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First run!, 12/23/2013

The team is split in two! Zachariah, Wambles, Gordon, Sarah and Harland go one way, to investigate the town of Saltville and the mysterious Joe, while Abe, Jacob, Elanor, Harlan and Paulina try to stop some snakes believed to be wrought from Lucifer himself!
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated!
SCPs recovered: SCP-815, SCP-458

Run Two-Thinking Outside the Box, 12/27/2013

The sentries spotted something lurking around the edge of the site, and Sarah, Gordon, Jacob, Aleksandr, and Tyler go out to investigate. It's a cardboard box. Two cardboard boxes. That hunger for blood. Perhaps it's just the dark forest, but they have a pretty hard time with it. Featuring a guest appearance from Harlan as the guy who literally ties things up at the end, and yet another spooky note!
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated!
SCPs recovered: SCP-647

Run Three- The Most Magical Swamp on Earth, 12/28/2013

Harlan receives a vision from the Navigator, sending the Task Force on a luxurious vacation to sunny Orlando! By luxurious, we mean thrown out of the back of a Boeing at altitude to land in a swamp, by vacation we mean life-or-death battle with tacky lawn ornamentation, and by sunny we mean at midnight, with a fog cover. But hey, at least they get to meet Bob Dole (and later assassinate his character by implying that he engages in real estate fraud). Home Improvement also might have inspired Disneyworld, so that's certainly something.
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated!
SCPs recovered: SCP-1507

Butt Why?, 12/31/2013

Harlan, Tyler, Luvi, Jacob and James have a spot of trouble when Harlan suddenly begins emitting a powerful laser beam from his… posterior. After a series of cat-ass-trophic events in which Harlan becomes the butt of the joke, he's finally relieved when it squeaks out, allowing Dr. Blumen to examine dat ass.
XP Granted: 1 XP to all who were involved.
SCPs encountered: SCP-2001-J

Bobble's Day Out, 01/03/2014

MTF-Psi-7 is dispatched to an abandoned television studio, to try and recover the transmitter which hijacked Site-19's common room. What they get is hours of madhouse fun, as the insane clown toys with them for his own amusement. It's super spooky wooky.
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who finished.
SCPs suppressed: SCP-993

Eye spy, with my little eye..., 01/04/2014

Jacob, Harlay, Harlan, Luvi, Gordon and Jason are dispatched to Pennsylvania, to pick up an anomalous humanoid named Iris. Once they manage to wrangle her, General Bowe makes a very interesting offer…
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated
SCPs recovered: SCP-105

Dave Shot the Sheriff, 01/10/2014

When the newest member of Home Improvement gets a vision from the Navigator, it seems like it will be a simple job. But after they face a foe of ENOCHIAN proportions, it turns out that the true enemy lies within. That's to say, Dave goes crazy and just shoots a cop. Just shoots the guy. And then he gets drugged. But hey, they got some soap.
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated

Duck. Pawnd., 01/20/2014

What should have been a relaxing visit to SCP-765 goes awry when Wilson gets kidnapped by agents of Marshall, Carter, & Dark! A rescue mission is launched, several people are shot, some buildings (and Luvi's fedora) burn down, and a good time is had by all.
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated!
SCPs encountered: SCP-765

Trains, Planes, and Disgusting Filth, 02/07/2014

Wilson, Luvi, Laura, Dan, Murray, Lis, Danielle, Heinrich and Jacob take a plane to Virginia in order to retrieve a supposed anomaly on a train full of scientists. Mass Confusion ensues.
XP Granted: 3 to all
SCPs retrieved: SCP-682

The End Of The Tour, 03/16/2014

Bowe dies, and an ancient sumerian god does his thing
XP Granted: 2 xp to all


Psi-7 goes to Nevada to investigate weird things, and finds more weird things. Wow!! Hoober!!
XP Granted: 2


The crew are teleported to a secret soviet science sin-stallation on the surface of the moon, only to find a lack of communists and a surplus of trashcans.
XP Granted: 2

Upswing Of Disorder, 06/13/2014

Psi-7 journeys to what they think will be an evaluation of a damaged site, which turns out to be a dangerous race against the clock as they try to escape the clutched of SCP-106, and then the Insurgency, led by an old familiar foe…
XP Granted: 4 xp to all who participated

Let's Kill Hitler!, 06/22/2014

The gang decides to take a trip back to the Fuhrerbunker, circa 1945, and while they're in the neighborhood, they pop off to end the life of the despised General Bowe. Featuring Iris as a useful plot device, and a very angry Kevin.
XP Granted: 4

Bait and Switch, 07/13/2014

An attempted deep cover reconnaissance mission inside the headquarters of the Chaos Insurgency ends badly.
XP Granted: 2

Pinball Wizard, 09/08/2014

Psi-7 has a jolly old time in which they play pinball and nothing goes wrong.
XP Granted 2

In Which Scantron Is Permitted To Title The Logs However He Wishes, 11/05/2014

Psi-7 encounters some robots… with sexy results!
XP Granted: 2

Burninating the Countryside/All the Peasants/Thatched roof cottages 01/07/2015

The GOC takes members of Psi-7 to an operation as part of a cross-institution learning experience. A shack is burned and Susan gets angry.
XP Granted: 2

I Have No Mouth and I Must Flee 01/15/2015

Site 19 experiences an invasion from an unseemly group who aims to take away the thing that they dear most: Their employer.
XP Granted: 3 to all

Climbing The Walls, 2/22/2015

Psi-7 is sent to the heart of Prometheus Labs to nab some swanky new tech…
XP Granted: 4 to all

End of the Rope, 4/30/2015

Psi-7 goes on a testrun of a teleporter, and it all goes horribly wrong.
XP Granted: 2 for all

All Is Quiet On The Western Library Part 1, 5/30/2015

Psi-7 goes to get the Admin back…

All Is Quiet On The Western Library Part 2, 5/30/2015

But with dire consequences…
XP Granted: 10 for all

Long Live The King, 6/12/15

Psi-7 is sent to protect Elvis Presley from freaky goings-on.
XP Granted: 3 XP for all

One Last Punch For The Road, 9/26/15

Psi-7 is going to punch some sharks.
XP Granted: 3 XP for all

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy..., 10/11/2015

The gang rescues Father Isaac Murphy from the evil Chaos Insurgency. Meanwhile, Sofia goes off her meds.
XP Granted: 2 xp, 3 for Nemi

The Pyongyang Connection, 11/29/2015

Psi-7 goes to North Korea!
XP Granted: 2 XP

Murphy's Law, 11/17/2015

Ethel, Thomas, and Artyom have a stern talking-to with Father Murphy. Meanwhile, Shawn learns the true meaning of christmas.
XP Granted: 2 for Ethel and Thomas, 3 xp for Artyom

Rope-a-Pope, 3/13/2016

The gang goes to their first Mass. Meanwhile, the GOC play with some blood they found under a rock.
XP Granted: 3xp

The One That's On A Boat, 4/18/16

Psi-7 takes the "clandestine" out of "a clandestine mission," but manages to come away with documents pertaining to the Red Army and the Tsar's Key.
XP Granted: 2 for Dex and Vivian, 3 for Ellie and Amelie.

The Virgin Lands Campaign, 05/18/2016

The gang heads to the Russian steppe to find out if they can unlock the Tsar's Key Meanwhile, Colonel Xueyo finds out the true meaning of friendship and landmines.
XP Granted: 4

In God's Name, 06/03/2016

The gang journeys to Congo to celebrate Commander Connor Brickley's birthday party. Meanwhile, Shawn learns the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
XP Granted: 2

Cotes De Geneve, 06/17/2016

The gang heads to Geneva to see what kind of neat stuff the CIA and GRU have been up to lately. Meanwhile, Amelie becomes the pied piper.
XP Granted: 4

You'll Know It When It Happens, 07/07/2016

Kit, Kisann, Markus and Izumi go on a jolly romp to visit the Administrator. Meanwhile, Izumi tries out some new and exciting medical procedures on Markus!
XP Granted: 5

Under The Sea, 07/29/2016

The gang goes on an underseas adventure, brought to you by Dr. Wondertainment!
XP Granted: 4

Roboclowns From Wondertainment's House of Horror, 10/16/2016

The gang goes on a wild ride, brought to you by Dr. Wondertainment!
XP Granted: 4

Been Drowned, 05/21/2017

The gang goes under Paris and meets some nice aquatic friends!
XP Granted: 4


Spooky Goings On 2: Ectoplasmic Boogaloo 12/26/2013

Jacob gets scared out of his wits by… something.

Bobble's Surveillance Silliness, 01/01/2014

Tyler watches everyone's favorite clown make death threats, and the UNIVAC spits up on Jacob. These two things are related.

Bring on the Dancing Horses, 01/17/2014

Iris, as well as SCP-230 is revealed as an official member of Omega-7. Bowe gives a demonstration, which doesn't sit well with Psi-7. Abe looks for the Administrator afterwards, but finds only mystery.

GOC Blues, 01/20/2015

Books fly and people die.

Du-du-du-daaaaa!, 8/30/2015

Superduperheroes come to save Site-19!

Lesson Number One in Forestry Kids, 10/25/2015

Denton learns why we're quiet in the woods and Shawn hits a coyote with a hockey puck.

Whack A Mole, 11/2/2015

Psi-7 learns they have a mole problem.

Mr. Fish, 05/18/2016

Mr. Fish Comes to town.
XP Granted: 0

Spring Clean Your Clock, 06/06/2016

The gang has a lot of fun bouncing on the Super Bouncy Mattress™, exclusively from Dr. Wondertainment ®!!! Artyom comes and breaks up the fun, and does some Matrix stuff as well.

XP Granted: Zero

Markus Goes For A Night-Time Dip In The Sea, 06/06/2016

Markus practices his backstroke. Meanwhile, Garnett rolls around in the sand.
XP Granted: 0

Spelunking under 77, 8/25/2016

There are ancient ruins under Site-77 and Psi-7 recovers some artifacts.

Psi-7 Makes Sure This Glacier Never Sees Christmas, 12/21/2016

Three and Vieno hit the high seas. +2 xp and items(3 incendiary grenades) awarded

New Year Beard Time, 12/31/2016

Staneck, Hanna, Amelie, and Edith run into Baby New Year and Father Time. Beards are given to all but one.


IC Opens, 12/22/2013

This is the beginning of all RP in Origins!

Containment Demo, 12/22/2013

The Administrator shows what the Foundation has.

A Chat with the General, 12/29/2013

General Bowe explains his vision for the Foundation to Jason.

You Make My Dreams Come True, 02/10/2014

On a night when bad dreams become a screamer, when they're messin' with the dreamer, SCP-990 comes to town.

Pretty In Pink, 05/05/2015

Franklin and Maddie pull a prank on the GOC.



Dollhouse, 08/29/2014

Tragedy and horror are found in a hospital that should not exist.
XP: 3 to Branko, Gavran, Matt and Wilson

Maternity Ward, 11/13/2014

Psi-7 is sent back into Brookhaven hospital, with dire and terrifying consequences.
XP granted: 2 to all

Psych Ward, 01/27/2015

Brookhaven Hospital acts up again, requiring agents to venture inside and face their worst fears.

Famine, Part 1, ??/??/????


Dollface, 5/29/2015

Psi-7 goes to investigate some dolls.

A baaaaad situation, 19/6/15

PSI-7 visits a land where the animals are the people and the puns are everywhere.

Old Mans Endgame 7/7/15.

PSI-7 races to save Kit from the clutches of an abomination, while it tries to force her to be its pet.

Hospital Run: Research Ward

2/9/15 Kit, William, Cait and Artyom venture into the Hospital once more and discover what happened to Wills hand, as well as gaining the attention of the hospital itself.

Hospital: Revelations

Welcome Back

4/22/16 Katya, Will, Kit, Piper, and Amelie all learn that the Hospital is back in town. Bad TimesTM ensue.


5/6/2016 The team deals with a cult with the help of an old ally and a baby

Slaves To The Hypnoboat

9/9/2016 The team deals with a hypnoboat. Dammit hypnoboat.


11/11/16. The team ventures deem into the woods in search of a missing friend, only to find that these woods are more than they seem.

Hospital: Finale

29/06/18. The Hospitals tale reaches its conclusion, featuring Cait, Jo, Joseph, Renaine and Cole, as well as a site assault, an unlikely team up or 2, and nostalgia. It's been fun, Origins, thanks for playing my story.


How it Always Starts, 08/19/2014

Wilson dreams of things to come.

Very Small, 08/22/2014

A series of events begins to escalate.

Escalation, 08/25/2014

A series of events approaches breaking point.

A New Toy, 8/28/2014

Wilsons dreams hit breaking point.

First Trimester, 11/02/2014

Not even half a dozen hours after a massive containment breach, a wing of Medical is taken over by pregnant field operatives. Adrian, Randall and Hermann deliver a demon-child and Containment Security is terrifying.

Moranis strikes again, 11/05/2015


Kids!Origins strikes again, ??/??/????


Hospital - Harbinger, 22/01/2016

An Avatar of Brookhaven Hospital comes for a talk

Hospital dreams: Katya, 5/30/2016

Katya dreams of the Hospital
XP Granted: 0

Old Mans Fall, 25/6/16

The old man meets his end, and Kit is restored, but at what cost?

Hospital Revelations, 15/2/18 The Hospital uses the team to advance its position



All Your Fault, 01/24/2014

Psi-7 is called out once again to the town of Saltville, New York, this time to deal with a crisis involving a church, a casino, a farmhouse, mysterious fog, and beings that are allergic to silver. Kendall, Pauline, Sam and Sean decide to take on the problem head-on, while Daniel, Hill, Jacob and Zoe learn that having fun (and saving the day) isn't hard when you got a library card!
XP Granted: 2.5 XP to all who participated!

"What Is It With New England and Fish Cults?", 02/13/2014

Psi-7 travels to the fishing village of Chestershire after a Navigator vision of a rock. They soon get tangled up in a mess involving a fish cult, and learn a valuable lesson: never trust a demon avatar or its creepy possessed ship.
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs recovered: SCP-283 (SCP-1245 encountered)

Oh Deer, 02/22/2014

The spybug problem gets out of hand, forcing Psi-7 to go into the maintenance tunnels to search for the cause. Inside they are greeted with hives, bones, bugs, and a priest to a Saturnian entity. They bring back a crying man from their endeavor.
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs destroyed: SCP-439, a copy of an instance of SCP-363, SCP-1710

Sugar in Saltville, 03/07/2014

Psi-7 returns to everyone's favorite nexus to investigate a flower cult. Except, instead of anachronistic hippies, they find the central meeting grounds of the Children of the Unseelie Queen, who proceed to summon their Queen into our world. Woops!
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs obtained: SCP-032

The San Morgan Horror Show, 03/09/2014

Psi-7 is sent to the town of San Morgan, Texas to investigate what appears to be a minor anomaly. Turns out it really isn't.
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs obtained: SCP-939

Special Containment Procedures, by Whales, for Whales, 03/27/2014

The team goes to investigate an underground bunker suspected of housing an AI. They run into the cult of the Whale King a second time, this time on much friendlier terms.
XP Granted: 2
SCPs obtained: SCP-2677 punchcards

Schoolhouse Shock, 04/19/2014

Psi-7 travels to a schoolhouse in the abandoned city of Dorner, Ohio to stop a cult. There, they find dead cultists and the Father of All the Sea, who only lets them live if they agree to leave. They leave.
XP Granted: 2 to all

420 praise it piglet, 07/18/2014

The Foundation gets on good terms with a cult for once, while also awakening a primordial demon.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Operation: Bugger Ewe, 08/09/2014

Psi-7 sinks to a new low.
XP: 2, 3 to Susan

I Don't Appear in Runs Anymore, 11/05/14

Psi-7 finally secures a primordial demon for containment. Yay!
XP Granted: 3 to all

I Fought the Law, 11/28/14

And the law lost.
XP Granted: 2

Psi-7 Goes Poaching, 04/24/15

Psi-7 tries out a tank for the second time, with predictable results.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Solar Flare, 5/16/15

Psi-7 botch a business transaction.
XP Granted: 3

In Which gumbal1 Cannot Do a Run Without Interference from Real Life, 06/02-06/27/2015

An attempt to assassinate a public official goes awry when the summoning spell fails twice in a row because the GM was suffering from severe tooth pain/unplanned family bonding time. Thank god alliance with unknown contractors has great insurance for this sort of thing, or the Unseelie Cage would never have been finished.
XP Granted: 2, I think


The Stupidly Annoying Spybug, 02/18/2014

The TV in the commons is screwed with once more, this time by a rather loud malfunctioning spybug prototype.

The Deal of the Mantis, 02/22/2014

Luvi gets an odd message and later discovers where spybugs come from.

Thrift Shop Window Dickens, 12/14/2014

On the first day of Christmas…

Everything Went. 12/15/2014

On the second day of Christmas…

Krampus is Hungry, 12/16/2014

On the third day of Christmas…


Questioning the General, 02/23/2014

The Grand General of the Nineteenth Spybug Legion is interrogated by Luvi and Randall.

The Final Hive, 02/23/2014

Gerald Smith never truly was safe.

Fever Dreams, 07/19/2014

What is there in a dream but yourself?

SPIDERSNACK, 05/01/2015

Celebrate May Day with a [SPIDERSNACK]!

Nightmare, 06/20/2015

Protect them while you still have a chance.



Ultra Sexy, M'kay?, 02/14/2014

In this special Valentine's Day run, Psi-7 gets called out to San Francisco to deal with an anomalous 'working woman' in North Beach. In the process, they come across a diabolical facility, and learn something about the task force that could shake it to its very core!
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs recovered: SCP-1972-A, SCP-484

008 Hundred Hours, 02/28/2014

Psi-7 is sent to a small town in Ohio to recover a missing agent. However, someone is expecting them, and as a result, the mysterious Mr. X flings them forward 21 years in the future to the post-apocalyptic time of 1976! There, they must fight off zombies in order to collect a cure! Featuring a special guest appearance by a certain little girl who's not so little anymore…
XP: 3 to all

Actor Without a Role, 03/23/2014

Dan, Emily, Harlan, Harley, Jack and Randall all take a trip to Tinseltown hoping to get star struck… only to find a star struck down! They're on the case as they try to solve the death of several small-name actors in Hollywood, and in the process, rewrite film history!
XP Granted: 4 due to length of run
SCPs obtained: SCP-878

SCPQR, 04/04/2014

MTF-Psi-7 gets a call from a night club in New York where two of their own are planning to launch an army and sack the city! Along the way, they'll have to contend with imprisonment, a bitter God, and one of the agents nearly getting their eyes ripped out! Will they make it out?
XP Granted: 3 to all
SCPs obtained: SCP-453

Vector-Victoria, 04/27/2014

Four member of Psi-7 are deployed to a town in the Pacific Northwest to investigate an unusually large amount of disease among the town's populous. Along the way, something sinister reveals itself…
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs obtained: SCP-353

Saber-Toothed Chameleons, 05/15/2014

Lis, Dan, Randall, and Serge are deployed on a forest operation to determine the source of an oddly localized weather formation, which turns out to be a bad trip. Anomalies go haywire, the crew is attacked by karma, and everyone almost dies.
XP Granted: 4 to all

A Simple Training Mission, 05/25/2014

What is supposed to be a simple romp into fiction goes awry when someone switches out the training manuscript for a comic book!
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs involved: SCP-826

(Great Balls of) Fire In The Sky, 06/20/2014

Four Psi-7 agents are sent out to Memphis, off the books, by a seemingly insane Foundation scientist who is known for alien conspiracy theories. In Memphis, they find out just how right the man is, and furthermore, they save Rock and Roll as we know it!
XP Granted: 2 to all

Town of Mustard and Lies, 08/19/2014

Psi-7 goes on an excursion to France after reports of strange sightings come in.
XP Granted: 2 to all

On Unfair Grounds, 10/30/2014

Jacob breaches containment on Halloween night and sends the team on one of the most terrifying missions yet.
XP Granted: 3 to all

I've Got Good News. That Skip You Like Is Going To Come Back In Style, 11/30/2014

Psi-7 investigates strange deaths in Dual Pines, Washington. Danielle and Zoe jump out of plane, Kevin and Roy detonate a Nuke, and Adrian disguises the fact that he's a traitorous bastard.
XP Granted: ?

The Light Of Five Suns, 18/2/2015

Harris, Wilson, Lacey and Victor are assigned to guarding a Mexican ambassador in a bunker. Then everything goes to shit, Victor gets hypnotized, Wilson gets shot, Harris punches a deity, and Lacey swears a blood oath.
XP Granted: 2 to all

The Abandoned Town, 5/4/2015

Branko, Danielle, Harris, Voss and Will are sent to a seemingly abandoned town in Iowa. Five enter, four leave.
XP Granted: 3 to All.

Take Them Out At The Ball Game, 30/5/2017

Edith, Hans, Sandra, Fiere, Charles and Kit play an All-Star Match of Maximum League Baseball as emergency substitutes for the Boston Red Shirts.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Read, Read, Deed, Dead, 21/7/2017

Rolf, Janelle, Graham and Vel travel to the British Museum to contain a "cursed" parchment from the Library of Alexandria, and pitch in to help as much as they can.


Happy Birthday Vivienne, 02/18/2014

SCP-1972-B has a little surprise for Site 19, and Jessica in particular. Turns out that this officer of the law is pregnant!

Golden City Issue #1: To The Window!, 07/15/2014

Hermann and Danielle oops shit up, with the help of SCP-826.

Un-Nomalous, 7/17/2014

Anomalies start failing around the site, and as a result, the whole thing devolves into chaos, confusion, and madness. Can anomalies ever return to Site 19?
XP: 1, by GM permission.



Within Firing Range, 10/20/2014

The team is sent to a mysterious island to battle an evil Soviet doctor. They end up blowing up the island and getting a tank.
XP Granted: ?

Schadenfreude & Other Dreadful Feelings, 01/31/2015

The run in which Hermann leads the team into an old, derelict Nazi research base containing the infamous Die Glocke! Branko loses and arm and Harris recieves a sucking chest wound, but good times are had. Lisbet also recieves her new body and people get weapons!
XP Granted: ?

Let Me Tell You About My Oni-Chan, 10/28/2016

PSI-7 Goes to Japan to fight an Oni, only to find that things are much more complicated than they seem.


Gol Dang Wizards, 07/19/2014

Lisabet contains an artificial wizards staff and fends off a group of wizard police. Gavran shoots an ice wizard and becomes crippled as a result. Of course, Ben saves the day when he runs in, axe blazing.

WAAAAARRRR!!!, 08/20/2014

Lisbet becomes a Samurai, Douglass a Union general, Adrian an officer of the British empire, Emily a Spartan Queen, and Olga a Polish Princess and Roman Senator.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway, 02/26/15

A large number of Psi-7 members meet some unusual guests who seem to be searching for something or someone. In usual Psi-7 style this ends up almost causing a second ice age

Friend or Foe?, 03/31/2015

Site-19 is infiltrated by a horde of androids that look like fellow agents! Psi-7 treads carefully as they have to determine who's real and who's not.


What Lies Below, 08/04/2014

Wilson falls off of a stool and leaves inmates to die in a hole to be eaten by some squid thing. Also, we meet the Kevin Winsthrope of the penal system.

Disarmed, 11/01/2014

Hermann tries out a new drug on Wilson's arm, only it doesn't go quite as planned. Just as all hope seems lost Kevin Winsthrope (Reluctantly) shows up (And then all hope is really lost) just in the nick of time to save the day.



Best, Finest Surgeon, Come Cut Me Open, 03/01/2014

Psi-7 is contracted by a vague, yet menacing government agency to investigate and possibly curtail a series of surgically-precise murders happening in West Berlin. John gets his shit pushed in by Klaus the Angry Maintenance Man and nobody gunshoots on a run for the first time in Origins history!
XP: 2 to all
SCPs contained: SCP-542

Come Sail Away, 03/30/2014

It's all hands on deck as Psi-7 sets out to the Great White North to solve the mystery of a ghost ship drifting unmanned off the Newfoundland coastline. However, once aboard, they find a lot more than what they were bargaining for…
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs obtained: SCP-276, SCP-140


Prelude: Grassroots Campaign, 07/11/2014

Katie, Natalya and Jacob go on a daring nighttime raid with the assistance of a vague yet menacing government agency to disrupt the growth of a terrorist cell hell-bent on overthrowing the US government with anomalous technology. It starts out pretty well, then gets worse.

Catching Lightning In A Jar, 07/13/2014

Pauline gets her hands on a new piece of captured technology, and someone loses half a lifetime's worth of research and experiment data. He really should have seen it coming.


Let Them Alone, 02/28/2014

The cold war between Psi-7 and General Bowe reaches its nadir when Kevin embodies the credo of the Foundation: "While the rest of mankind dwell in the light, we must stand in the darkness to combat it."

I Will Be Waiting, With Open Arms, 05/05/2015

Branko Silvinski is dead. But he still has something to say. And there's only one man who can hear him.



Survivalism, 08/08/2014

Psi-7 visits a small town on a recovery mission that goes terribly south. Good news: Gavran got his legs back. Bad news: Psi-7 interrupted a deities attempt at bringing salvation to the innocent and in the process, killed four of those innocent people, due to a miscalculation by Adrian. The deity warns Psi-7 about a coming rapture, where even Branko's hugs cannot save the day.
XP Granted: 2 to Adrian, Hermann, Branko, and Gavran.


Trapped in a Closet, 07/25/2014

Danielle, Hermann, Branko and Gavran are sucked into the commons' broom closet, which turned out to be the big dark room o' human guinea pig tests conducted by the NotMessiah. Gavran is licked by a big tiger, Danielle meets her mother one last time, and Hermann angers the NotMessiah and dooms the entire oopsing planet, which Branko tries to redeem with a SUPER BIIIIIG HUG! It doesn't work.

The Eater Bunny, 04/05/2015

Murray, Olga and Carver report to the storage area where a patrolman had reported strange sounds. Turns out it was the Eater Bunny.


Catalyst, 03/01/2014

Frederick finally relates his worries whilst in the woods with Marge. It is here where he realises what must be done.

The Most Meta Event Ever, 10/4/2014

Lloyd, Randall, Hermann and Lisabet break the 4th wall. Hello world.



Somebody's Watching Me, 01/18/2014

SCP-303 makes a visit, and spooks everyone. Pauline and Ivan come up with a plan so terrible it is actually baffling, and folks get trampled. Katie puts up a bunch of stickers, and Ivan finally smiles!

What's That, Girl?, 01/24/2014

The television in the Commons has been stuck airing episodes of Lassie for a while now. While most assumed it was some bizarre quirk of rural broadcasting, nobody suspected anything more sinister. Until it came for them. Also, Luvi killed Laura's husband or something.


Anomallama LSD, 01/26/2014

Laura and Hill make some LSD, and go dose some anomalous Llamas. The entire site goes on a trip, until Serge saves the day!

Non Canon

Luvi Gets a Beatdown, 01/21/2014

Luvi keeps on running his mouth. It's a really bad habit.



The Final Frontier, 01/08/2014

The group goes down to the storage area and finds they've been employed to go scout out some aliens planets for some weird red orb or something. After mingling with the locals, they have to make a hasty retreat as a certain star comes to ruin their day-trip out.
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated
SCPs encounted: SCP-1548, Old SCP-087

The Dichotomy Of Good And Evil, 01/29/2014

As planets burn and stars die, the Foundation is shown the reason why.
Psi-7 travels to a Commonwealth weapon demonstration put on especially for them. Stars are turned nova and planets literally vanished in the most violent of fashions. Peaceful applications of the weapons technology are shown, but this is unconvincing. The Commonwealth then shows the reason why the weapons were created.
XP Granted: 2 XP to all. 1 extra for Laura and Ivan.


Spooky Goings On Around Site 19, 12/26/2013

Gordon and Tyler go to space!

The Windmills of Luvi's Mind, 01/24/2014

The Commonwealth orbs make Luvi a deal. His memories in exchange for his body.
NOTE: These events occur at the same time as All Your Fault and almost immediately following The Windmills of Luvi's Mind


Quantum, 03/28/2014

Hill accidentally spreads himself across all of space and time. He's not dead. Time's a matter of semantics. Lived, living, will live. Dead, dying, will die. Luckily, he finds the condition wonderful.



Hebrew in the House of Mouse, 01/09/2014

Edvin, Gordon, Harlan, Luvi, and Jacob are called out to California by an ally of the Foundation to investigate sabotage at an under-construction theme park. Featuring an appearance by the "great" Uncle Walt himself!
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated
SCPs recovered: SCP-1030

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, 01/16/2014

173 gets out, and then things get serious. Luvi gets his ass handed to him, Tyler attempts to impress Susan by building a tarp, and Harley, unfortunately, does not die. One day…
XP Granted: 2 XP to all involved

Disneyland Part Deux, 07/23/2014

Psi-7 arrives in Walt Disney Studios to meet a very irate Mr. Disney who has lost control over his new park thanks in part to zealous "imagineers" who found God… in the form of a big metal box thingie. After a romp through an airfield, human sacrifice, and Pauline getting crushed to death, SCP-882 was dismantled and taken back to Site-19 for containment as well as one prisoner.
SCPs involved: SCP-882
XP Granted: 2 to Serge, Elanor, Hermann, Quinna, Jacob


Intercom Chats, 01/10/2014

Luvi and Harlan conduct interviews with 230 and 1030, respectively.



But Dave did not Shoot the Deputy, 01/11/2014

Luvi, Ivan, Monday, Edvin, and Harlan are called to deal with a few teenage mages screwing with reality. After apprehending one, they fall into a hole, leading to a strange universe. On the way, Luvi shoots a local who shoved him.
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated
Canons infiltrated: Rat's Nest

---W A K E ;ѕℓeep \\ dream, 04/02/2014

In which a big world is found in a tiny apartment, and the Foundation shows a little mercy for a woman in a bad way.
XP Granted: 3

Where The Sun Sets Forever, 05/20/2014

In which Psi-7 takes the subway. It is marginally worse than the usual New York City subway ride.
XP Granted: 2
SCPs Contained: SCP-342

Reverse Kidnapping, 11/23/14

Psi-7 helps kidnap an SCP from its cult.
XP granted: 2 to all.
SCP recovered: 2662

Dances With Vines 12/19/14

After some chaos with SCP-1100, Psi-7 returns heavily injured and with samples from their fight.
XP Granted: 2

Together Come The Darkness 05/02/2015

Psi-7 is given a tip-off to some unruly teenagers with shit music, only to deal with eldritch Fifthism. All participants have been given a free ticket to the next Fifthist Shadow Cabal meet and greet.
XP Granted: 2

Tender Sugar, 05/15/2015

Psi-7 is given a tip-off to The Factory, which has made a pact with a little girl to forcibly resurrect Haitian sugarcane workers and force them to make candy. It goes pretty horrifically when Psi-7 realizes what's up.
XP Granted: 3

You're Hired!, 06/06/2015

Psi-7 are hired by an Oneiroi to clear a realm of eldritch beasts.
XP Granted: 2

Camp Eternal, 08/15/2015

Psi-7 fight an Oneiroi for children.
XP Granted: 2 XP to all who participated

Silly Psi-7! ____ Are For Kids!!, 01/06/2016

MC&D, The Factory, and a rescue mission by Dr. Wondertainment. This can only go well when you throw Psi-7 into the mix.
XP Granted: 2

The Sound of Pages Turning, 01/15/2016

Psi-7 try to get A Hero Is Born. Things are annoying.
XP Granted: 4

Shanty for Whale Sharks, 02/12/2016

Psi-7 catch SCP-1449…. or perhaps it's the other way around?
XP Granted:2

You Have Been Warned, 08/05/2016

An Oneiroi Entity warns them of an oncoming invasion.
XP Granted: 2

Dreams of the Dreams, 08/13/2016

A culmination of the last week's events results in a negotiation.
XP Granted: 2

Dreams of Industry, 02/11/2017

Oneiroi x Factory, a match made in heaven?
XP Granted: 3

Sparkle And Shine ✨ Sequin And Glitter ✨ Hopes and Dreams, 5/20/2017

The Factory gave a wonderful dream to a child. Psi-7 destroys it.
XP Granted: 2

The Fearless Won And The Heart Is Fallen, 06/02/2017

The Factory grants a wonderful dream to a Pastor and Psi-7 destroys it.
XP Granted: 2



Elrich Royalty, 01/13/2014

The SCP Foundation PA system keeps sending out weird, potato-related commands and the entire mess hall is potato oriented. Susan, Sam and Luvi discover that the PA office has been taken over by sapiant, psionic vegetables who want to assert their rightful rule over Earth. After Luvi is made into their temporary serf Susan acts quickly to get the veggies into greenhouse containment! Also Harley Newclear was mind-oopsed by HR into becoming an educational filmstrip savant.
XP Granted: 1 to Proto_Lost, Ihp, ZombieRaptor and Jabonicous
Part of Vivax's plot to introduce more Wanderer's Library things. YAY.



Psi-7 Hits the Playground, 02/03/2014

Wilson, Dan, Luvi, Harley, Laura, Harlan, Lis, Serge and Sean (oh my) are sent on a cryptic bus trip to run-down New York City.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Dr. Gornovich and the Improvised Men, 02/17/2014

Psi-7 takes a trip to the Empire State Building, and find a mad scientist in the midst of sinister experiments. People argue with a shouting telephone, Dave tries to become a god, all kinds of people shoot duct tape monsters, and Jacob is the only one who does something reasonable, although it still ends in explosions. Things end with Dave wooing a night security guard and ice cream!
XP Granted: 2 to all, 1 extra to Jacob for being sensible.
SCPs destroyed: SCP-086

Psi-7 And the Great Mailman in the Sky, 07/03/2014

A crazy run where Psi-7 finds a desert outside New York, meets up with a giant cuddly insect and almost gets the worst tour in the world.
XP Granted: 2 to all


Animals!Origins, 02/18/2014

The staff of Site 19 are involved in a very hairy situation. A situation that can only be solved… by EagleGuard.
Animals!Origins Part 2, 02/18/2014



A Grand Adventure, 02/08/2014

Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we're partisans of liberty, then it's our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can.
XP Granted: 2 to all

No Time Like The Present, 06/15/2014

In which the Foundation's little-est agent goes missing, indefinitely.
XP Granted: 2 to all

TPK, 7/21/2015

In which Psi-7 dies. Again. And Again. And Again.

Life and Death, 9/29/2015

In which Psi-7 meets Life and Death. And throws the balance off.


Animals!Origins 2: Containment Boogaloo, 02/19/2014

In which a bird is an incredible pain in the ass and once again turns all of Site-19 into animals. The threat is contained and everyone gets their opposable thumbs back.

Reality Bender Training Session, 10/26/2015

Psi-7 learns all about reality benders, and how to deal with their reality bending


In Which The Ghost Sign Loses Its Pants, 05/27/2015

Won't anyone help a poor ghost find its missing pants?



Welcome to Fallen London, 05/19/15

In which Ade, Alim, Artyom, Jacob and Larry visit London. In Hell. And realize that there's some things that, while they can't fight them, seem to resolve themselves just fine.
XP granted: 3 to all

School's-Out, 06/08/2015

In which Will, Shawn, Alim, Gwen and Gregory go back to school and everything is terrible.
XP granted: 3

Tear Down This Wall..., 08/10/2015

In which Artyom, Will, and Charles go into a spooky parking garage and have a friendly chat with John.
XP granted: 2

And to Reap, 09/09/2015

Voss sends the gang after body traffickers. Cue awkwardness, gunfights, horrifying implications, and Artyom getting shot. Again.
XP Granted: 4

Golden Sunrise, 10/28/15

The team is called in for an emergency retrieval of people from a city under siege! Also Voss is involved somehow because of course she is. Isa has a DYNAMITE time.
XP Granted: 2

Jaguar's Den, 12/01/2015

Artyom, Rebecca, Herschel, Will and Ethel head to Panama and then to the Caribbean in a wild and crazy adventure culminating in discussions of morality over flowers, shock collars and the application thereof, and also modern Jaguar Warriors beating everyone up. Oh, and Novavida and the Tear Drinkers are involved. Sariel loves you, and so does Her Lady.
XP: 3

Shedding Tears, 12/16/2015

Artyom, Rebecca, Ethel and Herschel head through the looking glass to enter SCP-093's world in search of a cure for Ethel and Rebecca's progressive mutations. They find it. They find a lot more, too, along with some very ominous hints at something looming in the future.
XP: 3

Written on the Walls, 3/26/2016

Artyom, Dana, Piper, Evan and Sophia go to the cantina and meet John again. There's lampreys and goop.
XP: 2



Fun In The Sun, 02/11/2014

Serge, Susan, Luvi, Matt, and Jon all head out for a slice of Suburbia, until a sundial transports them to Southern France during WWII. Thank heavens they didn't have to deal with that suburbia thing.
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs recovered: 961

UNderLondon, 02/16/2014

Kevin, Lis, Danielle, Matt, and Luvi go out for a day in Hyde Park, to investigate reports of mysterious figures assaulting locals. What they find, however, is the glorious city of UnLondon, designed to save the world from destruction.
SCPs Investigated- SCP-1678
XP Granted: 2 to all

Darkness In Space, 04/18/2014

Psi-7 is zapped into space, Abe is dragged off by dinosaurs, and nobody can see a goshdarn thing.
XP Granted: 2 to all


Barry the Blob, 01/31/2014


Goodbye Barry, 01/31/2014

Hill creates life in the laboratory, an adorable little blob named Barry. But things don't always work for him, and Ivan, Kevin, Hill and Luvi witness the death of little Barry.

Faust, 03/09/2014

Elanor arrives back on site, and decides to make some kind of deal with the devil… With the devil.


Stop! Hammertime, 01/30/2014

Wilson finds and kills a sentient hammer, then goes all Frankenstein and rescues it. The two hammer away the hours in bliss.

I Have No Mouth..., 03/20/2014


And I Must Scream, 03/20/2014


Non Canon

Identity Crisis, 01/31/2014

Riemann and padri switch nicks, Hill and Laura get crazy(er)

Walden's Fate, 02/02/2014

Kevin learns a valuable lesson about Thoreau, courtesy of Luck and Fate.

Walden's Fate 2: Walden Harder, 05/11/2014

Danielle has a terrible sense of good literature.



Mirror, Mirror- What the Hell is That?!, 02/12/2014

An abandoned town. A bizarre festival. An insectoid being. A hall of mirrors. And most terrifyingly of all, kebabs. The members of MTF-Psi-7 face all these horrors and more in the quaint resort town of Thorson's Falls, Wisconsin. Will they survive? Tune in to find out!
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs recovered: SCP-093

Flames of Knowledge, 07/22/2014

Psi-7 is sent on a search and rescue mission when Frances Evergreen mysteriously disappears from Site 19!
XP Granted: 2 to all but Susan, who gets 3.



Spiders Vs. Ants: The Crater, 02/14/2014

Luvi, Laura, and Matt are drawn to The Steaming Crater Formerly Known as Abe's Hovel and discover a tale as old as time: giant monsters slugging it out in a sea of flames. There's a fight, Laura emulates Dr. Manhattan, they meet an archmage, blah blah blah CS Lewis everyone gets home safeish. Yay!
XP Granted: 2 to all

In the Realm of the Forest God , 02/21/2014

Laura, Kendall, Basile, Frances, and Heinrich go through a portal with a helicopter crew. They see lots of things, including a Centaur named Basil. Also, all most of the Spiders and Ants are dead gone now. Yay!
XP Granted: 2 to all

Into the Frozen North, 11/01/2014

Billy, Serge, Maria, Lloyd, and Branko go on a rollicking adventure in the wilds north of Banganash. Rock falls, survival is used, and bear becomes shoe. All in all a cool time.
XP Granted: 5 to all

Dragonspies, 03/13/2015

Branko, Ayako, Artyom, Shawn, and Lis brave the frozen wilds to the Northwest of Banaganash in pursuit of an imperial encampment. Things get… scaly. Artyom takes more damage than should exist. Fun all around.
XP Granted: 3 to all

MoonWizardventures, 03/21/2015 / 04/18/2015

Nyperius the wizard sends Artyom, Maxwell, Gerorge, and Martin on a magical quest to defeat an evil lich.
XP Granted: 4 to all

Attack on Dragon, 05/03/2015

Will, Artyom, Shawn, Ayako, and Branko team up with the dwarves of Mount Hrakk to fend off an army of invaders trying to release the lava wyrm buried deep inside the mountain. Things get… toasty.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Portal One - Wizardy Bullshit, 05/14/2015

Alim, Jack, Isa, and Danielle attend a fancy party and convince a drunken dwarf to let them use his magical portal. It's exactly as it sounds.
XP Granted: 2 to all

In Which Psi-7 is Thrown in Jail, 06/19/2015

Artyom, Alim, Kit, and Leonard are sent on a secret mission to infiltrate a maximum security prison and murder a rock.
XP Granted: 2 to all

I Keep Typing Silber, 07/03/2015

Kit, Isa, Marion, and Aaron head out to Niton, Nevada to steal silver from a mine. Because apparently that's easier than buying it. Special guest appearance by Studebaker.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Stalking Prometheus, 07/18/2015

Alim and Gwen follow around a suspected employee of Prometheus Labs in New York, wondering who in the hell puts fish on a bagel.
XP Granted: 2 to both

It's Always Better, 01/17/2016

Kit, Marissa, Amelie, Artyom, and Elim go to find a missing, invisible shark. Turns out the shark was kidnapped by underwater science robots. Explosions ensue.
XP Granted: 2 to all

MoonWizardventures 2, 03/11/2016 / 05/20/2016

Artyom, Shawn, Kit, and Giles are sent on a rollicking adventure through an active warzone to save a wrongfully imprisoned wizard, with help from their furry friend Seymour.
XP Granted: 4 to all

MoonWizardventures 3, 06/04/2016

Hanna, Amelie, Katya, Evan, and Martin head off to the high seas, to live a life of piracy! They're the only ones who can save the innocent village of BLOOD COVE, and by golly they're gonna do it.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Bat in the Belfry, 07/20/2017

Jacob receives a mysterious and horribly fake-sounding distress signal, catapaulting him, Tolly, Fiere, and Vivian on a rollicking adventure through a strange tower to rescue the cryptically cute Norberg - all while trying to figure out what his intentions (and species) might be.


Spiderventures, 02/07/2014

Luvi puts his spidervestigative skills to the test, and winds up in over his head.

Megaspider Attacks!, 02/15/2014

Shit gets really real really fast when a 32 foot spider finds the site.

Stealing is Wrong, 02/08/2014

Fred has a no good very bad day, and fails to learn anything about right and wrong.

Into Banganash, 03/22/2014

Jack, Jacob, Laura, and Lis are drawn through a mysterious cave and into a snowy place, and a city called Banganash.

Quest - Moolinok Massacre!, 05/02/2014

Lis travels with some brave adventurers on a secret dwarf shipment cart, which is ambushed by some Goblinoids.

Quest - Mechatrori Mammoth Melee!, 05/18/2014

Jacob leads the crew to the plains Northwest of Banganash, where they meat up with Bjorr Erivanstaff and the Men-Who-Wear-Too-Much-Red, who take them on a hunt for marvelous mechanagical mammoths.



I Will Not Sing in Class, 02/18/2014

Psi-7 is sent to a small town in Vermont after hearing reports about a haunted school. A kid turns to ash while a crazy teacher keeps them in the school till Dan takes action.
XP Granted: 2 to all

My Cure is Most Effective, 03/03/2014

Psi-7 heads to London as reports of strange deaths and zombie-like people reach the ears of the Foundation. Kendall persuades some people to give her info and SCP-049's knee caps get destroyed.
XP Granted: 2 to all



The Dark Harvest, 03/21/2014

Johnathon, Danielle, Jacob, Abe, and Jack visit a school, fight some emo occult kids, and locate a super computer made of human flesh!
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs obtained: SCP-763

The Grand Masquerade, 04/12/2014

Elanor, Elijah, Phoebe, and Kristie, have a fun time at a MC&D masquerade, and no one's limbs are taken apart
XP Granted: 3 to all
SCPs obtained: SCP-913

Three Blind Mice, 04/25/2014

Psi-7 go to a completely normal town with beheadings, scotsman- er, lady, and a shitty flyer.
XP Granted: 2 to all


Eat Better: Eat Fellows, 02/22/2014

In which the gang learns to eat well, and that some people can not out run beans.



Spiders Libraries and Lexicons, 03/31/2014

Psi-7 travels to a mysterious town to find a library suffering from "Fire damages". It's just unfortunate that the fire is actually a large mechanical spider.
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs obtained: SCP-1326

SandHeart, 11/22/2015

Psi-7 heads back to Patriarch for the third time to deal with a heart made of out of sandstone. Sandy times.
XP Granted: 2 to all

A Dance With The Prince Of Death, 12/18/15

Psi-7 travels to a mansion to infiltrate an auction with possibly anomalous items in it. Surprisingly, it ends well.
XP Granted: 2 to all



Into the Beggar's Bosom, 07/21/2014

Psi-7 takes a weird adventure into New York City's underground system.
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs obtained: SCP-184

Hidden Depths of Sin 11/16/2014

Psi-7 explores a derelict laboratory complex, and begin to discover some horrific undertones in the name of research…
XP granted: 2 to all

Backstab, 12/02/2014

There are no such thing as allies.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Egress, 12/05/2014

Psi 7 is sent out to provide aid to some mythical creatures in need. Ambushes, tanks, and major bloodloss follows.
XP Granted: 2 to all

I Love You 03/28/2015

A song of a love unfulfilled, and of a heart that cannot move on.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Racing Ratchets 04/03/2015

Factories, constructs… and a race against a foe?
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs obtained: SCP-1713

Backpackers 07/20/2015

Fishing information from the center of Louisiana.
XP Granted: 3 to all

Elora 12/08/2015

Opening new doors involves closing old ones.
XP Granted: 4 to all

Runaway Royal 12/17/2015

Even the highborn must sometimes run.
XP Granted: 2 to all

The Coronation 03/03/16

Stella is officially crowned Queen, and Psi-7 is invited to witness history.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Premonitions of Rage 20/03/16

The disappearances of local politicians has found Psi-7 traveling further down the Elorean rabbit hole…
XP Granted: 2 to all

An Exchange 12/04/16

Taking over security detail from Upsilon-6 for the day, Psi-7 connects a bit more with the Dai family, learning… and preparing.
XP Granted: 2 to all

The Scales of Truth 19/04/16

The plot thickens, as their run-in with Charles reveals inconsistencies with the stories they were told, and the allegiances begin to shift.

I's the Guy that Stole the Boat 02/06/18

Our favorite Knights are back, and they brought firepower… and Psi-7 is going to steal it.

Uprooting, 02/17/18

Followup of their grand theft, info leads Psi-7 to Grangeville to seek answers to a hot-brewing war.
XP Granted: 3

Sangue di Fata, 05/19/18

The team was called to Matelica to find drugs… and got a lot more in return than they wanted.
XP Granted: 4


No Rest for the Dead, 04/01/2015

The dead have never rested, since the enemy uses their bones now.

Fracture Point, 21/03/16

Politics has boiled over to the brink of war in the Elorean palace, while new information has been revealed.



Fun For The Whole Family, 11/04/2014

Danielle, Jacob, Ivan, Lloyd, and Adrian get trapped in an abandoned amusement park, hunted by an unstoppable entity. But there's something weirder going on than haunted coal miners…
XP Granted: 3 to all


Down the Rabbit Hole, 06/04/2014

Wilson's poorly executed science-ing has created a new mold. Too bad it's melting through the facility's concrete, leaving giant gaping holes in its wake. To make matters worse, the more it melts the more it releases a hallucinogenic mist. Maybe if Danielle stops freaking out, Wilson and Kevin can come up with a solution in time to keep it from burning into containment.


A Mad Tea-Party, 09/02/2014

Branko and Wilson share a strange dream.

No Animals Were Harmed, 02/08/2015

Ryan and Doug encounter some not so native wildlife and make friends with it the only way they know how. By splattering its brains on the floor. Repercussions ensue that not even the timely arrival of William can mend.

That's All Folks, 03/07/2015

Hermann, Jed, and Will realize just how engrossing television can be.



Gordon Plays Billiards, 12/26/2013

A friendly game of challenge and skill.
XP Granted: N/A

Taking What's Mine, 10/02/2014

Olga awakens to a fogged land where finger grabbing, hand stabbing, and child nabbing reign supreme.

Dr Savage


Randall's Transformation, 04/19/2014

Description to be added.



Life Begins at 10, 07/11/2015

George, Isa, Joseph and Kit, at Wilson's request, plunges head-first in the depths of the Puzzle Cube's 10th iteration. Whilst in there, they face three rather abstract challenges, all supposedly designed to test their bodies, their minds, and their souls, for better or for worse.
XP Granted: 2 to all

One of Four, 09/20/2015

In which Psi-7 deal with the latest iteration of the Puzzle System, a bunch of locals get slaughtered, some brainwashing occurs, and a powerful being gets stabbed with copious amounts of swords. Despite all this, more questions are left unanswered than anything else.


Dark Child Plotline

Silence is Golden, 08/03/2014

An eerie silence washes over the site. Alarm buttons are pressed and the PA system is hijacked before normality reasserts itself, and everyone ends up with an earful of French profanity.

Silence is Deadly, 05/04/2015

Silence ensconces the site once again. But this time, the games of a dark child are at play, which Olga comes to learn first hand…

Silence is Playtime, 05/17/2015

Kailee and Isa are pulled into some creepy dimension of darkness and are forced to play tag with a creepy child, and Kailee is almost made into one of it's playthings, but is saved by the power of love.

Silence is Empty, 05/18/2015

Olga is beset upon once again, and finds herself quite literally a child's plaything, fading away into emptiness…

Silence is Submerging, 05/19/2015

Isa, Kailee, Olga, Jack, Marion and George get trapped in a shadowy forest with something dark out to get them. Isa is dragged into the ground and comes back a changed woman, a bunch of people climb trees, and emotional trauma and turmoil is had by all.

GG No Re, 05/23/2015

Leonard and Isa manage to bring the child into custody. Despite this, Isa does something she might regret later… or not.

Extraction, 05/27/2015

Vincent makes massive progress with the child, but this eventually leads to he and Gwen encountering something else entirely…

Card Spirits Plotline

Blackjack Hearts, 11/26/2014

The mystery of the trading cards is finally resolved, and the Foudnation gets a couple of very colourful guests.

Heart of Knives, 12/03/2014

Site-19 gets another card related visitor as part of what is apparently a rescue mission.

Heckle and Jeckle, 12/19/2014

Theresa and Jane witness an incursion, which begins to shed some light on the relations and situations of the playing card people.

Little Pete, 01/05/2015

Cassino Spades returns to Site-19, and this time he brings a friend, much to the chagrin of Leonard and Victor.

Charlemagne's Revelation, 01/10/2015

Following the incident several days prior, Leonard has a talk with Jackal and Ace Hearts regarding the nature of their kind.

The Nut Low, 01/15/2014

Cassino and Joseph Spades pay Site-19 yet another visit, this time to deliver an ill fated message. They did not however, expect such a brutal encounter with everyone's favourite Russian Bear.

Sharp Tops, 01/28/2015

Maxwell and Wiley encounter a horrifying scene of card-related decapitation in the laboratory wing of Site-19, and try to calm down a terrified Wilson.

Can of Corn, 05/27/2015

A bunch of people shoot Joseph Spades, causing Cassino to officially declare war on the Foundation.

Shadow Figure Plotline

Nightmare Personified, 02/07/2015

Olga helps Wilson with his shared dream research, but things quickly take a dark turn…

Shadows Inbound, 02/15/2015

Carver's dreams are interrupted by a shadowy visitor…

Visions of Darkness, 02/16/2015

Wiley, having had a previous dream encounter with a certain shadowy figure, is shocked when said figure become a little more real…

Echoes of Darkness, 02/18/2015

Whilst recovering from an incident involving Zhyr in Medical, Olga, having been the first person to encounter a certain shadowy figure, learns that said dream are more real than she might've imagined…

Voices of Darkness, 02/19/2015

Wiley has a deeper encounter with the shadowy figure, and through what seems to be an act of God, manages to fight back it's attempt to consume him and bring itself into reality in his place.

Taste of Darkness, 02/20/2015

Maxwell has a brief but interesting encounter with the shadow figure.

Cause of Darkness, 03/05/2015

Wiley receives another visit from a shadowy figure.

Megan Wilson Plotline

New Arrival, 03/04/2015

A space-time flash dumps some random woman into Site 19.

Linked By A Blade, 03/06/2015

Megan, the time traveller, conveys some important information. Then Lacey discovers her connection to a present day member of staff.


Labyrinth of the Mind, 11/15/2014

Billy, Roy, Wilson, Olga (who quickly departs), Doug (who departs even more quickly) and Emily experience the most complex shared dream yet (potentially due to the number of people present).



Losing Our Heads!, 11/02/2014

Steve is back, and he brought friends! And by that, I mean not friends who are ghosts and headless horsemen and want to kill people and eat anomalies and all that. But hey, all a day's work for the Foundation staff.



All Aboard The Hype Train, 05/09/15

Psi-7 is tasked with watching over a train connected to a certain popular movie about to be released. It goes… interestingly.
Supplementary briefing material provided to all run participants.
XP Granted: 4


Bikeman Begins 2/11/2015

Max and Lacey get an unwelcome surprise, Ivan doesn't really care, and the guardian bears get their first proper fight. Psi-7 commons requires a new TV… along with everything else

Owlception, ??/??/????

Wilson is BWAAAAAM working in his BWAAAAAAAM lab when it is overtaken by a flood of BWAAAAAAAM owls. Someone get DiCaprio up in here, we've gone too deep into "Prior makes shit up as he goes along".

Memory Highway 1 - Bleed And Burst, ??/??/????

George enjoys a brief trip through time to the olden days when people were honest, clean living, and sacrificed millions to satanic gods.

Memory Highway 2 - Derodok, ??/??/????

This time it's three hapless victims of the memory orbs, as Doug, Roy and George all get sucked into the past to become human sacrifices or escape past a well-mannered giant. In other news, George's shooting is terrible.

An easier to read summary of the memory highway adventures.



Wrath of the Mosquito Queen- Evolutionary Boogaloo, 11/02/2015

Queen gets out, mosquitoes swarm shit, but this time there's a load of tunnels and a giant worm that explodes all over Wilson's smiling face. Nano's first proper run, rated X for Xtremely large bugs.
XP Granted: ?


Wrath of the Mosquito Queen - the Hatchening!, 02/12/2015

And lo the fruits doth ripen, and the locusts spread over ye land. Only the locusts are mosquitoes and Pierre, Lacey, Wilson and Tank aren't having any of this shit happen on their watch. Rated M for Mosquito.

Socklings, 03/02/2015

Someone has been ruining all the clothes on site. Lacey and Wilson investigate, and discover a terrifying secret that will shock Site 19 to its very core… sock eating goblins.

Streets of Moscow, 04/23/15

Artyom has a nightmare… Ding dong go the church bells. The Red God yells. Streets of Moscow flood with blood, hurrah, hurrah to the Red God…



The Birchmen, 03/14/15

A portal appears in the forest, leading Psi-7 to a place where secrets are more than words.
XP Granted: ?



Italian Mobster Vampires Arc

Out For Blood, 07/18/15

Lacey, Artyom, Kit, Jack and Cait are sent to an abandoned factory in Canarsie to deal with a mob of Italia Mobster Vampires. Things don't go as planned and the whole thing ends with a lot of blood. Figures.

A Deal With The Family, 07/26/15

Isa, Cait and George pretend to be members of the Luciano family and strike a deal with the family, while Marion and Charles sneak into a restaurant kitchen where they fail to save a rat.

Cosa Nostra, 07/30/15

Isa, Cait, George, Charles, Marion and Rebecca perform a raid on the mansion formerly belonging to Merzallo. As mafia assets are destroyed by a wave of blood, the don is taken in custody and an address is found, the mission is a major success. Also holy fucking shit, Cait.

Ultimo Atto, 08/07/15

George, Isa, Charles, Rebecca, Will and Massimiliano head for one final assault on the final location owned by the mob. Lots of tense and emotional moments are had, and people become vampires.

The call of THE CREATOR

Awaken!, 12/27/16

Sandra, Dana, Evan and Hans head to Ragusa, Sicily in search of a Bishop who's been performing miracles. They have a run-in with the remnants of the mob from New York, a being known as THE CREATOR rises once more, and Sandra burns down a historical heritage site.

Shattered Dynasty, 01/03/17

Team SEED (Shawn, Evan, Edith and Dana) head to Venice and meet up with GOC to deal with THE CREATOR. THE CREATOR gives them a game to play and fun is had as they meet a bunch of locals who give them various challenges. The team contains a magical bracelet, and THE CREATOR skedaddles.

Federation Farce, 01/07/17

Kit, Ethel and Evan head to West Berlin where the GOC has again tracked down THE CREATOR. They kill some things in a concert hall, fight a telekinesis-using conductor and find out what the bracelet does. They also get a nifty cross and get to have a quick chat with THE CREATOR.

Defend Your Honor!, 01/22/17

Ethel, Kit, Lacey, Joseph and Hayden head to France where they find out they must defend their position in a train station from waves of monsters. Lots of murder and sadness ensues, and the team gets a nifty sword from some jerk.

Stone Ocean, 01/28/17

Evan and Lacey head onto a ship meant to take them to Egypt, but they encounter some rather nasty stowaways, namely The Prophet and The Guru. Will and Ethel get para-dropped in, The Prophet's prophecy comes true and The Guru is taken into containment.

The Heat Of The Sun, 02/04/2017

Kit goes to Egypt where she meets an old friend, makes new ones, finds a fancy shield and almost fucking dies. Blame Glacon.

Battle Tendency, 03/12/2017

Joseph, Sue, Jill, Ethel and Forrest visit Greece to appreciate the architecture and blow a portion of it up. They fight two of THE CREATOR'S minions - The Queen and The Prodigy - and
acquire The Glove. They also crash a plane.

Final Call, 03/18/2017

Psi-7 heads to Pompeii to face THE CREATOR for one last time.


Fear The Sphere, 03/15/15

George encounters a sphere surrounded by smoke in front of the cafeteria.

Memes, Internet and Noscopes. ??/??/????

It's April's fools day, yet Psi-7 isn't celebrating, it appears. A reality bender from the future pops in to see if he could spice things up, but he didn't expect the people of the time to be so stubborn. Memes are still funny, are they not?

Banned, 05/03/2015

The reality bender returns and gets B&.

Italian Mobster Vampires Arc

Italian Vampire Assasins 13/07/2015

A couple of ITALIAN MOBSTER VAMPIRES try to infiltrate the Foundation to avenge Merzallo's death. Artyom's too fast for them, and they get their ass beat.

The call of THE CREATOR

Gone Guru, 03/13/2017

The Guru has finally spoken up and allowed himself to be interrogated, a job taken up by Lou and Joseph. They find out some things about what motivates him and THE CREATOR and Joseph does stand-up comedy.

Gone, Gone, Gone, 04/08/2017

The Guru breaks out of his cell during the final fight between Psi-7 and THE CREATOR. Hayden, Fierre and Aaron respond to an alarm in containment and come face-to-face with one of THE CREATOR'S most loyal minions.


Italian Mobster Vampires Arc

A Nice Date, 06/16/2015

Kit and Arty go on a date. Things are nice, until an ITALIAN MOBSTER VAMPIRE attacks.


Good Morning Alexandria!, 02/05/2017

Dana's listening to the radio in her office, when the station suddenly switches to a rather bizarre broadcast.



Hate Thy Neighbor, 05/01/2015

Artyom, Kailee, Danielle, George, and Lacey travel to Vermont to investigate a rural town that has a serious cult problem. Things go normal, as normal as cult business goes, until Danielle manages to piss off the cult leader and everything descends into chaos. At the end of the night, there's one less cult leader and an escaped anomaly.
XP Granted: 4

Jokes on You, 05/26/2015

Lacey, George, Marion, and Artyom head to Quincy, Illinois to figure out the story behind a monster clown. They manage to anger local resident Kevin Camry before leaving him tied up and knocked out. Upon discovering the clown, a very awkward battle ensues until they realize Honkers is harmless. Honkers is taken to the site for containment.
XP Granted: 2

Hate Is a Strong Word, 06/01/2015

Lacey, Artyom, Voss, Larry, and Tank take a magical adventure to the land of Troy, New York where they enter a red barrier that's been causing the city trouble. They find refugees, a bike gang, and an orgy train before entering the police headquarters. Creed is revealed to be the big bad and is quickly disposed of and captured.
XP Granted: 4

Return to Troy, 03/21/2016

Artyom, Kit, Carson, Sophia, and Cait return to Troy 9 months after the red dome incident. The city has done poorly in recovering, and the cops are no help. They infiltrate a gang's hideout and defeat the big bad Taz with a rapier to the throat!
XP Granted: 4

City of Love,04/03/2016

Amelie, Dana, and Piper go undercover in Rome as a slave owner, a slave, and a body guard. Amelie get's mind controlled but manages to super kill the red eyed man in charge. Now they have a body and a guard from the not so nice slave club.
XP Granted: 3

Red Threaded Stories,06/30/2016

Evan, Katya, Sabina, and Joseph go spelunking in a cliff-side cave full of magic red crystals and a spider woman. She wove a great tale and they all went home happily ever after.
XP Granted: 2


Hate to See You Leave, 06/25/2015

It turns out the new recruits, Asun and Taz, are actually friends of Creed sent there to break him out. Many bullet shootings and stabbings happened, and two people die/almost die. All and all it was a pretty normal day.

Mindless Deals, 04/25/2016

After a week of mentally tormenting PSI-7, Asun finally brings his plans into play. He forces Sandra, Jeffery, and Katya to perform a ritual to open an Abyssal portal in his cell and escapes!



Mrs. Fox Dies at the End, 05/17/2015

Psi-7 gets sucked into a washing machine, does favors for sock people, rescues the queen, and discovers a Way to the Library. A main plot run.
XP Granted: 4 to Shep, Voss, Gwen, Shawn, and Randall.

The Dying Town and the BIRD, 06/20/2015

Isa, Marion, and Wilson receive strange gifts, witness the horror of the INVERTED BIRD, and fix the weather. Also, Iowa is terminally boring.
XP Granted: 2 to Isa, Marion, and Wilson.

The Coast, 07/06/2015

The gang finds a magical hideaway and bickers with a man who is immune to bullets. Colonel Bennett doesn't get a flame sword.
XP Granted: 2 to Isa, Marion, Colonel, Charles, and Joseph.

The Turkish Candidate, 01/18/2015

Some dorks convince a professor to give them some paper, then win over a Russian guy.
XP Granted: +3 to Emil, Sophia, May, and Sandra. A main plot run.



Duct Tape Fixes Nothing, 05/21/2015

XP Granted: 2

Bell, 05/27/2015

XP Granted: 2



Welcome to Recuvila, 07/15/2015

Psi-7 goes on an expedition into the new dimension and deals with their politics.


The Dark Spirit, 07/07/2015

After Chuck's encounter with a talking fox, he is questioned by a containment specialist who turns out to be the very thing he was warned about.

The Fox and the Spirit, 07/11/2015

When the commons is visited by the mysterious fox, Isa and Marion are told to send information to Dr. Lehman who turns out to be not who he seems.

The Other Side of the Coin, 07/21/2015

Psi-7 goes back to Arletha to meet Rohne at his Airship to get his side of the story.

Leo and the Princess, 07/23/2015

Leo is visited by the beautiful princess of Arletha, but of course, their little meeting is interrupted by a certain spirit.


Marion and the Fox, 07/13/2015

Marion decides to visit the Fox in containment where they learn more about it and the spirit.

Cultural Introduction, 07/20/2015

Advisor Roanoke visits Site 19 bearing some gifts… and secrets.



The Dungeon Crawl, 07/13/2015

Psi-7 finds out where the 8th Day has holed itself up, but there's a catch in the takedown: No guns. Introducing the Dungeoneering Party of Arty the Rogue, Will the Fighter, Sofia the Paladin, Gwen the Cleric, Leo the Ranger, and Kit the Duelist. Oh, and traps. Traps everywhere.

The Dungeon Crawl: Boss Fight, 07/13/2015

Continuing on from The Dungeon Crawl. Swords flashing, and bows nocked, Psi-7 fights a dragon. No more traps, no more trickery. Just good ol' fashioned combat. And fire everywhere.

Russian for the Goal, 07/28/2015

Psi-7 takes a field trip to Siberia to recover a powerful SCP object. However, they find out that they're not the only ones who are looking to recover the anomaly. GRU-P, UIU, and 8th Day oh my.

The Psi-7 Crown Affair - Art Team, 07/14/2017

Psi-7 splits up into two teams in order to infiltrate a fancy gala and art premiere. The art team tries to identify some anomalous art, but ends up unleashing a mythological beast. All in a day's work.

The Psi-7 Crown Affair - Infiltration Team, 07/14/2017

The infiltration team tries to do some sneaky work behind the scenes to heist some art. They end up starting a hostage crisis. Oops.


The 8th Day Announces Itself, 07/08/2015

The 8th Day announces its presence to Psi-7. Things rapidly go sour when Psi-7 learns what they have to say.

Gwen Meets Her Father, 07/14/2015

Gwen likes her shiny. But she thinks she likes her new father even more.

Join the Party, 07/31/2015

Gwen gets a visit from Father, but it looks as though someone wants to tag along. Join the party, Charles.



Bearer of Bad News, 08/24/2015

Arytom, Wilson, Lacey and Arthur are sent to San Francisco to follow up on leads regarding the Laughing King.
XP Awarded: 3 per player

A Shattered Warrior, 08/28/2015

In which Artyom, Cait, Marion, Gwendolyn and Wilson slay a Knight, and Cait engages in a WIZARD DUEL.
XP Awarded: 4 per player, 1 bonus for Cait

Guardian of the Court, 09/02/2015

Psi-7 faces down their first Silent Rook, and the cavarly arrives in the form of MTF Lambda-9 Iconoclasts.
XP Awarded: 4 per player, 3 bonus for Cait for keeping everyone alive (Rog let me do it)

The Crows Circle, 09/27/2015

Psi-7 are sent to England to investigate a reported disturbance, believed to be connected to the Laughing Court. Waiting for them is something else…
XP Awarded: 3 per player

Watcher in the Night, 11/07/2015

Psi-7 are sent to investigate rumours in a small California town. There they meet an old aquaintance, and some cultists. They also run afoul of something foul, and an agent loses their life…
XP Awarded: 4 per player, +1 to Artyom

Sealed in Blood, 11/15/2015

Psi-7 is sent to the Bleeding Court to strike up an alliance with the Bleeding Court. After some diplomatic showing-off, the deal is brokered, but the proceedings are interrupted by a new foe…
XP Awarded: 3 per player

Show of Arms, 12/04/2015

Psi-7 are sent to Praecordia to test out some Bleeding Court weaponry, and to learn more about their military capabilities and the politics of this world. They are interrupted however, but a number of forces. The Judging Court warns them of impending assassination, the Whispering King is discovered, and the Dreaming Queen attacks…
XP Awarded: 3 per player

Lies of Omission, 12/11/2015

Psi-7 are sent to deal for information with the Judging Court, the primary information-brokers in the world of the Courts. Discoveries are made, and an assassin strikes once again.
XP Awarded: 4 per player

A Bloody Retort, 1/1/2016

In the first run of the year, Psi-7 are attached to a Bleeding Court offensive against the Shining Court. Lives are lost, spells are cast and shit hits the fan in numerous ways.
XP Awarded: 4 per player, 1 bonus for Jo and Sophia

Something Wicked This Way Comes, Something Wicked This Way Comes Pt. 2, 1/9/2016

Psi-7 are sent to locate some missing soldiers from the Shielding Court's Long Patrol. Things go downhill in short order.
XP Awarded: 4 per player

Tattered Fates, 2/5/2016

Description of run/event/etc.
XP Granted: 4 per player

Audience with the Drowned, 2/20/2016

Psi-7 are invited to the Drowning Court with the intention of convincing them to join the Bleeding Court in the war effort.
XP Granted: 2 per player

Prepare to be Boarded, 2/23/2016

Psi-7 become pirates as they raid a Laughing Court ship, and for the first time ever best a Screaming Rook in combat.
XP Granted: 4 per player

Like a Broken Record, 4/16/2016

Psi-7 are sent to intercept a Laughing Court covert operation in the Bleeding Court. They, as usual, get more than they bargained for.
XP Granted: 4 per player

Missing Persons Case, 6/8/2016

Psi-7 are sent back to the industrial hell of the Red Cages in search of the crew of the Rosebud.
XP Granted: 3 per player

A Blunt Tool, 08/24/2016

Psi-7 are given power armour and break everything.
XP Granted: 3 per player


A Herald's Message, 08/17/2015

An ominous laughter fills the base, leaving many agents with questions, and a name. The Laughing King awakens.

Know Your Enemy, 08/25/2015

In which Artyom, Shawn, Andy and Victor make friends with a simulation of a Silent Knight.

Courts 101, 10/20/2015

Cait begins her education with the Bleeding King, and the King has an interesting proposition for Cait…

Baby's First Spellcasting, 10/24/2015

Following Cait's success in transcribing Bleeding Court spells, Psi-7 is asked to test them out on an experimental weapons range. The results are impressive, and Psi-7 adds a new weapon to its arsenal against the Laughing Court.

Magical Combat Test, 10/30/2015

Psi-7 is once again asked to test the spells Cait has transcribed, but this time in the Arena against various Court entities, to great effect.

A King's Mission, 11/24/2015

Arthur is contacted by his patron and given a risky task to perform.

Reassurance, 11/25/2015

Cait's health is failing, but the Bleeding King won't let his student die whilst he can help it.

Self Education, 1/19/2016

Description of run/event/etc.



The Rest Of You 11/14/2015

Psi-7 is sent to investigate a portal and end up somewhere veeery different.
+2 to Cait, Shawn, Sophia, and Lacey

Marriage Counseling 1/30/16

Psi-7 is sent to heal the broken bond of the married couple and their child. Only problem is that they're Yin, Yang, and Taoism.
+2 to Eva, Evan, Sophia, Joseph



Power Hungry 12/28/2015

Psi-7 goes to save some kids and then things go very wrong very quick.
+3 to Dana, Andy, Sophia, Ethel, Wilson, and Hans

Sweet Tweets 3/25/2016

Psi-7 have a nice little mine adventure with a bird friend. Or do they?
+6 to Cait, Evan, Hans, Piper, and Sophia.


Persona: New Beginnings 3/3/2016

Sabina and Amelie have a peculiar adventure with tarot cards and their own Shadows.

E-5: Operation Rook 3/13/2016

Sophia finds that Jo's first operation as part of E-5 goes swimmingly.

Doors: The Beginning 4/8/2016

Dana has a bit of trouble getting a door to open.

Doors: The Operating Room 4/14/2016

Ellie and Muirenn find themselves in a strange place having to solve even stranger puzzles.

Going Fishing 6/10/2016

Muirenn finds out- in an especially grim fashion- that dollars can go a long way.

Watching the Sun Come Up 4/29/2018

If you look at yourself through a shattered mirror, are you getting the full picture?



Close Encounters Of The Cold Kind 01/19/2016

Psi-7 is sent to investigate a mysterious communications outage at a military base in the middle of the Nevada desert, to discover an alien incursion!
+3 to Kit, Pierre, Lloyd, Sophia, and Markus

Burning Bridges 01/23/2016

Psi-7 is tasked with shutting down a destructively unstable portal, but require the assistance of Kor'An, the previously contained alien commander, to access the portal generator. Sophia, as well, is branded as the herald of an alien goddess!
+3 to Dana, Sophia, and Carson

The Dead City's Radio 08/03/16

Psi-7 is called in to scout out the source of strange radio signals, where they find a destroyed mining town full of alien war machines, corpses, and strange weapons. The team encounters a Nemoran marine squad, and assist them in returning throug ha portal, to their homeworld!
+4XP to Evan, Rolf, Will, and Wilson



Lucky Charm 01/31/2016

Psi-7 receives an interesting letter from somebody calling themselves "Nightingale" inviting them to come see a jewelry collection at a resort. Of course they can't just afford to buy it outright, so a heist is planned!
+2 to Amelie, Carson, Eva, Sophia, and Faye

Papa Zombie 2/6/2016

Two words: Zombie Gators.
+2 to Carson, Eva, Hans, Shen, and Vossyom

Pretty Faces on Parade 2/11/2016

Psi-7 receives a letter and a lot of masks. A fun time is had by those who can go drink and dance as much as they want, and information is found by those who weren't.
+2 to Piper, Ethel, Amelie, and Nel

Temple Run 2/16/2016

Psi-7 is given the gear loadout of Indiana Jones, and sent into a ruined temple to face traps, spiders, skeletons, and worst of all the Curse of the Temple.
+2 to everyone who made it to the end of the run.

Airships Over Athens 2/26/2016

Psi-7 is sent on a not so anomalous art auction taking place on an airship floating over Athens, Greece, meets an ally, and discovers they have a new enemy.
+2 to Amelie, Carson, Vivian, Kit, and Emil

Warehouse 51 3/15/2016

Psi-7 is sent to get information on a weird aircraft known as 25M3POC71972DR2, kill a few droids, and blow up a warehouse. Typical.
+2 to Amelie, Kit, Hans, Emil, and Katya

Gods of Men 4/22/2016

Psi-7 is sent to investigate a lab claiming to be able to turn humans into demigods, but not all goes as planned… for us or them.
+2 to Andy, Amelie, Evan, and Dana

Dauntless 5/17/2016

Amelie, Esther, and Mickey fall down the rabbit hole, follow the yellow brick road, blow up some sharks, and contain not only the bitchiest computer ever made, but a pair of flying monkeys and some Ruby Slippers. No wonder they were all so happy to get back to 77, there's no place like home.
+2 to Amelie, Esther/Evan, and Mickey

Dragon Tales 6/16/2016

Amelie, Katya, Hans, and Garnett, are sent to Barcelona to contain a ruleo, truleo, dragon. Things are not burnt to the ground because a truck could be stolen.
+2 to Amelie, Katya, Hans, and Garnett

Please, No Thank You 9/10/2016

Cait, Izumi, Hans, Giles, and Nesmah are sent to a creepy haunted island and a semi-corporeal being is punched repeatedly before being dispelled.
+2 to participants

Witch Hunt

The group is time warped back to a witch trial in 1655, where they meet a Witch Hunter General, who is not actually a Witch Hunter General, and contract the plague.
+2 to participants

Siege at Gatterlan Keep

What's more fun than a siege? A siege against anomalous death knights!
+2 to participants



By The Pricking Of My Thumbs...

Shen, Carson, and Floyd meet an incarnation of Death in the Site-19 forest, who tells them to find SCP-911.


A Forest Dark

Carson, Esther, and Dana head to Pakistan to figure out what's what about reports of spontaneous brain death.
+3 to Esther and Dana; possible death for Carson, recovery of SCP-911

Midway On The Journey Of Our Life

Evan and Amile fly to Atlanta to find SCP-158.
+3 to Evan and Amelie, recovery of SCP-158



In the Lap of Luxury

Psi-7 is sent to investigate an MC&D auction, and ends up having to pick up the pieces after a mass kidnapping at the event.
+2 XP to everyone who made it to the end of the run.
Anomalies retrieved: SCP-113, SCP-558, SCP-795, SCP-1660, and E-1200.

The Voice

Psi-7 investigates a CotBG archaeological site, and gets more than they bargained for.
+2 XP to Cait, Vivian, Emil, and Sophia.

Shrimp Pummeling Competition

Psi-7 gets sent to investigate an anomalous fighting ring, and ends up getting roped into a series of matches with people piloting giant shrimp mechas who apparently do not get how history works.
+3 XP To Hanna, Dana, Nel, and Martin.

Pretty Lights in the Sky

Psi-7 gets sent to investigate UFO sightings in northern Washington, try to find and analyze evidence relating to these UFOs, and devise a method of containment.
+2 XP to Hanna, Shinji, Will, and Amelie

Flesh and Clay

Psi-7 discovers a novel new variety of lycanthrope.
+2 XP to Kit, Cait, Lacey, and Garnett

The team is sent to retrieve a source of major anomalous activity in the black forest, goes up against nigh impossible odds, and wins at a great cost.
+7 XP to Stuart, Leon, and Niko



For Science, 03/06/2016

Psi-7 stealthily (yes, steathily) infiltrate a Prometheus Labs facility to steal a piece of paratech. In the process, they end up fleeing from lots of angry robots that are definitely not from the Incredibles.
+2 XP to Dana, Dex, Sophia, and Jo

Timeless, 03/12/2016

Psi-7 investigates a mysterious island that is stopped in time, only to discover to their alarm that what they thought was a Sci-Fi plot is actually a Cosmic Horror story.
+2 XP to Katya, Sophia, Kit, Amelie,



Laugh is Fun, 08/11/2016

A mysterious, anomalous television program targets Gwen "Kit" Bowman, Sabina Rus, and Murata Izumi by not only displaying the gruesome torture of their dead loved ones, but also forcing them to survive a booby trapped common room for the entertainment of mysterious host, Laughy McLaugherson.



Wumpus Hunt, 09/17/16

In which Hayden, Martin, Cait, and Nicolaas are separated into pairs and must hunt a mazebeast! Or is the mazebeast hunting them?! Ends in the acquisition of a monkey, and 3 XP for all of the above. Except the monkey.

Ghosts of Christmas Past, 01/04/17

In which Ethel, John, Rolf, and Will take on a crusade led by an anti-pope. No one speaks Italian. It's awkward. 4 XP for most, 2 for John.



Remolded, Repurposed, 1/2/17

Aliens land on Earth and give people free robot bits. No one is happy with this. Also, they do weird shit with bodies. 2 XP for everyone.

A Mansion Full of Death, 2/18/17

A ruined house full of weird puzzles is explored, and an asshole helps Sue, Rolf, and Henry solve some of them. 3 XP for all involved. And the asshole gets a plot based around him and his archenemy. Neat.

This Devil's Workday, 3/5/17

Lou, Jill, and Sue learn an important lesson in lying and apologizing, courtesy of good old CHAOS, aka Christopher. Well, they more or less were tortured. 5xp for all involved.

Lunacy, 5/18-5/22

A run that took multiple tries to get done and was better for it. Charles, Vivan, Loche and Rolf go to the future on the Moon and boy does it suck. Like a goddamn high-powered vaccum cleaner. 6XP and clothes

Revolver Lancelot, 8/1-2/17

This run answered the age old question; what if guns were discovered way earlier? Well, kinda. Henry, Rolf, Fiere, and Colette all got 3 xp for shooting, convincing people they were wizards, and possibly securing an interdimensional alliance.

Eat The Lich, 8/9/17

A haunted house turns out to be really fucking haunted.
3 xp for Scott, Maple, Fiere, and Charles

DSJungeons and DSJragons, 8/14/17

The brave heroes Wisym, Fretha, Burga and Holew (Rolf, Scott, Colette and Irene) clear a construction site of treecrabs in VR. 3xp for all involved.

Re-clone-sion, 8/22/17

Cole, Irene, Tony, Graham, and Maple die a lot, mutate some, and have a real good time. 4 xp was given out.



Broken Bones, 6/2/17

The beginning of the CI storyline, three agents, Tennyson, Irene, and Fiere are sent to infiltrate a facility in Ghana, where they kill quite a few people before eventually finding the man they were looking for, Fynn. They proceeded to torture the information needed out of him before killing him. The next target on the list was discovered from this information. 5 XP for all involved

Red Rum, 7/29/17

Two agents, Rolf Vogel and Jonas Schindler, are sent to investigate paranormal activity in a Polish house. They find out that the house is haunted by a dybbuk, a ghost of a little girl who was killed, along with her family, by the current residents. This was commonly done during anti-semitic periods of WW2. Agents subdued the father, who was the murderer, and turned him into the police. The little girl wanted him dead. No happy endings. 6 XP for all involved


Test Simulation 1, 6/17/17

A new agent, trained in stealth and espionage by the name of John Stayton, is selected by the Foundation Anti-CI operatives to be used in a simulation in the Arena. The combat diagnostics from the opponents met in Ghana were used for the enemies encountered here. John had his spine sliced open before barely beginning the required retrieval mission.

Test Simulation 2, 6/17/17

John Stayton returns a second time, in order to retry the mission. This time, he is placed on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and manages to retrieve one item before his stomach is shot open by a CI agent protecting the second item.

Test Simulation 3, 6/18/17-6/19/17

John Stayton returns a third time, and is told in order to be allowed to participate again, he must bring another agent with him. He chooses to bring Graham Bryne. John is hit by a grenade early on, and taken off to be hanged in the gallows. Graham tries to save him, and both of them end up getting hanged, except John cuts himself free and leaves Graham there. John later dies from blood loss from his multiple shrapnel punctures.

Getting Into the Halloween Spirit, 10/31/2017 (Halloween!)

Scott Harpur meets a talking Jack-o-lantern named Jack Carver, who claims to be a spirit of Halloween. Upon Scott not showing the Halloween spirit, Jack uproots himself out of the ground to reveal a decaying and scary-looking body attached to his Jack-o-lantern head. He proceeds to scare Scott and teach him a lesson about not being festive on holidays!



Sick, Sick, Sick, 31/05/2017

Psi-7 dies. It's up to them to un-die and a find a way back to their respective bodies after having their souls shot out of their corporeal forms. +2 XP for all.

A Favoured House Atlantis, 17/07/2017

After a spate of murders in Phoenix, Arizona, Psi-7 investigates a vendetta written out in darts to the chest and people drowned on dry land. +3 XP for all.

Keep Things Brief, 25/08/2017

Psi-7 are briefed on things. They can't not murder people then, either. +2 XP for all.


No World In Tomorrow, 04/08/2017

A run in the Arena goes strangely awry as the designated unreality of its simulation turns into a horrible encounter with a sick, broken, reality.



I Swear I'm Not Insane, 08/23/2017

Jonas and Eleanor (and for a few minutes, Hanna) were sent on a rescue mission to Noble Gardens, an asylum where Agent Tanya Kobalsky has been imprisoned. Hopefully, they can save her before she spills Foundation secrets.
XP Granted: 2 to all

Master of Puppets, 03/21/2018

Psi-7 is dispatched to an Italian forest to find out what happened to MTF Tau-36, who went dark while tracking a mind-controlling anomaly. They encounter the anomaly along the way.
XP Granted: 3 to all

Ground Zero, 05/25/2018

Psi-7 is sent to New York to explore Marco's house. What they find is blood-chilling.


A Glitch in the Matrix, 03/27/2018

Dmitri heads into the Arena, only to find a double of himself up to no good.

Who is Justin?, 04/22/2018

Just who is Justin?

Z, 05/02/2018

A new anomaly needs to be transported into Containment, but…is she related to Justin?



The Sounds of Silence, 03/25/2018

Scott, Alison, Tony, and Juan are sent to Site 72 in Brazil to solve the mystery of disappearing agents no one remembers and end up on a wild goose chase until the monster grows a second head.
XP Granted: 3 to all

A Little Change Never Hurt Anyone, 04/15/2018

Scott, Leon, Opal, Juan, and Rolf investigate a slew of kidnappings and end up in a High Speed Chase
XP Granted: 2 to all

The Snake That Bites Its Tail, 04/20/2018

Leon, Chima, Tony, and Juan investigate a Studio that creates Homunculi. Tony gets more than he bargained for when a Wall Stalker takes him up for a heartfelt talk while the others sip wine.
XP Granted: 3 to all

What's Mine Is Yours, 05/1/2018

Juan, Leon, Scott, Opal, and Chima are sent to a mine from a note. They discover The Curator, the leader of Ouroboros, and engage in witty banter with him. They also engage in Jack In The Boxes, Gameshows, and Puppet Shows.
XP Granted: 3 to all

Multiple GM/Players


The Snowwoman and the Sea, 02/05/2014

A shellshocked Wambles is found wandering Site 19, suffering from a bad case of saltwater. The problems only intensify when Katie is threatened by a mysterious myth.

The Bridge, 02/15/2014

The gang is transported to a mysterious world filled with literally just this one bridge. It's weird. They fight some things, and make it back in the end, after spooning a unicorn. Lots of fun for all involved. Plus triple GM smack-down, which is cool.
XP Granted: 2 to all

The Animals of Site 19, 02/17/2014

Canada!Goose learns a valuable lesson about life as an animal.

Presence of Mind(s), 02/18/2014

Laura is angry, and Serge, while stretching his anomalous muscles, decides to see what's wrong. This leads to a two way mental exploration in which the two characters' thoughts and feelings on a number of subjects are revealed.

A Truly Momentous Occasion, 02/18/2014

In which Kevin and Fran have a Tender Moment. Real talk is had, Fran reveals her secret to controlling her anxiety problems, and everyone's least favorite gunslinging asshole Brit shows a heretofore-unseen side of himself. Some say Kevin's heart grew three sizes that day…

Octosocks, 03/05/2014

Lis, as is tradition, has become a woman, receiving her womanhood socks in the mail. But what will happen next?

Doug's First Ventures Into Origins, 05/30/2014

Douglass Ibel eats some bad Garlic Snaps, and demands some pizza, which gives him food poisoning. This is his first day here.

Katie Has a Gun, 05/30/2014

In which Billy and Roy teach Katie a valuable lesson in gun safety, traumatize her, and get latrine duty in the same day.

THE BEATDOWN: Sapkowski vs. Ibel, 07/27/2014

Olga BEATS THE LIVING PISS outta someone that poses a threat to her and her dear Natalya.

The Scarred Man and the Sea, 10/2/2014

Frederick and Carver visit another world, but Carver gets to stay longer and meet the lovely Lady Caroline and inscrutable Mr. Smith. Also marks the first three-way GMing in Origins history.

The Shitstorm, 01/22/2015

An attempted GOC poisoning goes down the toilet.

train-wrekt, 02/10/2015

Branko, the Bionic Russian Bear, meets Cardan Zhyr, the Mysterious Super Soldier. Glacon decides to have some fun and the everyone at home temporarily lose their minds, if they had any to begin with

A Buzzing We Will Go, 03/9/2015


The Chokening, 03/12/2015

It started with a bagel and ended with a coffee demon. Glacon should also burn in hell.

A Particularly Eventful Night, 03/19/2015

Site-19 plays host several strange guests. Their intentions are their own, yet they all seem to share something in common. Perhaps a mystery for another night.

What Happens at Site 19, Stays at Site 19, 06/05/2015

After some ill advised bets gone awry, Leonard and Wilson are forced into an uncomfortable situation by their peers.

Silence is Dank, 06/29/2015

It's epic comeback time for Memeguy, who fights the power that is the Traveller in this exercise in plot welding by Hank and Wix.

Crossing of Paths, 01/10/2016

Wilson and Dianne run into Katie in Medical and have a brief chat. Mostly logged for padri to see.

Non Canon

Death of Conrad, 12/31/2013

Tyler puts down Conrad, and much mourning is had.

The Dynamo's Last Stand, 02/21/2014

Frederick wants ice cream, and Dan's willing to let him in on a secret…

F*ck You, 03/19/2014

Riemann and ProcyonLotor hate you all. Seriously.
XP Granted: .9

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