Log: Hospital: Revelations

<@Balthazaar> Juan, Maple, Dimitri, wherever you were before, you find yourself walking up in a small padded room in straight jackets. The walls are filthy with brown and red and green stains, and the floor and ceiling are steel grates
<Klurg> Juan looks around, taking in the environment and trying to remember how he got here
<SpookyBee> Maple blinks herself to awareness, looking around. "… Oh… Shit."
<Aphex_> "…" The Russian begins to attempt to feel his way out of the jacket.
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<@Balthazaar> It's raining on you all
<@Balthazaar> there's a big steel door with a grimy viewing window in it, it's ajar!
<Aphex_> Dmitri goes to inspect.
<SpookyBee> Maple looks around the room for any kind of sharp edge or whatnot to try to cut her way free of the jacket.
<@Balthazaar> You can all roll agil to try get out of the jackets, or melee if they have a knife in their kit
<SpookyBee> Oh, okay, that too.
<SpookyBee> 4df+6 MEL - Switchblade stitch-slicin'
<Glacon> SpookyBee: MEL - Switchblade stitch-slicin': 6 (4df+6=0, 0, -, +)
<Aphex_> He will keep his on, just in case there's some guard nearby. He stays deadly silent.
<Klurg> What about strength?
<@Balthazaar> They're designed against that
<@Balthazaar> Maple, you cut yourself free
<SpookyBee> Maple yanks her arms free and gets rid of the straight jacket!
<SpookyBee> She flips the blade edge-up, then goes to free Juan.
<Klurg> Juan holds still to let her do that
<SpookyBee> 4df+6 MEL!!!
<Aphex_> Is there anything going on outside the window?
<Glacon> SpookyBee: MEL!!!: 6 (4df+6=+, -, +, -)
<@Balthazaar> Dmitri, peering out the door, you can see a hallway with various doors. it's lit by sickly fluoresent light, and black/ green mold grows on the walls, Bits of bone and sinew is amongst the mold
<@Balthazaar> It's about ankle deep in black water
<SpookyBee> Do they all have their usual gear?
<@Balthazaar> Not with them. You're lucky to have a switchblade
<Aphex_> "…" He stays quiet, avoiding any form of noise if at all possible. If there's no guard or guard-like things nearby, he'll attempt to cut his jacket off.
<SpookyBee> Maple frowns- She slips out beyond Dmitri- "Here, lemme help ya…"
<@Balthazaar> There's crying sounds coming from one of the other doors
<@Balthazaar> It looks deserted
<Klurg> “Thanks.” Juan whispers to maple as she cuts him free, them begins inspecting the room
<Aphex_> "Sh." He attempts to shush Maple.
<Klurg> (Can he roll medical to identify any substance in the room?)
<@Balthazaar> he can give it a shot
<Aphex_> 4df+3 (MEL) Cut free?
<Glacon> Aphex_: (MEL) Cut free?: 6 (4df+3=0, +, +, +)
<Klurg> 4df+5 wat do i identify
<SpookyBee> Maple rolls her eyes, then steps quietly out into the main hall, taking note of the water.
<Glacon> Klurg: wat do i identify: 8 (4df+5=0, +, +, +)
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<@Balthazaar> cut free!
<@Balthazaar> Juan, there's blood, poo, spinal fluid, and something half similar to stem cells
<Aphex_> He'll keep his distance from the others, low and quiet. "…" ~Smells like shit in this place.~
<Klurg> “Ew. Guys, i think we’re in some kind of… growth, cloning chamber?” He whispers to the group.
<@Balthazaar> the black water on closer inspection is blood
<@Balthazaar> the hallway leads to a blind corner
<@Balthazaar> And there's three doors in this section of the hallway
<@Balthazaar> You're all in hospital gowns
<@Balthazaar> they're grimy and threadbare, some with mold growing on them
<SpookyBee> Maple looks down at herself, frowning at the grossness. "… Fuckin' nasty…" She mutters quietly- Does she have anything underneath?
<@Balthazaar> underwear
<Aphex_> ~Like the testing phases all over again… Eugh.~ Dmitri keeps quiet as usual, switching his grip on his knife.
<Klurg> ~ugh… guess we have to find a way out, don’t we~
<Klurg> Is the door locked?
<SpookyBee> Well, it's something at least. She holds her hand up, letting the light blue glow illuminate as much as it can, and she starts to wade on.
<@Balthazaar> nope
<@Balthazaar> From one door the sounds of crying emerges
<Aphex_> The Russian waits for the other two to file out.
<SpookyBee> Maple's already out into the hall, moving cautiously. She looks at the other two, making a questioning expression and gesturing towards the sound.
<Klurg> Juan is following behind maple, not exactly the figure of stealth here
<@Balthazaar> The door is blank, just a vent in the door revealing the sound
<Aphex_> After the other two are well enough ahead, Dmitri cloaks and moves behind them.
<SpookyBee> She goes to investigate the door, peaking into the grating!
<@Balthazaar> can't see anything through it
<@Balthazaar> just some cockroaches with babies faces skittering about
<SpookyBee> "…" She grumbles, putting a hand on the handle and looking at Juan, then blinking when she notices Dmitri not visible to her.
<Klurg> Juan nods, assuring her that he’s ready. Though by the slight shaking of his head, it’s obvious Juan’s not ready for this.
<SpookyBee> Maple tries to yank the door open!
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<@Balthazaar> when the door opens, you see the room is covered on every wall with a meaty looking moss. a gurney is suspended from the ceiling by barbed wire, and on top of it is a joined up central nervoussystem, respiratory system, digestive system and cardiac system, somehos still alive. The eyes can see you. there's a rusty, moss covered tube segmented with vertebra running from the brain to a small tv screen in the corner showing
<@Balthazaar> static. under the gurney, there's a Foudation agent huddled crying. His uniform is one of the old ones from the late 40's, and is staring at the tv screen holding his head and rocking back and forth
<Aphex_> Dmitri is stock still before approaching the agent, still invisible to the naked eye.
<Klurg> “Cover me.” Juan mouths to maple, as he slowly approaches the agent
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<SpookyBee> Maple gasps, stepping back for a moment, before shaking a little courage into herself. Her other half not in her hand, she's not as ready as usual.
<SpookyBee> "With what?!" Maple hisses in a whispered tone- "We have no guns."
<Klurg> He shrugs, not knowing the answer to that. This stuff creeps him out but this agent might be their only way out. Or a trap. Or both.
<@Balthazaar> the agent slowly turns to face you, his tears turning into a deep voiced wail
<Aphex_> Dmitri posies himself to strike, ready to slit the agent's throat at the slightest note of a threat- or at least shut him up.
<Klurg> Juan holds his hands to show that he’s not a threat. Roll medical to analyze what’s wrong with the agent?
<SpookyBee> Maple stays at the door, watching the halls.
<@Balthazaar> his skin on his head peels down like a banana peel, revealing thick black worms writing inside his muscles, and a bunch of rotting arms tightly wrapped in barbed wire erupt from his mouth, grabbing at you all. He staggers to his feet. the tv has a womans voice. "No, Mark, don't… Stay with me, don't give in…"
<@Balthazaar> rusty spider legs erupting from his sides
<Klurg> “…” ~guess we can’t save him~ Juan thinks as he tries to nope his way out of the room
<Aphex_> ~A little too late for that shit, woman.~ Can Dmitri try to put a stop to the man before he does something?
<@Balthazaar> He can give it a go!
<@Balthazaar> The wail is now a very loud, very deep monotone
<Aphex_> 4df+3 (MEL) Let's try to stop this shit now.
<Glacon> Aphex_: (MEL) Let's try to stop this shit now.: 7 (4df+3=+, +, +, +)
<SpookyBee> Well fuck okay
<SpookyBee> lmao
<Klurg> (Guess that shit is stopped)
<@Balthazaar> Dimitry, you manage to drive the knife deep into the mans head, putting him down immediately
<@Balthazaar> he screams and flails, then lays still
<Aphex_> To the others, it would appear that he just got a laceration on the head and died. No knife, no Dmitri, no nothing.
<@Balthazaar> The womans voice from the tv is screaming
<@Balthazaar> "No! Mark no! No! Please mark don't leave me!"
<Klurg> Juan blinks, but he continues going to the door, wanting out of this room
<SpookyBee> Maple cringes, shaking it off before approaching the TV and turning it screen-down.
<SpookyBee> She'd kick it, but… No boots.
<SpookyBee> After, she takes her swtchblade and goes to sever the gurney corpse's connection to the boob tube.
<@Balthazaar> The connection is severed!
<@Balthazaar> The systems without a body now just lay on the gurney, motionless but alive
<Aphex_> The Russian stands idly by, observing his surroundings for any other threats.
<@Balthazaar> perc
<Aphex_> 4df+4 (PERC) Eyeballs maybe not gonna work that great
<Glacon> Aphex_: (PERC) Eyeballs maybe not gonna work that great: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
<SpookyBee> Maple tries to put the corpse- Who she assumes is the woman- Down peacefully, for once.
<Klurg> Juan stays on standby as Maple does what she does, looking around for anything dangerous or useful
<@Balthazaar> It's easy as pie
<@Balthazaar> Dimitri, you can head something approaching from outside
<SpookyBee> She does this, then! After, she turns back- "Maybe we should get going…"
<SpookyBee> Maple goes to check the dead guard-beast's corpse for anything of use.
<Aphex_> "Outside!" He shouts from near the corpse. He'll jaunt forward to observe and maybe take it on.
<Klurg> Juan looks outside, then reaches for his .357, before realizing he doesn’t have it on him, and sighing in annoyance. All he can do is back away from the door to the outside and look at it from afar
<@Balthazaar> It has your weapons on it
<@Balthazaar> the corpse that is
<SpookyBee> "…" Maple blinks, picking up her axe- "Knew I felt that comfortin' heat in my heart for some reason."
<@Balthazaar> the thing coming down the hallway is very much like a gorilla, made of various bodies stitched together. its head is hidden by a mass of chains ending in various sharp objects. The bodies making up the creatures have bandages over their eyes, and gasp for breath and whimper as they move the beast along
<Klurg> (All of our weapons or just maple’s?)
<@Balthazaar> all
<Klurg> Juan backs up even further, not wanting to go anywhere near that thing unarmed
<SpookyBee> Maple hefts her weapon, then peaks out into the hall subtly, before pulling her head back- "Oh shit…"
<Aphex_> Assuming Dmitri has his SVD, he'll lay prone and set up for a shot.
<Klurg> As Juan backs up, he picks up his weapons from the corpse, then takes aim down the hallway with his .357, ready to fight
<@Balthazaar> It turns its head, and a light from behind the chains turns on, shining at the room
<Aphex_> (*SVT, rather)
<SpookyBee> Maple takes a moment to breath, before rushing out into the main hall again!
<@Balthazaar> the light shines on you Maple
<@Balthazaar> mdef
<SpookyBee> 4df+3 MDEF
<Glacon> SpookyBee: MDEF: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
<SpookyBee> O ok
<@Balthazaar> 4df+4
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
<@Balthazaar> Maple, you feel a strong urge to go to the beast, but manage to resist it
<Klurg> Juan takes a shot at the light (ranged?)
<@Balthazaar> ye
<SpookyBee> Maple bears her teeth, and her axe does the same, ready for the beast.
<Klurg> 4df+4 non
<Glacon> Klurg: non: 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
<@Balthazaar> 4df+5
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 5 (4df+5=+, -, 0, 0)
<@Balthazaar> Miss!
<@Balthazaar> it roars and charges for the door!
<Aphex_> Dmitri will continue to set up for his shot, as he has one more combat-turn until bonus.
<SpookyBee> Can Maple make a counter-attach as it charges?
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<Klurg> And can Juan shoot at it again as it charges?
<@Balthazaar> Maple can, Juan cannot
<SpookyBee> Maple charges back at it, holding her axe wide and taking a swing!
<SpookyBee> 4df+6 MEL - Maple swings to remove one of its arms.
<Glacon> SpookyBee: MEL - Maple swings to remove one of its arms.: 7 (4df+6=-, 0, +, +)
<@Balthazaar> Its arms are entire people
<@Balthazaar> 4df+5 pdef
<SpookyBee> FUCK 'EM
<Glacon> Balthazaar: pdef: 7 (4df+5=+, +, -, +)
<@Balthazaar> It buries into the flesh, but the beast seems ok!
<@Balthazaar> in return, it tries to grab her with its chains!
<@Balthazaar> Agility or pdef
<SpookyBee> 4df+3 AGI
<Glacon> SpookyBee: AGI: 0 (4df+3=-, -, 0, -)
<SpookyBee> 4df+4 PDEF fuck u AGI
<Glacon> SpookyBee: PDEF fuck u AGI: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
<@Balthazaar> 4df+5
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 3 (4df+5=-, -, 0, 0)
<@Balthazaar> she gets away
<@Balthazaar> PC turns
<SpookyBee> Maple rolls back clumsily, landing on her tush!
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<Aphex_> 4df+9 (RNG+S2) Dmitri goes for vital areas on his shot.
<Glacon> Aphex_: (RNG+S2) Dmitri goes for vital areas on his shot.: 11 (4df+9=+, +, 0, 0)
<Klurg> Juan helps shoot the beast down, aiming for the spots where there seemed to be less people.
<Klurg> 4df+4 ranged
<Glacon> Klurg: ranged: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
<@Balthazaar> 4df+5
<Glacon> Balthazaar: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, -, +)
<@Balthazaar> Dimitris shot shatters the spotlight that is its head!
<@Balthazaar> it falls dead!
<SpookyBee> The chains have hooks on them, right?
<Aphex_> He stands, then uncloaks. He scowls, most likely covered in blood and other fluids from lying in the floor. "……"
<Klurg> Juan looks to the uncloaked Dmitri. “Nice shot.”
<Aphex_> "…" Perma-scowl.
<@Balthazaar> yes
<@Balthazaar> blue liquid starts to spill from the light. it smokes as it hits the floor, spreading about rapidly
<SpookyBee> Maple uses the pick of her axe to shatter a link in one of the chains, collecting a lengthy bit of it, and wrapping it around her waist like a belt. "We should get out of here…" She tip-toes around the puddle of blue!
<Klurg> Juan holds his breath as he tries to go around the puddle and out of the room.
<Aphex_> Dmitri will follow.
<@Balthazaar> the blue causes a large cracking sound
<@Balthazaar> pdef all
<Klurg> 4df+6 bzzzt
<Glacon> Klurg: bzzzt: 5 (4df+6=0, -, +, -)
<Aphex_> 4df+4 (PDEF-Debuff)
<Glacon> Aphex_: (PDEF-Debuff): 6 (4df+4=+, 0, +, 0)
<SpookyBee> 4df+4 PDEF
<@Balthazaar> you are all okay as the floor gives out beneath your feet
<Glacon> SpookyBee: PDEF: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
<SpookyBee> Maple makes it past, gasping as it falls out behind 'em!
<@Balthazaar> you slip down into a pit full of corpses heaped in piles hundreds of metres tall. there's pools of blood and its raining somehow
<Klurg> Juan lands, dropping to all 4s to absorb the impact. “W-wah? Why?”
<SpookyBee> *Oh redact lol, I thought it meant they got past
<@Balthazaar> Roots hang down and there are ruins of what look like medieval structures scattered about
<SpookyBee> Maple splats down, gagging as she gets back to her feet! She rips off the cleanest chunk of her medical gown she can find, wrapping it around her nose and mouth. "Fuckin'… Nasty!"
<Aphex_> The Russian gags, but doesn't show it. "……"
<@Balthazaar> perc
<SpookyBee> 4df+4 PERC huhwha
<Glacon> SpookyBee: PERC huhwha: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
<Aphex_> 4df+4 eyes
<Glacon> Aphex_: eyes: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
<Klurg> 4df+3 special eyes
<Glacon> Klurg: special eyes: 3 (4df+3=+, -, 0, 0)
<@Balthazaar> You all faintly hear a rumble to the east
<@Balthazaar> Sounds like an earthquake or thunder
<Klurg> “I think that means we should get moving.” Juan says about the rumbling
<SpookyBee> Maple jumps, turning to the sound! "Shit… Anyone see any exits?!"
<Klurg> Juan looks about for anyway to get out.
<@Balthazaar> It's really dark apart from a faint green glow
<@Balthazaar> just everpresent
<@Balthazaar> A few green bonfires or flaming mounds of corpses
<SpookyBee> She frowns, keeping her axe ready.
<SpookyBee> "Everyone keep real close- Can't afford ta get lost."
<@Balthazaar> there's another rumble
<@Balthazaar> and a green flash from the east
<Klurg> Juan is getting even more nervous than he already was, and listen’s to Maple’s advice to stay close. Though he may be getting a bit too close due to fear
<@Balthazaar> the flash imlluminates a small run down cottage sitting by itself among the mountains of corpses
<@Balthazaar> lightning crashes, illuminating the entire scene
<Aphex_> ~So, this is what Hell must look like…~ He'll follow Maple, more than likely toward the cottage.
<SpookyBee> "Well that ain't suspicious 'r nothin'… Hey! Hands off! I said stay close, but not /that/ close."
<@Balthazaar> there's forrests around, the trees made of bones, mountains of corpses everywhere, tumors growing in the sky
<@Balthazaar> There's a /massive/ shadow behind the cottage, looks vaguely reptillian
<SpookyBee> Maple sighs, and starts off towards the cottage.
<Klurg> “Eep! Sorry.” He backs up a bit, and looks to the shadow. ~…mierda~
<@Balthazaar> And in the light of the lightning flash, you can see dozens of humanoids shambling towards you from all directions, crawling out of gaps in the mounds of corpses
<Klurg> To the cottage he goes
<SpookyBee> "… didn't expect that, tha's for sure."
<@Balthazaar> ruined cities can be seen on the horizon, mounds of twisted steel and tentacles of bone and flesh and barbed wire
<@Balthazaar> Sounds of screaming echo everywhere
<@Balthazaar> the door's ajar
<Klurg> He sighs. “Let me test it first.” He tells the group, and takes a peek inside
<SpookyBee> Maple takes the only choice, rushing for the door- "Move it 'r lose it- We're on blood-time!"
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<@Balthazaar> Totally normal littlehouse
<@Balthazaar> two rooms, a living/ bedroom, with a kitchen on one wall. The other room is a bathroom
<Klurg> Ok then, Juan goes inside, hurried on by the circumstances outside
<@Balthazaar> the humanoids of varying shapes, some crawing, some 10 ft tall, clamor at the house and the door
<@Balthazaar> all appear to be some sort of altered humans
<SpookyBee> "… Well, I didn't expect this." Once they're all in, Maple slams the door shut. Anything heavy that can be pushed in front of the door?
<@Balthazaar> there's a big window facing the east
<@Balthazaar> On the bed is a corpse with a self inlicted gunshot wound
<@Balthazaar> flintlock pistol in hand
<@Balthazaar> the things anumber in the thousands, and are approaching from every direction
<SpookyBee> Maple approaches it, picking up the flintlock. "… Geez."
<Aphex_> "Whatever Hell this is, this one seemed to want no part in it." Dmitri stone-faces.
<Klurg> “Uuggghhh”
<Klurg> Juan moans in an annoyed fashion
<@Balthazaar> there's a horrific sight that suddenly explodes quite literally to the east
<@Balthazaar> in the form of a green hydrogen bomb explosion, from which the sillhouette of an enormous dragon with glowing green eyes can be seen emerging
<SpookyBee> Maple looks out a window to it!
<SpookyBee> "… Jesus fuckin' christ…" She shakes her head- "There's gotta be a way out."
<@Balthazaar> there's a trap door!
<@Balthazaar> it certainly wasn't there before
<Klurg> “Am I having a bad fever dream? This has got to be the explanation right?”
<@Balthazaar> And the things are starting to get through the walls
<SpookyBee> Maple tucks the pistol into her makeshift chain belt, and looks over at the trap-door! "… Well, tha's new."
<Klurg> “Whatever it is, it may be our only way out.” He opens the trap door
<@Balthazaar> It's a normal set of stairs into a white room with a woman sitting in a wheelchair
<SpookyBee> Maple sets off down the stairs, holding her weapon close, before looking at the woman. "…"
<Aphex_> Dmitri looks at the woman, having also descended. ~What sort of God forsaken nightmare will you turn out to be?~
<Klurg> Juan keeps his distance from the woman, remembering the last time they encountered a human here
<@Balthazaar> she's hooked into the wheelchair with downs of iron spikes
<@Balthazaar> "Hello."
<@Balthazaar> dozens
<SpookyBee> "… Who the hell're you?"
<Klurg> “Evening. Can we avoid conflict please?” He asks the woman as she says hello
<@Balthazaar> "You have two choices. You can save me from this chair, and from torment, or you can incinerate me to free yourselves from this place."
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<Klurg> “How do we get you out of that chair exactly?”
<SpookyBee> "Well… Who /are/ you?"
<@Balthazaar> "Extract the spines, and I will be free… End me, and you will be free."
<@Balthazaar> "My name is sepsis."
<Klurg> “That name is oddly appropriate and I doubt i was on accident. What’ll happen to us if we free you?”
<Klurg> Juan moves closer to her, looking fir the best way to extract her spines
<@Balthazaar> "I will take you to my home in this land, and show you the way home, in a show of gratitude."
<Klurg> Doubt it* was on accident
<@Balthazaar> they're in deep
<SpookyBee> "… So we free you an' you take us home, or… We kill you an' we go home."
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<Klurg> “Well, as long as showing us the way home means back to our realm, then it’s a win win if we free you.” (Roll medical to remove them carefully?)
<@Balthazaar> "No. I'll take to my home to keep you safe from the malevolent presence here."
<@Balthazaar> "By freeing me, you will not be able to return home in your current states."
<Klurg> “When you say in our current states, what do you mean by that?”
<@Balthazaar> if any of you look closely, her arms are about 2 metres long, and her hair moves by itself
<SpookyBee> "Yea… I'd love ta know jus' what that means."
<@Balthazaar> she looks /very/ sick
<@Balthazaar> "You would need to become my followers."
<SpookyBee> "What'd that entail?"
<Klurg> “And what exactly does- what she said.”
<@Balthazaar> "Being remade in my image." She smiles. "The last time I had a follower her name was Mary. A lovely girl."
<Aphex_> "… Suggest we just end her life now."
<SpookyBee> Is there a place to incinerate her? :|
<@Balthazaar> there's a flamethrower on the wall
<Klurg> “And if we incinerate you I assume you’ll just come back. You look like you might be a deity like figure.” (Roll academics to try and identify who she is?)
<@Balthazaar> and a pair of big pliers beside it
<SpookyBee> "…" Maple looks at Dmitri, then at the wall.
<@Balthazaar> go for it
<Klurg> 4df+4 academical!
<@Balthazaar> the monsters are definitely inside by now, you can hear them walking around above you
<Glacon> Klurg: academical!: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
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<@Balthazaar> There's roaring from outside that sounds like a volcanic eruption or a huge bomb
<@Balthazaar> Juan, seems very similar to more than a few gods of disease
<Aphex_> "Just kill her, she is more than likely the source of this whole nightmare."
<SpookyBee> Maple nods, and fetches the flame-thrower. "… Ain't a risk we can take."
<Klurg> Juan backs up, and lets maple burn her. “She’s similar to a few of the gods of disease
<Klurg> “So she’ll just come back anyways.”
<@Balthazaar> "Killing me will at least remove me from this realm. Nothingness is preferable to being a battery for Brookhaven."
<SpookyBee> "… Does it half to be by burnin' you?"
<@Balthazaar> "Yes. I don't want them getting my remains."
<@Balthazaar> "In return, I shall send you to your homes."
<Aphex_> "Really must be moving now, hurry up with the burning." He looks to the hatch, rifle shouldered.
<@Balthazaar> they seem not to have found the hatch just yet
<Klurg> “Whatever choice you’re going to make, you’re going go have to make if soon…”
<SpookyBee> Maple takes a breath, then pulls the cloth back over her nose, before lighting Sepsis up!
<@Balthazaar> the creature is incinerated
<@Balthazaar> A pale green miasma rises from the corpse in the shape of a hag-like woman
<@Balthazaar> before the roof is ripped from the room you're in, and a red vortex of cloud sucks up the misty figure, screaming
<@Balthazaar> an enormous dragon made of millions of corpses looks down at you. one eye is an empty socket of green flame, and the heads of dogs grow from its tongue as it grins in a catlike expression
<@Balthazaar> rats start to flood into the basement
<SpookyBee> Maple stares up at it, not sure what to do.
<Klurg> It is just not Juan’s day today
<@Balthazaar> A trio of pills fall from the vortex, landing in each of your hands
<@Balthazaar> "Go!!!!" screams the miasma woman before being entirely absorbed into the hospital
<Klurg> Juan looks at the pill, and presumes he has to swallow it
<Aphex_> Dmitri follows suit.
<SpookyBee> Maple watches the two, before following suit.
<@Balthazaar> As you swallow the pills, Lionspear peers down at you
<@Balthazaar> And then your vision goes black, and you awaken on a rowboat off the shore of the site
<SpookyBee> Maple pops her pill and gives Lion the finger. "CATCH ME NEXT TIME, FUCKER."
<@Balthazaar> Opposite the cliff on which the hospital looms
<@Balthazaar> You're out, you've escaped
<@Balthazaar> and you're in your clothes again
<@Balthazaar> IC4, for soft RP :)

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