Amelies adventure

[15:05] Nemi Amelie's wandering takes her to the motorpool. She wanted somewhere to.. No. Not smoke. Good girls don't smoke. To.. Have a drink, maybe, where nobody's around to watch. So with a bottle of beer, the weary thing- two outgoing blood transfusions in two days! A major op right after a week in Berlin! .. No, no. Nothing for it. She steps out into the motorpool and sits on the front hood of a jeep
[15:05] Nemi to have her drink.
[15:07] Balthazaar The motor pool is quiet at this time of night. The vehicles for Foundation use are parked facing the roller door out, and the archway open to the staff car park is dark and cold. The tall rows of shelves stretch back in four rows, piled high with mechanical parts, and the desk with the clerk is occupied by one of the new interns, a younger man with brown hair. The industrial downlights are…
[15:07] Balthazaar …harsh, and a bit too focused, leaving blinding islands of light amonst the sea of darkness that fills the rest of the room
[15:08] Balthazaar The clerk doesn't notice her, as his desk faces away, and he's asleep with a dirty magazine resting on his chest
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[15:09] Nemi And Amelie likes that. The dark parts of the room, that is. Having no real purpose here, it means that she can more or less remain unnoticed by the desk clerk- just as she likes it. Her white shell jacket is enough to keep her warm in the cold concrete garage, her gloves keep her fingers from freezing.. It's just the kiss of chill to her ears and nose, the only skin bared, that reminds her
[15:09] Nemi she's awake. A glance to the clerk, and then she drinks. Not on duty. It's fine.
[15:15] Balthazaar The machinery piled high obscures the shelves they're stacked on, so that it looks like mountins of it. Some is painted colourfully, others bare metal, some are even plastic. A side pannel from a van breaks loose from one stack and falls, knocking aside a motorcycles gas tank. That would be noisy… If there wasn't a thick carpet of moss under that very spot. There's a gap behind where that…
[15:15] Balthazaar …gas tank was kocked loose with faintly glowing green/blue light inside.
[15:17] Nemi Moss? .. A glowing cap? That's strange. Amelie has to wonder if she too has been exposed to the hallucinogenic gas. Or if her beer was tainted, or something. She nimbly slides off the hood of the car and walks over to the gap to peer inside.
[15:20] Balthazaar There's… A tunnel in there. It's got a carpet of moss running down there, and there's blue glowing worms crawling on the roof of it, through the machinery and… Stone? Why is there a cave in the motor pool?
[15:24] Nemi That… Is bizarre. Amelie is sure she's hallucinating or dreaming or /something/. And so? She'll.. Crouch to one hand and knees and crawl her way in. She's average height and slim, at that. May as well see where this rabbit-hole goes.
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[15:27] Balthazaar It's a tight squeeze, but you can /just/ fit. After a little while crawling, the tunnel widens out hugely so it's like walking through a traffic tunnel. The glow lights it well, and the moss is comfortable underfoot
[15:27] Balthazaar You can't shake the feeling of being watched though
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[15:29] Nemi Of course. Amelie's half convinced she's hallucinating the whole thing. And against her own medical knowledge she's /drinking/. Tonight is a night for stupid decisions. The worms are fascinating, though. She'll have to take as pecimen on the way out and— /woah/. What is /this/? Nowhere to go but forward, but this is.. wild.
[15:30] Balthazaar The worms are much larger now, Amelie
[15:30] Nemi .. Hm. Strange. How much larger?
[15:30] Balthazaar There's a sort of electricity in the air
[15:30] Balthazaar Bigger thn you
[15:31] Balthazaar Reticulated python big
[15:34] Nemi That is.. Really freaky. Amelie, being low clearance, is not generally permitted to walk around armed on-site unless specifically cleared to do so, so this is.. She's nervous. The static-y feeling doesn't help. Still. Curiosity.
[15:34] Nemi She continues.
[15:35] Balthazaar perception!
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[15:38] Nemi 4df+4
[15:38] Glacon Nemi: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
[15:38] Nemi +3 if posing DANGER.
[15:40] Balthazaar You see humanoid figures watching you from the shadows, along with what seem like mounted humanoids too
[15:42] Nemi Mounted? Amelie stays under the glow, her bottle in hand. She drinks a little more hastily. If it's empty she could, perhaps, break it just so and end up with a shiv of sorts..
[15:44] Balthazaar "Eithe wan verr!" Cries a shrill, feminine voice
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[15:44] Nemi Amelie stays where she is and /freezes/. Well. If this WAS a hallucination.. Maybe she'll just be apprehended like Artyom? Especially with her surrender?
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[15:47] Balthazaar The figues step out of the dark. They're lithe, pale humanoids, but with antlered heads and fierce eyes. The mounted ones aren't mounted at all, but appear to be centaurs with antlers. the humanoid ones are all dressed in black, grey and blue skirts. One steps forward, with long blonde hair. Her skin is greenish and her eyes blue. "Why… You here come?"
[15:47] Balthazaar She has a tattoo of a spiral on her chest
[15:48] Nemi Amelie stammers. Her English wasn't amazing, but it beat these. "I, I, I found a hole and I wanted to explore and, and, I meant non offense"
[15:51] Balthazaar She turns to the others and appears to translate. Unlike the others, her skirt has a sash of red. "You come us. You judge." She makes a gesture at Amelie! pdef!
[15:52] Nemi 4df+4 waugh
[15:52] Glacon Nemi: waugh: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
[15:54] Balthazaar 4df+4
[15:54] Glacon Balthazaar: 4 (4df+4=+, +, -, -)
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[15:55] Balthazaar Nothing happens. The lady frowns and gestures again. Silver sparks shoot from her fingertips, but do nothing when they swirl about Amelie. There's murmuring through the group, and a muscular male with a re mask on comes up wit shimmering white rope. "Hold hands."
[16:01] Nemi Amelie … Really has no idea what's happening. At all. She clasps her hands together, baffled. She knows that resisting amongst all these.. Strange people would be a likely /terrible/ idea. So. She complies.
[16:04] Balthazaar The man wraps the rope around her wrists and takes her by the upper arm. He says a little chant, as do all the others. The woman grabs her other arm, and wings sprout from the peoples backs!
[16:04] Balthazaar They lift off and rapidly fly down the tunnel, into an opening!
[16:09] Nemi Amelie is now, officially, freaking out. Abducted by mysterious winged people? This is beyond the bounds of reasonable hallucination. But now fear keeps her from screaming.
[16:09] Balthazaar Theres a big hollow in the area, and in the middle is a cyclopean castle! It's made of blue/black stones, with more moss growing on it. There's a moat around it, which shines with white blue light reflected from the swirling blue/ purple/ black void swirling lazily at the roof of the cavern. Many dozens more of these people are going about their lives. Little shops, people eating, etc. They…
[16:09] Balthazaar …flie you towards the tallest tower of the citadel, into an opening into a circular room. There's a spiral carved into the floor, a stone altar centered at the far wall, beneath an idol made of black sticks and a vaguely humanoid shape, with dirty, tattered yellow robes draped about it. Another woman is sitting on the altar. she has the same skirt as the others, only her sash is golden,…
[16:09] Balthazaar …and her antlers are much bigger. She has a spiral tattooed on her chest too. She wears jewels on her fingers.
[16:13] Balthazaar The people gently place Amelie on the ground before the lady, who is flanked by a pair of tall, formidable looking men a head taller than anyone else in the room, and curved horns in place of antlers.
[16:13] Nemi Amelie is.. To say that she's /marveling/ at the place is an understatement. The undercurrent of fear remains, of course- captured by foreign entities, beings you've never even imagined before who barely know a language you're not even a native speaker of.. Amelie quivers where she stands, unsure of.. Much of anything, to be entirely fair.
[16:15] Balthazaar The roof in here is held up by colossal pillars of green stone with veins of dold through them. At the very top is an opening through which a pillar of light shines onto the altar
[16:15] Balthazaar the woman stands. "You, human, have trespassed in our lands. Why is this, wonders the priestess?"
[16:16] Balthazaar Her accent is thick and unknown to you
[16:17] Nemi Amelie fumbles and swallows air. Her voice is honeysweet, but torn by dryness- dry throat of terror. ".. I, I did not mean to trespass, I, found an opening in my .. home building, I wanted to see what it was and found myself here, it was not in malice..!"
[16:19] Balthazaar The woman nods. "It was an accident, then?"
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[16:21] Nemi Amelie nods. Her blue eyes are huge, rimmed with the dark bags of exhaustion. Her time in Berlin was unkind to her. "Y-es. No intent beyond .. Beyond curiosity."
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[16:23] Balthazaar The woman nods. "Well, that complicates things. My dear, it shall be up to the yellow king to decide your fate. Face his justice."
[16:26] Balthazaar There's a murmur through the gathered group of people. The males all immediately line up like groomsmen on either side of the idol. The women all kneel on the floor in two rows from the idol, past Amelie.
[16:27] Balthazaar There's footsteps from behind you, Amelie
[16:27] Nemi Amelie swallows air. ".. I.. Should I do somezink? To show deference or.." She is, very clearly, terrified and very much out of her depth. She remains frozen still.
[16:28] Balthazaar "Turn and look at me now, little priest." Says a deep voice with a vaguely southern accent
[16:30] Nemi .. Priest? Amelie is very perplexed. She turns as bidden, obedient as ever to authority.
[16:33] Balthazaar Standing there is a very tall man. 6'5" at least. He's wearing a black skirt with no ornamentation, and has a spiral branded and scarred into his chest. His hair is all messy and he has a long black beard in a plait. His eyes are heavy lidded and dull, and his arms are big and meaty. He has a bit of a belly, and holds a knife in each hand. "That's it. Tell me of your sins."
[16:34] Balthazaar His face has some ritual scars marked upon it. On his cheeks, lips and jaw. It makes the beard rather patchy
[16:36] Nemi "I.. I.. I saw an opening in my home, and I went to see where it lead..?"
[16:37] Balthazaar "No, little priest, your sins."
[16:37] Balthazaar He starts to shave with one of the knives as he watches her
[16:38] Nemi ".. What? I do not understand, I.. I, when I was young and another person, I would rob and steal, but then I was a slave, and now I- try to do all I can do make up for it, I am a healer and I have given so much of myself to try to pay back.."
[16:41] Balthazaar He drops his beard onto the ground, where it sits. It and the man it came from a stain of imperfection on this perfect place. "No little priest." He heads over to her, reaching for her. "Take off your mask. Tell me of your sins."
[16:41] Balthazaar pdef or agility to not be grabbed, if you like (Roll whatever you like whenever you like, really.)
[16:43] Nemi 4df+4 ????
[16:43] Glacon Nemi: ????: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
[16:44] Nemi "What— what do you mean I do not understand!"
[16:46] Balthazaar He doesn't grab her, as she backs away. He smiles with his scarred lips and keeps on walking to her. "Are you pure of heart, girl? Innocent? Good?"
[16:47] Nemi ".. N-non? I know that, some part of me- who I was, I do not know, what was taken, it was wicked— I /know/ this, I was wicked on own and in service, but now, n-now I just, I try to make up for it, I am a healer" She steps back even more, clearly terrified.
[16:49] Balthazaar "I need to see behind your mask, little priest." He drops a knife on the ground ad holds out a vacated hand to her.
[16:49] Nemi Amelie stares and.. The Authority calls. She is /made/- no, no, conditioned, not made, you're /human/, not a machine
to heed its call. She stops where she is and holds her hand out, still wide-eyed.
[16:55] Balthazaar He takes her hand roughly and yanks her closer to him. He stares into her eyes. "… Your eyes are corroded at the edges, like they're filled with battery acid… You have a dark soul, like the black star…" He lets her go and moves behind her, inbetween Amelie and the altar now. "Thank you for taking off your mask, little priest."
[16:59] Nemi Amelie remains wide-eyed and stays where she is- she froze when the King stared into her eyes, and she isn't turning to follow him until instructed. She has no idea what to think. If her soul is still dark then..?
[17:05] Balthazaar "Take her out." The woman in the red sash nods and goes to Amelie. "And Camilla, bring me one of the Foyets." He chuckles. The lady with Amelie unwraps the rope from her wrists. "You free. Fly with me, little priest, back home."
[17:06] Nemi ".. I.. Oui, I .. I wish I understood any of this. What does it mean, to call me 'little priest'?" She asks of the lady beside her. She is still, of course, entirely obedient in action. As she was trained to be.
[17:07] Balthazaar "You little. And priest." She picks Amelie up by the arms. "Not telling them of us. Or hurts. Yes?"
[17:08] Nemi "… yes?" Amelie is easily dragged along! ".. I do not understand, what is priest?"
[17:08] Balthazaar If she looks back at the king, she'll see him lashing antlers to the head of a young woman
[17:09] Balthazaar "One who sees us." She flies toward the cave with Amelie
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[17:11] Nemi Amelie cringes and … And is very glad to be flown away from that place.
[17:12] Balthazaar She is left in the tunnel as it gets tight. "Fare well, little priest." The woman starts to fly away.
[17:12] Balthazaar perception
[17:16] Nemi 4df+4
[17:16] Glacon Nemi: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
[17:17] Balthazaar As she flies away, Amelie may see a few stitches about the base of her horns
[17:17] Balthazaar Before she disappears into the dark. The motor pool is just as you left it

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