008 Hundred Hours

Feb 28 15:10:00 <ihp> «Attention: Will all available members of MTF-Psi-7 please report to the motor pool at once?» #homeimprovement
Feb 28 15:10:33 <ShotgunFiend> Matt arrives in short order, armed as usual.
Feb 28 15:10:34 <gumbal1> Danielle reports to the motor pool.
Feb 28 15:10:40 <lurkd> Ivan saunters in. *cough*
Feb 28 15:10:57 * Sirgoldfish (ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.2431EB2B-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.labolgcbs.cnlrhc.deepsthgil.2431EB2B-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 15:11:03 <ShotgunFiend> Matt looks briefly at Ivan ~Are you kidding me…?~
Feb 28 15:11:08 <Nemi> Lis arrives in the motorpool! She is visibly stiff and a little unsteady, but that is still a vast improvement over her status just a few days prior.
Feb 28 15:11:54 <lurkd> Ivan stands as straight as he can. He even looks dead.
Feb 28 15:12:03 <lurkd> *ahem*
Feb 28 15:12:05 * Atcero (ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 15:12:11 <Sirgoldfish> Dan enters.
Feb 28 15:12:26 <Sirgoldfish> "Hey, Matt."
Feb 28 15:12:41 <ihp> A male agent you've never seen before stands before you. "This everyone? Right. I'm agent Dewitt, and your mission today is simple."
Feb 28 15:13:04 * TeslaTornado (moc.rr.ser.ynts.39B9707A-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.ynts.39B9707A-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 15:13:10 <TeslaTornado> Kevin arrives late in the motor pool
Feb 28 15:13:14 <gumbal1> "You look shit, monsieur Zakharov."
Feb 28 15:13:19 <Nemi> "Hello, Dewitt," Lis nods at the agent, smiling aimiably.
Feb 28 15:13:24 <Sirgoldfish> "Simple is a funny word."
Feb 28 15:13:25 <ShotgunFiend> Matt nods. Dan."
Feb 28 15:13:25 <ShotgunFiend> "*
Feb 28 15:13:45 <Nemi> If she's noticed the somewhat deplorable state of her other teammates, Lis isn't showing it.
Feb 28 15:13:51 <lurkd> Ivan checks his S&W Model 3 to make sure it's in working order. "…it's /Doctor/ Zakharov… and I'm fine."
Feb 28 15:13:56 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks frustrated, but then again he never doesn't.
Feb 28 15:14:38 <TeslaTornado> He loads his Hi-Powers and runs back to get his Sten gun, loads that, and arrives back in the store.
Feb 28 15:14:51 <ihp> "A good agent of ours disappeared on a recon mission in Ohio. His name is Harold Ewell, and he vanished investigating the town of Gaymont after a meteor crashed there last week. This should be a simple case of 'find him and get his ass back here'." He says the last part in a tone that suggests "but you lunkheads seem to screw up basic social interactions, so I'm not surprised if you start…
Feb 28 15:14:52 <ihp> …WWIII and IV".
Feb 28 15:15:24 <Nemi> "What do we know about Ewell and the town itself?"
Feb 28 15:15:45 <ShotgunFiendM> "… Vanished. Vanished and simple do not go together."
Feb 28 15:15:47 <Nemi> "Any last reports, events, anything?"
Feb 28 15:15:47 <Sirgoldfish> "It is nice to know that our leaders have confidence in us." Dan sneers.
Feb 28 15:15:55 * Atcero (ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM) has left #homeimprovement
Feb 28 15:16:09 <lurkd> "Firearms speak more plainly."
Feb 28 15:16:12 <lurkd> *cough*
Feb 28 15:16:27 <gumbal1> "Will the ride we take there be as bugged as the rest of the site is?"
Feb 28 15:16:43 <lurkd> ( XD )
Feb 28 15:16:52 <Sirgoldfish> Dan hits Dan in the back. "Really?"
Feb 28 15:16:54 <Nemi> Lis looks at Dan.
Feb 28 15:16:56 <TeslaTornado> "Firearms also attract attention. Which, for a covert organization, does not reflect well on us." Kevin frowns at the bugging comment. ~Damn you.~
Feb 28 15:16:57 <ihp> "Ewell's position is mostly classified, but he's a recon agent. His last report was given about a week ago from the town's post office. Gaymont is a normal town, but we've been watching it for anomalous activity ever since- wait, what are your clearance levels?"
Feb 28 15:17:24 <Nemi> She furrows her brow, then shakes her head and returns her attention to Dewitt. "Field Operator, Dewitt."
Feb 28 15:17:41 <TeslaTornado> "Field Intelligence Operative."
Feb 28 15:17:45 <lurkd> "Level 3."
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Feb 28 15:18:38 <gumbal1> "Level 3,, I think."
Feb 28 15:18:40 <ihp> "…yeah, you're cleared. We've been monitoring it ever since the rain of lizards in the mid 1940s. As I said, a meteor touched down in a field last week, and he was going there to investigate it."
Feb 28 15:18:43 <Sirgoldfish> "Are you saying that the Foundation uses snail mail?" He as dewitt
Feb 28 15:19:01 <Sirgoldfish> "No morse code?"
Feb 28 15:19:09 * ShotgunFiend has quit (Ping timeout: 184 seconds)
Feb 28 15:19:16 <lurkd> "Irrelevant."
Feb 28 15:19:23 <lurkd> "Let's just begin."
Feb 28 15:19:46 <Nemi> "Meteor impact? Alright. Do we have a profile of Ewell so we know who we're looking for?"
Feb 28 15:19:46 <Sirgoldfish> "I just think that is fucking hilarious."
Feb 28 15:20:01 <Nemi> Lis half-closes one eye, an almost imperceptible sign of irritation.
Feb 28 15:20:04 <TeslaTornado> "And what about the meteor? Any strange events connected to the landing, aside from Agent Ewell's disappearance?"
Feb 28 15:20:19 <gumbal1> "Have we sent scouts to assess the possible anomalous effects of the meteor?"
Feb 28 15:20:21 <TeslaTornado> Kevin glares at Dan. "And what else are we supposed to use? /Telepathy/?"
Feb 28 15:20:44 <Sirgoldfish> "Not fucking the public mail system."
Feb 28 15:21:08 <ihp> "Thank you, Ruskie." He hands Ivan a dossier with a bit more info about the town and Ewell, before stepping aside, revealing a jeep. "There's a picture of Ewell in the dossier, missy." He looks at Dan, "Who says we use /public/ mail?"
Feb 28 15:21:12 <ShotgunFiendM> Matt just stands, arms at his sides, waiting for people to stop bickering.
Feb 28 15:21:12 * ShotgunFiend (~ten.sndomt.F393E6D1-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.sndomt.F393E6D1-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 15:21:40 <lurkd> Ivan pockets it and heads for the vehicle.
Feb 28 15:21:46 <ihp> "You'll be driving to the airstrip and landing at the Huron County Airport. Good luck, and… for the love of god, don't fuck this up. We had enough trouble covering up the shit with Dr. Frankenstein blowing up a building in San Francisco."
Feb 28 15:22:17 <Sirgoldfish> "Any thing we should know about Ewell?"
Feb 28 15:22:29 <Sirgoldfish> "In the case he went rouge."
Feb 28 15:22:34 <ShotgunFiend> Matt climbs in the jeep, shouldering passed anyone in his way.
Feb 28 15:22:38 <lurkd> "We can't make guarantees for that not to occur again."
Feb 28 15:22:58 <TeslaTornado> Kevin elects to take his bike instead of riding with the Laugh Brigade.
Feb 28 15:23:00 <Nemi> "Alright then. Thank you, sir. We'll get to it." Lis nods and climbs into the back of the jeep.
Feb 28 15:23:05 <gumbal1> Danielle gets in the jeep
Feb 28 15:23:22 <lurkd> Ivan takes a seat and browses the dossier. Anything else in there besides a picture and a profile?
Feb 28 15:23:24 <Sirgoldfish> If Dewitt does not respond to Dan he enters the jeep.
Feb 28 15:23:53 * padri is now known as padruns
Feb 28 15:24:25 <ihp> There's a picture of Harold Ewell. He's a man with a bushy mustache, scraggly brown hair and horn-rimmed glasses. Entirely inconspicuous. His profile is mostly redacted. There's also a map of Gaymont, and some geographical data about it.
Feb 28 15:24:31 <Nemi> Lis observes over Ivan's shoulder.
Feb 28 15:24:59 <Nemi> Lis never likes going in blind, so she's studying that folder carefully.
Feb 28 15:25:06 <Sirgoldfish> Dan looks at the map for anything odd. Precp?
Feb 28 15:25:11 <lurkd> Ivan passes around the photo.
Feb 28 15:25:37 <lurkd> "Everyone study this."
Feb 28 15:25:40 <ShotgunFiend> Matt takes a look at it and passes it on
Feb 28 15:25:52 <Sirgoldfish> Dan does so was well.
Feb 28 15:25:55 <lurkd> Ivan opens the map.
Feb 28 15:26:19 <gumbal1> Danielle passes it on after taking a look
Feb 28 15:26:33 <ShotgunFiend> Matt takes a much closer and more intent look at the map.
Feb 28 15:26:45 <ihp> This includes population, weather, and elevation. The map prevalently shows a downtown district, which spans the whole of mains street and several side streets. There's a rather noticeable amount of hills all around; anyone with geological experience could tell you this is caused by glaciers.
Feb 28 15:26:52 <ihp> (Sorry that took so long to type)
Feb 28 15:27:07 <TeslaTornado> Kevin copies the dossier into his own notebook.
Feb 28 15:27:13 <lurkd> Where is the impact site?
Feb 28 15:27:13 <Sirgoldfish> (is okay)
Feb 28 15:27:21 <lurkd> On the map that is.
Feb 28 15:27:45 <ihp> The impact site isn't marked. Also, Ivan, a card falls out of the dossier that you swear wasn't there a second ago.
Feb 28 15:28:23 <ihp> You can study it on the plane because you've been driving this whole time and have now arrived at the airstrip!
Feb 28 15:28:46 <lurkd> Ivan retrieves the card and looks it over as he boards.
Feb 28 15:28:49 <gumbal1> Danielle gets on the plane, frowning
Feb 28 15:29:02 <gumbal1> ~They're going to do it this time too.~
Feb 28 15:29:18 <Sirgoldfish> "We should go to downtown; act like tourist and ask for where the impact site is."
Feb 28 15:29:21 <TeslaTornado> Kevin stops and stows his bike, climbing onto the airplane. He inspects the dossier again, filling in anything he might have missed.
Feb 28 15:29:22 <ShotgunFiend> Matt climbs out of the jeep and onto the plane, taking a seat and buckling in.
Feb 28 15:29:29 <Sirgoldfish> "Sound good to you guys?"
Feb 28 15:29:38 <ihp> The card says "244 Main Street. The Jewelry Store. Go there first. -X"
Feb 28 15:29:39 <Sirgoldfish> Dan enters the plane as he says this.
Feb 28 15:29:41 <TeslaTornado> "No."
Feb 28 15:29:46 <ihp> Is everyone on the plane?
Feb 28 15:29:52 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is on the plane.
Feb 28 15:29:54 <Sirgoldfish> Eyup/
Feb 28 15:29:56 <Nemi> Lis bumbles her way onto the plane, yes.
Feb 28 15:30:01 <gumbal1> yes
Feb 28 15:30:11 <lurkd> Ivan shows the card to the group.
Feb 28 15:30:17 <lurkd> "We have a heading."
Feb 28 15:30:20 <Nemi> Lis peers at it!
Feb 28 15:30:28 <Sirgoldfish> "Never mind."
Feb 28 15:30:30 <Nemi> "I wonder who X is."
Feb 28 15:30:53 <lurkd> "That's the obvious question… the other question is why."
Feb 28 15:30:54 <ihp> Once everyone is on the plane, the GM uses his most mysterious of powers: The Time Skip! About two hours later, you're in flyover country, except you've landed in it. It's a simple county airport, and a car is waiting there to take you to Gaymont.
Feb 28 15:30:58 <TeslaTornado> Kevin nods. "We'll likely never find out."
Feb 28 15:31:07 <Sirgoldfish> "X marks the spot?"
Feb 28 15:31:23 <lurkd> Ivan deplanes.
Feb 28 15:31:25 <TeslaTornado> When the plane lands he wheels his motorcycle off and saddles up.
Feb 28 15:31:39 <Nemi> Lis is somewhat grateful for the car. She'll climb into the back, as she is wont to do.
Feb 28 15:31:39 <ShotgunFiend> "It doesn't matter right now." Matt gets off the plane and into the car.
Feb 28 15:31:45 <Nemi> "Try not to lose us, agent Winsthrop!"
Feb 28 15:31:53 <gumbal1> Danielle departs
Feb 28 15:32:06 <Sirgoldfish> "May we enter the store without looking like we are going to rob the place?"
Feb 28 15:32:07 <TeslaTornado> "I won't."
Feb 28 15:32:43 <ihp> The car is unmanned. It just has a map showing you how to get to Gaymont.
Feb 28 15:32:48 <gumbal1> "I doubt I look like a robber."
Feb 28 15:32:52 <Sirgoldfish> "People with guns are generally not trusted."
Feb 28 15:33:02 <gumbal1> Danielle gets shotgun.
Feb 28 15:33:14 <gumbal1> "I don't have a gun, so I guess I'm good."
Feb 28 15:33:26 <lurkd> "We start at the jewelry store. Who is the conversationalist?"
Feb 28 15:33:32 <Sirgoldfish> Dan is in a vest. "And do we look like military."
Feb 28 15:33:36 <TeslaTornado> "That would be me."
Feb 28 15:33:37 <Sirgoldfish> "I am."
Feb 28 15:33:41 <gumbal1> "I'm good at lying to people."
Feb 28 15:33:42 <lurkd> Ivan plops into the driver seat.
Feb 28 15:33:46 <ihp> Do they start driving off?
Feb 28 15:33:48 <Nemi> "Winsthrop or.." Lis winces.
Feb 28 15:33:51 <Sirgoldfish> "I guess it is all of us."
Feb 28 15:33:56 <Nemi> "I guess we're ALL talky people. Please don't all try to talk to the person at once."
Feb 28 15:33:58 <lurkd> Once people pile in he drives.
Feb 28 15:34:01 <ShotgunFiend> "I vote Winsthrop."
Feb 28 15:34:11 <ShotgunFiend> Matt's expression doesn't change.
Feb 28 15:34:12 <lurkd> "As long as /I/ don't talk."
Feb 28 15:34:21 <Sirgoldfish> (Golden rule Nemi)
Feb 28 15:34:23 <TeslaTornado> When Ivan takes off, Kevin (after disassembling his Sten and loading it into the saddle bags) drives behind him at a steady pace.
Feb 28 15:34:29 <lurkd> Driving intensifies.
Feb 28 15:34:31 <gumbal1> "Should we be scaring them, lying to them, or just making conversation?"
Feb 28 15:34:33 <ihp> The radio station in the car is playing Jazz.
Feb 28 15:34:54 <lurkd> Ivan tries to find a local news station.
Feb 28 15:35:03 <lurkd> *knobturning*
Feb 28 15:35:05 <Sirgoldfish> "So please, let us not wave our guns around like."
Feb 28 15:35:22 <Nemi> Lis sits back and stares at the ceiling.
Feb 28 15:35:38 <Sirgoldfish> "idiots."
Feb 28 15:36:09 <lurkd> "Idiocy is not tolerated generally."
Feb 28 15:36:13 <ShotgunFiend> Matt just watches out of a window.
Feb 28 15:36:18 <ihp> Ivan tunes in just in time to hear a story. "-adly, the 50-year-old business has just announced that it is closing its doors. The Jewelry Company will have its last day of business on March 2nd due to the death of its owner, William Bloomington."
Feb 28 15:36:19 <TeslaTornado> Kevin enjoys the sun, in spite of the cold.
Feb 28 15:36:31 <lurkd> Ivan drives like a grandma.
Feb 28 15:36:33 <Sirgoldfish> "Like psycho killer, then."
Feb 28 15:36:52 <TeslaTornado> Kevin drives along, cloaked in the happy silence of wind.
Feb 28 15:36:54 <lurkd> "Queit… listen."
Feb 28 15:37:02 <lurkd> *Quiet
Feb 28 15:37:17 <Nemi> Lis clasps her hands together and listens carefully. She glances up front, at the back of Ivan's head.
Feb 28 15:37:25 <lurkd> He turns up the volume.
Feb 28 15:38:05 <gumbal1> Danielle looks out the window.
Feb 28 15:38:17 <lurkd> Lis, Ivan has a bald spot.
Feb 28 15:38:29 <lurkd> But it's a nice enough combover.
Feb 28 15:38:34 <Nemi> Lis files that information away, if it's ever relevant. Like trying to pick out a fake Ivan from the real one.
Feb 28 15:38:44 <ihp> "In his will, Mr. Bloomington requested that all assets of the store be sold. He is survived by his wife and 3 children."
Feb 28 15:39:10 <lurkd> Ivan heads for downtown and looks for the store.
Feb 28 15:39:24 <Sirgoldfish> "We could ask around."
Feb 28 15:39:29 <TeslaTornado> Kevin follows.
Feb 28 15:39:48 <Nemi> "As little footprint as we can, Pinkerton," says Lis, softly.
Feb 28 15:39:59 <Sirgoldfish> "I know that."
Feb 28 15:40:29 <ihp> Ivan, you easily see the store. It's across from a rather ornate courthouse that looks like this: http://www.ohiogenealogyexpress.com/huron/graphics/ohio_huronctycthse_norwalk.jpg
Feb 28 15:40:57 <lurkd> He parks a fair distance away. "That's the target."
Feb 28 15:40:59 <Sirgoldfish> "I guess we know where we are going."
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Feb 28 15:41:13 <ShotgunFiend> Matt eyes the courthouse, glancing up at the tower at the top.
Feb 28 15:41:23 <lurkd> *cough* He puts it in park and struggles with his coughing.
Feb 28 15:41:30 <Sirgoldfish> Dan conceals his weapon. "Lets go."
Feb 28 15:41:30 <lurkd> *COUGHING* *wheeze*
Feb 28 15:41:38 <TeslaTornado> Kevin skids to a stop on the icy road, guiding the bike gently into an alley slightly closer than Ivan parked.
Feb 28 15:41:38 <Nemi> Lis rubs at her nose, peering out the car window at the courthouse. She'd be more impressed if every courthouse ever weren't built that way. She climbs out of the car once Ivan parks, and stretches a bit. Still so stiff.
Feb 28 15:41:42 <gumbal1> Danielle exits the car.
Feb 28 15:41:49 <TeslaTornado> closer to the shop*
Feb 28 15:42:07 <ShotgunFiend> Matt climbs out of the car.
Feb 28 15:42:08 <Nemi> Lis looks out for Kevin, but otherwise thrusts her hands into her coat pockets and looks casual. Which is a little difficult, given how much everything still aches, but she does what she do.
Feb 28 15:42:08 <Sirgoldfish> Dan pats Ivan on the back to help with the coughing.
Feb 28 15:42:19 <gumbal1> "So, who should enter first?"
Feb 28 15:42:22 <Sirgoldfish> "You okay man?"
Feb 28 15:42:29 <lurkd> He nods and takes a swig of the cough syrup.
Feb 28 15:42:37 <ihp> People are starting to go home from work, now. Cars are driving all around, and nothing much is going on in town. Street lights won't come on for another few hours, and the only person you might see is a man going to the bank to deposit a check. He is irrelevant.
Feb 28 15:42:42 <lurkd> "….*gulp*… Let's go."
Feb 28 15:42:43 <Sirgoldfish> "I don't want you dying on me again."
Feb 28 15:42:45 <ihp> The Jewelry Store stands before you.
Feb 28 15:43:01 <lurkd> "I'm dying regardless… move."
Feb 28 15:43:07 <lurkd> Ivan shuffles for the store.
Feb 28 15:43:07 <gumbal1> Danielle looks into the shop's window.
Feb 28 15:43:08 <ihp> It's nearly closing time, and there's only one person inside, closing up.
Feb 28 15:43:14 <&Vivax> The irrelevence of the passing man is so strong he creates a negative impact on the scene.
Feb 28 15:43:26 <ihp> GDI Vivax.
Feb 28 15:43:36 <lurkd> XD
Feb 28 15:43:37 <ShotgunFiend> "I'll be over there. Get my attention if you need me." Matt crosses the street, making it look like he isn't part of the group.
Feb 28 15:43:39 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is about a block up the street. He looks about calmly, then heads towards the Jewelry Shop. He is the model of casual indifference.
Feb 28 15:43:55 <lurkd> "Who's going in?"
Feb 28 15:44:04 <Sirgoldfish> "I am."
Feb 28 15:44:06 <gumbal1> "Someone who can talk."
Feb 28 15:44:24 <lurkd> "Go then… my accent is considered a negative."
Feb 28 15:44:26 <TeslaTornado> "Preferably someone who can talk /well/."
Feb 28 15:44:29 <Nemi> Lis strolls on toward the jewelry shop, sniffing. Hm. Getting dark.
Feb 28 15:44:36 <ShotgunFiend> Matt casually sits on the steps of the court house, taking the notebook out of his pocket and writing in it.
Feb 28 15:44:37 <gumbal1> "I'll follow Dan."
Feb 28 15:44:41 <lurkd> Ivan totally loiters the shit out of that sidewalk.
Feb 28 15:44:43 <Nemi> Lis tilts her head toward Kevin.
Feb 28 15:44:55 <lurkd> *shiftyeyes*
Feb 28 15:45:16 <TeslaTornado> Kevin lifts an eyebrow at Lis.
Feb 28 15:45:17 <Sirgoldfish> Dan enters the Jewelry store.
Feb 28 15:45:25 <Sirgoldfish> "Hello, are you closing up? We were going to make a purchase."
Feb 28 15:45:27 <gumbal1> Danielle follows.
Feb 28 15:45:57 <Sirgoldfish> Does the store have extra rooms or just the one?
Feb 28 15:46:31 <ihp> The woman in in the store looks at Dan. There are some store rooms in the back. She looks at her watch. "Right on time. Huh."
Feb 28 15:46:35 <TeslaTornado> ~Oh /god/.~
Feb 28 15:46:47 <TeslaTornado> ~/Pinkerton/ is taking point. We're doomed.~
Feb 28 15:46:56 <Nemi> Lis murmurs to Kevin, "Wait to see what happens? Go elsewhere?"
Feb 28 15:47:14 <Nemi> Kevin might get the impression that she finds the situation intensely amusing.
Feb 28 15:47:18 <ShotgunFiend> Matt lays the long, narrowish bag slung over his back off and lays it across his legs.
Feb 28 15:47:29 <Sirgoldfish> "Yes we are, Could you show us some of you your more exotic wares?"
Feb 28 15:47:31 <ShotgunFiend> Matt takes*
Feb 28 15:47:33 <lurkd> Ivan tries to make eye contact with matt to wave him over.
Feb 28 15:48:07 <gumbal1> Danielle looks around the shop, trying not to look suspicious.
Feb 28 15:48:07 <ihp> "…you don't need to put on an act. A guy told us you were coming here at 4:46 exactly. And here you are. Guess that means I should give you this."
Feb 28 15:48:14 <ShotgunFiend> Matt looks up, notices Ivan, reslings the bag, and comes over, not directly crossing the street, but finding an intersection, crossing there, and walking down the sidewalk.
Feb 28 15:48:23 <gumbal1> She frowns. "Oh."
Feb 28 15:48:24 <Sirgoldfish> "What?"
Feb 28 15:48:31 <TeslaTornado> Kevin mutters around a cigarette. "We'll wait here for the moment. If Pinkerton manages to land us all in troublewhich is highly likelyI'll go in after him."
Feb 28 15:48:44 <ihp> The woman pulls out an envelope and hands it to Dan, before grabbing her coat. "Guess that means my work is done."
Feb 28 15:49:04 <ShotgunFiend> Matt stops next to Ivan.
Feb 28 15:49:06 <Sirgoldfish> "Thank you for cooperating."
Feb 28 15:49:11 <Nemi> "Hah, okay." Lis keeps her hands in her pockets and peers out over the street.
Feb 28 15:49:17 * ZombieRaptor (~ten.sndscps.sloop.4B5F58D1-CRInys|paReibmoZ#ten.sndscps.sloop.4B5F58D1-CRInys|paReibmoZ) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 15:49:17 <gumbal1> "…just like that?"
Feb 28 15:49:29 <Sirgoldfish> Dan takes a look at the note.
Feb 28 15:49:33 <lurkd> "Is the courthouse a decent vantage point?"
Feb 28 15:49:52 <TeslaTornado> Kevin meanders to the curb and sits down, stretching his legs out and smoking.
Feb 28 15:49:56 <ShotgunFiend> "Yes. The clocktower gives near perfect overwatch."
Feb 28 15:50:00 <Sirgoldfish> *he reads the note
Feb 28 15:50:21 <lurkd> Ivan looks up at it, then looks down the street. "…yes…"
Feb 28 15:50:24 <ihp> "He told me to give that to you and leave. Besides, I'm out of a job in a week anyway." She walks out of the store. Dan, the note says "For the love of god, stop dawdling. I tell you to get in the store and only two of you come in? There's an apartment upstairs. Go to it. -X"
Feb 28 15:50:40 <gumbal1> "Whhat does it say?"
Feb 28 15:50:42 <ShotgunFiend> Belltower*
Feb 28 15:50:48 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is getting tired of waiting outside.
Feb 28 15:50:55 <Sirgoldfish> Dan hands the note to Dan/
Feb 28 15:51:01 <ShotgunFiend> "Yes, what?"
Feb 28 15:51:16 <ihp> There's also a key in the envelope, presumably for the apartment.
Feb 28 15:51:17 <Sirgoldfish> "We should get the others before progressing."
Feb 28 15:51:23 <gumbal1> Danielle furrows her borw. "Get the others. I'm checking this."
Feb 28 15:51:25 <Sirgoldfish> Dan takes the key.
Feb 28 15:51:27 <gumbal1> *brow
Feb 28 15:51:39 <Nemi> Lis waits near Kevin, thoughtful.
Feb 28 15:52:33 <gumbal1> "Or…you can do it, then."
Feb 28 15:52:48 <TeslaTornado> Kevin glances over at Lis. Then he glances at her again. "Y'mind? I'm tryin' to have a smoke."
Feb 28 15:53:05 <Nemi> She glances back. "I'm not stopping you."
Feb 28 15:53:12 <TeslaTornado> His American accent is pretty good.
Feb 28 15:53:14 <Sirgoldfish> "We must get the others."
Feb 28 15:53:29 <gumbal1> She goes outside. "Everyone come in. They chastised us for being the only two to come in."
Feb 28 15:53:48 <Sirgoldfish> Dan hands the note to Lis.
Feb 28 15:53:54 <lurkd> Ivan shuffles in and looks over the note in their hands.
Feb 28 15:54:01 <TeslaTornado> Kevin blows out a mouthful of smoke in a frustrated puff. He looks at Lis with a "I'm so done with this team's shit" face.
Feb 28 15:54:03 <Sirgoldfish> "Lets hurry."
Feb 28 15:54:04 <Nemi> Lis glances to Danielle, nods, and strolls in. There's a few possible reasons why the notes are so well targeted. Either it's a prescient, or maybe someone who is sending messages in real-time..
Feb 28 15:54:10 <ShotgunFiend> Matt glances at Danielle and Dan. He peers at the note, sighs, and goes inside.
Feb 28 15:54:13 <TeslaTornado> He stubs his cigarette out and walks inside.
Feb 28 15:54:22 <Nemi> ".. Hm, to the apartment, huh?" She folds the note and proceeds on up. "It have a key?"
Feb 28 15:54:27 <lurkd> "Upstairs…"
Feb 28 15:54:30 <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows along.
Feb 28 15:54:36 <Sirgoldfish> "Yes."
Feb 28 15:54:37 <ihp> Is everyone going to the apartment?
Feb 28 15:54:38 <lurkd> "Guns in the front."
Feb 28 15:54:39 <gumbal1> Danielle makes her way to the apartment door.
Feb 28 15:54:43 * GraemeCracker is now known as GraemeCooker
Feb 28 15:54:51 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is going to the apartment.
Feb 28 15:55:02 <lurkd> Ivan trails behind, hand in overcoat.
Feb 28 15:55:10 <Sirgoldfish> Dan nods to Ivan, as he takes the middle.
Feb 28 15:55:10 <TeslaTornado> Leading, because he has his guns. Covert holsters, man.
Feb 28 15:55:15 <ihp> The door is locked, Danielle. If only you had a key-shaped device of some kind used for the purposes of unlocking…
Feb 28 15:55:26 <ShotgunFiend> Matt follows at the rear of the group.
Feb 28 15:55:27 <gumbal1> "Dan. The key."
Feb 28 15:55:45 <Nemi> Lis certainly is. She lingers near the back, glancing at the note again just in case there's something new on it. You never know.
Feb 28 15:55:47 <Sirgoldfish> Dan tosses Dani the key.
Feb 28 15:56:03 <gumbal1> danielle catches it. "Ready. everyone?"
Feb 28 15:56:09 <TeslaTornado> Kevin nods.
Feb 28 15:56:09 <Nemi> Otherwise, she's content to mostly remain near the back of the group. She forms up by the door and nods.
Feb 28 15:56:13 <ShotgunFiend> Matt nods.
Feb 28 15:56:20 <lurkd> "Open."
Feb 28 15:56:25 <gumbal1> Danielle unlocks the door and opens it.
Feb 28 15:56:35 <ihp> Pause for description.
Feb 28 15:56:43 <padruns> PAWS
Feb 28 15:57:34 <ihp> The room is completely bare. It's a three-room apartment, no doubt used by the owner before his untimely passing. There's a living area/kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Nothing is in here. All though…
Feb 28 15:57:37 <ihp> Everyone. Perception.
Feb 28 15:57:43 <gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
Feb 28 15:57:43 <Glacon> gumbal1: wha: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
Feb 28 15:57:45 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4
Feb 28 15:57:45 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
Feb 28 15:57:48 <lurkd> 4df+5 looking
Feb 28 15:57:48 <Nemi> 4df+8 eye see things, eye see them with my eyes
Feb 28 15:57:48 <Glacon> lurkd: looking: 6 (4df+5=-, +, 0, +)
Feb 28 15:57:49 <Glacon> Nemi: eye see things, eye see them with my eyes: 7 (4df+8=0, 0, -, 0)
Feb 28 15:58:02 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 I C ALL
Feb 28 15:58:03 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: I C ALL: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
Feb 28 15:58:13 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+8 I have… /Special eyes/
Feb 28 15:58:14 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: I have… /Special eyes/: 12 (4df+8=+, +, +, +)
Feb 28 15:58:20 <ShotgunFiend> (Muwahahaha)
Feb 28 15:58:22 <lurkd> (jesus)
Feb 28 15:58:58 <Sirgoldfish> (Something horrible right is going to happen)
Feb 28 15:59:17 <ihp> Everyone that got 5 or above hears a staticky noise, like from a radio. Matt is able to pinpoint where said radio is; it's in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.
Feb 28 15:59:38 <Nemi> "I hear.. static?"
Feb 28 15:59:42 <gumbal1> "Ugh, what's that noise."
Feb 28 15:59:46 <lurkd> Ivan enters the apartment cautiously. "I hear it too."
Feb 28 15:59:53 <TeslaTornado> "I don't hear anything."
Feb 28 15:59:59 <Sirgoldfish> "It sounds like a broken radio."
Feb 28 16:00:00 <ShotgunFiend> "Over here." Matt follows the sound.
Feb 28 16:00:12 <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows.
Feb 28 16:00:12 <lurkd> Ivan follows, gun drawn.
Feb 28 16:00:18 <gumbal1> "I don't like random electronic sounds." She enters the apartment.
Feb 28 16:00:21 <Nemi> Lis lets Matt move on in, not wanting to crowd the room. Though she does enter the living are and peer around.
Feb 28 16:00:33 <ShotgunFiend> He cautiously opens the medicine cabinet once he gets there
Feb 28 16:00:35 <TeslaTornado> Kevin follows after a few moments, refusing to allow a bottleneck. He follows Lis in.
Feb 28 16:00:37 <ihp> Matt, there's a note attached to the radio. "Would you kindly turn to 6212.5 kHz? -X"
Feb 28 16:01:07 <Sirgoldfish> "Wait, are we sure this thing is benevolent?"
Feb 28 16:01:09 <ShotgunFiend> "…" Matt tunes the radio.
Feb 28 16:01:15 <ihp> Pause for description.
Feb 28 16:01:18 <ShotgunFiend> "They haven't led us astray so far."
Feb 28 16:01:24 <gumbal1> "Rarely do we encounter benevolence."
Feb 28 16:01:29 <lurkd> PAUSE
Feb 28 16:01:30 <gumbal1> POST
Feb 28 16:01:37 <padruns> PAWS DAMMIT
Feb 28 16:01:52 <padruns> i look away for two seconds and goddamn.
Feb 28 16:01:54 <padruns> :P
Feb 28 16:03:40 <ihp> A male voice speaks from the radio. "Please stand by." Suddenly, the door to the apartment SLAMS shut, and there's a click as it locks. No force in the universe can open this door. Anyone looking out the windows will see a very… odd display. Time outside is starting to speed up. Suddenly, it's spring, and days are passing by in a matter of minutes. Down below, people are going about their…
Feb 28 16:03:40 <ihp> …business in an accelerated manner. The windows can't be opened, either.
Feb 28 16:04:04 <lurkd> "….."
Feb 28 16:04:12 <lurkd> "Temporal displacement."
Feb 28 16:04:13 <gumbal1> "what the fuck."
Feb 28 16:04:14 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Magic Suppression) Kevin feels around for magic afoot.
Feb 28 16:04:15 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Magic Suppression) Kevin feels around for magic afoot.: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
Feb 28 16:04:15 <Sirgoldfish> "I told you so."
Feb 28 16:04:19 <padruns> GM FIAT:
Feb 28 16:04:23 <padruns> Everyone was in the apartment.
Feb 28 16:04:29 <lurkd> Ivan is in heightened alert mode.
Feb 28 16:04:50 <Nemi> Lis watches out the window. Logically, she'd be scared, but right now curiosity is overriding that. This is -neat-. And -interesting-. The sort of thing she signed up for!
Feb 28 16:05:16 <ihp> The radio starts playing a song that you've never heard before. "I remember… doing the Tiiime Warp… Drinking, Those moments when… the blackness would hit me, and the void would be CALLING…"
Feb 28 16:05:57 <lurkd> "Anyone have a watch? Quickly."
Feb 28 16:06:16 <ihp> The time dilation outside reaches a crescendo as the music calls out, "LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGA-A-A-A-IN!"
Feb 28 16:06:19 <Nemi> Lis does not! She remains at the window!
Feb 28 16:06:19 <TeslaTornado> Kevin tosses Ivan his watch.
Feb 28 16:06:24 <padruns> Kevin, you feel no magic. There's something, but it's not the magic you're trained to recognize.
Feb 28 16:06:39 <ihp> Everyone looking out the window, perception.
Feb 28 16:06:44 <Sirgoldfish> Dan lights his lighter to see what will happen
Feb 28 16:06:48 <gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
Feb 28 16:06:48 <lurkd> Ivan studies the watch, taking note of the exact time.
Feb 28 16:06:49 <Glacon> gumbal1: wha: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, -, +)
Feb 28 16:06:50 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 "This isn't my division."
Feb 28 16:06:51 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: "This isn't my division.": 4 (4df+4=0, 0, -, +)
Feb 28 16:06:57 <ihp> Time in the apartment moves as normal.
Feb 28 16:07:00 <lurkd> 4df+5 then looks out the window
Feb 28 16:07:00 <Glacon> lurkd: then looks out the window: 3 (4df+5=-, -, +, -)
Feb 28 16:07:16 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 Dan looks out at the window
Feb 28 16:07:16 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: Dan looks out at the window: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Feb 28 16:07:17 <ihp> Danielle… on the horizon, past the court house, you see what looks like a bright flash of light followed by a mushroom cloud.
Feb 28 16:07:18 <ShotgunFiend> Matt is walking back near the door. He doesn't like the way it closed itself
Feb 28 16:07:28 <Nemi> 4df+8 window watching
Feb 28 16:07:30 <Glacon> Nemi: window watching: 9 (4df+8=0, 0, +, 0)
Feb 28 16:07:33 <Sirgoldfish> (BRB)
Feb 28 16:07:42 <ihp> Lisabet sees i ttoo.
Feb 28 16:07:50 <ihp> it too*
Feb 28 16:07:51 <padruns> Dan goes on autopilot, doing dan things and generally coming along.
Feb 28 16:08:02 <gumbal1> "Good lord, is that a bomb?"
Feb 28 16:08:04 <Nemi> "I see.. a mushroom cloud.."
Feb 28 16:08:20 <TeslaTornado> Kevin hears "mushroom cloud" and flips a chair, getting behind it.
Feb 28 16:08:21 <lurkd> "It was inevitable."
Feb 28 16:08:33 <lurkd> Ivan is not surprised.
Feb 28 16:08:42 <Sirgoldfish> (B)
Feb 28 16:09:28 <Sirgoldfish> "They actually nuked us?"
Feb 28 16:09:37 <gumbal1> "Should I be worried?"
Feb 28 16:09:48 <gumbal1> "It seemed a bit far away."
Feb 28 16:09:51 <lurkd> Ivan stops the watch from ticking so they know the exact time they started.
Feb 28 16:10:03 * Atcero (ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 16:10:13 <Sirgoldfish> Dan thinks about what Hill said ~And then they build nukes~
Feb 28 16:10:24 <ihp> Eventually, time slows down to its normal rate outside, but… things are different. The sky seems gloomier. There are wrecked cars that have been rusting out there for years. The clock of the courthouse is broken, and there are people wandering the streets aimlessly, with a daze in their eyes. The radio crackles to life, the same male voice from before saying "Are you receiving me?"
Feb 28 16:10:39 <Nemi> Lis remains at the window, though she backs to one side of the wall. She -waits-. She's not panicking. "We receive," she says aloud, aimlessly.
Feb 28 16:10:41 <gumbal1> "…yes."
Feb 28 16:10:58 <ihp> "Good. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 1976."
Feb 28 16:11:00 <TeslaTornado> "MTF Psi-7, receiving you clearly."
Feb 28 16:11:07 <lurkd> Ivan looks at the time on the broken clock on the courthouse.
Feb 28 16:11:17 <lurkd> "We hear you."
Feb 28 16:11:17 <ihp> The time is 5 minutes of 11.
Feb 28 16:11:44 <ihp> "Welcome to the second time the world ended."
Feb 28 16:11:53 <ShotgunFiend> "…" ~1976…?~
Feb 28 16:11:56 <lurkd> "eleven five."
Feb 28 16:11:57 <gumbal1> "What was the first?"
Feb 28 16:12:04 <TeslaTornado> "Never thought I'd live to see the day."
Feb 28 16:12:09 * Atcero (ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM) has left #homeimprovement
Feb 28 16:12:19 <lurkd> "What year is it?"
Feb 28 16:12:24 <Nemi> "This is just another potential timeline, yes?" Lis says aloud, not really toward anyone in particular. "I've seen at least three apocalypses, and another one in another universe."
Feb 28 16:12:25 <lurkd> Ivan turns to the radio.
Feb 28 16:12:35 <gumbal1> "1976, Dr. Zakharov."
Feb 28 16:12:52 <Sirgoldfish> "America land of the free, home of the brave. Reduced to rubble?"
Feb 28 16:13:16 <ihp> "…never mind that. Outside these walls, there is a significant viral pandemic in progress. Some would call it an apocalypse. Infected individuals are violent, hostile to human life, and incapable of reason."
Feb 28 16:13:36 <lurkd> "Infected… viral…"
Feb 28 16:13:40 <lurkd> O.O
Feb 28 16:13:43 <Sirgoldfish> "What do you want us for?!"
Feb 28 16:13:45 * You are now known as ProcyonLotor
Feb 28 16:14:01 <Nemi> "And the nuke was what, an attempt to sterilize it?"
Feb 28 16:14:13 <ShotgunFiend> Matt goes serious!face. He takes the rifle out of the bag on his back, loads it, and chambers the first round.
Feb 28 16:14:22 <Nemi> "Fat lot of good that seems to have done," Lis peers out the window at the wandering bodies below.
Feb 28 16:14:25 <gumbal1> Danielle furrows her brow. "I usually work with people who can listen to reason. Any way to avoid these things?"
Feb 28 16:14:32 <Sirgoldfish> "Who is to say the infection came first?"
Feb 28 16:15:10 <TeslaTornado> Kevin loads his pistols. "Any known vectors of infection?"
Feb 28 16:15:11 <lurkd> "Where can we find -ENTER AGENT NAME HERE-… is he in this time period as well?"
Feb 28 16:15:41 <ihp> "…in a way, it was, Miss Tande." The radio goes ah-hem. "Have you ever heard of Night of the Living… No, I suppose you haven't. Has the term… zombie been coined yet?"
Feb 28 16:16:04 * ZombieRaptor (~ten.sndscps.sloop.4B5F58D1-CRInys|paReibmoZ#ten.sndscps.sloop.4B5F58D1-CRInys|paReibmoZ) has left #homeimprovement
Feb 28 16:16:08 <Nemi> "Zombie?" She seems bemused. "No, I'e never heard it."
Feb 28 16:16:14 <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (Academics/Magic Suppression)
Feb 28 16:16:14 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Academics/Magic Suppression): 8 (4df+8=-, +, -, +)
Feb 28 16:16:16 <Sirgoldfish> "What is a zombie?"
Feb 28 16:16:21 <ihp> "Ah, Dr. Zakharov, I'm afraid we had to spirit away Agent Ewell in order to attract you to here. Rather convoluted in retrospect, but if someone told you they were going to take you past the apocalypse, would you want to go?"
Feb 28 16:16:23 <lurkd> 4df+10 zombie knowledge
Feb 28 16:16:23 <Glacon> lurkd: zombie knowledge: 10 (4df+10=0, -, +, 0)
Feb 28 16:16:25 <TeslaTornado> (Looking up Zombie)
Feb 28 16:16:51 <gumbal1> 4df+3 Danielle may have read something like this before
Feb 28 16:16:51 <Glacon> gumbal1: Danielle may have read something like this before: 4 (4df+3=+, +, -, 0)
Feb 28 16:17:02 <Sirgoldfish> "Sounds like Zamboni."
Feb 28 16:17:17 <ihp> Zombies, Ivan and Kevin remember, are usually reanimated by magic, not a virus. They're voudoun. Danielle may remember it from an old horror film, but that's about it.
Feb 28 16:17:20 <TeslaTornado> "Agent Pinkerton, stop speaking. When you do so, everyone grows dumber for it."
Feb 28 16:17:23 <ShotgunFiend> Matt just keeps looking at the window, listening to the radio while watching to dazed people walk around outside.
Feb 28 16:17:33 <Nemi> Lis tries not to laugh.
Feb 28 16:17:34 <TeslaTornado> Kevin paces. "Zombies are voudoun, though, not viral."
Feb 28 16:17:55 <lurkd> "Necromancy."
Feb 28 16:18:03 <Sirgoldfish> "Stop breathing, Kevin! I am just trying to make light of the situation."
Feb 28 16:18:11 <lurkd> "Which means there is a necromanc/er/."
Feb 28 16:18:29 <TeslaTornado> "Potentially not; I didn't feel any great magical discharge when we were traveling here."
Feb 28 16:18:31 <Nemi> "He just said it's viral."
Feb 28 16:18:32 <Sirgoldfish> "Ever heard of a fucking joke? Look it up in the dictionary."
Feb 28 16:18:34 <ihp> "…please don't use that word, Doctor. This is viral, not magical. If it was magical, we would have pulled someone from Site 87 to do this instead."
Feb 28 16:18:42 <Nemi> Lis rubs at her nose. "So, mystery voice, what do you want -us- to do?"
Feb 28 16:18:50 <Nemi> "Seeing as we're kind of stuck here unless you do the time shenanigans again."
Feb 28 16:18:57 <lurkd> "Mr. X… what is our objective?"
Feb 28 16:19:35 <ihp> "…I brought you here to find a cure. Or rather, to start development on one. Somewhere in this city, there is the one person in the world who is immune to the virus. You must find them and bring them back to your native time."
Feb 28 16:19:44 <ihp> "Or at least… part of them."
Feb 28 16:19:45 <gumbal1> "Is there anything these "zombies" can be fooled by?"
Feb 28 16:19:55 <TeslaTornado> Kevin withdraws his pistols and checks to see that they're loaded. He offers one to Lis.
Feb 28 16:20:20 <ihp> "…they are the walking dead, Miss Levine. They do not have the cognition to be fooled."
Feb 28 16:20:21 <ShotgunFiend> (AFK for a couple minutes)
Feb 28 16:20:36 <Nemi> Lis accepts the Browning Hi-Power. She takes a moment to familiarize herself with its action and load in a manner that suggests no small experience with firearms.
Feb 28 16:21:00 <Nemi> "13 rounds. Okay. I'll be sparing. Thank you, Winsthrop."
Feb 28 16:21:02 <gumbal1> "well, can we disguise ourselves?"
Feb 28 16:21:16 <lurkd> "Let us get started then."
Feb 28 16:21:16 <gumbal1> "Make it look like we aren't alive?"
Feb 28 16:21:19 <TeslaTornado> "I have spare magazines should they be necessary. If we're smart, we shouldn't have to fire a shot."
Feb 28 16:21:28 <ihp> "They do not have the cognition to know what a disguise is, and they can tell living from dead."
Feb 28 16:21:29 <lurkd> "One person should not be hard to find in a small town."
Feb 28 16:21:35 <Nemi> "Evasion and stealth woul probably be our best option." Lis pockets the handgun.
Feb 28 16:21:37 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at Lis with a look that clearly states how gargantuan an "if" that is.
Feb 28 16:21:51 <lurkd> "Silence then."
Feb 28 16:21:57 <Nemi> "X, do we have any idea where the immune person is?"
Feb 28 16:22:04 <TeslaTornado> Kevin nods.
Feb 28 16:22:09 <lurkd> "Agent Harrison… your vantage point."
Feb 28 16:22:12 <ihp> "The best you can do is be-" the radio crackles with static. "I repeat, don't-" And again. "Damned temporal interference. Find Camp Celeste, and take this radio with you. That's all I can say."
Feb 28 16:22:21 <gumbal1> "Are there any tunnels we can take without having to engage them?"
Feb 28 16:22:26 <ihp> The radio says no more. The door to the apartment unlocks with a click.
Feb 28 16:22:31 * Vivax has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 27.0.1/20140212131424])
Feb 28 16:22:38 <Sirgoldfish> "We should not engage them."
Feb 28 16:22:55 <Sirgoldfish> "It is an infection therefore there is a fuck ton of them."
Feb 28 16:23:00 <Nemi> "Camp Celeste? Refugee camp, sounds like, or maybe some kind of military base.." Lis peers out the window further, trying to locate anything that looks vaguely like a 'camp'.
Feb 28 16:23:07 * ShotgunFiend_ (~ten.tsacmoc.la.1dsh.6755DE56-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tsacmoc.la.1dsh.6755DE56-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 16:23:18 <lurkd> Ivan pulls out the old map to find this camp maybe.
Feb 28 16:23:25 * ShotgunFiend has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
Feb 28 16:23:35 <TeslaTornado> Kevin checks the street for sewer access.
Feb 28 16:23:44 * ShotgunFiend_ is now known as ShotgunFiend
Feb 28 16:23:52 <Nemi> Lis has flashbacks to her and Kevin's trip to UnLondon.
Feb 28 16:23:59 <Nemi> She is not fond of the idea of wandering aimlessly through a ruined city.
Feb 28 16:24:03 <gumbal1> "Ivan, check to see if there are any tunnels taking us to a location near the camp."
Feb 28 16:24:12 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is having similar thoughts.
Feb 28 16:24:18 <ihp> There is no camp on the map.
Feb 28 16:24:31 <ihp> It occurs to you that this camp was probably built /after/ the apocalypse.
Feb 28 16:24:52 <lurkd> "The map is outdated. Agent Harrison, your vantage point."
Feb 28 16:25:23 <ihp> Everyone, perception.
Feb 28 16:25:23 <Sirgoldfish> "Everyone agrees that we are not going to attack them, unless it is an emergency?"
Feb 28 16:25:26 <ShotgunFiend> "… Right."
Feb 28 16:25:37 <lurkd> 4df+5
Feb 28 16:25:37 <Glacon> lurkd: 8 (4df+5=0, +, +, +)
Feb 28 16:25:39 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+8 I still have /special eyes/
Feb 28 16:25:39 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: I still have /special eyes/: 8 (4df+8=-, +, -, +)
Feb 28 16:25:43 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 ZAMBONI
Feb 28 16:25:44 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: ZAMBONI: 8 (4df+4=+, +, +, +)
Feb 28 16:25:44 * GraemeCooker is now known as GraemeCracker
Feb 28 16:25:45 <Nemi> 4df+8
Feb 28 16:25:45 <Glacon> Nemi: 6 (4df+8=-, -, -, +)
Feb 28 16:25:48 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 My eyes are average
Feb 28 16:25:48 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: My eyes are average: 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
Feb 28 16:25:51 <gumbal1> 4df+4 wha
Feb 28 16:25:51 <Glacon> gumbal1: wha: 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
Feb 28 16:25:51 <lurkd> (2 critz)
Feb 28 16:25:53 <Sirgoldfish> (Woop woop.)
Feb 28 16:25:54 <TeslaTornado> (:|)
Feb 28 16:26:03 <padruns> (No one crit anything'd.)
Feb 28 16:26:14 <ShotgunFiend> (SGF did)
Feb 28 16:26:33 <padruns> Oh, right.
Feb 28 16:26:34 <ihp> Everyone with an 8 hears a loud groan from downstairs. Dan, in addition, hears a creak of a foot on a staircase…
Feb 28 16:27:01 <Sirgoldfish> "They are coming from the stairs."
Feb 28 16:27:08 <gumbal1> "Wait, what?"
Feb 28 16:27:13 <ShotgunFiend> Mstt turns to face the door.
Feb 28 16:27:15 <Sirgoldfish> "We need to evade them."
Feb 28 16:27:15 * ZombieRaptor (~ten.sndscps.sloop.4B5F58D1-CRInys|paReibmoZ#ten.sndscps.sloop.4B5F58D1-CRInys|paReibmoZ) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 16:27:28 <lurkd> "Out the window, brace the door."
Feb 28 16:27:39 <Sirgoldfish> "The zombies are coming up from the stairs."
Feb 28 16:27:44 <ShotgunFiend> Matt gets to shoving a couch to the door.
Feb 28 16:27:45 <Nemi> "Incoming contacts." Lis gestures to the door and draws the Hi-Power. She clearly doesn't want to use it, if she can. Meanwhile, she turns to the window and checks to see if it can be opened.
Feb 28 16:27:47 <lurkd> Ivan opens a window and starts tying curtains together.
Feb 28 16:27:54 <gumbal1> "Or, we could find an apartment witha vantage point with considerably less zombies."
Feb 28 16:28:00 <Sirgoldfish> Dan helps Matt.
Feb 28 16:28:09 <ShotgunFiend> "I already… Have a vantage… Point."
Feb 28 16:28:17 <ShotgunFiend> "Just need to… Get to it."
Feb 28 16:28:29 <ihp> Strength, everyone doing the couch.
Feb 28 16:28:39 <Sirgoldfish> (Oh, my)
Feb 28 16:28:43 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+3 hhoo by
Feb 28 16:28:43 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: hhoo by: 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
Feb 28 16:28:45 <ShotgunFiend> boy*
Feb 28 16:28:45 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4
Feb 28 16:28:45 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, +, -)
Feb 28 16:28:47 <padruns> There is another creak.
Feb 28 16:28:50 <gumbal1> "Also, try not to shoot them. That would make too much noise."
Feb 28 16:29:04 <lurkd> Ivan ties off the string of curtains and sheets and throws it out the window.
Feb 28 16:29:05 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 Kevin looks around for a throw pillow or something.
Feb 28 16:29:06 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: Kevin looks around for a throw pillow or something.: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
Feb 28 16:29:32 <lurkd> "We repel… just two stories, an easy descent."
Feb 28 16:29:43 <Nemi> "Have you done it before, Doctor?"
Feb 28 16:29:45 <ihp> Kevin manages to push the couch up against the door. Ivan, the place below you looks clear… but will it hold you?
Feb 28 16:29:57 <Sirgoldfish> Dan nods to Ivan.
Feb 28 16:30:01 <lurkd> "Negative… no time to acquaint one's self."
Feb 28 16:30:21 <lurkd> Ivan tugs on it to test. *grunt*
Feb 28 16:30:25 <TeslaTornado> (I wasn't rolling strength, it was perception)
Feb 28 16:30:47 <ihp> Redact, then.
Feb 28 16:30:51 <padruns> Together, Dan and Matt get the couch to the door.
Feb 28 16:30:52 <ihp> The couch doesn't seem to budge.
Feb 28 16:30:56 <ihp> :|
Feb 28 16:30:58 <ShotgunFiend> :|
Feb 28 16:31:05 <padruns> (2+3<4
Feb 28 16:31:06 <padruns> )
Feb 28 16:31:11 <ihp> what padri said, then.
Feb 28 16:31:19 <Nemi> Lis quirks her lip and lets the others try the window exit first. She's fairly confident in her rapid urban navigation skills, but is more concerned about what will happen to the others.
Feb 28 16:31:33 <padruns> Just in time, too. Something thumps on the door.
Feb 28 16:31:42 <lurkd> Ivan holds tight and starts a cautious descent.
Feb 28 16:31:49 <lurkd> "Quickly."
Feb 28 16:31:52 <Sirgoldfish> (That was the most pathetic thing ever.)
Feb 28 16:31:54 <TeslaTornado> Kevin braces the rope from above.
Feb 28 16:31:57 <ShotgunFiend> (Yep)
Feb 28 16:32:00 <lurkd> He repels down.
Feb 28 16:32:05 <gumbal1> "Melee the throat so it doesn't make too much noise."
Feb 28 16:32:17 <ihp> I'm letting everyone take 10 on this. Everyone going down the rope makes it.
Feb 28 16:32:20 <gumbal1> Danielle follows Ivan
Feb 28 16:32:21 <ShotgunFiend> Matt goes over to the window. He has good reason to get down there.
Feb 28 16:32:39 <Sirgoldfish> Dan gets down the rope.
Feb 28 16:32:43 <TeslaTornado> When everyone else is on the street, he heads out the window.
Feb 28 16:32:49 <Sirgoldfish> "Sewers then?"
Feb 28 16:33:01 <lurkd> Ivan lands on the sidewalk.
Feb 28 16:33:01 <TeslaTornado> Until then, he's keeping the curtains braced.
Feb 28 16:33:07 <gumbal1> "Sewers. I've done worse for less."
Feb 28 16:33:21 <lurkd> "We'd do better on the surface."
Feb 28 16:33:27 <ShotgunFiend> Matt looks around. How clear is the path to the courthouse?
Feb 28 16:33:31 <Nemi> When the others make it down, Lis will follow. She's very light and unlikely to break the line.
Feb 28 16:33:36 <lurkd> "We would be able to find the camp easier too."
Feb 28 16:33:54 <Nemi> "Not sewers. We need eyes on our target."
Feb 28 16:33:57 <TeslaTornado> When Lis hits the floor, Kevin goes down after her.
Feb 28 16:33:59 <Nemi> "We'll be wandering blind without that."
Feb 28 16:34:17 <Nemi> Lis rappels down like a pro, incidentally. Like she's done it before.
Feb 28 16:34:19 <Sirgoldfish> "Less likely to be monster infested."
Feb 28 16:34:34 <Sirgoldfish> "I say we go for sewers."
Feb 28 16:34:41 <ihp> Everyone, give me a sneak roll.
Feb 28 16:34:47 <lurkd> >.>
Feb 28 16:34:50 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (Sneaky)
Feb 28 16:34:50 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Sneaky): 4 (4df+5=-, -, 0, +)
Feb 28 16:35:00 <gumbal1> 4df+9 (Vewy Vewy Quiet) Danielle is a sneaky person
Feb 28 16:35:01 <lurkd> 4df+0
Feb 28 16:35:01 <Glacon> gumbal1: (Vewy Vewy Quiet) Danielle is a sneaky person: 6 (4df+9=-, -, -, 0)
Feb 28 16:35:01 <Glacon> lurkd: -4 (4df+0=-, -, -, -)
Feb 28 16:35:05 <lurkd> *0*
Feb 28 16:35:09 <lurkd> …..
Feb 28 16:35:12 <ihp> OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH.
Feb 28 16:35:17 <padruns> Ivan coughs.
Feb 28 16:35:20 <padruns> Loudly.
Feb 28 16:35:30 <padruns> His lungs can't take it, and he has a coughing fit.
Feb 28 16:35:33 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+7 partial tagging urban subterfuge. Dan is best sneaker
Feb 28 16:35:34 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: partial tagging urban subterfuge. Dan is best sneaker: 8 (4df+7=-, +, +, 0)
Feb 28 16:35:42 <lurkd> Ivan takes a knee for a second
Feb 28 16:35:43 <Nemi> 4df+9 snek, res Ops
Feb 28 16:35:43 <Glacon> Nemi: snek, res Ops: 10 (4df+9=+, +, -, 0)
Feb 28 16:35:49 <TeslaTornado> Kevin quickly runs over and claps a hand over Ivan's mouth.
Feb 28 16:35:58 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+4 sneak
Feb 28 16:35:58 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: sneak: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Feb 28 16:36:02 <lurkd> o.o
Feb 28 16:36:20 <lurkd> He turns blue.
Feb 28 16:36:27 <lurkd> CAN'T BREATHE!
Feb 28 16:36:36 <TeslaTornado> When he's done fucking coughing, Kevin removes the hand.
Feb 28 16:36:47 <ihp> Ivan, your coughing fit has attracted several of the undead. They turn to face you and your group, groaning loudly as they approach from all directions.
Feb 28 16:36:49 <lurkd> *gasp* *panting*
Feb 28 16:37:01 <gumbal1> "Fuck."
Feb 28 16:37:04 <Sirgoldfish> "Run."
Feb 28 16:37:13 <Nemi> Lis looks around for alternate egress points. Anything to get off the street. Buildings, walls..
Feb 28 16:37:14 <ShotgunFiend> How far away is the courthouse?
Feb 28 16:37:18 <lurkd> 4df+5 perc, looking for a vehicle that can still run.
Feb 28 16:37:18 <Glacon> lurkd: perc, looking for a vehicle that can still run.: 2 (4df+5=-, -, 0, -)
Feb 28 16:37:26 <ShotgunFiend> Just across the street?
Feb 28 16:37:29 <ihp> The courthouse is across the street, and there are at least three zombies between you and it.
Feb 28 16:37:37 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perc) Fire escapes/roof access
Feb 28 16:37:37 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perc) Fire escapes/roof access: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
Feb 28 16:37:38 <Sirgoldfish> Dan knows how to hot wire a car.
Feb 28 16:37:50 <gumbal1> 4df+4 Danielle refuses to get caught by Zombies. She goes to the courthouse
Feb 28 16:37:52 <Glacon> gumbal1: Danielle refuses to get caught by Zombies. She goes to the courthouse: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
Feb 28 16:37:59 <gumbal1> *runs to
Feb 28 16:38:02 <ihp> Ivan's eyes are still blurry from coughing. And the cars around here will most likely make noise. There is, however, roof access on the side of the building that you just came out of.
Feb 28 16:38:10 <ShotgunFiend> Matt dashes for teh courthouse, taking as wide of a berth around the zombies as he can
Feb 28 16:38:29 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4Dan follows Dani to the court house
Feb 28 16:38:43 <lurkd> He rubs his eyes and makes for the roof access… running is not going to work for him.
Feb 28 16:38:49 <Nemi> "That way, come on!" Lis demonstrates, despite her stiffness, an astonishing level of acrobatic ability as she sprints over and vaults up to the fire escape, hurling the ladder down after flinging herself up if she can.
Feb 28 16:38:51 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+6 partial tagging urban subterfuge
Feb 28 16:38:52 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: partial tagging urban subterfuge: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
Feb 28 16:38:58 <ShotgunFiend> "Don't follow me! Take a different route, split up!"
Feb 28 16:39:08 <TeslaTornado> Kevin goes for the roof access.
Feb 28 16:39:14 <ShotgunFiend> Matt tried to get Dan and Danielle to go /somewhere else/
Feb 28 16:39:19 <lurkd> climbing intensifies
Feb 28 16:39:26 <ShotgunFiend> tries*
Feb 28 16:39:29 <Sirgoldfish> "Where would that be?"
Feb 28 16:39:38 <ShotgunFiend> Matt points to where everyone else is.
Feb 28 16:40:14 <lurkd> Ivan wheezes his way up
Feb 28 16:40:24 <ihp> Okay, quick check: where is everyone?
Feb 28 16:40:32 <TeslaTornado> Kevin, Lis, Ivan: Roof access
Feb 28 16:40:34 <gumbal1> Danielle is dashing to the courthouse
Feb 28 16:40:35 <ShotgunFiend> Matt is running to the courthouse.
Feb 28 16:40:43 <Nemi> Lis is going right for the roof, up the fire escape, even if she has to fling herself up over the lip of the rooftop.
Feb 28 16:40:57 <Sirgoldfish> Dan is still going for the court house.
Feb 28 16:41:07 <ihp> Matt, Dan, Danielle… agility.
Feb 28 16:41:34 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+4 I have /special legs/
Feb 28 16:41:34 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: I have /special legs/: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
Feb 28 16:41:50 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+6 partial tagging urban subterfuge I am the runner up.
Feb 28 16:41:51 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: partial tagging urban subterfuge I am the runner up.: 6 (4df+6=0, +, 0, -)
Feb 28 16:42:02 <gumbal1> 4df+4 I will not get caught by the walking dead
Feb 28 16:42:02 <Glacon> gumbal1: I will not get caught by the walking dead: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
Feb 28 16:42:11 <ShotgunFiend> (Fuck.)
Feb 28 16:42:17 <ihp> On the rooftop, the group finds a man in tactical gear, leaned over a crossbow and taking aim at a zombie. He ignores you, despite clearly hearing you.
Feb 28 16:42:21 * ZombieRaptor has quit (Ping timeout)
Feb 28 16:42:38 <TeslaTornado> Kevin raises a balled fist. ~Do not engage~
Feb 28 16:42:54 <Sirgoldfish> (Luvi is a time traveler?)
Feb 28 16:42:58 <lurkd> Kevin's fist is covered in Ivan's cough blood.
Feb 28 16:43:13 <Nemi> Lis flings herself over the lip of the roof and lands in a smooth roll up to her feet. She opts not to distract the man, though she edges around him. When he fires, if he does, she'll greet him. "Hey— where's Camp Celeste?"
Feb 28 16:43:36 <ihp> Matt, a zombie lunges for you! However, the sniper on the rooftop fires a crossbow bolt at it, and it penetrates its skull, killing it instantly. He proceeds to do the same for every other zombie in the area, before standing up and turning to face the group on the rooftop, frowning.
Feb 28 16:43:39 <lurkd> Ivan staggers forward towards the man.
Feb 28 16:43:56 <TeslaTornado> Kevin remains at the edge of the roof.
Feb 28 16:44:21 <ihp> "What. The utter. Fuck." He raises his crossbow towards Ivan. "Don't come any closer. You almost gave away my position to the eights."
Feb 28 16:44:38 <ShotgunFiend> Matt doesn't even so much as flinch at the dead zombies. He sprints inside the courthouse, and as soon as he finds them, starts climbing stairs and ladders to the bell tower.
Feb 28 16:44:51 <ihp> Matt, PAUSE.
Feb 28 16:44:54 <lurkd> Ivan stops and shows his Foundation badge. "We're not infected."
Feb 28 16:44:57 <gumbal1> POST
Feb 28 16:44:58 <ShotgunFiend> k.
Feb 28 16:45:04 * ZombieRaptor (~ten.sndscps.sloop.4B5F58D1-CRInys|paReibmoZ#ten.sndscps.sloop.4B5F58D1-CRInys|paReibmoZ) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 16:45:25 <Nemi> "Sorry about that. We're trying to find Camp Celeste," Lis says, keeping her distance.
Feb 28 16:45:44 <ihp> The courthouse is full of zombies. Absolutely /full/ of them. There are at least 10 in the lobby alone, and if you really want to get past them all… well, best hope you packed bite-proof armor.
Feb 28 16:46:07 <gumbal1> "Fuck this." danielle heads to the others
Feb 28 16:46:07 <padruns> Probably best to turn around, Matt.
Feb 28 16:46:27 <ShotgunFiend> Matt, in this case, doesn't even go past the front door.
Feb 28 16:46:29 <TeslaTornado> Kevin remains silent near the ledge.
Feb 28 16:46:31 <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows Dani.
Feb 28 16:46:48 <ShotgunFiend> He closes the door quietly, and curses.
Feb 28 16:46:57 <Nemi> She has her hands out, as if to indicate that she's armed but not hostile. Gun is in hand, but around the barrel, not the grip and trigger.
Feb 28 16:47:21 <TeslaTornado> Kevin has the radio tucked under one arm, but otherwise he is unarmed.
Feb 28 16:47:40 <ihp> The man frowns at Ivan's badge, before talking into a radio on his armor, which you might nose is chain mail. "…bring the APC over here. We have people claiming to be Foundati- is that a /gun/?! Are you trying to get killed?!"
Feb 28 16:47:48 <Sirgoldfish> "We need to regroup."
Feb 28 16:47:51 <ihp> Note*
Feb 28 16:48:06 <Nemi> "We weren't aware of the circumstances we were being dropped into," Lis explains.
Feb 28 16:48:16 <ShotgunFiend> Matt turns back to where the group is, looking up at the roof.
Feb 28 16:48:24 <TeslaTornado> Kevin holds out his Foundation ID. "We're from 1955. We were displaced. We came geared for an extraction and reconnaissance mission, not… This."
Feb 28 16:48:35 <padruns> A sound comes back through the radio.
Feb 28 16:48:37 <gumbal1> Danielle tries to regroup
Feb 28 16:48:39 <lurkd> "We weren't briefed well."
Feb 28 16:48:59 <padruns> It's hard to make out, but it's something like "bring the fuckers in"
Feb 28 16:49:06 <ihp> "…yeah, and I'm Richard Nixon. 1955 Foundation Agents? Is that the best bandits can come up with?"
Feb 28 16:49:30 <TeslaTornado> 4df+10 (Intimidate+Command+Ice King) "Do I look like a bandit to you?"
Feb 28 16:49:30 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate+Command+Ice King) "Do I look like a bandit to you?": 11 (4df+10=+, -, +, 0)
Feb 28 16:49:42 <lurkd> Ivan puts his badge away.
Feb 28 16:49:51 <lurkd> He wishes he could smoke.
Feb 28 16:49:58 <Nemi> Lis decides to .. let Kevin handle that. She pockets her weapon and keeps her hands out.
Feb 28 16:50:34 <gumbal1> Danielle looks for roof access.
Feb 28 16:51:18 <TeslaTornado> "Rest assured - had I any intention of killing you, I would have stabbed you to death the moment I saw you."
Feb 28 16:51:43 <ihp> "Regardless, you're coming back with me to Celeste." Below you, an armored personnel carrier slowly drives up, and several several black-clad crossbow-wielding Foundation agents come pouring out. Some of them surround Dan, Danielle and Matt, wielding crossbows. "On the ground!" The rest go up the ladder and surround the group up there. The sniper grins. "You were saying, 'agent'?"
Feb 28 16:52:23 <Nemi> ~Well, that's convenient. I guess.~
Feb 28 16:52:29 <lurkd> Ivan keeps his hands visible. "Take us to the base camp. We will comply."
Feb 28 16:52:32 <gumbal1> Danielle drops to the ground.
Feb 28 16:52:33 <Nemi> Lis keeps her hands up and sighs, staring at the sky.
Feb 28 16:52:34 <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes to the floor.
Feb 28 16:52:36 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is unimpressed. "I was saying I would have stabbed you to death, and that APC would never have arrived - and my comrades and I never would have gotten the ride to Celeste we were asking for to begin with."
Feb 28 16:52:44 <TeslaTornado> Nevertheless, he raises his free hand.
Feb 28 16:52:45 <Sirgoldfish> "Come on it is me."
Feb 28 16:52:57 <Sirgoldfish> Dan says in a joking way.
Feb 28 16:53:06 <ShotgunFiend> Matt looks flat-faced at the black combat-uniformed agents. He slowly lowers himself to his knees. "I guess the Foundation still hasn't got any teamwork skills in the last 26 years."
Feb 28 16:53:11 <gumbal1> "Ignore him. He has a bad sense of humor."
Feb 28 16:53:32 <ihp> "Damn right you will, 'agent'." The sniper leads the group down to the APC. One of the agents elbows Kevin, and soon, everyone is on the ground, being cuffed.
Feb 28 16:53:35 <padruns> The agents come up, and, in perfect form, get everyone cuffed.
Feb 28 16:53:37 <Nemi> "Field Agent Lisabet Aina Tande, Mobile Task Force Psi-7, headquartered at Site 19 from 1955. If you're Foundation you should know the shit we deal with can do weirdness like this."
Feb 28 16:53:46 <Nemi> Lis doesn't struggle.
Feb 28 16:53:56 <padruns> Matt will notice that this team seems to be very efficient.
Feb 28 16:54:00 <Sirgoldfish> Dan tries to keep a calm smile.
Feb 28 16:54:07 <gumbal1> "Out of curiosity, is Bowe still in charge?"
Feb 28 16:54:12 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (Ungentlemanly Warfare) Slip dem cuffs, sneaky-like
Feb 28 16:54:12 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ungentlemanly Warfare) Slip dem cuffs, sneaky-like: 7 (4df+5=+, +, -, +)
Feb 28 16:54:25 <ihp> "Psi-7's been gone for the past decade, lady." Also, Matt, it's only been 21 years.
Feb 28 16:54:28 <lurkd> Ivan let's himself be cuffed. "Doctor Ivan Zakharov, Foundation ID 22324. I have a file, look it up."
Feb 28 16:54:41 <ShotgunFiend> Efficient? Fine. Organized? Okay. Friendly to other team mates? Still nope.
Feb 28 16:54:50 <Nemi> "I know. We're from twenty years ago." She says, insistent.
Feb 28 16:55:13 <ihp> An agent beats Kevin over the back of the head with a baton for trying to slip out of the cuffs. "Don't try anything. We have a shoot-to-kill policy."
Feb 28 16:55:24 <ShotgunFiend> Right, 21, my bad.
Feb 28 16:55:32 <TeslaTornado> Kevin sucks it up and takes it like a champ, despite the headache.
Feb 28 16:55:33 <lurkd> "Agent Winsthrop… comply."
Feb 28 16:55:36 <Sirgoldfish> ~Oh, that is lovely~
Feb 28 16:55:52 <TeslaTornado> He stops trying to undo his cuffs.
Feb 28 16:55:52 <Nemi> The cut of Lis' coat and the rest of her outfit certainly would back up her story.. She tries not to wince as Kevin gets smek'd.
Feb 28 16:56:26 <ihp> "Bullshit. What, were you put in cryo sleep or something? If so, why did they dump you in apocalypseville, /agent/?
Feb 28 16:56:30 <ihp> *"
Feb 28 16:56:30 * Wogglebug (ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW#ainavlyselggoW.ellivselggoW.grebelggoW|gubelggoW) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 16:56:30 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Wogglebug
Feb 28 16:56:43 <lurkd> "General Bowe… what is his status?"
Feb 28 16:56:46 <ihp> The sniper grins at Lisabet and shoves her, and the rest of the task force, into the APC.
Feb 28 16:56:51 <padruns> No one listens to you, Ivan.
Feb 28 16:56:57 <padruns> You get shoved into the back of the van.
Feb 28 16:57:01 <TeslaTornado> Kevin squints. Despite the headache, he can still smell bullshit. "Do not touch Agent Tande."
Feb 28 16:57:05 <lurkd> Ivan sits in his seat.
Feb 28 16:57:16 <Nemi> "Fuck if I know, agent." She stumbles when shoved and falls awkwardly.
Feb 28 16:57:19 <ShotgunFiend> Matt just stays quiet.
Feb 28 16:57:33 <Nemi> She shortly picks herself up, looking sullen.
Feb 28 16:57:37 <padruns> Everyone is locked in and the van starts moving.
Feb 28 16:57:40 <gumbal1> "Kevin, try not to forget that we're being taken away from the zombies. They can change their minds at any minute."
Feb 28 16:58:08 <Sirgoldfish> "Yeah, but we are still cuffed."
Feb 28 16:58:16 <lurkd> "We are going to be interrogated most likely."
Feb 28 16:58:26 <gumbal1> "Cuffed and safe from zombies."
Feb 28 16:58:39 <Nemi> She gives Kevin a weak smile. "Thanks." Hey, it's something.
Feb 28 16:58:42 <TeslaTornado> "Most likely."
Feb 28 16:58:45 <Sirgoldfish> " Cuffed and prisoners."
Feb 28 16:58:53 <padruns> You have no idea where you're going.
Feb 28 16:58:59 <padruns> No windows, nothing.
Feb 28 16:59:03 <gumbal1> "And still safe from zombies."
Feb 28 16:59:05 <TeslaTornado> "Shut up, Pinkerton." Kevin sits and meditates.
Feb 28 16:59:10 <padruns> But it doesn't take too terribly long to get there.
Feb 28 16:59:22 <lurkd> Ivan is patient.
Feb 28 16:59:35 <ShotgunFiend> Matt does. They're in a vehicle. He memorizes the number and directions of turns.
Feb 28 16:59:46 <ShotgunFiend> In case he ever needs to know.
Feb 28 16:59:47 <Sirgoldfish> "I don't care what your fucking beef is with me, and I don't care, Kevin."
Feb 28 17:00:06 <Sirgoldfish> "Keep it in the locker room, dumbass."
Feb 28 17:00:06 <padruns> The vehicle stops.
Feb 28 17:00:23 <Nemi> "Shush," Lis says, not really looking at anything in particular.
Feb 28 17:00:26 <gumbal1> Dan, monsieur Winsthrop, can you shut it already?"
Feb 28 17:00:28 <padruns> It moves again, then stops.
Feb 28 17:00:37 <padruns> The engines shut off.
Feb 28 17:00:37 <ShotgunFiend> ~A checkpoint…~
Feb 28 17:00:51 <TeslaTornado> Kevin opens his mouth to retort, then stops.
Feb 28 17:00:51 <padruns> The doors are opened.
Feb 28 17:01:04 <TeslaTornado> He waits until the guards order him to stand before he stands.
Feb 28 17:01:19 <padruns> There are guards pointing crossbows into the vehicle.
Feb 28 17:01:44 <gumbal1> "Permission to stand."
Feb 28 17:02:07 <lurkd> Ivan cocks an eyebrow at them.
Feb 28 17:02:17 <Nemi> Lis half-closes her eyes, then peers out at them. Inwardly, she wonders why almost all the runs she goes on seem to proceed as if they had their own fate, regardless of what the team attempted to do. Perhaps there's something to be said for that old Protestant belief of predestination.
Feb 28 17:02:26 <TeslaTornado> Kevin keeps up his neutral expression.
Feb 28 17:02:33 <padruns> Outside the van, it's essentially a garage. There are crates and guards on high alert.
Feb 28 17:02:35 <ShotgunFiend> Matt just stays flat-faced. He looks across the faces of the guards.
Feb 28 17:02:41 <TeslaTornado> Fuck fate, fuck predisposition, and especially fuck Daniel Goddamn Pinkerton.
Feb 28 17:02:57 <TeslaTornado> This is going to be a /long/ mission report.
Feb 28 17:03:11 <Sirgoldfish> Dan shows a smile.
Feb 28 17:03:19 <padruns> there's a dood standing in front of the door that ihp's gunna drive.
Feb 28 17:03:31 <ihp> The sniper from before steps forward. "You'll be taken to lock-up before the commander meets with you." He aims the crossbow at you, and guards escort you out, taking your guys.
Feb 28 17:03:32 <Nemi> Lis half-smiles, mostly at Kevin.
Feb 28 17:03:32 <lurkd> *sigh*
Feb 28 17:03:38 <ihp> guns*
Feb 28 17:03:52 <TeslaTornado> Kevin lets his gun be taken. His knife as well.
Feb 28 17:03:59 <lurkd> *sigh* "…Bowe…"
Feb 28 17:04:03 <lurkd> >.<
Feb 28 17:04:07 <padruns> You are taken in somewhere through big doors. It looks like a big store.
Feb 28 17:04:10 <ShotgunFiend> Matt damn near lashes out at the person who tries to take his gun, but restrains himself. He sighs inwardly.
Feb 28 17:04:13 <ihp> "…buddy, if you're from 1955, you should know what fucking happened to Bowe."
Feb 28 17:04:14 <Nemi> "Right." If the guards search her, they'll find a few odd objects. An archaic crank flashlight, some strange electrical device that looks vaguely like a tube-shaped light with a handle, and the Hi-Power.
Feb 28 17:04:20 <gumbal1> "If Bowe is responsible I will strangle the bastard myself."
Feb 28 17:04:23 <padruns> "Shut up," a guard says.
Feb 28 17:04:36 <Nemi> "Where we're from, Bowe just became site lead," She says.
Feb 28 17:04:37 <padruns> He prods Danielle with the crossbow.
Feb 28 17:04:45 <padruns> No one's listening.
Feb 28 17:04:54 <ShotgunFiend> "Guys. Sh."
Feb 28 17:04:55 <TeslaTornado> "Not necessarily Bowe." Kevin speaks quietly. "This is likely the remnants of an MTF deployed to contain the plague; their commander would most likely be whomever was directly responsible for leading the task force."
Feb 28 17:04:59 <padruns> The shelves of the store are empty.
Feb 28 17:05:06 <lurkd> Ivan saunters forward trying to maintain posture.
Feb 28 17:05:16 <padruns> You can see the front door as you are led off to wherever,
Feb 28 17:05:20 <Nemi> Lis murmurs to Kevin, "I'm starting to think this is a timeline where Bowe is assassinated."
Feb 28 17:05:30 <ShotgunFiend> Matt mentally facepalms
Feb 28 17:05:32 <padruns> And you notice that all of the shelves are turned to face the door instead of to be walk-downable.
Feb 28 17:05:43 <lurkd> "By us, I am hoping."
Feb 28 17:05:55 <TeslaTornado> "Most likely not."
Feb 28 17:06:03 <padruns> You are taken to a room off on a side.
Feb 28 17:06:11 <ihp> The group is led to an area marked 24-Hour Photo. A makeshift brig has been set up here. "Shut the fuck up about Bowe! Nobody gives a shit!" The guards throw you all in the brig and handcuff you to various things. "I'm gonna fetch the commander. I'll need your names for the record, bandits… or should I say, D-Class."
Feb 28 17:06:35 <gumbal1> "What's a D-Class?"
Feb 28 17:06:43 <ShotgunFiend> ~D class…?~
Feb 28 17:06:47 <Sirgoldfish> "D-class?"
Feb 28 17:06:51 <padruns> A minion pulls down a metal grate, locking you in.
Feb 28 17:07:02 <Nemi> "Field Agent Lisabet Aina Tande, MTF Psi-7, Site 19, one six nine zero zero six one seven," she recites, almost automatically.
Feb 28 17:07:16 <ShotgunFiend> Matt sides cross-legged near the gate.
Feb 28 17:07:19 <ihp> "You'll find out." He looks at the Foundation badge he took from Ivan and frowns. "…huh. How about that?"
Feb 28 17:07:24 <TeslaTornado> "Kevin Winsthrop, Mobile Task Force Psi-7, former Special Operations Executive, S-Section. ID number four-zed-one-niner-three."
Feb 28 17:08:16 <lurkd> "What."
Feb 28 17:08:26 <lurkd> Ivan sports a glare at the man.
Feb 28 17:08:30 <Nemi> [ I need to afk shortly, back in like 20 ]
Feb 28 17:09:04 <Sirgoldfish> "I am Daniel Pinkerton, Mobile Task Force Psi-7, negotiator. ~And amazing lover~ "I don't have a cereal number ."
Feb 28 17:09:21 <Sirgoldfish> "Or at least I don't remember it."
Feb 28 17:09:36 <ihp> "…nothing. But I think the commander would like to have a talk with you especially, 'doctor'." The guard laughs, and walks off, leaving you to your onw devices, save for the other guard looking in with a crossbow. He's wearing black chain mail, has an axe at his side, and his wielding the crossbow.
Feb 28 17:09:56 <ShotgunFiend> Matt stares at the opposite wall blankly.
Feb 28 17:10:15 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at the guard. "What's going on out there, exactly? When did this start?"
Feb 28 17:10:19 <ShotgunFiend> His fingers slowly curl and uncurl behind him.
Feb 28 17:10:40 <ihp> "So… time travel?" Asks the guard. "I've heard some weird shit, but time travel? You mean you don't know about the '61 insurgency?"
Feb 28 17:10:46 <Sirgoldfish> Dan whispers to himself. "Where'd you get the get up? The renaissance fair."
Feb 28 17:10:55 <lurkd> "No we don't."
Feb 28 17:10:58 <TeslaTornado> "No idea."
Feb 28 17:11:01 <lurkd> "1955."
Feb 28 17:11:17 <lurkd> ~I wonder where Katie is…~
Feb 28 17:11:31 <ihp> "…the 'get-up' is standard Foundation issue for fighting Eights." He looks at Ivan. "Then you don't know about Jericho, either? Or Chao? Or Gabriel?"
Feb 28 17:11:44 <TeslaTornado> "No idea."
Feb 28 17:11:52 <Sirgoldfish> "No idea."
Feb 28 17:12:12 <ShotgunFiend> Matt silently processes this information, not giving any indication that he even heard it.
Feb 28 17:12:18 <lurkd> "No-" *COUGHING* *wheeze*
Feb 28 17:12:28 <Sirgoldfish> "So, what is up with all the medieval weapons?"
Feb 28 17:12:33 <ihp> "…okay then. Either you are all idiots, got dosed with so many Class-A's that you forgot the last two decades, or… you're all idiots."
Feb 28 17:12:41 <Sirgoldfish> "Are the zombies a threat to you here?"
Feb 28 17:12:44 <TeslaTornado> Kevin grimaces. "Pardon the good doctor. He has lung cancer and has yet to get over his pride and have it removed."
Feb 28 17:13:03 <ihp> "…they're silent, jackass." He glares at Dan. "Gunshots attract eights. So, we fight them silently. Bows, crossbows, axes have good penetrating power. The armor protects against bites."
Feb 28 17:13:12 <lurkd> Ivan braces himself on a wall and covers his mouth with a handkerchief.
Feb 28 17:13:19 <padruns> A woman walks down the aisle toward the 24-hour photo with sniper man in tow. She is tall, her nearly black hair pulled back in a tight braid. She wears the chain-mail, but she also wears to medals of honor on her left breast. You can see that she's talking to sniperdood, but you can't hear her.
Feb 28 17:13:26 <Sirgoldfish> "That makes sense."
Feb 28 17:13:48 <gumbal1> "Can't you check the records?"
Feb 28 17:13:48 <lurkd> Ivan gulps more cough syrup.
Feb 28 17:13:51 <lurkd> *ahem*
Feb 28 17:13:52 <TeslaTornado> "Wouldn't leather be a more practical use though? If properly tanned it offers just as much bite resistance, and it's easier to obtain."
Feb 28 17:13:55 <padruns> She notices the guard talking to y'all. "Cromwell! We do not talk with the detainees!" she calls out.
Feb 28 17:14:00 <gumbal1> "See if it matches our story?"
Feb 28 17:14:03 <padruns> If you've ever heard a commanding voice, hers is it.
Feb 28 17:14:15 <lurkd> *wheeze*
Feb 28 17:14:22 <ihp> "What doesn't make sense is why you had fucking /guns/ in Ohio." Cromwell stands at attention, and salutes the commander. "Madam! I was simply interrogating them!"
Feb 28 17:14:51 <Sirgoldfish> "We are from the past. Why would we know?"
Feb 28 17:15:14 <padruns> "/You/ do not interrogate, Cromwell. I will not have this discussion again." She turns back to sniper dood. Quieter: "From the past? And they thought that story would hold?"
Feb 28 17:15:14 <TeslaTornado> "Because we were displaced from 1955."
Feb 28 17:15:16 <lurkd> Ivan staggers to his feet to look at the commander.
Feb 28 17:15:26 <gumbal1> "You're the Foundation. Is it really so odd to think that maybe we weren't sent forward in time?"
Feb 28 17:15:32 <lurkd> *ahem*
Feb 28 17:15:34 <padruns> ivan, perception.
Feb 28 17:15:34 <gumbal1> *we were
Feb 28 17:15:42 <padruns> She's not looking at y'all yet.
Feb 28 17:15:47 <Sirgoldfish> "Or maybe this is not our earth."
Feb 28 17:15:53 <lurkd> 4df+5
Feb 28 17:15:54 <Glacon> lurkd: 6 (4df+5=+, +, 0, -)
Feb 28 17:15:58 <ihp> "Apparently, madam. Here's the badge I got from one of them." He hands Ivan's badge to the commander.
Feb 28 17:16:00 <Sirgoldfish> "This is a different timeline."
Feb 28 17:16:40 <padruns> You see AEM or maybe KFN on her sleeve under the maille.
Feb 28 17:16:46 <padruns> "And they had guns?"
Feb 28 17:16:48 <gumbal1> "What if I mentioned the spybugs? The train? How they let a girl name Katie on the site?"
Feb 28 17:17:05 <padruns> She turns to look at the lot of you, glaring.
Feb 28 17:17:14 <lurkd> Ivan looks back.
Feb 28 17:17:31 <ShotgunFiend> Matt pays her no mind. He's still staring at the opposite wall of the cell.
Feb 28 17:17:34 <ihp> "They did. Some jackasses tried to run for the courthouse, where Chao is."
Feb 28 17:17:49 <TeslaTornado> "The worst decision anyone ever made, in my honest opinion." Kevin says, very quietly.
Feb 28 17:18:21 <ShotgunFiend> ~Chao… I almost stumbled on something important, and missed it…~ Matt's expression stays blank.
Feb 28 17:18:28 <Sirgoldfish> "Some things that happened to us may not have happened for them, Danielle "
Feb 28 17:19:05 <padruns> She narrows her eyes at the lot of you, stepping forward. The look on her face is like someone looking at the gorillas.
Feb 28 17:19:21 <TeslaTornado> He looks up at the commander with a disdainful face.
Feb 28 17:19:27 <ihp> The sniper steps back. ~Commander's on a rampage…~
Feb 28 17:19:47 <padruns> "You said you took their names? They wouldn't have happened to say… Let me see …"
Feb 28 17:20:18 <lurkd> Ivan looks at her quizzically.
Feb 28 17:20:22 <Sirgoldfish> Dan gives a confident smile to the lady.
Feb 28 17:20:28 <gumbal1> Danielle glares.
Feb 28 17:20:32 <padruns> "Matthew, Lisbeth, Danielle, Daniel, Kevin, Ivan." She says it like she already knows.
Feb 28 17:20:41 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at her like she's shit on his boot.
Feb 28 17:20:45 <ihp> "…somethin' like that, yeah. How'd you know?"
Feb 28 17:20:48 <gumbal1> "Yes, that's right."
Feb 28 17:20:52 <lurkd> "And who are you."
Feb 28 17:20:59 <gumbal1> "Now tell me what you want with us."
Feb 28 17:21:04 <lurkd> *?
Feb 28 17:21:13 * Atcero (ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 17:22:15 <padruns> She grins at the lot of you. "I've been searching for you for /years./" She turns on the Cromwell man. "Go fetch six crossbows and ammunition. And open this grate."
Feb 28 17:22:30 <TeslaTornado> "About damn time."
Feb 28 17:22:34 <lurkd> "……."
Feb 28 17:22:39 <ShotgunFiend> Matt finally turns his gaze from the wall. He stands up.
Feb 28 17:22:40 <gumbal1> "…?"
Feb 28 17:22:41 <TeslaTornado> 4df+5 (Ungentlemanly) Slip those cuffs again.
Feb 28 17:22:41 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ungentlemanly) Slip those cuffs again.: 2 (4df+5=-, -, 0, -)
Feb 28 17:22:46 <lurkd> "What is your name?"
Feb 28 17:23:00 <ihp> "S-should I get some armor too, Commander Moodie?"
Feb 28 17:23:03 * ZombieRaptor has quit (Quit: ZombieRaptor)
Feb 28 17:23:16 <gumbal1> Danielle blinks
Feb 28 17:23:18 <TeslaTornado> Kevin stops mid-motion, giving up on breaking the cuffs.
Feb 28 17:23:19 <padruns> "I thought that was implied."
Feb 28 17:23:20 <lurkd> "…………………………………………………Miss Katie?"
Feb 28 17:23:30 <lurkd> Ivan blinks.
Feb 28 17:23:37 <padruns> She turns to you. "Ivan, it's been /years./ Where have you been?"
Feb 28 17:23:37 <ShotgunFiend> Matt looks at the Commander.
Feb 28 17:23:51 <TeslaTornado> "… You have /got/ to be kidding me. This is a joke, a prank, a farce. I've finally died, the wards wore off and I've died. This is what Hell looks like."
Feb 28 17:24:16 <lurkd> "I was temporally displaced….." He looks around. "….you seem to be doing extremely well, considering."
Feb 28 17:24:27 <TeslaTornado> And then, wonder of wonders, he starts to laugh. Absolutely maniacally.
Feb 28 17:24:28 <Sirgoldfish> Dan whispers to Ivan. "This is not our Katie."
Feb 28 17:24:28 <padruns> "Kevin." She opens the grate herself. "Here, let me see. I'll take the cuffs off."
Feb 28 17:24:37 <ihp> Cromwell has skittered off to get armor and weapons for everyone.
Feb 28 17:25:22 <padruns> She pulls out a set of keys and begins removing cuffs. She turns to sniper dood. Srs!Katie again. "Well? Are you going to stand there, or are you going to make yourself useful?"
Feb 28 17:25:58 <lurkd> "You give orders like your mother."
Feb 28 17:25:59 <TeslaTornado> Kevin, who is still not entirely convinced this isn't the last throes of fantasy as his synapses wink out one by one, shakes his wrists free of the cuffs. "I'll need a weapon."
Feb 28 17:26:01 <ShotgunFiend> Matt rubs his wrists once the cuffs are removed.
Feb 28 17:26:17 <ihp> Cromwell returns with six sets of armor and crossbows, plus plenty of Ammo.
Feb 28 17:26:42 <ShotgunFiend> Matt takes his share and arms and armors himself.
Feb 28 17:26:44 <gumbal1> Danielel blinks again. "…I can't kill things. you should know this by now."
Feb 28 17:27:04 <padruns> When she takes off Ivan's cuffs, she stops to hug him. "I checked. Every year." She pulls a necklace out of her shirt. It has a vial attached. "I'm almost out."
Feb 28 17:27:56 <ihp> Lucky for you, Danielle! The crossbows give +4 to ranged (up to +8), and the armor gives a +4 to pdef against the eights, as they're called.
Feb 28 17:27:56 <TeslaTornado> Kevin dons the chainmail and loads a bolt.
Feb 28 17:28:00 <lurkd> Ivan touches the vial. "It would have worked if I were dead… but I'm not." He awkwardly hugs back.
Feb 28 17:28:24 <ihp> Kevin, the radio suddenly crackles back to life. "Are you at the camp yet?" It's X again.
Feb 28 17:28:29 <lurkd> "I'm…. very glad to see you…"
Feb 28 17:28:40 <ShotgunFiend> (Matt doesn't get that bonus, does he? His ranged would be higher than 8.)
Feb 28 17:28:41 <lurkd> Ivan tries not to get wrapped up in a moment
Feb 28 17:28:41 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is still laughing. "Yes, X, we're at the camp…"
Feb 28 17:28:48 <Sirgoldfish> "Yes we are X." He says
Feb 28 17:28:52 <padruns> Kathleen stares at Kevin's radio. "What is that?"
Feb 28 17:28:54 <Sirgoldfish> Dan whispers this.
Feb 28 17:28:58 <padruns> redact
Feb 28 17:29:27 <TeslaTornado> "An entity trapped within a radio, or communicating through a radio, at 6212.5 megahertz. Told us to bring it here."
Feb 28 17:29:28 <Nemi> [ Here I am, sorry ]
Feb 28 17:29:33 <TeslaTornado> "Calls itself X."
Feb 28 17:29:40 <Nemi> Lis has spent the last few minutes just staring blankly at Katie. Or Kathleen, or whoever she is.
Feb 28 17:29:46 <padruns> "Damn you, X. /You/ did this?"
Feb 28 17:29:54 <lurkd> Ivan dehugs.
Feb 28 17:30:05 <padruns> She squeezes Lis' hand in a friendly manner.
Feb 28 17:30:05 <lurkd> He grabs a crossbow and ammo.
Feb 28 17:30:24 <Sirgoldfish> "What do you want us to do X?"
Feb 28 17:30:30 <Nemi> She.. weakly squeezes back. "It's, er, nice to see you."
Feb 28 17:30:44 <ihp> "I am not in the radio, I'm simply communicating from you from out of spacetime, Mr. Winsthrop." The radio overhears Kathleen, "Indeed I did. They were in the area, and we need to develop a vaccine for SCP-008. 20 years will be enough time, won't it, Miss Moodie?"
Feb 28 17:30:44 <padruns> Small smile, but Katie's returning to Commander mode.
Feb 28 17:31:27 <lurkd> "Yes, what is this virus?"
Feb 28 17:31:30 <padruns> "It had better be. But after that stunt you pulled, Psi-7, we've got to act fast. Follow me to my office and I'll fill you in on what's going down."
Feb 28 17:31:32 <Sirgoldfish> ~I know where this is going.~
Feb 28 17:31:39 <Nemi> "I -thought- this was some kind of alternate timeline thing." Lis sighs, then gives Kathleen a weak smile. She nods and hefts the crossbow.
Feb 28 17:31:44 <ShotgunFiend> Matt steps outside the cell and begins background conversing with one of the guards.
Feb 28 17:31:51 <gumbal1> Danielle follows.
Feb 28 17:31:56 <TeslaTornado> Kevin shakes his head, still trapped in the throes of disbelief. He follows Kathleen to her office.
Feb 28 17:31:58 <Sirgoldfish> "Who is the immune person X?"
Feb 28 17:32:02 <TeslaTornado> ~This is a fucking nightmare.~
Feb 28 17:32:16 <Nemi> Lis zoops along after the others! She whispers to the others, "I guess we were missing in this timeline?"
Feb 28 17:32:20 <ShotgunFiend> When the tea moves, so does he.
Feb 28 17:32:20 <lurkd> Ivan follows.
Feb 28 17:32:51 <padruns> Kathleen marches off back through the aisles towards the back of the store. "Everyone hush and listen. We don't have time for 20 questions. We need to get Chao, and the lot of you just let her know we're on our way."
Feb 28 17:32:52 <ShotgunFiend> team*
Feb 28 17:33:07 <Nemi> Lis swallows and shuts up, nodding. Business.
Feb 28 17:33:16 <ShotgunFiend> "Chao. She was, or is, in the courthouse?"
Feb 28 17:33:29 <lurkd> "I see."
Feb 28 17:33:32 <TeslaTornado> "We don't know how to contact Chao; we don't even know who Chao is, aside from something in the courthouse."
Feb 28 17:33:34 <padruns> "Exactly," she says, holding open a door that says 'Employees Only.'
Feb 28 17:33:50 <ihp> "Indeed," says X. "Your bumbling has alerted her to our presence. She's still in the courthouse at this time, but she'll be leaving soon."
Feb 28 17:33:57 <ShotgunFiend> "I nearly stumbled upon her before we were… Brought here, then."
Feb 28 17:34:05 <ShotgunFiend> "The courthouse is flooded with eights."
Feb 28 17:34:11 <Nemi> "Who and what is Chao?"
Feb 28 17:34:12 <padruns> "We /have/ to get her before she leaves. We don't have enough time to find her again."
Feb 28 17:34:27 <padruns> "Come in, make yourself comfortable. I have couches."
Feb 28 17:34:44 <Nemi> Lis enters, peering about the room proper. She takes a breath.
Feb 28 17:35:07 <padruns> It's a break room. There are couches and a desk with papers and everything a commander of an important site could need.
Feb 28 17:35:11 <TeslaTornado> Kevin refuses to sit, as always, standing by the door.
Feb 28 17:35:12 <ShotgunFiend> Matt walks in. He opts to not sit down.
Feb 28 17:35:17 <Sirgoldfish> "I am going to take a wild guess, and say Chao is the secret to getting back to our time line."
Feb 28 17:35:28 <Nemi> Still stiff from the brig time, Lis also opts to remain standing. Really, she's stiff in general.
Feb 28 17:35:37 <gumbal1> Danielle sits down.
Feb 28 17:35:42 <ShotgunFiend> (If you know what she means)
Feb 28 17:35:43 <padruns> "No, that would be X. But no one knows how that head of his works, so you're with me."
Feb 28 17:35:47 <Sirgoldfish> "Or at least the secret to helping these people."
Feb 28 17:35:49 <ihp> "For once, Pinkerton uses his head." X's voice is still coming through the radio. "Retrieve her, and I will take those who are remaining back to 1955."
Feb 28 17:36:19 <padruns> "Chao, however, is the secret to this whole virus mess. Unless we get her, the whole world dies."
Feb 28 17:36:20 <Sirgoldfish> Dan is not that stupid.
Feb 28 17:36:21 <lurkd> Ivan sits.
Feb 28 17:36:22 <ShotgunFiend> ~Those who are remaining. That doesn't bode well.~
Feb 28 17:36:25 <Nemi> "Right then," Lis regards the radio. She stretches a bit and cricks her neck, turning again to Kati.. Kathleen.
Feb 28 17:36:28 <Sirgoldfish> He uses his head.
Feb 28 17:36:42 <Sirgoldfish> He is not the book smart type.
Feb 28 17:37:22 <padruns> "She's the immune X told you about. Also the one that caused this whole mess. The plan is to take our whole force in to find her and get her out. You are all competent agents; you'll be directly under me."
Feb 28 17:37:46 <Nemi> "Got it. X indicated she didn't need to be intact."
Feb 28 17:38:01 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks at the radio. "Is X coming with us?"
Feb 28 17:38:03 <lurkd> "Sever a limb."
Feb 28 17:38:05 <padruns> "She does not. We just need a viable sample of her DNA."
Feb 28 17:38:12 <gumbal1> "By the way, did Bowe ever try anything funny after we dissappeared?"
Feb 28 17:38:14 <Nemi> "What counts as viable for our purposes?"
Feb 28 17:38:15 <lurkd> "That will be sufficient."
Feb 28 17:38:18 <padruns> "X doesn't come anywhere. The bastard is useless."
Feb 28 17:39:10 <lurkd> "If I can procure a tissue sample… that will be viable."
Feb 28 17:39:12 <TeslaTornado> "He got us to this miserable hell of a place. As long as he can get us out of here, I'm fine."
Feb 28 17:39:14 <padruns> She turns to danielle. "… I can't tell you anything you don't need to know. It's highly against protocol. Besides, anything I could tell you wouldn't necessarily be true when you got back. In this timeline, the six of you went missing 20 years ago and haven't shown up since."
Feb 28 17:39:49 <Nemi> "Beeecause we got sent to find a missing agent in Gayvale. Right."
Feb 28 17:39:52 <Nemi> She got the name wrong.
Feb 28 17:40:05 <lurkd> 'We don't need to know. We complete this mission and the timeline returns to normalcy."
Feb 28 17:40:16 <padruns> Kathleen takes a seat. "We have a few minutes before everyone's ready. Now that we've got the important stuff out of the way, I can field questions."
Feb 28 17:40:26 <gumbal1> "Thanks for being so helpful." She grimaces.
Feb 28 17:40:31 <padruns> "You can ask anything you'd like. I'll answer what I can."
Feb 28 17:40:35 <ShotgunFiend> "Please, feel free to ask."
Feb 28 17:40:38 <TeslaTornado> "How the fuck did you get to be a commanding officer?" Kevin blurts without thinking.
Feb 28 17:40:51 <lurkd> "Where is your mother?"
Feb 28 17:40:55 <TeslaTornado> He's descended into Wiltshire Accent Mode.
Feb 28 17:40:58 <Nemi> Lis rubs at her face, briefly.
Feb 28 17:41:12 <Sirgoldfish> Dan hits Kev in the back. "Fuck off, kids are not kids forever."
Feb 28 17:41:19 <TeslaTornado> So it comes out more like "'ow th' fock'd ye get t' be a c'mandin' officer?"
Feb 28 17:41:39 <padruns> Kathleen laughs. "I was raised in the Foundation. I've had quite a few years to learn a trick or two."
Feb 28 17:41:51 <Nemi> She rests the crossbow across her chest. It's tooooo big. "What happened? Aggressive hegemonizing agent got loose, right, but how?"
Feb 28 17:42:03 <Sirgoldfish> "You should probably use your tiny head Kevin."
Feb 28 17:42:13 <Sirgoldfish> "Wait, then it might burst."
Feb 28 17:42:18 <padruns> She turns to Ivan. "Mother?" Her hand goes up to one of the stars. "She passed. Years ago."
Feb 28 17:42:35 <padruns> "She …" Kathleen shakes it off.
Feb 28 17:42:41 <TeslaTornado> 4df+9 (Melee+Ungentlemanly) EXTREME HEADBUTT
Feb 28 17:42:41 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Melee+Ungentlemanly) EXTREME HEADBUTT: 9 (4df+9=-, 0, +, 0)
Feb 28 17:43:03 <lurkd> "Unfortunate… you know she entrusted me with your custod- well… I wasn't there."
Feb 28 17:43:09 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+9 Urban subterfuge| TRip
Feb 28 17:43:09 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: Urban subterfuge| TRip: 10 (4df+9=+, 0, 0, 0)
Feb 28 17:43:14 <lurkd> ~Why do I feel guilty?~
Feb 28 17:43:43 <padruns> "Ivan?"
Feb 28 17:43:57 <lurkd> "Yes."
Feb 28 17:43:59 <Sirgoldfish> Dan tries to trip Kevin as he see the head butt.
Feb 28 17:44:17 <ShotgunFiend> Matt sighs. Hard.
Feb 28 17:44:29 <Nemi> Lis pointedly ignores the infighting.
Feb 28 17:44:43 <ShotgunFiend> He's fed up to hell and back with, yes, the infighting.
Feb 28 17:44:43 <padruns> "I never got a chance to tell you you were like a father to me. I've regretted that every year you've been gone."
Feb 28 17:45:20 <Nemi> Lis rubs her neck awkwardly. She barely knew Katie.
Feb 28 17:45:45 <ihp> There's a knock on the door of the Employee's Only office.
Feb 28 17:45:53 <Nemi> Lis turns toward the door.
Feb 28 17:45:57 <lurkd> "That means a lot. I'm still trying to fight this illness for you…" *COUGH* "…unsuccessfully."
Feb 28 17:46:22 <TeslaTornado> 4df+9 PDef to avoid tripping
Feb 28 17:46:23 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: PDef to avoid tripping: 9 (4df+9=+, 0, -, 0)
Feb 28 17:46:31 <padruns> Kathleen looks disturbed by the cough, bet she doesn't say anything. She turns. "Come in?"
Feb 28 17:46:37 <padruns> *Come in.
Feb 28 17:46:39 <lurkd> Ivan looks sickly as ever now that he's been on his feet longer than he should have been.
Feb 28 17:46:41 <gumbal1> "Zakharov, would you just consult those damn orbs for help already?"
Feb 28 17:46:42 <padruns> Commanding voice.
Feb 28 17:46:49 <TeslaTornado> Kevin staggers as he is tripped. His face glances off Dan's nose.
Feb 28 17:46:59 <lurkd> "I have… they put me on a waiting list."
Feb 28 17:47:01 <ihp> Cromwell enters, saluting Kathleen. "Madam, we're ready."
Feb 28 17:47:20 <Sirgoldfish> Not before Dan gets hit a little in the face.
Feb 28 17:47:21 <Nemi> "Stop it you two," Lis says, to Kevin and Dan. She sounds actually rather commanding, for once, not her usual mild and playful self.
Feb 28 17:47:27 <Sirgoldfish> "Fucking asshole."
Feb 28 17:47:31 <Sirgoldfish> "Really?"
Feb 28 17:47:36 <padruns> She nods. "Go time. Winsthrop, Pinkerton, stop acting like children."
Feb 28 17:47:47 <Nemi> "Go beat the stuffing out of each other when we get BACK. Not in the FIELD."
Feb 28 17:47:53 <padruns> She stands. She's scary commander Kathleen again, old friend Kathleen gone.
Feb 28 17:47:55 <lurkd> Ivan shakily stands and straightens out.
Feb 28 17:48:00 <Sirgoldfish> Dan hurts less then Kev, but he is acting more like a bitch.
Feb 28 17:48:05 <Sirgoldfish> *than
Feb 28 17:48:15 <lurkd> ~I need to rest more… no time.~
Feb 28 17:48:21 <Nemi> A subtle arc crackles off Lis, like punctuation.
Feb 28 17:48:54 <Nemi> "Right," she says, turning back to Kathleen. She takes a breath. "Ready on you."
Feb 28 17:49:00 <TeslaTornado> Kevin regains his balance in a split second.
Feb 28 17:49:07 <Sirgoldfish> "Look Kevin, lets deal with the task at hand."
Feb 28 17:49:08 <Nemi> Beat. "What are Chao's capabilities? What are we running into there?"
Feb 28 17:49:26 <Nemi> Lis snaps her head toward Dan and Kevin. "Shut up. No talking unless it's tactically important."
Feb 28 17:49:33 <Nemi> And back to Kathleen.
Feb 28 17:49:55 <TeslaTornado> Kevin says nothing.
Feb 28 17:50:08 <TeslaTornado> Discretion, valor, don't feed the trolls, e&, e&…
Feb 28 17:50:21 <padruns> PAWS
Feb 28 17:50:24 <Nemi> For one so tiny Lis can be a little intense.
Feb 28 17:50:24 <padruns> while i talk with ihp
Feb 28 17:50:26 * Nemi pauses.
Feb 28 17:51:39 <gumbal1> POST
Feb 28 17:51:55 <padruns> i will say when unpaws
Feb 28 17:51:58 <padruns> not yet
Feb 28 17:51:59 <padruns> :|
Feb 28 17:52:58 <padruns> Kathleen nods. She has great respect for Lis. Lis would make a suitible second. She explains as she leads them out of the office towards the vans. "Chao has infected herself with the virus. This makes her immune to their attacks, so she surrounds herself with them. As well as elite guards. Chao herself is just a scientist, so I don't expect much fight out of her. She is to be treated like a zed."
Feb 28 17:53:01 <padruns> unpaws
Feb 28 17:53:27 <lurkd> "Understood."
Feb 28 17:53:28 <Nemi> "Elite guards? What are their capabilities?"
Feb 28 17:53:34 <gumbal1> "So, shoot out her kneecaps?"
Feb 28 17:53:34 <lurkd> Ivan walks forward.
Feb 28 17:53:50 <lurkd> "Or to kill. We only need a tissue sample."
Feb 28 17:54:09 <Nemi> "Negative. If Chao is so capable at manipulating the disease to her ends, she needs to be terminated. We can't have her contaminating our timeline."
Feb 28 17:54:19 <Nemi> Lis has her SERIOUS FACE on. >:|
Feb 28 17:54:24 <lurkd> "And we won't."
Feb 28 17:54:26 <padruns> "They're elite guards. She only kept the best of the best." There are agents all around, bustling into vehicles.
Feb 28 17:54:28 * Atcero (ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM) has left #homeimprovement
Feb 28 17:54:31 <TeslaTornado> "And how about numbers? Aside from her personal guard, how much resistance should we expect to face?"
Feb 28 17:54:32 <ShotgunFiend> Matt stays quiet, listening, observing.
Feb 28 17:54:40 <Nemi> "Foundation troops? Other? Human, zed, armed?"
Feb 28 17:54:59 <lurkd> Ivan turns to Katie. "I apologize I have to leave again."
Feb 28 17:55:21 <Sirgoldfish> "Ivan, I am sure you two will meet again."
Feb 28 17:55:26 <padruns> "Hoards of zed. A squad of elite guards. But they'll both be seperate."
Feb 28 17:55:57 <Sirgoldfish> "Perhaps we can use them against each other."
Feb 28 17:55:59 <padruns> She turns to Ivan. Commander!Katie has nothing to say, but there's compassion there.
Feb 28 17:56:07 <padruns> "Exactly, Pinkerton."
Feb 28 17:56:50 <Nemi> "What is the nature of the elite guard forces," Lis asks again, rubbing at her eyes. "Armed humans, anomalous entities..?"
Feb 28 17:56:55 <Sirgoldfish> "I bet I can still beat you a poker." Dan says kindly.
Feb 28 17:57:09 <lurkd> "I'll make amends for my absence when I return to the original timeline. Take care, Miss Katie." ~…love~
Feb 28 17:57:14 <lurkd> Ivan heads out.
Feb 28 17:57:36 <gumbal1> "Wait."
Feb 28 17:57:44 <gumbal1> "What will happen to this timeline?"
Feb 28 17:57:47 <padruns> "Our intel is not complete. I suspect a little of both, but I'm not sure. Ivan, we'll be taking the last van."
Feb 28 17:58:04 <padruns> "You'll have to ask X. I never understood the time shit."
Feb 28 17:58:09 <Nemi> "Understood. Assuming the worst." She steps outside. "Alright people! Shoot to kill! Assume any contact to be potentially anomalous!"
Feb 28 17:58:21 <lurkd> "Oh… you are coming with?" Ivan's moment has turned from stoic to awkward.
Feb 28 17:58:30 <lurkd> :/
Feb 28 17:58:55 <Sirgoldfish> "I wonder if X can take us back as soon as we get Chao."
Feb 28 17:59:05 <lurkd> "Nothing will happen to /this/ timeline. We will be making a new timeline when we return.
Feb 28 17:59:07 <lurkd> *"
Feb 28 17:59:26 <ShotgunFiend> Matt salutes Kathleen. It's the most respect he can give her right now.
Feb 28 17:59:33 <Nemi> "Yeah! I read about that. Timelines branch at every action."
Feb 28 17:59:33 <ShotgunFiend> He turns and walks out of the room.
Feb 28 17:59:40 <padruns> PAWS
Feb 28 17:59:44 <gumbal1> Danielle walks out
Feb 28 17:59:46 <gumbal1> POST
Feb 28 18:00:00 <Sirgoldfish> "Ivan doesn't that destroy the concept of free will?"
Feb 28 18:00:02 * Daedalus (~moc.rr.ser.lacos.8FDB40BE-CRInys|enahtanoj#moc.rr.ser.lacos.8FDB40BE-CRInys|enahtanoj) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 18:00:38 <TeslaTornado> "No. It defines the concept of free will."
Feb 28 18:01:06 <padruns> UNPAWS ihp is your gm again. <3
Feb 28 18:01:09 <TeslaTornado> "Every action creates another timeline, and every action after that defines another timeline… In an endless branching string."
Feb 28 18:01:37 <Sirgoldfish> "For once I agree with you Kevin."
Feb 28 18:01:56 <Nemi> "That's quantum for you!" Lis says, cheerful again.
Feb 28 18:01:57 <Sirgoldfish> "Maybe you're not as brainless as I thought."
Feb 28 18:01:59 <lurkd> Ivan steps into the last van.
Feb 28 18:02:06 <padruns> She takes shotgun.
Feb 28 18:02:13 <Nemi> Lis shoots Dan a withering death glare, her intensely blue eyes like beacons of ice.
Feb 28 18:02:16 <lurkd> "Can we move please… my strength and patience is waning."
Feb 28 18:02:19 <Nemi> "I SAID."
Feb 28 18:02:30 <Nemi> She lets that hang, then proceeds to the van, climbing into the back and shouldering her crossbow.
Feb 28 18:02:32 <ShotgunFiend> Matt's already in the van.
Feb 28 18:02:39 <Sirgoldfish> ~I don't care.~
Feb 28 18:02:44 <TeslaTornado> Kevin hops into the van.
Feb 28 18:02:50 <Sirgoldfish> Dan enters the van.
Feb 28 18:02:55 <padruns> Cromwell drives.
Feb 28 18:02:57 <gumbal1> Danielle enters the van
Feb 28 18:03:01 <TeslaTornado> ~One… Two… Three… Four…~ And on upward until 10.
Feb 28 18:03:06 <Sirgoldfish> ~I was giving the man a compliment.~
Feb 28 18:03:19 <ihp> You're driven back through town, thoughts of home heavy on your minds. You stop about two blocks away from the courthouse, and are all then ordered to pile out. Several teams surround the courthouse, and it's all very tactical I'm sure. "The entrance to the bunker is in Courtroom 2. Go go go!"
Feb 28 18:03:23 <lurkd> "No more talking. We work silently."
Feb 28 18:03:29 <lurkd> Ivan goes.
Feb 28 18:03:44 <TeslaTornado> Kevin goes.
Feb 28 18:03:47 <gumbal1> Danielle goes.
Feb 28 18:03:57 <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes
Feb 28 18:04:03 <TeslaTornado> He's tied the chainmail's loose ends down so that it doesn't make as much noise.
Feb 28 18:04:21 <Nemi> "Courtroom two! Understood! Move!" Lis proceeds!
Feb 28 18:04:23 <padruns> The chainmail is designed for quietness and durability.
Feb 28 18:04:35 <ihp> As soon as the front doors to the courthouse are opened, you're confronted with several eights/zeds/zombies/whatever their name is this week. They all turn to face you, a loud groan emanating from their mouths.
Feb 28 18:04:43 <TeslaTornado> 4df+9 You stop that.
Feb 28 18:04:43 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: You stop that.: 9 (4df+9=0, +, -, 0)
Feb 28 18:04:51 <ShotgunFiend> Matt goes. He raises the crossbow, nocking a bolt.
Feb 28 18:04:56 <Nemi> 4df+8 Lis shoots, aiming for the head!
Feb 28 18:04:56 <Glacon> Nemi: Lis shoots, aiming for the head!: 6 (4df+8=0, 0, -, -)
Feb 28 18:04:59 <gumbal1> 4df+4 With apologies to Romero
Feb 28 18:05:00 <Glacon> gumbal1: With apologies to Romero: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
Feb 28 18:05:01 <lurkd> 4df+5 shooty
Feb 28 18:05:01 <Glacon> lurkd: shooty: 5 (4df+5=+, -, 0, 0)
Feb 28 18:05:09 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+9 Go fuck yourself, Zombies.
Feb 28 18:05:09 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: Go fuck yourself, Zombies.: 9 (4df+9=-, -, +, +)
Feb 28 18:05:28 <ihp> 4df+3 Zombie pdef!
Feb 28 18:05:29 <Glacon> ihp: Zombie pdef!: 2 (4df+3=-, +, 0, -)
Feb 28 18:05:31 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+5 Dan shoots the Zombies in the brain
Feb 28 18:05:31 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: Dan shoots the Zombies in the brain: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, +)
Feb 28 18:05:55 <padruns> Kathleen stays back. She's not expendable, and, unfortunately, p much everyone else is.
Feb 28 18:06:28 <Nemi> Lis has never used a crossbow before, and it shows. She's still a decent enough shot.
Feb 28 18:06:51 <ShotgunFiend> Matt seems to just be universally good with ranged weapons.
Feb 28 18:06:59 <ihp> The zombies go down! However, there's one in the back that appears to be… glowing? It's still standing, and slowly turns to face you. If you had a Geiger counter, it would be going off right now.
Feb 28 18:07:04 <ihp> Everyone gimme a Pdef
Feb 28 18:07:21 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+4 o boy
Feb 28 18:07:21 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: o boy: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
Feb 28 18:07:32 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (PDef)
Feb 28 18:07:32 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PDef): 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
Feb 28 18:07:36 <TeslaTornado> (SHIT)
Feb 28 18:07:42 <padruns> 4df+5 Commander has stats, peeps!
Feb 28 18:07:43 <Glacon> padruns: Commander has stats, peeps!: 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
Feb 28 18:07:46 <Glacon> gumbal1: ROOTIE TOOTIE POINT AND SHOOTIE HAS NO WEAKNESS: 9 (4df+8=0, +, 0, 0)
Feb 28 18:08:00 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 NO YOU'RE THE ZOMBIE
Feb 28 18:08:00 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: NO YOU'RE THE ZOMBIE: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
Feb 28 18:08:03 <gumbal1> (+4 from armor, rewmember?)
Feb 28 18:08:03 <Nemi> Lis shoots for the noggin! "Don't get close to it!"
Feb 28 18:08:07 <Nemi> 4df+8 fwit
Feb 28 18:08:07 <Glacon> Nemi: fwit: 8 (4df+8=+, 0, -, 0)
Feb 28 18:08:20 <Glacon> ihp: WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE. TO THE NEW AGE. WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE. TO THE NEW AGE.: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
Feb 28 18:08:29 <lurkd> 4df+4 pdef
Feb 28 18:08:29 <Glacon> lurkd: pdef: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Feb 28 18:08:30 <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (PDef + Special armor) *geiger counter noises*
Feb 28 18:08:30 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (PDef + Special armor) *geiger counter noises*: 6 (4df+8=-, +, -, -)
Feb 28 18:08:50 <ShotgunFiend> Radioactive, radioactive…
Feb 28 18:08:59 <Nemi> 4df+3 oh whoops pdef
Feb 28 18:09:00 <Glacon> Nemi: oh whoops pdef: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
Feb 28 18:10:21 <gumbal1> 4df+4 in case my special armor is not sufficient
Feb 28 18:10:22 <Glacon> gumbal1: in case my special armor is not sufficient: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Feb 28 18:10:22 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 pdef?
Feb 28 18:10:23 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: pdef?: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
Feb 28 18:10:26 <padruns> "Radioactive, kids! Everyone duck!"
Feb 28 18:10:42 * Atcero (ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 18:10:50 <lurkd> Ivan ducks.
Feb 28 18:10:55 * Sypher (ten.tsacmoc.ro.1dsh.A431E6AE-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.ro.1dsh.A431E6AE-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #homeimprovement
Feb 28 18:11:02 <TeslaTornado> Kevin throws himself to the ground.
Feb 28 18:11:03 <ShotgunFiend> Matt slides behind a counter.
Feb 28 18:11:04 <Nemi> Lis does as bid!
Feb 28 18:11:08 <ShotgunFiend> desk. thing.
Feb 28 18:11:14 <Nemi> In fact, she'll try to duck behind a bench or something oto.
Feb 28 18:11:21 <ihp> Ivan, Kevin, -2 physical health from radiation. Lisabet, Dan, -1 Physical Health. Several members of the task force keel over with nosebleeds.
Feb 28 18:11:21 <gumbal1> danielle ducks as well
Feb 28 18:11:39 <lurkd> Ivan crawls to safety.
Feb 28 18:11:47 <Sirgoldfish> Dan falls to the floor
Feb 28 18:11:53 <lurkd> *grunting*
Feb 28 18:12:08 <gumbal1> 4df+4 ROOTIE TOOTIE POINT AND SHOOTIE
Feb 28 18:12:08 <Glacon> gumbal1: ROOTIE TOOTIE POINT AND SHOOTIE: 2 (4df+4=-, -, -, +)
Feb 28 18:12:11 <TeslaTornado> "I've been irradiated. Wonderful."
Feb 28 18:12:11 <ihp> The radioactive zombie lumbers out of the doors of the couthouse, groaning loudly as it irradiates the area.
Feb 28 18:12:11 <lurkd> ~this can't be good for my cancer~
Feb 28 18:12:13 <padruns> Kathleen shoots at it from behind something (the truck?)
Feb 28 18:12:14 <TeslaTornado> 4df+9 NOCK AND FIRE
Feb 28 18:12:15 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: NOCK AND FIRE: 10 (4df+9=+, -, +, 0)
Feb 28 18:12:19 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+9 Excuse me, Mr. Glowing Zombie, I think you forgot this massive crossbow bolt in your brain.
Feb 28 18:12:19 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: Excuse me, Mr. Glowing Zombie, I think you forgot this massive crossbow bolt in your brain.: 6 (4df+9=-, -, -, 0)
Feb 28 18:12:20 <padruns> 4df+8 tagging killed my momma
Feb 28 18:12:20 <Glacon> padruns: tagging killed my momma: 10 (4df+8=+, +, 0, 0)
Feb 28 18:12:22 <ihp> 4df+1 zombie go bye-bye.
Feb 28 18:12:22 <Glacon> ihp: zombie go bye-bye.: 0 (4df+1=0, -, -, +)
Feb 28 18:12:24 <ShotgunFiend> Wow.
Feb 28 18:12:37 <ihp> The Zombie falls over, dead.
Feb 28 18:12:55 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+5 aim and shooooot
Feb 28 18:12:55 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: aim and shooooot: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, +, -)
Feb 28 18:12:57 <gumbal1> "Fuck you too!"
Feb 28 18:13:07 <Nemi> Lis struggles to load the crossbow as she picks herself up. ".. well, if your hair starts fallin' out and your teeth go too…" Jeez, this thing is heavy.
Feb 28 18:13:11 <Nemi> Stupid draw weights.
Feb 28 18:13:24 <TeslaTornado> Kevin assists Lis in loading her crossbow.
Feb 28 18:13:27 <TeslaTornado> Then reloads his own.
Feb 28 18:13:37 <TeslaTornado> ~Someone needs to invent a draw-assist system~
Feb 28 18:13:40 <lurkd> Ivan staggers up.
Feb 28 18:13:49 <ShotgunFiend> Matt loads another bolt and advances with the task force members.
Feb 28 18:13:50 <padruns> "Anyone who can't move forward, stay on the periphery. Everyone else move in! We're heading for the bunker!"
Feb 28 18:14:01 <lurkd> "…ugh…. I'm coming."
Feb 28 18:14:09 <gumbal1> Danielle moves on.
Feb 28 18:14:10 <padruns> She goes over to Ivan. "You going to be alright?"
Feb 28 18:14:13 <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows Kathleen.
Feb 28 18:14:13 <lurkd> Ivan shuffles through the pain.
Feb 28 18:14:14 <TeslaTornado> Kevin moves up.
Feb 28 18:14:26 <Nemi> "Right, um, thanks Winsthrop." She picks herself up properly, shoulders the weapon, and proceeds inside warily.
Feb 28 18:14:35 <lurkd> "I've pulled demons out of children… I can handle this."
Feb 28 18:14:35 * Atcero (ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.ogrf.C9C4DECF-CRInys|tibbiM) has left #homeimprovement
Feb 28 18:14:56 <lurkd> "Move."
Feb 28 18:14:59 <padruns> She nods. "That's the spirit." She moves ahead.
Feb 28 18:15:20 <ihp> They soon reach Courtroom 2. Who goes in first?
Feb 28 18:15:30 <ShotgunFiend> Matt is up with the main task force
Feb 28 18:15:33 <ShotgunFiend> SO probably him.
Feb 28 18:15:47 <lurkd> Ivan adjusts his glasses and hefts up his crossbow.
Feb 28 18:15:54 <Nemi> Lis will form up for the breach-and-clear, but will go in and sweep right AFTER the others enter.
Feb 28 18:15:59 <lurkd> "Open it."
Feb 28 18:15:59 <Nemi> Or at least after Matt.
Feb 28 18:16:05 <TeslaTornado> Kevin probably also forms up to breach-and-clear.
Feb 28 18:16:09 <Sirgoldfish> Dan is in the middle, as usual.
Feb 28 18:16:14 <lurkd> Ivan aims forward.
Feb 28 18:16:15 <padruns> The commander stays in the back.
Feb 28 18:16:30 <TeslaTornado> "Three… Two… One… Breaching." Kevin opens the door.
Feb 28 18:16:36 <ihp> Kevin… agility.
Feb 28 18:16:44 <padruns> At this point, it's just the team. The npc!guards have spread out to clear out the zambini.
Feb 28 18:16:46 <Nemi> Lis goes right to clear. She'll fire on any contacts.
Feb 28 18:16:52 <TeslaTornado> 4df+9 (Agility+Ungentlemanly)
Feb 28 18:16:52 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Agility+Ungentlemanly): 6 (4df+9=0, -, -, -)
Feb 28 18:16:54 <ShotgunFiend> Matt follows in immediately after him.
Feb 28 18:17:05 <ihp> 4df+3 A zombie lunges forward at Kevin as soon as he breaches the door!
Feb 28 18:17:05 <Glacon> ihp: A zombie lunges forward at Kevin as soon as he breaches the door!: 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
Feb 28 18:17:14 <ihp> It misses. Zombies suck like that.
Feb 28 18:17:21 <lurkd> 4df+5 shooty
Feb 28 18:17:21 <Glacon> lurkd: shooty: 7 (4df+5=+, +, 0, 0)
Feb 28 18:17:24 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+9 bewm.
Feb 28 18:17:24 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: bewm.: 10 (4df+9=-, 0, +, +)
Feb 28 18:17:31 <TeslaTornado> 4df+8 (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Smash its skull with the crossbow butt as it passes
Feb 28 18:17:31 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Melee + Ungentlemanly) Smash its skull with the crossbow butt as it passes: 10 (4df+8=0, +, +, 0)
Feb 28 18:17:40 <ShotgunFiend> He shoots the zombie attacking Kev
Feb 28 18:17:41 <gumbal1> 4df+4 ROOTIE TOOTIE POINT AND SHOOTIE
Feb 28 18:17:42 <Glacon> gumbal1: ROOTIE TOOTIE POINT AND SHOOTIE: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
Feb 28 18:17:42 <ihp> The zombie is destroyed by a crossbow bolt penetrating its thalamus.
Feb 28 18:17:56 <ShotgunFiend> Matt reloads. He moves forward.
Feb 28 18:17:57 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+5 gun noise
Feb 28 18:17:57 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: gun noise: 6 (4df+5=-, +, +, 0)
Feb 28 18:18:00 <padruns> That zombie is turned into a porcupine.
Feb 28 18:18:05 <gumbal1> Danielle follows Matt.
Feb 28 18:18:08 <Sirgoldfish> Dan reloads
Feb 28 18:18:10 <ihp> You're in courtroom two, which is free of zombies. Question is… how do you get into the bunker?
Feb 28 18:18:11 <padruns> Kathleen shakes her head at the unnecessary waste of ammo.
Feb 28 18:18:13 <lurkd> Ivan swings back to the front.
Feb 28 18:18:17 <Nemi> Lis didn't bother firing. She sweeps right inside, making sure it's clear.
Feb 28 18:18:17 <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows Matt.
Feb 28 18:18:21 <padruns> ihp: would Kathleen know this?
Feb 28 18:18:23 <TeslaTornado> Kevin keeps hold of his still-loaded crossbow and looks around for anything that might lead to a bunker.
Feb 28 18:18:28 <Nemi> She searches for the access point!
Feb 28 18:18:32 <ihp> She would not! It's secret.
Feb 28 18:18:47 <lurkd> 4df+5 looking for clews
Feb 28 18:18:47 <Glacon> lurkd: looking for clews: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, 0)
Feb 28 18:18:54 <padruns> Dan does not have a gun. GM fiat.
Feb 28 18:19:01 <lurkd> (nuetral crit?)
Feb 28 18:19:02 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+8 /special eyes/
Feb 28 18:19:02 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: /special eyes/: 10 (4df+8=0, 0, +, +)
Feb 28 18:19:16 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perc) Secret leveeeeerrrrrs
Feb 28 18:19:16 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perc) Secret leveeeeerrrrrs: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
Feb 28 18:19:17 <padruns> 4df+5 searchin' "Shit …"
Feb 28 18:19:18 <Glacon> padruns: searchin' "Shit …": 1 (4df+5=-, -, -, -)
Feb 28 18:19:29 <ShotgunFiend> wowouch
Feb 28 18:19:29 <ihp> PFFT. Commander Critfail!
Feb 28 18:20:06 <ihp> Kathleen has a mote of dust float into her eye, causing it to water. Matt, on the other hand, finds something underneath the judge's bench… it's a button!
Feb 28 18:20:11 <TeslaTornado> ~Twenty years ad you haven't changed, Katie, for all your bluster and commanding presence.~
Feb 28 18:20:33 <ShotgunFiend> "Guys, found something! Keep an eye out for something opening." He presses said button.
Feb 28 18:20:33 <lurkd> (harsh)
Feb 28 18:20:39 <padruns> She rubs at her eye.
Feb 28 18:20:43 <lurkd> "SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
Feb 28 18:21:07 <lurkd> Ivan walks in and trains his crossbow behind him to cover.
Feb 28 18:21:08 <Nemi> Lis nods and keeps her eyes peeled!
Feb 28 18:21:23 <Sirgoldfish> Dan follows Ivan.
Feb 28 18:21:25 <ihp> 1d6
Feb 28 18:21:26 <Glacon> ihp: 3 (1d6=3)
Feb 28 18:21:35 <gumbal1> Danielle follows Ican.
Feb 28 18:21:36 <ihp> Dan, agility.
Feb 28 18:21:59 <TeslaTornado> Kevin moved with the group. Totally.
Feb 28 18:22:06 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+4 agility
Feb 28 18:22:06 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: agility: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
Feb 28 18:22:29 <ihp> Dan, you /barely/ manage to move out of the way as a trapdoor opens down under you. It's leading to a ladder, and from there, into a bunker.
Feb 28 18:22:52 <Nemi> "Ladder." She signals to Matt, then points at the opening down.
Feb 28 18:22:57 <Nemi> She forms up to cover his descent.
Feb 28 18:23:08 <ShotgunFiend> Matt nods. He goes over.
Feb 28 18:23:11 <Sirgoldfish> "Guy's I think this is where we are going."
Feb 28 18:23:12 <ShotgunFiend> Climbs down first.
Feb 28 18:23:19 <Sirgoldfish> *guys
Feb 28 18:23:26 <Sirgoldfish> Dan goes down the door.
Feb 28 18:23:40 <padruns> "Keven, follow last for cover."
Feb 28 18:23:43 <padruns> *vin
Feb 28 18:23:45 <TeslaTornado> "Got it."
Feb 28 18:23:51 <padruns> She follows after.
Feb 28 18:23:52 <Nemi> Lis makes a signal like 'zip it' to Dan. She'll let all the others but Kevin and Kathleen go down, steadying Ivan for the descent, before heading down herself.
Feb 28 18:24:07 <ihp> It leads down a corridor, with several doors lining it. Who goes first?
Feb 28 18:24:12 <ShotgunFiend> Matt.
Feb 28 18:24:19 <gumbal1> Danielle goes down the ladder fter him.
Feb 28 18:24:35 <padruns> Then Dan, then Kathleen.
Feb 28 18:24:36 <ihp> and who's going last?
Feb 28 18:24:40 <padruns> Then Ivan, Lis, and Kevin.
Feb 28 18:24:42 <padruns> In that order.
Feb 28 18:25:28 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+8 looking around at the bottom for anything out of the ordinary.
Feb 28 18:25:28 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: looking around at the bottom for anything out of the ordinary.: 7 (4df+8=-, +, 0, -)
Feb 28 18:25:43 <gumbal1> 4df+4 helping Matt in that regard
Feb 28 18:25:44 <Glacon> gumbal1: helping Matt in that regard: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, +, -)
Feb 28 18:25:48 <ihp> Matt sees a bunch of doors, all unmarked. They'll have to check them all. there are 7 of them.
Feb 28 18:25:53 <TeslaTornado> Kevin's still on the damn ladder.
Feb 28 18:26:05 <gumbal1> "We each take one door?"
Feb 28 18:26:12 <Nemi> Lis drops. She shakes her head.
Feb 28 18:26:14 <padruns> "Exactly."
Feb 28 18:26:15 <TeslaTornado> "Seems to be the case. Anyone got an axe?"
Feb 28 18:26:20 <ShotgunFiend> "Seven doors, all unmarked. No. Two man teams at the least."
Feb 28 18:26:25 <Nemi> She points to one door. "Take them sequentially."
Feb 28 18:26:29 <ShotgunFiend> "No one goes in any door alone."
Feb 28 18:26:34 <Nemi> "Don't breach all of them. Recipe to getting overwhelmed."
Feb 28 18:26:49 <padruns> "We don't have time to check one at a time. She could have a back exit. We lose her, we lose everything."
Feb 28 18:27:07 <ShotgunFiend> Matt walks to the nearest door. He sets up for a breach. "We lose ourselves, it doesn't matter."
Feb 28 18:27:20 <TeslaTornado> Kevin sets up to breach a separate door.
Feb 28 18:27:26 <gumbal1> Danielle goes to another door
Feb 28 18:27:28 <padruns> Kathleen takes her own door.
Feb 28 18:27:33 <Nemi> Lis grimaces. Tactically, it's a terrible idea. But she falls in to take her own door.
Feb 28 18:27:44 <ihp> Everyone at a door? If so… pause for description.
Feb 28 18:28:14 <lurkd> Yes.
Feb 28 18:28:42 <lurkd> (sorry I'm back now)
Feb 28 18:29:18 <gumbal1> POST
Feb 28 18:30:07 <ihp> Ivan and Danielle: behind your doors are food supplies, enough to feed three people for about five years. Some of the food is rotted. Dan, your room is a sleeping quarters, devoid of life. Kevin finds an entertainment room of some kind, stocked with a pool table and a few bottles of alcohol. Lisabet finds a library. Matt manages to find a room resembling a laboratory which is pitch black….
Feb 28 18:30:09 <ihp> …And Kathleen… Kathleen is grabbed by several hands and pulled into a room! She found a room full of Zombies!
Feb 28 18:30:33 <TeslaTornado> "Leave her. Breach your rooms."
Feb 28 18:30:44 <lurkd> "Nothing here but- MISS KATIE!"
Feb 28 18:30:50 <TeslaTornado> Kevin sweeps the perimeter of his entertainment center.
Feb 28 18:30:52 <padruns> "Shit!" Kathleen pulls out a machete.
Feb 28 18:30:54 <lurkd> Ivan rushes to grab her!
Feb 28 18:30:55 <gumbal1> Danielle investigates her room
Feb 28 18:30:58 <padruns> Pdef?
Feb 28 18:31:00 <gumbal1> 4df+4 percep
Feb 28 18:31:01 <Glacon> gumbal1: percep: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
Feb 28 18:31:22 <ihp> I'm going to say no for story reasons.
Feb 28 18:31:25 <ShotgunFiend> Matt curses. He feels around for a lightswitch just inside the door.
Feb 28 18:31:40 <padruns> Awesome.
Feb 28 18:31:42 <lurkd> Ivan pulls.
Feb 28 18:31:49 <ihp> There's a sickening /crunch/ as one of them bites her, its jaws strong enough to go through her chainmail and sink into her skin, drawing blood.
Feb 28 18:31:54 <padruns> "Hold fire!" Katie commands.
Feb 28 18:31:58 <Nemi> "Helvete! Contacts!" Lis can't risk firing without slam jamming on Kathleen, though! And the mission, regrettably, comes first. So she ducks into her room and searches it, examining books and whatnot.
Feb 28 18:32:02 <lurkd> "NO!"
Feb 28 18:32:05 <Sirgoldfish> If there is nothing of note in Dan's room he returns to the others.
Feb 28 18:32:08 <padruns> 4df+12 Machete madness!
Feb 28 18:32:08 <Glacon> padruns: Machete madness!: 10 (4df+12=-, 0, -, 0)
Feb 28 18:32:12 <TeslaTornado> 4df+4 (Perc) Room check
Feb 28 18:32:12 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Perc) Room check: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
Feb 28 18:32:25 <lurkd> Ivan struggles.
Feb 28 18:32:31 <padruns> (tagging know what i'm doing and killed my momma.)
Feb 28 18:32:33 <ihp> Katie, despite being bitten, decapitates some of the zombies in the room.
Feb 28 18:33:21 <Nemi> 4df+8 eye see things, eye see them with my eyes
Feb 28 18:33:21 <Glacon> Nemi: eye see things, eye see them with my eyes: 10 (4df+8=+, +, +, -)
Feb 28 18:33:49 <ihp> Lisabet hears something behind one of the shelves in her room… gimme an agility!
Feb 28 18:34:05 <padruns> Kathleen fights her way back out of the room?
Feb 28 18:34:06 <ShotgunFiend> (ihp did Matt find a light switch?)
Feb 28 18:34:15 <Nemi> 4df+10 agility you say; she's fast as, ho ho, lightning
Feb 28 18:34:16 <Glacon> Nemi: agility you say; she's fast as, ho ho, lightning: 12 (4df+10=0, +, +, 0)
Feb 28 18:34:18 <ihp> (Sorry, kind of spread myself thin.)
Feb 28 18:34:19 <gumbal1> Danielle frowns and calls from her room. "Found anything yet?"
Feb 28 18:34:35 <ShotgunFiend> (np, take your time)
Feb 28 18:34:42 <ihp> Matt found a light switch! The laboratory has been sacked; glassware is broken everywhere, and there is a dead man in the corner, his throat torn out.
Feb 28 18:35:05 <lurkd> Ivan shoots at the zombies.
Feb 28 18:35:34 <ShotgunFiend> Matt looks frowns. Chao is a female, this isn't who they're looking for. He back out and closes the door,
Feb 28 18:35:44 <ihp> Lisabet manages to dive past a series of shelves that's dumped on her like dominos. A Chinese-American woman in a labcoat, with what appears to be a tube running out of her neck, runs out of the room past her.
Feb 28 18:36:06 <Nemi> "Ghr! It's Chao!" Lis tries to snap off a shot as the woman runs past. "Stop her!"
Feb 28 18:36:11 <ihp> Ivan kills the remaining zombies, and is left with a wounded, possibly dying, Katie.
Feb 28 18:36:14 <padruns> I'm going to say that Kathleen managed to fight her way out of the room!
Feb 28 18:36:20 <gumbal1> Danielle rushes out upon hear Lis.
Feb 28 18:36:27 <padruns> She's wounded. She's infected. But she's still on her feet.
Feb 28 18:36:28 <ihp> She's making a break for the ladder!
Feb 28 18:36:31 <gumbal1> 4df+4 lookin for dat chao
Feb 28 18:36:31 <Glacon> gumbal1: lookin for dat chao: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
Feb 28 18:36:37 <gumbal1> 4df+4 ROOTIE TOOTIE POINT AND SHOOTIE
Feb 28 18:36:37 <Glacon> gumbal1: ROOTIE TOOTIE POINT AND SHOOTIE: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
Feb 28 18:36:40 <padruns> "Fuck!" Can Kathleen roll agility to catch?
Feb 28 18:36:48 <Nemi> "She's going for the ladder! Move!"
Feb 28 18:36:50 <TeslaTornado> 4df+9 (Ranged/Ungentlemanly) Stop that.
Feb 28 18:36:51 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Ranged/Ungentlemanly) Stop that.: 9 (4df+9=0, 0, -, +)
Feb 28 18:36:52 <ShotgunFiend> 4df+9 Matt takes aim and fires a bolt into Chao's leg.
Feb 28 18:36:52 <Glacon> ShotgunFiend: Matt takes aim and fires a bolt into Chao's leg.: 10 (4df+9=+, +, 0, -)
Feb 28 18:36:57 <Sirgoldfish> Can Dan roll agility?
Feb 28 18:37:12 <ShotgunFiend> Kneecap preferably.
Feb 28 18:37:12 <Sirgoldfish> never mind
Feb 28 18:37:15 <Nemi> Lis throws her crossbow aside. Trying to do diving shots only works if your name is Max Payne, and Max Payne she is not. She smoothly rolls to her feet and rushes out into the hall.
Feb 28 18:37:16 <ihp> She could…. if Chao hadn't just been shot twice by Matt and Kevin, and was lying wounded on the floor. "Fuck!"
Feb 28 18:37:24 <lurkd> Ivan tends to Katie.
Feb 28 18:37:26 <padruns> Amazing.
Feb 28 18:37:40 <padruns> Kathleen brushes him off. She walks up to look at Chao.
Feb 28 18:37:49 <Nemi> ".. Urf! Right!" She turns and.. sees Katie. "Oh, helvete. Miss Ka— Kathleen!"
Feb 28 18:37:54 <TeslaTornado> Reloading.
Feb 28 18:37:55 <ShotgunFiend> Matt goes over to Chao, loading another bolt.
Feb 28 18:38:09 <padruns> She grimaces, holding her (i'mma fiat it was her shoulder got bit cause you didn't say.)
Feb 28 18:38:26 <ihp> Chao has a look of fear in her eyes. "…no. No, please. No…" She looks up at Matt, letting out a whimper.
Feb 28 18:38:33 <gumbal1> Danielle steps up to Chao. "Explain." She points her crossbow. "Now."
Feb 28 18:38:37 <ShotgunFiend> "Don't run and you get to live."
Feb 28 18:38:37 <padruns> Kathleen is all business despite the bite. "Hold fire, Matt."
Feb 28 18:38:47 <TeslaTornado> 4df+10 (Intimidate/Command/Iceman) "Give us a reason."
Feb 28 18:38:48 <padruns> "Psi-7, back off now!"
Feb 28 18:38:48 <Glacon> TeslaTornado: (Intimidate/Command/Iceman) "Give us a reason.": 12 (4df+10=+, +, -, +)
Feb 28 18:38:51 <ShotgunFiend> "I'm not firing unless she runs."
Feb 28 18:39:01 <ShotgunFiend> He does, however take aim. Right between the eyes.
Feb 28 18:39:08 <padruns> She nods to Matt.
Feb 28 18:39:09 <Nemi> Lis crouches, taking a breath. She takes the opportunity to quickly retrieve her discarded crossbow, and returns shortly.
Feb 28 18:39:56 <padruns> "Chao, jig's up. Game's over. We win."
Feb 28 18:40:34 <Sirgoldfish> 4df+8 Dan tries to calm chao down "We are not going to hurt you any further if you cooperate."
Feb 28 18:40:34 <Glacon> Sirgoldfish: Dan tries to calm chao down "We are not going to hurt you any further if you cooperate.": 8 (4df+8=0, +, -, 0)
Feb 28 18:40:37 <ihp> Chao whimpers, cowering before the agents. "…I could have stopped death if I got the formula right. Imagine having your mother back…"
Feb 28 18:40:48 <lurkd> Ivan applies a tournaquet to the bite wound.
Feb 28 18:41:19 <padruns> "Pinkerton! Back off!"
Feb 28 18:41:23 <gumbal1> Danielle puts away the crossbow.
Feb 28 18:41:30 * lurkd has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Feb 28 18:41:32 <padruns> Kathleen expects to be obeyed. She is the commander, after all.
Feb 28 18:41:36 <gumbal1> "…"
Feb 28 18:42:03 <Nemi> Lis rests the crossbow across her shoulder and watches.
Feb 28 18:42:07 <padruns> "No one will talk to this woman. We will restrain her and take her to the vehicles. My agents will question her, and we will give you samples. Am I understood?"
Feb 28 18:42:11 <Sirgoldfish> Dan is not one for authority.
Feb 28 18:42:24 <ihp> Chao directs that 'mother back' part at Katie. Also, there are plenty 'samples' of her blood on the floor.
Feb 28 18:42:24 <Nemi> Lis nods at Kathleen.
Feb 28 18:42:37 <ShotgunFiend> "Understood, ma'am."
Feb 28 18:42:39 <Nemi> "Right, people. Pack up. We're leaving."
Feb 28 18:42:41 <Sirgoldfish> Dan merely rolls his eyes.
Feb 28 18:42:45 <Sirgoldfish> "Sure."
Feb 28 18:43:04 <ShotgunFiend> Matt doesn't take the crossbow sights off of Chao for a second.
Feb 28 18:43:13 <padruns> She ignores Chao. This isn't a human; this is an instance. "I need someone else to carry her. I can't transport her with this shoulder."
Feb 28 18:43:18 <padruns> Less athoritative this time.
Feb 28 18:43:35 <gumbal1> "I…alright."
Feb 28 18:43:39 <Nemi> Lis is first up the ladder, being that she lacks physical strength but does have good reflexes and a weapon. She's covering the others' egress.
Feb 28 18:43:57 <TeslaTornado> Kevin grabs her.
Feb 28 18:44:00 <ShotgunFiend> Matt is doing cover duty and couldn't carry her anyway. He's s shrimp.
Feb 28 18:44:09 <Sirgoldfish> Dan is not one for orders, but he will do as Kathleen ask.
Feb 28 18:44:25 <ihp> Chao is lifted up the ladder, and is presumably carried out of the court house, dripping blood the whole way.
Feb 28 18:44:27 <padruns> Once Chao is grabbed, she heads up the ladder. She doesn't really need protecting anymore.
Feb 28 18:44:37 <ShotgunFiend> First one down, last one up. Matt waits for everyone else to go up before he does.
Feb 28 18:44:47 <gumbal1> Danielle heads back up.
Feb 28 18:44:54 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is second to last, before Matt.
Feb 28 18:44:55 <padruns> They make it out without hitting any more zombies?
Feb 28 18:45:50 <padruns> Kathleen doesn't spare downed agents a second look. The only thing she can do for them is allow them to see Chao in custody.
Feb 28 18:46:06 <ihp> They get out, and Zombies avoid them because of Chao.
Feb 28 18:46:24 <ihp> Kevin's radio crackles back on. "Do you have the sample?"
Feb 28 18:46:28 <Nemi> Excellent. "Guess her 'elite guard' turned?" Lis muses.
Feb 28 18:46:35 <TeslaTornado> Kevin keeps his eyes on Kathleen the whole time. He knows what has to come next. "Confirmed, X."
Feb 28 18:46:55 <ihp> "And how many of you are still alive?"
Feb 28 18:47:04 <gumbal1> "All of us."
Feb 28 18:47:06 <TeslaTornado> "All but the Commander."
Feb 28 18:47:09 <Nemi> Lis glances to Kevin. She quirks her lip.
Feb 28 18:47:11 <TeslaTornado> Eyeing that bite wound.
Feb 28 18:47:15 <padruns> "I'm fine, X."
Feb 28 18:47:21 <padruns> A medic is tending to her shoulder.
Feb 28 18:47:31 <padruns> "But we're down a pill."
Feb 28 18:47:39 <TeslaTornado> "… Pills?"
Feb 28 18:47:49 <Sirgoldfish> "X, when are we going to return to our timeline?"
Feb 28 18:47:58 <TeslaTornado> "You mean to say we went to all this trouble nabbing Chao and you had /pills/ for this?"
Feb 28 18:48:10 <TeslaTornado> Kevin narrows his eyes.
Feb 28 18:48:13 <ihp> "…really? You are hard to kill." X responds to Dan, "As soon as we can confirm you have the sample."
Feb 28 18:48:19 <padruns> She pulls a small metal container out from inside the collar of her shirt. "We have ten left."
Feb 28 18:48:25 <ihp> "After that, head back to the apartment.
Feb 28 18:48:29 <Nemi> Lis peers at the container, tilting her head.
Feb 28 18:48:32 <padruns> "I told you they were, didn't I?"
Feb 28 18:48:48 <padruns> She opens it. It's a little red pill. She eyes it and sighs before taking it.
Feb 28 18:48:54 <padruns> "Now, nine."
Feb 28 18:49:13 <Nemi> Lis frowns. She's not sure why.
Feb 28 18:49:59 <ihp> "SCP-500," X explains. Psi-7 contains it back in 1955. That might change, now that you're all coming back."
Feb 28 18:50:05 <ihp> add a "*
Feb 28 18:50:09 <Nemi> ".. huh. Okay."
Feb 28 18:50:41 <TeslaTornado> "Any specifics as to where and how? That's our year."
Feb 28 18:50:44 <ihp> "I've been in contact with people back in 1955 as well. They're ready to begin work on a vaccine. It will take years to do it… but with any luck, this can all be averted."
Feb 28 18:50:49 <gumbal1> "Seems like something Bowe would hoard."
Feb 28 18:51:08 <ihp> "…you already have too much foreknowledge as it is, Mr. Winsthrop. I can't tell you any more."
Feb 28 18:51:21 <Sirgoldfish> "You better damn well do it."
Feb 28 18:51:34 <TeslaTornado> "Foreknowledge of a dead timeline, as soon as we run this back to you, X."
Feb 28 18:51:39 <Nemi> "Alright then," Lis says, taking a breath. "Time's wasting. Let's get our sample, and get out of here."
Feb 28 18:51:53 <ihp> "Bring the radio back to the apartment once you're done."
Feb 28 18:51:54 <TeslaTornado> Kevin sighs. He drops Chao on the ground.
Feb 28 18:52:04 <gumbal1> "Also, could I have my knife back before I go?"
Feb 28 18:52:31 <padruns> "We can take you all back and return your stuff."
Feb 28 18:52:46 <padruns> "We'll have to take back our gear, anyway. Can't send you back with any more than necessary."
Feb 28 18:53:10 <ihp> "Your weapons have been returned to Site 19. No, you shouldn't ask how."
Feb 28 18:53:10 <Nemi> "Okay."
Feb 28 18:53:23 <TeslaTornado> "H - alright."
Feb 28 18:53:26 <gumbal1> "alright, then, sned us back."
Feb 28 18:53:33 <Nemi> ".. Oh. Well that solves that." Lis shrugs off the heavy chainmail, and returns it and the crossbow right on the spot.
Feb 28 18:53:40 <padruns> "Oh, fuck you, X. Then you can all just give back the equipment here."
Feb 28 18:53:42 <Sirgoldfish> "Lets go then."
Feb 28 18:53:47 <padruns> It's an amiable sort of cursing.
Feb 28 18:53:50 <TeslaTornado> Kevin also removes his chainmail and crossbow.
Feb 28 18:54:06 <padruns> "Hey, Psi-7."
Feb 28 18:54:13 <TeslaTornado> Kevin hasn't moved.
Feb 28 18:54:18 <padruns> "Don't let's go missing again, right?" She smiles.
Feb 28 18:54:20 <Nemi> Lis turns toward Katie.
Feb 28 18:54:24 <Nemi> She half-grins. "Not planning on it."
Feb 28 18:54:25 <ShotgunFiend> Matt frowns. He's taken a liking to this crossbow. "I'll try."
Feb 28 18:54:30 <padruns> Her shoulder has been properly bandaged.
Feb 28 18:54:48 <ShotgunFiend> Matt takes off the chainmail. "Is there any chance we could keep a single crossbow?"
Feb 28 18:55:23 <padruns> She shakes her head. "Get one back in '55."
Feb 28 18:55:33 <TeslaTornado> He frowns. "We'll see." He turns to leave, stops, turns again, and levels Katie with a strange look that's part chastisement and part grudging admiration. "Your breaching technique could use improvement, Commander."
Feb 28 18:55:44 <ShotgunFiend> Matt nods. "Thought as much…" He hands that off too.
Feb 28 18:55:50 <Nemi> "And, um. Thanks, Kathleen. Hope your timeline works out. Good luck."
Feb 28 18:56:01 <padruns> She just grins at Kevin. "Bugger you, too."
Feb 28 18:56:03 <Nemi> Lis smiles properly. That classic Lis smile.
Feb 28 18:56:30 <TeslaTornado> Kevin looks back at the rest of Psi-7, then offers a hand. "Don't destroy the planet, alright?"
Feb 28 18:56:48 <padruns> She takes it. "Right back a'cha."
Feb 28 18:56:53 <ShotgunFiend> "I'll see you in… Twenty years, right?"
Feb 28 18:57:15 <padruns> She nods.
Feb 28 18:57:21 <TeslaTornado> "I'd sooner die first." Kevin nods and gives a tiny half-smile before returning to his usual neutral expression, then carries X off to the apartment.
Feb 28 18:57:32 <ShotgunFiend> Matt smiles a little. He nods.
Feb 28 18:57:43 <Nemi> Lis sticks with Kevin. "Um, there were eights in the stairwell, remember?"
Feb 28 18:57:53 <Nemi> ".. We'll probably want to climb."
Feb 28 18:58:00 <TeslaTornado> "Roof access. We climb up, then go down."
Feb 28 18:58:16 <Nemi> "Yeeeah. The door's also blocked by that couch, remember?"
Feb 28 18:58:35 <padruns> "Take a team with you if you need."
Feb 28 18:58:52 <padruns> She gestures to a few agents who were on perimeter to go with.
Feb 28 18:58:53 <ihp> "…actually," X says, "Any room will do, so long as it's closed. Just take the radio."
Feb 28 18:59:06 <Nemi> "Oh! Good."
Feb 28 18:59:33 <Sirgoldfish> "There was a fairly baron room back at the trap door."
Feb 28 18:59:39 <Sirgoldfish> "I say we do it there."
Feb 28 18:59:55 <Nemi> "Might be too open, and there's zed remains in there."
Feb 28 19:00:05 <Nemi> "What do you think, X? You're the transporter."
Feb 28 19:00:12 <TeslaTornado> Kevin hefts the radio again.
Feb 28 19:00:41 <ihp> "…to the bunker."
Feb 28 19:01:37 <TeslaTornado> Kevin is probably covered in Chao's blood.
Feb 28 19:01:39 <Nemi> "Let's go!" Lis tuuurns and jogs back to the bunker. Because that is how she do.
Feb 28 19:01:47 <TeslaTornado> Would that keep the zeds off him?
Feb 28 19:01:54 <Sirgoldfish> "Lets go then."
Feb 28 19:02:17 <gumbal1> Danielle goes to the bunker
Feb 28 19:02:19 <ihp> GM Fiat: They make it back to the bunker's empty room. X comes on the radio. "Stand By."
Feb 28 19:02:33 <Nemi> Lis waits patiently.
Feb 28 19:03:00 * thedeadlymoose has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 27.0.1/20140212131424])
Feb 28 19:03:28 <ihp> Several minutes later, though you can't see anything, you have the feeling that you're back in 1955. "Welcome home, agents."
Feb 28 19:03:55 <TeslaTornado> Kevin lets out a sigh. ~Home, sweet home.~
Feb 28 19:03:56 <Nemi> "Thanks," she says, dryly, looking around the bunker area proper. She'll climb for the ladder shortly if nothing interesting jumps at her.
Feb 28 19:03:59 <ShotgunFiend> Matt puts a hand to his head. "Phew…"
Feb 28 19:04:09 <ihp> "Good work. I may call upon you again." The radio gives a burst of static, and as it does so, it pops out of existence.
Feb 28 19:04:22 <ihp> You get back to your car and motorbike, with a Foundation agent waiting outside to collect the sample.
Feb 28 19:05:21 <ihp> After a long while, you finally get back to #origins-ic .

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