Logs 2016


In God's Name, 06/03/2016

The gang journeys to Congo to celebrate Commander Connor Brickley's birthday party. Meanwhile, Shawn learns the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

XP Granted: 2

Cotes De Geneve, 06/17/2016

The gang heads to Geneva to see what kind of neat stuff the CIA and GRU have been up to lately. Meanwhile, Amelie becomes the pied piper.

XP Granted: 4

You'll Know It When It Happens, 07/07/2016

Kit, Kisann, Markus and Izumi go on a jolly romp to visit the Administrator. Meanwhile, Izumi tries out some new and exciting medical procedures on Markus!

XP Granted: 5

Under The Sea, 07/29/2016

The gang goes on an underseas adventure, brought to you by Dr. Wondertainment!

XP Granted: 4

Roboclowns From Wondertainment's House of Horror, 10/16/2016

The gang goes on a wild ride, brought to you by Dr. Wondertainment!

XP Granted: 4

Mr. Fish, 05/18/2016

Mr. Fish Comes to town.

XP Granted: 0

Spring Clean Your Clock, 06/06/2016

The gang has a lot of fun bouncing on the Super Bouncy Mattress™, exclusively from Dr. Wondertainment ®!!! Artyom comes and breaks up the fun, and does some Matrix stuff as well.

XP Granted: Zero

Markus Goes For A Night-Time Dip In The Sea, 06/06/2016

Markus practices his backstroke. Meanwhile, Garnett rolls around in the sand.

XP Granted: 0

Psi-7 Makes Sure This Glacier Never Sees Christmas, 12/21/2016

Three and Vieno hit the high seas. +2 xp and items(3 incendiary grenades) awarded

New Year Beard Time, 12/31/2016

Staneck, Hanna, Amelie, and Edith run into Baby New Year and Father Time. Beards are given to all but one.


Hospital - Harbinger, 22/01/2016

An Avatar of Brookhaven Hospital comes for a talk


Let Me Tell You About My Oni-Chan, 10/28/2016

PSI-7 Goes to Japan to fight an Oni, only to find that things are much more complicated than they seem.


Silly Psi-7! ____ Are For Kids!!, 01/06/2016

MC&D, The Factory, and a rescue mission by Dr. Wondertainment. This can only go well when you throw Psi-7 into the mix.

XP Granted: 2

The Sound of Pages Turning, 01/15/2016

Psi-7 try to get A Hero Is Born. Things are annoying.

XP Granted: 4

Shanty for Whale Sharks, 02/12/2016

Psi-7 catch SCP-1449…. or perhaps it's the other way around?

XP Granted:2

You Have Been Warned, 08/05/2016

An Oneiroi Entity warns them of an oncoming invasion.

XP Granted: 2

Dreams of the Dreams, 08/13/2016

A culmination of the last week's events results in a negotiation.

XP Granted: 2


It's Always Better, 01/17/2016

Kit, Marissa, Amelie, Artyom, and Elim go to find a missing, invisible shark. Turns out the shark was kidnapped by underwater science robots. Explosions ensue.

XP Granted: 2 to all

MoonWizardventures 2, 03/11/2016

Artyom, Shawn, Kit, and Giles are sent on a rollicking adventure through an active warzone to save a wrongfully imprisoned wizard, with help from their furry friend Seymour.

XP Granted: 4 to all

MoonWizardventures 3, 06/04/2016

Hanna, Amelie, Katya, Evan, and Martin head off to the high seas, to live a life of piracy! They're the only ones who can save the innocent village of BLOOD COVE, and by golly they're gonna do it.

XP Granted: 2 to all


Return to Troy, 03/21/2016

Artyom, Kit, Carson, Sophia, and Cait return to Troy 9 months after the red dome incident. The city has done poorly in recovering, and the cops are no help. They infiltrate a gang's hideout and defeat the big bad Taz with a rapier to the throat!

XP Granted: 4

City of Love, 04/03/2016

Amelie, Dana, and Piper go undercover in Rome as a slave owner, a slave, and a body guard. Amelie get's mind controlled but manages to super kill the red eyed man in charge. Now they have a body and a guard from the not so nice slave club.

XP Granted: 3

Red Threaded Stories, 06/30/2016

Evan, Katya, Sabina, and Joseph go spelunking in a cliff-side cave full of magic red crystals and a spider woman. She wove a great tale and they all went home happily ever after.

XP Granted: 2

Mindless Deals, 04/25/2016

After a week of mentally tormenting PSI-7, Asun finally brings his plans into play. He forces Sandra, Jeffery, and Katya to perform a ritual to open an Abyssal portal in his cell and escapes!


A Blunt Tool, 08/24/2016

Psi-7 are given power armour and break everything.

XP Granted: 3 per player


Close Encounters Of The Cold Kind, 01/19/2016

Psi-7 is sent to investigate a mysterious communications outage at a military base in the middle of the Nevada desert, to discover an alien incursion!

Burning Bridges, 01/23/2016

Psi-7 is tasked with shutting down a destructively unstable portal, but require the assistance of Kor'An, the previously contained alien commander, to access the portal generator. Sophia, as well, is branded as the herald of an alien goddess!


Lucky Charm, 01/31/2016

Psi-7 receives an interesting letter from somebody calling themselves "Nightingale" inviting them to come see a jewelry collection at a resort. Of course they can't just afford to buy it outright, so a heist is planned!


For Science, 03/06/2016

Psi-7 stealthily (yes, steathily) infiltrate a Prometheus Labs facility to steal a piece of paratech. In the process, they end up fleeing from lots of angry robots that are definitely not from the Incredibles.

Timeless, 03/12/2016

Psi-7 investigates a mysterious island that is stopped in time, only to discover to their alarm that what they thought was a Sci-Fi plot is actually a Cosmic Horror story.


Laugh is Fun, 08/11/2016

A mysterious, anomalous television program targets Gwen "Kit" Bowman, Sabina Rus, and Murata Izumi by not only displaying the gruesome torture of their dead loved ones, but also forcing them to survive a booby trapped common room for the entertainment of mysterious host, Laughy McLaugherson.

Multiple GM/Players

Crossing of Paths, 01/10/2016

Wilson and Dianne run into Katie in Medical and have a brief chat. Mostly logged for padri to see.

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