Kath's Anomalies/Mechanics/Character concepts/Headcanons Roster

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(also, stuff I put here is just mainly for my own note-keeping. Speaking in terms of mechanics and/or headcanons these may be borrowed notions partially or wholly.)
(also, I suck at stats. Don't fuckin' yell at me.)

Anomalies/Anomalous Mechanics


  • Vampiric shadowstep (Anomalous): 2. Contrary to popular belief, the effects of this anomaly do not make [name] immortal or all-powerful. Rather, their body becomes more agile and flexible, which also affords them better melee damage orientated around precision. (+2 to AGI and MEL if the player is indoors, or it is nighttime outdoors. Indoor areas must have minimal/no natural light, dictated at GM discretion.)
  • Bloodlust (Anomalous): 2. Blood will undoubtedly sustain [name] better than regular food, and fresh blood allows for a temporary buff against attack. (+2 to PDEF for 3 turns after consuming blood from any viable opposing target.)
    • Bloodlust (Mechanic): Player will roll STR + MEL against a target, who will roll PDEF and AGI against. Player must succeed in both STR and MEL rolls to successfully draw blood.
  • Fragile State (Anomalous flaw, physical): Paper skin, wasted muscle. Since normal human food provides little to no sustinence for [name]'s body any more, their state is permamently weakened (unless dictated otherwise by context). As such, [name] takes a permanent -2 debuff to PHEALTH, setting the cap at 5. Exposure to a large amount of natural light has its own downsides, giving a -2 debuff to all PERC-based rolls
  • Hunger (Anomalous flaw, mental): Being vampiric, [name] has a dependency on blood. After successfully drawing blood from a target, and the resulting buff has dropped, [name] will take a -2 debuff to all MDEF and PERC-based rolls thereafter. In soft-RP settings, the Hunger flaw may manifest as irritability, jumpiness, and otherwise very twitchy/erratic behaviours.

Possessive spirit/demon/soul

  • Granted Immunity (Anomalous): [X]. The soul is far stronger than the vessel it puppets. Due to some bodily-possession loophole, the soul is capable of piloting the body regardless of it being unconscious. Specifically to keep the body out of further danger. (+[X] to PDEF and AGI when the player body loses consciousness and the soul takes over. The soul CANNOT fight back. The body can still die this way.)
  • Skewed Margins of Reality (Anomalous flaw): Obviously being a possessive soul brought back from death or whatever hellscape plane it was on, it's not very sane. This in turn whittles away at the player's own sanity, setting a max MHEALTH cap of 6 and a permanent cap on MDEF at 3 points.



Arm Wrestling matches

Both players roll STR. Highest of the two wins. If a draw, reroll.

P-P-Pick up a Player!

Player doing the picking up rolls STR. Player being picked up can roll AGI to dodge that, or STR to worm their way out of it. Either of those rolls must be greater than Player #1's STR roll to succeed.

Poker (Taken from Don1Charles' mechanics)

Both players roll a d10 for their cards, higher being likeliest to win if played right. Player 2 will roll bluff while player 1 rolls perc. If 1 scores higher, player can then decide to hold or fold based on whether or not they know 2's cards are higher or lower. Otherwise, players can also convince one another that folding is the better option (persuasion roll), to which the opposing player rolls mdef. Failed mdef means the player gives in to the opposing player's suggestion. I think. Alternate between which character is p1 and which is p2.

Character Concepts

  • Tight-lipped biomedical engineer with a few too many scars and a bit of a bumpy past. Wary of people though kindly to those precious few he trusts. Quick to anger, not so quick to forgive. Gruff and large, but with an odd refusal to fight if conflict is avoidable. If otherwise, is fairly adept at melee combat.
  • Mildly socially inept heavy weaponry engineer. Short fuse, even shorter stature. Androgynous in appearance, but is a woman. Bit wired, if she likes you you'll get a massive earful on her newest project and just how much she does not want people screwing it up. Is a very talented markswoman, proudly taught by her father.
  • Communications Engineer - high-end social stats/specs, average ranged (idk why it just fits), no melee. Good MDEF, slightly weaker PDEF. Potential for academics skills.
  • Vehicular Maintenance crew - high engineering and academics. Good PDEF/MEL (handling heavy shit makes u buff af). Average other skills with potential for some social skills i.e intimidation etc.


PERC-based specs

  • Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?: [X]. [NAME]'s time spent in service has given them excellent weaponry recognition, even under cover of clothing and armour. (+[X] to PERC-based rolls for weapons checks against opponents.)

RNG-based specs

  • Sharpshot: [X]. [NAME] has a certain affinity for rifles as opposed to more conventional handguns and other such firearms. War-days service can teach a man a lot, and this has been no exception for [NAME]. (+[X] to RNG when using a long-distance firearm such as a sniper's rifle.


  • Foundation biomedical personnel pioneer in Hormone Replacement Therapy concepts and practices. Due to access to better tech, this is coming along quite well.
    • Offering HRT is also a very successful part of Foundation personnel's healthcare plan.
  • Foundation will financially back the lunar missions in order to monitor other celestial bodies for anomalous activity.
  • Foundation is literally prepared for WWIII and has an entire contingency plan relating to such. (I mean, who the fuck wouldn't?)
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