Loche V. Ludvigsen (Concept)

Preparing for the upcoming system and setting overhaul, this is the basic concept for the character Loche V. Ludvigsen. This is not finalized, just a rough draft. Stats and specs are not mapped out yet because stat sheets may change in the overhaul. Hype to see what the GMs have for us!

Basic Info:

Player: Salem

Position: Chaotic Saboteur

Demeanor: Loche is a wildcard: loud, hyper and quick to move from one thing to another. Always moving, always doing something, he may sometimes come off as oblivious to others due to his perpetual social and physical motion.

Nature: Surprisingly attentive- Loche won't miss a beat. He's the first one to realize something isn't right, but sometimes he cannot calm down enough to act on his concern.

Description: Standing at 5'10, Loche has this floofy mop of brown hair on his head, alongside green eyes under wire frame glasses… That he never remembers to wear. Outfit-wise, Loche gravitates to button downs and leather jackets. Tattooed on his back is the hand of Eris.

Personal History (Outlined, NOT FINALIZED):

  • Born July 12th, 1954
    • Put up for adoption January 3rd, 1959
    • Parents unable to care for him, were too poor
    • Originally named Carter Hanson, changed to Loche Vogel Ludvigsen
  • Adopted January 15th, 1959
  • Raised by Tennyson and Jannik Ludvigsen
    • Jannik dies in 1971
  • At age 23, is saved by Tennyson from an Anom
  • Completes a degree in Sociology.
  • Learns self defense from Tennyson
  • Hired for his surprisingly sharp intelligence, and combative skills


  • English
  • Danish
  • Norwegian


  • Like his Father, can play piano exceptionally well.
  • Has his Father's final journal, carries it with him most of the time. Has his grandfathers jorunal as well.
  • Click me! …This song describes the relationship between Loche and Tennyson, from Loches perspective. He is the singer.
  • Jannik's Journal
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