And I Must Scream

<padri> Laura is in ic3!
<Riemann> Laura!
<Riemann> You hear gunshots!
<padri> GM!
<Riemann> And panicked shouting!
<padri> Oh dear Lord no …
<padri> Where from?
<Riemann> Percep
<padri> 4df+6
<Glacon> padri: 8 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, +)
<Riemann> Near the morgue?
<Riemann> You think.
<padri> Laura hustles off that way.

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<Riemann> As you near, you hear a slap against the door to the morgue
<Riemann> General bustling, and muffled shouting.
<padri> Is there a window in the door?
<Riemann> It's fogged over.
<Riemann> There are flecks of something red.
<padri> Laura looks around for a nearby intercom or some way to let others know.
<Riemann> There's an intercom, gently swaying from frayed wires.
<padri> Broken … How far to the next one?
<padri> Does Laura know?
<Riemann> She does not.
<Riemann> She's never been down here before. Only found the morgue thanks to some handy signs.
<padri> She's having trouble thinking of where the nearest one /is./ Finding it will take too long. People will die. She tries to de-fog the window.
<Riemann> It's fogged from the other side.
<Riemann> Much warmer in there.
<Riemann> Odd, isn't it?
<Riemann> Morgues are usually cold.
<padri> How much is much?
<Riemann> You don't have a thermometer. But enough to cause condensation.
<Riemann> Go in~
<padri> There's blood on the windows. She wants to know what she's getting into first. Has she heard anything from the other side?
<Riemann> Only more muffled noises. They sound frantic
<padri> Laura opens the door and slips in. There's no one else to help.
<Riemann> Inside…
<Riemann> You wait for a description
<padri> PAWS. <3
<Riemann> The inside of the morgue is in chaos. There are several dead scientists on the floor, only two are alive.
<Riemann> One of them is clutching a freely bleeding arm, swinging uselessly from his shoulder
<Riemann> The other has a pistol, firing at- WHAT IS THAT LAURA MDEF
<padri> 4df+5 nu
<Glacon> padri: nu: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, +, -)
<Riemann> 4df+4
<Glacon> Riemann: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
<Riemann> You manage to keep your composure while I describe this thing
<Riemann> To say that it once was a human would be generous. Slagged scarrs cover its body, drooping and rotting, burst as if a bubble popped. Protrusions jut from its sides, connecting to what may have been a face.
<Riemann> (Not done_
<rfkp> Motherfuck. Does anyone else have any idea what's going on in IC3?
<rfkp> That was supposed to be in OOC sorry
<Riemann> The former head is elongated, flattened and stretched, devoid of any resemblence to anything other than scar tissue. From it extend arms, far too long to be normal, reaching towards the scientists.
<Riemann> Holes dot the body, a red mist falling to the floor after spilling out of it.
<Riemann> The bullets have no effect, and it shuffles ever closer to the panicking scientists.
<Riemann> RESUME
<padri> Laura may keep her composure, but it's a close call. A very near thing. Laura rushes over to the man with the arm injury, grabbing him gently and begining to usher him toward the door.
<padri> He needs to be out of here. All of them do.
<Riemann> His mouth moves rapidly, but nothing comes out. His eyes are glazed over, following that… thing.
<padri> Laura doesn't care. She moves him anyway.
<Riemann> He makes no resistance, allowing himself to be dragged away.
<Riemann> Bullets sink into the flesh, rippling and cracking as it moves ever forward.
<Riemann> Laura, look away.
<padri> Laura opens the door, pushing him out. She's watching the scientist, not the scarman.
<padri> scarmanthing.
<Riemann> Behind you, a scream is cut short violently, and a low gurgle bubbles ominously.
<Riemann> Mdef.
<padri> 4df+5 Whatever the outcome, Laura is frightened.
<Glacon> padri: Whatever the outcome, Laura is frightened.: 7 (4df+5=0, +, +, 0)

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<Riemann> 4df+6
<Glacon> Riemann: 8 (4df+6=0, +, +, 0)
<Riemann> Laura, that will stay with you for nights to come. Good thing you didn't watch.

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<padri> Laura presses against the wall, motioning desperately for the other scientists to come, watching the scarmanthing in terror.

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<Riemann> There are no other scientists, Laura. They're all dead.

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<padri> Then Laura just gets out. She slams the door shut after her and leans on it. That was horrible. That was … What was that?
<Riemann> Laura, what indeed. It's still free.
<Riemann> Run, run, as fast as you can.
<padri> No. It's locked in the room. She turns to the other scientist. "Where is the nearest intercom? We need to call security.
<padri> "
<Riemann> He babbles.
<Riemann> "Johnson. dead. fast. too much. run. run. RUN. RUUUUUUUUN"
<padri> Intimidation to get him to snap out of it?
<Riemann> Sure
<padri> 4df+6 for his own good: "Go now. Call security."
<Glacon> padri: for his own good: "Go now. Call security.": 6 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, -)
<Riemann> 4df+4 Babble babble
<Glacon> Riemann: Babble babble: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, -, 0)
<Riemann> Laura, you should slap him.
<padri> She does. It shocks her. But not for long. "Now!"

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<Riemann> He momentarily snaps out of his fugue, and dashes away to an intercom, scrambling across the tile
<padri> Can the door lock?
<Riemann> No, but whatever it is doesn't understand finer motor functions.
<Riemann> You have until it knocks the door down.
<padri> How close is it?
<Riemann> Laura can still hear gurgling, only punctured by a sharp crack.
<Riemann> Bone.
<padri> Bone. Not door. She sinks to the floor.
<Riemann> 4df Door
<Glacon> Riemann: Door: 2 (4df=+, 0, 0, +)
<Riemann> 4df Flesh
<Glacon> Riemann: Flesh: 0 (4df=0, 0, -, +)
<Riemann> The door thuds, Laura, but stands strong.
<Riemann> 4df Door.
<Glacon> Riemann: Door.: 1 (4df=-, +, +, 0)
<Riemann> 4df Flesh.
<Glacon> Riemann: Flesh.: -4 (4df=-, -, -, -)
<Riemann> It thuds again, and mdef Laura.
<padri> 4df+5 Laura watches the door, terrified. It can't get out. If it gets out, someone has to be here to do something about it. She literally prays for security to arrive.
<Glacon> padri: Laura watches the door, terrified. It can't get out. If it gets out, someone has to be here to do something about it. She literally prays for security to arrive.: 6 (4df+5=-, +, +, 0)
<Riemann> 4df+4 Scream.
<Glacon> Riemann: Scream.: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
<padri> She's too scared to scream.
<Riemann> A muffled scream rips through the door, loud and inhuman, powered only by rage and hatred and disgust
<Riemann> It lingers, settling into your spine.
<padri> Laura backs up against the wall across from the door. Why hasn't she heard the intercom? Where is security? /Why/ hasn't she heard the intercom?
<Riemann> Somethings coming, Laura. Boots, knocking against the tile, echoing around in the corridor.

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<Riemann> Maybe it's Kevin. Maybe not.
<TeslaTornado> And a commanding, posh, British voice at the fore!
<Riemann> So, not Kevin.
<TeslaTornado> :I
<Wogglebug> Abe is in his office, flicking a desk toy at Reggie. Unfortunate channel choices.
<padri> Laura turns to the approaching ualicdgx, eyes wide as plates.
<Riemann> It's Kevin!
<padri> She points to the morgue door.
<Riemann> And some guards!
<Nemi> Reggie pounces at the toy.
<Wogglebug> It's /adorable/
<TeslaTornado> Kevin nods and waves the guards over. "What's the situation?"
<padri> "It killed [how many scientists?] in an instant."
<Riemann> The scientist that Laura saved is notably absent.
<Riemann> The guards have assault rifles and light combat armour.
<Wogglebug> Abe heads off for some food.
<Wogglebug> He whistles as he goes.
<TeslaTornado> Kevin, of course, isn't wearing armor because he doesn't /have/ armor. He has his trench-coat, which is as cloase as it gets.
<padri> Laura is shaking. She's got it together, but she's shaking.
<Riemann> What will you do, Kevin and Laura?
<Riemann> 4df Door
<Glacon> Riemann: Door: 1 (4df=+, +, 0, -)
<Riemann> 4df Flesh
<Glacon> Riemann: Flesh: 2 (4df=0, 0, +, +)
<TeslaTornado> "Get her out of here. Go!"
<Riemann> The door shakes in the frame, splinters flying off
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perception) Anything in the lab he could use? Acid? Fire?
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perception) Anything in the lab he could use? Acid? Fire?: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
<padri> Laura screams, backing up against the wall.
<Riemann> Kevin, you're not in the morgue. Just the hallway outside.
<Riemann> Guns usually work.
<TeslaTornado> "Wait for it to breach the door, then firing retreat. Shred it. Nothing survives."
<Riemann> Speaking of breaching…
<TeslaTornado> Kevin carefully moves over to Laura and gets her behind the guards.
<padri> It doesn't take much. Just a hand on the arm to bring her bakc.
<Riemann> It bursts through the door, splinters pointing out at random angles. It roars, and starts into a broken shuffle at the guards and Kevin,
<Riemann> Mdef, Kev
<TeslaTornado> 4df+7 (MDef + Ice King) I've seen worse than this
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (MDef + Ice King) I've seen worse than this: 8 (4df+7=+, +, 0, -)
<Riemann> 4df+5 Critical pls pls pls pls
<Glacon> Riemann: Critical pls pls pls pls: 4 (4df+5=0, -, -, +)
<Riemann> 4df+4 Guards
<Glacon> Riemann: Guards: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
<Riemann> Kevin and the guards manage to not panic, despite my best efforts.
<Riemann> Open fire?
<TeslaTornado> (hue) "OPEN FIRE!" Kevin fires on the thing with his Sten gun.
<padri> Laura is backing away.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+9 (Ranged + Ungentlemanly) Firing
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ranged + Ungentlemanly) Firing: 8 (4df+9=-, -, +, 0)
<Riemann> *pewpewpew*
<Riemann> It staggers, against the hail of bullets, as they rip the the scars. Ripples spread across its mass as the bullets connect, shuddering the entire frame
<Riemann> With one last ungainly step, it falls.
<TeslaTornado> "NEVER MIND! HOLD FIRE!"
<Riemann> The firing stops
<padri> Laura stands and watches.
<Riemann> The thing on the ground does not move.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+9 Kevin puts a few more rounds into it just in case.
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: Kevin puts a few more rounds into it just in case.: 9 (4df+9=-, 0, 0, +)
<padri> "Is it dead?"
<Riemann> It shudders with the impact of the bullets.
<TeslaTornado> 4df+4 Any other signs of movement? After the firing stopped?
<Glacon> TeslaTornado: Any other signs of movement? After the firing stopped?: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
<Riemann> Nope. No movement,

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<Riemann> You're alone with it.
<padri> Laura steps foward, pulling her gloves out of her pocket and putting them on. "Then let me see it?"
<Riemann> Who is Laura talking to?
<TeslaTornado> Kevin keeps his gun trained on it and carefully edges around to the morgue. "I'll get a body bag. Keep your eyes on it."
<padri> Kevin.
<Riemann> Laura science
<padri> Laura walks up to the thing and squats down in front of it, carefully. She examines it.
<padri> 4df+6 Can I also roll anomaly?
<Glacon> padri: Can I also roll anomaly?: 8 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, +)
<Riemann> You don't want this anomaly.
<padri> But she wants to know what it is.
<Riemann> Laura picks up the aspects of the anomaly. Is that a good idea?
<padri> Okie. Just science.
<Riemann> Yes please/
<Riemann> padri?
<padri> I did, doofus.
<padri> The 8.
<padri> :|
<Riemann> Thought that was anomaly. >:[
<Riemann> Laura, this is a massively infectious skin disease. It should be burned. Now.

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<padri> But they need some way of studying it …
<TeslaTornado> You could order one of the guards to get a sample kit.
<Riemann> Burn it.

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<padri> "We need a sample kit. And then fire."
<padri> "No body bag, Kevin."
<TeslaTornado> "Got it." Kevin exits the morgue and sends one of the guards off after a sample kit.
<Riemann> They weren't /in/ the morgue
<TeslaTornado> Kevin went in to get a body bag.
<TeslaTornado> Then came back out when laura called.
<Riemann> >.>
<Riemann> The guard returns shortly thereafter with a sample kit
<padri> Laura uses it to take a sample. She is careful not to touch the body; she has no intention of infecting all these people.
<Riemann> The guard pipes up. "We'll need one for Regal as well."
<padri> "This is for containment. I'll request accesss to it once I have my equipment back." She gets a large enough sample for testing.
<Riemann> The guard nods.
<Riemann> Laura presumably finishes up the sampling
<padri> Presumably.
<Riemann> And hands it to a guard?
<padri> Indeed!
<Riemann> The guard takes it!
<Riemann> And coinciding with that, several more with flamethrowers and biohazard suits show up!
<TeslaTornado> Kevin steps away from the corpse when the flamethrower-ers show up.
<Riemann> The flamethrowers get to work
<Riemann> Torching things
<Riemann> The guard with the sample disappears.

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<padri> "We need to be decontaminated. I don't want this spreading."
<Riemann> The guards nod, and lead Kevin and Laura to decontamination

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<padri> "There was a scientist. His arm was in a bad way. He should probably be found and examined."
<Riemann> "We'll keep an eye out for him."
<Riemann> *decontaminate*
<Riemann> Elsewhere in the site…
<Riemann> (That means shush whilst you're decontaminated and watch, everyone)
<padri> (Really?)
<Riemann> The scientist falls against the wall, arm slapping against the wall.
<Riemann> He's exhausted. Everything itches. Sweat pours from his brow.
<Riemann> He's dying. Not that that will end it.
<Riemann> His face is covered by a long shadow, cast by a Greek man in a grey suit.
<Riemann> The Greek leans down, close to the scientists face. "Would you like to live?"
<Riemann> "Wh- who… are you?"
<Riemann> Asks the scientist.
<Riemann> "Call me Mr. August.
<Riemann> "*
<Riemann> With an easy flip, Mr. August flips the scientist onto his shoulders, walking a few steps before disappearing into a room full of whirring machinery.
<Riemann> His black eyes look back at the hallway, once, before it blinks out of reality.

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<Riemann> *back to Kevin and Laura*
<padri> They've been decontaminated! Woo!

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