Logs 2014


Eye spy, with my little eye..., 01/04/2014

Jacob, Harlay, Harlan, Luvi, Gordon and Jason are dispatched to Pennsylvania, to pick up an anomalous humanoid named Iris. Once they manage to wrangle her, General Bowe makes a very interesting offer…

XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated

SCPs recovered: SCP-105

Dave Shot the Sheriff, 01/10/2014

When the newest member of Home Improvement gets a vision from the Navigator, it seems like it will be a simple job. But after they face a foe of ENOCHIAN proportions, it turns out that the true enemy lies within. That's to say, Dave goes crazy and just shoots a cop. Just shoots the guy. And then he gets drugged. But hey, they got some soap.

XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated

Duck. Pawnd., 01/20/2014

What should have been a relaxing visit to SCP-765 goes awry when Wilson gets kidnapped by agents of Marshall, Carter, & Dark! A rescue mission is launched, several people are shot, some buildings (and Luvi's fedora) burn down, and a good time is had by all.

XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated!

SCPs encountered: SCP-765

Trains, Planes, and Disgusting Filth, 02/07/2014

Wilson, Luvi, Laura, Dan, Murray, Lis, Danielle, Heinrich and Jacob take a plane to Virginia in order to retrieve a supposed anomaly on a train full of scientists. Mass Confusion ensues.

XP Granted: 3 to all

SCPs retrieved: SCP-682

The End Of The Tour, 03/16/2014

Bowe dies, and an ancient sumerian god does his thing

XP Granted: 2 xp to all


Psi-7 goes to Nevada to investigate weird things, and finds more weird things. Wow!! Hoober!!

XP Granted: 2


The crew are teleported to a secret soviet science sin-stallation on the surface of the moon, only to find a lack of communists and a surplus of trashcans.

XP Granted: 2

Upswing Of Disorder, 06/13/2014

Psi-7 journeys to what they think will be an evaluation of a damaged site, which turns out to be a dangerous race against the clock as they try to escape the clutched of SCP-106, and then the Insurgency, led by an old familiar foe…

XP Granted: 4 xp to all who participated

Let's Kill Hitler!, 06/22/2014

The gang decides to take a trip back to the Fuhrerbunker, circa 1945, and while they're in the neighborhood, they pop off to end the life of the despised General Bowe. Featuring Iris as a useful plot device, and a very angry Kevin.

XP Granted: 4

Bait and Switch, 07/13/2014

An attempted deep cover reconnaissance mission inside the headquarters of the Chaos Insurgency ends badly.

XP Granted: 2

Pinball Wizard, 09/08/2014

Psi-7 has a jolly old time in which they play pinball and nothing goes wrong.

XP Granted 2

In Which Scantron Is Permitted To Title The Logs However He Wishes, 11/05/2014

Psi-7 encounters some robots… with sexy results!

XP Granted: 2

Bobble's Surveillance Silliness, 01/01/2014

Tyler watches everyone's favorite clown make death threats, and the UNIVAC spits up on Jacob. These two things are related.

Bring on the Dancing Horses, 01/17/2014

Iris, as well as SCP-230 is revealed as an official member of Omega-7. Bowe gives a demonstration, which doesn't sit well with Psi-7. Abe looks for the Administrator afterwards, but finds only mystery.

You Make My Dreams Come True, 02/10/2014

On a night when bad dreams become a screamer, when they're messin' with the dreamer, SCP-990 comes to town.


Dollhouse, 08/29/2014

Tragedy and horror are found in a hospital that should not exist.

XP: 3 to Branko, Gavran, Matt and Wilson

Maternity Ward, 11/13/2014

Psi-7 is sent back into Brookhaven hospital, with dire and terrifying consequences.

XP granted: 2 to all

How it Always Starts, 08/19/2014

Wilson dreams of things to come.

Very Small, 08/22/2014

A series of events begins to escalate.

Escalation, 08/25/2014

A series of events approaches breaking point.

First Trimester, 11/02/2014

Not even half a dozen hours after a massive containment breach, a wing of Medical is taken over by pregnant field operatives. Adrian, Randall and Hermann deliver a demon-child and Containment Security is terrifying.


All Your Fault, 01/24/2014

Psi-7 is called out once again to the town of Saltville, New York, this time to deal with a crisis involving a church, a casino, a farmhouse, mysterious fog, and beings that are allergic to silver. Kendall, Pauline, Sam and Sean decide to take on the problem head-on, while Daniel, Hill, Jacob and Zoe learn that having fun (and saving the day) isn't hard when you got a library card!

XP Granted: 2.5 XP to all who participated!

"What Is It With New England and Fish Cults?", 02/13/2014

Psi-7 travels to the fishing village of Chestershire after a Navigator vision of a rock. They soon get tangled up in a mess involving a fish cult, and learn a valuable lesson: never trust a demon avatar or its creepy possessed ship.

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs recovered: SCP-283 (SCP-1245 encountered)

Oh Deer, 02/22/2014

The spybug problem gets out of hand, forcing Psi-7 to go into the maintenance tunnels to search for the cause. Inside they are greeted with hives, bones, bugs, and a priest to a Saturnian entity. They bring back a crying man from their endeavor.

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs destroyed: SCP-439, a copy of an instance of SCP-363, SCP-1710

Sugar in Saltville, 03/07/2014

Psi-7 returns to everyone's favorite nexus to investigate a flower cult. Except, instead of anachronistic hippies, they find the central meeting grounds of the Children of the Unseelie Queen, who proceed to summon their Queen into our world. Woops!

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs obtained: SCP-032

The San Morgan Horror Show, 03/09/2014

Psi-7 is sent to the town of San Morgan, Texas to investigate what appears to be a minor anomaly. Turns out it really isn't.

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs obtained: SCP-939

Special Containment Procedures, by Whales, for Whales, 03/27/2014

The team goes to investigate an underground bunker suspected of housing an AI. They run into the cult of the Whale King a second time, this time on much friendlier terms.

XP Granted: 2

SCPs obtained: SCP-2677 punchcards

Schoolhouse Shock, 04/19/2014

Psi-7 travels to a schoolhouse in the abandoned city of Dorner, Ohio to stop a cult. There, they find dead cultists and the Father of All the Sea, who only lets them live if they agree to leave. They leave.

XP Granted: 2 to all

420 praise it piglet, 07/18/2014

The Foundation gets on good terms with a cult for once, while also awakening a primordial demon.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Operation: Bugger Ewe, 08/09/2014

Psi-7 sinks to a new low.

XP: 2, 3 to Susan

The Stupidly Annoying Spybug, 02/18/2014

The TV in the commons is screwed with once more, this time by a rather loud malfunctioning spybug prototype.

The Deal of the Mantis, 02/22/2014

Luvi gets an odd message and later discovers where spybugs come from.

Thrift Shop Window Dickens, 12/14/2014

On the first day of Christmas…

Everything Went, 12/15/2014

On the second day of Christmas…

Krampus is Hungry, 12/16/2014

On the third day of Christmas…

Questioning the General, 02/23/2014

The Grand General of the Nineteenth Spybug Legion is interrogated by Luvi and Randall.

The Final Hive, 02/23/2014

Gerald Smith never truly was safe.

Fever Dreams, 07/19/2014

What is there in a dream but yourself?


Ultra Sexy, M'kay?, 02/14/2014

In this special Valentine's Day run, Psi-7 gets called out to San Francisco to deal with an anomalous 'working woman' in North Beach. In the process, they come across a diabolical facility, and learn something about the task force that could shake it to its very core!

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs recovered: SCP-1972-A, SCP-484

008 Hundred Hours, 02/28/2014

Psi-7 is sent to a small town in Ohio to recover a missing agent. However, someone is expecting them, and as a result, the mysterious Mr. X flings them forward 21 years in the future to the post-apocalyptic time of 1976! There, they must fight off zombies in order to collect a cure! Featuring a special guest appearance by a certain little girl who's not so little anymore…

XP: 3 to all

Actor Without a Role, 03/23/2014

Dan, Emily, Harlan, Harley, Jack and Randall all take a trip to Tinseltown hoping to get star struck… only to find a star struck down! They're on the case as they try to solve the death of several small-name actors in Hollywood, and in the process, rewrite film history!

XP Granted: 4 due to length of run

SCPs obtained: SCP-878

SCPQR, 04/04/2014

MTF-Psi-7 gets a call from a night club in New York where two of their own are planning to launch an army and sack the city! Along the way, they'll have to contend with imprisonment, a bitter God, and one of the agents nearly getting their eyes ripped out! Will they make it out?

XP Granted: 3 to all

SCPs obtained: SCP-453

Vector-Victoria, 04/27/2014

Four member of Psi-7 are deployed to a town in the Pacific Northwest to investigate an unusually large amount of disease among the town's populous. Along the way, something sinister reveals itself…

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs obtained: SCP-353

Saber-Toothed Chameleons, 05/15/2014

Lis, Dan, Randall, and Serge are deployed on a forest operation to determine the source of an oddly localized weather formation, which turns out to be a bad trip. Anomalies go haywire, the crew is attacked by karma, and everyone almost dies.

XP Granted: 4 to all

A Simple Training Mission, 05/25/2014

What is supposed to be a simple romp into fiction goes awry when someone switches out the training manuscript for a comic book!

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs involved: SCP-826

(Great Balls of) Fire In The Sky, 06/20/2014

Four Psi-7 agents are sent out to Memphis, off the books, by a seemingly insane Foundation scientist who is known for alien conspiracy theories. In Memphis, they find out just how right the man is, and furthermore, they save Rock and Roll as we know it!

XP Granted: 2 to all

Town of Mustard and Lies, 08/19/2014

Psi-7 goes on an excursion to France after reports of strange sightings come in.

XP Granted: 2 to all

On Unfair Grounds, 10/30/2014

Jacob breaches containment on Halloween night and sends the team on one of the most terrifying missions yet.

XP Granted: 3 to all

I've Got Good News. That Skip You Like Is Going To Come Back In Style, 11/30/2014

Psi-7 investigates strange deaths in Dual Pines, Washington. Danielle and Zoe jump out of plane, Kevin and Roy detonate a Nuke, and Adrian disguises the fact that he's a traitorous bastard.

XP Granted: ?

Happy Birthday Vivienne, 02/18/2014

SCP-1972-B has a little surprise for Site 19, and Jessica in particular. Turns out that this officer of the law is pregnant!

Golden City Issue #1: To The Window!, 07/15/2014

Hermann and Danielle oops shit up, with the help of SCP-826.


Within Firing Range, 10/20/2014

The team is sent to a mysterious island to battle an evil Soviet doctor. They end up blowing up the island and getting a tank.

XP Granted: ?

Gol Dang Wizards, 07/19/2014

Lisabet contains an artificial wizards staff and fends off a group of wizard police. Gavran shoots an ice wizard and becomes crippled as a result. Of course, Ben saves the day when he runs in, axe blazing.

WAAAAARRRR!!!, 08/20/2014

Lisbet becomes a Samurai, Douglass a Union general, Adrian an officer of the British empire, Emily a Spartan Queen, and Olga a Polish Princess and Roman Senator.

What Lies Below, 08/04/2014

Wilson falls off of a stool and leaves inmates to die in a hole to be eaten by some squid thing. Also, we meet the Kevin Winsthrope of the penal system.

Disarmed, 11/01/2014

Hermann tries out a new drug on Wilson's arm, only it doesn't go quite as planned. Just as all hope seems lost Kevin Winsthrope (Reluctantly) shows up (And then all hope is really lost) just in the nick of time to save the day.


Best, Finest Surgeon, Come Cut Me Open, 03/01/2014

Psi-7 is contracted by a vague, yet menacing government agency to investigate and possibly curtail a series of surgically-precise murders happening in West Berlin. John gets his shit pushed in by Klaus the Angry Maintenance Man and nobody gunshoots on a run for the first time in Origins history!

XP: 2 to all

SCPs contained: SCP-542

Come Sail Away, 03/30/2014

It's all hands on deck as Psi-7 sets out to the Great White North to solve the mystery of a ghost ship drifting unmanned off the Newfoundland coastline. However, once aboard, they find a lot more than what they were bargaining for…

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs obtained: SCP-276, SCP-140

Prelude: Grassroots Campaign, 07/11/2014

Katie, Natalya and Jacob go on a daring nighttime raid with the assistance of a vague yet menacing government agency to disrupt the growth of a terrorist cell hell-bent on overthrowing the US government with anomalous technology. It starts out pretty well, then gets worse.

Catching Lightning In A Jar, 07/13/2014

Pauline gets her hands on a new piece of captured technology, and someone loses half a lifetime's worth of research and experiment data. He really should have seen it coming.

Let Them Alone, 02/28/2014

The cold war between Psi-7 and General Bowe reaches its nadir when Kevin embodies the credo of the Foundation: "While the rest of mankind dwell in the light, we must stand in the darkness to combat it."


Survivalism, 08/08/2014

Psi-7 visits a small town on a recovery mission that goes terribly south. Good news: Gavran got his legs back. Bad news: Psi-7 interrupted a deities attempt at bringing salvation to the innocent and in the process, killed four of those innocent people, due to a miscalculation by Adrian. The deity warns Psi-7 about a coming rapture, where even Branko's hugs cannot save the day.

XP Granted: 2 to Adrian, Hermann, Branko, and Gavran.

Trapped in a Closet, 07/25/2014

Danielle, Hermann, Branko and Gavran are sucked into the commons' broom closet, which turned out to be the big dark room o' human guinea pig tests conducted by the NotMessiah. Gavran is licked by a big tiger, Danielle meets her mother one last time, and Hermann angers the NotMessiah and dooms the entire oopsing planet, which Branko tries to redeem with a SUPER BIIIIIG HUG! It doesn't work.

Catalyst, 03/01/2014

Frederick finally relates his worries whilst in the woods with Marge. It is here where he realises what must be done.


Somebody's Watching Me, 01/18/2014

SCP-303 makes a visit, and spooks everyone. Pauline and Ivan come up with a plan so terrible it is actually baffling, and folks get trampled. Katie puts up a bunch of stickers, and Ivan finally smiles!

What's That, Girl?, 01/24/2014

The television in the Commons has been stuck airing episodes of Lassie for a while now. While most assumed it was some bizarre quirk of rural broadcasting, nobody suspected anything more sinister. Until it came for them. Also, Luvi killed Laura's husband or something.

Anomallama LSD, 01/26/2014

Laura and Hill make some LSD, and go dose some anomalous Llamas. The entire site goes on a trip, until Serge saves the day!

Luvi Gets a Beatdown, 01/21/2014

Luvi keeps on running his mouth. It's a really bad habit.


The Final Frontier, 01/08/2014

The group goes down to the storage area and finds they've been employed to go scout out some aliens planets for some weird red orb or something. After mingling with the locals, they have to make a hasty retreat as a certain star comes to ruin their day-trip out.

XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated

SCPs encounted: SCP-1548, Old SCP-087

The Dichotomy Of Good And Evil, 01/29/2014

As planets burn and stars die, the Foundation is shown the reason why.

Psi-7 travels to a Commonwealth weapon demonstration put on especially for them. Stars are turned nova and planets literally vanished in the most violent of fashions. Peaceful applications of the weapons technology are shown, but this is unconvincing. The Commonwealth then shows the reason why the weapons were created.

XP Granted: 2 XP to all. 1 extra for Laura and Ivan.

The Windmills of Luvi's Mind, 01/24/2014

The Commonwealth orbs make Luvi a deal. His memories in exchange for his body.

NOTE: These events occur at the same time as All Your Fault and almost immediately following The Windmills of Luvi's Mind

Quantum, 03/28/2014

Hill accidentally spreads himself across all of space and time. He's not dead. Time's a matter of semantics. Lived, living, will live. Dead, dying, will die. Luckily, he finds the condition wonderful.


Hebrew in the House of Mouse, 01/09/2014

Edvin, Gordon, Harlan, Luvi, and Jacob are called out to California by an ally of the Foundation to investigate sabotage at an under-construction theme park. Featuring an appearance by the "great" Uncle Walt himself!

XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated

SCPs recovered: SCP-1030

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, 01/16/2014

173 gets out, and then things get serious. Luvi gets his ass handed to him, Tyler attempts to impress Susan by building a tarp, and Harley, unfortunately, does not die. One day…

XP Granted: 2 XP to all involved

Disneyland Part Deux, 07/23/2014

Psi-7 arrives in Walt Disney Studios to meet a very irate Mr. Disney who has lost control over his new park thanks in part to zealous "imagineers" who found God… in the form of a big metal box thingie. After a romp through an airfield, human sacrifice, and Pauline getting crushed to death, SCP-882 was dismantled and taken back to Site-19 for containment as well as one prisoner.

SCPs involved: SCP-882

XP Granted: 2 to Serge, Elanor, Hermann, Quinna, Jacob

Intercom Chats, 01/10/2014

Luvi and Harlan conduct interviews with 230 and 1030, respectively.


But Dave did not Shoot the Deputy, 01/11/2014

Luvi, Ivan, Monday, Edvin, and Harlan are called to deal with a few teenage mages screwing with reality. After apprehending one, they fall into a hole, leading to a strange universe. On the way, Luvi shoots a local who shoved him.

XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated

Canons infiltrated: Rat's Nest

---W A K E ;ѕℓeep \\ dream, 04/02/2014

In which a big world is found in a tiny apartment, and the Foundation shows a little mercy for a woman in a bad way.

XP Granted: 3

Where The Sun Sets Forever, 05/20/2014

In which Psi-7 takes the subway. It is marginally worse than the usual New York City subway ride.

XP Granted: 2

SCPs Contained: SCP-342


Elrich Royalty, 01/13/2014

The SCP Foundation PA system keeps sending out weird, potato-related commands and the entire mess hall is potato oriented. Susan, Sam and Luvi discover that the PA office has been taken over by sapiant, psionic vegetables who want to assert their rightful rule over Earth. After Luvi is made into their temporary serf Susan acts quickly to get the veggies into greenhouse containment! Also Harley Newclear was mind-oopsed by HR into becoming an educational filmstrip savant.

XP Granted: 1 to Proto_Lost, Ihp, ZombieRaptor and Jabonicous

Part of Vivax's plot to introduce more Wanderer's Library things. YAY.


Psi-7 Hits the Playground, 02/03/2014

Wilson, Dan, Luvi, Harley, Laura, Harlan, Lis, Serge and Sean (oh my) are sent on a cryptic bus trip to run-down New York City.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Dr. Gornovich and the Improvised Men, 02/17/2014

Psi-7 takes a trip to the Empire State Building, and find a mad scientist in the midst of sinister experiments. People argue with a shouting telephone, Dave tries to become a god, all kinds of people shoot duct tape monsters, and Jacob is the only one who does something reasonable, although it still ends in explosions. Things end with Dave wooing a night security guard and ice cream!

XP Granted: 2 to all, 1 extra to Jacob for being sensible.

SCPs destroyed: SCP-086

Psi-7 And the Great Mailman in the Sky, 07/03/2014

A crazy run where Psi-7 finds a desert outside New York, meets up with a giant cuddly insect and almost gets the worst tour in the world.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Animals!Origins, 02/18/2014

The staff of Site 19 are involved in a very hairy situation. A situation that can only be solved… by EagleGuard.

Animals!Origins Part 2, 02/18/2014


A Grand Adventure, 02/08/2014

Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we're partisans of liberty, then it's our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can.

XP Granted: 2 to all

No Time Like The Present, 06/15/2014

In which the Foundation's little-est agent goes missing, indefinitely.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Animals!Origins 2: Containment Boogaloo, 02/19/2014

In which a bird is an incredible pain in the ass and once again turns all of Site-19 into animals. The threat is contained and everyone gets their opposable thumbs back.


Fun In The Sun, 02/11/2014

Serge, Susan, Luvi, Matt, and Jon all head out for a slice of Suburbia, until a sundial transports them to Southern France during WWII. Thank heavens they didn't have to deal with that suburbia thing.

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs recovered: 961

UNderLondon, 02/16/2014

Kevin, Lis, Danielle, Matt, and Luvi go out for a day in Hyde Park, to investigate reports of mysterious figures assaulting locals. What they find, however, is the glorious city of UnLondon, designed to save the world from destruction.

SCPs Investigated- SCP-1678

XP Granted: 2 to all

Darkness In Space, 04/18/2014

Psi-7 is zapped into space, Abe is dragged off by dinosaurs, and nobody can see a goshdarn thing.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Barry the Blob, 01/31/2014


Goodbye Barry, 01/31/2014

Hill creates life in the laboratory, an adorable little blob named Barry. But things don't always work for him, and Ivan, Kevin, Hill and Luvi witness the death of little Barry.

Faust, 03/09/2014

Elanor arrives back on site, and decides to make some kind of deal with the devil… With the devil.

Stop! Hammertime, 01/30/2014

Wilson finds and kills a sentient hammer, then goes all Frankenstein and rescues it. The two hammer away the hours in bliss.

I Have No Mouth..., 03/20/2014


And I Must Scream, 03/20/2014


Identity Crisis, 01/31/2014

Riemann and padri switch nicks, Hill and Laura get crazy(er)

Walden's Fate, 02/02/2014

Kevin learns a valuable lesson about Thoreau, courtesy of Luck and Fate.

Walden's Fate 2: Walden Harder, 05/11/2014

Danielle has a terrible sense of good literature.


Mirror, Mirror- What the Hell is That?!, 02/12/2014

An abandoned town. A bizarre festival. An insectoid being. A hall of mirrors. And most terrifyingly of all, kebabs. The members of MTF-Psi-7 face all these horrors and more in the quaint resort town of Thorson's Falls, Wisconsin. Will they survive? Tune in to find out!

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs recovered: SCP-093

Flames of Knowledge, 07/22/2014

Psi-7 is sent on a search and rescue mission when Frances Evergreen mysteriously disappears from Site 19!

XP Granted: 2 to all but Susan, who gets 3.


Spiders Vs. Ants: The Crater, 02/14/2014

Luvi, Laura, and Matt are drawn to The Steaming Crater Formerly Known as Abe's Hovel and discover a tale as old as time: giant monsters slugging it out in a sea of flames. There's a fight, Laura emulates Dr. Manhattan, they meet an archmage, blah blah blah CS Lewis everyone gets home safeish. Yay!

XP Granted: 2 to all

In the Realm of the Forest God, 02/21/2014

Laura, Kendall, Basile, Frances, and Heinrich go through a portal with a helicopter crew. They see lots of things, including a Centaur named Basil. Also, all most of the Spiders and Ants are dead gone now. Yay!

XP Granted: 2 to all

Into the Frozen North, 11/01/2014

Billy, Serge, Maria, Lloyd, and Branko go on a rollicking adventure in the wilds north of Banganash. Rock falls, survival is used, and bear becomes shoe. All in all a cool time.

XP Granted: 5 to all

Spiderventures, 02/07/2014

Luvi puts his spidervestigative skills to the test, and winds up in over his head.

Megaspider Attacks!, 02/15/2014

Shit gets really real really fast when a 32 foot spider finds the site.

Stealing is Wrong, 02/08/2014

Fred has a no good very bad day, and fails to learn anything about right and wrong.

Into Banganash, 03/22/2014

Jack, Jacob, Laura, and Lis are drawn through a mysterious cave and into a snowy place, and a city called Banganash.

Quest - Moolinok Massacre!, 05/02/2014

Lis travels with some brave adventurers on a secret dwarf shipment cart, which is ambushed by some Goblinoids.

Quest - Mechatrori Mammoth Melee!, 05/18/2014

Jacob leads the crew to the plains Northwest of Banganash, where they meat up with Bjorr Erivanstaff and the Men-Who-Wear-Too-Much-Red, who take them on a hunt for marvelous mechanagical mammoths.


I Will Not Sing in Class, 02/18/2014

Psi-7 is sent to a small town in Vermont after hearing reports about a haunted school. A kid turns to ash while a crazy teacher keeps them in the school till Dan takes action.

XP Granted: 2 to all

My Cure is Most Effective, 03/03/2014

Psi-7 heads to London as reports of strange deaths and zombie-like people reach the ears of the Foundation. Kendall persuades some people to give her info and SCP-049's knee caps get destroyed.

XP Granted: 2 to all


The Dark Harvest, 03/21/2014

Johnathon, Danielle, Jacob, Abe, and Jack visit a school, fight some emo occult kids, and locate a super computer made of human flesh!

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs obtained: SCP-763

The Grand Masquerade, 04/12/2014

Elanor, Elijah, Phoebe, and Kristie, have a fun time at a MC&D masquerade, and no one's limbs are taken apart

XP Granted: 3 to all

SCPs obtained: SCP-913

Three Blind Mice, 04/25/2014

Psi-7 go to a completely normal town with beheadings, scotsman- er, lady, and a shitty flyer.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Eat Better: Eat Fellows, 02/22/2014

In which the gang learns to eat well, and that some people can not out run beans.


Spiders Libraries and Lexicons, 03/31/2014

Psi-7 travels to a mysterious town to find a library suffering from "Fire damages". It's just unfortunate that the fire is actually a large mechanical spider.

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs obtained: SCP-1326


Into the Beggar's Bosom, 07/21/2014

Psi-7 takes a weird adventure into New York City's underground system.

XP Granted: 2 to all

SCPs obtained: SCP-184

Hidden Depths of Sin, 11/16/2014

Psi-7 explores a derelict laboratory complex, and begin to discover some horrific undertones in the name of research…

XP granted: 2 to all

Backstab, 12/02/2014

There are no such thing as allies.

XP Granted: 2 to all

Egress, 12/05/2014

Psi 7 is sent out to provide aid to some mythical creatures in need. Ambushes, tanks, and major bloodloss follows.

XP Granted: 2 to all


Fun For The Whole Family, 11/04/2014

Danielle, Jacob, Ivan, Lloyd, and Adrian get trapped in an abandoned amusement park, hunted by an unstoppable entity. But there's something weirder going on than haunted coal miners…

XP Granted: 3 to all

Down the Rabbit Hole, 06/04/2014

Wilson's poorly executed science-ing has created a new mold. Too bad it's melting through the facility's concrete, leaving giant gaping holes in its wake. To make matters worse, the more it melts the more it releases a hallucinogenic mist. Maybe if Danielle stops freaking out, Wilson and Kevin can come up with a solution in time to keep it from burning into containment.

A Mad Tea-Party, 09/02/2014

Branko and Wilson share a strange dream.


Taking What's Mine, 10/02/2014

Olga awakens to a fogged land where finger grabbing, hand stabbing, and child nabbing reign supreme.

Dr Savage

Randall's Transformation, 04/19/2014

Description to be added.


Silence is Golden, 08/03/2014

An eerie silence washes over the site. Alarm buttons are pressed and the PA system is hijacked before normality reasserts itself, and everyone ends up with an earful of French profanity.

Blackjack Hearts, 11/26/2014

The mystery of the trading cards is finally resolved, and the Foudnation gets a couple of very colourful guests.

Heart of Knives, 12/03/2014

Site-19 gets another card related visitor as part of what is apparently a rescue mission.

Heckle and Jeckle, 12/19/2014

Theresa and Jane witness an incursion, which begins to shed some light on the relations and situations of the playing card people.

The Nut Low, 01/15/2014

Cassino and Joseph Spades pay Site-19 yet another visit, this time to deliver an ill fated message. They did not however, expect such a brutal encounter with everyone's favourite Russian Bear.

Labyrinth of the Mind, 11/15/2014

Billy, Roy, Wilson, Olga (who quickly departs), Doug (who departs even more quickly) and Emily experience the most complex shared dream yet (potentially due to the number of people present).


Losing Our Heads!, 11/02/2014

Steve is back, and he brought friends! And by that, I mean not friends who are ghosts and headless horsemen and want to kill people and eat anomalies and all that. But hey, all a day's work for the Foundation staff.

Multiple GM/Players

The Snowwoman and the Sea, 02/05/2014

A shellshocked Wambles is found wandering Site 19, suffering from a bad case of saltwater. The problems only intensify when Katie is threatened by a mysterious myth.

The Bridge, 02/15/2014

The gang is transported to a mysterious world filled with literally just this one bridge. It's weird. They fight some things, and make it back in the end, after spooning a unicorn. Lots of fun for all involved. Plus triple GM smack-down, which is cool.

XP Granted: 2 to all

The Animals of Site 19, 02/17/2014

Canada!Goose learns a valuable lesson about life as an animal.

Presence of Mind(s), 02/18/2014

Laura is angry, and Serge, while stretching his anomalous muscles, decides to see what's wrong. This leads to a two way mental exploration in which the two characters' thoughts and feelings on a number of subjects are revealed.

A Truly Momentous Occasion, 02/18/2014

In which Kevin and Fran have a Tender Moment. Real talk is had, Fran reveals her secret to controlling her anxiety problems, and everyone's least favorite gunslinging asshole Brit shows a heretofore-unseen side of himself. Some say Kevin's heart grew three sizes that day…

Octosocks, 03/05/2014

Lis, as is tradition, has become a woman, receiving her womanhood socks in the mail. But what will happen next?

Doug's First Ventures Into Origins, 05/30/2014

Douglass Ibel eats some bad Garlic Snaps, and demands some pizza, which gives him food poisoning. This is his first day here.

Katie Has a Gun, 05/30/2014

In which Billy and Roy teach Katie a valuable lesson in gun safety, traumatize her, and get latrine duty in the same day.

THE BEATDOWN: Sapkowski vs. Ibel, 07/27/2014

Olga BEATS THE LIVING PISS outta someone that poses a threat to her and her dear Natalya.

The Dynamo's Last Stand, 02/21/2014

Frederick wants ice cream, and Dan's willing to let him in on a secret…

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