Logs Undated


End of the Rope, ??/??/????

Psi-7 goes on a testrun of a teleporter, and it all goes horribly wrong.

XP Granted: 2 for all

All Is Quiet On The Western Library Part 1, ??/??/????

Psi-7 goes to get the Admin back…

All Is Quiet On The Western Library Part 2, ??/??/????

But with dire consequences…

XP Granted: 10 for all

Long Live The King, ??/??/????

Psi-7 is sent to protect Elvis Presley from freaky goings-on.

XP Granted: 3 XP for all

One Last Punch For The Road, ??/??/????

Psi-7 is going to punch some sharks.

XP Granted: 3 XP for all

Rope-a-Pope, ??/??/????

The gang goes to their first Mass. Meanwhile, the GOC play with some blood they found under a rock.

XP Granted: 3xp

The One That's On A Boat, ??/??/????

Psi-7 takes the "clandestine" out of "a clandestine mission," but manages to come away with documents pertaining to the Red Army and the Tsar's Key.

XP Granted: 2 for Dex and Vivian, 3 for Ellie and Amelie.

Du-du-du-daaaaa!, ??/??/????

Superduperheroes come to save Site-19!

Whack A Mole, ??/??/????

Psi-7 learns they have a mole problem.

Spelunking under 77, ??/??/????

There are ancient ruins under Site-77 and Psi-7 recovers some artifacts.


Famine, Part 1, ??/??/????


Dollface, ??/??/????

Psi-7 goes to investigate some dolls.

//scp-foundation-origins.wikidot.com/logs:a-baaaaaad-situation A baaaaad situation, ??/??/????

PSI-7 visits a land where the animals are the people and the puns are everywhere.

//scp-foundation-origins.wikidot.com/log:old-mans-endgame Old Mans Endgame, ??/??/????

PSI-7 races to save Kit from the clutches of an abomination, while it tries to force her to be its pet.

//scp-foundation-origins.wikidot.com/log:hospital-run:research-ward Hospital Run: Research Ward, ??/??/????

2/9/15 Kit, William, Cait and Artyom venture into the Hospital once more and discover what happened to Wills hand, as well as gaining the attention of the hospital itself.

//scp-foundation-origins.wikidot.com/hospital:revelations-hub Hospital: Revelations, ??/??/????

//scp-foundation-origins.wikidot.com/welcome-back Welcome Back, ??/??/????

4/22/16 Katya, Will, Kit, Piper, and Amelie all learn that the Hospital is back in town. Bad TimesTM ensue.

//scp-foundation-origins.wikidot.com/conception Conception, ??/??/????

5/6/2016 The team deals with a cult with the help of an old ally and a baby

//scp-foundation-origins.wikidot.com/logs:slaves-to-the-hypnoboat Slaves To The Hypnoboat, ??/??/????

9/9/2016 The team deals with a hypnoboat. Dammit hypnoboat.

//scp-foundation-origins.wikidot.com/ioanna Ioanna, ??/??/????

11/11/16. The team ventures deem into the woods in search of a missing friend, only to find that these woods are more than they seem.

A New Toy, ??/??/????

Wilsons dreams hit breaking point.

Kids!Origins strikes again, ??/??/????


Hospital dreams: Katya, ??/??/????

Katya dreams of the Hospital

XP Granted: 0

//scp-foundation-origins.wikidot.com/logs:old-mans-fall Old Mans Fall, ??/??/????

The old man meets his end, and Kit is restored, but at what cost?


I Don't Appear in Runs Anymore, ??/??/????

Psi-7 finally secures a primordial demon for containment. Yay!

XP Granted: 3 to all

I Fought the Law, ??/??/????

And the law lost.

XP Granted: 2

Psi-7 Goes Poaching, ??/??/????

Psi-7 tries out a tank for the second time, with predictable results.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Solar Flare, ??/??/????

Psi-7 botch a business transaction.

XP Granted: 3


The Light Of Five Suns, ??/??/????

Harris, Wilson, Lacey and Victor are assigned to guarding a Mexican ambassador in a bunker. Then everything goes to shit, Victor gets hypnotized, Wilson gets shot, Harris punches a deity, and Lacey swears a blood oath.

XP Granted: 2 to all

The Abandoned Town, ??/??/????

Branko, Danielle, Harris, Voss and Will are sent to a seemingly abandoned town in Iowa. Five enter, four leave.

XP Granted: 3 to All.

Take Them Out At The Ball Game, ??/??/????

Edith, Hans, Sandra, Fiere, Charles and Kit play an All-Star Match of Maximum League Baseball as emergency substitutes for the Boston Red Shirts.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Read, Read, Deed, Dead, ??/??/????

Rolf, Janelle, Graham and Vel travel to the British Museum to contain a "cursed" parchment from the Library of Alexandria, and pitch in to help as much as they can.

Un-Nomalous, ??/??/????

Anomalies start failing around the site, and as a result, the whole thing devolves into chaos, confusion, and madness. Can anomalies ever return to Site 19?

XP: 1, by GM permission.


The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway, ??/??/????

A large number of Psi-7 members meet some unusual guests who seem to be searching for something or someone. In usual Psi-7 style this ends up almost causing a second ice age


The Most Meta Event Ever, ??/??/????

Lloyd, Randall, Hermann and Lisabet break the 4th wall. Hello world.


Reverse Kidnapping, ??/??/????

Psi-7 helps kidnap an SCP from its cult.

XP granted: 2 to all.

SCP recovered: 2662

Dances With Vines, ??/??/????

After some chaos with SCP-1100, Psi-7 returns heavily injured and with samples from their fight.

XP Granted: 2

Sparkle And Shine ✨ Sequin And Glitter ✨ Hopes and Dreams, ??/??/????

The Factory gave a wonderful dream to a child. Psi-7 destroys it.

XP Granted: 2


TPK, ??/??/????

In which Psi-7 dies. Again. And Again. And Again.

Life and Death, ??/??/????

In which Psi-7 meets Life and Death. And throws the balance off.


Welcome to Fallen London, ??/??/????

In which Ade, Alim, Artyom, Jacob and Larry visit London. In Hell. And realize that there's some things that, while they can't fight them, seem to resolve themselves just fine.

XP granted: 3 to all

Golden Sunrise, ??/??/????

The team is called in for an emergency retrieval of people from a city under siege! Also Voss is involved somehow because of course she is. Isa has a DYNAMITE time.

XP Granted: 2

Written on the Walls, ??/??/????

Artyom, Dana, Piper, Evan and Sophia go to the cantina and meet John again. There's lampreys and goop.

XP: 2


A Dance With The Prince Of Death, ??/??/????

Psi-7 travels to a mansion to infiltrate an auction with possibly anomalous items in it. Surprisingly, it ends well.

XP Granted: 2 to all


The Coronation, ??/??/????

Stella is officially crowned Queen, and Psi-7 is invited to witness history.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Premonitions of Rage, ??/??/????

The disappearances of local politicians has found Psi-7 traveling further down the Elorean rabbit hole…

XP Granted: 2 to all

An Exchange, ??/??/????

Taking over security detail from Upsilon-6 for the day, Psi-7 connects a bit more with the Dai family, learning… and preparing.

XP Granted: 2 to all

The Scales of Truth, ??/??/????

The plot thickens, as their run-in with Charles reveals inconsistencies with the stories they were told, and the allegiances begin to shift.

Fracture Point, ??/??/????

Politics has boiled over to the brink of war in the Elorean palace, while new information has been revealed.


All Aboard The Hype Train, ??/??/????

Psi-7 is tasked with watching over a train connected to a certain popular movie about to be released. It goes… interestingly.

Supplementary briefing material provided to all run participants.

XP Granted: 4

Bikeman Begins, ??/??/????

Max and Lacey get an unwelcome surprise, Ivan doesn't really care, and the guardian bears get their first proper fight. Psi-7 commons requires a new TV… along with everything else

Owlception, ??/??/????

Wilson is BWAAAAAM working in his BWAAAAAAAM lab when it is overtaken by a flood of BWAAAAAAAM owls. Someone get DiCaprio up in here, we've gone too deep into "Prior makes shit up as he goes along".

Memory Highway 1 - Bleed And Burst, ??/??/????

George enjoys a brief trip through time to the olden days when people were honest, clean living, and sacrificed millions to satanic gods.

Memory Highway 2 - Derodok, ??/??/????

This time it's three hapless victims of the memory orbs, as Doug, Roy and George all get sucked into the past to become human sacrifices or escape past a well-mannered giant. In other news, George's shooting is terrible.

An easier to read summary of the memory highway adventures.


Streets of Moscow, ??/??/????

Artyom has a nightmare… Ding dong go the church bells. The Red God yells. Streets of Moscow flood with blood, hurrah, hurrah to the Red God…


The Birchmen, ??/??/????

A portal appears in the forest, leading Psi-7 to a place where secrets are more than words.

XP Granted: ?


Out For Blood, ??/??/????

Lacey, Artyom, Kit, Jack and Cait are sent to an abandoned factory in Canarsie to deal with a mob of Italia Mobster Vampires. Things don't go as planned and the whole thing ends with a lot of blood. Figures.

A Deal With The Family, ??/??/????

Isa, Cait and George pretend to be members of the Luciano family and strike a deal with the family, while Marion and Charles sneak into a restaurant kitchen where they fail to save a rat.

Cosa Nostra, ??/??/????

Isa, Cait, George, Charles, Marion and Rebecca perform a raid on the mansion formerly belonging to Merzallo. As mafia assets are destroyed by a wave of blood, the don is taken in custody and an address is found, the mission is a major success. Also holy fucking shit, Cait.

Ultimo Atto, ??/??/????

George, Isa, Charles, Rebecca, Will and Massimiliano head for one final assault on the final location owned by the mob. Lots of tense and emotional moments are had, and people become vampires.

Awaken!, ??/??/????

Sandra, Dana, Evan and Hans head to Ragusa, Sicily in search of a Bishop who's been performing miracles. They have a run-in with the remnants of the mob from New York, a being known as THE CREATOR rises once more, and Sandra burns down a historical heritage site.

Shattered Dynasty, ??/??/????

Team SEED (Shawn, Evan, Edith and Dana) head to Venice and meet up with GOC to deal with THE CREATOR. THE CREATOR gives them a game to play and fun is had as they meet a bunch of locals who give them various challenges. The team contains a magical bracelet, and THE CREATOR skedaddles.

Federation Farce, ??/??/????

Kit, Ethel and Evan head to West Berlin where the GOC has again tracked down THE CREATOR. They kill some things in a concert hall, fight a telekinesis-using conductor and find out what the bracelet does. They also get a nifty cross and get to have a quick chat with THE CREATOR.

Defend Your Honor!, ??/??/????

Ethel, Kit, Lacey, Joseph and Hayden head to France where they find out they must defend their position in a train station from waves of monsters. Lots of murder and sadness ensues, and the team gets a nifty sword from some jerk.

Stone Ocean, ??/??/????

Evan and Lacey head onto a ship meant to take them to Egypt, but they encounter some rather nasty stowaways, namely The Prophet and The Guru. Will and Ethel get para-dropped in, The Prophet's prophecy comes true and The Guru is taken into containment.

Fear The Sphere, ??/??/????

George encounters a sphere surrounded by smoke in front of the cafeteria.

Memes, Internet and Noscopes, ??/??/????

It's April's fools day, yet Psi-7 isn't celebrating, it appears. A reality bender from the future pops in to see if he could spice things up, but he didn't expect the people of the time to be so stubborn. Memes are still funny, are they not?


A Bloody Retort, ??/??/????

In the first run of the year, Psi-7 are attached to a Bleeding Court offensive against the Shining Court. Lives are lost, spells are cast and shit hits the fan in numerous ways.

XP Awarded: 4 per player, 1 bonus for Jo and Sophia

Something Wicked This Way Comes, ??/??/????

Psi-7 are sent to locate some missing soldiers from the Shielding Court's Long Patrol. Things go downhill in short order.

XP Awarded: 4 per player

Tattered Fates, ??/??/????

Description of run/event/etc.

XP Granted: 4 per player

Audience with the Drowned, ??/??/????

Psi-7 are invited to the Drowning Court with the intention of convincing them to join the Bleeding Court in the war effort.

XP Granted: 2 per player

Prepare to be Boarded, ??/??/????

Psi-7 become pirates as they raid a Laughing Court ship, and for the first time ever best a Screaming Rook in combat.

XP Granted: 4 per player

Like a Broken Record, ??/??/????

Psi-7 are sent to intercept a Laughing Court covert operation in the Bleeding Court. They, as usual, get more than they bargained for.

XP Granted: 4 per player

Missing Persons Case, ??/??/????

Psi-7 are sent back to the industrial hell of the Red Cages in search of the crew of the Rosebud.

XP Granted: 3 per player

Self Education, ??/??/????

Description of run/event/etc.


Marriage Counseling, ??/??/????

Psi-7 is sent to heal the broken bond of the married couple and their child. Only problem is that they're Yin, Yang, and Taoism.


Sweet Tweets, ??/??/????

Psi-7 have a nice little mine adventure with a bird friend. Or do they?

Persona: New Beginnings, ??/??/????

Sabina and Amelie have a peculiar adventure with tarot cards and their own Shadows.

E-5: Operation Rook, ??/??/????

Sophia finds that Jo's first operation as part of E-5 goes swimmingly.

Doors: The Beginning, ??/??/????

Dana has a bit of trouble getting a door to open.

The Operating Room, ??/??/????

Ellie and Muirenn find themselves in a strange place having to solve even stranger puzzles.

Going Fishing, ??/??/????

Muirenn finds out- in an especially grim fashion- that dollars can go a long way.


The Dead City's Radio, ??/??/????

Psi-7 is called in to scout out the source of strange radio signals, where they find a destroyed mining town full of alien war machines, corpses, and strange weapons. The team encounters a Nemoran marine squad, and assist them in returning throug ha portal, to their homeworld!


Papa Zombie, ??/??/????

Two words: Zombie Gators.

Pretty Faces on Parade, ??/??/????

Psi-7 receives a letter and a lot of masks. A fun time is had by those who can go drink and dance as much as they want, and information is found by those who weren't.

Temple Run, ??/??/????

Psi-7 is given the gear loadout of Indiana Jones, and sent into a ruined temple to face traps, spiders, skeletons, and worst of all the Curse of the Temple.

Airships Over Athens, ??/??/????

Psi-7 is sent on a not so anomalous art auction taking place on an airship floating over Athens, Greece, meets an ally, and discovers they have a new enemy.

Warehouse 51, ??/??/????

Psi-7 is sent to get information on a weird aircraft known as 25M3POC71972DR2, kill a few droids, and blow up a warehouse. Typical.

Gods of Men, ??/??/????

Psi-7 is sent to investigate a lab claiming to be able to turn humans into demigods, but not all goes as planned… for us or them.

Dauntless, ??/??/????

Amelie, Esther, and Mickey fall down the rabbit hole, follow the yellow brick road, blow up some sharks, and contain not only the bitchiest computer ever made, but a pair of flying monkeys and some Ruby Slippers. No wonder they were all so happy to get back to 77, there's no place like home.

Dragon Tales, ??/??/????

Amelie, Katya, Hans, and Garnett, are sent to Barcelona to contain a ruleo, truleo, dragon. Things are not burnt to the ground because a truck could be stolen.

Please, No Thank You, ??/??/????

Cait, Izumi, Hans, Giles, and Nesmah are sent to a creepy haunted island and a semi-corporeal being is punched repeatedly before being dispelled.

Witch Hunt, ??/??/????

The group is time warped back to a witch trial in 1655, where they meet a Witch Hunter General, who is not actually a Witch Hunter General, and contract the plague.

Siege at Gatterlan Keep, ??/??/????

What's more fun than a siege? A siege against anomalous death knights!


By The Pricking Of My Thumbs..., ??/??/????

Shen, Carson, and Floyd meet an incarnation of Death in the Site-19 forest, who tells them to find SCP-911.

A Forest Dark, ??/??/????

Carson, Esther, and Dana head to Pakistan to figure out what's what about reports of spontaneous brain death.

Midway On The Journey Of Our Life, ??/??/????

Evan and Amile fly to Atlanta to find SCP-158.


In the Lap of Luxury, ??/??/????

Psi-7 is sent to investigate an MC&D auction, and ends up having to pick up the pieces after a mass kidnapping at the event.

The Voice, ??/??/????

Psi-7 investigates a CotBG archaeological site, and gets more than they bargained for.

Shrimp Pummeling Competition, ??/??/????

Psi-7 gets sent to investigate an anomalous fighting ring, and ends up getting roped into a series of matches with people piloting giant shrimp mechas who apparently do not get how history works.

Pretty Lights in the Sky, ??/??/????

Psi-7 gets sent to investigate UFO sightings in northern Washington, try to find and analyze evidence relating to these UFOs, and devise a method of containment.

Flesh and Clay, ??/??/????

Psi-7 discovers a novel new variety of lycanthrope.


Wumpus Hunt, ??/??/????

In which Hayden, Martin, Cait, and Nicolaas are separated into pairs and must hunt a mazebeast! Or is the mazebeast hunting them?! Ends in the acquisition of a monkey, and 3 XP for all of the above. Except the monkey.

Ghosts of Christmas Past, ??/??/????

In which Ethel, John, Rolf, and Will take on a crusade led by an anti-pope. No one speaks Italian. It's awkward. 4 XP for most, 2 for John.


Remolded, Repurposed, ??/??/????

Aliens land on Earth and give people free robot bits. No one is happy with this. Also, they do weird shit with bodies. 2 XP for everyone.

A Mansion Full of Death, ??/??/????

A ruined house full of weird puzzles is explored, and an asshole helps Sue, Rolf, and Henry solve some of them. 3 XP for all involved. And the asshole gets a plot based around him and his archenemy. Neat.

This Devil's Workday, ??/??/????

Lou, Jill, and Sue learn an important lesson in lying and apologizing, courtesy of good old CHAOS, aka Christopher. Well, they more or less were tortured. 5xp for all involved.

Lunacy, ??/??/????

A run that took multiple tries to get done and was better for it. Charles, Vivan, Loche and Rolf go to the future on the Moon and boy does it suck. Like a goddamn high-powered vaccum cleaner. 6XP and clothes

Revolver Lancelot, ??/??/????

This run answered the age old question; what if guns were discovered way earlier? Well, kinda. Henry, Rolf, Fiere, and Colette all got 3 xp for shooting, convincing people they were wizards, and possibly securing an interdimensional alliance.

Eat The Lich, ??/??/????

A haunted house turns out to be really fucking haunted.

3 xp for Scott, Maple, Fiere, and Charles

DSJungeons and DSJragons, ??/??/????

The brave heroes Wisym, Fretha, Burga and Holew (Rolf, Scott, Colette and Irene) clear a construction site of treecrabs in VR. 3xp for all involved.

Re-clone-sion, ??/??/????

Cole, Irene, Tony, Graham, and Maple die a lot, mutate some, and have a real good time. 4 xp was given out.


Broken Bones, ??/??/????

The beginning of the CI storyline, three agents, Tennyson, Irene, and Fiere are sent to infiltrate a facility in Ghana, where they kill quite a few people before eventually finding the man they were looking for, Fynn. They proceeded to torture the information needed out of him before killing him. The next target on the list was discovered from this information. 5 XP for all involved

Red Rum, ??/??/????

Two agents, Rolf Vogel and Jonas Schindler, are sent to investigate paranormal activity in a Polish house. They find out that the house is haunted by a dybbuk, a ghost of a little girl who was killed, along with her family, by the current residents. This was commonly done during anti-semitic periods of WW2. Agents subdued the father, who was the murderer, and turned him into the police. The little girl wanted him dead. No happy endings. 6 XP for all involved

Test Simulation 1, ??/??/????

A new agent, trained in stealth and espionage by the name of John Stayton, is selected by the Foundation Anti-CI operatives to be used in a simulation in the Arena. The combat diagnostics from the opponents met in Ghana were used for the enemies encountered here. John had his spine sliced open before barely beginning the required retrieval mission.

Test Simulation 2, ??/??/????

John Stayton returns a second time, in order to retry the mission. This time, he is placed on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and manages to retrieve one item before his stomach is shot open by a CI agent protecting the second item.

Test Simulation 3, ??/??/????

John Stayton returns a third time, and is told in order to be allowed to participate again, he must bring another agent with him. He chooses to bring Graham Bryne. John is hit by a grenade early on, and taken off to be hanged in the gallows. Graham tries to save him, and both of them end up getting hanged, except John cuts himself free and leaves Graham there. John later dies from blood loss from his multiple shrapnel punctures.

Multiple GM/Players

The Scarred Man and the Sea, ??/??/????

Frederick and Carver visit another world, but Carver gets to stay longer and meet the lovely Lady Caroline and inscrutable Mr. Smith. Also marks the first three-way GMing in Origins history.

A Buzzing We Will Go, ??/??/????


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