A baaaaaad situation

[13:48] TheRaven Will arrives at the basement with his usual loadout.
[13:48] DiePotato Isa heads into the staging area carrying her violin case and her backpack
[13:49] DrScottJonas Joseph arrives, everything he needs already with him.
[13:51] LemurLord Roy arrives a minute later, stuffing things into his massive coat pockets
[13:51] DrScottJonas He is visibly excited.
[13:52] Balthazaar Inside is a senior guard, standing beside a door that definitely wasn't there before. It's open and leading to green pastures
[13:52] TheRaven "…that's new."
[13:52] DiePotato "…Uh."
[13:52] LemurLord "Easy there son, you're making me nervous," Roy laughs at Joseph
[13:52] =-= ProcyonPing is now known as ProcyonBRB
[13:53] DrScottJonas "Sorry, it's just my first mission." Joseph finds the fact he was just called son funny, considering he's 46
[13:53] Balthazaar "So, team, this door opened just before. Basically, what we need is for you to go in and find whatever's keeping this open. It will be a glowing gem. This is the third one this month, and there have been casualties in the others, so be careful."
[13:53] DrScottJonas Joseph nods.
[13:54] LemurLord (It's not like we have our character's ages on the fucking pages)
[13:54] DrScottJonas (It's fine, just funny)
[13:54] LemurLord "What's this gem look like? Y'know where we need to look for it?"
[13:55] Balthazaar "You know what we know."
[13:55] TheRaven "What kind of things are causing casualties?"
[13:55] DiePotato ~Caualties. Yay~
[13:56] Scantron Larry slows down to a walk as he gets in, looking just a tad ruffled and slightly out of breath. He's in his standard mission garb.
[13:56] DrScottJonas "
[13:56] LemurLord "That is to say nothing. As usual," Roy chuckles, grimly
[13:56] DrScottJonas Joseph waves.
[13:56] Balthazaar "In the last one, it was some kind of sentient fire."
[13:56] DiePotato Isa keeps paying attention. "So we going throug-"
[13:56] DiePotato "Hm."
[13:56] TheRaven "Oh, fuck me…"
[13:57] Scantron Larry takes a site.
[13:57] Scantron seat
[13:57] DiePotato ~[Maybe I can talk to it?] I doubt we'll find it again.~
[13:57] DrScottJonas "I'll have to decline on the offer Will."
[13:57] TheRaven
[13:57] LemurLord ()
[13:57] LemurLord ()
[13:58] DrScottJonas (wonk)
[13:58] DiePotato "So we going through?"
[13:58] Balthazaar "So if you'll be so kind as to head in? This is a two way door, so there is every chance things will get out too."
[13:58] DiePotato "Oh boy." Isa heads straight for the door
[13:58] DrScottJonas "A chance? Eh, that's good enough I suppose."
[13:58] LemurLord "Well we'll never find out what it is by standing around here," Roy casually walks in
[13:58] TheRaven Will heads in.
[13:59] Scantron Larry stands up, heads in.
[13:59] DrScottJonas Joseph heads to the door
[13:59] DrScottJonas And goes through it.
[13:59] Balthazaar Inside, there's rolling hills and fresh air. behind you and the door, there appears to be a small town
[14:00] DiePotato "Huh. Quaint place."
[14:00] DrScottJonas "Reminds me of home."
[14:00] DiePotato "Doesn't for me. I lived in the city."
[14:00] LemurLord Roy inhales the fresh air, "Lovely. Wouldn't mind retiring somewhere here,"
[14:00] DiePotato Isa hums a tune and starts walking towards the town
[14:01] DiePotato She's really leading the pack here
[14:01] TheRaven "Looks great until the living fire gets you."
[14:01] LemurLord Roy follows because why not
[14:01] LemurLord "You must be great at parties, Will,"
[14:01] DrScottJonas Joseph follows her. "I doubt it'll be the same sort of thing twice."
[14:01] DiePotato "Hey it could be worse."
[14:02] DiePotato "We could already be dead."
[14:02] Scantron "Let's hope not."
[14:02] Balthazaar There's a statue in the town square of what looks like a sort of humanoid cow. On its head is a glowy crystal
[14:02] DiePotato "Well."
[14:02] DiePotato "That was easay."
[14:02] DiePotato *easy
[14:02] Scantron "Too easy."
[14:02] LemurLord "Right, who wants to climb up there and grab it?"
[14:02] DrScottJonas "I agree."
[14:02] TheRaven Will unslings his BAR and starts watching the streets.
[14:03] Balthazaar There's plenty of humanoid cows and sheep strolling about the town, dressed in what looks like a weird leather material. Some of them have humand crawling along with them on leaches
[14:03] Balthazaar *Leashes
[14:03] DiePotato "Oh."
[14:03] DrScottJonas Joseph just kinda stares.
[14:03] DiePotato "Well."
[14:03] DrScottJonas "Hmm,"
[14:03] DiePotato "This might end poorly."
[14:03] TheRaven "…and there's the catch."
[14:03] Scantron "Uhhh."
[14:04] DiePotato "Let's get the crystal done with and leave. I don't feel like shooting cows."
[14:04] LemurLord "Three guess as to what their clothes are made of…" Roy's eyes scan the crowds
[14:04] DrScottJonas "Oh."
[14:04] DiePotato Isa thinks about what Roy said
[14:04] DiePotato "Oh…."
[14:04] DiePotato "Okay get the crystal, someone, go."
[14:04] Balthazaar https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/9a/1b/c9/9a1bc9127822bc1651503cd43d196741.jpg
[14:04] DrScottJonas "I on the other hand, feel very much so like shooting livestock."
[14:05] Balthazaar The sheep people look like that, and the cow people like the cow versions of those
[14:05] LemurLord "It probably ain't cotton, c'tell you that much"
[14:05] Balthazaar The statue is about 20 ft tall, in the very middle of the town
[14:05] DiePotato Isa rolls her eyes and decides to try climbing the statue.
[14:05] DiePotato neeevermind
[14:05] Balthazaar You need to go to the town first
[14:06] DrScottJonas "So, can you tell if the humans are clothed?"
[14:06] LemurLord "Maybe we can try the civil approach and just ask fer it,"
[14:06] DiePotato Isa sighs. "Walking in there straight might get the cow cops on us."
[14:06] Scantron "They'll call animal control on us, I'm guessing."
[14:06] DiePotato "Fair enough."
[14:07] DiePotato "I think we can take some cows and sheep."
[14:07] =-= ProcyonBRB is now known as ProcyonLotor
[14:08] DrScottJonas "We should anyways on principle, considering what they're using people for
[14:08] DiePotato "Sooo we storming the beaches or going nice guys?"
[14:08] Scantron "I'd go for stealth. It could at least get us up to the fountain."
[14:08] LemurLord "There's always the third option. Sneak in,"
[14:08] LemurLord (f'kin ninja'd me)
[14:08] DiePotato "And how are we going to sneak in?"
[14:08] Balthazaar Some of you might notice there's also a pet shop, Inside are humans, both grown and children, along with some fish
[14:09] DiePotato Isa don't notice. She's deliberating
[14:09] DrScottJonas "I really feel like that'd end badly."
[14:09] DrScottJonas "In fact, storming in would be best."
[14:09] Scantron "Except that probably means a lot of shooting."
[14:10] Scantron "Which, all things equal, I'd prefer to avoid."
[14:10] DrScottJonas "But, they look to be unarmed from here."
[14:10] LemurLord "Well I brought my piece. Though I would prefer the civil approach if we can manage,"
[14:10] TheRaven "They still bite."
[14:11] Balthazaar There's a few police animals
[14:11] DiePotato They packing heat?
[14:11] DrScottJonas "I doubt we can be civil however, unless you intend to crawl on all fours naked"
[14:11] Balthazaar You can see a pair, a bull and a pig. They are indeed packing heat
[14:11] DiePotato Isa hums. "They're armed."
[14:12] TheRaven "I really don't want to see you crawling around naked."
[14:12] DrScottJonas "I guess we should sneak in, or possibly shoot the gem from here."
[14:12] LemurLord "If they speak english then we can reason with them."
[14:12] DiePotato "Unless one of is a sniper we're not making that shot."
[14:13] DiePotato "Would you reason with your dog?"
[14:13] DiePotato "Because it seems that's how they treat humans."
[14:13] LemurLord "Obviously, we're different"
[14:14] DrScottJonas "Well, even if we talk they may just hold us in the regard a man might hold a talking cat. An oddity, but not something to respect or even acknowledge as equal."
[14:14] Scantron "They don't even necessarily speak our language."
[14:14] DiePotato "What Joey siad."
[14:14] LemurLord Roy sighs, "Then what do you suppose?"
[14:14] DiePotato Isa sets her violin case down in the grass and open it. She then starts assembling her Thompson
[14:14] TheRaven "Any of you good at sneaking around?"
[14:15] DrScottJonas Joseph shakes his head.
[14:15] Scantron "Kind of."
[14:15] DiePotato Isa shrugs. "Not really."
[14:15] LemurLord "I can keep quiet, but I'm easy to spot,"
[14:15] Balthazaar A bell rings, and many lamb, calf, piglet, kid (The goat kind), foal and puppy people come streaming out into the playground behind the building, shouting enthusiastically
[14:16] DiePotato "Hm. I'm not killing kids."
[14:16] DrScottJonas "This would be charming if not for their treatment of humans."
[14:16] LemurLord "Like something out of a cartoon turned real"
[14:17] DiePotato Isa stands back up with her fully assembled Thompson and pulls the violin case onto her back. "So we going then?"
[14:18] DrScottJonas "I suppose so." Joseph withdraws his Mauser C96.
[14:18] LemurLord "If we don't have a time limit, we could always wait until night,"
[14:18] TheRaven "Let's try not to make too much of a mess."
[14:18] DiePotato "That's an option."
[14:19] Scantron "That's actually probably the best idea."
[14:19] DrScottJonas "I suppose it is."
[14:19] LemurLord "All in favor, then"
[14:20] DiePotato Isa nods. "Wait 'till night it is."
[14:21] Balthazaar Time passes!
[14:21] LemurLord Roy takes a seat on the grassy hill, "Alright, time to catch up on my beauty sleep," he chuckles
[14:21] DiePotato Isa continually disassembles and reassembles her weapons as she waits
[14:21] Balthazaar As night falls, many of the animal people go to their homes. But younger animal people head out all dressed up to bars and clubs
[14:22] DiePotato "Wow they even go out on the town."
[14:22] Scantron "Wouldn't you?"
[14:22] LemurLord "Let's not comment on it, I don't want to think about those guys going at it,"
[14:22] DiePotato "Eugh."
[14:22] DiePotato "Thanks."
[14:23] DiePotato Isa shakes her head and stands.
[14:23] TheRaven "…I think that'll replace Guadalcanal in my nightmares."
[14:23] DrScottJonas "Ugh,"
[14:23] Balthazaar There do appear to be back alleys less travelled
[14:23] LemurLord "Think nothing of it," Roy stands up and dusts of his pants
[14:23] Scantron Larry points at one of the alleys. "Those back alleys appear less traveled."
[14:24] DiePotato Isa treads down towards those. She has a sling for her Thompson so it rests by her hip
[14:24] DrScottJonas Joseph follows.
[14:24] Balthazaar The nearest alleyway seems to be behind one of the nightclubs
[14:24] TheRaven Will follows along.
[14:24] LemurLord Roy takes up the rear, his hand resting on his sidearm
[14:25] Balthazaar There's a few cars parked back there, along with some dumpsters
[14:25] Balthazaar Perception all
[14:25] DiePotato "Shoot only if we need to. Otherwise knock them out or stab them."
[14:25] DiePotato 4df+3
[14:25] Glacon DiePotato: 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
[14:25] DrScottJonas 4df+4"
[14:25] TheRaven 4df+3
[14:25] Glacon TheRaven: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
[14:25] DrScottJonas 4df+4
[14:25] Glacon DrScottJonas: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
[14:26] Scantron 4df+4
[14:26] Glacon Scantron: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
[14:26] LemurLord 4df+4 Perc
[14:26] Glacon LemurLord: Perc: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
[14:27] Balthazaar Everyone but Isa, you notice a couple of lamb people over by the dumpster going at it.
[14:27] DrScottJonas Joseph looks away from the horror.
[14:27] TheRaven "…"
[14:27] TheRaven Will shudders and looks away.
[14:28] Scantron Larry looks the other direction as he does his best to sneak past them.
[14:28] DiePotato "What?" Isa keeps walking
[14:28] Balthazaar Larry will in addition notice a pair of cow guys stop and pull out strange devices from their pockets (Smartphones) "Dude, they're totally doing it human style…"
[14:28] DrScottJonas "Don't remind me."
[14:28] LemurLord Roy immediately backpedals
[14:29] DiePotato Isa frowns and turns around. "What are you guys stopping for?"
[14:29] DrScottJonas "Look behind the dumpster, at your peril."
[14:29] Scantron "Ssshhh."
[14:29] LemurLord Roy grabs Isa by the collar and pulls her back, "Don't… just…. Don't"
[14:30] Scantron He takes note of the cow guys, but does nothing about them except, if necessary, change his path to avoid their gaze.
[14:30] DiePotato Isa growls slightly. It's a bit feral. "We're going to get going."
[14:30] Balthazaar They're not looking at you
[14:31] Balthazaar The alleyway opens into a side street!
[14:31] Balthazaar It's deserted though, because all that's really there is a mooseum
[14:31] DiePotato Isa shakes her head and keeps walking
[14:31] LemurLord ()
[14:31] DiePotato "You people."
[14:32] LemurLord (LemurLord stabs Balthazaar for that pun)
[14:32] Scantron Larry un-sneakifies and starts walking down it. quietly, "Shouldn't be too hard to get to town square from here."
[14:32] DrScottJonas "Thank heavens for that."
[14:32] DiePotato Do they have to go past the two going at it to get to the side street?
[14:32] LemurLord (Thankfully not!)
[14:33] LemurLord Roy meanders along, trying to unsee what has befallen his eyesight
[14:34] DrScottJonas Joseph cannot remove the sight from his mind.
[14:34] LemurLord He also takes note of the fact that these creatures do, in fact, speak english
[14:34] DrScottJonas (oh god)
[14:35] Scantron Larry heads in whichever direction is probably town square. His sense of direction is at least good enough for that.
[14:35] DrScottJonas Joseph follows him.
[14:35] DiePotato Isa is just heading for the side street. She wants to get this done and sleep
[14:36] DiePotato When she does get to the side street she follows Larry
[14:36] TheRaven Will needs to get back to the site and find something alcoholic enough to erase the past ten minutes.
[14:36] DiePotato Because she also has a horrible sense of direction
[14:37] Balthazaar You all the see the town square dead ahead!
[14:38] Balthazaar Perception all!
[14:38] DrScottJonas 4df+4
[14:38] Glacon DrScottJonas: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
[14:38] TheRaven 4df+3
[14:38] Glacon TheRaven: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
[14:38] DrScottJonas (mfw)
[14:38] DiePotato 4df+3
[14:38] Glacon DiePotato: 4 (4df+3=+, -, +, 0)
[14:38] LemurLord 4df+4 muh eyes
[14:38] Glacon LemurLord: muh eyes: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
[14:39] Scantron 4df+4
[14:39] Glacon Scantron: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
[14:39] Balthazaar Joseph and Will fail to notice the elderly goat man sitting on a bench in the town square
[14:40] DiePotato Isa holds up an arm in front of everyone
[14:40] DiePotato "There's someone there."
[14:41] DrScottJonas "What is it?"
[14:41] Scantron Larry stops. "Goat man on that bench." He points.
[14:41] LemurLord "An old goat,"
[14:41] DiePotato "Yep."
[14:41] DrScottJonas "Ah,"
[14:43] DiePotato "So. We either knock him out or we go around him."
[14:43] DrScottJonas "Gunfire /would/ make too much noise."
[14:43] LemurLord Roy nods, "Go around,"
[14:44] Balthazaar He's facing the statue
[14:44] DrScottJonas "I wonder if that 'pet' store has closed."
[14:44] DiePotato "Aw c'mon guys."
[14:44] DiePotato "He's just there ripe for the choking out."
[14:44] Scantron "Blindfold him, cover his mouth, and hold him down while the others go for the gem, I suppose."
[14:45] LemurLord "He's an old man in this world. Would you choke out an old man in our world?"
[14:45] DrScottJonas "I wouldn't mind that Isa."
[14:45] DiePotato "Yes." To Roy
[14:46] DrScottJonas "And old men in our world don't wear their pets. Usually."
[14:46] LemurLord Roy glares at Isa
[14:47] DiePotato Isa smiles and nudges him in the ribs. "Joking. Anyways, Will could you do the honors and gag him?" She unwraps a crimson cloth from her arm
[14:47] TheRaven "Not worth the effort."
[14:47] DiePotato "Well we either do this or hope the goat is also senile."
[14:47] DiePotato She holds the cloth out
[14:47] TheRaven "Alright, alright."
[14:47] TheRaven He takes it
[14:47] TheRaven Melee to knockout a goat?
[14:47] LemurLord "I'm still hoping we can reason with him"
[14:48] Balthazaar Mellee, Will
[14:48] DiePotato "Nahhh let's just let Will handle it."
[14:48] DiePotato Isa crosses her arms and watches
[14:48] TheRaven "Look, you wanna try talking to him, go around from the other side, I'll handle it if there's trouble."
[14:49] LemurLord Roy nods, "Thanks Will"
[14:50] LemurLord Roy slowly walks up to the goat man, making sure the man can't get a good look at him
[14:50] Balthazaar He's looking at the statue
[14:51] LemurLord "Excuse me, sir?" Roy's voice is firm yet kind
[14:52] Scantron Larry is off in the shadows.
[14:52] Balthazaar The goat looks up, then frowns. He pulls a strange device from his jacket pocket, presses some buttons and holds it to his head
[14:53] TheRaven "…"
[14:53] DiePotato Isa keeps standing where she is.
[14:53] Scantron Larry cringes internally.
[14:53] TheRaven 4df+5 Goat Tyson's Punch-Out!
[14:53] Glacon TheRaven: Goat Tyson's Punch-Out!: 3 (4df+5=-, -, +, -)
[14:53] DrScottJonas Joseph watches anxiously.
[14:54] LemurLord Roy isn't taking any chances, he looks to Will and nods his head
[14:54] Balthazaar 4df olf man pdef
[14:54] Glacon Balthazaar: olf man pdef: -1 (4df=0, 0, -, 0)
[14:54] Balthazaar There's a crack as the goat is knocked the fuck out
[14:55] Balthazaar "Hey! Those humans just attacked Billy! Call Animal control!"
[14:55] LemurLord Roy allows himself to relax, "Well that didn't work,"
[14:55] Balthazaar A group of cow guys and a lamb guy too have come around the corner
[14:55] LemurLord *redact Roy relaxing
[14:55] DiePotato Isa sighs. "Fuck."
[14:55] DrScottJonas Joseph rushes over, ready to kick animal ass."
[14:55] TheRaven "Oh for fuck sakes."
[14:56] TheRaven Will unslings his BAR and points it at them.
[14:56] DiePotato "Look you nice boys go home now." Isa slides the bolt on her Thompson back
[14:56] TheRaven 4df+3 actually using those points in intimidation. "You didn't see anything, get going."
[14:56] Glacon TheRaven: actually using those points in intimidation. "You didn't see anything, get going.": 2 (4df+3=0, +, -, -)
[14:56] DrScottJonas Joseph aims at the cops.
[14:56] Scantron "Shit." Larry runs over to the statue and tries to climb it to get to that sweet, sweet gem.
[14:56] DiePotato 4df+5 (INTIM) She grins like a serial killer. "Leave."
[14:56] Glacon DiePotato: (INTIM) She grins like a serial killer. "Leave.": 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
[14:57] Balthazaar "Holy shit they've got /guns/!" They run for it
[14:57] LemurLord Roy takes out his badge with one hand and his gun with the other, "Return to lives citizens"
[14:57] Scantron Larry mutters something to himself.
[14:57] LemurLord "We should probably hurry up before they come back with even more guns"
[14:58] DiePotato Isa sighs. "Get the crystal now."
[14:58] DrScottJonas "Looks like they're scared for now."
[14:58] Balthazaar Agility to climb
[14:58] LemurLord While everyone else is busy with the crystal, Roy takes this time to examine the device the goat was pointing to his head
[14:59] Balthazaar It's a smartphone
[14:59] Scantron 4df+3 i'm agile
[14:59] Glacon Scantron: i'm agile: 3 (4df+3=0, +, 0, -)
[15:00] DrScottJonas Joseph also looks at it. "Should we take it?"
[15:00] TheRaven Roy probably wouldn't know that.
[15:00] Balthazaar Larry makes it up!
[15:00] TheRaven "Grab it, might be useful."
[15:00] LemurLord "Why not," Roy pockets the mysterious device
[15:00] Balthazaar From his lofty perch, he can see flashing orange lights on two vans speeding this way
[15:00] DiePotato Isa takes a seat on the bench the goat man was on and leans back
[15:01] Scantron ~Watch me swooce right in…~ "Cops coming our way!" He points in the direction of the orange flashing lights, then goes to swipe the gem.
[15:01] TheRaven "Grab that rock and let's move!"
[15:01] DrScottJonas Joseph readies for potential shooting.
[15:01] DiePotato "Aw shit." Isa stands back up and brings her Thompson up
[15:01] LemurLord "Just toss it down! We'll catch it"
[15:02] Balthazaar The gem is swiped!
[15:03] Scantron Larry climbs down, or if it's not too long of a drop, just falls the few feet.
[15:03] Scantron "Got it!"
[15:03] LemurLord "Let's make ourselves scarce,"
[15:04] DiePotato "Let's go boys!" Isa starts jogging away
[15:04] LemurLord Roy gets to running as fast as his old man legs can carry him
[15:04] Scantron Larry heads out as well!
[15:04] Balthazaar The vans pull up, and animal people climb out
[15:04] TheRaven Will hauls ass.
[15:04] DrScottJonas Joseph similarly runs as fast as he can
[15:04] Balthazaar "There!" They give chase after you
[15:04] LemurLord Roy fires back to hopefully disperse the crowd
[15:05] DiePotato Isa does the same!
[15:05] Balthazaar ranged!
[15:05] DrScottJonas As does Joseph!
[15:05] DrScottJonas 4df+5
[15:05] Glacon DrScottJonas: 6 (4df+5=0, -, +, +)
[15:05] Scantron Larry doesn't bother.
[15:05] DiePotato 4df+4 (RNG) *Ratatatat*
[15:05] Glacon DiePotato: (RNG) *Ratatatat*: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
[15:06] LemurLord 4df+4+2 Bap Bap
[15:06] Balthazaar 4df+4
[15:06] Glacon LemurLord: Bap Bap: 5 (4df+4+2=-, -, +, 0)
[15:06] Glacon Balthazaar: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
[15:06] Balthazaar Josephs shot hits and brings a horse man down, screaming
[15:06] Balthazaar A sheep man fires something at…
[15:06] DrScottJonas Joseph feels no remorse about that.
[15:06] Balthazaar .ch will, isa, Joseph, Larry, Roy
[15:07] Glacon Balthazaar: isa
[15:07] Balthazaar 4df+5 pew
[15:07] Glacon Balthazaar: pew: 3 (4df+5=-, 0, -, 0)
[15:07] Balthazaar Isa pdef or agility
[15:07] DiePotato 4df+4 (AGI)
[15:07] Glacon DiePotato: (AGI): 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
[15:07] Balthazaar Something whizzes past Isa!
[15:07] DiePotato Isa ducks and keeps cheesing it. She looks at it as she goes
[15:07] Balthazaar You're in the alleyway now!
[15:08] DrScottJonas Joseph decides a second volley wouldn't hurt.
[15:08] DrScottJonas 4df+5 for hooman knid
[15:08] Glacon DrScottJonas: for hooman knid: 2 (4df+5=-, -, 0, -)
[15:08] LemurLord *Doctor Who chase sequence intensifies
[15:08] Balthazaar 4df+4
[15:08] Glacon Balthazaar: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
[15:08] Balthazaar Jo misses
[15:09] Balthazaar The sheep man fires at
[15:09] Balthazaar .ch will, isa, Joseph, Larry, Roy
[15:09] Glacon Balthazaar: will
[15:09] Balthazaar Will!
[15:09] Balthazaar 4df+5
[15:09] Glacon Balthazaar: 5 (4df+5=+, +, -, -)
[15:09] Balthazaar pdef or agility
[15:09] TheRaven 4df+6 pdef!
[15:09] Glacon TheRaven: pdef!: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, 0, -)
[15:09] Balthazaar Will, something sharp sinks into your back!
[15:09] Balthazaar Roll another pdef
[15:10] TheRaven 4df+6
[15:10] Glacon TheRaven: 4 (4df+6=-, -, +, -)
[15:10] Balthazaar Will, you feel really tired, and you're having a hard time moving
[15:10] TheRaven "Someone…gimme a hand…knockout darts…"
[15:11] DrScottJonas Joseph fires again because fuck they hit one of us
[15:11] DiePotato "Aw shit!"
[15:11] DrScottJonas 4df+5 u asses
[15:11] Glacon DrScottJonas: u asses: 3 (4df+5=-, -, +, -)
[15:11] Balthazaar 4df+4
[15:11] Glacon Balthazaar: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
[15:11] LemurLord "Will! Keep up!" Roy rushes back to grab Will
[15:11] LemurLord Firing as he does so
[15:11] DiePotato Isa sprays more behind her
[15:11] Balthazaar Isa, Roy, roll it
[15:11] LemurLord 4df+4 bang bang
[15:11] Glacon LemurLord: bang bang: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
[15:11] LemurLord (0x1dwell0x1d)
[15:11] DiePotato 4df+6 (RNG+VDCE) I'm pretty sure they're close enough now
[15:11] Glacon DiePotato: (RNG+VDCE) I'm pretty sure they're close enough now: 7 (4df+6=-, +, +, 0)
[15:12] Balthazaar Roy and Jo must be panicking, because they both miss.
[15:12] Balthazaar Isa shoots the pig from earlier in the face
[15:12] Balthazaar He doesn't even have time to squeal
[15:12] DiePotato "Take that coppers!"
[15:12] Balthazaar But now they're close!
[15:12] DrScottJonas Joseph is pretty nervous about animal subjugation.
[15:13] Balthazaar .ch will, isa, Joseph, Larry, Roy
[15:13] Glacon Balthazaar: Roy
[15:13] LemurLord ( D: )
[15:13] Balthazaar The lamb man swings something at Roy!
[15:13] Balthazaar agility or pdef
[15:13] TheRaven 4df+6 Will fires a burst from the hip, applying debuff because tranq'd
[15:13] LemurLord (rip in pieces you old fuck)
[15:13] Glacon TheRaven: Will fires a burst from the hip, applying debuff because tranq'd: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, +, -)
[15:13] Balthazaar 4df+4
[15:13] Glacon Balthazaar: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
[15:13] LemurLord 4df+3 Pdef
[15:13] Glacon LemurLord: Pdef: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, -, +)
[15:13] Balthazaar 4df+4 pdef
[15:13] Glacon Balthazaar: pdef: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
[15:14] Balthazaar Will, you murder a lamb cop!
[15:14] LemurLord "Just let us go!"
[15:14] LemurLord (someone say lamb chop?)
[15:14] Scantron Larry glances behind him to look at what everyone else is up to. He takes out his gun and fires some shots. He's not trying to shoot any of the cops, just throw some bullets around to try and dissuade them.
[15:14] DiePotato Isa draws her pistol
[15:14] DrScottJonas Joseph fires once more with feeling
[15:14] Balthazaar Roy, a snare stick thing slips around your neck, and yanks you towards the sheeple
[15:14] DrScottJonas 4df+5 pls hit
[15:14] Glacon DrScottJonas: pls hit: 4 (4df+5=+, 0, -, -)
[15:15] Balthazaar 4df+4
[15:15] Glacon Balthazaar: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
[15:15] Balthazaar Joseph misses
[15:15] LemurLord Roy coughs an expletive as he struggles with the sling, "Git your stinking paws offa me you damn dirty sheep!!"
[15:16] Balthazaar The sheep is trying to drag roy to the van
[15:16] DiePotato Isa runs forward with her pistol so she can get a clear shot
[15:16] LemurLord (Does Roy still have his gun? And can he make point-blank shotty-shooty with it?)
[15:17] Scantron How many cops are still there?
[15:17] Balthazaar He can!
[15:17] Balthazaar 3
[15:17] DiePotato When Isa's close enough
[15:17] DrScottJonas Joseph tries to hit something for once
[15:17] Balthazaar One of which is running away
[15:17] LemurLord 4df+4+2 shooty-shooty bang-bang
[15:17] DrScottJonas 4df+5
[15:17] Glacon LemurLord: shooty-shooty bang-bang: 7 (4df+4+2=+, +, 0, -)
[15:17] Glacon DrScottJonas: 5 (4df+5=-, 0, +, 0)
[15:17] Balthazaar 4df+4
[15:17] Glacon Balthazaar: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
[15:18] Balthazaar Roy shoots a hole in the sheeps face
[15:18] Balthazaar The weight of the sheep falling, however, pulls the snare taught. You can't breathe!
[15:18] DiePotato Isa flips her knife out and saws through the snare
[15:18] Balthazaar Jo, you shoot a dog man to death
[15:18] Balthazaar Isa is successful
[15:18] LemurLord ~Didn't think this through~ "Gack!!"
[15:19] Balthazaar You're now unimpeded!
[15:19] DiePotato "Go go go!"
[15:19] Balthazaar (Unimpounded)
[15:19] Scantron Larry, sensing that it's probably safe now, runs over and goes to help un-snare Roy, but is too late to help.
[15:19] DrScottJonas Joseph is glad to have done that.
[15:19] DiePotato "Hurry up before they show up with guns!"
[15:19] LemurLord "Thanks Isa, let's get out of this messed up town"
[15:19] DiePotato Isa pushes Roy forward and keeps running
[15:19] TheRaven Will moves as much as he can
[15:19] LemurLord Roy is pushed!
[15:20] DrScottJonas Joseph gets as close to running as possible.
[15:20] Balthazaar A horse lady runs to the dead horse man, screaming and cradling the body
[15:20] LemurLord But he can't move that fast. He's old and heavy
[15:20] Balthazaar The door is ahead
[15:20] LemurLord (You can't really make us feel sympathetic about this 0x1dnow0x1d)
[15:21] Scantron Larry runs towards the door, gem still in his hand. There's no room in his pockets.
[15:21] DiePotato Isa bursts forward to the door and throws it open. "EVERYONE IN!"
[15:21] TheRaven Will drags himself through.
[15:21] DrScottJonas Joseph gets through
[15:21] Balthazaar Will so sleepy!
[15:21] LemurLord Roy leaps through! 0x1dbadass
[15:21] Balthazaar Your entire behind is asleep
[15:22] DiePotato Once everyone's through Isa dives in as well
[15:22] Scantron Larry runs in, slamming the gem down onto the table.
[15:22] Balthazaar "Smash it!" Shouts the senior guard!
[15:22] DrScottJonas Joseph closes the door.
[15:23] LemurLord Roy fires his last round at the crystal!
[15:23] TheRaven Will sort of flops against the table.
[15:23] Balthazaar It goes smash, and the door just disappears
[15:23] Balthazaar You're home!
[15:23] DrScottJonas "Well that certainly was an exciting mission."
[15:24] DiePotato Isa takes some deep breaths.
[15:24] DiePotato She feels the adrenaline wear out
[15:24] LemurLord Roy pants heavily and reholsters his sidearm, "I feel like eating giant steak,"

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