letters from shapes.
[01:41:00] <ProcyonLotor> Horses are fun
[01:41:01] <Sirgoldfish> "What are your secrets?"
[01:41:04] <Atcero> "Huh?" Zoe says groggily
[01:41:11] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+4
[01:41:11] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 4 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[01:41:18] <ProcyonLotor> Mdef, Serge.
[01:41:31] <Optimal> Of in the distance, the crystal castle bids good morrow. Dragons fart rainbows to keep afloat. Bipedal beings of joy jump up and down to celebrate Fred and Adrienne finding each other again.
[01:41:34] <TeslaTornado> 4df+3 (MDef) Serge's brick-brain will hopefully be good here.
[01:41:35] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDef) Serge's brick-brain will hopefully be good here.: 4 (4df+3=3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
[01:41:40] <padri> Laura neighs again!
[01:41:51] <ProcyonLotor> A man in a viral mask hushes Zoe. "Something in the air. Keep calm, it'll work faster."
[01:42:00] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+3
[01:42:01] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 2 (4df+3=0, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[01:42:10] <Atcero> "Yeah, sure man…" Zoe says, blinking
[01:42:11] <Riemann> Slowly, but surely, the world surrounding Hill changes, turning into a cartoon, as he gallops past the Laura horse
[01:42:13] <ProcyonLotor> This isn't how the world works, Serge. Something is very wrong.
[01:42:30] <ProcyonLotor> Is Laura going allow herself to be beaten by some showboat?
[01:42:59] <padri> Beaten?
[01:43:00] <padri> No!
[01:43:05] <Optimal> Fredllama sings songs of the early 50s.
[01:43:07] * ihp_bound2stars has quit (Ping timeout: 187 seconds)
[01:43:08] <padri> But what's being beaten anyhow?
[01:43:17] <Sirgoldfish> Dan attempts to feed Laura one of the fake apples on the table.
[01:43:25] <TeslaTornado> "Ho merde." Serge lifts himself, very slowly, out of his armchair, observing the things around him.
[01:43:26] <ProcyonLotor> Laura, perc.
[01:43:35] <Atcero> Zoe looks around, "Wait.. What happened?"
[01:43:39] * SciWeaver has quit (Ping timeout: 188 seconds)
[01:43:41] <padri> 4df+6 Where are the apples?
[01:43:41] <Glacon> padri: Where are the apples?: 4 (4df+6=4-, 0, 0, 4-)
[01:43:59] <ProcyonLotor> Things move and swirl and overlap in a way you suspect is not correct. Something is happening.
[01:44:02] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+6
[01:44:02] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 7 (4df+6=3+, 0, 4-, 3+)
[01:44:04] <GraemeCracker> Squids atop chicken legged elephants joust into one another for Murray's amusement. They crash into one another, and large rainbow mandalas shimmer out into the abyss in the note of C-minor.
[01:44:17] <ProcyonLotor> Laura crunches the apple. It's delicious.
[01:44:37] <padri> That was /soooo/ good
[01:44:38] <Atcero> (Is Zoe clear now?)
[01:44:44] <Sirgoldfish> "There you go girl"
[01:44:44] <padri> Horses /love/ apples.
[01:45:00] <ProcyonLotor> Before Murray opened his eyes, he would have assumed C-minor was a scale, not a note. But now, he is aware there is fundamentally no difference between anything.
[01:45:11] <ProcyonLotor> (not yet)
[01:45:24] <ProcyonLotor> Laura, pdef.
[01:45:25] <padri> Laura laughs.
[01:45:26] <Optimal> "Adrienne. Have you ever wondered what it would've been like if we stayed together in Rochester?"
[01:45:28] <Atcero> (Soon….)
[01:45:37] <ProcyonLotor> (Yes, soon)
[01:45:40] <padri> 4df+4 pdef!
[01:45:41] <Glacon> padri: pdef!: 4 (4df+4=4-, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[01:45:59] <TeslaTornado> Serge squints. "I don't like what's going on right now." He attempts to get out of the commons.
[01:46:33] <Sirgoldfish> (Hi ho indigestion)
[01:46:42] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+4
[01:46:43] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 5 (4df+4=0, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[01:46:53] <ProcyonLotor> It's tough, but you swallow it.
[01:47:19] <padri> Apples are tough.
[01:47:30] <padri> They're very tough fruits.
[01:47:38] <Optimal> Just as Adrienne is about to speak, Fred puts a finger on her lips. "Hush Adri, you don't need to say a thing."
[01:47:39] <padri> Apples have it tough in this world.
[01:47:39] <GraemeCracker> Murray sits atop a large half eaten apple, listening to the pleas of a C-minor with arms. It begs for forgiveness, only to be drowned out in a small ocean of even smaller apples. There's that note again.
[01:47:44] <ProcyonLotor> Zoe blinks to awareness.
[01:47:53] <Riemann> Sugar cubes float towards Laura-horse, begging to be eaten
[01:48:02] <Riemann> (Everything is apples)
[01:48:15] <ProcyonLotor> If Murray is a god, that note is to him as a god is to a human.
[01:48:20] <ProcyonLotor> He is awed.
[01:48:25] <TeslaTornado> Serge slowly starts making his way towards the mechanical room, trying to stay on his feet.
[01:48:25] <padri> Laura snaps at the sugar. Sugar is sweet!
[01:48:36] <Atcero> "What the fuck happened…" Zoe says, holding her head
[01:48:37] <ProcyonLotor> It is.
[01:48:54] <ProcyonLotor> It is also green, a small square, and the High C in treble clef.
[01:49:12] <padri> Oooh, pretty!
[01:49:20] <padri> What are apples, then?
[01:49:35] <Riemann> Hillama turns to himself, and speaks
[01:50:01] <Riemann> Hillama: "Remember, Hilbert."
[01:50:02] <ProcyonLotor> A man in a doctor's coat walks over and hands Zoe a glass of water. "Those llamas we bought yesterday …went off, I suppose, is the best word for it. It's like some kind of hallucinogen. Affected most of the folks at the site. You just got lucky you stumbled into here."
[01:50:04] <Optimal> Fred and Adri count the number of rainbows that are spewing from Fredllama's mouth.
[01:50:11] <ProcyonLotor> Apples are oranges are bananas are melons
[01:50:14] <ProcyonLotor> All in one.
[01:50:21] <ProcyonLotor> You count, but you never reach the end.
[01:50:23] <TeslaTornado> Serge manages to get to the motor pool, even though in his mind he's started to walk on the walls.
[01:50:36] <GraemeCracker> Murray now exists as a building contractor for the Great Apple God: C-Minor.
[01:50:47] <Riemann> Hill: "What? What am I supposed to remember?" galaxies swirl by him
[01:50:53] <Atcero> "I heard all personal should get here before it hit me," Zoe says, taking the glass an draining it
[01:51:01] * Proto_Lost has joined #origins-ic
[01:51:02] <ProcyonLotor> Serge is pulled in, laid down, and dosed just like Zoe was.
[01:51:05] <Optimal> They make it to number artichoke before they give up.
[01:51:07] <padri> Laura likes counting.
[01:51:14] <ProcyonLotor> Harley wakes up. He's high on LSD.
[01:51:20] <padri> What does 4067 taste like?
[01:51:25] <GraemeCracker> He orchestrates the construction of a giant apple-core palace with a gourd of alfalfa leaves as many purple and pink llamas build with their tiny, adorable hooves.
[01:51:30] <ProcyonLotor> sour, but with a little bit of salt.
[01:51:34] <Sirgoldfish> "Wait… Apples can't be orange!"
[01:51:35] <padri> And how many is orange?
[01:51:38] <Proto_Lost> …
[01:51:40] <Riemann> Hillama: "Who you are. Before New York."
[01:51:43] <ProcyonLotor> 9
[01:51:45] <Proto_Lost> "…What the fuuuuuck."
[01:51:47] <Atcero> (LSD today)
[01:52:02] <ProcyonLotor> "New York is and always was. We were not named, before New York."
[01:52:03] <TeslaTornado> Serge downs the pill and the water. "What do you need me to do?"
[01:52:06] <TeslaTornado> Ever the businessman.
[01:52:27] <ProcyonLotor> "Just, uh, keep sitting. It takes a while to flush out of your system."
[01:52:39] <Riemann> Hill frowns, taking off his glasses. He is beginning to remember something lost
[01:52:49] <ProcyonLotor> Mdef and Perc, Hill
[01:52:59] <Sirgoldfish> "9 is not a number!" Dan tries to snap out of it.
[01:53:10] <Proto_Lost> There seems to be some kind of bugperson in the corner of his eyes. It doesn't bother him as much as he thought it would.
[01:53:14] <Atcero> "Everyone else though…" Zoe says, shaking her head.
[01:53:15] <Riemann> 4df+7 (mdef)
[01:53:15] <Glacon> Riemann: (mdef): 9 (4df+7=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[01:53:21] <TeslaTornado> "Oui." Serge sees something scuttle across the floor and up the wall, blinks, shakes his head. "And after?"
[01:53:29] <Riemann> 4df+3 (percep)
[01:53:29] <Glacon> Riemann: (percep): 2 (4df+3=4-, 0, 0, 0)
[01:53:33] <ProcyonLotor> Academics, science, or engineering, Dan.
[01:53:39] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+7 mdef
[01:53:40] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: mdef: 7 (4df+7=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[01:53:46] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+3 percep
[01:53:47] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: percep: 4 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 4-, 0)
[01:53:57] <padri> Laura looks for a yes.
[01:54:00] <padri> Does she find one?
[01:54:09] <Sirgoldfish> (I have none of those. Just 4df?)
[01:54:11] <ProcyonLotor> You wonder why it was tonight that things changed. Why tonight of all nights?
[01:54:12] <padri> She wants an /orange/ yes.
[01:54:16] <ProcyonLotor> But he can't remember
[01:54:47] <ProcyonLotor> She finds a grape one.
[01:54:54] <ProcyonLotor> (Yes, sirgoldfish)
[01:55:06] <Sirgoldfish> (He does have urban subterfuge.)
[01:55:09] <Atcero> "Sorry Doc but I gotta go help my colleges. Got a gas mask handy?" Zoe asks, cracking her neck
[01:55:16] <ProcyonLotor> (Just 4df)
[01:55:28] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+0
[01:55:28] <Riemann> Hill cannot quite remember what Hillama is trying to tell him
[01:55:34] <Proto_Lost> He's pretty sure the bugperson is asking him if he's really his great grandpa. This still doesn't bother him as much as he thought it would.
[01:55:38] <Sirgoldfish> 4df
[01:55:38] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: -1 (4df=3+, 4-, 4-, 0)
[01:55:39] <padri> Laura wants an /orange/ yes.
[01:55:39] <Optimal> The facility grows tentacles and pushes itself off of the ground.
[01:55:43] <TeslaTornado> "I believe we would not be sitting in this room if—hold on, your face just vanished." Serge goes quiet for a moment. "… If they had masks."
[01:55:43] <ProcyonLotor> "We've got some ventilators, I suppose. You'll have to ask site security."
[01:55:44] <padri> She's not happy with a grape one.
[01:55:46] <ProcyonLotor> 4df
[01:55:47] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: -2 (4df=4-, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[01:55:51] <ProcyonLotor> Wait.
[01:56:07] <ProcyonLotor> You've never been one of those educated types, but Dan is fairly certain that 9 is a number.
[01:56:10] <ProcyonLotor> What's going on?
[01:56:17] <padri> She walks around the meadow, looking for the right yes.
[01:56:28] <ProcyonLotor> There's a large pile of them. They glimmer.
[01:56:50] <padri> She looks at them. Shiny!
[01:56:54] <Optimal> Frederick controls the octocility and takes it to the crystal castle. "We're gonna have fun here…"
[01:56:55] <padri> What do they taste like?
[01:57:01] <ProcyonLotor> Incandescent.
[01:57:06] <ProcyonLotor> They take like tears, but the happy kind.
[01:57:21] <padri> Laura loves happy tears.
[01:57:26] <GraemeCracker> Hours after the palace is built, Murray declares war with the God of C-Minor, unleashing a salmon coloured wave of sofas onto the kingdom. This land is /his/ goddamnit.
[01:57:26] <padri> They taste delicious.
[01:57:26] <ProcyonLotor> The guard takes one look at Zoe and shakes his head.
[01:57:27] <Sirgoldfish> Dan tries to snap out of it.
[01:57:32] <padri> She eats the happy tear yes.
[01:57:35] <Atcero> Zoe sighs
[01:57:48] <ProcyonLotor> "You're too small. Get one breath of it and you're back in dreamland."
[01:57:56] <ProcyonLotor> Dan, mdef.
[01:58:04] <TeslaTornado> "Perhaps I can assist, then?" Serge looms just behind Zoe. He's big and bulky.
[01:58:06] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4
[01:58:07] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: 3 (4df+4=4-, 0, 4-, 3+)
[01:58:12] <Atcero> "Fine" Zoe says, to tired to even fight
[01:58:18] <Optimal> In the castle sits God. He is very pleased with everything.
[01:58:20] <padri> Laura wanders around with an armful of happy tear orange yes.
[01:58:21] <Atcero> She goes and sits down and doses
[01:58:30] * Atcero has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[01:58:39] <padri> She's a horse with an arm full of happy tear orange yes that sparkles.
[01:58:42] <padri> it's the best.
[01:58:50] <ProcyonLotor> The guard looks Serge over. "You're the right type, I suppose. Do you know where the utilities wing is?"
[01:59:00] <TeslaTornado> "Oui."
[01:59:07] <padri> She skips through the meadow.
[01:59:41] <Sirgoldfish> (That was mdef.)
[01:59:45] <Optimal> God leans over and looks at Fredllama. He says with a booming voice, "YOU'RE A PONY, AND YOU'RE GONNA EAT THIS COOKIE."
[02:00:23] <Optimal> Frederick cheers, "HOO HA CHERRY SODA!!!"
[02:00:29] <Proto_Lost> Harley has also made the acquiantance of one of his great-grandson's girlfriends, a girl who can turn into a rabbit. This bothers him somewhat, not that his great grandson had a bunny girlfriend, but that he could score tail better than him.
[02:00:37] <ProcyonLotor> "Alright. Towards the back, right past the generators, is Ventilation control. We need you to switch the Ventilation for the residence, laboratory, administrative, utility, and medical wings from internal to external. DO NOT touch the containment wing's controls."
[02:01:02] <ProcyonLotor> The guard hands Serge a mask and a tank. "You'll have a half-hour in this, more or less."
[02:01:06] <padri> Laura dances through bubbles.
[02:01:20] <TeslaTornado> Serge nods. "That will be all the time I need."
[02:01:21] <ProcyonLotor> The bubbles dance through you as well.
[02:01:42] <ProcyonLotor> Harley is reassured that his descendants are just as good with the ladies as he is.
[02:01:49] <Riemann> Hillama is distracting himself by feeding Geoffrey (his llama) oranges
[02:02:07] <padri> /Woah/
[02:02:12] <padri> Bubbles.
[02:02:14] <ProcyonLotor> The llama eats them, but for everyone you feed him, two more appear.
[02:02:26] <ProcyonLotor> The guard nods back. "Good luck."
[02:02:45] <TeslaTornado> Serge dons the mask and gives the guard a thumbs up, opens the valve on the tank, and heads for Utilities.
[02:02:54] <Sirgoldfish> Dan stands on the nearest mushroom stump. "Hey guys I am starting a new religion where we worship the sun and horses. You want in?"
[02:03:03] <GraemeCracker> His conquest complete, Murray turns the world around him into a giant boxed lunch for him to explore.
[02:03:08] <ProcyonLotor> Through clear eyes, Site 19 is a shambles.
[02:03:27] <padri> Laura /is/ a bubble.
[02:03:28] <ProcyonLotor> People are just kind of wandering, gasping, or sobbing with joy.
[02:03:59] <ProcyonLotor> Somebody has made a table fort in the cafeteria, and is engaging in what appears to be diplomacy with a man hiding under a chair.
[02:04:13] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+8 "Come on free cookies for all!"
[02:04:13] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: "Come on free cookies for all!": 10 (4df+8=0, 3+, 3+, 0)
[02:04:23] <ProcyonLotor> You spew cookies into the night.
[02:04:31] <Riemann> Another person is riding a Llama, talking about astrophysics
[02:04:33] <padri> She floats by serge.
[02:04:38] <padri> "I'm a bubble!"
[02:04:43] <padri> She doesn't see Serge.
[02:04:48] <GraemeCracker> During his exploration of the lettuce iceburgs, he's rudely interrupted by a three-headed wasp that speaks only in Portuguese.Their arguments are quickly silenced as they combat with a popsicle.
[02:04:49] <padri> Serge is a bubble.
[02:04:53] <Riemann> Someone should probably get that llama
[02:04:53] <ProcyonLotor> Serge sees Laura. She's drooling, and says something about snuggles.
[02:04:58] <Optimal> Frederick, Adrienne, Fredllama and God play Go FIsh.
[02:05:12] <ProcyonLotor> God doesn't have any Aces. Go fish, Frederick.
[02:05:16] <TeslaTornado> Serge says nothing, but he takes a few moments to let that sink in before moving on.
[02:05:23] <padri> "Whooooo!"
[02:05:31] <padri> She spins.
[02:05:39] <ProcyonLotor> pdef, laura.
[02:05:50] <padri> 4df+4
[02:05:51] <Glacon> padri: 6 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 4-, 3+)
[02:05:57] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+5
[02:05:58] <Proto_Lost> Harley feels like lecturing his great-grandson on how dames were poison, but all he can say is the word explanatory. He seems to understand.
[02:05:58] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 4 (4df+5=3+, 4-, 0, 4-)
[02:06:02] <Optimal> "You never did have any aces God. I knew this ever since conception."
[02:06:08] <ProcyonLotor> Laura feels fantastic.
[02:06:30] <ProcyonLotor> In the voice of untold legions, God booms back. "THEN WHY DID YOU ASK ME IF I HAD ANY? GO FISH."
[02:06:48] <padri> She runs into the bubbles around her.
[02:06:56] <padri> She's playing bumper bubbles!
[02:07:10] <TeslaTornado> Serge continues down the hallway, avoiding contact with those around him. God knows what they might do if he interrupts this.
[02:07:10] <ProcyonLotor> The bubbles comingle and mix and become one and all and each other and everything else. It's warm.
[02:07:31] <padri> Laura is /all/ the bubbles. She coos.
[02:07:35] <Optimal> Frederick cries back, "Because I like seeing you try!" Frederick draws the 11 of squares.
[02:07:59] <ProcyonLotor> And that's blackjack, Frederick. And the llama doubled down, too. Poor fool.
[02:08:34] <padri> Maybe she's a bird. Do you think Laura might be a bird?
[02:08:43] <ProcyonLotor> Laura knows she is a bird.
[02:08:49] <ProcyonLotor> She's Anna, Monday's raven.
[02:09:07] <padri> Laura flaps her wings.
[02:09:12] <padri> She then flaps the winds.
[02:09:26] <ProcyonLotor> The winds purr like a kitten.
[02:09:30] <Optimal> Fred smiles. "I told you to always bet on black llama! You're so dumb! I still love you though."
[02:10:01] <GraemeCracker> It's Murray's wedding day. All around him his followers chortle and cheer in delight as he puts a tire iron over the finger of a rather large cherry, completing the Indigo Ceremony.
[02:10:02] <padri> Laura is a kitten! She's Marge! She purrs!
[02:10:03] <ProcyonLotor> Maybe you and Adrienne and the llama could move in together. Things would be like they were before.
[02:10:22] <ProcyonLotor> Your purrs shake the heavens and all of the twelve earths.
[02:10:35] <padri> She purrs louder!
[02:10:42] <padri> "Purrrrr!"
[02:10:44] <TeslaTornado> Serge tramps through the barracks, then has a think. ~Where's Katie?~ He tries Laura's door.
[02:11:14] <padri> Katie looks … it's not nice to see.
[02:11:17] <padri> She's in there.
[02:11:21] <ProcyonLotor> They vibrate, and in the frequency is the truth.
[02:11:36] <padri> /Laura/ is truth.
[02:11:43] <padri> She is everywhere.
[02:11:46] <padri> She is everything.
[02:11:50] <Proto_Lost> Harley's finished his lecture, and the bugperson who says he's his great-grandson is nodding in comprehension. He says something about Justice, and soon its the only word he can hear him saying.
[02:11:52] <Riemann> She is the eggman
[02:12:00] <Riemann> Coo coo cachoo
[02:12:01] <Optimal> "Oh Adrienne. We should move to the Sea of Tranquility. I heard they have good apples there. We could build an apartment there. Llama can live with us! God can visit on weekends!"
[02:12:04] <padri> She is the walrus. Coo-coo-ka-choo.
[02:12:17] <ProcyonLotor> Your children have a firm sense of what's right. You sniffle proudly.
[02:12:33] <ProcyonLotor> God nods. This appeals to him.
[02:12:35] <TeslaTornado> Serge's eyes go wide. He tries to maintain his steady breathing, conserving his O2 levels.
[02:12:59] <TeslaTornado> He slowly enters. "Katie? It's Serge. Come with me."
[02:13:01] <Sirgoldfish> Dan passes the shiny meadows of dubious intent, slays god's dragon, and pisses on a pink daemon on his way to the kitchen.
[02:13:09] <padri> Katie looks. She's not sure she can hear him.
[02:13:28] <padri> Laura is a walrus? Why does she have legs? She sits on the floor.
[02:13:40] <ProcyonLotor> Who says a walrus can't have legs?
[02:13:50] <ProcyonLotor> What give them the right to tell you if you're a walrus or not?!
[02:14:02] <TeslaTornado> Serge enters the room veeeery slowly.
[02:14:29] <padri> Katie watches him. Or maybe she watches him. Maybe she's watching butterflies. It's very confusing and disorienting.
[02:14:46] <padri> Laura will have legs if she wants to! She can have two dozen legs if she wants to!
[02:14:57] <Optimal> With everyone having the time of their lives, Frederick, Adrienne, Fredllama and God fly the octocility into the beautiful kaleidoscope that is the eternal happiness.
[02:14:57] <TeslaTornado> "Katie, it is Serge. You have to go to the motor pool. Do you know where that is?" Very slowly, but with authority.
[02:15:17] <ProcyonLotor> Katie nods.
[02:15:18] <padri> ProcyonLotor: can Katie understand Serge?
[02:15:23] <ProcyonLotor> (Yes)
[02:15:33] <ProcyonLotor> Academics, Frederick.
[02:15:35] <padri> She's not sure she can find the way. She reaches out for his hand instead.
[02:15:41] <Sirgoldfish> Dan stands in front of a audience. "Today I am going to show you all to how make whip cream and waffles."
[02:16:01] <Optimal> 4df+2 I believe it's two…
[02:16:01] <Glacon> Optimal: I believe it's two…: 2 (4df+2=3+, 0, 4-, 0)
[02:16:02] <Sirgoldfish> *how to
[02:16:10] <padri> Serge, Katie holds your hand tightly.
[02:16:29] <TeslaTornado> Serge leads her hastily back to the motor pool, knowing every second counts.
[02:16:36] <Riemann> Hill takes off his feet, and sits to hear Dan's lecture
[02:16:45] <ProcyonLotor> You make it in good time. One of the doctors takes Katie.
[02:16:52] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+2
[02:16:52] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, 4-, 3+)
[02:17:01] <ProcyonLotor> Frederick, you look around you. You
[02:17:06] <TeslaTornado> Serge nods and takes off back down the hallway, trying to make up for lost time.
[02:17:15] <ProcyonLotor> *You're in the Celestial Rose from the Divine Comedy.
[02:17:17] <padri> Laura runs around on her millions of legs.
[02:17:41] <GraemeCracker> Murray flies a cyan jellyfish through a sky of burning cotton, claiming worlds from systems unknown in the name of his kingdom. All will know his peaceful wrath for the glory of his Godship.
[02:17:44] <Sirgoldfish> Dan grabs all the cans of whip cream puts it on a plate then adds a waffle.
[02:18:18] <Riemann> Hill claps with all of his llamas
[02:18:24] <ProcyonLotor> They clap
[02:18:35] <ProcyonLotor> Soon, you have a pretty good rhythm goin.
[02:18:37] <TeslaTornado> Serge makes it to Utilities in record time.
[02:18:40] <Sirgoldfish> "Now we have a special guest here today every one welcome the president of the universe."
[02:18:43] <ProcyonLotor> Hill decides to form a band.
[02:18:51] <Riemann> Hill and Oates
[02:18:56] <ProcyonLotor> Pdef, Serge.
[02:18:57] <Riemann> For the Llamas
[02:19:11] <padri> Laura moves. She just keeps travelling.
[02:19:14] <padri> She's humming!
[02:19:18] <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (PDEF)
[02:19:19] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PDEF): 2 (4df+4=4-, 0, 4-, 0)
[02:19:24] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+2
[02:19:24] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 3 (4df+2=4-, 3+, 0, 3+)
[02:19:29] <Optimal> Frederick spots little Hill-cupids flying around the rose.
[02:19:40] <ProcyonLotor> It's too heavy in here. There isn't enough airflow.
[02:19:48] <Riemann> One of them aims for Adrienne and Frederick
[02:19:48] <ProcyonLotor> Some slips in through a crack in the mask.
[02:19:52] <ProcyonLotor> You haven't got long.
[02:20:06] <Sirgoldfish> Dan attempts to surf the audience.
[02:20:11] <Riemann> 4df+ 12 (the power of love!)
[02:20:15] <TeslaTornado> Serge holds his breath and opens the air valve as wide as it will go, moving to the switches.
[02:20:16] <ProcyonLotor> Dan accidentally flies instead.
[02:20:22] <Riemann> 4df+12 (the power of love!)
[02:20:22] <Glacon> Riemann: (the power of love!): 12 (4df+12=3+, 0, 4-, 0)
[02:20:30] <ProcyonLotor> Strength, Serge.
[02:20:34] <ProcyonLotor> Love conquers all.
[02:20:48] <Riemann> Including Frederick, Adrienne, and the llama
[02:20:52] <Sirgoldfish> "If Jesus can do I can to!"
[02:20:57] <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 "Strength, do not fail me now."
[02:20:58] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: "Strength, do not fail me now.": 3 (4df+4=0, 4-, 4-, 3+)
[02:21:06] <Optimal> Frederick and Adrienne look into each other's eyes. They kiss the kiss of a thousand hearts.
[02:21:08] <padri> Laura loves, too!
[02:21:09] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+4
[02:21:10] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 6 (4df+4=3+, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[02:21:15] <Optimal> Everything is beautiful.
[02:21:17] <padri> Laura loves everyone!
[02:21:18] <Riemann> The llama presides
[02:21:23] <padri> Laura especially loves her daughter!
[02:21:25] <ProcyonLotor> Goddamn it! The switches are rusted over!
[02:21:30] <padri> Can she roll to think clearly about her daughter?
[02:21:36] <TeslaTornado> Serge moves to club them with the oxygen tank.
[02:21:48] <Proto_Lost> Harley wishes his bugperson relative was legal, but alas, at 16 years of age, he'd get his ass busted-er for trying it.
[02:21:51] <GraemeCracker> During his conquest, Murray finds himself face to face with a flamingo eyed Adolf Hitler. A game of rock, paper, scissors commences between the two, of which Murrray loses.
[02:22:05] <ProcyonLotor> You pull the tank from the hose. You're no longer getting pure oxygen.
[02:22:08] <ProcyonLotor> Melee, Serge.
[02:22:13] <GraemeCracker> His realm is imprisoned for approximately three-hundred years.
[02:22:15] <TeslaTornado> 4df+2
[02:22:15] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: 3 (4df+2=3+, 0, 3+, 4-)
[02:22:19] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+2
[02:22:20] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 0 (4df+2=3+, 4-, 4-, 4-)
[02:22:27] <Sirgoldfish> Dan grabs his whip cream and waffles and flies to the common.
[02:23:14] <padri> Laura thinks something weird. But then she thinks about humming again.
[02:23:19] <ProcyonLotor> It hits the switches with a hideous noise, and just as colors become smells become shapes, you hear the fans stop and cycle backwards. It sounds salty.
[02:23:44] <Sirgoldfish> "I hate salt"
[02:23:48] <padri> Laura is a hum. She travels through the hall like sound.
[02:23:51] * Elvarien has quit (Quit: *poof*)
[02:23:52] * choobakka has joined #origins-ic
[02:23:54] <padri> She goes into all the rooms at once.
[02:23:58] <TeslaTornado> Serge begins swearing oaths in French, tearing the mask off and hitting himself as hard as he can in the face.
[02:24:05] <padri> The whole world can hear her all at once!
[02:24:21] <Riemann> Hill and Oates have begun singing their new hit single, Rich Llama
[02:24:23] <ProcyonLotor> Perc, Mdef, or Strength, Serge.
[02:24:47] <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Strength)
[02:24:47] <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Strength): 5 (4df+4=0, 4-, 3+, 3+)
[02:24:51] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+2
[02:24:52] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 2 (4df+2=3+, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[02:25:26] <ProcyonLotor> This isn't over yet. You still have some time before your mind is gone.
[02:25:30] <padri> Laura is everywhere, and everywhere is love.
[02:25:47] <ProcyonLotor> Serge picks himself up from the floor, and stumbles out of the ventilation room, wheezing.
[02:25:55] <padri> Laura is love.
[02:26:20] <TeslaTornado> Serge is now rasping and groaning, heaving for breath as he sprints full-tilt for the motor pool.
[02:26:22] <Roget> You can't hide, from your mind
[02:26:26] <Roget> though you try, try, try
[02:26:27] <padri> Love is Laura.
[02:26:42] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+8 persuasion because why not. "Every one I am starting a crusade against salt who is with me!"
[02:26:42] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: persuasion because why not. "Every one I am starting a crusade against salt who is with me!": 6 (4df+8=4-, 0, 4-, 0)
[02:26:46] <ProcyonLotor> Everybody under the influence, mdef /or/ perc.
[02:26:47] <Riemann> "Cause you know it don't matter anyway. You can rely on the llama's money, you can get by on the llama's money!"
[02:27:07] <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 Mdef
[02:27:08] <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: Mdef: 4 (4df+4=4-, 3+, 0, 0)
[02:27:14] <padri> Laura, love.
[02:27:19] <GraemeCracker> After those three-hundred years, Murray is saved when a welsh corgi by the name of Mallard destroys his tri-coloured prison, freeing him from his captivity.
[02:27:20] <padri> She is in the hearts of all.
[02:27:38] <ProcyonLotor> Laura, Murray, Hill, mdef /or/ perc.
[02:27:49] <GraemeCracker> Mallard is named Most Lovable Lord of Chuckleham and Murray takes back his icecream-oceaned homeland from the flamingo-
[02:27:54] <Riemann> 4df+7
[02:27:57] <padri> 4df+6 /Love/
[02:27:58] <Glacon> padri: /Love/: 8 (4df+6=3+, 3+, 0, 0)
[02:27:59] <Proto_Lost> 4df+3 mdef
[02:27:59] <Glacon> Proto_Lost: mdef: 4 (4df+3=3+, 3+, 4-, 0)
[02:28:06] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+4
[02:28:07] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 7 (4df+4=3+, 3+, 0, 3+)
[02:28:14] <Riemann> 4df+7 (Come on Glacon)
[02:28:15] <ProcyonLotor> Laura blinks.
[02:28:16] <Glacon> Riemann: (Come on Glacon): 8 (4df+7=3+, 0, 0, 0)
[02:28:18] * Optimal has left #origins-ic (Optimal has left the building.)
[02:28:22] <GraemeCracker> 4df+3 But flamingo hitler…
[02:28:23] <Glacon> GraemeCracker: But flamingo hitler…: 1 (4df+3=0, 4-, 0, 4-)
[02:28:34] <ProcyonLotor> And so does Hill.
[02:28:44] <ProcyonLotor> Laura, one thought burns in your mind.
[02:28:45] <Riemann> *blink*
[02:28:50] <ProcyonLotor> Where the hell is your daughter?
[02:29:07] <padri> Laura screams. Does she remember the announcement about the motor pool?
[02:29:08] * DrSavage has quit (Ping timeout)
[02:29:28] <Riemann> Hill does something
[02:29:29] <ProcyonLotor> Hill is arm-in-arm with a drooling janitor, holding a mop like a sword.
[02:29:34] <ProcyonLotor> Perc, Laura.
[02:29:39] <padri> 4df+6
[02:29:40] <Glacon> padri: 10 (4df+6=3+, 3+, 3+, 3+)
[02:29:42] <Riemann> (ooh, I like that)
[02:30:12] <GraemeCracker> A split second of clarity hits Murray before he descends back into LSD-land. Shaking his head, he proceeds to destroy flamingo-hitler and reclaim what's his.
[02:30:42] <ProcyonLotor> Laura remembers something about the motor pool. She needs to get there. But she needs to check on Katie as well.
[02:30:55] <Proto_Lost> Harley remains with his relative, discussing the merits of having a girlrfriend with the consistency of lime jell-o.
[02:31:00] <Riemann> Hill shakes his head clear, realising that he should probably help
[02:31:02] <padri> Laura runs full tilt to her room. This may be faster than she's ever run.
[02:31:16] <Riemann> He heads towards his lab, to find some chlorpromazine.
[02:31:45] <ProcyonLotor> The lab wing is almost empty.
[02:31:48] <padri> She /throws/ open the door, but the room is empty.
[02:31:58] <padri> She goes on to the common room.
[02:32:01] <ProcyonLotor> There's no one there.
[02:32:07] <ProcyonLotor> No one of importance.
[02:32:10] <Riemann> He grabs a batch, then goes to look for anyone still feeling the effects
[02:32:16] <ProcyonLotor> A man holding a chair is beating at some dude in a table fort.
[02:32:20] <ProcyonLotor> Mdef, Laura.
[02:32:24] <padri> No one is important besides Katie. She runs to the cafeteria.
[02:32:27] <padri> 4df+5
[02:32:28] <Glacon> padri: 4 (4df+5=0, 4-, 3+, 4-)
[02:32:35] <ProcyonLotor> 4df+5
[02:32:36] <Glacon> ProcyonLotor: 6 (4df+5=3+, 3+, 4-, 0)
[02:32:43] <ProcyonLotor> You scream.
[02:32:51] <ProcyonLotor> Something's happening. Something bad.
[02:32:58] <GraemeCracker> Murray returns to his llama covered world, where he meets his wife once more. She has now become a small tractor, but he loves her nonetheless.
[02:32:59] <ProcyonLotor> And you have no idea where your daughter is.
[02:33:05] <ProcyonLotor> How did she get out of the room?
[02:33:15] <Riemann> Hill might run into Murray
[02:33:26] <Riemann> Depends on GraemeCracker
[02:33:32] <padri> Laura tears at her hair as she fails to find her daughter in the cafeteria.
[02:33:54] <ProcyonLotor> Laura remembers the Motor Pool.
[02:34:13] <TeslaTornado> Serge flops into the motor pool. Literally flops. He rolls down the stairs and collapses to the ground.
[02:34:14] <GraemeCracker> If they run outside, they'll find Murray /losing his mind/.
[02:34:16] <padri> She prays that Katie is there as she runs.
[02:34:29] <Riemann> Hill runs outside
[02:34:36] <ProcyonLotor> There's air.
[02:34:40] <ProcyonLotor> Fresh air.
[02:34:50] <Riemann> To find Murray rolling around in some mud, shouting about Flamingos
[02:34:53] <ProcyonLotor> Serge never realized how good it feels, inside of you.
[02:35:01] <Riemann> Capital F
[02:35:05] <padri> Does Laura find Katie?
[02:35:11] * ihp has joined #origins-ic
[02:35:21] <TeslaTornado> (wat)
[02:35:24] <ProcyonLotor> Yes, Katie's sitting on a box.
[02:35:26] <GraemeCracker> There's several shoddily made snowmen nearby, many with the word 'subject' scratched into them.
[02:35:38] <Riemann> Carefully, ever so carefully, Hill administers the chlorpromazine to Murray, eyeing the snowmen
[02:35:40] <ProcyonLotor> She's doing well, all things considered.
[02:35:50] <ProcyonLotor> You cry a little. It's all okay.
[02:36:05] <ProcyonLotor> The snowmen don't move, although they watch you like hawks.
[02:36:06] <padri> Laura makes a noise that is the definition of motherhood as she runs over to katie, wrapping her arms around the girl. "Are you okay, Katie?"
[02:36:16] <padri> ~How could I have done this to my daughter?~
[02:36:19] <GraemeCracker> Murray dances with his children, a small tiger and a bucket of sal-
[02:37:01] <GraemeCracker> His LSD trip crashes around him as the chlorpromazine takes effect. His kindgom gone, his universe fallen.
[02:37:05] <Riemann> Hill squats by the recovering Murray, waiting
[02:37:15] <Riemann> "Are you ok, guy?"
[02:37:43] <ProcyonLotor> Katie nods. "Mr. Serge took me here! He had a silly hat on!"
[02:37:43] <padri> Katie cries. That was kind of scary.
[02:37:45] * DrSavage has joined #origins-ic
[02:37:51] <padri> okay, then that
[02:37:52] <GraemeCracker> Slowly he comes to, spitting a small hunk of wood out of his mouth. "…What the /FUCK/."
[02:37:57] <padri> works just as good. : P
[02:38:04] <padri> Laura hugs Katie really tightly.
[02:38:22] <Riemann> Hill laughs, half out of relief, half out of the sheer absurdity
[02:38:41] <ProcyonLotor> The laugh turns to a cough.
[02:38:43] <Riemann> "I'm Hill" he says, offering his hand to help Murray up
[02:38:47] <ProcyonLotor> He's been breathing tainted air.
[02:39:22] <GraemeCracker> Murray grasps weakly at the hand. "…Sorry, what?" He mumbles as he stumbles to his feet.
[02:39:25] <padri> Laura doesn't let go of Katie for anything. Katie hugs her mom back.
[02:39:47] <TeslaTornado> Serge just rolls on the floor.
[02:39:49] <Riemann> "I'm a friend. Are you ok?"
[02:39:51] <TeslaTornado> If he could hug air, he would.
[02:40:19] <padri> Laura will have so many grateful words for Serge once she can let go of her daughter.
[02:40:50] <GraemeCracker> "Uh, yeah, just a little out of sor-" He stops as he looks behind Hill. There's a throne made of snow, with his thompson sticking out of it.
[02:41:13] <Proto_Lost> That would mean Harley is wandering about, conversing with his drug-induced great-grandson on why a shapeshifting girl would make a great girlfriend.
[02:41:24] <GraemeCracker> "…What happened here?"
[02:41:45] <Riemann> "It's a long, trippy story. We're all a bit out of sorts."
[02:42:40] <Riemann> "Did you have a good trip?" Hill asks, scanning around him
[02:43:16] <GraemeCracker> "Uh…Okay. Let's explain it later then." He grabs his gun and shakes himself back into gear. "I'd rather not think about it right now, but uh, what's the plan?"
[02:43:46] <DrSavage> Randall walks down the halls, wearing his leather gloves and carrying the paper.
[02:43:51] <TeslaTornado> In the midst of all of it, Serge just starts laughing.
[02:43:58] <TeslaTornado> He has -literally no idea- what just happened.
[02:44:03] <ProcyonLotor> Things are messed up, Randall. You have a headache.
[02:44:08] <GraemeCracker> He looks down at his mud-sodden clothes. "…Must've been a good one." he mutters to himself.
[02:44:11] <Riemann> "I've a batch of chlorpromazine, that will neutralise the effects."
[02:44:40] <Riemann> "Wait. If we administer it to the llamas…"
[02:44:43] <Sirgoldfish> ~I don't think anything is real.~
[02:44:52] <GraemeCracker> "…I don't know wha-llamas?"
[02:45:09] <Sirgoldfish> Dan tries to have coherent thoughts about what he should do.
[02:45:26] <GraemeCracker> "You mean those llamas from that dial-a-whatever had something to do with this?"
[02:45:36] <Riemann> "Like I said, long story." Hill starts towards the site, looking for the llamas, intending for Murray to follow
[02:45:46] <Riemann> "But yeah, those llamas."
[02:46:33] <GraemeCracker> Murray takes one last look at the odd landscape he's created while drugged off his mind before following Hill back to site. ~Yeesh, fuck today.~
[02:46:40] * GottaGoFeast has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[02:47:20] <Riemann> The two arrive back on site, searching for llamas
[02:47:44] <ProcyonLotor> The llamas have been locked up.
[02:47:55] <ProcyonLotor> And given milk of magnesium.
[02:48:24] <GraemeCracker> "They've gotta be in containment, right? Or was there a breach?"
[02:48:47] <ProcyonLotor> Somewhere, the world's saddest janitor is mopping up hallucinogenic llama puke. But he did have to have a romantic evening with Frederick, so there's that.
[02:48:48] <Riemann> Hill and Murray need to administer chlorpromazine, which /should/ neutralise all of the effects
[02:48:52] * Aphex_ has quit (Connection reset by peer)
[02:49:15] <Riemann> "I imagine they're in containment."
[02:49:49] <GraemeCracker> "Okay, so…What, we just jam that uh, chemical stuff into everyone we can find?"
[02:49:52] <Riemann> Hill looks at the door to Llama containment. Is it locked?
[02:50:26] <Riemann> "We could do that. But we need to go to the source. These Llamas. That should work much faster."
[02:50:33] * padri is now known as padricleans
[02:50:57] <ProcyonLotor> It is locked. The llamas have been taken care of.
[02:51:06] <GraemeCracker> "You sure this'll work? I /really/ don't want to go back to what you er, what you saw out there.
[02:51:44] <Proto_Lost> Harley is now in the cafeteria, sharing a bite to eat with his relative. God, he loved family. He loved kids.
[02:52:00] <Riemann> Hill examines the llama containment. "It would, in theory. But I feel like someone up there doesn't want us to do anything to these llamas."
[02:52:16] <ProcyonLotor> Harley says a single tear as the LSD wears off.
[02:52:19] <ProcyonLotor> *sheds
[02:52:41] <GraemeCracker> Murray sighs, rubbing some of the cold out of his arms. "So, back to plan A then?"
[02:53:39] <Riemann> "I suppose so. Shame, though."
[02:54:21] <GraemeCracker> "Eh, well maybe jamming 'em full of drugs isn't a good idea. Best to play it safe." He motions for Hill to hand him some of those chloro-shots.
[02:54:36] * Jabonicus has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[02:55:19] <Riemann> Hill complies, handing Murray some syringes and chlorpromazine
[02:56:20] <GraemeCracker> "Thanks." He stretches, finally ready to get to work. "Okay, where haven't you checked yet?"
[02:57:05] <Proto_Lost> Well, there he goes, and now Harley is crying as he tries to figure out why he's in the cafeteria, crying.
[02:57:27] <Sirgoldfish> Dan is pissed that his peace agreements with the candy kingdom and super France fell through.
[02:57:34] <Riemann> "I checked outside, first. Haven't checked anywhere else. I'll go to the cafeteria."
[02:57:46] <Sirgoldfish> Dan starts to wake up from his dreams.
[02:58:13] <GraemeCracker> "Alright, I'll cover commons."
[02:59:04] <GraemeCracker> He heads off to such, checking to see if anybody be thar.
[02:59:31] <Riemann> Hill enters the cafeteria, looking for anyone acting odd. He espies Harley, crying
[03:00:08] <Proto_Lost> Indeed he is, but he's definitely trying not to look like it.
[03:01:20] <Riemann> Hill sighs, placing a syringe of chlorpromazine by Harley. "You might want this, friend."
[03:01:23] * Scantron is now known as Scansleeps
[03:01:53] <Proto_Lost> "I'm…fuck, I'm fine. Get that needle out of me before I stick it in your eye."
[03:02:32] <Riemann> (Hill just placed it down near him)
[03:02:42] <TeslaTornado> Serge stops laughing and gets off the floor, leaning himself against a Jeep and calming himself down a bit.
[03:03:03] * Roget has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[03:03:47] <Proto_Lost> Really? Man, he must be seeing things.
[03:04:30] <DrSavage> Randall heads to commons if it is open.
[03:04:52] <Riemann> "It'll help your ills. I'd suggest it."
[03:06:02] <Proto_Lost> He just pinches the bridge of his nose with a sigh. "Yeah okay, just leave me alone."
[03:06:24] <Riemann> Hill leaves Harley with the syringe, going to find more people
[03:06:53] <GraemeCracker> Murray wanders from room to room, searching for people that need drugs to counteract other drugs.
[03:07:42] <Sirgoldfish> Hill can hear Dan yelling. "Dammit Dammit Dammit Dammit."
[03:08:22] <Riemann> Hill turns, finding Dan smashing his head against a wall. "Hey Dan."
[03:08:43] <DrSavage> Randall sits down in the commons and reads his paper.
[03:09:22] <Sirgoldfish> "I am sorry. I was so close to sealing the deal, but then all of this was fake."
[03:10:15] <Riemann> "Just, uh, relax. Here, take this."
[03:11:41] <Sirgoldfish> Dan immediately jams the needle into his fore arm.
[03:12:27] <Riemann> Hill oversees the jamming, making sure that the chemical takes
[03:14:28] * padricleans is now known as padri
[03:16:36] <TeslaTornado> Serge is now pretty calmed down. He's sitting against the back tire of the jeep, looking at his air mask.
[03:16:44] <padri> Katie: "Momma?" Laura: "Yes, bug-a-boo?" Katie: "Can we go back in now?"
[03:17:01] <DrSavage> Randall looks especially grouchy.
[03:17:01] <padri> Laura finally lets go of her daughter. "Of course, Katie."
[03:18:12] <TeslaTornado> Serge picks at the rubber seal around the mask, the cracked glass. He leaves the empty tube where it is and decides to head to his room.
[03:18:46] <padri> Laura sees him and calls out to Serge. "Serge?"
[03:19:01] <TeslaTornado> Serge looks.
[03:19:23] <padri> "Thank you. Thank you so much."
[03:19:39] <TeslaTornado> He nods, once.
[03:21:16] <Riemann> Hill grabs something from his room, then heads to the commons, lying down on his swanky new couch
[03:21:48] <Riemann> He's tired, and feeling a bit bad about how what he did affected Katie
[03:22:10] <padri> Laura nods, too. Then she takes Katie to bed.
[03:23:35] <TeslaTornado> Serge goes into the room next door, opens the door slowly. Holds his breath for a few moments. Walks inside.
[03:25:13] * Balthazaar has joined #origins-ic
[03:26:23] <TeslaTornado> He goes to his closet, takes out his pistol. Starts cleaning it again.
[03:26:36] <padri> Serge was a hero.

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