The site’s laboratories are centralized, primarily in the southern wing of the underground portion of the site. They are large, and numerous, and vary a very large amount from lab to lab. They tend to be very heavily reinforces, and are on the whole extremely secure. Most labs are split up by the type of work done in them, rather than by any individual running the lab – they are general shared spaces, unless the specific project makes this unsafe or infeasible.

At the center of the lab cluster is a large, modern machine shop. It contains all manner of advanced tools for use in fabrication, maintenance, and analysis. This shop is connected via three extremely large tunnels to the site’s garage, loading bay, and rail depot.

Within the lab complex is a large computer lab, containing the latest and greatest in computer technology. Some of the technology held in there is more advanced than what is generally available, with some of it being extremely advanced for the time. A bunch of reel-to-reel, lining the walls, UNIVAC-type computers. The Enigmagraphs can be found here, as well as a number of powerful computers and powerful computer accessories.

In order to assist players in interactions between characters with similar science jobs, here is a reference of the different lab sections and the possible labs in them.

It is structured like this:

Lab Section

  • Sub-Labs within the section

These are all just a reference of examples, so if you don't see your character field of study on the list, it's not because they don't have a lab. Make an educated guess to where they fit in based on the information given.

Lab Placement Reference

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