Animals!Origins 2: Containment Boogaloo

[15:16:34] <Balthazaar> Emily looks to Laura. "Thank you for helping me out… from under my clothes, Laura. I don't think I would have been able to get out of there myself."
[15:17:14] <padri> Laura smiles. "Any time, dear."
[15:17:15] <Bunton> Pauline looks between the two.
[15:17:23] <Bunton> THen she blushes and looks at her food.
[15:18:10] <padri> Laura eats her eggs.
[15:18:20] <ShotgunFiendM> (Cannibal)
[15:18:45] * lurkwork has joined #origins-ic2
[15:19:47] <padri> "I just wish we'd found the anomaly."
[15:19:58] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt has been sitting quietly.
[15:20:39] <Balthazaar> "I… Kind of liked it…" Emily blushes a little
[15:21:24] <padri> "Kaite loved it."
[15:21:40] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt smiles. "I bet."
[15:21:41] <Bunton> "I didn't."
[15:21:48] <Bunton> Pauline is blushing furiously.
[15:22:08] <padri> "What were you, Pauline?"
[15:22:09] <ShotgunFiendM> "What animal did you turn into?"
[15:22:19] <Bunton> "Um… a sheep."
[15:22:25] <padri> Laura did not like the changing back part at all.
[15:22:35] <Bunton> "I wish I knew what caused it. Do you guys have any idea?"
[15:22:41] <Balthazaar> "… Except for when we changed back… That was horrible…"
[15:22:59] <lurkwork> Ivan enters the cafeteria for water and toast.
[15:23:15] <padri> "I suspect it was something outside. The first time is started when a dead goose was thrown to Wilson."
[15:23:21] <Bunton> "Yes…"
[15:23:29] <Bunton> "Changing back was… not good."
[15:23:38] <Bunton> "What, uh… what were you guys?"
[15:23:47] <ShotgunFiendM> "I think carrying your clothes around with you would be a good idea if it ever happens again."
[15:24:22] <Balthazaar> "I don't know… This little furry climbing thing…"
[15:24:46] <lurkwork> Ivan sits in the corner with his meal.
[15:24:47] <padri> "I'm not sure. It wasn't something I recognized." To Matt: "How? I had no hands and I was too short to drag them with me."
[15:24:54] <Balthazaar> "Laura and Katie were some sort of… Small bears… And Matt was a griffin…"
[15:24:59] <padri> Laura wave him over.
[15:25:13] <lurkwork> Ivan saunters over and site.
[15:25:18] <ShotgunFiendM> "Hm… Good point."
[15:25:33] <Balthazaar> "You saw how tiny I was Matt… No way I could move those…"
[15:25:34] <Bunton> What is Ivan eating?
[15:25:51] <Balthazaar> Emily waves to Ivan with a small smile
[15:25:57] <Bunton> "A griffon?"
[15:26:06] <Balthazaar> Still blushing at the memory of changing back
[15:26:06] <ShotgunFiendM> "Yeah."
[15:26:17] <padri> Laura nods.
[15:26:26] <lurkwork> Ivan nods to Emily.
[15:26:51] <lurkwork> "What is the topic of conversation?"
[15:27:31] <Balthazaar> "W-when we were animals…"
[15:27:44] <ShotgunFiendM> "Y'know, the lion/eagle thing from myth."
[15:28:20] <padri> yeah. That lion/eagle thing. The one sitting right across from you.
[15:28:26] <Bunton> Pauline narrows her eyes.
[15:28:30] <Bunton> "I know what a griffon…"
[15:28:32] <Bunton> "Um…"
[15:28:39] <padri> Everyone, the feel of bones shifting is very strange.
[15:28:49] <Bunton> Pauline looks down at her body.
[15:28:53] <Bunton> She bleets in suprise.
[15:29:00] <padri> Its fluffy!
[15:29:06] <Balthazaar> Emily looks at her… paws?
[15:29:10] <lurkwork> "……."
[15:29:16] <padri> Yup
[15:29:16] <lurkwork> "Not again…"
[15:29:28] <Balthazaar> She collapses into her clothes again with a small shriek
[15:29:43] <padri> Laura wriggles out of her clothes and pads over to Emily to help her out.
[15:29:47] <ShotgunFiendM> "Hyerk." Mat grunts. He tries to disentangle himself from the table, talons and claws scraping against the table and floor.
[15:30:02] <ShotgunFiendM> It's an awkward sight
[15:30:03] <padri> Laura is a honey badger!
[15:30:03] <Bunton> Pauline falls backwards off her chair.
[15:30:11] <Bunton> She bleets under a pile of clothes.
[15:30:13] <Balthazaar> Quoll!Emily struggles within her clothes. "Laura help!"
[15:30:28] <Balthazaar> She sounds a little scared
[15:30:39] <padri> Laura picks up emily by the scruff of her neck.
[15:31:09] <padri> She then goes over to Matt, stands on her hind legs, and puts Emily on his back.
[15:31:10] <lurkwork> Ivan flops onto the floor with a hefty slimy splat.
[15:31:17] <lurkwork> *SPLORT*
[15:31:20] <Bunton> Pauline is struggling under her cloithes on her back.
[15:31:29] <lurkwork> *gurgle*
[15:31:33] <Balthazaar> She goes all stiff in Laura's mouth. "Thanks…"
[15:31:36] <Bunton> "Baaaah this is not good!"
[15:31:37] <ShotgunFiendM> Once extracted from the seat and table, Matt shuffles his feathers.
[15:31:43] <padri> "Let's find out what's causing this today, alright?"
[15:31:52] <lurkwork> -_-
[15:31:54] <ShotgunFiendM> "Someone get Ivan a bucket first?"
[15:32:04] <padri> Laura goesto help Pauline, as she has the most usable claws.
[15:32:04] <lurkwork> "…please."
[15:32:23] <Bunton> Pauline rolls on to her side, but she's still entangled.
[15:32:47] <Balthazaar> Emily hops off Matts back and darts into the kitchen, and tries to fill a pot with water, but is too small.
[15:32:52] <padri> Laura nods. "I'll go see what I can find."
[15:33:06] <padri> Laura follows Emily.
[15:33:12] <Bunton> Pauline gets on to her hooves.
[15:33:28] <Bunton> She blushes, looks around, then picks up her clothes in her teeth.
[15:33:38] <Bunton> She trots after Laura and Emily.
[15:33:40] <Balthazaar> Emily is pushing against the pot with all her might, but can't move it
[15:33:57] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt trots into the kitchen. He looks around and picks up the bucket in his beak.
[15:33:57] <Bunton> *Sheepauline
[15:34:49] <padri> Laura stands on her back legs. She's not much help. Counters are too tall.
[15:34:50] <Balthazaar> Quoll!Emily looks at Matt greatfully, hops up onto the bench, and uses her nimble little paws to turn on a tap
[15:34:51] <ShotgunFiendM> He steps back on and plops the bucket next to ivan
[15:35:06] <ShotgunFiendM> Errr after filling it!
[15:35:19] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt is easily the tallest animal in the room
[15:35:28] <Balthazaar> Emily looks down at Laura. "You look scary…"
[15:35:48] <Bunton> Sheepauline is still blushing through her wool.
[15:35:51] <padri> Laura is all teeth. "I'm still the same Laura, dear."
[15:35:56] <lurkwork> Ivan flops into the bucket.
[15:36:00] <padri> That's still p scary, tho.
[15:36:09] <lurkwork> "Why am I the most useless?"
[15:36:39] <padri> Laura comes back out of the kitchen. "I don't know about that. Octopi are nimble creatures."
[15:36:57] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt looks nothing short of intimidating.
[15:37:00] <Balthazaar> Emily hops down nimbly. "You look like you're made of teeth…" Emily's teeth are actually prett massive too, however
[15:37:08] <ShotgunFiendM> He plops the bucket next to Ivan.
[15:37:28] <ShotgunFiendM> "Now where do you suggest we look?"
[15:37:38] <padri> "Outside."
[15:37:53] <padri> Laura suspects this is where the thung is coming from.
[15:37:59] <Balthazaar> "How will we open the door?"
[15:38:09] <Balthazaar> Emily is staying close to Laura
[15:38:18] <ShotgunFiendM> "I can probably turn the handle."
[15:38:19] <Bunton> Pauline walks up to the door and tries to teeth it.
[15:38:49] <padri> Laura is stumped. "Ivan may be able to."
[15:38:50] <Bunton> *Sheepauline
[15:38:52] <lurkwork> "I can open it."
[15:39:01] <ShotgunFiendM> He trots over to the door. Has Sheepauline succeeded in opening it?
[15:39:02] <padri> Pauline, you can't get a grip on it.
[15:39:15] <Balthazaar> Emily scratches at the door like a cat. "Maybe someone will hear…"
[15:39:16] <padri> Laura pushes ivan to the door.
[15:39:18] <Bunton> Pauline steps back, and bleets in frustration.
[15:39:26] <Bunton> *Sheepauline
[15:39:42] <lurkwork> Ivan flops out and fiddles with the handle using tentacles.
[15:39:47] <padri> "I think everyone's been turned, Emily."
[15:39:50] <lurkwork> *slurpy*
[15:40:06] <padri> Ivan, after some finagling, you unlatch it!
[15:40:26] <lurkwork> "There." He falls back into the bucket and peeks over the rim with his eyes.
[15:40:33] <Bunton> Pauline goes back to get her clothes.
[15:40:54] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt walks out, keeping the door open for the smaller animald
[15:40:58] <ShotgunFiendM> Animals*
[15:40:59] <padri> Laura gets a claw around the door and pulls it open.
[15:41:02] <Balthazaar> Emily tries to nose it open, but is too small to be strong enough
[15:41:23] <Balthazaar> Emily goes through! "Thanks Matt…"
[15:41:45] <ShotgunFiendM> "Sure thing."
[15:41:46] <padri> There are a few beetles, a jaguar, and a cat that you pass on the way to the front door.
[15:42:03] <padri> Laura pushes Ivan's bucket. It's tiring work.
[15:42:07] <lurkwork> Ivan looks at them and hangs a tentacle out.
[15:42:17] <padri> "Matt, could you help?"
[15:42:19] <Bunton> "I can do that for you, Laura."
[15:42:20] <Balthazaar> Emily looks at the cat with narrowed eyes. ~I could take that cat…~
[15:42:29] <lurkwork> "Use the handle."
[15:42:37] <ShotgunFiendM> "Yeah, gimme the handle."
[15:42:56] <ShotgunFiendM> He trots over and picks the bucket up in his beak by the handle.
[15:42:56] <padri> Laura lets Pauline push Ivan.
[15:43:09] <Bunton> Sheepauline helps Griffonmatt!
[15:43:09] <padri> Then Matt.
[15:43:15] <Bunton> She's trembling.
[15:43:26] <Balthazaar> Emily remains close to Laura, she feels safer next to that mass of teeth and muscle
[15:43:26] <padri> "Its hard work being an animal…"
[15:43:45] <ShotgunFiendM> "I got it. Thanks though." He says through partially open beak.
[15:43:52] <Balthazaar> "I sort of like it… I feel so fast…"
[15:43:58] <Bunton> "I've got it!"
[15:44:12] <Bunton> Sheepauline glares at Matt.
[15:44:40] <padri> Ther reach the door to outside, but not before spilling much water on the way.
[15:44:41] <ShotgunFiendM> "I think I'm better equipped to carry a bucket, Pauline."
[15:44:50] <Bunton> Sheepauline glares.
[15:44:51] <Balthazaar> Emily smiles at Emily, her teeth surprisingly large for such a cute little animal. "It's nice."
[15:44:54] <Bunton> "I said I've got it!"
[15:45:00] <Bunton> She snouts Matt out of the way.
[15:45:06] <lurkwork> Ivan hangs on.
[15:45:07] <Balthazaar> *Emily smiles at /Laura/
[15:45:17] <lurkwork> "Try to keep the water in!"
[15:45:40] <ShotgunFiendM> If Matt could frown he would. "Pauline… I've got it."
[15:45:40] <padri> "Children! Stop it!" Laura bares her many teeth at pauline and Matt.
[15:45:50] <Bunton> Pauline jumps.
[15:45:50] <padri> Its a scary sight.
[15:45:53] <lurkwork> Ivan hangs on with his tentacles.
[15:45:58] <Bunton> She backsteps and trembles.
[15:46:09] <Bunton> *Sheepauline, *backhooves
[15:46:24] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt looks over at Laura. Hes somewhat less threatened by it but still stops arguing.
[15:46:24] <padri> "Matt, put Ivan near the door so we can get out."
[15:46:30] <lurkwork> *gurgle*
[15:46:52] <Bunton> "I /hate/ being a sheep!"
[15:47:06] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt carries Ivan over to the outside door and repeat the previous process as with the cafe door.
[15:47:18] <Bunton> Pauline steps through, glaring at him.
[15:47:24] <Balthazaar> Emily grins at Laura. She looks up to her both literally and figuratively
[15:47:34] <padri> Steps are hard, Pauline.
[15:47:43] <padri> Laura pads down them.
[15:47:50] <Bunton> Pauline bleets.
[15:47:58] <Bunton> Her legs aren't designed for this.
[15:47:59] <Balthazaar> Emily stops at the threshold to outside, and looks out nervously. She's trembling a little. "That… That's a lot of open sky…" She's worried about owls, one in particular.
[15:48:12] <padri> There is a bird trying to nest above the door.
[15:48:56] <padri> Mysterious voice: "Dumb people. Dumb people. Dumb people."
[15:48:58] <Bunton> Pauline trembles and glares at the sky.
[15:49:03] <Bunton> It's a strange combination.
[15:49:20] <ShotgunFiendM> "Here…" Matt sets the bucket down momentarily, picks Emily up gently in his beak, sets her on his back, then picks up the bucket.
[15:49:23] <Balthazaar> Emily is frightened. She doesn't want to go out there
[15:49:42] <Balthazaar> "Matt.. No… I'm scared…"
[15:49:44] <padri> Its hard to look up, Pauline.
[15:49:55] <Bunton> Sheepauline looks at the horizon.
[15:50:03] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt shuffles his wings a bit and they fold over Emily, covering all of her but her head.
[15:50:09] <Balthazaar> "I don't want to go out there… There might be owls…"
[15:50:30] <ShotgunFiendM> "Don't worry about owls. They wouldn't attack me."
[15:50:41] <padri> Laura looks around. "Did you all hear that?"
[15:50:49] <ShotgunFiendM> "Yes."
[15:50:52] <Bunton> "Hear what?"
[15:50:56] <Balthazaar> Laura and Matt will notice she says the word "owl" in the same way she'd say "Chris"
[15:51:12] <Balthazaar> Matt will feel Emily trembling on his back
[15:51:20] <lurkwork> "…I hate this…"
[15:51:25] <lurkwork> *SPLURG*
[15:51:29] <Bunton> "I do too."
[15:51:37] <padri> Laura stands on her back legs to look at Emily. "Nothing will get you, dear."
[15:51:52] <lurkwork> "At least I don't have cancerous lungs in this form."
[15:52:46] <padri> A bird flies overhead
[15:53:12] <Balthazaar> Emily looks at Laura, terrified. " I… I…" she screams a little and cowers under MAtts wings at the sight of the bird
[15:53:13] <lurkwork> "Hmmm…. here it comes."
[15:53:53] <Bunton> Is it EagleGuard?
[15:53:57] * ZombieRaptor has joined #origins-ic2
[15:54:00] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt looks up at the bird, narrowing his eagle eyes. Its an intimidating sight.
[15:54:07] <padri> Laura looks up at it. "It's just a little bird.
[15:54:18] <padri> The bird does not care, matt
[15:54:19] <Bunton> Pauline tries to look up at the bird.
[15:54:22] <Bunton> "What's going on?"
[15:54:29] <Balthazaar> " /He's/ coming!" Emily sounds like she's crying
[15:54:37] <lurkwork> Ivan gives no shits.
[15:54:53] <Bunton> "What is?"
[15:55:01] <padri> "There's a bird, Pauline."
[15:55:01] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is in a tree. "Help!"
[15:55:06] <ShotgunFiendM> "Emily… It's just a little bird. It's okay."
[15:55:09] <Bunton> "A bird!?"
[15:55:12] <ZombieRaptor> "Heeelllllp"
[15:55:13] <Bunton> Pauline cowers.
[15:55:18] <padri> Laura sighs. She pad over to the tree.
[15:55:27] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi's 20 feet up.
[15:55:35] <Balthazaar> Emily is shaking violently on Matt's back
[15:55:45] <ShotgunFiendM> Honey badgers are amazing climbers fyi
[15:56:00] <Balthazaar> "Matt… Take me under the tree… Please…"
[15:56:00] <padri> The bird lands in the tree above Luvi. "Serves you right!"
[15:56:10] <padri> Laura climbs up after Luvi.
[15:56:16] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt walks over under the tree.
[15:56:30] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi growls at it. "I'll eat you!"
[15:56:37] <lurkwork> "Guys… it's…. cold… out… here…" Ivan's speech is slurring.
[15:56:39] <Bunton> "Luvi?"
[15:56:39] <Balthazaar> "He can't get me in the trees…"
[15:56:44] <Bunton> "!"
[15:56:49] <ShotgunFiendM> He lays down and wraps his tail around to Emily. He uses it to pet her head.
[15:56:49] <ZombieRaptor> "What."
[15:56:51] <Bunton> "Ivan, do you want me to get you back inside?"
[15:56:56] <padri> Bird: "Can't reach me mr fox!" It sounds like its laughing.
[15:57:05] <ZombieRaptor> How far up is it?
[15:57:10] <ZombieRaptor> The bird
[15:57:11] <Balthazaar> Emily likes this
[15:57:21] <lurkwork> "Oh… I'm… cold… blooded…"
[15:57:21] <lurkwork> "…that's….why…"
[15:57:25] <ZombieRaptor> Foxes can climb up.
[15:57:28] <ZombieRaptor> Down is harder
[15:57:34] <padri> Ten feet higher. Laura catche up with Luvi.
[15:57:42] <lurkwork> "…not… yet…"
[15:57:49] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi digs his claws in and climbs up. "Im gonna eat that bird."
[15:58:04] <padri> "Don't eat it, der. It may be a co-worker."
[15:58:06] <Balthazaar> "Matt… You need to warm up Ivan…" She scrambles up the tree too! She's very fast
[15:58:41] <padri> Luvi reaches the bird, but it flies off. "Ha!"
[15:59:08] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi hits it with his claw, scratching it at least.
[15:59:10] <Bunton> Pauline stops.
[15:59:17] <Bunton> She searches her handbag for her revolver.
[15:59:25] <lurkwork> "…no… no… warming… up… not… necces… arry…"
[15:59:32] <Balthazaar> Emily runs around on the tree, laughing. "I'm so fast!"
[15:59:42] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is now stuck higher up.
[15:59:46] <ZombieRaptor> At least he hurt it.
[15:59:46] <padri> He does! The bird is pissed. "Stupid peple!"
[16:00:07] <Bunton> Does she find it?
[16:00:09] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt goes over to Ivan. "No complaints." Her covers the bucket with a wing, trapping the heat inside.
[16:00:19] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi frowns to the best ability a fox can frown.
[16:00:21] <lurkwork> "…what's… going… on?"
[16:00:42] <padri> Laura: "That wasn't very smart, dear." She climbs up after him and grabs him by the scruff of the neck.
[16:01:06] <Balthazaar> Emily darts over to Laura. "I could get used to this…"
[16:01:14] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi hangs limply. "I was already stuck in a tree anyways."
[16:01:15] <Bunton> Sheepauline pulls out her revolver.
[16:01:19] <Bunton> "Can anyone use this?"
[16:01:42] <lurkwork> "I… can…"
[16:01:46] <padri> Laura looks over at the burd. "You should find out who that is, Emily."
[16:01:48] <lurkwork> Ivan raises a tentacle.
[16:01:53] <padri> Laura begins to climb down.
[16:02:22] <Bunton> Sheepauline holds the gun out to him in her teeth, biting the barrel by the side.
[16:02:27] <ZombieRaptor> "It's just a damn bird."
[16:02:39] <lurkwork> "Drop it in."
[16:02:46] <Balthazaar> "Okay." Emily darts up to where the bird is, or at least to the highest point of the tree if it's flying. "Hello…"
[16:03:01] <padri> "Are you just a fox, then, dear?"<Laura
[16:03:11] <padri> "Stupid human."
[16:03:15] <Bunton> Pauline plods over and drops it in
[16:03:17] <padri> ^bird
[16:03:36] <lurkwork> Ivan wraps around the gun trying to get a handle on it.
[16:03:36] <padri> Now the gun is all wet!
[16:03:46] <Balthazaar> "… I'm sorry… He has bad manners sometimes…"
[16:03:48] <ZombieRaptor> "It's not one of us, it's an actual bird…" And if Laura talked she would drop Luvi.
[16:03:55] <padri> Its really difficult, Ivan.
[16:03:55] <Balthazaar> Quoll!Emily^
[16:03:59] <ZombieRaptor> Can you need all four to climb.
[16:04:13] <lurkwork> (a revolver can be reliably shot wet)
[16:04:14] <ZombieRaptor> You grab the scruff with to mouth.
[16:04:17] <ZombieRaptor> Or muzzle
[16:04:17] <padri> She's keeping her teeth closed. She sounds funny when she talks.
[16:04:29] <lurkwork> He squiggles around it anyhow.
[16:04:51] <padri> Bird: "He ruins my nest and tries to shoot me!"
[16:04:52] <Balthazaar> Emily is being nice to the bird. "Are you okay?"
[16:05:02] <lurkwork> "What am I shooting?"
[16:05:09] <Bunton> Sheepauline tries to raise her head to see what's going on.
[16:05:11] <Bunton> "Ow!"
[16:05:22] <padri> Laura reaches the bottom an sets Luvi down. "Real birds shouldn't talk. Maybe thats the anomaly?"
[16:05:58] <ZombieRaptor> "We can understand it because we are animals too… Thanks."
[16:06:01] <Bunton> "Nothing yet, Ivan."
[16:06:01] <Balthazaar> Emily frowns down at Luvi. "Luvi, you apologise to this nice bird right now!"
[16:06:04] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi licks her cheek.
[16:06:07] <ZombieRaptor> "No!"
[16:06:08] <padri> Burd: "No! My nest was ruined twice in a row! Now I'm building it all over again a third time!"
[16:06:28] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt frowns as well as a beak allows.
[16:06:35] <ZombieRaptor> "Maybe you shouldn't be an ass bird."
[16:06:39] <ShotgunFiendM> "I think that would be my fault…"
[16:06:53] <padri> The bird lets out a stream of explitives at Luvi.
[16:07:00] <padri> And at Matt.
[16:07:21] <ZombieRaptor> (How big is a honey badger?)
[16:07:35] <Balthazaar> Emily hisses at Luvi, she's tiny, but her teeth are shockingly large. then she looks at bird. "I'm sorry about that… C-can I help in any way?"
[16:07:44] <ShotgunFiendM> (Small-medium dog sized I think)
[16:07:46] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is almost invisible from above.
[16:08:09] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi growls at Emily, his fangs bared.
[16:08:20] <lurkwork> Ivan looks for something to shoot at. "I'm armed."
[16:08:25] <padri> "Stop being human! That's how you can help! I'm almost done with my nest."
[16:08:29] <ShotgunFiendM> "Calm it you two."
[16:08:39] <Bunton> "The bird! Shoot the bird!"
[16:08:50] <padri> The bird picks up a twig and flies over to its nest above the door.
[16:09:05] <lurkwork> 4df+5 shooting bird!
[16:09:05] <Glacon> lurkwork: shooting bird!: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, 3+, 4-)
[16:09:16] <ZombieRaptor> Is Ivan outside?
[16:09:21] <lurkwork> Yesh
[16:09:26] <ZombieRaptor> As an octopus??
[16:09:26] <lurkwork> He's an octopus.
[16:09:29] <ZombieRaptor> he be dyin
[16:09:29] <Balthazaar> "No!" Emily tries getting between the bird and the group
[16:09:31] <lurkwork> In a bucket.
[16:09:49] <ShotgunFiendM> "Hey!" Matt scree's loudly. "Stop with the shooting!"
[16:10:10] <padri> Ian, that shot went way wide. You're not used to shooting in octo form
[16:10:14] <ShotgunFiendM> He flares his wings and jump glides in front of Ivan.
[16:10:23] <lurkwork> *gurgle*
[16:10:27] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi pounces Matt.
[16:10:30] <ZombieRaptor> "Let him shoot!"
[16:10:31] <padri> The bird lets out another stream of explitives.
[16:10:41] <ZombieRaptor> "That bird is an asshole."
[16:10:53] <lurkwork> "Should I try again?"
[16:10:53] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt turns on Luvi and swipes with a taloned claw.
[16:11:00] <Balthazaar> "Stop it!"
[16:11:01] <lurkwork> "…."
[16:11:11] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi's momentum takes Matt flying along.
[16:11:17] <ShotgunFiendM> "It didn't /do/ anything
[16:11:19] <ShotgunFiendM> ."
[16:11:22] <Bunton> "Turn us back!"
[16:11:27] <padri> "Everyone stop fighting," Laura says through bare teeth.
[16:11:34] <ShotgunFiendM> Uhh bullshit? Matt is the size of a lion.
[16:11:36] <Bunton> Pauline tries to lift her head enough to glare.
[16:11:38] <Bunton> 4df+4 Intimidate
[16:11:38] <Glacon> Bunton: Intimidate: 7 (4df+4=3+, 0, 3+, 3+)
[16:11:54] <padri> Bird: "Thatsright i damn well didnt do fuckin anything."
[16:11:54] <ZombieRaptor> Eagles aren't /that/ big.
[16:12:00] <ZombieRaptor> Maybe with wings outstretched
[16:12:06] <padri> Pauline, you're a sheep
[16:12:09] <ShotgunFiendM> A multiple hundred pound lion. Griffins sre lion sized.
[16:12:14] <ShotgunFiendM> Are*
[16:12:16] <ZombieRaptor> He's a griffon?
[16:12:17] <padri> You're the least intimidating thing ever
[16:12:18] <ZombieRaptor> God damn
[16:12:26] <Balthazaar> "Stop it! /Please/!"
[16:12:40] <Bunton> Pauline bleets.
[16:12:54] <Bunton> "Why don't you just build your nest somewhere else!?"
[16:13:16] <padri> Bird: "Just go away!"
[16:13:38] <padri> Laura: "You've built your nest three times, did you say?"
[16:13:45] <lurkwork> Ivan is getting tired of this.
[16:13:55] <padri> brid: "Yes! Causa those fuckers!"
[16:14:04] <lurkwork> "I'm breathing my own effluence."
[16:14:05] <ZombieRaptor> Matt gets pounced.
[16:14:12] <lurkwork> -_-
[16:14:52] <Balthazaar> Emily looks at the bird sympathetically. "I'm sorry… Mr. Bird…"
[16:15:08] <ZombieRaptor> 4df+9 Im pulling dice on you! Pounce! :p
[16:15:09] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: Im pulling dice on you! Pounce! :p: 8 (4df+9=0, 3+, 4-, 4-)
[16:15:39] <padri> dice dont apply
[16:15:45] <padri> you're in a different body
[16:16:23] <ZombieRaptor> Matt is pounced.
[16:16:42] <padri> he is not knocked over
[16:16:47] <padri> Luvi is tiny
[16:16:51] <ZombieRaptor> He is knocked back.
[16:16:55] <ZombieRaptor> Luvi is a big fox
[16:17:01] <ShotgunFiendM> Just because arguing is a bitch on a phone, Luvi knocks into Matt and he stumbles, but doesn't fall over.
[16:17:01] <padri> A step
[16:17:19] <ZombieRaptor> (I is on a phone.)
[16:17:24] <ZombieRaptor> (Always)
[16:17:24] <Bunton> Pauline does a nervous little dance.
[16:17:36] <Bunton> *Sheepauline
[16:17:50] * TeslaTornado has joined #origins-ic2
[16:18:04] <Balthazaar> "STOP FIGHTING!" Emily tries to yell with her tiny little quoll lungs
[16:18:04] <padri> Laura is fed up with the fighting. She climbs up to get the bird.
[16:18:07] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt scree's at Luvi and flares his wings, standing on his hind legs.
[16:18:22] <Balthazaar> Emily is with the bird
[16:18:23] <padri> The bird flies off. "What're you doing, you big galoot?"
[16:18:27] <TeslaTornado> Kevin is a goddamn gorilla again, and he isn't pleased. He stands outside pouting.
[16:18:29] <ZombieRaptor> "Move out of Ivan's way you overgrown bird Matt."
[16:18:51] <padri> Emily is not with the bird. It flew back to the building.
[16:18:53] <Balthazaar> /was/ next to the bird
[16:19:11] <Balthazaar> Oh, well she's still up in the tree
[16:19:20] <Balthazaar> She likes it in the tree
[16:19:21] <ShotgunFiendM> "So he can waste ammo on a bird. Right. Okay. You go ahead and do that." He settles back down and folds his wings back.
[16:19:44] <padri> Laura: "Come here you dumb bird!"
[16:19:47] <padri> -dumb
[16:19:55] <lurkwork> "Shoot or not shoot?"
[16:20:08] <Balthazaar> "Laura, please don't hurt him!"
[16:20:09] <TeslaTornado> Kevin sees Laura climbing a tree and immediately goes off to climb it. He's a gorilla. They're good at that.
[16:20:19] <lurkwork> Ivan props the gun on the rim of the bucket.
[16:20:44] <padri> Laura is climbing a building.
[16:20:44] <ZombieRaptor> These trees do not support 600 pound gorillas well
[16:20:47] <ZombieRaptor> d10
[16:20:47] <Glacon> ZombieRaptor: 8 (d10=8)
[16:20:56] <TeslaTornado> Climbing a builing*
[16:20:57] <ZombieRaptor> The tree cracks a lot.
[16:21:03] <TeslaTornado> building**FUCK MY SOCKS
[16:21:09] <padri> Bird: "Get away from my nest!"
[16:21:14] <ZombieRaptor> The building is like a story tall… And that's just the door
[16:21:30] <Balthazaar> Emily screams as her tree cracks
[16:21:58] <TeslaTornado> Kevin leaps down from the tree, wondering what compelled him to climb a tree as a 600-pound gorilla. Probably his GM's ignorance.
[16:22:00] <ZombieRaptor> "Get down you stupid beast Kevin."
[16:22:01] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt steps out of the way of the gun. Hell if he's gonna let himself be shot by an octopus.
[16:22:17] <padri> Kevin can still climb it. Laura: "You want your nst? Why don't we bring it inside?"
[16:22:19] <Balthazaar> She runs down the trunk, and struggles through the snow to try get to the building
[16:22:40] <padri> The bird flies around anxiously.
[16:22:57] <Balthazaar> She has a hard time of it, given that it's probably deeper than she is tall
[16:23:19] <TeslaTornado> Kevin scoops the quoll up in one gorilla-arm and carries it over to the base entrance.
[16:23:43] <padri> Laura picks up the nest in her mouth. Bird: "That's mine, yo bitch cunt asshole!
[16:23:45] <padri> "
[16:23:46] <lurkwork> Ivan's eyes peek out from the bucket.
[16:23:54] <lurkwork> _^_^_
[16:23:59] <padri> Laura climbs down with the nest.
[16:24:19] <Balthazaar> Emily looks up at the gorilla greatfully, then at the bird "Don't talk to my friend like that!"
[16:24:29] <Balthazaar> >:[
[16:24:35] <TeslaTornado> Kevin glares at the bird. "/Language/."
[16:24:51] <padri> Laura cannot respond as she has a nest in her mouth.
[16:25:01] <Balthazaar> Emily is like:
[16:25:05] <padri> The bird cares not for anything but its nest.
[16:25:24] <Balthazaar> Kevin his holding the snarling quoll
[16:25:31] <Bunton> "Laura! To me!"
[16:25:36] <padri> Bird: "I was almost done with that!"
[16:25:39] <ZombieRaptor> "Told you it was an asshole."
[16:25:40] <Bunton> Sheepauline is still doing her nervous jig.
[16:25:49] <TeslaTornado> Kevin is like
[16:26:00] <padri> Laura walks over to Pauline and sets the nest on her back.
[16:26:03] <Balthazaar> His jimmies are rustled
[16:26:08] <padri> Laura: "Come get it, bird!"
[16:26:09] <Bunton> Pauline tries to get it in her teeth.
[16:26:14] <Bunton> She can't reach back that far.
[16:26:18] <Bunton> She's like :I
[16:26:29] <padri> The nest is well balanced.
[16:26:44] <padri> Bird flies around nervously.
[16:26:47] <Balthazaar> Emily scrambles up Kevin's arm and perches lightly on his shoulder
[16:26:57] <lurkwork> Ivan is not amused:
[16:27:02] <padri> Laura, to Pauline: "Take it to conatinment."
[16:27:20] <Bunton> Sheepauline nods, then trots off.
[16:27:24] <TeslaTornado> Kevin has a quoll on his shoulder. He's still like:
[16:27:33] <TeslaTornado> He accompanies Pauline to containment. Opposable thumbs, yeah!
[16:27:38] <lurkwork> "Um…"
[16:27:44] <lurkwork> Ivan wobbles in his bucket.
[16:27:51] <TeslaTornado> Kevin snags the bucket.
[16:27:57] <padri> The bird flies, nevously, after its nest.
[16:27:59] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt picks the bucket up in his be- nevermind
[16:28:02] <ZombieRaptor> Does Ivan's bucket have a handle,
[16:28:04] <ZombieRaptor> ?
[16:28:06] <ShotgunFiendM> Yes
[16:28:06] <TeslaTornado> "Such impractical dreams…"
[16:28:17] <TeslaTornado>
[16:28:35] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt walks inside with the people
[16:28:48] <Balthazaar> Emily has been enjoying being a quoll, she looks back at the bird with sympathy
[16:28:59] <Balthazaar> "I'm sorry about your nest…"
[16:29:05] <padri> Laura comes with! To ic 3 for containment!
[16:29:13] <lurkwork> Ivan's tentacles hang out.

[16:29:26] <Bunton> SHeepauline leads with the nest just on her back.
[16:29:27] * ShotgunFiendM has joined #origins-ic3
[16:29:47] <padri> They reach conatinment!
[16:29:51] <Bunton> <Bunton> SHeepauline leads with the nest just on her back.
[16:29:51] <padri> The bird is v worried.
[16:30:07] <TeslaTornado> Kevin is still like
[16:30:12] * ZombieRaptor has quit (Quit: ZombieRaptor)
[16:30:43] <padri> Laura scratches at a door. "Put it in here."
[16:30:43] <Balthazaar> Emily is apologizing to the bird
[16:30:52] <TeslaTornado> He's got a rodent on his shoulder, calamari in a bucket and he's gonna wake up curled up on the floor naked again as soon as everything goes back to normal.
[16:30:55] <TeslaTornado> For the /second/ day in a row.
[16:30:58] <Bunton> Pauline tries to nudge it open.
[16:31:04] <padri> The bird is too busy worrying and cursing.
[16:31:13] <Balthazaar> Emily is a marsupial!
[16:31:15] <Bunton> "Uh… are we going to change back soon?"
[16:31:16] <TeslaTornado> Kevin puts Ivan down and opens the door.
[16:31:40] <lurkwork> Ivan makes bubbles.
[16:31:51] <padri> Laura reaches up and takes the nest, setting it on a table inside.
[16:32:12] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt, by the way, stopped by the cafe and picked up as many people's clothes as he could and piled them on his back, holding them in place with his wings.
[16:32:23] <padri> The bird flies in. Laura backs up and it lands on its nest, putting in one last stick.
[16:32:48] <padri> Everyone turns back!
[16:32:57] <TeslaTornado> Kevin is unashamedly naked!
[16:33:04] <Bunton> Pauline is bright red.
[16:33:11] <Bunton> She grabs her clothes off Matt and runs.
[16:33:14] <TeslaTornado> His torso is covered in scar tissue and various tattoos.
[16:33:26] <Bunton> She's got a very nice bum, does Pauline.
[16:33:29] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt passes out clothes to Laura and Emily, eyes on the floor.
[16:33:35] <padri> Laura is too pissed about being naked to be ashamed of it. She snatches up her dress and pulls it on.
[16:33:39] <TeslaTornado> Somewhere Serge is like B|
[16:33:39] <Balthazaar> Emily falls off Kevins back and hits the floor with a cry
[16:33:45] <padri> Laura has stretch marks from Katie!
[16:33:47] <ShotgunFiendM> He dresses in his own lower body garments.
[16:34:06] <padri> She bundles up her undergarments and stalks off.
[16:34:09] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt still has long red cuts on his side and left arm
[16:34:31] <TeslaTornado> Kevin pulls his pants on. Apparently commandos /do/ go commando.
[16:34:37] <TeslaTornado> Or maybe he just lost his underwear.
[16:34:59] <Balthazaar> Emily looks pretty nice, being and actress and dancer an all, despite her scars inflicted on her by Chris. She gets into her dress quicksmart
[16:35:01] <lurkwork> Ivan wears the bucket.
[16:35:20] <lurkwork> He's pale and scrawny.
[16:35:26] * padri has quit (Quit: Mango IRC for iOS and OS X,
[16:35:51] <lurkwork> *sigh*
[16:35:53] <TeslaTornado> Ivan, you might notice the tattoos are wards against magic and spirits from various faith systems—ancient Norse, Kabbalistic, Christian…
[16:36:09] <TeslaTornado> Kevin buttons his shirt.
[16:36:14] <lurkwork> Ivan cares not. He's cold, wet, and naked.
[16:36:23] <lurkwork> He walks off slowly.
[16:36:51] <Balthazaar> Emily is bright red, but dressed now. She sits up and rubs her head.
[16:36:53] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt pulls his shirt on over his head and looks around. "Well, that was fun."
[16:37:19] <TeslaTornado> "That was atrocious. I'm going to put that bird in a pie if it turns me into a gorilla again."
[16:37:43] <Balthazaar> "I… I liked it…"
[16:41:23] <ShotgunFiendM> Matt shrugs and rubs his side a bit. He puts an arm around Emily's waist and walks her out of containment.

[16:38:43] <lurkwork> Ivan returns to the cafeteria with only the bucket to cover himself up. He grabs his clothes which are all slimy now.
[16:38:58] <lurkwork> "…I don't like being a cephalopod."
[16:39:35] <TeslaTornado> Serge is there, eating. And fully clothed, apparently.
[16:39:45] <TeslaTornado> Guess he must have slept through it.

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