Spooky Goings On 2: Ectoplasmic Boogaloo

[20:09] ihp Jacob starts running laps around the gym.
[20:10] Geothermal Aleks is poking aorund the kitchen, looking for suitale implements to make some zavarka
[20:10] Geothermal *suitable
[20:12] GraemeCracker ~What're the chances.~ "Er, yeah. Wasn't paying attention to where my feet were going." He stares around at the surroundings for a while. "So, you're that uh…Wizard, right?"
[20:13] Wogglebug "Yup."
[20:13] Wogglebug "And who are you?"
[20:14] GraemeCracker He extends a mildly shivery hand. "Name's Murray, investigations department."
[20:14] Wogglebug "I see. I'm Abraham Eisenstein."
[20:14] Wogglebug "Not entirely certain what department they've put me in, to be honest."
[20:16] GraemeCracker "Well, what do you do?"
[20:17] Wogglebug "Not much, really."
[20:17] GraemeCracker "Huh. Did they say why they hired you?"
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[20:18] Wogglebug "Something to do with consultation with the occult."
[20:20] GraemeCracker "Hmm, that's definitely difficult to place." He ponders a moment. "…Consulting?"
[20:21] Wogglebug Abe nods, vaguely.
[20:22] GraemeCracker "I wonder if they have a consulting department around here."
[20:23] Wogglebug Abe shrugs.
[20:23] GraemeCracker A moment passes. "So what're you doing out here?"
[20:24] Wogglebug "Just taking a look around. And yourself?"
[20:25] GraemeCracker "Unsurprisingly, the same thing. Haven't had much work yet, so I'm scoping the place out."
[20:27] Wogglebug Abe nods vaguely and walks away, continuing to look around.
[20:29] ihp Jacob leans over, holding his knees and panting, exhausted from his run. At least it gives him something to do…
[20:29] Roget Jacob, you feel someone watching you…
[20:30] GraemeCracker "…Well, have fun exploring." Murray marches back to the innards of Site 19, because hoo damn it's chilly.
[20:30] ihp Jacob looks around, blinking. "H…hello? Who's there?"
[20:31] Roget Perception, Jacob
[20:32] ihp 4df+3 Who the hell is there?
[20:32] Glacon ihp: Who the hell is there?: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, -, +)
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[20:36] Roget Jacob, you see nobody
[20:37] Roget but still feel…
[20:37] Roget watched
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[20:37] FlameShirt Probably anomalous or something.
[20:38] ihp Jacob frowns. "Abraham, are you there? Or you, Mr. Wambles?" He steadies himself against a wall and takes a few deep breaths to stop panting. "…you're probably just working on those machines too hard. Calm yourself…" He rubs his face and makes his way to the exit of the gym.
[20:45] Roget Jacob, perception once more!
[20:46] ihp 4df+3 Who the hell is there, part 2: Electric Boogaloo
[20:46] Glacon ihp: Who the hell is there, part 2: Electric Boogaloo: 1 (4df+3=0, 0, -, -)
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[20:49] Roget Jacob, you see a shadow flicker down the far wall…
[20:49] ihp Jacob blinks at the shadow, and decides, against his better judgement, to follow it, hand on his gun just in case. "Who's there?"
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[20:52] Roget Jacob, perception
[20:53] ihp 4df+3 who the hell is there: the threequel
[20:53] Glacon ihp: who the hell is there: the threequel: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
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[20:54] Roget Jacob, you hear a clattering behind you
[20:54] Roget Distant, but sounding like it was… approaching you."
[20:54] Roget *-"
[20:55] ihp Jacob turns suddenly, raising his firearm, and looking around for any sort of fire alarm on the walls.
[20:58] Roget There is one on the wall!
[20:59] ihp Jacob notes the alarm, but doesn't want to scare who- or what- ever is coming this way off.
[21:00] Geothermal Aleks is in the kitchen, screwing around with different methods of heating water
[21:00] Roget Jacob, you feel something cold on your shoulder
[21:00] ihp Jacob freezes, and turns around suddenly to face his attacker.
[21:01] ihp Jacob has his gun raised, and /will/ fire on whatever's there.
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[21:02] Roget For a moiment, there is a rotten, maggot-riddled face, covered with blackedned flesh spots and long, portruding bone shards. The eyes are black pits, with black, corrosive liquid dripping out and ripping through the remaining flesh. Then, it vanishes.
[21:02] ihp Jacob screams, and makes his way to the fire alarm, pulling it and continuing to scream
[21:03] Roget The alarm goes off
[21:03] Roget the sprinklers go off
[21:03] ProcyonLotor Tyler jumps out of his chair.
[21:03] Roget «Attention all level three and below personnel, a fire has been reported, please evacuate the building until further notice.»
[21:04] Geothermal Aleks bashes his head on the bottom of the cupboard he's looking in
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[21:04] ProcyonLotor He says a few unprofessional words as he shuffles his research notes beneath an encyclopedia to protect them from the water. He then grabs his coat, a scarf, and makes his way out of the building.
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[21:04] GraemeCracker Murray winces as the alarm goes off. Sighing, he turns around and walks bacl outside.
[21:04] GraemeCracker *back
[21:04] rumetzen Sarah wakes up from her nap
[21:04] ihp Jacob runs out the nearest door, into the cold of the snow. He looks around for his collegues.
[21:04] Geothermal Aleks makes his way outside, rubbing his head the whole way
[21:05] Roget Everyone heading outside runs into everyone else
[21:05] rumetzen She rushes out the nearest exit
[21:05] ihp Jacob looks like… well, like he's seen a fucking ghost. probably because that's exactly what happened.
[21:05] GraemeCracker "Okay, where's the fire?"
[21:06] rumetzen "Was there a drill scheduled?"
[21:06] Geothermal "Is everything alright comrade? You seem to be pale."
[21:06] ihp "T-there wasn't one… I didn't know what else to do it was /touching me/!"
[21:06] ProcyonLotor "Today's been quite exciting enough, for Christ's sake."
[21:07] GraemeCracker "…Sorry, something was touching you?" Murray raises a brow.
[21:07] rumetzen "You pulled the alarm? What happened?"
[21:07] Geothermal "Exciting for you perhaps. Is difficult finding tools to make good tea."
[21:08] ihp "There… there was a man, a /thing/, it touched my shoulder, i-it was rotten, and then it was GONE!"
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[21:10] Geothermal "This, this sounds very interesting. Is there anything you need? You seem, shaken."
[21:11] ihp Jacob simply stands, agape, his pistol unfired in his hands. "I… I don't know…"
[21:11] GraemeCracker ~Fuck, it's still roaming around?~ "Hey, it'll be okay. Do you have any idea where this thing went?"
[21:12] rumetzen "Where did this happen?"
[21:13] ihp "It… it went away as soon as I saw it…. I pulled the alarm…" He looks at Sarah. "Right outside the gym…"
[21:14] Roget The alarm turns off
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[21:14] Roget «Personnel, you may return to the site If the personnel member who pulled the alarm could report to the front of the gym…»
[21:14] GraemeCracker "Vanished, huh?" He looks around at each person outside. ~Damn, where's Ivan when you need the guy?~
[21:15] rumetzen "Shit… I wouldn't be surprised if they knew about this and didn't tell us for some goddamn reason."
[21:15] Geothermal Aleks turns around at the mention of Ivan.
[21:15] Geothermal Then he turns back to Jacob, "Would you like someone to accompany you?"
[21:16] ihp Jacob gulps slightly, and starts heading back inside, nodding at Aleks. "I would, thank you…"
[21:17] Geothermal Aleks follows Jacob as they head back inside and to the gym.
[21:17] ihp Jacob and Aleks presumably arrive at the front of the gym some time later.
[21:17] ProcyonLotor Tyler returns to his room.
[21:19] Roget Everyone making it to the gym presumably makes it
[21:20] GraemeCracker Murray tags along to the gym because investigations.
[21:20] Roget There are several guys decked out in gear, with some sort of special goggles, and a guy dressed like a military officer supervising them. They appear to be taking some kind of readings from the air.
[21:20] ihp Jacob looks at the military men. "I-I'm the one who pulled the alarm and saw the… anomaly."
[21:21] Roget The officer guy walks up to him. "I'm General Bowe. Can you tell us exactly what you saw, son?"
[21:23] ihp Jacob nods. "It-it looked like a male… a dead male. Long dead. Rotted, and there was something coming out of its eyes. Bone! Th-there was bone sticking out… And it touched me here." He indicates his shoulder.
[21:23] Geothermal Aleks gives Jacob an odd look at the description, and takes a slight step away from him…
[21:24] Roget One of the guys comes over and CLAMPS something to Jacob's shoulder.
[21:24] ihp Jacob yelps, staring. "W-what are you doing?!"
[21:24] Roget "Stand still. Zis vill only hurt for a zecond." he sounds russian.
[21:26] ihp "Hurt?"
[21:27] Roget Jacob… it hurts for a second. Then the clamp is released.
[21:27] ihp Jacob rubs his shoulder. "What did you just do?"
[21:27] ihp "And who are all you people?"
[21:29] Geothermal Aleks is eyeing the newcomers suspiciously
[21:30] GraemeCracker "Investigations, just checking to see what the situation was."
[21:30] Roget "We're part of Mobile Task Force Omega-7. You're not authorized to know any more than that."
[21:31] Roget The guy in the general suit walks over to them. "Now, you seem to be fine… you just experienced a free-form spectral anomaly. Consider it a 'bleed-off' effect from some of the more… unstable cognitohazards present here. Scary, but perfectly harmless."
[21:33] ihp "…for the love of- first I hear about portals into space, now /ghosts/?! What sort of a mad house are you running here?! A nursery has better security than this place!"
[21:34] Roget "We have certain things that just need to be taken as a given when working with the anomalous. Believe me, you're as safe as you're going to get here."
[21:36] ihp "The other day a creature made out of clockwork got out. Then space portals. No ghosts.." He rubs his forehead. "It seems I owe Ivan an apology."
[21:36] Geothermal "This is beginning to worry me."
[21:38] Roget "You do not need to fear. The threats to your safety are better in here than any other place in the world. At least here, you know what anomalous thing could strike you out."
[21:38] Geothermal "But, we do not know what this… creature was."
[21:39] ihp "Actually, we don't, considering that so much stuff is classified. What is this… "cog-neato-hazard" that caused this thing to appear?"
[21:40] =-= Scandinner is now known as Scantron
[21:40] Roget "I told you what it was. Cognitionhazard affect the brain. They mess with your senses and your thoughts."
[21:41] GraemeCracker Murray cuts in "So these uh…Spooks, are these things going to be regular occurances or this erm…Under control now?"
[21:41] Geothermal "So, we were drugged?"
[21:41] Geothermal redacted
[21:45] Roget "They may occur occasionally, but they are not dangerous."
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[21:46] ihp Jacob rubs his forehead and sighs. "I'm going to go work on the engimagraphs and try to calm my nerves…"
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[21:46] GraemeCracker "Uh…Okay then. You guys do what you have to do then and we'll let you do your business."
[21:47] Roget "Sorry if it causes inconvenience to your work. Just report them, and move on."
[21:47] Roget "And… please don't pull the fire alarm again. Not unless it gets violent."
[21:47] Roget "Which it shouldn't!"
[21:47] Geothermal "Will you be needing any help from us on this?"
[21:48] Roget "Just be vigilant about it, and let your coworkers know about it."
[21:49] ihp Jacob nods, and makes his way back to the computer lab, visibly shaken.
[21:49] Geothermal Aleks thanks the general, and heads back to the kitchen
[21:50] Roget General Bowe gets back to supervising his men
[21:51] Geothermal Aleks goes back to trying to make some tea russian style
[21:52] GraemeCracker Murray stands awkwardly for a moment, before heading to the range for gunshoots. ~'Occasional occurrance. Gonna be fuckin' waking up to ghosts tomorrow.~

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