Logs 2015


I Have No Mouth and I Must Flee, 01/15/2015

Site 19 experiences an invasion from an unseemly group who aims to take away the thing that they dear most: Their employer.

XP Granted: 3 to all

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy..., 10/11/2015

The gang rescues Father Isaac Murphy from the evil Chaos Insurgency. Meanwhile, Sofia goes off her meds.

XP Granted: 2 xp, 3 for Nemi

The Pyongyang Connection, 11/29/2015

Psi-7 goes to North Korea!

XP Granted: 2 XP

Murphy's Law, 11/17/2015

Ethel, Thomas, and Artyom have a stern talking-to with Father Murphy. Meanwhile, Shawn learns the true meaning of christmas.

XP Granted: 2 for Ethel and Thomas, 3 xp for Artyom

GOC Blues, 01/20/2015

Books fly and people die.

Lesson Number One in Forestry Kids, 10/25/2015

Denton learns why we're quiet in the woods and Shawn hits a coyote with a hockey puck.

Pretty In Pink, 05/05/2015

Franklin and Maddie pull a prank on the GOC.


Psych Ward, 01/27/2015

Brookhaven Hospital acts up again, requiring agents to venture inside and face their worst fears.

Moranis strikes again, 11/05/2015



In Which gumbal1 Cannot Do a Run Without Interference from Real Life, 06/27/2015

An attempt to assassinate a public official goes awry when the summoning spell fails twice in a row because the GM was suffering from severe tooth pain/unplanned family bonding time. Thank god alliance with unknown contractors has great insurance for this sort of thing, or the Unseelie Cage would never have been finished.

XP Granted: 2, I think

SPIDERSNACK, 05/01/2015

Celebrate May Day with a [SPIDERSNACK]!

Nightmare, 06/20/2015

Protect them while you still have a chance.


Schadenfreude & Other Dreadful Feelings, 01/31/2015

The run in which Hermann leads the team into an old, derelict Nazi research base containing the infamous Die Glocke! Branko loses and arm and Harris recieves a sucking chest wound, but good times are had. Lisbet also recieves her new body and people get weapons!

XP Granted: ?

Friend or Foe?, 03/31/2015

Site-19 is infiltrated by a horde of androids that look like fellow agents! Psi-7 treads carefully as they have to determine who's real and who's not.


I Will Be Waiting, With Open Arms, 05/05/2015

Branko Silvinski is dead. But he still has something to say. And there's only one man who can hear him.


The Eater Bunny, 04/05/2015

Murray, Olga and Carver report to the storage area where a patrolman had reported strange sounds. Turns out it was the Eater Bunny.


Together Come The Darkness, 05/02/2015

Psi-7 is given a tip-off to some unruly teenagers with shit music, only to deal with eldritch Fifthism. All participants have been given a free ticket to the next Fifthist Shadow Cabal meet and greet.

XP Granted: 2

Tender Sugar, 05/15/2015

Psi-7 is given a tip-off to The Factory, which has made a pact with a little girl to forcibly resurrect Haitian sugarcane workers and force them to make candy. It goes pretty horrifically when Psi-7 realizes what's up.

XP Granted: 3

//scp-foundation-origins.wikidot.com/logs:youre-hired You're Hired!, 06/06/2015

Psi-7 are hired by an Oneiroi to clear a realm of eldritch beasts.

XP Granted: 2

Camp Eternal, 08/15/2015

Psi-7 fight an Oneiroi for children.

XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated


Reality Bender Training Session, 10/26/2015

Psi-7 learns all about reality benders, and how to deal with their reality bending

In Which The Ghost Sign Loses Its Pants, 05/27/2015

Won't anyone help a poor ghost find its missing pants?


School's-Out, 06/08/2015

In which Will, Shawn, Alim, Gwen and Gregory go back to school and everything is terrible.

XP granted: 3

Tear Down This Wall..., 08/10/2015

In which Artyom, Will, and Charles go into a spooky parking garage and have a friendly chat with John.

XP granted: 2

And to Reap, 09/09/2015

Voss sends the gang after body traffickers. Cue awkwardness, gunfights, horrifying implications, and Artyom getting shot. Again.

XP Granted: 4

Jaguar's Den, 12/01/2015

Artyom, Rebecca, Herschel, Will and Ethel head to Panama and then to the Caribbean in a wild and crazy adventure culminating in discussions of morality over flowers, shock collars and the application thereof, and also modern Jaguar Warriors beating everyone up. Oh, and Novavida and the Tear Drinkers are involved. Sariel loves you, and so does Her Lady.

XP: 3

Shedding Tears, 12/16/2015

Artyom, Rebecca, Ethel and Herschel head through the looking glass to enter SCP-093's world in search of a cure for Ethel and Rebecca's progressive mutations. They find it. They find a lot more, too, along with some very ominous hints at something looming in the future.

XP: 3


Dragonspies, 03/13/2015

Branko, Ayako, Artyom, Shawn, and Lis brave the frozen wilds to the Northwest of Banaganash in pursuit of an imperial encampment. Things get… scaly. Artyom takes more damage than should exist. Fun all around.

XP Granted: 3 to all

MoonWizardventures, 03/21/2015

Nyperius the wizard sends Artyom, Maxwell, Gerorge, and Martin on a magical quest to defeat an evil lich.

XP Granted: 4 to all

Attack on Dragon, 05/03/2015

Will, Artyom, Shawn, Ayako, and Branko team up with the dwarves of Mount Hrakk to fend off an army of invaders trying to release the lava wyrm buried deep inside the mountain. Things get… toasty.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Portal One - Wizardy Bullshit, 05/14/2015

Alim, Jack, Isa, and Danielle attend a fancy party and convince a drunken dwarf to let them use his magical portal. It's exactly as it sounds.

XP Granted: 2 to all

In Which Psi-7 is Thrown in Jail, 06/19/2015

Artyom, Alim, Kit, and Leonard are sent on a secret mission to infiltrate a maximum security prison and murder a rock.

XP Granted: 2 to all

I Keep Typing Silber, 07/03/2015

Kit, Isa, Marion, and Aaron head out to Niton, Nevada to steal silver from a mine. Because apparently that's easier than buying it. Special guest appearance by Studebaker.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Stalking Prometheus, 07/18/2015

Alim and Gwen follow around a suspected employee of Prometheus Labs in New York, wondering who in the hell puts fish on a bagel.

XP Granted: 2 to both


SandHeart, 11/22/2015

Psi-7 heads back to Patriarch for the third time to deal with a heart made of out of sandstone. Sandy times.

XP Granted: 2 to all


I Love You, 03/28/2015

A song of a love unfulfilled, and of a heart that cannot move on.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Racing Ratchets, 04/03/2015

Factories, constructs… and a race against a foe?

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs obtained: SCP-1713

Backpackers, 07/20/2015

Fishing information from the center of Louisiana.

XP Granted: 3 to all

Elora, 12/08/2015

Opening new doors involves closing old ones.

XP Granted: 4 to all

Runaway Royal, 12/17/2015

Even the highborn must sometimes run.

XP Granted: 2 to all

No Rest for the Dead, 04/01/2015

The dead have never rested, since the enemy uses their bones now.


No Animals Were Harmed, 02/08/2015

Ryan and Doug encounter some not so native wildlife and make friends with it the only way they know how. By splattering its brains on the floor. Repercussions ensue that not even the timely arrival of William can mend.

That's All Folks, 03/07/2015

Hermann, Jed, and Will realize just how engrossing television can be.


Life Begins at 10, 07/11/2015

George, Isa, Joseph and Kit, at Wilson's request, plunges head-first in the depths of the Puzzle Cube's 10th iteration. Whilst in there, they face three rather abstract challenges, all supposedly designed to test their bodies, their minds, and their souls, for better or for worse.

XP Granted: 2 to all

One of Four, 09/20/2015

In which Psi-7 deal with the latest iteration of the Puzzle System, a bunch of locals get slaughtered, some brainwashing occurs, and a powerful being gets stabbed with copious amounts of swords. Despite all this, more questions are left unanswered than anything else.

Silence is Deadly, 05/04/2015

Silence ensconces the site once again. But this time, the games of a dark child are at play, which Olga comes to learn first hand…

Silence is Playtime, 05/17/2015

Kailee and Isa are pulled into some creepy dimension of darkness and are forced to play tag with a creepy child, and Kailee is almost made into one of it's playthings, but is saved by the power of love.

Silence is Empty, 05/18/2015

Olga is beset upon once again, and finds herself quite literally a child's plaything, fading away into emptiness…

Silence is Submerging, 05/19/2015

Isa, Kailee, Olga, Jack, Marion and George get trapped in a shadowy forest with something dark out to get them. Isa is dragged into the ground and comes back a changed woman, a bunch of people climb trees, and emotional trauma and turmoil is had by all.

GG No Re, 05/23/2015

Leonard and Isa manage to bring the child into custody. Despite this, Isa does something she might regret later… or not.

Extraction, 05/27/2015

Vincent makes massive progress with the child, but this eventually leads to he and Gwen encountering something else entirely…

Little Pete, 01/05/2015

Cassino Spades returns to Site-19, and this time he brings a friend, much to the chagrin of Leonard and Victor.

Charlemagne's Revelation, 01/10/2015

Following the incident several days prior, Leonard has a talk with Jackal and Ace Hearts regarding the nature of their kind.

Sharp Tops, 01/28/2015

Maxwell and Wiley encounter a horrifying scene of card-related decapitation in the laboratory wing of Site-19, and try to calm down a terrified Wilson.

Can of Corn, 05/27/2015

A bunch of people shoot Joseph Spades, causing Cassino to officially declare war on the Foundation.

Nightmare Personified, 02/07/2015

Olga helps Wilson with his shared dream research, but things quickly take a dark turn…

Shadows Inbound, 02/15/2015

Carver's dreams are interrupted by a shadowy visitor…

Visions of Darkness, 02/16/2015

Wiley, having had a previous dream encounter with a certain shadowy figure, is shocked when said figure become a little more real…

Echoes of Darkness, 02/18/2015

Whilst recovering from an incident involving Zhyr in Medical, Olga, having been the first person to encounter a certain shadowy figure, learns that said dream are more real than she might've imagined…

Voices of Darkness, 02/19/2015

Wiley has a deeper encounter with the shadowy figure, and through what seems to be an act of God, manages to fight back it's attempt to consume him and bring itself into reality in his place.

Taste of Darkness, 02/20/2015

Maxwell has a brief but interesting encounter with the shadow figure.

Cause of Darkness, 03/05/2015

Wiley receives another visit from a shadowy figure.

New Arrival, 03/04/2015

A space-time flash dumps some random woman into Site 19.

Linked By A Blade, 03/06/2015

Megan, the time traveller, conveys some important information. Then Lacey discovers her connection to a present day member of staff.


Wrath of the Mosquito Queen- Evolutionary Boogaloo, 11/02/2015

Queen gets out, mosquitoes swarm shit, but this time there's a load of tunnels and a giant worm that explodes all over Wilson's smiling face. Nano's first proper run, rated X for Xtremely large bugs.

XP Granted: ?

Wrath of the Mosquito Queen - the Hatchening!, 02/12/2015

And lo the fruits doth ripen, and the locusts spread over ye land. Only the locusts are mosquitoes and Pierre, Lacey, Wilson and Tank aren't having any of this shit happen on their watch. Rated M for Mosquito.

Socklings, 03/02/2015

Someone has been ruining all the clothes on site. Lacey and Wilson investigate, and discover a terrifying secret that will shock Site 19 to its very core… sock eating goblins.


Banned, 05/03/2015

The reality bender returns and gets B&.

Italian Vampire Assasins, 13/07/2015

A couple of ITALIAN MOBSTER VAMPIRES try to infiltrate the Foundation to avenge Merzallo's death. Artyom's too fast for them, and they get their ass beat.

A Nice Date, 06/16/2015

Kit and Arty go on a date. Things are nice, until an ITALIAN MOBSTER VAMPIRE attacks.


Hate Thy Neighbor, 05/01/2015

Artyom, Kailee, Danielle, George, and Lacey travel to Vermont to investigate a rural town that has a serious cult problem. Things go normal, as normal as cult business goes, until Danielle manages to piss off the cult leader and everything descends into chaos. At the end of the night, there's one less cult leader and an escaped anomaly.

XP Granted: 4

Jokes on You, 05/26/2015

Lacey, George, Marion, and Artyom head to Quincy, Illinois to figure out the story behind a monster clown. They manage to anger local resident Kevin Camry before leaving him tied up and knocked out. Upon discovering the clown, a very awkward battle ensues until they realize Honkers is harmless. Honkers is taken to the site for containment.

XP Granted: 2

Hate Is a Strong Word, 06/01/2015

Lacey, Artyom, Voss, Larry, and Tank take a magical adventure to the land of Troy, New York where they enter a red barrier that's been causing the city trouble. They find refugees, a bike gang, and an orgy train before entering the police headquarters. Creed is revealed to be the big bad and is quickly disposed of and captured.

XP Granted: 4

Hate to See You Leave, 06/25/2015

It turns out the new recruits, Asun and Taz, are actually friends of Creed sent there to break him out. Many bullet shootings and stabbings happened, and two people die/almost die. All and all it was a pretty normal day.


Mrs. Fox Dies at the End, 05/17/2015

Psi-7 gets sucked into a washing machine, does favors for sock people, rescues the queen, and discovers a Way to the Library. A main plot run.

XP Granted: 4 to Shep, Voss, Gwen, Shawn, and Randall.

The Dying Town and the BIRD, 06/20/2015

Isa, Marion, and Wilson receive strange gifts, witness the horror of the INVERTED BIRD, and fix the weather. Also, Iowa is terminally boring.

XP Granted: 2 to Isa, Marion, and Wilson.

The Coast, 07/06/2015

The gang finds a magical hideaway and bickers with a man who is immune to bullets. Colonel Bennett doesn't get a flame sword.

XP Granted: 2 to Isa, Marion, Colonel, Charles, and Joseph.

The Turkish Candidate, 01/18/2015

Some dorks convince a professor to give them some paper, then win over a Russian guy.

XP Granted: +3 to Emil, Sophia, May, and Sandra. A main plot run.


Duct Tape Fixes Nothing, 05/21/2015


XP Granted: 2

Bell, 05/27/2015


XP Granted: 2


Welcome to Recuvila, 07/15/2015

Psi-7 goes on an expedition into the new dimension and deals with their politics.

The Dark Spirit, 07/07/2015

After Chuck's encounter with a talking fox, he is questioned by a containment specialist who turns out to be the very thing he was warned about.

The Fox and the Spirit, 07/11/2015

When the commons is visited by the mysterious fox, Isa and Marion are told to send information to Dr. Lehman who turns out to be not who he seems.

The Other Side of the Coin, 07/21/2015

Psi-7 goes back to Arletha to meet Rohne at his Airship to get his side of the story.

Leo and the Princess, 07/23/2015

Leo is visited by the beautiful princess of Arletha, but of course, their little meeting is interrupted by a certain spirit.

Marion and the Fox, 07/13/2015

Marion decides to visit the Fox in containment where they learn more about it and the spirit.

Cultural Introduction, 07/20/2015

Advisor Roanoke visits Site 19 bearing some gifts… and secrets.


The Dungeon Crawl, 07/13/2015

Psi-7 finds out where the 8th Day has holed itself up, but there's a catch in the takedown: No guns. Introducing the Dungeoneering Party of Arty the Rogue, Will the Fighter, Sofia the Paladin, Gwen the Cleric, Leo the Ranger, and Kit the Duelist. Oh, and traps. Traps everywhere.

The Dungeon Crawl: Boss Fight, 07/13/2015

Continuing on from The Dungeon Crawl. Swords flashing, and bows nocked, Psi-7 fights a dragon. No more traps, no more trickery. Just good ol' fashioned combat. And fire everywhere.

Russian for the Goal, 07/28/2015

Psi-7 takes a field trip to Siberia to recover a powerful SCP object. However, they find out that they're not the only ones who are looking to recover the anomaly. GRU-P, UIU, and 8th Day oh my.

The 8th Day Announces Itself, 07/08/2015

The 8th Day announces its presence to Psi-7. Things rapidly go sour when Psi-7 learns what they have to say.

Gwen Meets Her Father, 07/14/2015

Gwen likes her shiny. But she thinks she likes her new father even more.

Join the Party, 07/31/2015

Gwen gets a visit from Father, but it looks as though someone wants to tag along. Join the party, Charles.


Bearer of Bad News, 08/24/2015

Arytom, Wilson, Lacey and Arthur are sent to San Francisco to follow up on leads regarding the Laughing King.

XP Awarded: 3 per player

A Shattered Warrior, 08/28/2015

In which Artyom, Cait, Marion, Gwendolyn and Wilson slay a Knight, and Cait engages in a WIZARD DUEL.

XP Awarded: 4 per player, 1 bonus for Cait

Guardian of the Court, 09/02/2015

Psi-7 faces down their first Silent Rook, and the cavarly arrives in the form of MTF Lambda-9 Iconoclasts.

XP Awarded: 4 per player, 3 bonus for Cait for keeping everyone alive (Rog let me do it)

The Crows Circle, 09/27/2015

Psi-7 are sent to England to investigate a reported disturbance, believed to be connected to the Laughing Court. Waiting for them is something else…

XP Awarded: 3 per player

Watcher in the Night, 11/07/2015

Psi-7 are sent to investigate rumours in a small California town. There they meet an old aquaintance, and some cultists. They also run afoul of something foul, and an agent loses their life…

XP Awarded: 4 per player, +1 to Artyom

Sealed in Blood, 11/15/2015

Psi-7 is sent to the Bleeding Court to strike up an alliance with the Bleeding Court. After some diplomatic showing-off, the deal is brokered, but the proceedings are interrupted by a new foe…

XP Awarded: 3 per player

Show of Arms, 12/04/2015

Psi-7 are sent to Praecordia to test out some Bleeding Court weaponry, and to learn more about their military capabilities and the politics of this world. They are interrupted however, but a number of forces. The Judging Court warns them of impending assassination, the Whispering King is discovered, and the Dreaming Queen attacks…

XP Awarded: 3 per player

Lies of Omission, 12/11/2015

Psi-7 are sent to deal for information with the Judging Court, the primary information-brokers in the world of the Courts. Discoveries are made, and an assassin strikes once again.

XP Awarded: 4 per player

A Herald's Message, 08/17/2015

An ominous laughter fills the base, leaving many agents with questions, and a name.

The Laughing King awakens.

Know Your Enemy, 08/25/2015

In which Artyom, Shawn, Andy and Victor make friends with a simulation of a Silent Knight.

Courts 101, 10/20/2015

Cait begins her education with the Bleeding King, and the King has an interesting proposition for Cait…

Origins Logs, 10/24/2015

Following Cait's success in transcribing Bleeding Court spells, Psi-7 is asked to test them out on an experimental weapons range. The results are impressive, and Psi-7 adds a new weapon to its arsenal against the Laughing Court.

Magical Combat Test, 10/30/2015

Psi-7 is once again asked to test the spells Cait has transcribed, but this time in the Arena against various Court entities, to great effect.

A King's Mission, 11/24/2015

Arthur is contacted by his patron and given a risky task to perform.

Reassurance, 11/25/2015

Cait's health is failing, but the Bleeding King won't let his student die whilst he can help it.


The Rest Of You, 11/14/2015

Psi-7 is sent to investigate a portal and end up somewhere veeery different.


Power Hungry, 12/28/2015

Psi-7 goes to save some kids and then things go very wrong very quick.

Multiple GM/Players

The Shitstorm, 01/22/2015

An attempted GOC poisoning goes down the toilet.

train-wrekt, 02/10/2015

Branko, the Bionic Russian Bear, meets Cardan Zhyr, the Mysterious Super Soldier. Glacon decides to have some fun and the everyone at home temporarily lose their minds, if they had any to begin with

The Chokening, 03/12/2015

It started with a bagel and ended with a coffee demon. Glacon should also burn in hell.

A Particularly Eventful Night, 03/19/2015

Site-19 plays host several strange guests. Their intentions are their own, yet they all seem to share something in common. Perhaps a mystery for another night.

What Happens at Site 19, Stays at Site 19, 06/05/2015

After some ill advised bets gone awry, Leonard and Wilson are forced into an uncomfortable situation by their peers.

Silence is Dank, 06/29/2015

It's epic comeback time for Memeguy, who fights the power that is the Traveller in this exercise in plot welding by Hank and Wix.

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