Logs 2013


Run Two-Thinking Outside the Box, 12/27/2013

The sentries spotted something lurking around the edge of the site, and Sarah, Gordon, Jacob, Aleksandr, and Tyler go out to investigate. It's a cardboard box. Two cardboard boxes. That hunger for blood. Perhaps it's just the dark forest, but they have a pretty hard time with it. Featuring a guest appearance from Harlan as the guy who literally ties things up at the end, and yet another spooky note!

XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated!

SCPs recovered: SCP-647

Run Three- The Most Magical Swamp on Earth, 12/28/2013

Harlan receives a vision from the Navigator, sending the Task Force on a luxurious vacation to sunny Orlando! By luxurious, we mean thrown out of the back of a Boeing at altitude to land in a swamp, by vacation we mean life-or-death battle with tacky lawn ornamentation, and by sunny we mean at midnight, with a fog cover. But hey, at least they get to meet Bob Dole (and later assassinate his character by implying that he engages in real estate fraud). Home Improvement also might have inspired Disneyworld, so that's certainly something.

XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated!

SCPs recovered: SCP-1507

Butt Why?, 12/31/2013

Harlan, Tyler, Luvi, Jacob and James have a spot of trouble when Harlan suddenly begins emitting a powerful laser beam from his… posterior. After a series of cat-ass-trophic events in which Harlan becomes the butt of the joke, he's finally relieved when it squeaks out, allowing Dr. Blumen to examine dat ass.

XP Granted: 1 XP to all who were involved.

SCPs encountered: SCP-2001-J

Spooky Goings On 2: Ectoplasmic Boogaloo, 12/26/2013

Jacob gets scared out of his wits by… something.

IC Opens, 12/22/2013

This is the beginning of all RP in Origins!

Containment Demo, 12/22/2013

The Administrator shows what the Foundation has.

A Chat with the General, 12/29/2013

General Bowe explains his vision for the Foundation to Jason.


Spooky Goings On Around Site 19, 12/26/2013

Gordon and Tyler go to space!


Gordon Plays Billiards, 12/26/2013

A friendly game of challenge and skill.

XP Granted: N/A

Multiple GM/Players

Death of Conrad, 12/31/2013

Tyler puts down Conrad, and much mourning is had.

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