Logs 2017


Been Drowned, 05/21/2017

The gang goes under Paris and meets some nice aquatic friends!
XP Granted: 4


Dreams of Industry, 02/11/2017

Oneiroi x Factory, a match made in heaven?

XP Granted: 3

The Fearless Won And The Heart Is Fallen, 06/02/2017

The Factory grants a wonderful dream to a Pastor and Psi-7 destroys it.

XP Granted: 2


Bat in the Belfry, 07/20/2017

Jacob receives a mysterious and horribly fake-sounding distress signal, catapaulting him, Tolly, Fiere, and Vivian on a rollicking adventure through a strange tower to rescue the cryptically cute Norberg - all while trying to figure out what his intentions (and species) might be.


The Heat Of The Sun, 02/04/2017

Kit goes to Egypt where she meets an old friend, makes new ones, finds a fancy shield and almost fucking dies. Blame Glacon.

Battle Tendency, 03/12/2017

Joseph, Sue, Jill, Ethel and Forrest visit Greece to appreciate the architecture and blow a portion of it up. They fight two of THE CREATOR'S minions - The Queen and The Prodigy - and

acquire The Glove. They also crash a plane.

Final Call, 03/18/2017

Psi-7 heads to Pompeii to face THE CREATOR for one last time.

Gone Guru, 03/13/2017

The Guru has finally spoken up and allowed himself to be interrogated, a job taken up by Lou and Joseph. They find out some things about what motivates him and THE CREATOR and Joseph does stand-up comedy.

Gone, Gone, Gone, 04/08/2017

The Guru breaks out of his cell during the final fight between Psi-7 and THE CREATOR. Hayden, Fierre and Aaron respond to an alarm in containment and come face-to-face with one of THE CREATOR'S most loyal minions.

Good Morning Alexandria!, 02/05/2017

Dana's listening to the radio in her office, when the station suddenly switches to a rather bizarre broadcast.


The Psi-7 Crown Affair - Art Team, 07/14/2017

Psi-7 splits up into two teams in order to infiltrate a fancy gala and art premiere. The art team tries to identify some anomalous art, but ends up unleashing a mythological beast. All in a day's work.

The Psi-7 Crown Affair - Infiltration Team, 07/14/2017

The infiltration team tries to do some sneaky work behind the scenes to heist some art. They end up starting a hostage crisis. Oops.


Sick, Sick, Sick, 31/05/2017

Psi-7 dies. It's up to them to un-die and a find a way back to their respective bodies after having their souls shot out of their corporeal forms. +2 XP for all.

A Favoured House Atlantis, 17/07/2017

After a spate of murders in Phoenix, Arizona, Psi-7 investigates a vendetta written out in darts to the chest and people drowned on dry land. +3 XP for all.

Keep Things Brief, 25/08/2017

Psi-7 are briefed on things. They can't not murder people then, either. +2 XP for all.

No World In Tomorrow, 04/08/2017

A run in the Arena goes strangely awry as the designated unreality of its simulation turns into a horrible encounter with a sick, broken, reality.


I Swear I'm Not Insane, 08/23/2017

Jonas and Eleanor (and for a few minutes, Hanna) were sent on a rescue mission to Noble Gardens, an asylum where Agent Tanya Kobalsky has been imprisoned. Hopefully, they can save her before she spills Foundation secrets.

XP Granted: 2 to all

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