A Chat with the General

(01:34:31 AM) Father_Matthew: Jason stepped out of his personal quarters and headed to the common room, running a comb through his slicked back hair as he did. He had finished his shift of guard duty not very long ago, and was out of his normal uniform, dressed in his three-piece business suit and tie. He smiled to himself, the pool table was free, so he began to rack up a game of pool
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(01:43:30 AM) Roget: General Bowe enters the common room, drinking something from a hip flask.
(01:44:11 AM) Roget: "What're you doing up this late, son?"
(01:45:15 AM) Father_Matthew: Was just about to perform the break, and the sudden voice startled Jason, causing the ball to veer off at a diagonal and somehow scratch without touching the racked balls. He turned and stood at attention, throwing an awkward salute
(01:45:44 AM) Father_Matthew: "J-just winding down after my shift, sir"
(01:47:17 AM) Roget: Bowe laughs. "Calm down, I'm not here to punish you."
(01:47:19 AM) Roget: he takes a sip
(01:48:23 AM) Father_Matthew: He visibly relaxes a bit, running a hand carefully over his greased slicked back hair, smoothing his tie and jacket with his other hand. "Yes, sir. I'm just…trying to get used to everything here. It's so weird…and confusing"
(01:50:21 AM) Roget: "New things tend to be that way, son… can I ask a candid question?"
(01:51:51 AM) Father_Matthew: Jason looked a little unnerved about the candid question, gulping a bit, and half sitting on the edge of the pool table. He pulled out one of his Du Maurier smokes, and struck a match, lighting it. "I don't see why not, sir"
(01:52:33 AM) Roget: "What do you think of the work we're doing here?"
(01:53:51 AM) Father_Matthew: He blinked, not really sure how to answer the question, he seemed to be thinking quite hard about it, his brow furrowing, as he tried to pick out his exact thoughts.
(01:54:38 AM) Father_Matthew: "Well, I mean…I've done this work before…keepin' tabs on things, makin' sure things go good. I guess I'm just glad I can do what I'm told and not have to worry about goin' to jail."
(01:55:30 AM) Roget: "Are you at all concerned with the… anomaly, so to speak, of our work here?"
(01:57:37 AM) Father_Matthew: An eyebrow quirked as a plume of smoke exited his lips, "ann-ahm…oh-lee? The doctor people use that word a lot…I guess you mean the weird stuff that's in those rooms." He shrugs, "There's lots of stuff I don't understand…the world is weird, I guess"
(01:58:40 AM) Roget: "I see, I see… son, do you know what we deal with? We deal with impossible things."
(02:02:05 AM) Father_Matthew: He put his hands up, towards the general and shook his head, "S-sir..I dun mean no disrespect, but my previous job was to do what I'm told and I mean…I get you're some crazy magic science organization, but I stand by my gang. If you tell me to stay and get killed, so the gang can get by, then that's not the first time I've seen that happen."
(02:05:22 AM) Roget: "Turf wars… son, the way things are going, we are going to possess things that can end turf conflicts in an instant. We can end battles before they begin. Hundreds of people like you can be wiped from history, like a washcloth erasing a blackboard. Do you want someone like the Russians, or the Chinese, or Communist agents, to get something like that?"
(02:05:40 AM) Roget: Bowe begins pacing the room, holding a hand out in front of him in a clenched fist.
(02:08:34 AM) Father_Matthew: Jason took a deep inhalation of his cigarette, obviously getting a bit shaken. The general was talking about big stuff…big scary stuff he couldn't possibly understand. He pulled out the pack of cigarettes and offered one to the pacing General, along with his pack of Albert Pick Hotel Matches. "Cigarette, sir? …."
(02:09:40 AM) Father_Matthew: He brought his own cigarette back to his mouth and took a large inhale. "I don't understand sir…are you trying to get me to resign? I don't understand all this stuff you're sayin' but I'm not much, no one's gonna remember me anyways. Maybe I can help my gang before I disappear…"
(02:10:41 AM) Roget: "I've got my own. I don't want you to resign… you're here. You can /make/ yourself great. Do you think I was somebody before I came here? I was a mid-level officer, with no notable actions or battles. Do you know what I do now?"
(02:11:23 AM) Roget: "I control black ops networks that stretch from Washington to Tokyo. I cover a global network of intelligence operatives, working every day to confirm readings from the Navigator."
(02:11:40 AM) Roget: "All to keep these impossible things safe, where we can study them, and maybe make sense of them."
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(02:14:03 AM) Father_Matthew: Jason's eyes widened at the general's duties, it sure sounded important. "Wow…maybe one day I'll have enough intelligence to stretch Washington. What can I do sir? Just tell me, I'll try my best to do it right" He beamed up at the general hopefully, excitedly putting out the spent cigarette and lighting another
(02:15:42 AM) Roget: "Right now? Just keep your nose to the ground, don't cause trouble, and do what they say. One day, when the nations of the world have grown so black with corruption, and vices, and terrible atrocities of fascists and reds… they won't be able to stop our impossible things from making a new world possible. A world without fear, without want. Where impossible
(02:15:59 AM) Roget: things can make life possible where it was once intolerable."
(02:17:32 AM) Father_Matthew: "Y-yes sir, anything you need me for just let me know." He jumped off the pool table, all fired up. "Extra shifts, cleaning assignments, I'm gonna help this place to run like clockwork." He began looking around almost as if he was looking for something to do right there
(02:18:37 AM) Roget: Bowe laughs. "Calm down, boy, didn't you just get here? I just… wanted to talk to someone, about all of this. What we do here. Do you understand?"
(02:19:30 AM) Father_Matthew: He chuckles, scratching the back of his neck a little embarrassed, "A lot of it is really really complicated, but I understand we're here to protect everyone, and that's something I understand and can get behind"
(02:20:31 AM) Roget: Bowe smiles. "I'm glad to know I can have you on my side." he pulls a card out of his pocket, and slides it over on the table. "If you ever need anything, give me a call. Okay?"
(02:21:17 AM) Father_Matthew: He picked up the card and slips it in his jacket pocket, "Gotcha sir, I'm here for you for anythin' too. Thanks."
(02:22:22 AM) Roget: Bowe nods, and departs

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